Tuesday, April 17, 2018

It's the End of the World As We Know It (and Larry Fine)

Hey, giant extraterrestrial demons on the roof of the most prestigious museum in the western hemisphere? Sure, why not? Go for it. I mean it is 2018, right? 

Take a good long look, my friends. You're looking at the future. 

Don't worry, they come in peace. Don't he look peaceful? A regular pussycat.

Now, the future faith is being rolled using two very powerful tools of persuasion and/or coercion; the arts (particularly public art) and intersectionality. And the piece in question-- titled We Come in Peace-- is the creation of Huma Bhabha, a female-identifying Pakistani artist who works with recycled materials. And who I'm going to go out on a limb and guess is maybe not real into guys. 

Perfect. Just perfect. You couldn't script it more perfectly.

So let me just warn you folks now, if you're planning a trip to the Met and you fail to regard this charming little display here with the sufficient degree of reverence, you can bet your bottom Bitcoin you'll not only be seen as a Philistine and a religious fanatic but that there's a laundry list of -isms and -phobias you're probably guilty of as well.  

I mean, we looked at your Twitter feed and you don't seem to be suitably angry about the evil, wicked Russians endlessly plotting to destroy our democracy and our way of life. And we understand you weren't all that enthusiastic about the Syria bombing either. 

And I didn't want to have to bring this up, but our people at your credit card company informed us that you never ordered your pussy-hat or your evil-eye gloves. I really hope that's some kind of computer glitch somewhere. For your sake.

Is there something you'd like to get off your chest? Like now? 

First-time-last-time offer here. 

Don't worry, We Come in Peace helpfully provides an example for you to follow when facing the hideous giant demons our Space Brothers. Because the Vegas our Space Brothers love you and care about you and the planet.

Aren't you grateful to the Angels Who Watch our Space Brothers? 

Sure, you are. We all are. 

We're more grateful together.

I mean, you're not like one of those Golden Dawn Nazi Christians who knocked down our infernal master Semjaza the Phylax statue, are you? 

What? The Golden Dawn are Hellenic pagans who hate Christianity? 

Hey now; what did we tell you about that mansplaining? Shut up and listen already.

Don't run; I love you.

I mean, you have a nice job and a nice house. It would be a cryin' shame if something terrible happened to all your nice things and your kids ended up working in our, uh, secret movie studios, don't you think? 

You don't want the local Antifa freedom-fighters showing up at your front door with aluminum baseball bats and a five-gallon bottle of industrial drain cleaner, do you? 

Of course not.

So fall to your knees and repent, if you please. Don't forget to wear your Orange. I'm sending you a text reminder now.


Oddly enough, We Come in Peace not only coincides with the onset of the Lyrids and Beyonce debuting her newest alter-ego "Beyophomet" at Coachella, it also ties in with the latest "let's make those kooky Christians look insane and dangerous with some made-up bullshit" psy-op.

And this time it's Nibiru that's bringing on the doom. I'm not going to go into the details here because they're all intentionally stupid, these alleged preachers of doom are the usual ridiculous shills no one's ever heard of and it's nearly impossible to find anyone but YouTube bots that actually believes any of this crap.

I mean, they roll out all these clowns and they all perform like trained snake-handling monkeys and everyone just shakes their heads and rolls their eyes in disgust. It's the old tried-and-true Westboro two-step, that zany disinfo program that works like gangbusters every time.

I mean, what the hell kind of expert on the apocalypse runs around making these kinds of predictions and doesn't cite a single Cocteau Twins song to back up their prophecies?


That's how you can be absolutely sure these shills are all full of shit.

But by sheer coincidence, April 23rd coincides with the peak of the Lyrids and mirrors the 9/23 "Beauty and the Beast" alignment we've spent so much time analyzing together.

But then again maybe this latest fake-Apocalypse scare is meant to inoculate everyone against, y'know, the actual real Apocalypse.  I mean, Megiddo seems to be an ever-present possibility with the nonsense going on in Syria and we have stories like that to process. 

And this map here is a record of all the earthquakes in the Ring of Fire in the past month. I should remind everyone that the temblors in question seem to be inching their way up the Richter scale with every passing day.

And it also seems like we've been seeing an awful lot of near-misses out there in space these days as well. This latest one reportedly came barreling towards us out of nowhere and is said to have astronomers totally by surprise. Allegedly.

And we keep seeing these crazy blizzards well into springtime. And despite the reported melting in parts of Antarctica (which were reported as being to be the result of underwater volcanoes) the Upside Down seems to have gotten a record amount of snow in the same time period we're being told it's all melting away into the sea.

Maybe the world will end in ice after all.

And if this isn't an omen, I'm not exactly sure what is. Interesting times we live in. Sadly.


The Cinderella sports story of the year is the incredible rise of the Vegas; the Vegas Golden Knights Vegas, that is. This expansion team burst out of nowhere to the playoffs, so to commemorate their remarkable ascent, the Trans-Mithras at the New York, New York casino was endowed with a Vegas jersey.

Now you know these guys mean business. So you have to root for them. 

Don't let us go finding out you didn't root for them, now. Hear?

Do check out the Vegas' little ritualistic mystery play, though, which has to be a first for pro hockey. Though I'm guessing it won't the last.

The Vegas so far have power over the Angelic Kindreds in the first round of the playoffs, because it was given to the Vegas to make war with the powers and principalities, and overcome them. 

In other playoff news, the Templar Bay Lucifers are beating the New Caesarea Satans in the usual kind of power struggle Tartarus is notorious for. 

Kind of like The Sopranos, just with pitchforks. Place is a fucking zoo.

Since a Red Dragon would be a bit too on the nose, the Vegas use a gila monster as their mascot.  Equally smelly and toxic, but more family-friendly.

Make sure you root for the Vegas. We'll be monitoring your Internet traffic. For your own protection.

A reader sent me this poster- this year's San Diego County Fair actually has a "Paddock Stage," which is headlining country singers Jason James and Lee Greenwood. 

I mean, what do you say at this point? Just rub our noses in it, why don't you?


A lot of readers have recommended Requiem to me and I finally got a chance to binge on it. And I must say it's terrific. It's essentially a six-hour 70s folk-horror movie, just minus the poor production values and period cheese-flutes. 

Top-rate and filled with spicy angel-magicky goodness. Well, angel magick, at least.

The cast is as terrific as you'd expect, though I must say I didn't recognize Tara Fitzgerald for quite some time. She's still a perfectly fine-looking woman, just not the irresistible manic-pixie cupcake she was back when The Simpsons was still funny.

If the name doesn't ring a bell, Fitzgerald's first big role was opposite Hugh Grant in Sirens.

Remember Hugh Grant? Remember the 90s, when everything wasn't fucking terrible? Misty water-colored memories. Could it be that life was oh-so-simple then?

And as everyone who reads this blog should expect by now, there are some juicy little clues as to who this series might actually be based on. I mean, hypothetically. 

And perhaps to make sure you do (hypothetically) the director burns a lot of screentime on this poster here, which has the two main character's promoting their concert (on 4/4) at "Royal Elizabeth Hall," ostensibly a portmanteau of Queen Elizabeth Hall and the Royal Festival Hall at the Southbank Centre in London, where the exteriors seem to be filmed. 

