Tuesday, May 08, 2018

Met Gala 2018: Wonder with Great Admiration!

OK, so Riri "wins" the Super Bowl of Fashion with her pearl-encrusted Anti-Pope LARP? OK, it's...I mean...


I was going to say that... 

OK, they've finally stumped me.

I mean, Riri and her thousands of pearls and wannabe Fraserfarian Katy PerryIntoTheAbyss as an angel-fish chimera? (Or is that a Seraphim? Or perhaps a Siren?)

Say what you will about the End Times. Just don't say they won't be sexy.

And just in case that juxtaposition of the angel and the gold fish-scales looked familiar. 

Speaking of familiar, I can't place Riri's necklace. It's on the tip of my tongue...
Right. That's it.

And "Heavenly Bodies?" Like stars and constellations? Or like nebulas, supervoids and supernovas? Or all of the above? Surely not Kim Kardashian's ass there.

Speak of the Devil.

And was Riri paying tribute to the All-Seeing Eye or the Rooster Eye?

Don't answer that until you've thought on it a spell, champ.

Hint: Pearls. No wonder they made her Anti-Pope.

Because CardiB was rocking the Pearls too...

...as well as the rubies. Plus, more Pearls.

Or the Ruby Suns.  Or the Ruby Star Dorade, if you prefer.

And as much as I hate to say it, something may have awoke to light the fires.

Bonus "sync": Muzio means mute, literally "unable to speak." Don't say "dumb." Blind Dumb Deaf offends, I was never a part of it.

"Why the Church got involved with the Gala..."

"...or why the Gala got involved with the Church?"

Question: those look like feathers or scales to you? And which of those two do you think looks more like Katy Perry?

And was this all just a massive orgy of Fundie-trolling? 

I'm leaning towards yes. Either that or the grand opening party for the Great Tribulation. 

Maybe Vice does too.

Indeed, there were all kinds of Scarlet Women on hand...

...including Nicki Minaj and her scarlet waterfall train gown, which she openly cited as a tribute to the Beast of the Abyss. Look it up.

There was even a Scarlett in Scarlet...

...Scarlett being another Fraserfarian backslider, in case you didn't know already.

And Ruby (Suns and Ruddy Cups) Rose (the Pearly Dewdrops) was on the scene, showing off some bugbite sideboob and some prematurely-greening tats.

They never look ahead, do they? Maybe they should be taken to a wino bar before they get inked.

Surprised Rose didn't dress in Orange. Maybe next year.

Yeah, there were all kinds of Mystery Babalons in the house. Don't know if they served Absolut Abomination Margaritas and Fornication Filth Frappes at the cocktail hour or not. 

Though I did hear Adrenochrome Shirley Temples were all the rage last night.

And sure enough, Ariana Grande dressed in Michelanglo's apocalyptic Last Judgment. Just for the slow folk who didn't happen to catch a whiff what the Gala was cooking up in the kitchen. 

Hint: it was their souls.

And of course the Twin GOAT and the Gazelle were there, representing the NFL-im.

But check this out: not only were there at least two well-known Fraserfarian backsliders at the Gala (my Frase-dar also pings when Rihanna and SZA fly into range), there was also a Reverend Mother of the Reformed Orthodox Fraserfarian Bene Gesserit in attendance. 

Not only that but she was on the arm of no less a Tony Stark than Elon Musk.

Because I am in a fucking coma.

Reverend Mother Mary Joseph Grimes is so traditional-rite Orthodox that she actually signed with the House that Our Lady and Her Unmercenary Musicians Built. 

The Reverend Mother makes sure her flock is routinely blessed with Our Lady's eerily-prophetic yet reliably-therapeutic incantations and invocations, so that they may know the beauty and terror of the celestial transmissions summoned by the Sibyl and Brother Robin's almighty stomp-boxes.

And true to ritual form, Grimes recently fell out with 4 A.D. in order that she may walk the Stations of the Liz and suffer the sorrows and tribulations of Our Lady, Queen Dowager of Sibyls.

Best stay out of the water, Elon. Just sayin'. 

Jesus, Fraserfarian Bene Generit Mother Superior Madonna performs "Hallelujah" at the Met Gala. I am in a coma. 

Plus, it's the Apocalypse. Tip of the fedora to Johanna.

Oh, it's no theory, Futurism.com. It's the Cosmo-Demonic A.I. and it's rewriting history almost as soon as it forms. And it has a very weird sense of humor.

There is literally no other way to explain it. Bold statement, right?

Well, ask yourself this: what other great things and blasphemies might be being uttered at the Met while they raise up these Lords and Ladies and Kalu of the New Church?

Oh, how about just a multi-skull-faced cosmodemonic-alien-Anakim being given power over all kindreds, tongues and nations? 

Oh, I know what you're thinking, that's crazytalk. Just more Secret Sun crazytalk. But check it out; see what looks like a giant squirrel draped in a Hefty bag there?

That's actually a prostrate peon, bowing and scraping before the new giant-alien-demon Overlords.

That's supposed to be you, in case you didn't guess.

Pray for us, Our Lady.


  1. Yes, yes, Grimes is Good though, let her be!

    1. "She sold her soul for the $$$" Headlines : Jay Z Signs Grimes To Rock Nation Management / Tidal,Grimes Had Joined Illuminati,Jay Z Is Fraudulently Inflating Tidal Numbers,Tidal hit with false Beyonce stream claims, What if Elon Musk is a Fake and a Front Man for Deep State?,Elon Musk - bad actor dude, AI is a Hoax,Conscious computers are a delusion.

    2. Yes anon I've had the same thoughts. They seem to be trying to devalue human conscious by pretending they can create something superior with AI. Making the masses feel even more helpless and weak. The AI now sounds just like a person too https://youtu.be/7gh6_U7Nfjs (if you actually believe this isn't a PR stunt.) Also I think Musk, Gates and other tech billionaires are just fronts for other people/groups/agencies and a way to keep people chasing the American dream.

