Monday, May 07, 2018

Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell

I never got Johnny Depp. 

I mean I get it; he was girl-pretty and he's quirky and artsy-fartsy and kind of rock 'n' roll. I got that he liked to bury that pretty Face of his in whatever contrivance Tim Burton sketched up for him during yet-another all-night Cure/Siouxsie/Bauhaus video binge. But I think the razzle-dazzle of his youthful looks tend to overshadow the fact that he's a mediocre actor on his best day. 

In my opinion,  of course.

Never once I have I seen Depp melt into a role and make it come alive. I'm always stuck at the "And featuring Johnny Depp in the role of..." 

And to be brutally frank, by now all those quirky, androgynous get-ups just tend to blur into goo in the memory. Was that Willy Wonka or the Mad Hatter? Or Barnabas Collins? Was that Sweeney Todd or Edward Scissorhands or Ichabod Crane? And is there a difference?

But that Face of his, say around 1989 or so, is hard to argue with. Faces like that come around once or twice a lifetime. That's the kind of Face Roman Emperors built shrines to. 

Bastard broke my 'Nonnie's heart

Maybe it was a burden. Maybe he actually thought he was the next Brando so he set out to hide it as best he could from primarily female audiences who came to bask in the Face.

But I think the Face has kept men away from his movies and unless he's in one of those big tentpole productions, Depp has never exactly been Mr. Box Office. But now you start to wonder if that deal with the Devil had a 30-year cap and now the bills have come due:
Two bodyguards made the allegations in a lawsuit this week which piled fresh acrimony on Depp’s reputation, renewing doubts over his future as Hollywood’s quirkiest and possibly most beloved leading man. 

The multi-claim lawsuit over unpaid wages and working conditions detailed a lifestyle of dysfunction and chaos. 

The suit alleges: “Often times plaintiffs were forced to protect Depp from himself and his vices while in public. An incident at a local nightclub involved plaintiffs alerting Depp of illegal substances visible on his face and person while preventing onlookers from noticing Depp’s condition.” 

More damning allegations can be expected if the ex-employees obtain a jury trial in Los Angeles superior court. Depp’s representatives did not respond to a request for comment over the latest allegations. 

It is a puzzle straight out of Hollywood Babylon: how can a star who has reputedly earned more than $650m struggle to pay his bills?
How indeed. But wait; there's more...

The documents allege a disturbing history of extreme anger, violent outbursts and substance abuse by the 52 year-old actor, describing in detail two violent incidents including the Saturday night altercation that she said led to her bruised cheek. 
Heard stated that in addition to a restraining order, that Depp should be required to enroll in treatment for anger management and for batterers. 
“His relationship with reality oscillates,” she stated, “Depending on his interaction with alcohol and drugs. Johnny has a long-held and widely-acknowledged public and private history of drug and alcohol abuse,” she said, “He has a short fuse. He is often paranoid and his temper is exceptionally scary.”
Oddly enough, a story on Robin Williams hit the news recently as well, looking at his struggles with the very-terrifying disease Lewy's Body Dementia. 

I'm not exactly sure what precipitated Williams' death-- part of me wonders if he was trying to use somewhat drastic methods to pump up the dopamine and endorphin levels back up, if you get my meaning-- but it's probably reasonably certain that the Lewy's was brought on by longtime cocaine abuse, which commonly also brings on Parkinson's.

You've probably heard cocaine called the Devil's Dandruff, seeing as how it can not only rewire your brain and leave you with a ruthless dependency, but part of me wonders if it also can lead abusers into the arms of demons. 

Because it can turn otherwise-reasonable people into monsters.

I've seen it happen; I've seen the drug create entirely new personalities in people doing too much for too long. I've seen crack create Mr. Hydes out of Dr. Jekylls at the drop of a hat. I mean, yeah, I know about cocaine psychosis. But when you see these kinds of sea-changes you can't help but wonder if it's not more than chemical.

Ironic then that Depp played George Jung, a man who did such horrific damage to this country by opening up the smuggler ratlines to Colombian cocaine. Or so the story goes. I'm like you; somehow I doubt George did it all on his lonesome. 

But when entertaining ideas about cocaine and demonology, maybe we should take a peek at this particular Portrait of Dorian Gray here; namely Johnny Depp sluicing it up with his drug-buddy Brian Warner and a platoon of freshly-rinsed sex-kittens.