And where, of course, Our Lady gave her only solo concerts ever, during the London Olympics in 2012.

And even though the Matilda Gray looks suspiciously like Yolandi Visser (or at least her haircut does), her musical partner looks not entirely unlike a similar, real-life figure's musical partner...

...as you can see here. Viewers will also note the Beauty and the Beast parallels in Requiem as well. 

Remember that Our Lady made an appearance with a similarly-beardy musician at Royal Albert Hall last year, on the first day of Leo and exactly 100 days before the Freemasons held their tercentenary there.

But as it happens, the interiors for "Royal Elizabeth Hall" weren't shot at the Southbank Centre but at St.David's Hall in Cardiff. 

Which just so happens to be across the street from the House of Fraser. 

What are the odds, folks, what are the odds.

And of course "Saint David" is rendered as DewiSant in Welsh. 

So "Royal Elizabeth", "David-Saint" and the "House of Fraser?" That's what we're talking about here?

I guess we are.

By a sheer stroke of mathematical randomality, Matilda Gray dons a metallic, scoop-necked gray dress for her appearance at Royal Elizabeth, in much the same way Our Lady, Queen Dowager of Sibyls, wore a metallic gray dress at her appearances at the Royal Festival Hall. 

Do note the bunch shoulder-upper arm stylings. Or that Tilly is wearing metallic gray and white in the concert poster.

Details. They're everything.

Anyway, it will all make perfect sense to you in the end. I won't spoil it for you but I'm sure a lot of you can guess.

Further, Requiem all centers on a creepy old mansion in a remote town in a Celtic nation, which couldn't help but call to mind Lennox Castle (where MKULTRA-like experiments were performed on mental patients and "wayward girls" in the 70s) or even Boleskine House.

Boleskine House being the notorious Loch Ness stomping grounds of crazy old Aleister Crowley and later one James Patrick Page.

Crowley having purchased Boleskine from the Fraser family.

Oddly enough, Boleskine was originally built to annoy the notorious Simon Fraser, AKA Lord Lovat AKA Frasery Fraserson, the Archduke of Fraserville. Which is kind of weird way to annoy someone.

I'll show that fackin' hurdie! Why, I'll build me a wee hunting hame on Loch Ness! Show that munty tube who's gaffer! Och!

As you might recall Simon Fraser-- or rather, his headless body-- made the news at an interesting time recently.

Lord Lovat's wife was named Bessy, incidentally.

But her headstone reads "Elizabeth Fraser."

Providing it's still standing.

And as fate would have it, another famous resident of the Loch Ness area made the news recently. On Friday the 13th, no less. 

Or no Ness.


Things have been so crazy I plumb forgot to observe the fiftieth anniversary of 2001: A Space Odyssey. I wasn't quite sure what more I could say about it but I'm sure I'd find something. So until I can sit down and work that all out let's just cut to the really important stuff.

The Elizabeth Fraser stuff.

Let's start with the fact that 2001 and "Pearly Dewdrops' Drops" share a birthday. 

As we'll see, there's a very interesting reason this should be so, and not just the fallen angel-alien-Anunaki angle, either. 

But wouldn't you just know it? Even though the cinema classic was released when Our Lady was just a wee wane, there's a FLAP (Fraser Locality Alignment Pattern) with 2001 as well.  

Or as well there should be.

And that's that the Uptown Theatre (where 2001 debuted) is right down the street (give or take) from the Fraser Mansion. 

Big deal, right? I mean, there are probably at least a couple other Fraser Mansions in the world, right? Or something.

Well, if that weren't enough, the Fraser Mansion is itself right down the street from the ritzy "Elizabeth's Gone Raw" restaurant and the Senate Building offices of one Michael Davidson, Attorney at Law.

So there's that name again.

And as the Fates demand, "Elizabeth's Gone Raw" is a Vega restaurant.

And apparently a rather Orange Vega restaurant at that.

I'm sorry, did you really think it actually ends somewhere? No. Never. 

It never ends.

Now, I said "Pearly Dewdrops' Drop" might be the most terrifying song ever recorded. However, I've come to realize it's prophesying--with alarming specificity-- something that already happened. So it's still rather unsettling, but for different reasons.

But the fact is, that given the Sibyl's obvious track record, "Five Ten Fiftyfold" is in fact the most terrifying song ever recorded. Even just a cursory glance at the lyrics points to that:

Wheezing and Sneezing
Tenfold it blew apart
It halved it in half
And went gushing gust wind

Why does that unsettle me?  Because of this:

Plus this....

Am I crazy to wonder if the Sibyl isn't prophesying a weaponized flu virus ("tenfold it blew apart"), going airborne ("went gushing gust wind") and killing half ("halved it in half") the world's population? 

Well, I am crazy, sure. But perhaps for different reasons. Let's just hope this one's a bit further off in the future. 

But then again, there's this little Rockefeller project here:

It halved it in half
And went gushing gust wind

Wheezing and sneezing and
Sneezing and wheezing and
Sneezing and sneezing and
Wheezing and sneezing and
Sneezing and wheezing and...

Five ten fiftyfold
Five ten fiftyfold
Five ten fiftyfold

Five ten fiftyfold

Jesus. I mean, listen to the track. It's like a time machine with a built-in TR808 and Memory Man. If you think prophecy sessions with the Pythia or the Cumean Sibyl were even remotely different--well, except for the electric guitars and drum machines, granted--you need to do some reading. 

More on this later. Because's there's the customary Fraserian tell that points directly to the H5N1, or avian flu, virus. 

Two, actually. Maybe three. Let's just say two and a half. Pray for us, Our Lady!


  1. Excellent article, thank you - your closing notes reminded me of this interesting recent news piece of 'millions of alien viruses raining down from the sky' - imagine my surprise when a Google search revealed this topic has been seeded in hundreds of news articles over the years (https://www.google.com/search?q=millions+of+viruses+blow+down+from+the+sky) - I suggest checking this for yourself and also the serendipitous find of Isaac Asimov's Pebble in the Sky (https://books.google.com/books?id=oYAWRJCCy0IC&pg=PT151&lpg=PT151&dq=millions+of+viruses+blow+down+from+the+sky&source=bl&ots=SrG1mG9OMa&sig=mG7FdcjptizuHQu3bvjOoXrjm38&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwi097ujq8HaAhUGbawKHTeSAnAQ6AEIbDAM#v=onepage&q=millions%20of%20viruses%20blow%20down%20from%20the%20sky&f=false) with this quote: "Once the epidemic starts, millions will die each day, and nothing will stop it. Frightened refugees fleeing across space will carry the virus with them, and if you attempt to blow up entire planets, the disease can be started again in new centers. There will be no reason to connect the matter with Earth"

    1. Got Morgellons? The dark cabal always tells us what they are doing. http://Geoengineeringwatch.org "Sun Simulator" http://YouTube.com/watch?v=dH-_34DHbB0 "Wildlife Update : Owls stare into office window - 'Roosters made NO morning noise today' quiet" http://YouTube.com/watch?v=A89LkS0xiXA

  2. Hanna Barbera might need to file a copyright claim on that work of "art"...

    1. Huma Bhabha is probably a huge fan of Iron Maiden's album cover art and mascot "Eddie" Artist Derek Riggs.

  3. Horrifying. I'm literally horrified.

    On Elizabeth Fraser. She's not really my style, I'm more of a classic r&b girl myself. ;) I keep meaning to dedicate some time and give her a listen (on your recommendation), but, as sort of an oracle myself, I'm a little... scared that I'll pick something up. I pick things up, and her 'signal' is strong. Plus there's a tiny bit of Scottish ancestry personal synch that leads me to wonder if I might be extra receptive to her. Decisions, decisions...