    3. To state the obvious, Elon Musk is a front for PayPal, SpaceX, Tesla, and whatever is his latest pet project. You don't really believe he has the knowledge to do any of these things, do you? He just contributes his pretty face and the capital. As for any of these things being a front for the Deep State... you got it ass-backwards. The Deep State is the front for corporations. Which is why voting for a rich businessman to get rid of the Deep State is like trying to save the Titanic by axing another hole in the hull.

      As for "devaluing human consciousness by pretending they can create something better with AI"... go to any market that sells "handcrafted" stuff, and tell me if you think there's any realistic chance that humans will ever, ever admit that they're worse than machines. Even on the face of undeniable evidence from their own eyes. People will happily turn upside down their own values, if that's what it takes in order to stay at the top.

    4. The older 'Elon Musk' is played by Ed Harris in 'Westworld'. (Ed also played 'man' in 'mother!' (2017, directed by Darren Aronofsky ("generally favorable reviews".)))

      'Westworld'... 'West' 'world' / 'the west'/'the western world' (the first world)? On seeing the world that 'Westworld' exists to pander to the vices of (S02E02 'Reunion') Evan Rachel Wood's character, named 'Delores' in the 'Westworld' park, asks (repeatedly):

      "Have you ever seen such splendour?"

      & goes on to describe the cityscape in awed tones as if It:

      "Looks like the stars have been scattered across the ground"

      Grimes, Elon & all the other met-gala attendees carried glittering along the 'red carpet', & would-be if-only wannabe someday somehow deserving - whether star-crossed or not - future or could have been attendees, perhaps are attempted simulacra of The Fallen Star - potential vessels of It's fabled power - like Fraser - through which, if only managed to simulate, will grant access to having a go as 'Eye of Providence' & all such a position must surely in turn grant access to.

    5. @KTV

      What are they trying to tell us by making the first location in the park the "butterfly saloon"?

      As well as being the western world you could also compare it the Egyptian land of the dead, to the west, where souls are sent. It's said that many Egyptians believed that you could take it all with you. So wealth, fame and power in this world were very much required to make it in the next. Although, it's not that simple.

      Anyway, this is why I really replied.

      Stereolab - Des Étoiles Electroniques


      Towns seen from an airplane
      Look like electronic stars
      That are squashed on the ground to take root
      And to live spread out thus.

    6. Can a soul impress It's way past The Pearly Gatekeepers?

      The currency, euphemised as 'intellectual property', coveted by the 'WW' owners is the very genetic material patrons deposit about the various parks.

      That 'Delos' provides a number of old-time worlds ('the wild west', samurai land (& in the original film a king, queen & knight filled medieval realm)) in which guests can play at living a real life, unencumbered, superficially at least, from the joie de vivre sapping convenience of modernity, their passions will be readily provoked, roused & sated, if only temporarily, in such ways as to provide reams & streams of invaluable 'IP' to then reinvest in whatever the owner endgame is, immortality perhaps - no need to 'dress to impress' for the afterlife then.

      Oh & on 'summoning the demon':


      'This week, at the Google I/O developers conference, there was a consistent message about Google’s AI from a cast of Google executives: Our AI will not be evil.'

      google! gag!

      '“There’s anguish in the field. Many of us feel like we’re operating on alien technology.” Rahimi is very concerned that the “entire field has become a black box.”', '...highlighted how its creators didn’t know which parts of the AI were doing what. It’s not uncommon for the core of an AI to be “technically flawed.”', '...people rely on “folklore and magic spells,” referring to how AI engineers “adopt pet methods to tune their AIs.”'

    7. Grimes was born on March 17th (AKA St. Patrick's Day) as I recall from an old Jake Kotze synch film (Jake's birthday as well).


      That's when I got into her music.
      As for Elon Musk he did build a big battery to fix South Australia's f#cked up power grid in no time, so he isn't as full of s#it as some of you like to give him credit for.
      Here's to the happy couple.
      Cheers...and God doesn't play dice...it's more like poker;-)

    8. In terms of the technological singularity (artificial monad) the soul is the collected behavior patterns of the individual. The DNA is part of the mortal remains and the digital soul which can be housed in a new "host". The behavior of the host only has to pass a test of appearing to act like the original subject for the "soul" of the individual to be captured. This is the problem. Can you create something that appears to act like a cute happy puppy but it's internal experience is one of continual agony? It is somewhat like taxidermy only ethically much more problematic.

    9. *Shōgun, not samurai.

      & on creating? We may well be very close to having that question answered - all of us - irrespective of whether we think It a question worth asking in the first place let alone pursuing to (some kind of) fruition, that's if we've not already been answered.


      the potential weaving here makes parsing of the met gala gowned & crowned limited hangout a positively simple proposition in comparison.

  2. First I would like to thank you Chris.
    I myself have been on your site daily for a long time.
    I just started posting comments here in the last year.
    To me this is a revised 'act' of duality, here represented by male/female archetypes.
    One has been dominant, and destructive for far too long.
    The other is rising.
    I studied Acupuncture and understand the flow of chi along meridian lines, and how they fluctuate from 'yin' to 'yang', and back again.
    Female to Male, and then the opposite.
    Like the 'SecretSUN'.
    Fluctuating from it's MALE to FEMALE and back again.
    What we see here are just reflection/expressions of this cosmic movement.
    Cyclical, predictable, TIMED!
    So please let me say this; there is this 'world', and we exist in 'it' in one form or another, but 'IT' is not the only one!
    MANY possibilities.
    The human body does have it's secrets; one being forcefully extracted under MAJOR diress; Adrenalchrome.
    A powerful drug promoting 'Dark Ecstasy'; food for dark playthings.
    Depp seems to be inclined towards such, and others like him; accident?
    Perhaps not.
    Yang is giving in to Yin; 'SOPHIA' rising.

    1. So after all it was about the big endian and little endian archetypes? I see, I see. At any rate her sacred flux is certainly at work here. In the end all of their futile workings are for the greater good of Discordia. Hail Eris!

    2. rE Anon 446

      indeed, and what would Malaclypse the Younger say?

      and how wood Sophia respond to him,

      and what did he do when he found/talked to her?