I'd love to say this was a one-off and that Depp was just playing another role here. But I don't know if I can. As this Loudwire interview with Marilyn Manson plainly illustrates, Depp is also BFFs with arguably a much darker and more-troubling celebrity:

After being blamed for tragedies such as Columbine, do you see any artists these days that are receiving similar treatment for when something awful happens? 
Well, for the first time in my life, last night, I met Damien Echols [of the West Memphis Three]. I did a painting to help pay for his legal funds. Johnny Depp, him and I became what we called, and it sounds a bit… in retrospect… if you lived in West Hollywood, sounds a bit not-masculine, but the 'West Hollywood Three.'  
Johnny has always tried to help him [Damien] out and he's staying with Johnny and we have a strong bond, the three of us. We all got matching tattoos. I'd never met him [Damien] in person until last night and for me it was humbling. Any strife or adversity I've gone through can't compare with what he's gone through. And I've been waiting, essentially 18 years to meet this guy and I met him last night [April 8].

OK, before you say anything I realize I'm just supposed to turn off my critical thinking circuits and just fall in the entrained masses and spout jibberish about Damien Echols being some kind of Enlightenment martyr and the West Memphis 3 were uncorruptible saints railroaded by a bunch of mouth-breathing yahoos drunk on that sweet, sweet Satanic-Panic moonshine. 

But just because Eddie Vedder needs to pretend he's Senator Jesus Von Gandhi and Henry Rollins needs to see himself as the lovechild of F.Lee Bailey and Joan of Arc doesn't mean I have to fall in with the exoneration parade. 

First of all, because Echols was NOT exonerated--he's still officially guilty--and despite the media brainwash that he was framed because he liked the same exact music thousands of other kids in rural Tennessee liked, the facts are a bit more cloudy than that:

I'm not going to put on my powdered prosecutor wig and declare that Echols and his dirtbag friends killed those young boys but you have to be a special kind of stupid to absolve Echols for the same reason you're told he was convicted, namely because he liked metal and dabbled in dimestore occultism. 

I think if you go digging around newspaper archives you'll find quite a few occult-dabbling metalheads guilty of some pretty horrific crimes. 

Ricky Kasso and Richard Ramirez come to mind off the top of my head. How about you?

Let me tell you a story...

Some forty years ago now back in the charming burg of Braintree, Mass, a young kid was walking home from East Junior High, then home to an openly-acknowledged pedo-grooming operation. Having dodged the open-air drug bazaar operating a couple hundred feet from the principal's office he made his way home.

He was stopped by two older boys (I think they were 9th graders and he was in 7th, I believe). The two were total scumbag burnout metalheads, both of whom I believe are now dead. They preceded to beat this kid with bullwhips- FUCKING BULLWHIPS. When the younger boy was prostrate, they stuffed his pants with fireworks and exploded them. 

When they got tired of that, they threw the boy off a bridge into the Monatiquot River. Unfortunately for them he survived all this, dropped the dime on them and they both landed in juvvie. Well, relatively unfortunately, because they got a slap on the wrist bit, if memory serves.

Kids- especially kids who fill their heads with drugs and toxic symbolism-- can do some pretty horrific things. Think on it.

Staying in the area (George Jung grew up near Braintree too) we have Depp as a not-convincing James "Whitey" Bulger in Black Mass. Depp was clearly starstruck by the drug-dealing murderer and twitted on about him like a schoolgirl in press junkets. 

Let's just remember where Whitey really came from:

In the late ’50s, Bulger was sentenced to a bid in federal prison, where he was approached to take part in experiments with LSD and other drugs in exchange for a reduction of his sentence. This was part of the CIA’s murky MK-ULTRA behavioral engineering program. 
Bulger was told the experiments were in an effort to find a cure for schizophrenia. Letters to his brother William (whose life took a bizarre turn from his gangster brother—William Bulger served as both the President of the Massachusetts Senate and the President of the University of Massachusetts) indicate that he was initially pleased with the opportunity to shorten his sentence.

However, things took a horrifying turn. One of Bulger’s notebooks recounts his experiences under the influence, claiming that he had a “morbid fear of LSD,” and that he felt that his head was changing shape and he was hearing voices.
Long after his release from prison, Whitey remained haunted, afraid to have children for fear the drugs had somehow altered his chromosomes.

Being starstruck by psychotics is apparently a lifetime passion for Depp. He remains a huge fan of so-called "Gonzo" journalist Hunter S. Thompson, who was not only a violent drug addict but has also been alleged to have been involved in far darker enterprises. 

