Monday, February 26, 2018

The Never-Ending Ritual: The Locusts are Coming.

The Winter Olympics just wrapped up, and did so in style. We saw several Secret Sun Scrabble bases being hit (twins, Orange, etc etc) throughout the past two weeks, but I was particularly interested in the massive Orb/Pearl ritual, led by a gauntlet of young women dressed in cloaks and hoods.

No, seriously- check it out. And wonder with great admiration.

Those of you who have consumed way too much junk culture will immediately recognize that particular combination. Orbs are an old standby for different varieties of evil magicians; warlocks, sorcerers, witches, wizards. 

Which is exactly why it's so astonishing how wide out in the open all of this stuff is now, and how many ridiculous excuses the media shills are forced to concoct to explain it. 

I guess they're getting tired of doing so, which might be why dissenting voices are being methodically silenced on social media and so on.

And let's not forget this little display in New York City's Madison Square Park, the same spot in which the Watchers were installed for the Event Horizon exhibit.

15 year-old skater Alina Zagitova won Russia its first gold medal of the festival, with her flawless performance as the "Priestess of Fire. "

No, seriously. Priestess of Fire. I believe she even woke to light it.

Note thematic connection to the Sphinx in the Gucci Hallucination line for 2018. Which is the current world champ at Secret Sun Scrabble.

Zagitova (whose surname seems to mean "Sweet Girl") also put on a bravura performance dressed all in Scarlet (or Ruby, if you prefer), and glittering with gold, precious stones and pearls.

Some interesting messaging surrounding this girl. Keep an eye on her.

And on the other end of the spectrum altogether, there's that. But hey-- Scottish-born Angus Young ftw.

And of course, our old friend Chimera Q. McTransgene-Terror made another appearance in the closing ceremonies, just to give any little ones watching their required dose of nightmare fodder.


I'm not going to get back into the Parkland situation per se but I did want to share a few pertinent details that have recently come to light.

We discussed the fact that this all took place on Valentine's Day and Ash Wednesday and just before the New Moon, Chinese New Year and an solar eclipse. 

But Greg Ahrens, a USAF vet who does work on stellar alignments and major events for Richard C Hoagland's Enterprise Mission, ran the numbers on the time and location of the shootings and came up with some interesting data.

ALIGNMENTS: 2:21 PM EST, Observation from Parkland, Florida, 
Orion's Belt Stars RISING on E horizon 
(Alnitak minus 1°, Alnilam 0°, Mintaka plus 1°}
Saturn SETTING on SSW horizon 0°
Moon plus 33° above SW horizon
Venus plus 49° above SW horizon
Regulus minus 46° below NE horizon
Vega plus 27° above WNW horizon

Well, there are some numbers we've talked quite a bit about in the recent past, eh?  Make of all that what you will. 

I know I sure am.

But I do want to take a quick look at the woman the school was named after, an eccentric spinster from my old neck of the woods who came down to Florida and got involved in the environmental movement, specifically efforts to clean up the Everglades.

Douglas --a Scottish name meaning "Dark River"-- wrote an autobiography about her work entitled, appropriately enough, Voice of the River. 

So here again we're seeing these emerging archetypal dominants connected to the waters and to the feminine principle (give or take, in this particular instance) lurking in the background.

And it goes without saying that you-know-who was depicted as the voice of the river in you-know-what music video.

I did find this interesting, though; Douglas with a coterie of "dignitaries" dressed in ritualistic-looking robes for the "Venetian Ball."

Because a "Venetian Ball" is precisely what's depicted in Kubrick's last film, Eyes Wide Shut. 

And try this on for size, Sergeant:
The Carnival of Venice (ItalianCarnevale di Venezia) is an annual festival held in VeniceItaly. 
The Carnival ends with the Christian celebration of Lent, forty days before Easter, on Shrove Tuesday (Martedì Grasso or Mardi Gras), the day before Ash Wednesday.
Huh. Interesting. 

Here's another interesting little cascade of coincidentalism for you nice people out there. 

First, a couple years back the NRA debuted a new logo-- a battleflag, if you will-- that depicts a descending -- or falling-- eagle. I'm seeing a lot of it as the NRA slug it out with the media over the shootings.

We saw how the Stoneman Douglas Eagles use the exact same symbol as the newly-crowned Super Bowl Champions, the Philadelphia Eagles, only redone with the ruby-red colors of the school.

But where did the Eagles get the symbol from?