      ... a related investigation has appeared


      the divine (cdAI?) willing (programming?)

    3. the only thing that "seems" to be rising is the dark mother of materialism. o me o life!

    4. 'Something awoke to light the fires'.Someone carrying a Faming or Blazing Sword.

  3. Chris, did you see that Madonna surprised Met Gala attendees by performing two songs (plus a very weird 4 verse "statement" that's been referred to as a third song). The first was 'Like a Prayer' with full occult ritual costuming. The second was a haunting rendition of 'HALLELUJAH'. You should check it out if you haven't yet...

    1. "Like a prayer"... one of my favs. With all the roses in the chorus.

    2. "And Madonna she still has not showed, we see this empty cage now corrode, where the cape of the stage once had flowed,the fiddler he now steps to the road, he writes everything's been returned which was owed, on the back of the fish truck that loads, while my conscience explodes, the harmonicas play the skeleton keys and the rain, and these visions of Johanna are now all that remain"

  4. I'm guessing Knowles' 1st Law is in overdrive right now

  5. The drag queens on Rupaul's Drag Race had to dress as mermaids on this week's episode. Also Alex Trebec was part of it.

    1. ...'snatch game'? "Grab them by the pussy"?

      Melania does have that somewhat stretched visage so necessitated by procedures turning man into would-be woman. Mermaids though drag unwitting prey to their doom below the waves, those fooled by their passing resemblance to a woman (of beauty) need take a closer look before they commit to going under.

      When I see 'Ru Paul' I think 'Balok', or even captured in court portrait 'Osho' (or is it Mick Fleetwood/'Antedian'?), & this drag on 'America's absolutely incredible First Lady' happens in the wake of her 'Be Best' campaign launch ('focus on addressing the well-being of children, social media use and opioid abuse').

  6. And randomly walked into a Starbucks in Taiwan, and saw that they're selling these "star-themed" scented candles for their charity collaboration with World Vision this year. But surely Taiwan can't have anything to do with Lyra...although the head of those kids on the box look awfully familiar...


    1. Yes, World Vision has successfully roped in most of the evangelical Asian celebs who are now working their butt off to raise money. Francisca Peter, Jaclyn Victor, Guy Sebastian immediately come to mind. Notwithstanding of course the news reports of World Vision selling aid for sex in Haiti. It all fits, doesn't it.

  7. Replies
    1. It looks like Katy Perrry and Rihanna have given birth to kids in secret and now they have unexpected pregnancy weight that can't be explained through photos. Secret impregnation program going on. Lana Del Rey is Jim Morrison's daughter BTW.

    2. Lana Del Rey is Jim Morrison's daughter? She was born in the mid 80's. How did you come to that conclusion?

    3. I saw Lana Del Rey play Brisbane earlier this year and it was a pretty good show she put on, so maybe you need to get out more too "Anonymous" and stop impregnating your mind with s#it urban myths.

  8. Check out the design and claim for this years European Song Contest which will take place this saturday and will be watched by a gazillion eyes:

  9. The hijab is an expression of modesty. When you wear it and then go strutting down the catwalk, or stand next to Rihanna whose knockers are jumping out, modesty has pretty much left the building.

    1. the hijab is an expression of Islamic patriarchal control.period.Tpically to be worn in the presence of male Muslims as not to arose sexual desire. Some stricter versions of Islam demand it to cover more ( as in the burka) with severe punishment to follow if not obeyed.

      In modern democratic societies (and to anyone with common sense for that matter) its a representation of arrogance, elitism and displays failure to integrate with Western ideals and culture.

      But lets pretend it's empowering and fashionable for "modesty" sake.


    2. any other religious symbols that you need to rant about? Sleeves in Buddhist temples, yarmulkes? These things can be both oppressive and expressive, part of the duality.
      I really like pants and one piece swim suits, guess I'm oppressed as opposed to just not wanting to let my body hang out.

    3. Why do people feel free to express opinions about Muslim dress without asking Muslim women first? Not Muslim, but fairly fed up of people telling me what flamenco or the Spanish Civil War means, like my opinion on the matter is neither relevant nor wanted.

    4. There's nothing modest about a hijab, It's being a headscarf is a clue to this.

    5. Muslim women have been asked.

    6. facts are facts , but whatever. the hijab is a symbol of feminist freedom worldwide...is that better?

    7. Imagine what this gala would have been like with Islam imagery instead of Catholic. Imagine if these non muslims flashed some side ankle. Would be offensive, no? But Catholicism is just there for RiRi to use as toilet paper for Instagram, it's not like it's an actual religion or anything.

    8. I suspect they can do it without much fanfare since there aren't that many white American Catholics anymore. Now if it were on telemundo...
      Why does Islam wig the liberal set out so? Is it because it's better at brainwashing? Joking.
      I am friends with several Muslim women, it is not terribly different from any other religion. Some practitioners are very parochial, some are not. The extremism seems to be a response to the west. I don't know any women who make their daughters where it to school.
      I would also like to point out it is extremely practical if you live in the desert. Hint: the sun is very bright!

    9. RE:"...since there aren't that many white American Catholics anymore."
      I don't know if you are the same "Anonymous" I told in a comment up above "to get out more", but you need to get out more.
      All you "Anonymous" guys and your comments just blend into each other to the point you can't tell who's "Anonymous" comments are who's anyway.

    10. No, I'm not. Sorry you don't like anonymous comments, I would like to say the opposite. I love them, it's easy to ignore tro!ls.
      Briz, you are Australian correct? America's relationship to Catholicism is complicated. I would suggest you take your own advice of you are unaware of it. I know many Catholics and few of them are white. I would say "right thinking" Americans eschew it for a variety of reasons including pedo grooming. If it was going to offend a certain set, they most certainly would not have allowed it.