I won't go into those because there's no compelling evidence as far as I can tell and plus I don't want that fetid bilge stinking up my blog.

But apparently this adrenochrome thing is a thing.  This indie project features Tom Sizemore-- who's been accused of some pretty horrific things himself recently-- as an gland-chewing colonel (or whatever).

Kind of reminds me of that rather-grizzly X-Files episode about the Hollywood vampires. I'm pretty sure I don't want to know where this is all coming from or where it's going.

Speaking of which, here's Depp with his all-star cover band the Hollywood Vampires, featuring Kesha on vocals. Of course the song here was made famous in a version arranged by a Crowleyite jailbait-connoiseur.

I'm not sure if the Vamps were deliberately trying to mega-troll the Chans here, but if so, touché lads.

NOTE: George Jung lived on Abigail Adams in Weymouth, right over the Braintree border. I know the neighborhood well since I passed it all the time on my way to my ninth-grade girlfriend's house on Holmes St.


  1. As it turns out, a formerly close friend of mine’s mom had a long-running penpal relationship with George Jung while he was in prison.

    And then when he was released, she moved in with him.

    Not sure if they ever got married but they were planning on it. I do know that he was in contact with Depp real soon after his release.

  2. One of my very favorite movies is "The Ninth Gate", a hell of a slow-burn, intellectual masterpiece.

    Starring Johnny Depp.

    Directed by Roman Polanski.

    About a book detective hunting down a Necronomicon sort of book, allegedly written by the Devil Himself, jealously protected by a Satanic secret society.

    Ritual murder and hate-sex all over the place.

    I'm corrupted, I know. Great movie though. ;)

    1. The square to eyes wide shuts circle. Of course, their '68 efforts were about the birth of a child

    2. I love that one too. But it's adapted from a book.

    3. One of the best scenes when that old guy just walks into the old rich people satanic sex party and calls them all idiots. I think that was a shot at eyes wide shut.

  3. Absolutely riveting content and presentation, Chris. Outstanding blog!

  4. I once knew a man who created an alter, more a curandero's mesa, from which he insufflated his DOC. Whilst lit he painted/evoked his inner demon & set it as the centerpiece. After a night of lighting votives, powdered prostrations and requisite sedatives he awoke to the apartment ablaze. Rushing to the fiery alter he seized the painting & fled, sustaining third degree burns of the hands and arms. All other possessions were lost.

  5. The harvesting and supposed effects of adrenochrome were featured in the first episode of the British detective series, Lewis, titled "Whom the Gods Would Destroy," a reference to the opening of Longfellow's poem "The Masque of Pandora" (1875). The line is, "Whom the gods would destroy they first make mad" spoken by Prometheus.

    1. Why can't they just cut out the adrenaline glands of apes and monkeys? A lot less hassle!

  6. Speaking of names designed to troll. Uncle Al, our old buddy Alien Dog Star, once again had his rival Depp beat with that other alter ego Buck Satan.

    Don't even want to think about the old thin white duke and Crowley.

  7. I have a copy of Brave (Depp Brando snuff film) if you want it Chris. email me: - you can have it

    1. Never understood Johnny Depp or how he became the it guy movie megastar of Hellywood? Because after the murder of River Phoenix...the show must go on as there are shekels to be made and worshipped.FYI The same exact thing happened to Generation X rock stars,visual artists and political activists."And now you know the rest of the story."


    "It is also working on a gene therapy for “human augmentation designed to preserve bone mineral density and maximize muscle mass and strength,” according to the company’s website."

    "Roberts tells News2Share Traywick was found in a flotation tank at the spa. The tanks are filled with saltwater kept at human body temperature and close like a clamshell to block out noise and allow deep meditation. “He was found face down,” Roberts says."

    "Don't judge, but people are confessing to fancying non-human film and TV characters

    Some fans are thirsty for the latest Marvel villain. And, it turns out, loads of us lust over CGI and animated creations"

    1. The BBC's Absolutely Fabulous sitcom featured a whole episode, very early on during its original 90s run, called Iso Tank. To be fair, the story is hilarious. But beyond the humor, there are some creepy insinuations about the tank basically sending people to new dimensions, even introducing dashing demonic characters who then turn out to have 'never existed' in real life. Oh, and "I heard Fergie had one!" (= Sarah, Duchess of York; Princess Diana's sister-in-law; had a cameo on 'Friends').

    2. Oh, there's better than that. The movie "Altered states" starts with an isolation tank and ends in some serious high weirdness and demonic stuff, if you like your demons primitive to the level of protoplasmic.

