Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Nephilim Rising: Are You Not Entrained?

The Pearl entrainment campaign train keeps-a-rollin', and hot on the heels of the Gucci's Pearl-heavy 2018 advertising blitz--which seems to have been the official kickoff for this particular liturgy of the Never-Ending Ritual-- the floodgates have well and truly opened, the levee's gone and broke, the dam has finally burst. 

Before we go diving for Pearls again, I should mention that a Twitter follower of mine @'ed me on this alleged "Qanon" post and asked if this Q (17) fellow (or one of his various impostors) were reading this blog. 

I suppose it's possible, especially if this Q character happens to be a sharp, shrewd and highly-intelligent fellow, not to mention a cultured gentleman of distinction and taste, but we're still firmly in happenstance territory here. 

If anyone's following that whole saga, please chime in and let us know if you see any more examples of Secret Sun Scrabble in this chap's missives. Thanks in advance.

Incidentally, "Zulu" reduces to 17 in gematria and November 17 is Jeff Buckley's birthdate. So just bear all that in mind.

Some people have also asked me what I think about the guy on Twitter who found some bizarre, numbers-station type message in his voicemail. I don't know what to make of that, tbh. 

It could be a hoax--maybe it's even been debunked by now, IDK-- but as I've written about here before I got a string of insanely creepy (and unintelligible) robot messages about 10 years ago. I actually kept them on the voicemail but failed to record them when we changed phone companies. Probably because I thought they were horrible and scary, not cool and X-Files.

That all happened during a period of extremely high strangeness that kind of culminated with my house bursting into flames on October 13th of that year. So no one needs to convince me that crazy shit is going on out there. I seem to attract it for some reason, even though I could do well without it, thank you all the same. 

High weirdness is always more fun when it's happening to somebody else.

Here's something else someone on Twitter sent me; PETA-- a bizarre and cultish organization by anyone's yardstick-- using the old Grey archetype to push the vegan lifestyle. Does someone there get the whole vegan-Vega pun? Hard to say, but there you go.

As always, love, gratitude and positive energy to all my spies, moles and tipsters. You help make the magic happen.  

UPDATE: People have asked me what I thought of the Austin bombing situation.

On with the show...

After being out of style for quite some time-- probably due to the musty-auntie aura they projected-- Pearls are back in a big and a bad way. And the headlines want to make sure you get that message.

What's more, this isn't just a New York-London-Paris-Munich-everyone-talk-about-pop-muzik kind of deal we're looking at. No, the Pearly push is clearly international in scope. Secret Sun readers would expect nothing less.

We have Northern Ireland there..., Ireland-Ireland here...

...the Philippines here...
...China checking in...

...OK, Paris too. But that's a gimme...

... and Seraphim City, of course. 

Plus, everywhere else (click here if still doubt me).

And the usual peer pressure/hero worship pressure tactics are being bundled with the program, as one would normally expect. 

Of course, "Fashionista" is a just a polite euphemism for "mean girl," a demographic much sought-after for their preternatural ability to drive memes and trends, all the more so in the Instagram Era.

Because "social media" is just a fancy way of saying "you are stuck in high school forever."

For the downmarket consumers, we have fading mind-control subjects pop stars and the apparel lines that trade off their brand (even though they usually have zero input into them) to spread the memery into the shopping malls and middle schools. 

Make note that "Matilda" is a name customarily identified with Australia, which seems to be a crucial test-market for so many of the emerging memetic dominants. More on that connection in a tad.

And there's the conditioning linking Pearls to charities (especially the pet-related concerns that country club set loves) that we looked at previously. These PR firms behind these types of pushes have this kind of entrainment down to a science

Pearls are neurolinguistically linked with wisdom (or Sophia, if you prefer) in the mass mind, which is why we're seeing the two conjoined so often these days, despite the tired and cliched vibe the pairing usually summons. 

Note the clever use of NLP there, identifying Pearls with terms like "leaders," "powerful" and "success." 

There's a master class in demographic-entrainment for you, kids. 

And this week's Secret Sun Scrabble trophy goes to Blink182, who have the distinction of becoming the first resident performers at the Pearl Theatre at the legendary Palms Casino in Las Vegas. 

Unfortunately, I had to rescind the award. Blink cheated by putting me into a coma.

Speaking of success, Amazon has not only bit down hard on the Orange meme, they've also made clever use of the dropping-Pearl icon, as we see here in their Spheres installation at their Seattle HQ.

This makes for a nice counterpart to the dropping Pearls we saw in New York's Madison Square Park-- east/west, inside/outside, high/low. 

Ah, the power of inversion in action, eh?

Now, for newer readers who may feel a bit at sea with all this Pearly business, here's a quick overview:  Pearls are not only identified with the ocean and Mermaids and so on (not to mention the various and sundry sexual connotations of the oyster), they are also identified with Heaven and the angels, mainly through the Pearly Gates mentioned in Revelation 21:21.

That of course is the numerological inversion of Revelation 12:1-2, which connects us back to the Virgo-Leo syzygy and 9/23 and all the rest of it that seemed to kick the Never Ending Ritual we've been investigating into high gear.

The Pearls are also associated with the Belt of Orion, which in turn is associated with Osiris and Nimrod and all the rest of it. 

And as if all that were not enough, Orion is also associated with the Nephilim, the Men of Renown sired by the Sons of Heaven and birthed by the Daughters of Men. 

And then of course there's the whole business with the Sons of Heaven looking quite a bit more like the Daughters of Heaven in most early and traditional Christian art, dating back to at least the Byzantine Era, and probably before. 