Oh. I see.

From the NRA.

What's it all about? You asking me? Seriously?


A reader pointed out that Wikipedia claims that the word Dubai means "baby locusts." According to the United Arab Emirates website that's essentially accurate:
DubaiThe name of this emirate and its capital came from the word “locust” (in Arabian “dibba” and diminutive - “ dubai"). 
It may be connected with the fact, that it was the place of locusts breeding, that like wet soil. According to the name of the district “Bur Dubai” (“locust well”) there was a well here long time ago. 
In fact it means "a place where the locusts breed." Thank you for that, D::Wave--your wry sense of humor never fails to tickle. 

Let's open our Bibles to the Revelation to St. John and see what it has to say about locusts: 
"The shape of the locusts was like horses prepared for battle. On their heads were crowns of something like gold, and their faces were like the faces of men. They had hair like women’s hair, and their teeth were like lions’ teeth.  
"And they had breastplates like breastplates of iron, and the sound of their wings was like the sound of chariots with many horses running into battle." -  The Revelation to St. John
Oh, what joy-- transgenic chimera locusts. My favorite.

Now, growing up I heard a lot of theories as to who the locusts were; some claimed they were the distinctive Chinook helicopters made famous during the Viet Nam era and later the notorious black helicopters. 

Charles Manson believed the locusts were The Beatles and that he was their scryer ("Revolution 9" was a reference to "Revelation 9," where we meet the Beatles, er, Locusts).

How about that nutty Manson, ey? Can you imagine thinking some drugged-out British pop singers were the heralds of the Apocal...


Sorry, something stuck in my throat. 

Hey, how about your local sports-team people, eh? Think they're going to win this year?

Well, as it happens, it looks as if the US military is fixing to settle the argument once and for all with their LOCUST drone launcher, which was designed to launch "swarms" of drones.

You know, like what you see in Slaughterbots

Yeah, that's actually real. Just what we all needed.

By my reckoning it's all part of the same emerging narrative we've been looking at here, with the locusts having some connection to the Vegas and/or the Pearly Dewdrops' Drop, rising from the Abyss (the ocean depths and or the far reaches of space) to do battle with the Saints.

But as soon as I heard "locusts," my one-track mind rode the rails straight back to the throne of--you guessed it-- Our Lady, Queen Dowager of Sibyls. 

Specifically, the cathartic valkyrie-cry "In the Gold Dust Rush" that we puzzled over a few months back. 

Let's go over the lyrics to the chorus (ignore the silly junk you read out there on the lyrics sites):

Gold Dust Rush
Honey is Harbor
Gold Dust Rush
There's locusts in there
She got the old fool gold

Now we saw how these lyrics uncannily corresponded to the exact nature and location Jeff Buckley's drowning deathbut who ever said prophecies can't be multipurpose? 

Or perhaps we're not looking at prophecy but that hypothetical Fraser-cult we keep finding the fingerprints of all over the world now.

Oh, like in Dubai, for instance. 

If you don't know about Dubai already, well suffice it to say it's basically the new Babylon, or at least one of them. London is certainly another, and Las Vegas is another still. 

I like to call Dubai "Babylon Prime" given its proximity to OG Babylon and the fact that they actually rebuilt the farkin' Tower of Babel there. 

Then again, I'm kind of partial to "DubaiBylon."

The Tower of Babel in the middle- just in case you dropped in here from outer space-- is the one from the Millennium Dome Show, the production in which the roadmap to our future was spelled out for us.

Let's start with "Gold Dust Rush, Honey is..."

This is a relatively low-intensity hit here, leading me to wonder if these syncs didn't just burst into being from the Akashic Field. 

But Arab Emirate Dubai claims to produce the best honey in the world and there's a large firm called Gold Dust Interiors that creates high-end designs for the moneyed pashas of the city-state.

Next we have, "...harbor, There's locusts in there." 

OK, this one is a lot more interesting. There's yet another massive project in the works for what's being called "Dubai Harbor," tucked right beneath the ritual center of the Palm Jumeirah.  

So "Dubai Harbor" is simply another way of saying "Honey is harbor, there's locusts (literally: Dubai) in there." Well, after a fashion.

Oh, do you need to see how this all lays out on a map? 

Coming right up...

So as it happens, "Honey is Harbor, There's Locusts in There" will be aligned between the coastline bordered by Elizabeth Spa on the south, and Oracle Systems and Fraser Suites Dubai on the north/northeast.