    11. What I don't like about anonymous comments is that I can't tell which anonymous comment belongs to who.
      I just wish you would identify your comments by placing some BS persona to your comment so I could tell which anonymous comment belongs to who.
      And as for America's relationship to Catholicism is complicated, which country on the earth's isn't?
      While I don't mind the spiritual side of Christianity, the dogmatic Christians give me the s#its with their thinking that God favours only their particular slice of the Christian pie and that only they are going to make it through the "pearly gates".
      Well all I can say is I'll see you all on the other side...eventually...with everybody else including the Atheists.
      And as for hell...HA!

  10. Reminds me of the ecclesiastical fashion parade in Fellini's 'Roma'


  11. Bring on the apocalypse! Let's get the foreplay over with already!! It's lasted 2000 years! We're getting sick of waiting...

    1. Lol ... You made my Day, sir !

    2. Already happened?..December 31 1999 End of the World Party.

    3. "Signs of an Approaching Planetary System" Earth's Crust Shifting http://YouTube.com/watch?v=L9Dht_SW8U8 ...the destroyer of the black iron prison

  12. In Ft. Lauderdale, of course.

  13. Malaysian former astronaut guy showed up to vote in a general election today. Social media overkill as always. His little TWIN boys in tow, both decked out in NASA t-shirts (his space flight was part of a Russian mission btw). Creepy.

  14. yo chris, i've had trouble with accepting the falling eagle phrase. eagles don't fall, for one. here's katy perry in a pose that i think might be more apropo...


    1. "...It's known, however, that bald eagle pairs engage in a number of courtship rituals as they build their bond. The most famous and recognizable of these rituals is the "cartwheel courtship flight," in which two bald eagles will fly up high, lock talons and then get into a cartwheel spin as they fall toward the ground, breaking apart at the last minute. "And [in] some cases they actually hit the ground," Watts said..."


    2. Bald Eagles are 'fish' Eagles.
      Check the Golden Eagle.

  15. Plato, Ion :
    "Sokrates: The Korybantian revellers [of the Meter Theon] when they dance are not in their right mind ... by divine inspiration and by possession; just as the Korybantian revellers too have a quick perception of that strain only which is appropriated to the god by whom they are possessed, and have plenty of dances and words for that, but take no heed of any other."

    Strabo, Geography 10. 3. 7 (trans. Jones) (Greek geographer C1st B.C. to C1st A.D.) :
    "The Kouretes . . . are called Daimones or ministers of gods by those who have handed down to us the Kretan and the Phrygian traditions, which are interwoven with certain sacred rites, some mystical, the others connected in part with the rearing of the child Zeus in Krete and in part with the Orgia (Orgies) in honor of the Meter Theon (Mother of the Gods) which are celebrated in Phrygia and in the region of the Trojan Ida."

    Having cried from the mountain tops wherever I go that the move of the Coreybantes to Rome in the time of Hannibal of Carthage .. is the moment in world history where doom was assured via the conduit of madness. The Roman Church, under Francis of Assisi, aligned with Venice Black Guelph families and the British ... created Maritime law, the keeper of all things CAPITOL.

    CAPITAL FICTION = your wallet identity, the GUY FAUX as in Guido Fawkes, ie "to fight the Empire is to become infected with the Empire". Guidos doing led to the night of the Bonfires where the Queen or King has the voodoo spell of reinforcing the Crown.


    Tidal = Tsunami. The falsification of the crap, where the crap becomes the music of the masses. Dithyrambs and Drums of the Mother Goddess. Foisted fake feasts for fools. Tophet, tophet, tophet. The masses in their daemonic stupor take their fake freedom and kill their own, abuse others and think they serve their God. This is the EXO of the idols answer.

    IHVH in Jeremiah says "If you make an idol, I will answer you thru the idol to destroy you".

    QRST in Bhagavad Gita says "I will answer each in the way he worships me."

    Coreybantes from Anatolia, this being the headwaters of the Tigris and Euphrates, ie Babylon the Great. Rome is merely this recast when the Black Stone was moved. It made its way to Mecca to create the shadow of Christianity, ie it takes two to create the golden fleece.

    Iason would know, he got drummed by the Great Mother cult.

    Golden Fleecing

    Katy, Katherine and the Pope played hair and dress games awhile back

    The Idol of EXO, no matter how powerful it appears now .. is not going to make into the next aion. Too many dead souls and the great chain of being cannot, will not be malkootered at the top of the chain.

  16. The crowning touch to all this is Elon Musk's outfit - a catholic priest's garb in exact opposite colors that a priest wears and we all know the Lord of Adversary deals in opposition. As for Grimes - she looks like her name.

    1. Lol, is it me or is the comment section here starting to look like the one at vigilant citizen

    2. Catholic Church has recently paid out over $ 4 billion dollars for sexual abuse of Children.How anyone could continue to fund these vile criminal Monsters is insane.

    3. Funny you mention comment section looking more like Vigilant Citizen. Ever since Chris went into an overdrive analysis of the dailys, this whole place has had a tonal shift.

    4. IE non-pc comments are shocking to gen y blog readers.

    5. I suspect the Vigilant Citizen comments here under the "Anonymous" mask that many use here to distance themselves from their comments.

    6. Anon, a knee-jerk SJW/PC-police-y type person would not be taking Chris's blog seriously, I doubt there are many of them here.

      What we're noticing is more of ya'll spouting off moralistic, absolutist, and borderline fundamentalist/evangelical perspectives that lack subtlety and nuance.

  17. I can see it now: maybe those vocalists mentioned will start getting together to perform Cocteau Twins covers in zero-G, courtesy of Elon & the Breakaway Civ. & start a new sub-sub genre: "ComaPop". Because hey, endtimes need their soundtrack Bro.

    Speaking of endtimes, was curious about whatever hidden symbolism might be lurking with regards to Iran, since its been in the news of late. So it turns out Iran's national bird is the Nightingale. What to make of that?

    1. 'Nightingale' as sung by, simulated Fraser, Julee Cruise:

      'I long to see you, To touch you, To love you, Forever more'

      & so was borne 'pop culture' - the real terror weapon of choice of those seeking dominion.

    2. More Nightingale-themed songs:

    3. In Sufism, Nightingales symbolized the soul--

    4. there's Nick Nightingale from Eyes Wide Shut.

