Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Nephilim, Seraphim, Let's Call the Whole Thing Off

The Pearl entrainment campaign train keeps-a-rollin', and hot on the heels of the Gucci's Pearl-heavy 2018 advertising blitz--which seems to have been the official kickoff for this particular liturgy of the Never-Ending Ritual-- the floodgates have well and truly opened, the levee's gone and broke, the dam has finally burst. 

Before we go diving for Pearls again, I should mention that a Twitter follower of mine @'ed me on this alleged "QueueAnon" post and asked if this fellow (or one of his various impostors) were reading this blog. 

I suppose it's possible, especially if this Qutie happens to be a sharp, shrewd and highly-intelligent fellow, not to mention a cultured gentleman of distinction and taste, but we're still firmly in happenstance territory here. 

If anyone's following that whole saga, please chime in and let us know if you see any more examples of Secret Sun Scrabble in this chap's missives. Thanks in advance.

Incidentally, "Zulu" reduces to 17 in gematria and November 17 is Jeff Buckley's birthdate. So just bear all that in mind.

Some people have also asked me what I think about the guy on Twitter who found some bizarre, numbers-station type message in his voicemail. I don't know what to make of that, tbh. 

It could be a hoax--maybe it's even been debunked by now, IDK-- but as I've written about here before I got a string of insanely creepy (and unintelligible) robot messages about 10 years ago. I actually kept them on the voicemail but failed to record them when we changed phone companies. Probably because I thought they were horrible and scary, not cool and X-Files.

That all happened during a period of extremely high strangeness that kind of culminated with my house bursting into flames on October 13th of that year. So no one needs to convince me that crazy shit is going on out there. I seem to attract it for some reason, even though I could do well without it, thank you all the same. 

High weirdness is always more fun when it's happening to somebody else.

Here's something else someone on Twitter sent me; PETA-- a bizarre and cultish organization by anyone's yardstick-- using the old Grey archetype to push the vegan lifestyle. Does someone there get the whole vegan-Vega pun? Hard to say, but there you go.

As always, love, gratitude and positive energy to all my spies, moles and tipsters. You help make the magic happen.  

UPDATE: People have asked me what I thought of the Austin bombing situation.

On with the show...

After being out of style for quite some time-- probably due to the musty-auntie aura they projected-- Pearls are back in a big and a bad way. And the headlines want to make sure you get that message.

What's more, this isn't just a New York-London-Paris-Munich-everyone-talk-about-pop-muzik kind of deal we're looking at. No, the Pearly push is clearly international in scope. Secret Sun readers would expect nothing less.

We have Northern Ireland there..., Ireland-Ireland here...

...the Philippines here...
...China checking in...

...OK, Paris too. But that's a gimme...

... and Seraphim City, of course. Plus, everywhere else (click here if still doubt me).

And the usual peer pressure/hero worship pressure tactics are being bundled with the program, as one would normally expect. 

Of course, "Fashionista" is a just a polite euphemism for "mean girl," a demographic much sought-after for their preternatural ability to drive memes and trends, all the more so in the Instagram Era.

Because "social media" is just a fancy way of saying "you are stuck in high school forever."

For the downmarket consumers, we have fading mind-control subjects pop stars and the apparel lines that trade off their brand (even though they usually have zero input into them) to spread the memery into the shopping malls and middle schools. 

Make note that "Matilda" is a name customarily identified with Australia, which seems to be a crucial test-market for so many of the emerging memetic dominants. More on that connection in a tad.

And there's the conditioning linking Pearls to charities (especially the pet-related concerns that country club set loves) that we looked at previously. These PR firms behind these types of pushes have this kind of entrainment down to a science

Pearls are neurolinguistically linked with wisdom (or Sophia, if you prefer) in the mass mind, which is why we're seeing the two conjoined so often these days, despite the tired and cliched vibe the pairing usually summons. 

Note the clever use of NLP there, identifying Pearls with terms like "leaders," "powerful" and "success." 

There's a master class in demographic-entrainment for you, kids. 

And this week's Secret Sun Scrabble trophy goes to Blink182, who have the distinction of becoming the first resident performers at the Pearl Theatre at the legendary Palms Casino in Las Vegas. 

Unfortunately, I had to rescind the award. Blink cheated by putting me into a coma.

Speaking of success, Amazon has not only bit down hard on the Orange meme, they've also made clever use of the dropping-Pearl icon, as we see here in their Spheres installation at their Seattle HQ.

This makes for a nice counterpart to the dropping Pearls we saw in New York's Madison Square Park-- east/west, inside/outside, high/low. 

Ah, the power of inversion in action, eh?

Now, for newer readers who may feel a bit at sea with all this Pearly business, here's a quick overview:  Pearls are not only identified with the ocean and Mermaids and so on (not to mention the various and sundry sexual connotations of the oyster), they are also identified with Heaven and the angels, mainly through the Pearly Gates mentioned in Revelation 21:21.

That of course is the numerological inversion of Revelation 12:1-2, which connects us back to the Virgo-Leo syzygy and 9/23 and all the rest of it that seemed to kick the Never Ending Ritual we've been investigating into high gear.

The Pearls are also associated with the Belt of Orion, which in turn is associated with Osiris and Nimrod and all the rest of it. 

And as if all that were not enough, Orion is also associated with the Nephilim, the Men of Renown sired by the Sons of Heaven and birthed by the Daughters of Men. 