      I thought of that one when I came across that story of the guy dead in the isolation tank.

  9. Having worked in the restaurant industry since I was 14, & having seen more substance abuse among kitchen staff, especially among chefs, than anyone would think possible, I can confirm your assertion about coke bringing the demons out. Not an exaggeration, nearly every chef I've ever worked with has either been an alcoholic or a coke head.

    & Depp always struck me as hugely overrated. Could never stand the guy.

  10. Depp has come up more than once in my writing, usually references to Jim Jarmusch's "Dead Man" (which oddly came up a time or two in my feed just this weekend) and the various Hunter S. Thompson-related projects, notably "The Rum Diary." Depp lived in Hunter's spider-infested basement at Owl Farm in Colorado for a while, trying to get all of his mannerisms down - and did a pretty good job of it. I can only imagine the "horsin' off" that went down on dark, Rocky Mountain nights. I see why Depp is drawn to Hunter and all sorts of demented, bizarre and twisted characters and roles. Like Hunter, he's from Kentucky, and things are done a little bit differently in the Bluegrass State. They love whiskey, fast cars and so forth. And Depp is always looking for the next high. Which is odd that you posted this, CLK, because this morning I was watching videos of Jimi, Janis and George Harrison (1969-71 time frame on Dick Cavett and such) talking about the steep toll hard drugs were taking on their contemporaries. Harrison, deep into Krishna, told the audience that by "going straight," you're likely to get the "best high." And he lived a lot longer, until the cancer got him, likely when he was stabbed by that deranged intruder in 1999. Anyway, I see where you are coming from and have followed the Depp story since "21 Jump Street" days. He has a certain something, that is true. But there is a darkness there, behind the mask.


  12. For what it's worth, the only genuinely great performance I've ever seen Depp give is in the criminally unappreciated film, The Libertine.

    1. When he's least like his acting persona up until the point that he becomes a syphilitic golem with 'degenerated clown' make-up, walking on crutches and chewing the scene to bits. In the role as John Wilmer, Earl of Rochester he spends the whole picture melting his currency with the King and burning up his considerable theatre clout, drunk and sex-obsessed, crashing his dandy status by finding real love, then losing it when the girl, a Londonian b-lister he wrestles the performance of a lifetime from, uses her new empowerment to dump him, pregnant with his. Opening lines, to audience, 'You will not like me...' I adore
      the movie insofar as I loathe egotistical genius and no further. Plumbs the depths in the best way: expertly cheap, music video feel with biting insights. Great bad flick.

      Now let's puncture the balloon of hot ass that is Mr. Brian Hugh Warner. Thanks for the article. Rather see these people raked over hot briquettes than see Mr. Excelsior in the bad light. Regardless of the charges. The disease is in the cabalistic associations, the sub-industry of abuse and exploitation. Rob Kardashian prolly put the hit on Nicole Brown and they were all buried in nose candy, other badness, but the trial of the century had just one figure of notoriety. Nobody talks about Bill Wasz, ever. Just an example.

      Anyhow you have a legacy of being exclusively keen to the networks these horrors arise from, which is the real story, always. Not a little grab-ass from grandpa Stan some opportunists stand to profit from, allowing that he ever transgressed.

  13. I don't know. I never really got Depp either. I will admit that his manfume commercial is amazingly funny in an unintentional "I think I'm cool but I look like a douche" way. Depp is aging. Pretty boys don't age well. Especially bad boy pretty boys. I'm sure there's oodles of make up & hair dye involved in his existence. I'd also bet that he really wishes he were a rocker instead of an actor. Hence the over his hill vanity rocker band. The drug bit is ho-hum boring. A lot of people in America are drugged out. My workplace parking lot always has a fair amount of weed smokers & closet alkies every lunch period. We are the medicated country. Copious amounts of money & leisure rarely lead anywhere good. Depp has both in spades.

  14. It's all sadly predictable. The guy is clearly a project; a product of multi-generation abuse (continuing strongly with his daughter); part of a bloodline; victim of severe mental dissociation/fragmentation; and a sex slave (wheeled out, buck-naked, at 21 in 'Private Resort').

    Then again, I fear that this is true of 90% of Hollywood 'talent'.

    At 50+, his pretty-boy days are behind him. He's worth more dead than alive. I have a feeling it won't be long now.

  15. I suspect these gazillion dollar celebrities with their zillion dollar homes are up to nefarious deeds.

    Those homes require upkeep and that means staffing, most likely year round. Any place that has multiple rooms, huge square footage, isolation, and security, could easily be a safe house or rinse tank location.