    Also, again, I'm horrified. If I die of a worldwide Avian flu pandemic, I swear, I will come back and haunt every. single. person. who's left!

  4. I misread that alien sculpture artist name as "Hanna Barbera".

  5. Re: "...which has the two main character's promoting their concert (on 4/4) at "Royal Elizabeth Hall".
    Tara Fitzgerald played Inessa Nesterov in a movie called 'Child 44' and Elizabeth aka Betty from Cardiff in the movie 'The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill But Came Down a Mountain'.
    Hugh Grant appears to be the Englishman in that movie, too.
    She also plays another Elizabeth in an episode called 'Echoes' from the 'Murder in Mind' TV series.

    1. She also did play a queen in Game of Thrones as well.

  6. What's this "antifa" thing people keep talking about? They seem to inhabit within the media, some sort of phantoms. I have been a leftist all my life and relate mostly with people in the left and have never met anyone who identifies as "antifa" yet. Sounds like another ready made for media creatures, like those ghost armies that arise overnight in 3rd world countries armed to the teeth (oh what a feeling! Toyota!) to overthrow regimes, only to crawl back into the shadows afterward.

    1. You've answered your own question there anony.

    2. Antifa is the all purpose boogeyman terrified right-wingers cling to when one of them, oh, say runs over an innocent woman during a nazi parade.

    3. Oh, I have come across such people. And they aren't particularly nice and reasonable. But then, if you compare them to say, neo-nazis, there's really no comparison. Antifa are mostly all aggressive talk and no real bite. Neo-nazis, on the other hand, think about beating people as a nice sport.

    4. Barack Hussein Obama gone...Isis,Isil,IS or Daesh gone...What a coincidence!

    5. Antifa is a pro-Paedo group with verified links to NAMBLA and The Pizzagate Deep State Elite.

    6. Too much prattle from Anonymouth. To shine forth is key. 87

    7. Do comments mean more if they came from a generic blogger profile with a common first name only like Bob or Cindy or Sandy or Dennis? I know you like Manly P. Hall and use a yin yang thumbnail, so what? Does what make your comment more interesting or valid?

  7. Spoiler alert...

    Requiem's end was skaep niwt to a tee! Mirror, possession.

    The submission position is indeed what the overlords want. That followed up with complete acceptance of being Tophet at the feast of adoring them. If you even make that far.


    I did enjoy Requiem. But as ever my blood boils when I think of the powers that be and their ilk in this age of Kali Yuga. Scum, no matter what their blood, power, lineage, vision.

    1. Thank you Eugene.
      We are actually addressing mental illness here.
      Only the 'MAD' seed such.
      Only the 'MAD' actually need 'adornment'.
      Power, Lineage yes.
      Hopefully NOT!

  8. Cardiff's Masonic Hall is just a street or two behind St Davids Hall also

  9. Excuse me, you were observed at 7:37 this morning removing kudzu from your vegetable garden. Under the Diversity in Species Act of 2021, it is illegal to remove non-native plants from Establishing Habitats; preferring native fauna and edible flora in your garden is bigoted. Please report to your nearest sharia court for confession and sentencing.

    1. Obviously, you have too much time in your hands. As do most academics. Academic journals are chock-full of time-wasting papers, and it isn't exactly news to anyone that, for whatever reason, has to read academic journals. The average academic paper gets read from beginning to end by perhaps a dozen people. Of those, perhaps two actually understand it. One of them will shrug and forget about it. The other will seriously think about using it for another paper arguing that the paper just read is completely wrong. The whole activity is mainly to justify keeping a lecturer position, nothing else. It isn't aiming to produce any results outside of the academic world.

      If you want to know how the world works, do not, repeat, do not, use the Internet as your source of info. That's about as likely to succeed as trying to learn how to drive a car by watching car commercials.

    2. Wow, Maria. As usual, you missed the point, but yet, you respond with unbridled arrogance. Do you even know what kudzu is? To put it simply, this was satire about an invasive species purposely introduced for the "greater good" but it is having adverse environmental impacts. Perhaps you could consult some of the "real" people you speak with to educate yourself on this topic? If your conversational style is anything like your comments, I pity those you engage (and by engage, I mean bestow your "knowledge" on).

    3. The Internet is the only medium by which you will ever learn how the world works, with the exception of certain books. Why do you even visit this site? It's on the Internet, right? Are you going to see any of this stuff in academic journals? If you think you're going to get the truth about the world from Academia, you're probably the type of person who thinks CNN, Newsweek and the New York Times are telling you the truth.

  10. I get First Comment?!! I hardly ever comment on the original-blog-itself. Um, this starts out cranky and then gets funny so I likeded it.

  11. Ask Mr. Reznor about when.


    Or the ancient Irish.


    Or the ancient civilization that existed before.


    They all seem to agree.

  12. When you have a chance watch the new Lost in Space yeah its a bit pretentious little boring with great special effects and 90's indie Dr. Smith incredibly script chewing scenes (Parker is by far the best part). But it's the subtext to watch here Chris...the "Christmas Star" is the reason for the escape and then the conspiracy to cover it up...very blatant its programing purpose.

    1. At the very beginning of the first episode when the Robinsons are playing 'Go Fish' the overhead light at the table overlays a ring in the 'Third Eye' position of every member of the family. I also found it strange that their uniforms were very similar to the Blue/Gold coloring of the ST: Discovery uniforms...but only in the interior light of the Jupiter 2 and the cloudy mountain light...Later it is revealed that the accent colors on their uniforms is most definitely orange.

      There is a sequence of SSP hints with VERY specific instances pointing to Electro and Gravitic components of the Resolute's propulsion tech.

  13. "This is the most diverse celebration in South Africa.

  14. The weather huh? Y'know this winter has been the 1st real winter in at least a decade. This is how winter used to be. I can remember a massive snowfall in my city on Easter when I was a little kid. My old man always told the story of another massive Easter snowfall when he was dating my mom that shut down the entire city. About the only thing this winter shows is that the weather is unpredictable.

    I never really realized, until the Internet, that at least 90% of the world's population was comprised of a bunch of chicken little mofos who apparently have nothing better to do than to run around screaming "the sky is falling" all damn day.

    Here's a news flash for your audience.
    You're all gonna die.
    No matter what you do.
    You're gonna die.
    And the world will pretty much not give a shit that you're dead.
    It could be today.
    It could be tomorrow.
    It could be in a decade.
    There's nothing you can do to stop it.
    Eating vegan won't do it.
    Shunning gluten won't do it.
    Jogging won't do it.
    So worrying about the Apocalypse seems fairly pointless
    since you're personal apocalypse is coming at you
    like a fucking freight train right now.
    Sadly, Elizabeth Fraser has no coded warnings to prepare you.

    On the plus side, on the last day, when the last smelly human clutches his/her chest, mutters a muffled "erk" & keels over dead, every other remaining species on the planet will have the biggest celebratory rave/kegger in the history of this planet.

