Thursday, November 02, 2017

Nephilim defeat Archangels, Take World Ceres Crown

Well, you knew this was coming. The Houston Astros defeat the Los Angeles Dodgers in what some are calling one of the best World Series ever. This after Houston hosted what some are calling the best Super Bowl ever, the incredible come-from-way-behind win the New Jerusalem Patriarchs accomplished over the Atlantis Horuses. And Lady Gaga's halftime show was called one of the best ever as well. 

And it's true; it was was one of the best-ever mass summonings of the Vegas I've ever seen. 

The Astros- Vegas, Nephilim, whatever you want to call them- had to win this game, had to win in game seven, had to win it 5-1 (Area 51, STS-51, etc etc etc) and had to be flying their orange flag when they did so. 

Read: "51 will be your new icon"

Because the reality that you thought you knew - the reality of random chance, acausality, and symbolic inertia - no longer exists. 

Somebody broke it.

I hate to be the one to break the news if any of this is all new to you but that's just the way it is.  Don't kill the messenger- I've been warning you this was coming for ten years now.

Houston is not only home to the Johnson Space Center-- where Astro-Vegas are training for the Orion program-- it was hammered by Hurricane Harvey and "biblical flooding" as well. 

All eyes are on Houston in 2017 so we shouldn't be even remotely surprised that it's named after a Knight Templar. In fact, we ought to expect it.

Houston is aligned with Orangemouth (hometown of Our Lady of Oracles) and Saint Regulus' Gardens, roughly in the same pattern as Orion's Belt...

...once called the "String of Pearls." But you can call them the Pearly Dew-Drops. 

In honor of the Vegas. 

More on that later, too.

As we saw the Pearly Dew-Drops were associated with Orion, as were the Orionids. 

You can call them the N-ph-L if you like. 

Note that the new N-ph-L logo incorporates the "All-Important 44" by the twin clusters of four stars.

2044 being the occultation of The Lion King (Regulus) by The Little Mermaid (Venus).

October 1. Mark your calendars.

Speaking of which, BeyoncIsis has been cast in live-action remake of The Regulus. Interesting timing for that announcement there. 

 BeyoncIsis being...

...the World's Ceres.

Rich Hill, pitcher for the Seraphim City Baseball Team People, honored the All-Important 44 with his victory for the Archangels over the Nephilim in game 6.

NAZCA NASA in turn honored the Seraphim ("Burning Serpents") with this alleged photo of a Martian reptile, taken 4/4 of this year..

Here we see the Nephilim 4 and the Seraphim 11 giving us the All-Important 44.

As does 11/4. 

By some inexplicable fluke of the time-space matrix, the military is planning a major nationwide drill that day. From the press release:
 “This exercise will begin with a notional massive coronal mass ejection event which will impact the national power grid as well as all forms of traditional communication, including landline telephone, cellphone, satellite, and Internet connectivity.”
Coronal meaning "Crown."

NAZCA NASA took the opportunity of the 2017 World Ceres to boast of the Nephilim's readiness to return to the stars. Mars, rather.

And yet a NAZCA NASA astronaut flew the orange and called for the Star-Sailors to "bring it home." 

Mixed messaging there. I'll have to science the shit out of that one.

And of course the World Ceres always takes place during the Orionids, which the ancients saw as the fall of the Nephilim. 

And just as all the Siren symbolism had no connection to the hurricanes that battered the Gulf of Mexico, neither does this Nephilim Abyss ritual Orion training exercise.

And I guess this nationwide invocation of the Nephilim ritual orange light thing really doesn't have anything to do with Halloween or Amazon.

And I'm thinking it has nothing to do with Las Vegas either. 

Well, not Las Vegas. Los Vegas? Sure.

And speaking of Masonic Manhattan, this story hit the wires today- an NSA citadel at 33 Twin Street. Let's have a look...

....hmm. Right. 

Doesn't look remotely Babylonian to me. How about you?

33 Ziggurat Twin went viral after Twin Hanks tweeted about it.

Well, it's not Houston's problem, right?

Plot twist: 33 Ziggurat Twin is due east of the spot where the "Isis Lives Forever" terrorist crashed his car. If you want to inspect the area drop in on the Seraphim while you're in the neighborhood.

Which means the crash site is....west.

Of the 33 Twin Ziggurat. And the Seraphim.

And the funerary procession.

Speaking of ritual death processions near rivers, note that the Greenwich Village Halloween Parade started between Spring and Houston.

Spring and Houston.

Hey, don't look at me- I told you we were down the rabbit hole.

 For good. 

Did you know NYC buses were Orionids? Me neither.

Speaking of Orion, nothing ritualistic about taking the Orion around the Beltway.

Nothing whatsoever.

Culture of the Orange Apron.

Orange. Apron.

Orange Life. 

Live. Grow. Win.

Speaking of Twins, the big news in the N-ph-L is that Twin Brady's twin has been traded to the San Francisco For-the-Nine's.

Who I believe have been making the news over the past several months.  

Do note the 4-9 here though.

Dodgers take game but Astro-Vega is pictured

NAZCA NASA is getting more and more involved with the N-ph-L. Can't imagine why.

Getting involved with the N-ph-L and other things.  Like these strange sounds...

...which all sound vaguely familiar.

Well, a little more than vaguely.

Well, I don't know about you but when I am trying to get a handle on elite Nephilim worship what's going on in futurism, I look to Dubai. And next week the "Dubai Frame" opens for tourists.

Wow, the Dubai Frame and more Dubai Domes. 


Why, if I didn't know better I'd almost think the Dubai Frame was supposed to represent a Star Gate...


Well, what's this Stargate anyway? What's the symbolism day?

Oh. An Igigi. And an inverted pentagram. And a tetrahedron/pyramid in the middle. 

Maybe kind of an OA too.

Almost makes you all wonder if this new Amtrak campaign in which an Igigi...


...has anything to do with all of this.

But come on, Dubai is part of a conservative Muslim country. They have no time for any of this Nephilim business....