All of which, incidentally, seems to have been prophesied in an old 80s music video that, through the magic of semiotics, catapults us back to the present-day. 

So there're a lot of moving parts to this icon here, all boiled down to a simple white spheroid. I think the Japanese have a word for that kind of elegant simplicity. Fahrvergnügen or something.


Then of course there's all the death that follows all of this iconography around like how that nasty, big-ass yellowjacket followed you around that time you were trying to clean out the gutters. 

More recent example, via Greg Ahrens:
ALIGNMENTS: 2:21 PM EST, Observation from Parkland, Florida 
 Orion's Belt Stars RISING on E horizon  
(Alnitak minus 1°, Alnilam 0°, Mintaka plus 1°} 
Saturn SETTING on SSW horizon 0° 
Moon plus 33° above SW horizon 
Venus plus 49° above SW horizon
Yeah. I agree.

There's also this sad story, which keeps popping up in the Australian papers (most recently just a couple weeks back, even though it springs from 2012), about a poor young lad who drowned while diving for Pearls in the coastal waters of northwest OZ (on April 14, precisely or 14/4 in non-American notation, giving us another Revelation to St. John hit).

Now don't quote me on this, but maybe the press keeps recycling this admittedly-tragic but not-exactly-earthshaking story for ritual purposes. I mean, we have this admittedly-handsome young chap (who reminds me of a young James Franco) dying while diving for Pearls, right?

And his given name means "descent," a synonym for, y'know, diving...

...or if you're so inclined, dropping

Pearl, drop. Where have I heard that combo before? It's on the tip of my tongue...

"Hampton" in turn connects to the whole farming bit...

...which connects us to --yet again, folks-- the doomed-Shepherd Boy motif you may have some talk about round these parts.

What's more, our poor Pearl-diving Shepherd Boy set sail with his crew from the city of Broome, WA, AUS. 

Some of you might remember Broome's big entry into the Name-Game Sweepstakes as it pertained to Heath Ledger, who swam to the Siren in Mary-Ka-Hathor-Te Olsen's flat on Broome St in Soho.

A witches' Broome, one might say.

That tragic event coincided with a curious but potent variant on the FLAP (Fraser Location Alignment Pattern), namely a connection to an article citing four specific songs from Our Lady's (and those two other guys') 1984 landmark, Treasure.
"(Treasure's) song titles, a list of unusual and whimsical names ('Lorelei', 'Pandora''Cicely', 'Amelia'), combined with Sutherland's statement ("surely this band is the voice of God") and the seemingly deliberately obscured lyrics, led to bizarre suggestions that the (Cocteau Twins) were playing with witchcraft and subverting the nation's airwaves with subliminal sorcery." - Volume Magazine, 1992

Oddly --by that I mean inevitably-- Treasure has been re-released in a remastered LP version this very month. And the traditionally-hyperbolic adjectives have been pulled out of mothballs by writers struggling to describe the experience.

Words can't describe it, you fools, that's the whole point! Learn from your elders' mistakes!

At the same time a former Cirque Du Soleil director (surnamed Dragone) is producing the La Perle blockbuster in Dubai, a tragic accident has marred the performance of Cirque's newest production, VOLTA. 

In where else? Florida.

And yet again, the Name-Game connections are ripe, loamy and fecund. The unfortunate acrobat in question here was named Yann Arnaud, names which connect us back to...

...our old friend Oannes (via Yann), who I reckon was pretty familiar with the area upon which Dubai now stands...

...and to, you guessed it, the Vegas (literally "Falling Eagles") through the meaning of Arnaud ("Arnold" meaning "powerful eagle") and the unfortunate fact this young chap fell to his death.

And let's remember the Oannes bunch dialing up the Fallen Angels and the Watchers in their whole "teachers-of-man" role and the Abyss (read: the depths) and all the rest of that stuff that Ancient Aliens smeared their stupid all over more times than we count. 

It's all connected here, this little circle of symbols and syncs. Just bear all that in mind. There's a specific narrative unfolding here. A timeline.

Yes, yes, yes, I hear you screaming-- but what's the connection to Our Lady, Queen Dowager of Sibyls, and the Great Unveiling process you've so ingeniously and meticulously documented here? 

Well, thank you for the kind words, I'm flattered. Really, that's awful nice of you to say. 

But I'll remind you that Tampa (where this unfortunate event occurred) takes its name from a word meaning "Burning Sticks," or "Sticks of Fire"...

... out of which Our Lady first manifests in the arcane, ancient, and forbidden grimoire men call the "Pearly Dewdrops' Drops" music video. 

OK, OK, I admit it all sounds a bit batshit. Until, that is, you see this crap repeat over and over and over and over again. Click the Tampa link at the bottom for more signs and portents. 

If you dare.

And if that's not enough for you, do note that VOLTA makes extensive use of the same red and orange streamers we saw in every mother's favorite unambiguous genuflection to--and invocation of-- the Sons of Heaven and the Nephilim, known to the profane masses as the Millennium Dome Show. 

An apocalyptic mystery play, as many of you know, in which Our Lady, Queen Dowager of Sibyls, was cajoled and bamboozled into voicing the part of Sofia, mitochondrial Eve of the new Men of Renown, while she was visibly afflicted by some devilish indisposition.

Is nothing sacred to you Globo-occultic scoundrels and rapscallions after all? Oh, wretched villainy! 

Moral of the Story? Keep an eye on Cirque Du Soleil. They seem to carry some kind of significance in all of this. 