    One last thing, if this civilization of comfy self obsessed narcissistic whiners ever does collapse, the only survivors will be the people who own guns & know how to hunt & fish. Y'know, those redneck fucks that most lefties hate with a passion. But, without a doubt, the tofu crowd will all be corpses.

    1. As Harry Nilsson said, I'd rather be dead than live in your post-Walking Dead fantasy world, thanks.

    2. Phew. Thank you for the new flash. Since I'm going to die anyway and life is short, I guess I'll stop wasting my energy trolling blogs and spewing my unimportant and cynical personal opinions on a small portion of the populous... oh wait, that's you, not me.

    3. Nope. The survivors will be those that can grow potatoes. Soya and tofu-making skills can come handy as well. You can survive without meat and fish, you can't survive without some sort of staple.

      And sure, we're all gonna die. But if you think the main purpose of this blog is fretting about the Apocalypse, it's just because you haven't come across the Immortal One yet. It makes a lot more sense if you know about the Immortal One.

    4. What does 'tastes like chicken' that's been reared on soy-fu taste like?

      The lucky ones will find out once the feeding-breeding program has run It's course.

    5. "End Times" Spoiler Alert : "The American Meth Culture Walking (Walmart) Dead Can Hunt and Fish EACH OTHER" Since "Human Pizza Challenge" is a Trending Video today as seen when when I searched "YouTube on Bing" the thumbnail pic looks like some Pedogate 'cannibal art' that the Podesta Brothers would collect. Maybe YouTube CEO Wojciki is finally coming out of the Vampire-Cannibal tech closet...dropping this here before the Internet goes down...just saying anything could happen at any minute.Live off wildlife? Not gonna happen ...search : Could 'Zombie Deer' Disease Spread to Humans? Deer in at least 22 U.S states and parts of Canada have died from a neurological disease called "chronic wasting disease" ...prion caused meat / dairy / bovine containing products transmission mad-cow disease in deer,elk and moose? (2018) + end times prophecy mass animal die offs 2011 - (2018) do you remember the "Aflockalypse" from the Winter of 2010-2011? + Fukushima Effect? Pacific Northwest Salmon numbers collapse (2017) + Oceans Losing Oxygen Fast | Food chain goes...EVERYTHING goes! (2017) + Rivers,Ponds,Lakes and Oceans turning blood red + UVC CONFIRMED ...at ground level !!! Do some research.This is the game-ending event. (2018) + strange trumpet sounds and mystery booms 2010-2018 and did someone mention the W-E-A-T-H-E-R ? http://Watchers.News

    6. Funny, in the area where I live most preppers are lefties back to earthers. Some are armed, others not. Most righties around these parts just sit around all day drinking alcohol and watching tv, collecting government checks and marrying their relatives. A most happy bunch.

  15. I feel smarter yet more afraid every single day.

  16. Further extinction as ascendance eperimentation:


    'Humans will be genetically modified for the first time in Europe after regulators have given the go ahead to trial DNA-splicing therapy... Similar trials have taken place in China however they do not have the same restrictive regulations as Europe or the U.S... 'We will look back and think that this is the real beginning of gene therapy.' ...Darren Griffth, professor of genetics at the University of Kent, told the Sunday Telegraph: 'Everything I have seen suggests it's very safe and effective. I think the [trial] results will be positive. 'And then we will be able to say, this is where it all began.''

    'restrictive regulations' eh!?!

    Kent ('land on the edge', & also described as a 'frontier'), the most south-easterly of English counties (& one of the 'ceremonial counties' & 'ancient counties' no less), is known as 'The Garden of England' 'because of its relative abundance of fruit-growing and hop gardens...'

    The arms of 'Kent County Council' includes two orange-hued Sea Lions of the extremely scaley kind, the motto = 'INVICTA', which means 'unconquered', the wheeze here being this bold statement originates from Rome & was stamped on this island by William The Conquerer.

    + more Earthly Island machinating:


    'No men are allowed on this island' stamped upon the top image of 'supershe'-er in chieftess wearing a skin-tight high fashion-piece adorned with a kaleidoscopicly explosive one-eye unflinching over her heart chakra.

    'We've all had those moments... Well, entrepreneur Kristina Roth actually made that happen. She's not just escaping to an island, she owns it. And she's opening it up to women worldwide. But men? They're not allowed. SuperShe Island is tucked away in the Baltic Sea off the coast of Finland... Its pink-tinged Instagram profile plugs itself as a "not-so-secret society of women who share a thirst for living an exceptional life and a hunger for healthy living." ...The island itself needed a lot of work, with no electricity, no water and no roads. Roth, who declines to disclose how much the renovations cost but does reveal it was "a lot," set about turning the island into a haven for women... "I really get stuck reading [applicant's] stories," Roth says. "And I'm really fascinated that I really struck a chord...women say 'I've been dreaming about this''

    ('struck a chord, played upon a Lyre?)

    Trouble in paradise:

    'SuperShe Island, however, is not free from criticism. Roth says a week-long all-inclusive stay will likely cost between $5,000 to $6,000, which is expensive for many people. Plus there's the unique vetting process. So some say the retreat is elitist and disproportionately counts out people of color, those with disabilities, trans people or those who are gender non-conforming.'

    ...'SuperShe Island is tucked away'...

    The article includes a photo of the island lady dressed in a blood-orange waterproof, & her name, 'Kristina Roth', = 'anointed' 'red'.

    Her website Itself asks:

    'Have you ever wanted to run away to a deserted island, breathe fresh air, swim naked in the sea, and sleep under the stars?'

    'run away' 'swim naked in the sea' 'sleep under the stars'... salted waters as life bearing fluid of the fated post-man CRISPR'd species as influenced into existence by aligning with higher powers?

    'Pregnant with possibility' comes to mind.

    1. & on star lives:


      'The element is required for some of the most fundamental behaviour of life itself. It helps us store and move energy around our bodies, and forms the foundation of DNA. But the new research suggests we've only got enough of it on Earth because we were close enough to a supernovae. Phosphorus is formed as stars explode at the end of their lives. But the typical supernova might not have the right conditions to create it. Instead, Earth may be unusually lucky, because it happened to be situated close enough to the "right" kind of supernova... "We already think that only a few phosphorus-bearing minerals that came to the Earth, probably in meteorites...'

      so life's as rare as uncultured pearls which could explain Vega'n interest in humanity.

  17. These aliens need to decide if they are aiming to be some kind of high quality CGI James Cameron production or a cheesy Dr Who monster of the week. Apparently the shrouded figure is supposed to be some sort of cocoon which represents a rebirth. Slightly odd since I was thinking of the Ron Howard movie recently. The statue having multiple faces makes you recall Janus and Hecate. Both associated with doorways, or to be unnecessarily fancy, stargates, magical portals, and the like. Something about it says Cerberus/Hydra to me. Cerberus is a more vaguely described creature than you might expect. Commonly depicted as a three headed dog but also could be described as three headed serpent with a "doglike" character. Look at that guy and you don't take too long deciding if he's fresh from Tír na nÓg or the gates of Hades.