    Depp may be smart but he still needs an army of finance and legal pros to stash his cash, so I'm thinking Depp is the pretty face of a huge money cartel. I think his backing cartel has needs for Depp's many mansions. Syncra

    1. Any famous actor or pop star is the face of a huge money cartel. The only question, in any given case, is whether the star is the boss of the cartel, or not. And whether they keep the illegalities to reasonably small drug offences, or they get into seriously criminal stuff.

    2. Reread...Any Questions (?) Mr Depp idolizes and had threesomes with Memphis Three child killer."Pull It."

  16. That adrenochrome movie preview made me laugh. Reminds me of the shitty b movies i would rent back when you had to rent movies from a video store. before streaming and the internet. Remember when movies werent just super hero sequels?

  17. The first name you dropped in association with Mr. Depp, Tim Burton, is an interesting artist to look into. Goth overlord Burton was largely responsible for the mammoth financial success of Danny Elfman. Danny and his brother Richard founded the musical theatre group, Mystic Knights of Oingo Boingo, (MK-Oingo Boingo). MK Oingo Boingo eventually dropped the MK and became the beloved punk band Oingo Boingo. Remember Boingo's first big hit, "Little Girls"? "I love little girls, they make me feel so good..." Ah, the 80s were a simpler time. Brother Richard is a Scientologist, as are actors Jenna Elfman and Bodhi Elfman. The much higher-profile Danny has been eternally evasive about his association with Scientology but I bet he's given a generous gift or ten to them from time to time. Danny must need a wheelbarrow to pick up all the fat checks that flood into his mailbox.

    1. I've been waiting for an excuse to bring up the Elfman bros. and their first movie, Forbidden Zone and one of their fellow MK's, Matthew Bright. (gonna try to keep this as brief as possible)

      Firstly, Forbidden Zone seems to be a thinly veiled MK-Ultra type experience masquerading as a cult midnight movie. it centers around an alternate dimension ruled by Satan (Danny Elfman) where the characters are variously kidnapped, raped, tortured and beheaded.

      but the person I find a bit more interesting is the Elfman’s friend Matthew Bright.

      He helped write some of Forbidden Zone and played “…two masochistic characters living in a garbage can, spit on, raped and tortured in an alternate dimension's kingdom and decapitated by Satan”.

      Bright went on to be a regular screenplay writer and a director and most of his movies seem to have common themes of rape, pedophilia, child abuse, serial killers etc.

      Freeway has Reese Witherspoon has a young, abused runaway daughter of a prostitute and abusive father (though she insinuates real life serial killer Richard Speck may be her biological father) who is picked up by pedophile and serial killer Kiefer Sutherland.

      the sequel is even worse:

      Natasha Lyonne escapes juvenile detention with a teenage female serial killer who has sex with the bodies of her victims. they run away to Mexico to be protected by a Catholic/spiritual healer who turns out to be “the witch-leader of a bizarre cult that rapes and eats children and then sells the child porn videos, protected by the front of a Catholic mission.”

      almost all of Bright’s movies have some mix of these themes.

      I found an old interview with him where he has this creepy quote:

      “Matthew Bright: Well, they don't come to me, that's for sure. Although, I have a little cache… And I do get some great girls who come up to me, "Oh, I was in juvenile hall and I saw your movie on cable and I just want to tell you I love you, you're so great." Then they'll turn out to be violent, or they'll steal everything in sight. I have all these psychopathic girls in love with me.

      AS: You're the voice of their generation.

      MB: Yeah, but they're all in jail, they're all incarcerated, so I can't get to them. All these teenage girls that want to fuck me, but they're all locked up in maximum security, so I can't get 'em.”

      and there’s a short clip of him on youtube on one of his movie sets where he’s being stalked by some crazy and violent woman:

      interesting that in Forbidden Zone he cuts a deal with Satan to procure a woman for him. he seems to be a real life magnet for women with the personalities of his movie characters. It makes me wonder if procuring women of a certain type for powerful people is also one of his roles in real life.

      he was also at one point making a movie about Pol Pot’s child soldiers, who were kidnapped, tortured and brainwashed to become killers.

      I know all of these movies are 20 or 30+ years old, and I’ve only recently become aware of them, but since then, I’ve wondered if CLK or Recluse are aware of these movies and themes from this Bright weirdo.