Back to Heaven or Las Vegas, I should make note that Blink182 (whose very name connects back to Our Lady and so on and so forth, blablabla) not only has familial ties to the Deep State, the musician (Matt Scuba-Gear) who replaced Tom DeLongines-Symphonette is a practicing witch.

Should we expect anything else by this point? Seriously.

What's more, Palms and Flamingo Road (which borders the casino) are both semiotically linked to the Phoenix (though their respective scientific taxonomies) but also to Dubai, via the Palm and the Fraser Suites and all the rest of it, all aligned in a rough approximation of Orion's Belt.

Flamingo also links us directly back to Our Lady of Oracles and her Shepherd Boy consort yadda yadda, but let's not gild the lily too much here, OK?

And the Pearl Theatre also name-games us with the Pearl Jumeirah and this string of utter improbability we see here at Splashdown City.  Hmm, kind of looks Orionistic too- I never noticed that before.

And of course that entire strip of coastline brings us back in turn to Marilou Danley, Steven Paddock and Heaven Upside Down in Las Vegas. I mean, don't you expect this by now?

As random and chaotic as it might seem, this is all congealing into a narrative, hovering ever lower over puzzles we've been grappling with here for many years now. This model is becoming more and more predictive, a fact which you might want to take some time out to think seriously about.

For real.


  1. Hey Chris, Great post. By coincedence I found an article on saoirse ronans eyes. I mean holy fuck I cant bring myself to look at them without thinking of our lady. (And out of speculation I searched the SS Blog and lo and behold you have written about saoirse in the past :p.

    And the poor Masons in west minister are facing discrimination and accusations of influencing scotland yard and politics. Their CEO shouted Under the headline "Enough is enough", chief executive Dr David Staples said the organisation raised more than £33m for good causes last year.

    33million hahahahah the balls on them.

  2. Today Boy George announced his Summer 2018 tour schedule. Who do hell listens to that kind of music anymore? I had no idea he was still working, let alone touring. Oh boy, the Thompson Twins must be next. Or Billy Idol.

    1. Boy George can actually sing and put on a show. It's not exactly shocking that people might find that a decent way to spend a night out. Not everyone wants to spend all their free time in satanic torture dungeons or being programmed by hollywood hypnosis to love big corporations and the military. Although I love big corporations and the military. Don't get me wrong. They are just so, so dreamy.

    2. 'Boy George' was turned by 'David Bowie', rumours regarding 'George's' activities in London in the early 00's beg the asking of the question who in turn was turned by a fellow turner'd, & to what exact end, besides acting in turn as a turnee(?), was the newly turned applied to.

    3. Boy George, The B-52s, and Thompson Twins are all playing the Lynden Fair, here in WA state. Shows were announced yesterday and today.

    4. Me, me, me!

  3. FYI today is "Harmony Day" here in Australia. The colour chosen for Harmony Day is ORANGE (of course it is).
    Here's the explanation given on the website (this is a government initiative):
    "Orange is the colour chosen to represent Harmony Day. Traditionally, orange signifies social communication and meaningful conversations. It also relates to the freedom of ideas and encouragement of mutual respect. Australians can choose to wear something orange on 21 March to show their support for cultural diversity and an inclusive Australia."
    Oh, right, sure.

    1. While the public will miss the obvious BS in that "explanation", virtually anyone who studies chakra-color pairs (knowledge already shown on this blog) knows that conversations and communications would most likely be paired with the throat chakra, which is paired with blue. And yet for many this little bit of "fake spirituality" this little lie will sail over their heads as the sex chakra is evoked/provoked instead. Which perhaps means the "social communication" and "meaningful conversations" referenced will be post-coital, if at all.

    2. Repeat after me: The whole point of using symbols is that they have more than one meaning. So, orange can be about sex, and also about conversations. Hey, why do you think sex isn't about conversations? I mean, how often do you find people having sex that don't speak the same language?

    3. That kind of thing happens in Bangkok brothels.

    4. look up the different definitions of intercourse...

  4. Isn't Mr Ledgers daughter named Matilda?
    Wasn't Mr Bowie's last residence in Nolita, NY?
    He couldn't give everything away unfortunately 😔
    Spectacular blog CLK.

    1. A bit of a sync reach here but what the hell...Rhea Perlman was in the film adaptation of the children’s book “Matilda”. The 5yo girl had the gift of telekinesis. J

    2. Matilda, Scottish premiere April 2nd Edinburgh Playhouse. .. " an extraordinary little girl who, armed with a vivid imagination and a sharp mind, dares to take a stand and change her destiny"

  5. Cinimod_ofCarthach5:08 AM, March 21, 2018

    Q is a woman.

    1. Fiona Broome is the world's top paragenealogist.FB is a self described paranormal consultant including Fort Warden - Port Townsend,Wa.Bio : She grew up in the Boston (MA,USA) area,and spent much of her childhood at M.I.T.

  6. 'The Olsen Twins' made a recent appearance on ellen degenerate's assault on the human pysche stating their earliest working memory being of sharing a shower with one of their adult male co-stars, degenerate made a joke about this revelation (cue canned laughter) & moved the conversation on.

    'Katy Perry' ("You don't have to be a shell, no
    You're the one that rules your world, oh You are strong And you'll learn that you can still go on And you'll always be a—a pearl") forced a kiss on a virginal 'American Idol' (A.I.) contestant whilst Lionel 'Dancing on The Ceiling' Richie & the other 'judge' captured it for social media (S&M) posterity.


    'Our solar system's first known interstellar visitor is likely even more alien than previously imagined, a new study suggests.