  18. Again, for me it keeps coming back to "12 Monkeys." The 1995 film about a time traveler (Bruce Willis) from the future (2035) who is sent back by "scientists" in his time to 1996, to stop the "Army of the 12 Monkeys," an animal-rights activist group thought to have released a virus that results in a pandemic, killing billions. I've written a number of times about clues in the Terry Gilliam film and keep getting syncs in our "reality" that seem to confirm some troubling feelings I have about our near future. Someone earlier asked about "antifa," the international anti-fascist collective that is trying to stem the tide of nativism and fascism around the world. This could be a stand-in for the Brad Pitt-led animal-rights group in the film, but on a smaller scale. They are blamed because Pitt's father, played by Christopher Plummer, is the virologist who has the virus - which is stolen by his crazed assistant. I am reading stories about Yemen, and how the civil war there has caused a complete breakdown of society and it is becoming a haven for dangerous diseases which could potentially spread beyond the Arabian Sea region. Madagascar is noted as well, as I reported back in November. http://www.reddirtreport.com/dust-devil-dreams/cassandras-burden-things-fall-apart

  19. Chris,

    I'm sure you got this as well:

    Buckel/Buckley sync? One dies by water, the other fire?

    The nefarious way that LGBT keeps on popping up is unsettling to me, as one who identifies as such. However, I suppose it is no more unsettling than how humanity has been used in the cause of progress though. We're all just chess pieces being moved across the four dimensional board.

  20. Well look at the bright side the world will end on a Monday,,,,mmm wonder if that will get covered in my sicktime...

  21. I can confirm that john grant has read dave McGowan's weird scenes from the canyon. Maybe it will guide him back here to see what kind of otherworldy weirdness he's involved in.

  22. Yes, war is a prime opportunity for new killer bugs. Breed in squalor then spread with movement of troops who are handily transported all over in tightly packed vehicles. Video gaming conventions are notorious for the poor hygiene of gaming nerds from all over the states packed in so closely together. So many people come back from them as sick as a dog. I suppose that "anitfa" protestors are less infectious in comparison and mostly they seem to be people from a university protesting locally.

    You probably know that 12 monkeys is based on a short film called "La Jetée" which is more of a filmmakers film than popular culture.

    Naturally if you want an existentialist movie about pandemic then The Seventh Seal is the 10 ton gorilla. Apparently they made a movie out of The Plague by Camus but it can't have been very good. The nature of a plague lends itself to a story of feeling trapped in a situation where it's hard to ignore the ugliness of suffering and death. Probably countless novels have explored the theme. One that sticks out for me as dealing with genetically engineered epidemics is The White Plague by Frank Herbert although it was so long ago when I read it.

  23. I read years ago that April is hella tied up with ancient sacraficial dates. I've noticed that quasi celebrities and full blown celebs start keeling over this time of year.

    Also it seems like every year around March and April rumors start circulating online about an immediate apocalypse. Every year. Usually they roll out a fresh narrative (Jade Helm anyone?) but if there isnt much pressing they fall back on a Nibiru scare.

    1. Update: Barbara Bush has died

      Days leading up to today:
      R Lee Ermey
      Harry Anderson

    2. Milos Forman,Art Bell http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deaths_in_2018#April

    3. Yeah, Hella.


      Connected to the Ha(y)des who brought rain.

      April is the cruelest of months as T S Eliot said.

    4. This is true. Can't believe I forgot about Art Bell. But I dont think he would match the criteria for being "summoned" or brought to everyone's attention like the other A-F list actors the media claims to care about. If a large enough portion of the public knows who the celebrity is for any remote reason they broadcast it. Like "this is why you should care".

      Gets everyone in a mindset of death. Granted its more of a peripheral concern. Just weird that it seems to happen this time every year.

  24. Future faiths could revolve around magic mushrooms, if certain interested parties have their way--

    I see it as a mixed blessing, with some real potential for abuse. You just know the globalists & the national security state types are itching to use what they learned from the 60s on. You didn't really think they shredded all those MK-ULTRA documents now did you?

    1. Of course not. By now those records have likely been digested by at least one AI and, I suspect, released onto the internet by Google or FB as part of our new MKultranet. FB messing with people's moods was kind of the giveaway.

      Notice the evolution of the internet and try thinking like the MKultranet AI now: you have a bunch of info on what pushes people's buttons and how to use those buttons for manipulation. If my theory is right, the MKultra AI will want always want more info to optimize its function, which will lead to novel variations on the old tried and true button-pushing tricks along with some fresh out of the blue stuff just to "take measurements" of humanity's reaction to novelty.

    2. Facebook aka DARPA Lifelog Project http://FacebookCensorship.com

  25. Monotheistic faiths agree that the approaching final showdown will wipe out not just half of us but six out of seven. Over 40 days which will feel like 40 years. So there.

    World-will-end-tomorrow prophesies never worried me. The ducks are already here, but they are not in a row yet - NWO, one world government, one currency, one Antichrist religion. Coming soon.

    1. Anyone notice time moving faster.Back in the day,we counted seconds as one Mississippi two Mississippi but then it changed to one Michigan two Michigan.Things that make go hmmm.

    2. Doesn't it depend on how fast you say it?

  26. A few thoughts that might not immediately jump out at your non-Muslim readers....It wouldn't surprise me at all if Bhabha is what American Muslims call a "fatwah hound"; meaning a Muslim artist who deliberately tries to create art so offensive to Muslim sensibilities that some cranky (or compromised) cleric in the Middle East will issue a condemnation, thereby causing all the defenders of free speech to rally round the artist in question (and hopefully reviving a flagging career).
    What makes me suspect that (and these are all things that anyone raised in Pakistan would know, even if they were brought up secular): the kneeling creature is obviously doing salah (Muslim worship) to the standing creature. And the creative's posture, with its arms stretched out (and its tail!) would probably remind most Muslims of the hadith of the Prophet, "I dislike seeing anyone sprawled out during salaat, like a dog laying in the Sun." And note that the kneeling creature is making the Jewish priestly gesture of blessing, at least with its left hand (the angle makes it hard to tell about its right).
    And the standing creature at least*seems* to be female. The chief deities of the Arabian society Muhammad reformed were Alat (simply "the Goddess "), Manat (probably an echo of the Egyptian Ma'at), and Uzzah (sounds like a name you hear all over the news these days, especially when you remember that both z's are pronounced); and it was to these three deities that pre-Islamic Arabia's infant sacrifice (for which it was notorious) were offered. Also: one of the marks the Prophet gave us to tell that the end of this Age was near? The return of Goddess worship, and its spread until it was again the dominant religion.
    Anyway: hope this info is of some small use. And, as always, keep up the stellar work, CLK!

    1. Yeah, youygot the DC universe, the Marvel universe, the Star Wars universe... And so on and so forth.

  27. & the trip is never ending:

    Time to play "spot the agenda".

  28. Just saw a tabloid story on invasive meningococcal disease. What starts off as an innocent cold you think you caught in the movie theater may kill you within hours. 15% fatality rate.

  29. More people FALLING from cruiseliners and observation towers, including a mum of three who had been seeing a hypnotherapist:


  30. "It's Happening" Twitter was down for a few hours this Morning and now YouTube is having huge problems and videos won't play : Everyone is getting error messages. http://downdetector.com/status/youtube

    1. Gmail problems reported http://downdetector.com/status/gmail YouTube is up and working on mobile phones but error report given on IPads for nearly 24 hours. The silence over this and no reason given for twitter going down today hint that World War Web has begun.