      (sorry for the lengthy comment, Chris)

    2. Andrew-

      I can't speak for Chris, but I'm most definitely familiar with "The Forbidden Zone." I first saw it as a teenager and became obsessed with it. I procured a copy of it in my early 20s, but kind of forgot about it for a few years.

      Since then I've tried to go back and rewatch it several times and I just can't do it. There's just something about that movie --its so dark, sleazy and generally disturbing that I'm not able to get more than 20-30 minutes into it before I start to feel sick. I actually just tried to rewatch it again a few weeks ago and probably didn't make it more than 15 minutes. Truly a sick movie.

      I've also seen both "Freeway" movies, but not for a while. I remember being impressed with both however and it is interesting that the same writer behind "Forbidden Zone" was involved in both. If memory serves, Oliver Stone also produced the first one, he of the similar themed "Natural Born Killers."

      Its also interesting to note that the first "Freeway" was apparently inspired in part by the Little Red Riding Hood story, a tale eventually collected by the Brothers Grimm. Little Red Riding Hood and the Bid Bad Wolf have of course long been linked to pedophilia in popular culture and the tales collected by the Grimm brothers in general depict horrid abuse of children that was incorporated into folk lore. Quite a fitting basis for "Freeway," I suppose.


    3. I've only seen clips on YT of Forbidden Zone, and it certainly has some type of queasiness that comes with watching it. some of it feels like being in a mental hospital. and it's interesting to note that in the clips I've seen, the character that's being tortured is usually wearing Mickey Mouse ears, and this was 30+ years before Vigilant Citizen was a twinkle in the conspiracy community's eye.

      and it had Hervé Villechaize in it and according to his wiki, he "became an active member of a movement in 1970s and 1980s California to deal with child abuse and neglect, often going to crime scenes himself to help comfort abuse victims. Villechaize's former co-workers recalled that despite his stature, he would often confront and chastise spousal and child abusers when he arrived at crime scenes." sounds like he had similar formative experiences to Bright's movie characters. Villechaize was also in Oliver Stone's first movie.

      I definitely find Bright more interesting than the FZ. Oliver Stone did sign on as producer for Freeway and helped get it made, but from reading the interviews with Bright, it sounds like after Stone got the movie greenlit, he was basically unreachable for Bright from that point on.

      thanks for indulging me, Recluse. reading about Freeway 2 is what sent me down this rabbit hole, and I've wanted to discuss since I came across it a few years ago. creepy shit that seems like a Dave McGowan fever dream.

  18. Chris Cornell was at one point co-producing a movie about Richard Ramirez.

  19. 'A Nightmare on Elm Street' (Depp's film debut in which he dies most gruesomely consumed by a bed only to be ejected as a geyser of blood), 'The Viper Rooms*' (River Phoenix's death by OD), 'Johnny Cash' ('The Man In Black's' career re-stimulated by a 'Viper Room*' unplugged set), 'The Astronaut's Wife' ('After an explosion in space and subsequent two-minute radio-out period, two astronauts return home to their wives... it's revealed that they're not the same as they were.), 'The Curse of The Black Pearl', 'Sauvage' by 'Dior**' "I gotta get out of here", "Which way? I don't know", "What am I looking for?", "Something I can't see... I can feel It... It's magic..."

    Depp = 'Derived from Germanic depp which is a nickname for a joker (person who plays jokes on others). A notable bearer is Johnny Depp, an American actor.' (user submitted meaning to behindthename)

    *Depp still owns a stake according to wiki.

    **Natalie Portman stars in the 'DIOR LOVE CHAIN' ad asking "& you what would you do for love?", "For love I would travel to the end of the Earth".

    & on this sync Portman & Lily-Rose Depp starred in 'The Summoning' (2016), originally titled 'Planetarium', which 'Follows the journey of sisters who are believed to possess the supernatural ability to connect with ghosts'.

    Bonus psycko-siren-sync:

    'MERMAIDS' followed by 'SEX' appears as text on screen during the Adrenochrome trailer.


    Jeff Buckley had been “acting erratic” in the two weeks before his death.

    “He was trying to buy a house that wasn’t for sale,”
    "He was trying to buy a car that wasn’t for sale"
    "He proposed to Joan Wasser"



    What is the hidden meaning (if any) of these pre-death actions done by him?