And there's that Orion's Belt FLAP alignment again. Give or take.

Hey, how many times have I told you about this? I've warned you all a million times; it literally never ends. 

Anyway, all of this syncs up with our overarching narrative. Not only are the locusts identified with Apollo (in his incarnation as Apollyon, or Apollo the Destroyer) in Revelation 9:11, honey is also identified with prophecy in Revelation 10 and the Homeric Hymns as well.
And I went unto the angel, and said unto him, Give me the little book. And he said unto me, Take it, and eat it up; and it shall make thy belly bitter, but it shall be in thy mouth sweet as honey. 
And I took the little book out of the angel's hand, and ate it up; and it was in my mouth sweet as honey: and as soon as I had eaten it, my belly was bitter. 

And he said unto me, Thou must prophesy again before many peoples, and nations, and tongues, and kings. -- Revelation 10: 9-11
In the Greek tradition-- itself strongly influenced by its Babylonian antecedents-- honey is the very essence of prophecy. 

In fact, honey is the very currency of prophecy, particularly as it applies to the Thriae or "Bee Maidens" who taught Apollo the precognitive arts, who in turn grants those gifts to the Sibyls and Oracles:

They dwell in houses under a ridge of Parnassus —
teachers of divination, independent of myself.
When I was a herds-lad,
I practiced their art
though my father considered it not worth his attention.
From their station they flit about, hither and yon,
feeding on honeycombs,
bringing each thing to pass.
Eating yellow honey stimulates them
so that when they consume it
they wish to speak the truth;
but withhold from them this sweet food of the gods,
and when they swarm together like raging maenads
they utter falsehoods only. 

-- Homeric Hymn to Hermes

In this light, the verses "wakes to light the fire" and "to rip asunder what he saw" make me a little nervous, all the more so in light of the Sibyl's enviable prophetic track record.

Now, go on and call me crazy if you must, I've heard it all before. 

When you're done, do try to notice the sequence of "alamandite" (re: almandine garnet) and the "rooster eye on my star" correspond directly to January (whose birthstone is the garnet) and 2018 (still the Year of the Rooster at that point), when something seemed to wake and light the fire.

Which fire am I talking about?

Well, maybe its the "Ring of Fire." Which has been rather disconcertingly active as of late. Those are all the earthquakes in the past 24 hours:


Do note that this information- like pretty much everything I present here-- is taken from entirely mainstream news sources. Now, I certainly hope this will all blow over but "earthquake swarm" is not exactly reassuring language, is it?

And it's not as if these are all just piddly little temblors we're talking about here, they're getting increasingly stronger and more frequent.

Let's consult with an actual expert on the whole topic of Oracles and Sibyls:
"Above anything else (Apollo) was a god of oracles and prophecy - and the oracles he gave out were riddles, full of ambiguities and traps. It was the people who believed everything was bright and clear who ended up in trouble.  
"Often he's associated with bright music and song. And yet, especially in Anatolia, he had a very different side.   
"There songs were sung in his honour that were full of strange words, sung in an incantatory language no one could understand." - Peter Kingsley

Yeah, that's in effin' DUBAI

"I had no aspirations at all really. I just had a lot of something – what was it? So much sun, I suppose, running through me. All this wonderful sun!  
An Apollonian spiritif that is a word." - Elizabeth Fraser


And just because someone or something seems absolutely obsessed with hammering all of these signifiers into the same pegs every single time, note that Steven Chbosky-- who synced up Beauty and the Beast to the mighty "Pearly Dewdrops' Drops"--and by extension the Virgo-Leo 9/23 alignment and by inference, The Shape of Water-- signed with Orion Books for his new novel:
Imaginary Friend...focuses on Kate Reese, a single mother fleeing an abusive relationship by starting over in a new town, with her young son Christopher. Her world begins to unravel after Christopher vanishes into the Mission Street Woods – where 50 years earlier an eerily similar disappearance occurred. 
When her son emerges six days later, unharmed but not unchanged, he brings with him a secret: a voice only he can hear and a warning of tragedy to come.
What I'm saying...


* Gold Dust being a TN town upriver from Memphis, "honey is harbor" alluding to the Wolf River Honey brand, honey and locusts corresponding to John the Baptizer, and 'Fool's Gold' being the PBJ-bacon sandwich that killed Elvis in Memphis 20 years before Buckley, etc etc etc.