    2. One possible scenario in the WWIII face off is that cooler, wiser heads (not from FUKUS, obviously) will make their point forcefully yet in ways that are secretly signalled without triggering public alarm. Taking down vulnerable web nodes, perhaps even with early back-channel warnings like "since you doubt us, watch this!" is one such signal that should be clear the PTB yet not overly alarm the public. Since the MIC emperor is wearing no clothes right now (as the FUKUS fuckup proved), expect other vulnerabilities to be pointed out soon if the FUKUS crowd don't come to their senses and grow up quick.

      Or there's always the false-flag designed to minimize deaths while making a strong PR-prop point like "oh noes, da evil rooskies are stopping me from using Amazon! This means war!" It would be nice if Americans wouldn't go to war over something that stupid, yet history says otherwise.

  31. This is such nonsense....
    "the only survivors will be the people who own guns & know how to hunt & fish. Y'know, those redneck fucks that most lefties hate with a passion. But, without a doubt, the tofu crowd will all be corpses"

    Such a miserable POS waiting in a bsaement for the world to end becuase they can't enjoy life on earth as it is. Imagine being so angry and miserable that everyday you are hoping for the apocolypse so you can hunt and fish for meal or kill someone just for survival of the fittest. Go to the Cheesecake Factory or something dude, get out more, talk to some humans.

    1. Why go from one to the other? Finding syncs discovering connections, maybe that is how the masons got started. But it reminds me of the preface to Schopenhauer's On the World as Will and Representation. From memory, most ideas take on an architect-tonic form, start with a base and a build up, but some are organic where one part cannot be fully known except in relation to all the other parts.

    2. Some people are like that, eaten inside out by resentment. There is nothing to be done about it. The internet is full of them. It is better to just ignore them, like most people around them do. In the end smoking, drinking or drugging will take care of them.

    3. "A Country Boy Can Survive"

      The preacher man says it's the end of time
      And the Mississippi River she's a-goin' dry
      The interest is up and the Stock Market's down
      And you only get mugged if you go downtown

      I live back in the woods, you see
      My woman and the kids, and the dogs, and me
      I got a shotgun, a rifle, and a 4-wheel drive
      And a country boy can survive
      Country folks can survive

      I can plow a field all day long
      I can catch catfish from dusk 'til dawn
      We make our own whiskey and our own smoke, too
      Ain't too many things these old boys can't do
      We grow good old tomatoes and homemade wine
      And a country boy can survive
      Country folks can survive

      Because you can't starve us out
      And you can't make us run
      'Cause we're them old boys raised on shotgun
      And we say "grace" and we say "Ma'am"
      And if you ain't into that we don't give a damn

      We came from the West Virginia coal mines
      And the Rocky Mountains and the western skies
      And we can skin a buck; we can run a trotline,
      And a country boy can survive
      Country folks can survive

      I had a good friend in New York City
      He never called me by my name, just hillbilly
      My grandpa taught me how to live off the land
      And his taught him to be a businessman
      He used to send me pictures of the Broadway nights
      And I'd send him some homemade wine

      But he was killed by a man with a switchblade knife
      For 43 dollars my friend lost his life
      I'd love to spit some beech nut in that dude's eyes
      And shoot him with my old .45
      'Cause a country boy can survive
      Country folks can survive

      'Cause you can't starve us out and you can't make us run
      'Cause we're them old boys raised on shotgun
      And we say "grace" and we say "Ma'am"
      And if you ain't into that we don't give a damn

      We're from North California and South Alabama
      And little towns all around this land
      And we can skin a buck; we can run a trotline,
      And a country boy can survive
      Country folks can survive
      Country boy can survive
      Country folks can survive

    4. Here it is:

      A system of thought must always have an architectonic connection or coherence, that is, a connection in which one part always supports the other, though the latter does not support the former, in which ultimately the foundation supports all the rest without being supported by it, and the apex is supported without supporting. On the other hand, a single thought, however comprehensive it may be, must preserve the most perfect unity. If it admits of being broken up into parts to facilitate its communication, the connection of these parts must yet be organic, i.e., it must be a connection in which every part supports the whole just as much as it is supported by it, a connection in which there is no first and no last, in which the whole thought gains distinctness through every part, and even the smallest part cannot be completely understood unless the whole has already been grasped. A book, however, must always have a first and a last line, and in this respect will always remain very unlike an organism, however like one its content may be: thus form and matter are here in contradiction.


      So the difference between the temple builders and the body, the book and the word.

      Reminds me of the strawberry fields forever video with the piano attached to a tree.

  32. The Fraser Crowley House mysteriously caught fire on December 23 2015,gutting the interior and roof.The owners have put the house up for sale and said it probably won't be rebuilt unless the buyer has an interest in the Occult...In other News Barbara Bush, the 'enforcer' of a political dynasty,is dead age 92 reported on 04/17/2018, but some have speculated that the date was actually on Friday the 13th 2018.

  33. RE Golden Knights mystery plays:

    Funny you should mention that - in 1993 when the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim (now the Anaheim Ducks) joined the league they had a lame pre-show that featured Disney characters waltzing around etc on ice. The star of the show was, for some reason Lumiere from, you guessed it, Beauty and the Beast.


    1. The Knights are the first team to advance to the second round, defeating the LA Kings in a 4 game sweep. They will play either the Ducks or the San Jose Sharks (the team they played in their final pre-season game on the night of the Vegas Shooting) in the second round.

  34. Chris, Looking for a bit more Orange this April? Checkout Google images with – orange day Amsterdam – Yes, it’s Koningsdag on Friday (Venusday), April 27. On images again - oranjegekte nederland – Reaching for the sunglasses? Football teams don’t mess about with nationalistic ID in this part of the world. They are just called Oranje! Still on images check out - Queen's Square Bristol. In the middle of that eight pointed star sits King Billy. Check out - Bristol Bar Glasgow. They love that old accordion music there. Who lives in Bristol? Yes, she does. All the best,Chris.

  35. April 23rd = 9

    Headlines the past week:

    'Death Planet Nibiru 'is going to appear on April 23 & kill us all...'

    'Just kill us already, Planet X'

    Juxtaposed by:

    'NASA'a Penelope Boston on her search for extraterrestrial life'


    'Mission to Mars to launch in a decade as first step towards meeeting aliens...'

    the latter two accompanied by orange images.

    & standing in solidarity with orange the attack continues:


    'The first person on Mars 'should be a woman' ... Allison is in charge of the facility: "I love it. They're going to have to take me out of here kicking and screaming when it's time for me to do something else."'


    'Nasa astronaut says she wouldn’t go to Mars because she has an 8-year-old son'

    pesky biological imperitive be damned eh! Humanity is holding humanity back! But wait!


    'Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk just paid a rare compliment to his own species, calling humans "underrated" on Twitter last week.'

    Mixed signals inspire a chimera of a mind.



    'Diamonds found in a meteorite that exploded over the Nubian desert in Sudan a decade ago were formed deep inside a “lost planet” that once circled the sun in the early solar system, scientists say... In this case, the mysterious world was calculated to be somewhere between Mercury and Mars in size... Early inspections of the meteorite revealed it to be a ureilite, an unusual composition that does not match other space rocks known to have come from the moon or Mars.'