And then of course there's the whole business with the Sons of Heaven looking quite a bit more like the Daughters of Heaven in most early and traditional Christian art, dating back to at least the Byzantine Era, and probably before. 

All of which, incidentally, seems to have been prophesied in an old 80s music video that, through the magic of semiotics, catapults us back to the present-day. 

So there're a lot of moving parts to this icon here, all boiled down to a simple white spheroid. I think the Japanese have a word for that kind of elegant simplicity. 

Fahrvergn├╝gen or something.


Then of course there's all the death that follows all of this iconography around like how that nasty, big-ass yellowjacket followed you around that time you were trying to clean out the gutters. 

More recent example, via Greg Ahrens:
ALIGNMENTS: 2:21 PM EST, Observation from Parkland, Florida 
 Orion's Belt Stars RISING on E horizon  
(Alnitak minus 1°, Alnilam 0°, Mintaka plus 1°} 
Saturn SETTING on SSW horizon 0° 
Moon plus 33° above SW horizon 
Venus plus 49° above SW horizon
Yeah. I agree.

There's also this sad story, which keeps popping up in the Australian papers (most recently just a couple weeks back, even though it springs from 2012), about a poor young lad who drowned while diving for Pearls in the coastal waters of northwest OZ (on April 14, precisely or 14/4 in non-American notation, giving us another Revelation to St. John hit).

Now don't quote me on this, but maybe the press keeps recycling this admittedly-tragic but not-exactly-earthshaking story for ritual purposes. I mean, we have this admittedly-handsome young chap (who reminds me of a young James Franco) dying while diving for Pearls, right?

And his given name means "descent," a synonym for, y'know, diving...

...or if you're so inclined, dropping

Pearl, drop. Where have I heard that combo before? It's on the tip of my tongue...

"Hampton" in turn connects to the whole farming bit...

...which connects us to --yet again, folks-- the doomed-Shepherd Boy motif you may have some talk about round these parts.

What's more, our poor Pearl-diving Shepherd Boy set sail with his crew from the city of Broome, WA, AUS. 

Some of you might remember Broome's big entry into the Name-Game Sweepstakes as it pertained to Heath Ledger, who swam to the Siren in Mary-Ka-Hathor-Te Olsen's flat on Broome St in Soho.

A witches' Broome, one might say.

At the same time a former Cirque Du Soleil director (surnamed Dragone) is producing the La Perle blockbuster in Dubai, a tragic accident has marred the performance of Cirque's newest production, VOLTA. 

In where else? Florida.

And yet again, the Name-Game connections are ripe, loamy and fecund. The unfortunate acrobat in question here was named Yann Arnaud, names which connect us back to...

...our old friend Oannes (via Yann), who I reckon was pretty familiar with the area upon which Dubai now stands...

...and to, you guessed it, the Vegas (literally "Falling Eagles") through the meaning of Arnaud ("Arnold" meaning "powerful eagle") and the unfortunate fact this young chap fell to his death.

And let's remember the Oannes bunch dialing up the Fallen Angels and the Watchers in their whole "teachers-of-man" role and the Abyss (read: the depths) and all the rest of that stuff that Ancient Aliens smeared their stupid all over more times than we count. 

It's all connected here, this little circle of symbols and syncs. Just bear all that in mind. There's a specific narrative unfolding here. A timeline.

OK, OK, I admit it all sounds a bit batshit. Until, that is, you see this crap repeat over and over and over and over again. 

And if that's not enough for you, do note that VOLTA makes extensive use of the same red and orange streamers we saw in every mother's favorite unambiguous genuflection to--and invocation of-- the Sons of Heaven and the Nephilim, known to the profane masses as the Millennium Dome Show. 

An apocalyptic mystery play, as many of you know, in which Our Lady, Queen Dowager of Sibyls, was cajoled and bamboozled into voicing the part of Sofia, mitochondrial Eve of the new Men of Renown, while she was visibly afflicted by some devilish indisposition.

Is nothing sacred to you Globo-occultic scoundrels and rapscallions after all? Oh, wretched villainy! 

Moral of the Story? Keep an eye on Cirque Du Soleil. They seem to carry some kind of significance in all of this. 

Back to Heaven or Las Vegas, I should make note that Blink182 (whose very name connects back to Our Lady and so on and so forth, blablabla) not only has familial ties to the Deep State, the musician (Matt Scuba-Gear) who replaced Tom DeLongines-Symphonette is a practicing witch.

Should we expect anything else by this point? Seriously.

What's more, Palms and Flamingo Road (which borders the casino) are both semiotically linked to the Phoenix (though their respective scientific taxonomies) but also to Dubai, via the Palm and the Fraser Suites and all the rest of it, all aligned in a rough approximation of Orion's Belt.

Flamingo also links us directly back to Our Lady of Oracles and her Shepherd Boy consort yadda yadda, but let's not gild the lily too much here, OK?

And the Pearl Theatre also name-games us with the Pearl Jumeirah and this string of utter improbability we see here at Splashdown City.  

Hmm, kind of looks Orionistic too- I never noticed that before.

And of course that entire strip of coastline brings us back in turn to Marilou Danley, Steven Paddock and Heaven Upside Down in Las Vegas. I mean, don't you expect this by now?

As random and chaotic as it might seem, this is all congealing into a narrative, hovering ever lower over puzzles we've been grappling with here for many years now. This model is becoming more and more predictive, a fact which you might want to take some time out to think seriously about.