    The mysterious, needle-shaped object 'Oumuamua, which was spotted zooming through Earth's neighborhood last October, probably originated in a two-star system, according to the study.'

    More stargate stuff:

    'Tiangong-1, China's first prototype for a space station, is expected to crash into Earth at some point between March 30 and April 6.'


    'NASA is pressing forward on plans to build a Lunar Orbital Platform-Gateway, an outpost for astronauts positioned in the space near Earth's moon.

    The Moon as Earth's pearl?

    & The Earth as The moon's blue pearl:

    '“This investment will directly benefit 27 families, employing 30 people as seed collectors, nursery workers, planters and agricultural technicians,”'

    & in Scotland:

    'A man who uploaded a YouTube video of his girlfriend’s dog performing “Nazi salutes” has been convicted of hate crime.'

    The dog in question is a fawn coloured Pug*, fawn/faun/Pan/devils,demons,daimons,angels/guards of heaven's gate.

    & in Florida:

    'Bell Tower Shops and the Gulf Coast Humane Society are hosting the 13th annual Pug Fest from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday, March 24, at Center Court. ... Dog owners also can compete in a pirate-themed costume contest of their own, while other fun contests for pets include “Bobbing for cannon balls” and “Walking the plank,” along with a special trick competition.'

    Stay out of Florida this weekend!

    Another link in the string of Pugs.

    (*Pugs are said to be of Orient origin... Florida as area for the 'Heavenly Palce' splash down? Or maybe Scotland/memo to self check Killer Pearly's tour itinerary for the next week/week & a 1/2)

    1. Scotsman Count Dankula's pug is a national socialist. Earning said Scotsman the approbrium of the tight assed everywhere.

    2. Oumuamua oddly pops up in this story too, about one potential secret earth sun. Calling zod!

    3. Oh yeah, there is no reason why anyone should be bothered by nazis.... After all, it is not like they ever did anything bad or so. You say Opprobrium I say tomato.

    4. The secret sun has been dancing with The Sun since these twins were born (from the same clump of galactic ejecta).

      Your link seems to be yet another version of the Red Dragon/Nemesis/Herculobus/Nibiru/'Son of Man'/etc. story.

      There is a lot of evidence for the former, but the latter remains an 'interesting' theory.

      It is possible that there is an extreme celestial body whose solar orbit is resonant with the great year, and whose perihelion coincides with Pisces/Aquarius transition, but it's more likely this would only be a harbinger of doom, not the cause (as otherwise it is unlikely to carry on doing so for at least 2,000 great years).

      I lean toward this story being a deflection of rabbit hole explorers from the secret sun - a sort of flat Earth theory for the more discerning.

  7. "Because "social media" is just a fancy way of saying "you are stuck in high school forever." - classic man!

    btw, the lyrics to "waltzing matilda" linked above reads like an uber-creepy nursery rhyme... some wandering loner stuffs a "jumbuck" (sheep) into his "matilda" (sleeping bag)?!
    'bloody' dark if you ask me...

    1. The de facto Aussie anthem...

      And yes, there's plenty of jokes in ANZ about "who gets the pretty sheep". Likely based on a big dose of reality, what with a history of male-only / convict immigration.

      Aussie! Aussie! Oi! Oi!

    2. A tucker bag is a food bag Iuca, not a sleeping bag.
      Tucker means food.
      And it's New Zealanders who have the thing for sheep.
      I once heard of an Aussie farmer who gave a Kiwi a job of looking after his sheep while he went away for a few days and when the Aussie farmer comes back to his farm there's the New Zealander with his pants down and getting stuck into the sheep.
      The Aussie farmer yells out to the Kiwi, "what do you think you are doing to that sheep, you are supposed to be shearing that sheep?"
      And because Aussies and Kiwis swap their "e" for "i" in words and vice versa (for instance Aussies say "fish" and NZers say "fesh") the Kiwi guy looks at the Aussie farmer and yells back, "get your own sheep, as I'm not sharing my sheep with anyone".
      That's the kind of jokes we Aussies and Kiwis fire at each other BTW :-)

    3. The end of humanity is not a bad thing.

    4. Yeah, because not even the "Anonymous" commentors will be able to hide from that:-)

    5. Get off anon attack trip or are you triggered?

    6. Yeah I'm triggered by people who have to hide behind the name "Anonymous" to blend into all the other "Anonymous" comments on the blog to create confusion as to just who is who when it comes to "Anonymous" comments.
      I don't give a f#ck who you really are, just have some manners and tag your comments so we can work out just which "Anonymous" is writing what.
      But I guess trolls love to be "Anonymous", because their comments aren't worth owning most of the time anyway, just like the last three above.

    7. Brigdaz, being from Australia perhaps you do not understand the tradition and NEED for anonymous speech as that has come to be understood in other countries.

      Just as a hypothetical, imagining a day, decades into your life you suddenly find out an old family friend really was a powerful crime boss/evil scientist/real life James Bond. Being stunned and trying to learn more, eventually this person finds this site and realizes Chris is writing about large swathes of this person's life - a life our anonymous poster has worthwhile insight into, unlike your petulant name-demanding self.

      The last thing any sane person knowing such sensitive info would do is post in any way that might identify them in this panopticon surveillance culture. Seriously dude, if you don't understand this then read up. Then grow up. Sometimes people's lives hang in the balance over such things. Your complaints are irrelevant and I encourage as much anonymous posting as posters feel necessary to be comfortable. Because I personally care more about the knowledge they share than their names.