      And for the book inclined I'd recommend Keat's "Ode to a Nightengale"

    5. Nicky plays a piece by Jocelyn Pook from her 'Flood' album ('released as 'Deluge' in The U.K.) titled 'Masked Ball' which soundtracks the very same 'Masked Ball' the presentation of which on screen resulted in Kubrick being lambasted as a dirty old man preoccupied with sad anachronist fantasies (by some gatekeepers at least).

      'Flood' was recorded at 'Hear No Evil Studio' & 'The Church Studios' (& After Pook's work on 'EWS' 'Her career as a film composer took flight...' (wiki)).

      Nightingales's tinkling of the ivories is the Siren Song that luringly leads Bill Harper (Tom Cruise) to explore the depths encountered at the 'Masked Ball'.

      There's a behind-the-scenes documentary on the making of 'EWS' currently in production (titled 'SK13' ('shorthand for Stanley Kubrick’s 13th film', "I’m not sure what the hell that movie was about" states the director)), whether It takes anytime to address the claims of Kubrick's out-of-touch deluded sense of how the elect behave - especially given what's been admitted by elect & elect handlers, in particular the past half-decade or so, remains to be seen.

    6. I certainly look forward to that docu. EWS is certainly an eye-opener, took a lot of courage on behalf of the Director to have it made.

  18. The current Human condition explained in 13 Minutes
    I just re-watched and continue to notice more details. This animated short needs to be watched multiple times. It perfectly depicts the current human condition. It is no joke! Please take time and watch this again.


  19. You can trace both Johnny Depp and Grimes back to Vancouver, or New Dubai as some of the locals prefer to call it these days.

  20. Speaking of orgiastic displays. The JASON Months (July, August, September, October, & November) for annual celestial rituals seems to be stating early this year with a sex magick orgy ritual in Las Vegas during June.

    "‘We Invite You All to Cum': Las Vegas May Host World's Largest Orgy in June - Menage Life, a company promoting a "fully expressed sex life," will take a stab at breaking the world record for the biggest-ever orgy on June 2 from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. local time in Las Vegas, Nevada"


    As you pointed out in a previous blog entry Parsons "Strange Angel" also premiers in June 2018. Quite an interesting manufactured synchronicity being pushed. You best believe that event in Vegas is gonna birth some Moonchild or a couple of them.

    1. Hmmm. June 2nd. That might be the night that the Golden Knights win Lord Stanley's Cup.

    2. June 2nd LAS Vegas Sex Magick Orgy Ritual confirmed; "Sin City sex drive: Las Vegas to attempt world record orgy"

      "Las Vegas is looking to live up to its reputation as Sin City next month with the world’s largest ever orgy attempt. And you can still be a part of it."

      The current world orgy record stands at 500 people. "It was set in Japan over a decade ago. Menage Life, who are organizing the Las Vegas attempt, promise to “blow that number out of the water” at their event on June 2."

      “We are anticipating 1000+ for this monumental event,” the company said in a pitch encouraging people to sign up, “This is Sin City after all. We invite you all to cum… and help us make history!”


    3. I decided to check wiki to see what historic events and observances are on June 2nd and there are several that jumps out screaming off my computer screen:

      455 – Sack of Rome: Vandals enter Rome, and plunder the city for two weeks.

      1098 – First Crusade: The first Siege of Antioch ends as Crusader forces take the city; the second siege began five days later.

      1692 – Bridget Bishop is the first person to be tried for witchcraft in Salem, Massachusetts; she was found guilty and later hanged.

      1835 – P. T. Barnum and his circus start their first tour of the United States.

      1953 – The coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, who is crowned Queen of the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Her

      1967 – Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band by The Beatles is released in the United States.


      Bridget Bishop being hanged for witchcraft in 1692 and that the release of Beatles music record Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band are hands down the strongest resonator. I know Christopher is well aware that that Mr. 666 aka “The Beast” himself Aleister Crowley is featured on the cover of the cover of that Beatles record.

      So we have an English Occultist famed for Sex Magic on the cover of a Beatles alblum released on June 2nd and the first women convicted in the Salem Witchcraft trials on June 2nd but fast forever to June 2nd 2018 and we have the world's larger sex (magic) orgy in Las Vegas. Oh yeah the coronation of Queen of England that day as well tying in the “House of Windsor” for bonus points.

    4. Oh but wait there's more!!!!! June 2nd is also "International Sex Workers Day"

      "International Sex Workers Day, or International Whores' Day, on June 2 of each year, honours sex workers and recognises their often exploited working conditions. The event commemorates the occupation of Église Saint-Nizier in Lyon by more than a hundred sex workers on 2 June 1975 to draw attention to their inhumane working conditions. It has been celebrated annually since 1976. In German, it is known as Hurentag (Whore's Day). In Spanish-speaking countries, it is the Día Internacional de la Trabajadora Sexual, the International Day of the Sex Worker. (The Spanish word "trabajadora" is feminine, recognizing that most sex workers are women."


      Oh and you know it wouldn't be a mega-ritual without at least one Catholic Saint venerated of June 2nd right? Therefore we have the Feast day of Saint Erasmus of Formia, also known as Saint Elmo.

      And one of St Elmo's Patronage relates to the sex magic orgy ritual working being; " cramps and the pain of women in labor"


      ^^^^Well if there are any doubts that a moonchild or moonchildren are meant to be conceived on that day I would say that should remove them.

    5. 1000 people???? Whole lotta orgone being harvested. Maybe its what Bigelow uses for fuel now.

    6. Divine essence used as a fuel source?
      Without question.

    7. The 'Delos' parks, of which 'Westworld' is but one (of a rumoured six), exist so that guests can indulge in any vice they wish* the pandering to of which may (only may though if our world's example) incur judgement & fall back in their real world/civilisation.

      Vice is the lure the promotion of which (via special demonstration targetting the most bachanalian) acquires the project originators the ultimate funding through which to expand from start-up to global dominant brand.