    'On 7 October 2008, tiny asteroid 2008 TC3 entered Earth's atmosphere and exploded an estimated 37 kilometres (23 mi) above the Nubian Desert in Sudan. Fragments of this asteroid were recovered the following December and were found to be ureilite. Scientists have discovered amino acids in meteorite 2008 TC3 where none were expected... no parent body found as yet for the ureilites...'

    The Guardian article on ureilite links to:


    (Illustrated with orange's opposite in the form of an image of a deep blue Neptune.)

    'Gericke pointed out that the implications of the research go beyond the planets, with researchers now exploring whether the technique be used to produce diamonds for use in polishing and other industrial applications... “There is a need to actually create artificial diamonds, even small ones, and the technique now is by explosives,” said Gericke. “The question is can you make the same thing by lasers, a little bit more efficiently.”'



    Illustrated with a photo of 'A woman with red hair.'

  36. https://www.liveleak.com/view?t=uC3Sk_1523902590

  37. & speaking of 'bodies assembled from detritus':


    'Scientists have created a mutant enzyme that breaks down plastic drinks bottles – by accident... The new research was spurred by the discovery in 2016 of the first bacterium that had naturally evolved to eat plastic, at a waste dump in Japan. Scientists have now revealed the detailed structure of the crucial enzyme produced by the bug... The international team then tweaked the enzyme to see how it had evolved, but tests showed they had inadvertently made the molecule even better at breaking down the PET (polyethylene terephthalate) plastic used for soft drink bottles. “What actually turned out was we improved the enzyme, which was a bit of a shock,” said Prof John McGeehan, at the University of Portsmouth, UK, who led the research. “It’s great and a real finding.” ...The mutant enzyme takes a few days to start breaking down the plastic – far faster than the centuries it takes in the oceans. But the researchers are optimistic this can be speeded up even further and become a viable large-scale process... The team used the DIAMOND LIGHT SOURCE (my emphasis), near Oxford, UK, an intense beam of X-rays that is 10bn times brighter than the sun and can reveal individual atoms... One possible improvement being explored is to transplant the mutant enzyme into an “extremophile bacteria” that can survive temperatures above 70C.'

    "You little wonder, you"

    Portsmouth's motto is 'Heaven's Light Our Guide' & the coat of arms consists of a yellow 'crescent moon below an eight pointed star on an azure background' adopted by Richard The Lionheart after he rescued his fiancee & sister from capture in Cyprus.

    It's also the location of 'The Spinnaker', the tower twin of the 'Burj Al Arab' in Dubai, where an edition of 'Stargazing Live' was broadcast in 2012.

    1. Thanks for that. I was watching Predator 2 and in the movie it was asked, "this english monarch was married on Cyprus but it would be seven years before she saw England."

  38. The women sucked out of the Airplane window was Jennifer, from Windo-seibrā, meaning white enchantress or fair one, Riordan meaning bard of the king.

    "do you want to see something really scary?"

  39. Two weird 24yo kids have set up a "real US high school" in Prague. americanacademy.com. The classrooms are plastered with quotes from Oprah and Obama. Students build space ship replicas, grow edible plants that "Elon Musk can bring to Mars", and debate the future Martian system of government ("Democracy? Nah; not effective enough", a 15yo German dude declares confidently).

    I get nauseous just reading about it. Someone please tell me this is NOT how actual high schools in America are run nowadays (?)...

    1. Don't worry, they're not. In America, we cull our non-conformists & the popular kids alike. Because we can.

  40. "Keenan shared that he was inspired by the “sarcastic nature” of the R.E.M. classic “It’s the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine)”.
    Album release April 20th...Show April 20th Las Vegas.

  41. "How Tony Podesta,a Washington Power Broker,Lost It All" ...and his world came crashing down. April 18, 2018 What to read next...Business "Fatal Southwest Accident Puts Focus on Widley Used Engine" April 17, 2018 http://wsj.com/articles/how-tony-podesta-a-washington-power-broker-lost-it-all-1524065781 Donnie Darko Lives! http://en.Wikipedia.org/wiki/Donnie_Darko

    1. Amazing Morphing Jet Engine : Update on "9/11 Plane Remnant" Found in Manhattan http://starshipearththebigpicture.com/2013/05/05/amazing-morphing-jet-engine-update-on-the-911-plane-remnant-found-in-manhattan/

    2. Looks like a man-made propaganda Mandela Effect.

      Another manmade ME is connected with our ever-upgrading tech "carriers" (carriers of WHAT? is the real question) who regularly cause service degradation to those on the dragging edge of tech. Suddenly the device and "upgraded" carrier system stop playing nice. It's not uncommon to have overnight changes in things like changed or dropped notifications for incoming messages and maillbox full prompts, along with sudden battery drains.

      This has become an issue for those who have to deal with the public and are forced to become aware of the tech differences between them when trying to communicate. In other words, you can't expect a return call right away from someone no longer getting realtime rings and notifications.

      It's basically devolved to a sick version of your local secretary of state sending a letter saying "we're sorry; your car will no longer run on the roads you paid for. To continue to enjoy your driving privileges, please upgrade to a newer car soon."

      BTW, this will become reality if the AV nutjobs ever create their hellish vision at least until their final solution is imposed. One Uber exec said recently they were just one step on the road to "eliminating the automobile", which I guess means relying on corporate transport pods instead of our own vehicles.

      In short, "it worked yesterday but not today!" is becoming a common manmade pseudo-ME and will only become worse as people, as well as their habits and preferences, become ever more secondary to "networks", "carriers" and "superhighways".

    3. Looks like a Donnie Darko Effect.

    4. Three Hares http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Three_hares

  42. Mermaid..erm, porpoise stranded in Grangemouth . . .

  43. New work being done on CERN complex

    " 19.04.2018
    Implenia wins contract for project at CERN – Technical tunnelling competences decisive | Contract worth almost EUR 60 million (CHF 70 million) | Diversification of Implenia’s activities in France

    Dietlikon, 19 April 2018 – The European Laboratory of Particle Physics (CERN) has awarded Implenia the contract for a construction project involving several underground structures as well as various surface buildings. This new infrastructure is required for CERN’s flagship upgrade project, the High Luminosity LHC. Implenia is executing the contract as part of a consortium, for which it is also acting as technical lead and lead manager. It has a 60% stake in the consortium, while its partner Baresel GmbH has 40%. The contract is worth EUR 58 million.

    In the French town of Cessy, around 15 kilometres from Meyrin (GE), Implenia is building an underground network of galleries connected to the existing tunnels at CERN’s Large Hadron Collider (LHC). Access to the galleries is provided by a new 60-metre deep shaft, at the foot of which a cavern is being created for technical infrastructure installations. Implenia is also building an underground power converter gallery, service galleries and personnel safety exits. On the surface, the Group is constructing various buildings, including one for the electrical equipment, cooling equipment, ventilation and compressors. This sophisticated tunnel and foundation engineering project is made challenging by the geology and by the proximity of ongoing CERN operations. In order to avoid disturbing the client’s technical equipment, vibrations generated by both the underground and surface work, has to be kept to a minimum. Hence, Implenia will use electric-powered excavation machinery. As well as reducing vibrations, this machinery produces no exhaust fumes.