    8. You are missing the whole point of my rant about "Anonymous" comments on this blog you "Anonymous" twit.
      I'm saying that if you post under the "Anonymous" option sign off your comment with a made up bullshit name like "Troll #23" or something you might find more suitable to your trolling style, so the people reading this blog do NOT know who you personally are, but know which comment belongs to which "Anonymous" commentor.
      Do you really think that by signing off your comment as "Troll #23" that the old family friend you fear may be reading 'The Secret Sun' is going to go "I know who "Troll #23" is, I would recognize that moniker anywhere.It's got to be my son Donald Trump Jr."?

  8. I posted this weird fish oil commercial several weeks ago, and I've seen it a few more times since. It features a 'Red Woman' underwater, emerging from a sphere of swarming fish. At the end she converges into a red pill which is joined by a 'string of 3 pearls'...that transform into fish:

  9. I’m glad to see Matt Skiba factoring in to things a bit more and honestly think he might warrant a deeper dive in general, but living just outside of the Chicago area (where he and Alkaline Trio are from and huge) I’m probably biased.

    Interesting to note though, Blink-182 and Alkaline Trio both have connections to Robert Smith of The Cure and we all know about his Fraser feels.

    A more personal and weird connection I would love to note is that The Cure did a one-time mini festival tour in 2004. I know b/c I saw them at Tinley Park, exactly one week after the Tinley Park lights (which actually happened over/after Ozfest.)

    It’s probably not related. I mean, the Cure were promoting their new single, “End of the World” and their stage show featured a giant projection of a labyrinth behind them, but it’s probably nothing.

    1. Have you checked the Tracy Twyman link on this blog? Her take seems to be Mr. Smith knows quite a bit about mithraism.

    2. I may have at some point but will definitely now be doubling back to check it out a bit more in-depth. I’m heavily suspicious of a lot of his stated inspirations lyrically and think he plays things closer to the vest than he likes to present, even.

      Honestly, I’m a bit more interested in the significance of how it ties into the Chicago-land area because I think there is a lot more happening here than is being noticed. The high strangeness in the city has increased with recent “moth/owlman” sightings and according to mufon lists I have seen, 5 of the top ten mass sightings nationally are from this area, with Tinley Park making the list 4 times. Tinley Park also happens to be 10-15 minutes from one of the biggest quarries in the country. A quarry that is being connected to several others in the area in a 40 year plan to create a system of “deep tunnels” to prevent a “catastrophic flood” in the city and surrounding areas.

      In the city I am from, about 90 miles outside of Chicago itself, a huge chunk of our local industry relies on plants supplying the aerospace industry. Plants so large and well-paying they draw talent from around the world despite our distinction as one of the most dangerous cities in the country.

      And famous futurist Stewart Brand is from here! But I have literally never heard of that despite the fact that C-list classic rock band Cheap Trick is from here and is our personal point of pride with each member having streets named after him. But no one has ever mentioned Stewart Brand.

      Our town also had our “gifted education” program set up immediately after Quantico by that exact same team. A program I was in, where they started trying to teach us binary in 2nd grade and indoctrinated us so heavily in Greek mythology and culture that they called the program “The Academy.”

      This probably all sounds like the insane ramblings of a complete maniac, but as evidenced by my reading of this blog, I don’t really believe in “coincidences” like this.

  10. About a decade of so ago was a BCAT (Brooklyn Community Access Television) program called "Variations on Film". It was low budget sketch comedy program as are all community access shows.

    In between the gratuitous eye candy was actually some funny comedy sketches. One of the sketches featured the program creator wearing a court jester/harlequin styled hat in public. One of the women in the skirt warned him about wearing such hats in public because of the curse of Cirque Du Soleil. The guy refused to listen and was shot in the head by an assailant shortly afterwards for wearing that hat.

    Mind you that was still at least a decade before before the first Cirque Du Soleil performer died during a performance; "Cirque Du Soleil Performer Dies After 50-Foot Fall During Las Vegas Show"

    Unfortunately those episodes of BCAT's original "Variations On Film" series have not been rebroadcast and I've been unable to find those skits on Youtube or other streaming services.

    The creator Robert Perez shifted full into glamour photoshoots/videoes so lord knows if he'll ever reupload those skits. Man I wish I had the VCR hooked up recording that Cirque Du Soleil skit because whoever scripted that scene definitely got a channel that came true.

  11. You inspire me, Chris! So, I did a quick search based on kids' cartoons and pearls. I guess inception starts early.

    Nickelodium's "The Loud Family" cartoon character, Lori Loud, wears pearl earrings. The cartoon premiered in 2016, is still running, and is in production for a full length feature in 2020. So it's within our age of the pearl.

    Here's a fan page for Lori Loud.

    She is voiced by actress Catherine Taber.

    I'm not expecting super syncs as I doubt they need to be for children.


    1. Just want to add, Lori Loud wears dropped pearl earrings that hang beneath the earlobe. Syncra

    2. In the 70s PBS decided to introduce America to a dysfunctional family in CA in the middle of the looming divorce. It was called, boringly enough, An American Family, with a shattered glass logo. It also featured what was known then as a "flamingly gay" son Lance who was more than happy to mug for the cameras. Any of this sounding familiar? This was early to mid-70s in-your-face reality TV paving the way for what we have today. My suspicions about the 70s being a veil of deceit and lies were, and remain, in part based on shows like this show, having a hidden agenda during that decade.

    3. It's quite likely you live in a part of the country that is behind the times. That's why stuff happens in your neck of the woods after it shows on TV. In other parts of the country, they are ahead of the times. Over there, stuff happens that later on features on TV.