Compare "in my mouth it was sweet as honey" with "her honey mouth has got me all fool's gold." Fool's gold being a term for pyrite (literally "fire"), a metal used throughout the ancient world for religious and ritual purposes." 

And as we discussed before, Fraser's "her honey mouth has got me all fool's gold, her honey mouth has got me all fool's gold" is remarkably similar to Inanna's (Ishtar) pornographic ode to the shepherd-boy Dumuzi (Tammuz), "my honey-man sweetens me always. My lord, the honey-man of the gods."


  1. Funny that I am listening to Avenged Sevenfold - Beast and the Harlot, while reading this and sitting in a weather pattern called, "Beast from the East".

    Babylon is either Vatican or London, prob City of London. End of Money and onto Digital. Bitcoin = Beast System 666.

    1. Babylon is wherever Babylon needs to be. It isn't a particular location, it's an atmosphere that floats in some places at some times, that's the best way I can describe it.

      Bitcoin is the Beast System and it's also the very opposite of it. It originally tried to be the very opposite of it, but no longer is. The recent stock market crash wouldn't have happened if bitcoin couldn't be de-anonymized by The Powers That Be whenever they want to. This is something I mentioned in the forums where all my posts have been mysteriously deleted - so forgive me for sparing you the details, I'm trying to leave the info as available as possible. Read Cryptonomicon for background info on bitcoin, and Zerohedge and bitcoin sites for the connection between bitcoin, North Korea, and the stock market crash.

    2. Well, the way it's looking now Dubai is DubaiBylon, London is BabeLondon and Las Vegas is Babylon West. I'm sure there are a number of cities vying for Babylorient, including Singapore, Beijing and Tokyo.

      Searched ancient egypt Eagle, slew of protective amulets of eagle with pearl head came up. Thought you'd all like this image.

    4. I've heard Babylon referred to as Baby Lion and London as the Lion's Den.

  2. In terms of legendary "twin cities" London has a long claim of being the new Troy. The legend was first written down by Geoffrey of Monmouth. Best known for writing King Arthur fan fiction in the twelfth century.

    "The Stone has been called the Stone of Brutus, which relates to legend that it was part of an altar built by Brutus of Troy, the Trojan founder of London in around 1,000 BC. The myth links the Stone's safety to that of the city itself; 'So long as the stone of Brutus is safe, so long shall London flourish'."

    There is also a television drama about the fall of Troy running on the BBC now. I couldn't make myself stick with it but it will come as no shock to anybody that it starts from the perspective of the most important character in the story. Young Cassandra.

    1. Yeah, well, it's a bit of a sore spot with Spaniards how much like Troy London is, or rather, like the Greeks that invaded Troy. Perfidious Albion, and all that. Among other beauties, the English are trying to Mandela-effect into reality that Francis Drake did the first navigation around the world, as opposed to Spaniards Magellan and Juan Sebastian Elcano. Francis Drake is famous in Spain as the pirate that tried to raid the harbor city of La Corunna when the men able to bear arms were fighting elsewhere, and was kicked out by an army of local women armed with pitchforks and frying pans. I thought I'd just mention that to set the balance straight. I may live in Great Britain and be working on my British citizenship, but that doesn't mean that I'm not very aware of the extraordinary ability of the local elites to alter reality, with Masonic methods or otherwise.

    2. You may already know this, but "dandelion" actually means "lion's tooth". So the locust teeth may be like dandelions in some way.

      In Greek mythology, lion's teeth are relevant to the story of Hercules. His first task was slaying the Nemean lion. After killing it, he skinned it to make a coat for himself, and the hood was its head, with the lion's teeth around his face.

    3. I wasn't aware that Spain had any special claim on Troy. I know that there was confusion about it in the past but I assumed it was pretty much accepted today that it was located in modern day Turkey. The popular myth about Drake, other than his naval engagements, is that he brought the potato and tobacco to Europe but naturally he was also a privateer. Which is just a name for a state sponsored pirate.

      You probably know of the tradition of putting a dandelion under somebodies face and reflecting the sunlight onto them. The only "reason" for doing this is to find out if the person likes butter. I assume that children have to sort out the southerners who prefer olive oil on their bread. Anyway, a solar ritual designed to divine the truth.

      Then there is the other common flower, the daisy, or day's-eye, eye of Apollo. Hung on the head like a laurel of light.

    4. Speaking of the old world rising out of the ashes of the new, a major discovery was made of a temple to Aphrodite (meaning the Siren) in the city of Thessaloniki. We're seeing more and more of this.