    Winning the CERN order marks an important step for Implenia in the effort to diversify its project portfolio in France. Following the two sections of the “Grand Paris Express” in the country’s capital, this is another project that fits the Group’s strategy for its Infrastructure unit.

    Implenia and its partner are building various underground and surface structures (image: Implenia)."


  44. More great work, Chris. Keep sticking to your guns and speaking the truth.

  45. Is no one else going to point out that the "artist"'s name and the sculpture are a cypher for Humbaba the Giant/Demigod/Nephilim from the Epic of Gilgamesh

    1. Is that the same story as the shepherd boy vs Goliath?

  46. Huma bore a monster upon the Earth.

    Chatter on social media is making much of a video, 'frazzledrip', reportedly involving Hillary Clinton & her 'aide' Huma Abedin, engaging in some 'spirit-cooking', having been leaked onto the 'darkweb'.

    The information superhighway as a whole is entirely a dark arts Work.

    1. "Breaking The Spell" The Cosmic blowback from over 17 years ago has finally arrived...April has been a bumpy ride for the Titans (Satanic Clowns).They are none 2 pleased that we are using IT to mock their stupidly,expose and stop their crimes against children,animals,Nature...To end their perverse agenda of tech mind control total power of the masses and ultimately remove them all from rule of this (reality construct) World."The Destroyer comes through on the "day of completion" of this hellish 'Earth'! 4 bringing renewal to the Universe : The Great Awakening Transcendence of Souls." April 21 - 28 2018 will be a most Interesting Experience..

    2. Dork Arts Vs. Dark Arts

      'Ready Player One'?

    3. Wake Up! Follow the Gray Rabbit.Arc314.

    4. "Symbolism will be their downfall" http://reddit.com/r/greatawakening/comments/8dwx0t/symbolism_will_be_their_downfall/

  47. Yeah...the incredible 'assent' of the Vegan Golden Showers. Since the Leafs are also, laughably, in the playoffs...some low quality there.

  48. I can't help but think Nostradamus walked among the plague and seemed alright. Say, didn't he see the end of the catholic church? Nice, scary, read here.

  49. Hey, Chris!

    PART I

    I've been binge-reading your blog for the past couple of weeks. I'm no stranger to the odd synchronistic nudge here and there, but this one has exploded exponentially over the past few months.

    A little over a year ago, I was living in the Lakewood, Denver, CO. I can't remember the exact date, but say this happened right around St. Patrick's Day, for what it's worth.

    I popped into the backyard around 10:30 PM for a smoke. I tend to look at the sky out of habit anyway and on that particular night, I finally hit the jackpot. I observed a red light moving from east to west flying at what I assumed to be roughly the same altitude as a police helicopter. It wasn't a plane, so my first impression was that of a chopper of maybe even a drone. The light stopped and backtracked momentarily, as if scanning or perhaps highlighting something along its flight path. A drone would explain the lack of rotor noise as it approached and would account for the backtracking, but...

    The "drone" resumed its flight path until it was approximately 80 degrees shy of due north and then it GTFO like I've never seen anything GTFO. The sheer "punch it, Chewie!" acceleration as it arced away to the north and shot off toward the horizon put the kibosh the drone verdict.

    A year later, after an Autumn spent grieving over just about everything imaginable, I decided to answer the red (orb) phone and start picking apart this "UFO". It had to fly in from somewhere, so I pulled up a map of Denver and lo!

    To the east, right along what I assumed was the object's flight path: Buckley AFB.

    The interval along which the "UFO" backtracked seemed to coincide with a neighborhood in Denver called Athmar Park.

    "Athmar" sounds made up. And it is. The neighborhood was named by the developers after their wives: Mary and Athea. Athea Ryn is a village in Co. Limerick, Ireland. The name translates to mountain ford. A river crossing.

    "Ryn" is a cognate of rián. From what I could gather, the definitive meaning of "rián" is obscure, but the word is attested to mean "the sea", "king", or "four-way crossroads". Crossroads.

    The "trigger event" that sparked my "emotional fall" back in Autumn? It had everything to do with my ex, named Riann.

    Athea Ryn is in Limerick (Luimneach). The name refers to the banks of the Shannon estuary. Another little bit o' synch: When I was digging through the Athea Ryn business, I happened across a Tweet defining the Old English word "ythlaf", referring the land revealed by the ebbing of a wave. "Ythlaf" literally means "water relic".

    And Mary... According to one source, Mary => Maryam. It seems that, in antiquity, Maryam was often etymologized as meaning "rebellion", "bitter sea", "strong waters", "mistress", and "exalted one".

    Celts keep popping up in my associations. My ancestry is Irish/Cornish.

  50. PART II

    Buckley AFB has a runway trending east-west that lines up with Alameda Ave. If this "object" passed over Alameda, then it could very well have backtracked over the Empress Seafood Restaurant, on Alameda between Dectur ('sup, Loren) and Eliot. Eliot (allegedly derived from the Eliott River in Scotland) seems to walk back to Elias and on to Elijah, the Tishbite ('sup, Liz).

    "Alameda" is Spanish for "tree-lined avenue". Alameda intersects Colorado State Highway 88, forming the southwestern boundary of Athmar Park.

    The discovery of the first extrasolar planet occurred in 1988, but it wasn't confirmed until 2002, whereupon it was named Tadmor by Syrian astronomers. "Tadmor" is the Semitic name for Palmyra, home of the Great Colonnade, a column-lined avenue leading to the Temple of Bel.

    That's just the preface of what has become reams of notes and associations. Recurrent themes include the sea, rivers, heath/heathland, springs/wells, and Autumn/harvest. What I've given here is seriously just a fraction of the personal and cosmic/global ("as above, so below") associations I've uncovered over the past few months.

    By the way... "My UFO" was a red light in the sky and 'Oumuamua is allegedly reddish in color.

    Red was associated with martyrs (Greek, "witness") in the early Christian church.

    Sorry about the long/double post. I just thought you might like to hear another voice out here in the wilderness.

  51. OK, I wrote a couple of comments correcting some errors in these posts, but I think they evaporated. So, at the risk of being obnoxious, I'd like to add one or two tweaks and then I'll shaddap.

    A. "The 'drone' resumed its flight path until it was approximately 80 degrees shy of due north..."

    What I meant to say was about a few degrees shy of due north. Es tut mir leid.

    B. Athmar park is bordered to the northwest by CO 88 and Alameda, not the southwest. The eastern border is the Platte River. Two streets run along the western shore of the Platte: Santa Fe ("holy faith") and Kalamath ("Kalamath"=Klamath, meaning "people of the [Klamath] Lake."). The southern limit of Athmar Park is Mississippi Ave. (Ojibwa, from "misi-ziibi", meaning "great river").

    Two grand avenues and two great rivers. Athea Ryn references a ford across a mountain stream, a watery road intersecting an Earthly one. Or two, in this case, seeing as I'm a Gemini and all...

    Oh! And after Denver, I moved to Manitou (God/Great Spirit) Springs. Ahem.

    ('K, sorry.)

  52. Something interesting about the Vegas Golden Knights, the hashtag the team uses on social media. It's #VegasBorn. Born of the Vegas eh?