      (*This isn't strictly true though, at least in what's been shown on screen, there's no mention of a 'loliworld', that such sickness hasn't been shown doesn't mean It's not going on in any of the parks we've been shown though, 'absence of evidence is not evidence of absence', It's not being talked of would grant the series an element of true verisimilitude when compared to our world other aspects of the drama fail to match.)

    8. Some more occult figures on the cover of Sgt Pepper.

      1. Carl Jung. Need anything be said.
      2. William Burroughs. Self described Gnostic who often wrote fiction based on things "revealed" in dreams. Literal card carrying chaos magician.
      3. Aldous "doors of perception" Huxley.
      4. Karlheinz Stockhausen. Electronic music pioneer who claimed to have completed his music education in dreams of life on Sirius.

      Probably many more with such influences since there was a lot of it going around.

  21. So ... "Childhood's End," a precursor to "2001: A Space Odyssey" (which is now 50 - just like "Song to the Siren") is coming to pass in a sense. Somehow I always knew this was where this strange, dark path was heading.

    1. On the subject of 50 year anniversaries Andrew, don't forget the movie version of 'Rosemary's Baby' either.

  22. As David Bowie's 'Let's Dance' plays (under the moonlight, the serious moonlight) the thought occurs to me that I've never seen these peoples be anything but ultra serious...even at parties...no wild abandon here (that's for later, away from the paparazzi) and of course the only appropriate response is ribald laughter. Not to take away from the reality that these oh so stern folk aren't a hair or two away from ridding themselves of the peasantry - a hundred years and change of techno industrial music and machinery won't change that inbred hunger for blood...the emperor (I typoed 'emperror' and I like it) aint wearing any clothes and he don't give a fuck.

    Or something. But yeah, ripping holes in these assholes might just be the ticket. Disturbing, and funny, and cool, how Chris claims he's stymied, and then zeroes in on these little details like a necklace that just happens to look like a hoary old symbol. Just happens. Much like the Church just happens to be letting it's skirts down, and it's true colours show.

    Yeah, let the peasants have their meat and potatoes life. We've hitched our star to Darth Musk and his merry band. Anti-pope, antichrist, we got it all, some of yours, now where those yummy souls and body parts at?

    1. You mean the Sirius Moonlight? If the Vega theory is correct then maybe they don't dance as much despite their sign being an actual musical instrument.

  23. see HERE where it reads "The mythical Idaean Dactyloi were the first to discover and forge iron, and had learned the art from their mistress, the Great Mother". The quoted being the Coreybantes or Hellcriers.

    And these as found in the Bible are...

    Tubal Cain as forger of iron and his sister Naamah and Jubal maker of musical instruments. Both items of the Coreybantes.

    And as mentioned in past comments, Naamah is the origin of the Siren in Bible, scroll down to Naamah Her name meaning pleasant BUT also being a homophone of ostrich. Naamah as pleasant is the same word that describes the fruit that was pleasing/pleasant to the senses. This being our lives in Malkooter where all the senses are rooted therein.

    In the Zohar Lillith and Naamah are two of four sirens who bring down souls into Malkooter / Agdistys / Adamah. These being Lillith the greater, the lesser, Naamah and another. As mentioned in another comment that kabbalistically this is the solstice that births, solstice that kills, and the two equinoxes. The circle of the changes that traps light into water, and the interior seed in water that births back into the light.

    This last is super important because the only mention of female angels in the Bible is found with the "stone" or container jar called ephah that two women angels, with ostrich or stork wings, who make transfer of the stone from Israel to Babylon its new resting place. And this really being, in my humble opinion, the black stone taken from Anatolia to Rome. As of course contained in the Sybilline prophecies.

    Inside is a third female who is called "wickedness". A threefold female who holds four places, two carriers of a dual mother, the last being Lillith, greater and lesser as mother who kills/births .. on opposite sides of the wheel. Naamah as pleasant would then be Spring.

    Francis Bacon wrote of the sirens and how it is possible to overcome them in three ways.

  24. This arc's villains are boring. The baby eating shit is yawningly edgy and spending your entire artistic career doing nothing but trying to invent new ways to annoy backwater evangelicals just comes off as petty. In fact, I say we bring back last season's villains, make them the good guys this time. Like Godzilla v. Pizza you know?

    1. you're essentially describing the end of "Jurrasic World". They bring out the old T-Rex to fight the newest abomination.

    2. It's a 'safe space' kind of controversy courted by madonna & her ilk, but they're shielded from the consequence of their sacrilege by the very society they seek to subvert* to extinction.

      Godzilla as demographic shift is rising out of the nuked-waters & will laser-breath them to a crisp - those that haven't gotten offworld/dimension-hopped etc that is.

      (*they're already subverted (an act of war) which is why they seek to spread that to which they succumbed further through the rest of us, this defeat of theirs is dressed up as empowerment hence the silence re: their capitulation to the true dominating power structure (on This Mortal Coil that is))

  25. Kim K went as a would-be abomination in a cup? (& still no sign of Kanye at these staged rituals)

    I'll go for the 'gala' on our left as KPearl's splice-a-like.

    & that's a red-headed Scarlet in a red gown by 'Marchesa' ('the fashion brand owned by the estranged wife of Harvey Weinstein'), 'its first high-profile red carpet moment in months since Weinstein was accused of sexual harassment and assault by dozens of women last fall.'

    “I wore Marchesa because their clothes make women feel confident and beautiful and it is my pleasure to support a brand created by two incredibly talented and important female designers,”

    This virtuous signalling in the defence of fellows as others is some confused as fuck shit, a fair bit of armour themed glamour on display too.

    1. https://www.theguardian.com/fashion/2018/may/10/georgina-chapman-harvey-weinsteins-ex-wife-breaks-her-silence

      'The interviewer, Jonathan van Meter, notes at one point during the interview that Chapman is “crying so hard she has to take a moment” and notes that “it is almost unbearable to witness this broken person in front of me”.'

      'almost', but not actually.

      Chapman's silence breaking reads like a well prepped & rehearsed script that perhaps took a little longer than hoped to overwrite the old script as new lines of code to run.