    4. Dont forget Soap and Mary Hartman .even if I did not watch those shows. I was more into Gemini Man. Nichols and Barbary Coast. Good, solid TV. Oh and Earth 2.

    5. If you're commenting on 4:20 Maria, holy crap you couldn't be more wrong, and in so many ways. Believe it or not, some of us are trying to drop hints based on what we know that many do not, yet you seem to feel a need to enlighten us on what many of us know far better than you.

      Poor mindreaders like you infest virtually every comment section and are best ignored at some point. Seriously, look in a mirror and check yourself. Some of your stuff is way out of line, like right now. I'll leave it at that.

    6. Yeah, the debut of young Billy Crystal, former Woody Allen wife Louise Lasser and Martin Mull, who's band just happened to include Wrecking Crew member Tommy Tedesco.

    7. The 70s was when American TV jumped the shark for good. It went disco and never recovered. In the 80s it only got worse. Watching TV today should be reserved for those in prison. Because when you watch TV you become a prisoner.

    8. US Television shows used to follow the Great Archetype model.Shows like The Original Battlestar Galactica series as an example of hidden truths,but at some point everything changed. read : the cylon agenda.The Silicon Valley Tech Titans are The New Cylons and only a few have the courage to fight them.

    9. Yes, great wisdom in those old tv shows. Like, I am still trying to find out the hidden truth within Gilligan's Island, Ironside and Dragnet 1969. And the biggest enigmas, My Mother the car and Mister Ed.

    10. It is easier to make a joke (defense and deflect) than to reply to the actual truthful content of a comment.The Dark Cabal are Cylons,Burning Man 2018 theme is I,Robot and you should simply stfu and be a good Facebook slave.

  12. Surprised no one has linked this yet:

  13. Round Rock, you know like Pearl.
    Isaiah 35 is MEM
    Mark Antony conned it.
    Err no, Cleopatra conned it with a pearl.
    She being "Meriocane" or "loves her father much" and also legendarily able to swallow the pearly dew drops of hundreds of men in a row.
    Mark Antony and Caesar seeing such displays couldn't but help themselves to this masterful Monica.
    Sons of God looking down at the daughters of men and all.
    How else do you think gravity on Adamah keeps all the bodies here? Curved light as wide hips, being "fat wisdom".

  14. I'm hoping this leads us to your interpretation of what to expect in the near-mid term future one of these posts!

    1. Maybe it will all go away if we stop looking at it.

  15. Increasingly predictive and a congealing narrative… Ugh. I agree.

    Regarding the Femalien Iconography, I sense that you’re teasing us a bit and that you‘ve got some developed ideas here. I’ve certainly spent time wondering about this… Sure there’s an art tradition explanation, but it feels very chicken and eggy. There’s plenty of apriori stuff here – in “creation myths” around the world no less.

    One of the Joseph Farrell books (forget which – anyone here read the whole 25? of ‘em?) described the Mayan tale (Popul Vuh) of the first created “human” chimaera that featured a pronounced “primordial masculine homosexual androgyny”. Of course these traits came from God or the God council (Quetzlcoatl.) And as such these proto-humans were a little too godly, apparently inherently achieving “good knowledge, we’ve understood what is far and near.” A threat of this nature to the gods was not tolerated. Hence the consequent tweaking of the genetic formula to create differentiated genders. Doing so queered up, so to speak, our undifferentiated knowledge and made us proper human. Dr. Farrell likens this to a Tower of Babel moment in the Mayan mythology.

    If as a 21st century global race we’re going to properly welcome the returning Vegas, apparently it’ll help smooth things over if we’ve done away with all these pronounced gender extremes. Men. Women. Ew! If we could all meet somewhere in the sex middle our returning overlords may be less inclined to bathe in the sweet sweet scent of our burning flesh. How many times does the God of the Old Testament mention how much he digs our oxidizing epidermis? Two, Three Dozen?

    Great work as always Chris.

  16. Q for Qanon = V for Vendetta?

  17. Not sure if anyone has pointed this out yet but that article about the Olsen twins doing a Wiccan line was a parody article written for Out Magazine.

  18. Regarding the Cirque de Soleil's show and the fallen eagle symbolism, I also saw in the name Volta a reference to volt and electricity such as a bolt of lightning which brings to mind the 'Lucifer falling to Earth like a bolt of lightning' as mentioned in the bible. Be it Lucifer or the fallen eagle either way it's not good.

  19. This & your last post more info-dense than anything else I've seen of late regarding...whatever the fuck is unfolding now. Still trying to make some sense of it all, but the only thing I can come up with is a real sense of foreboding.

    Also of late I've been reading Warren Ellis' "The Injection", & found this timely quote: "Myth and legend are the carrier waves of true history. There's always a piece of fact lifted along With the story. I just had to listen. Sieve the truth from the art and piece the real story together." (Its a great comic btw, one of the better things he's done.)

    Also, the "Pearl of Great Price" was once a euphemism for the Philosopher's Stone in alchemy. Jung really liked the inherent symbolism of it as well, linking it to individuation by way of a descent into the unconscious:


    "And just as, in Christianity, the Godhead conceals itself in the man of low degree,” Jung writes, “so in the ‘philosophy’ [alchemy] it hides in the uncomely stone.” Symbolically, this is the stone “rejected by the builders,” which ultimately becomes the cornerstone. It is an archetypal, universal idea that the highest value is to be found in the lowest, that the blessing is to be found in the curse, and that the wisdom is to be found in ignorance. It is an archetypal experience that the highest value - what Jung calls the Self, and others call “The Messiah” - unless recognized for its divinity, is typically contracted against and reacted to with scorn, revulsion, contempt, and disgust. An ancient alchemical text expresses this idea when it says, “Christ had no form nor comeliness, was the vilest of all men, full of griefs and sickness, and so despised that men even hid their faces from him, and he was esteemed as nothing.”