  3. Here is another fashion Fraser sync. Pearly-dew-drop drones carrying Dolce & Gabanna handbags. Note the 'pearl' light on top of the drones. No need for human models! Syncra

    1. Excellent find. I'll be using that one soon. Thank you very much.

  4. I can't find a direct link between Almandine and Almond, but the homographic/phonic similarity led me to find out that the latter is directly connected to the secret sun...

    "Almonds, to the ancient world, represented semen and thus reproduction and immortality. They were connected with the Hebrews' sacred almond tree that, for them, stood for the apparent auto-generation of its adherents. Aaron's rod that budded was based upon this premise. Numbers 17:8

    The concept of auto-generative power of the almond bud is supported by God's sign to His people in using it. Its budding in support of Jehovah's choice of Moses and Aaron represented His invisible power and Godhead standing behind Aaron's priesthood and Moses as His ordained leader.

    Almond symbology speaks to rejuvenation, vigilance, and delicacy. The almond in this instance also represented power over political uprising, the authenticity of dynastic government, and the disposition of rebels resisting God's theocratic government."

    "The word "Luz", which appears in Genesis 30:37, is sometimes translated as "hazel", may actually be derived from the Aramaic name for almond (Luz), and is translated as such in some Bible versions such as the NIV."

    "As to symbols relating to the luz, let us note that the form of the mandorla ('almond'), which is also the meaning of the word luz or vesica piscis of the Middle Ages (cf. The Great Triad, chap. 2) also evokes that of the 'third eye'; the figure of Christ in glory within the mandorla thus appears to be identical to the 'Purusha in the eye' of the Hindu tradition; the expression insan al-'ayn, used in Arabic to designate the pupil of the eye, refers to the same symbolism."

    And of course, Vesica Piscis leads us to the symbol for barycentric intersection: (from )

    Further reading:

    1. This post coming from anyone else would have me question it, but knowing it came from you makes me think otherwise.
      SO, 'LUZ' or 'LUX' is 'LIGHT'; artificial 'luminous' flux per area..
      But you make no mention of 'light'; purposeful I would gather.
      So in my first book I talk about the relationship of the 'IRIS' of each eye to the 'third eye'.
      The 'twinning' black holes, the EYES to the one ABOVE (frequency; the THIRD 'EYE')
      This triangular relationship represents itself throughout our 'Anatomy'; MULTIPLE 'pyramids'!
      Our 'inherent' galactic gateway perhaps.
      As ABOVE, so BELOW.
      Maybe our only respite.
      More likely our 'duality' based 'reality' coming to bear.
      SPLIT the ONE.
      ONE is NOT 'split'!

    2. Thank you for this. Do we have evidence that almond and almandine are linked?

      Hazel is also the title of a Cocteau Twins song.

    3. We have very little in the way of evidence, but if there was a link, it appears that it has been lost to common knowledge (or a brief search for such).

      Apart from homophonic similarity, I find the linkage tenuous, but here's further material in case there is a link:

      Almond etymology:
      kernel of the fruit of the almond tree, c. 1300, from Old French almande, amande, earlier alemondle "almond," from Vulgar Latin *amendla, *amandula, from Latin amygdala (plural), from Greek amygdalos "an almond tree," a word of unknown origin, perhaps from Semitic. Late Old English had amygdales "almonds."

      Alabanda ( ), is where Almandine ( ) is found, and is located in Doğanyurt, Aydın Province, Turkey, which happens to be 80km from Mugla which is a key producer of almonds.
      "Almonds in Turkey are generally produced in provinces having Aegean or Mediterranea climates. In this regard, the main almond growing provinces in Turkey are Mugla and Mersin where about one quarter of the Turkish almond production is realized. Especially the Datca district of Mugla, and the Bozyazi and Anamur districts of Mersin have been specialized in almond production."

      (qv )

    4. I might as well add that Göbekli Tepe is just over a thousand km to the east, so if the almond has been sacred since time immemorial, southern Turkey could well be the region of its birthplace (in this cycle).

  5. Chris,

    In The Gold Dust Rush reminded me of the song After the Gold Rush by Neil Young (of whom it was well known was also tight with Charlie Manson for a while) that also sung of the environment, space ships, 'selected royalty' to appear, chosen ones, etc.

    It's become quite the lovely world, hasn't it?