    1. Good question, A. Also, while in Memphis, Jeff: tried to withdraw a large (at the time) amount of cash from his ban account with no prior notice; ... was seen riding some gate (??) yelling violently at the top of his lungs; .. according to Penny Arcade: "At Jeff Buckley’s last gig at Barrister’s, a tiny hole in the wall Memphis bar on Monday June 26th, his first words on stage were “Dead, dead, dead, dead, dead, he’s fucking dead, the guy from Brainiac is fucking dead. I want this to mean something to every fucking one of you."...

      By this I am not saying anything but: something was eating him alive....

    2. My thoughts, for whatever they're worth (possibly not much):

      The symbolism of buying and selling is one of polarity, associated with all the other polarities: day and night, male and female, key and lock. Trying to buy something that isn't for sale is going for the wrong polarity, or taking the wrong end of the stick.

      As for butterflies, they have a pretty shape, and all the associations of metamorphosis.

      Make of that what you will.

    3. Search : "Monarch Mind Control Programming" ever noticed why they use butterfly symbols in so much corporate media entertainment is what the poster may of been hinting at.

  21. "what's eating Gilbert grape"- sweet sad and sick. I thought LDC was a disabled actor at first- so easily fooled am I. the rotten tomatoes blurb was interesting- JD says he tortured LDC,doesn't know why.

  22. As for HST, you're fairly right on the lack of any credible evidence for darker enterprises. There isn't any, especially given how much of his life was on display. Oh, he was a violent drug addict, that's for sure - but he could turn a mean phrase. among his many talents was a very solid winning streak betting on politics. His editor claims a 75% accuracy.

    What intrigues me is the darkness of the 90's seems to be qualitatively different. Not certain in what way...more exciting, more exploratory...I've yet to make any personal conclusions as to what the 21st century has brought to the table.

    1. I think that you might be onto something. Thompson is one of those baby boomer figures that we were supposed to idolise in the 90s. Before everyone worked out that being a sloppy addict who treats people badly wasn't that inspirational. Despite that, HST did appear to turn his vices into discipline and virtues. This is the sort of attitude that Mark E Smith advocated with his idea of the New Puritan. Does Depp turn his vices into virtues or are they just taking their toll on him?

      One comparison between the 90s that pops out at me is Dark City ('98) and Inception ('10).

      Dark City was dark and paranoid with a shifting city landscape. In the end the hero was able to discern deception from reality. Dark as it was.

      Inception was brighter and there was not the idea that the world was presented as a grand gnostic deception. But the dreams were, nonchalantly, equally lifelike as the waking world, as if everybody had such dreams that it would be no surprise to anyone if daily life proved to be a dream. Not only did the city shift but there is a feeling that you always keep on going deeper and deeper not into true reality but new levels of "meaningful lies" which is better than truth. In the end we no longer care what is actually true.

      What is it that makes Dark City a cult film, a cheesy also ran, and Inception something that seemingly not enough praise can be heaped upon?

    2. True.The demonic evil subhuman baby boomer generation Hollywood / NYC media elite forced Hunter Thompson onto Gen X via that stupid Johnny Depp movie.HT was a writer at RollingStone,so he was a cool guy Rebel who challenged the system.Those of us who were lucky found Activist and Author Edward Abbey,a real-hero and Rebel who exposed the Globalist Elite for what they really are : enslavers of Man and destroyers of Nature..Before we learned the truth about RollingStone Magazine : the purveyor of a rancid pile of satanic-Zionist social engineering MK ULTRA and dumbing-down bile.RollingStone infamously called PIZZAGATE : A Fake News Scandal Conspiracy,too bad for them we have the Internet and discussion sites unlike Conde Naste owned Reddit,where censorship is not allowed.A small group of Americans have awakened from media brainwashing deep sleep and they can't be stopped even if
      TPTB pull the plug or try to china-style censor the Web.As for the 20 year old Dark City,it is the greatest film ever made and those in know accept it as our real that is only now at this very moment reaching it's climatic finale.

  23. Great post, as usual. Will add, the Depp & Warner "music" video should have a warning. I now need bleach for my eyes and ears. What a colossal, fucking dumpster fire!

  24. I don't like him either but I must admit he can act. It's just that he made too many weird Burton films (a few that were admittedly great however). I just rewatched his portrayal of John Dillinger in Michael Mann's "Public Enemies" and he was stunning I thought. It's essentially a remake of Millius' "Dillinger" but Depp makes it potent.