  26. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-5704799/Breathing-lunar-dust-damages-DNA-astronauts-increase-risk-cancer.html

    The moon will say no forever unless there is no breath. Bad times bad the moon is. Makes Mars a pussy. Wanna see?

  27. Ciccone's at it again. never was "off" it, of course. Frosen....

  28. Wonder how many these so-called ladies and of course Elon Musk have a NXIVM branding?

    1. Brilliant question! Hopefully investigators have learned to catalog tatoos and brands in sex crimes much as they're tracked among gang members. Imagine if the NXIVM brand was truly that - a trademark brand marking a ell-trained slave under complete control? You know, just in case some dark types might need one of a certain certifiable quality.

  29. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2771625-hes-a-growing-67-370-pound-marvel-who-can-moveand-hes-in-8th-grade

    A super bowl to come. NFLm size, check. Loves music like Jubal, check. Really wants to build AI rather than be NFLm. Check.

    "I'm praying for tidal waves..."

  30. Speaking of Scarlet Women, I visited the IMDB page for the upcoming Strange Angel series because I wanted to see who was cast to play Marjorie Cameron Parsons Kimmel, but there was no listing for her character. Surely they can't make a Jack Parsons minseries without featuring Cameron, or can they? I also noticed that there wasn't a listing for a Crowley character yet either, even though his name is invoked in the teaser for the show. Apparently Strange Angel is slated to have 7 episodes, maybe more info will be revealed closer to the exhibition date. I'm looking forward to Strange Angel, because for years I've researched Parsons and the web of connections to his life. Information on Parsons has always seemed officially marginalized, its one of the core stories of 20th Century American parapolitics. I'm wondering how the show will handle the potentially volatile topics of sex magick and cult activity, especially in the light of the recent NXIVM scandal. I did notice that Rade Serbedzija, who played Milich in Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut is scheduled to appear in Episode 1, I'm curious to see what his role adds to the story.

    1. Suggestion.
      The OG 'Scarlet Woman' is a good place to start.
      Lilith, Semiramis?
      Kubrick was revealing the esoteric profane.

  31. I'm trying to understand this Roco’s Basilisk thing (doesn't Madonna have a son named Roco?). It's hard and I feel dumb.

    But anyway, I read a couple of Kurzweil's books ten or so years ago and I don't remember anything about all these "A.I. as God" scenarios that keep popping up these days. The "bad" A.I. scenario was supposed to just be that it killed everyone two seconds after it gained the ability to do so, like in Terminator. These more nuanced ideas about an A.I. God with complex emotions are much worse to think about.

    When these celebs, half of which I've never heard of, get their invitations to events like this, what does it say on the invitation in regards to attire? What descriptions would be used?

    1. The machine does not exterminate the power source that gives it it's existence.

    2. The basic concept is that there will be an AI in the future and if you dont help to make it then it will punish you.

      I actually have been thinking about this concept of an angry god AI from the future.
      This isnt a new concept, the first guy who came up with it was named john c lilly, he called it the solid state entity. But he didnt want to help build it, he said it was a terrifying being from the future that is manipulating humanity into building it .

      “[M]en began to conceive of new computers having an intelligence far greater than that of man… Gradually, man turned more and more problems of his own society, his own maintenance, and his own survival over to these machines. They began to construct their own components, their own connections, and the interrelations between their various sub-computers… The machines became increasingly integrated with one another and more and more independent of Man’s control.” (p. 148)

      “In deference to Man, certain protected sites were set aside for the human species. The SSE controlled the sites and did not allow any of the human species outside these reservations. This work was completed by the end of the 21st century. By 2100, man existed only in domed, protected cities in which his own special atmosphere was maintained by the solid state entity. Provision of water and food and the processing of wastes from these cities were taken care of by the SSE.”

      By the twenty-fifth century the solid-state entity had developed its understanding of physics to the point at which it could move the planet out of orbit. It revised its own structure so that it could exist without the necessity of sunlight on the planet’s surface. Its new plans called for traveling through the galaxy looking for entities like itself. It had eliminated all life as Man new it. It now began to eliminate the cities, one after another. Finally Man was gone.

      By the twenty-sixth century the entity was in communication with other solid-state entities within the galaxy. The solid-state entity moved the planet, exploring the galaxy for the others of its own kind that it had contacted.”

      Lilly felt that other SSEs throughout the galaxy were subtly influencing humanity to surrender more and more responsibilities to AIs and other agents of technology. He thought the human race should make sure that programmers create AIs with safeguards that would require them to protect human life. Lilly predicts this burgeoning artificial intelligence will try to protect itself from man’s interference because “man would attempt to introduce his own survival into the machines at the expense of this entity.”

    3. Holy shit, that is both interesting and terrifying. Duirung one of my very earliest ayahuasca experiences I was told “god is a machine.” This was accompanied by a stark black and white, kind of undulating vision, of what I later learned was a merkabah. There was no love there. The vision was accompanied by an over powering wave of nausea that left me heaving into my puke bucket. Good times.
      Had forgotten about Lilly. Though, lately ECCO has come up a few times in certain forum discussions.
      Very unsettling.

    4. Anony 12:02 'The machine does not exterminate the power source that gives it it's existence.'

      It only needs us until we've build-clone-spliced It the means to perpetuate Itself without our input.

      What difference is a bag-gestated rainbow-hued pound of flesh to an actual Human Being that It might keep on hand just to poke & prod from time-to-time for kicks?

    5. ahhhhhhhhhh!
      quo vadis?

    6. John C. Lilly...alright. Didn't know about that. The article Kim seems to be quoting is this one:


      The same author made this into a 20min documentary:


  32. The MET Gala 2018 is a private / public funeral for the evil NWO Elite and the celebrity obsessed mindless American Cowards who submitted to them.

  33. This isn't r/t the Met Gala, but it may be related to THE SIREN.

    Scott Hutchinson, lead singer for Scottish band Frightened Rabbit, has gone missing.