    It is an archetypal, shamanic idea that we have to descend into the unconscious, making a “nekyia,” a night sea journey, into the depths of our own darkness so that we can discover “The Pearl of Great Price,” another of the stone’s many names. The initial stage is the “nigredo,” the blackness of death, the darkness darker than dark, which is actually the seed for the future birth of the living opus. “The good tidings announced by alchemy [analogous to the “Good News” of the Bible] are that, as once a fountain sprang up in Judea,” Jung contemplates, “so now there is a secret Judea the way to which is not easily found, and a hidden spring whose waters seem to be worthless and so bitter that they are deemed of no use at all.” Jung continues, “…man’s inner life is the secret place,” where the “medicina catholica or panacea, the spark of the light of nature, are to be found.”

  20. somewhat related, I guess...coming up on ye boob tube (remember that ol' colloquial appellation?) is a two hour premiere of...Sirens! It's about mermaids and stuff! Given that it's so close on the, er, tails of Shapely Water (or Grinding Nemo which I dun't recall whether I read it here or heard it over there) I suspect that it shant be quite the usual "Hey, let's do a lame series based on that popular movie" and more along the lines of, Oh I hates to say it, I reall don't, something kinda planned. What's that you say? Why yes sir, I will watch it. Having a bit of education from around these parts, I will be looking for certain clues. Well, not clues so much as a fish slap to the face.

    1. Speaking of the boob tube and mermaids I caught an episode of La to Vegas a few weeks back and Dylan McDermott's character, Captain Dave, lives in a trailer house with a mermaid painted on the side.

  21. I have a question, based on your Revelations and kicking the Never Ending Drama into high gear observation: Have you done an overview of all these ritualistic ongoing rituals to see if there's an overall pattern? Like, are they working towards some sort of specific overall goal, perhaps using a mish mash of biblical stuff and ancient mythical crap? A sort of connecting the dots..."Oh wait, so they did this ritual, and the next one is" sort of thing. Or are they just flinging pasta at the wall?

    1. I reckon they're doing both. Some people are chaotic, some people need more structure, and the vast majority simply have no idea of what's going on anyway.

  22. It looks like a fish,but it's not.Meet the robot built to spy on ocean life.It's SoFi,the robotic fish! Developed by researchers at MIT...

  23. The process of a pearl coming into being is the result of a mollusk reacting to the presence of parasite inside it, or to an attack from outside the shell resulting in internal injury, (wiki):

    'The mollusk creates a pearl sac to seal off the irritation. Pearls are thus the result of an immune response analogous in the human body to the capture of an antigen by a phagocyte (phagocytosis).'

    As to what this aspect of the whole Pearlies apocalypse ultimatly pertains to? But pearl's do come in orange, though as most often encountered 'pearly white' this lends them an aspect of cleanliness, hygiene & purity, but also sterility & even poison (which reminds me the Tree of Life in 'The Fountain' offers up a white fluid of hoped lengevity).

    & on the lab grown meat/human flesh mouth watering, most of us, in the degenerated lands (& those elsewhere on Earth sacrificing thmemselves on the altar of progress), will have already been eating human derived 'taste bud stimulating flavour enhancers' to some extent:

    '...using the isolated human taste receptors, we created proprietary test systems based on taste receptors that provide a biochemical or electronic readout when a flavor ingredient interacts with the receptor ... “What is hidden from the public who are using HEK 293 – human embryonic kidney cells taken from an electively aborted baby to produce these receptors,”'

    The product, 'Senomyx', IS people, aborted babies to be specific.

    1. It's actually a bit disconcerting how many psychological thrillers and sci-fi once considered fiction is becoming reality!!!!!

      Soylent Green Is People!!!

    2. No beating around the bush when it comes to this cannibalism, though. All in the name of art, of course.

  24. Maybe we should start #shesthesybil. But then, maybe not. What do I know?

    1. My first thought to this was: Cybill Shepherd. Talk about a Secret Sun name!

  25. Is this stuff working unconsciously now, I wonder?... A year ago I was traveling from Malaysia to London. As a gift for my UK friend, I picked a string of pearls from a boutique at the Kuala Lumpur airport. In my defense, it was far from musty-auntie style -- in fact, what struck me was how chic and youthful the product was, working in some tropical Malaysian flowers etc.

    Today I looked at the website ( The usual horrid Malaysian English (a.k.a. Manglish) aside, it's even sprinkled with some monarch butterflies (???).

    Curioser and curioser.

  26. Saw a tabloid story yesterday about an eastern European ex-beauty queen and her kids (two little pre-school girls wearing lipstick btw). And in the photo, where were they all spread-eagled on the beach? Yep, the Dubai Jumeira, with the Burj al-Arab sailboat right behind them.

    Someone cannot get enough of this stuff.

    1. Eastern European ex-beauty queen with two daughters in inappropriate makeup in Dubai, you say? Those may not be just vacation pix; she just may be on a "working vacation" if you know what I mean! Hidden in plain sight so to speak.

  27. I don't know if anyone's mentioned this already, but there's an Australian company named Pearl Global that has been making mobile tyre recycling plants. It was on the news earlier this month.