  25. the angry Canadian by the name of Buckley analyzes Kesha here (@1:39)

  26. I don't begrudge anyone using what they have been given to make a buck. I get it. Actors do it and models do it on looks and skillful manipulation of persona. The actors symbolic masks of tragedy and comedy, the sock and buskin, are great images for this and are considered the ancient symbol of the theatre. Other people do it through writing or drawing or whatever skills you bring to the table that set you apart from the so-called ordinary in an attempt to snatch that brass ring of success. All well and good.

    Hollywood as a magnet for such true believers has always had its share of characters streaming into the region for their shot at fame and fortune. Movies are the physical projections of someones ideas and dreams. Similarly, a persona is just that---a projection of an idea of who you are built out of the imagination. When you as the projectionist start believing your own projection then you start muddying the waters of your actual identity. With the use of drugs and alcohol you lessen the reign over your Ego and then that sonofabitch runs amok. Next thing you know, the 'you' behind the mask/persona becomes the spectator of your own behavior running wild and you can't tell anymore who is directing your little movie.

    Thus, I give you the example of Johnny Depp; the sad son of the Muse, Melpomene--one of the nine daughter's of Zeus and Mnemosyne and the Muse of Tragedy. From the Wiki - "She is often represented with a tragic mask (buskin) and wearing the cothurnus, boots traditionally worn by tragic actors. Often, she also holds a knife or club in one hand and the tragic mask in the other."

    The Greeks would probably tell us that, as an actor, to invoke Melpomene is to seek inspiration to speak in lyrical and epic phrases---in tragedies as opposed to comedies, which were under the aegis (couldn't help using that word here) of her a-Musing sister, Thalia. Incidentally, for those keeping up, Melpomene is considered by some to be the mother of The Sirens.

    Yes, those Sirens.

    According to, "Originally, however, Melpomene was the Muse of singing. However, the overlap of domains with the other Muses of musical expression, such as Clio, Euterpe, and Polymnia, likely influenced her reassignment to tragedy. Her original assignment to singing relates well to the myths that she is the mother of the Sirens, wicked temptresses who lured sailors to their death with song."

    Okay, Chris, I get it. This goes deeper than we can grasp in one sitting.

    1. Thanks, Bill! Helpful info.:-)

    2. Calliope was the mother of ORPHEUS, whose "ecstatic harmony of the voice" is oftentimes compared to that of Buckley's: "In Greek mythology, Calliope is the muse who presides over eloquence and epic poetry; so called from the ecstatic harmony of her voice. Hesiod and Ovid called her the "Chief of all Muses."

  27. Some solid points to ponder. Keep at it! ^^

  28. MET Gala 2018 theme was apparently fallen angels...

    1. Reverse psychology."Demons dressed as Angels." How original!

  29. Scarlet Women and Fallen Angels:

  30. Very fine work and god-damn funny and creepy, too. Thankee

  31. They tell me the chans believe stormy daniels was in NVIXM or whatever the cult was called.
    Bet you will speak on that soon...

  32. Dr. NXIVM as "Master over the Slaves" .. like in Lie #45 as Chinese Music. Barry was #44 the Mass of the Phoenix. Hairy iS Trueman was #33, etc.. A purple pill is right here on all our tongues in the vale of Malkooter. It just keeps getting more true that each day the only sense in hell is smell, everything else is a heavenly falsification.

  33. there was a young man everyone thought was quite handsome so he tied up his face and held it for ransom. he made everybody back up 20 feet then he ran off with his head down a darkly lit street. the whole town wondered why he'd threatened his face. they couldn't understand, …it was that kind of place. (by Tim Burton)

  34. Alex Cox in a recent interview with a Portland weekly:

    QUOTE: "the most overrated and childish actor I have ever met."

  35. I remember an Interview with Depp (sadly cannot find it) where he was asked what he would do if somebody would do anything to his kids. His answer was: "I would eat them!"
    Somehow I thought he was dead serious and I knew that he meant what he said.
    The German word DEPP means fool or dork, btw.

  36. Rewatched "The Rum Diary" after reading this post, sir. When Depp's HST character "Paul Kemp" first spies a woman in the water, he says "I thought you were a mermaid." It was the character Chenault, played by Amber Heard, his love interest in the film - and in real life, although that relationship has already imploded as well.

  37. The Truth & Justice podcast hosted by Bob Ruff is currently covering the West Memphis Three murders in it’s fifth season. Their focus is on finding justice for the three boys that were murdered. It’s a good one.

  38. I don't understand why anyone cares about actors at all. Who gives a fuck? Most movies and television shows are boring shit for imbeciles, and most actors are boring imbeciles. They could all get gassed and buried in the sea for the difference it would actually make to my life.

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