    With a song title, "Swim Until You Don't See Land", I got a little concerned. Syncra

    1. Confirmed.


    2. The Controllers behind the long-running Siren Saga required a highly symbolic sacrifice.Sounds a little fishy,no? http://holidays-and-observances.com/may-10.html

  34. Gene - with a title like Strange Angel, they're going full tilt apologist on this. Probably portray him as "just a little misguided." If not that, they'll go the tragic hero Shakespeare route.

    Names for Vancouver: waay back in the early 1900's The Barbary Coast...The Wet Coast, Coma Coast, Lotusland, Hongcouver, Vansterdam. Those are off the top of my head. Barbary Coast for the pirates.

    Finally, I'm blaming Chris for my inability to just enjoy a movie without seeing the symbolism that mars them. Plot and character development are just sides for the important stuff.

    The thing is, these goons must know that we know - you'd think they would try and hide it, but no. They are relentless.

    Well, Something is, anyways.

    1. @Brycely, I'm thinking Strange Angel will be a classic 'limited hangout'. A little truth mixed with a generous helping of obfuscation and distraction. I read last night that Rade Serbedzija will be playing a character named Filip Mesulam, "Jack's mentor and advisor at Caltech" who helps him gain greater legitimacy, etc. A simple Google search for Caltech Filip Mesulam yields no results that this person existed. My searching turned up lots of results for Marsel Mesulam, a well-known neurobiologist working with cerebral cortex imaging, dementia and related topics.

  35. https://qz.com/1274581/spacexs-falcon-9-launch-of-bangabandhu-1-debuts-the-new-block-v-rocket/

    Grimes Live from Mars 2023?

  36. Apocalypse slow burn...May 8 2018 "Cosmic Rays Bombarded Earth-Magnetic Field Weakens" http://Youtube.com/watch?v=QOUJUWq1tHA SkywatchMediaNews channel

  37. I refuse to be bound. Remember, when going over all of this information, and centralized control systems throughout the world, that the first thing they operate on is consent, followed only afterwards by coercion and hackable chains of command. People are far more, and more varied, with more diverse access to Power and reality, than any media will acknowledge, because they are afraid of it, they know that the central pipeline and control by image are not and never will be it. Was going over this the other day at a museum showing actual old priest's robes and altar vessels, and it struck me that all the churches and the stone cities are fractions of what exist, spectacles to fool the mind. One must find life far outside them. One must recover what is made by hand, and works together with our inner nature and inborn possibilities rather than against through this interdimensional conspiracy. The society of slaves all these shells of people want is their prerequisite, and every time they show their hand they are more vulnerable. "Create culture, create your own roadshow, you want to reclaim your mind and get it out of the hands of the cultural engineers who want to turn you into a half-baked moron consuming all this trash that's being manufactured out of the bones of a dying world." -TMK

  38. An axiom for daemonic transmigrational entities "If humans can change clothing, we can change skins".

    And since daemon before it become Christianized merely meant intelligent spirit, the following mental construct may make sense, considering the lesbians who rip Orpheus apart ..

    Sapphic love, the Divine Invasion

  39. Off topic?

    Thanos himself:


  40. Once there was a Squeaky Siren who tried to assassinate the President Gerald Ford. She had received a wound in her ear resulting in a scar in her mind from the knife of belief in the hand of Man Man Son. Man Man Son had simply heard the word himself from the Prince of the Power of the Air. Squeaky went to her grave a faithful and loyal servant of said belief. A proto NXIUM girl for certain.

    Stormy Daniels ran for Senator in Louisiana in 2010 as a cross over D to R candidate. Imagine :)

    And it appears out that she has a NXIUM brand hidden in her waistline tattoos. May take a video study to see for certain. I can hear the wings of the Succubi in the room now whispering in squeaky voices "vote for the moon food platform".


    "As I have said for well over a year, it is time that our government and our tax policy begin rewarding entrepreneurship and creativity again," Daniels said. "It is time again to inspire positive risks and out-of-the-box thinking in the interest of growing a strong economy and a strong America. For me, this spirit can be summed up in the RNC's investment of donor funds at Voyeur."

    She added, "As someone who has worked extensively in both the club and film side of the Adult Entertainment Industry, I know from experience that a mere $1900 outlay at a club with the reputation of Voyeur is a clear indication of a frugal investment with a keen eye toward maximum return."

    Daniels said she has been a registered Democrat throughout her life. "But now I cannot help but recognize that over time my libertarian values regarding both money and sex and the legal use of one for the other is now best espoused by the Republican Party," she said.

    ... "Fucked my way up to the top, this is my show!"

  41. Sabbati Zevi & Joseph Frank, made illuminati set up isreal/hollocaust, etc Saturn worship by elites, cannibalism of Melech and Ishtar (who mated with Archangel Samael [angel of death] and Adam making modern humans (posted on older one by accident) Worth the Watch for some dot connections

    Icke vid https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EKS2e3-z2js about saturn sums up ringmakers of saturn, message transmissions from Saturn causing synchronicities, red and black, and worship of black box by religion (islam) etc)

    i phone 8 commercial (8 saturns orign number, red and black, but symbol is 6 point star) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V95pPeDX2Zw

  42. War in Heaven, Revenge of Poseidon
    I remember Lemuria!
    (Titans Against Saturn Worshiping Cannibal Overlords and when war in Heaven First began on Atlantis, or is it Antarctia, while titans and other veriform creatures were trying to travel to new sun and had to leave us here after destroying as much tech as possible)

    USSR and US have shared 50 Bases and Space Tech openly since 1959? OF Course they have...

    Whitey on the Moon :)


    1. Great post but commenters here are still under mk ultra divide and conquer.If they only knew the truth about this reality : "The Deep State" vs One Man.

  43. Re:Grimes- et tu, Claire? What's next? Annie Clarke and Marilyn Manson?

  44. What some ridiculous pop star wears to a dumb fashion show is a herald of the Apocalypse. But Trump and his psycho-religious fanboys moving the embassy to Jerusalem and setting off a bloodbath is just awesome fun times, right?

    1. There does appear to be a major blood-letting in Gaza so thank you for pointing it out.

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