Tuesday, May 08, 2018

Met Gala 2018: Wonder with Great Admiration!

OK, so Riri "wins" the Super Bowl of Fashion with her pearl-encrusted Anti-Pope LARP? OK, it's...I mean...


I was going to say that... 

OK, they've finally stumped me.

I mean, Riri and her thousands of pearls and wannabe Fraserfarian Katy PerryIntoTheAbyss as an angel-fish chimera? (Or is that a Seraphim? Or perhaps a Siren?)

Say what you will about the End Times. Just don't say they won't be sexy.

And just in case that juxtaposition of the angel and the gold fish-scales looked familiar. 

Speaking of familiar, I can't place Riri's necklace. It's on the tip of my tongue...
Right. That's it.

And "Heavenly Bodies?" Like stars and constellations? Or like nebulas, supervoids and supernovas? Or all of the above? Surely not Kim Kardashian's ass there.

Speak of the Devil.

And was Riri paying tribute to the All-Seeing Eye or the Rooster Eye?

Don't answer that until you've thought on it a spell, champ.

Hint: Pearls. No wonder they made her Anti-Pope.

Because CardiB was rocking the Pearls too...

...as well as the rubies. Plus, more Pearls.

Or the Ruby Suns.  Or the Ruby Star Dorade, if you prefer.

And as much as I hate to say it, something may have awoke to light the fires.

Bonus "sync": Muzio means mute, literally "unable to speak." Don't say "dumb." Blind Dumb Deaf offends, I was never a part of it.

"Why the Church got involved with the Gala..."

"...or why the Gala got involved with the Church?"

Question: those look like feathers or scales to you? And which of those two do you think looks more like Katy Perry?

And was this all just a massive orgy of Fundie-trolling? 

I'm leaning towards yes. Either that or the grand opening party for the Great Tribulation. 

Maybe Vice does too.

Indeed, there were all kinds of Scarlet Women on hand...

...including Nicki Minaj and her scarlet waterfall train gown, which she openly cited as a tribute to the Beast of the Abyss. Look it up.

There was even a Scarlett in Scarlet...

...Scarlett being another Fraserfarian backslider, in case you didn't know already.

And Ruby (Suns and Ruddy Cups) Rose (the Pearly Dewdrops) was on the scene, showing off some bugbite sideboob and some prematurely-greening tats.

They never look ahead, do they? Maybe they should be taken to a wino bar before they get inked.

Surprised Rose didn't dress in Orange. Maybe next year.

Yeah, there were all kinds of Mystery Babalons in the house. Don't know if they served Absolut Abomination Margaritas and Fornication Filth Frappes at the cocktail hour or not. 

Though I did hear AdrenochromeShirley Temples were all the rage last night.

And sure enough, Ariana Grande dressed in Michelanglo's apocalyptic Last Judgment. Just for the slow folk who didn't happen to catch a whiff what the Gala was cooking up in the kitchen. 

Hint: it was their souls.

And of course the Twin GOAT and the Gazelle were there, representing the NFL-im.

But check this out: not only were there at least two well-known Fraserfarian backsliders at the Gala (my Frase-dar also pings when Rihanna and SZA fly into range), there was also a Reverend Mother of the Reformed Orthodox Fraserfarian Bene Gesserit in attendance. 

Not only that but she was on the arm of no less a Tony Stark than Elon Musk.

Because I am in a fucking coma.

Reverend Mother Mary Joseph Grimes is so traditional-rite Orthodox that she actually signed with the House that Our Lady and Her Unmercenary Musicians Built. 

The Reverend Mother makes sure her flock is routinely blessed with Our Lady's eerily-prophetic yet reliably-therapeutic incantations and invocations, so that they may know the beauty and terror of the celestial transmissions summoned by the Sibyl and Brother Robin's almighty stomp-boxes.

And true to ritual form, Grimes recently fell out with 4 A.D. in order that she may walk the Stations of the Liz and suffer the sorrows and tribulations of Our Lady, Queen Dowager of Sibyls.

Best stay out of the water, Elon. Just sayin'. 

Jesus, Fraserfarian Bene Generit Mother Superior Madonna performs "Hallelujah" at the Met Gala. I am in a coma. 

Plus, it's the Apocalypse. Tip of the fedora to Johanna.

Oh, it's no theory, Futurism.com. It's the Cosmo-Demonic A.I. and it's rewriting history almost as soon as it forms. And it has a very weird sense of humor.

There is literally no other way to explain it. Bold statement, right?

Well, ask yourself this: what other great things and blasphemies might be being uttered at the Met while they raise up these Lords and Ladies and Kalu of the New Church?

Oh, how about just a multi-skull-faced cosmodemonic-alien-Anakim being given power over all kindreds, tongues and nations? 

Oh, I know what you're thinking, that's crazytalk. Just more Secret Sun crazytalk. But check it out; see what looks like a giant squirrel draped in a Hefty bag there?

That's actually a prostrate peon, bowing and scraping before the new giant-alien-demon Overlords.

That's supposed to be you, in case you didn't guess.

Pray for us, Our Lady.