  28. I just read in the local (Queensland) paper that Margot Robbie is the new Chanel ambassador and she grew up and kind of still lives on the Queensland Gold Coast, which is home for the Commonwealth Games beginning this April.
    The Games torch which is usually passed from runner to runner just did a stretch underwater with a scuba diver holding it under the water as he swam with it.
    A few days later (yesterday) a helicopter crashes into the water off the Queensland coast killing two passengers.
    It's all fun and games till someone loses a passenger to the Siren, it seems.

  29. Pearls as fashion trend. Not sure about that. Fashion long ago stopped being dictated by designers or fashion editors. It's dictated by the street. That, among other more obvious reasons, is why there is "fast fashion." Fashion is a reflection of culture and though people often mistake it for a sought after items it is mainly about silhouette. The shape of that determines whether you are "in" or "out" more than status items or accessories.

    I deal in and sell vintage fashion and have for years. I'm also a hardcore fan of this blog so I did a test. A few weeks ago I presented a pearl encrusted 80's sweater to my Instagram crowd just to see the response. Muted at best.

    I see how they are being trucked out and yet I don't see it at street level. I asked my local 24-year old Millenial if she liked pearls and she made a face. That all being said I scored a rad pearl embroidered 80's sweater at the Thrift yesterday. The pearls are copper-colored. Maybe it will sell this fall as pearls will then be popular? I'm Gen X...gotta hustle in this gig economy...


    1. A matter of 'pearls before swine'?

    2. Many millenials have interestingly rejected the jewelry standards of the past and there is a subculture that looks back to more primitive "wrapping" of cheaper, less "processed" gems and minerals. In the sea genre I've noted much more focus on coral and fossils among that group than pearls. FWIW, some of those young people do amazing things with limited materials.

  30. I thought it would be insightful to listen to Cocteau Twins while I Read though this post. As I started in to the bit where you were asking us what this all had to do with Our Lady...right there L.A.M.F, Pearl Dew Drops Dropped on shuffle... this is getting ridiculous.

  31. SoFi the "soft" robot fish developed by MIT to live side by side with fish in the ocean to guide them and "watch for intruders and pollution". Presumably the intruders are humans who are encroaching on the territory of the deep ones. Nerds really like calling naming this post human electronic crap after Hagia Sophia huh? The story stands out to me since it relates directly to the world building of the recent computer game "Nier Automata" where robot fish were adapted to live symbiotically along real fish. It has a "play within a play" type symbolic quality.

    1. Sounds like a wonderful way to herd food-fish to favored nations.

    Now Wal-Mart is in on the pearl spangled shoe "trend" as well. These are a whopping$12.97, no excuses for even the financially struggling not to take part as well...

  33. I learned today that if you google "joplin pearl" and open the link at the bottom of the wiki page to Pearl Sessions an alert page claiming to be from Google Chrome pops up warning of a Trojan Horse with scary info about loss of confidential data, etc, along with a suspicious 866# to contact for help. I had to reboot to unfreeze my computer. Running a couple of antivirus programs detected no security issues.

    The coincidence here is that I was reading a sample of Elana Freeland's Sub Rosa America: Book V, which happens to read like CK one generation older, when she drops some arcane pearl references --"even the mother of the pilot who crashed the plane "The Day the Music Died" was named Pearl."

    As a long-time reader of Secret Sun, gotta say how much I continue to enjoy the ride with Chris at the wheel.


  34. The false flag season began a few days ago (human sacrifice) according to this:

  35. Pearls are also prominently featured in the movie Valerian the new film from the director of the Fifth Element. They are used as a power source by a nearly extinct Race that was distorted by humans and the kicker... they kinda look like mermaids... yup

  36. Um… Mighty Mithras! and for St. Phuk’s Sake! Which Cocteau Twins track did you find the Austin Bombing Lyra Ritual within! Yowza and Ouch Sir Loring.

    Your powers are growing ever stronger.

    1. It is all in the serve. If you nail the serve everything else follows.

  37. The Bombers last name is a derivative of conduit. Meaning a way of conveying water.

  38. Unreal engine has a demo of a 'synthetic human' on you tube. Oh, no coincidence at all, that instead of being called Sarah, or a normal woman's name - her name is Siren. Pause the video anywhere, and notice that her facial micro expressions are anything but friendly.

    Gotta hammer those rituals into the heads of the plebes.

  39. Another One Bites The Dust - Celebrity Atheist ASU Origins Project Director,Doomsday Clock committee member,Author of The Physics of Star Trek and A Universe From Nothing Theoretical Physicist Lawrence Krauss has been officially banned from Arizona State University Campus after multiple allegations of student sex abuse.There appears to be a ongoing cover-up of his behavior since he is a MSM Science Puppet.

  40. Chris,

    My phone presented me with this article today on Planet Nine:

    Hypothetical planet nine's orbit is illustrated in orange about halfway down the page.

    Looks like that graphic has been making the rounds. It is also in this article from December:

    That article happens to be the top non-Wiki google result at the moment. I am glad that Google is more than helpful to piece this together for me... In fact, it was their AI that presented me with the top article too. Thank goodness there is an organization committed towards keeping my reality on track!

    1. Ah yes, Planet 9, Planet X, Nibiru, etc.

      This is a story like the 'Roadster in Space' ( ).

      When such stories get anywhere near mentioning the secret sun, you can open your other eye. That they don't is a big clue that the stories are fluff for the bright eyed & bushy tailed.

  41. Just want to also point out that Matt Skiba played with/was involved with bands named Heaven, theHell and the Sekrets. One of his albums with the Sekrets is named Babylon. Again, you can't make this stuff up.