    1. The late Michael Hedges did a lovely cover of After the Gold Rush. In the Gold Dust Rush is one of those songs that feels like it was written five thousand years ago- the chorus make me pictures gods striding Cretan harbors like Talos.

  6. That thing with Donald Trump holding the glowing orb happened the day before the Manchester bombing where *Ariadne* (Minotaur) / Arianna Grande lured the children to be sacrificed(on her Dangerous Woman tour that ended on the Autumn Equinox - Harvest festival ).
    Theseus is Orion next to Taurus (Minotaur) opposite Galactic Centre

    And for maximum effect;
    Manchester attack: 'Treatment delayed' for bomb victims (for up to an hour)

    Donald 'Trump' was depicted as the Emperor sitting on a coiled American flag but on The Judgement card on the front cover of the Economist 2017. And there was the Grenfell Tower (Trump Tower / 16th Trump card) fire that killed 71 people just 23 days after the Manchester bombing.

    Manchester bombing May 22nd - 22 victims (23 including bomber)
    22/23 days later was the Grenfell Tower fire (both events occurred at night so count of days not precise) .

    1. Yeah the 'pop diva' leading the slaves to the slaughter.
      But look at the bright side; her music goes PLATINUM!
      Fucking pathetic.

    2. Yes, I covered that in an earlier post. Give it a read--

  7. Honey was used to preserve psychoactive mushrooms in the ancient world . . .

    1. That could certainly be one good explanation for "sweet in the mouth, bitter in the belly."

  8. Speaking of pearls, are any of you familiar with the work of artist Ivana Basic. It's certainly informed my imagination of what the grotesque reality of a transgenic future for post-humans could look like. Where do pearls come from? Oysters, of course!

    1. Wow- her work falls right in line with all the other inhumanism we're seeing rise in the so-called art world. Thank you, MM.

  9. Great post! I think I know how the ‘Gucci Hallucinations’ video might of played out.

    Gucci: hey Ignasi Monreal, we want you to be in our new promo video. Do you think you can be Wes Anderson if he was a pedophila serial killer that dumps his lifeless victims in a pond mimicking in a ritualistic fashion Ophelia?

    Ignasi Monreal: Hold my 49$ appletini.

    Side note. I watched the Gucci winter line video too and I got to say, the man (Alessandro Michele) behind the ritual I mean designs, has a uncanny similarity to Charles Manson.. just sayin

    1. Very possibly not a coincidence. Thank you, Weirdie.

    2. Ha ha yeah it’s all very interesting times indeed. I do love your work and it’s been getting the mental yoga working on me for years, so thank you for that! Oh and I saw this on my feed this morning.

  10. Found some interesting interpretations of locust symbolism in the New Testament:


    "The locusts in Revelation 9 come from the Abyss, and thus are demons; their sound is like that of the glory-chariot of God. The locust army is a demonic parody of the glory of God, an “anti-glory cloud,” if you will. This casts new light on all the references to locust plagues and locust-armies in the Old Testament. It suggests that the real enemies behind Israel’s enemies were the demonic armies of Satan, just as the hosts of Israel were accompanied into battle by hosts of angels. The warfare of Israel and her enemies was a type and a visible working-out of the warfare of Michael and Satan."

    With regards to Revelations, there could be a whole other level of interpretation that's getting overlooked here. Namely, the possibility of entheogen use:


    "As we continue down this path of a trance state, let’s return to Benny Shannon as he discusses the visions of Moses. Shannon points out the similarities between the experiences of Moses and those of individuals who have consumed the South American entheogenic brew Ayahuasca. He states that the three main features of both an Ayahuasca experience and of Moses visions, are Fire, Fear of Death, and Synesthasia.

    One can see these features in the Theophany on Mt. Sinai:

    And it came to pass on the third day in the morning that there were thunders and lightnings and a thick cloud upon the mount and the voice of the trumpet exceeding loud; so that all the people that was in the camp trembled. . . . And all the people saw the thunderings, and the lightnings, and the noise of the trumpet, and the mountain smoking (Exodus, 19.16; 20.18).

    After the laws were given to the Israelites, the people offered sacrifices to their God and: They saw the God of Israel and there was under his feet as it were a paved work of sapphire stone, and as it were the body of heaven in his clearness. . . . And the sight of the glory of the Lord was like devouring fire on the top of the mount in the eyes of the children of Israel (Exodus, 24.10, 17).

    The similarities between this vision of god and that of John of Patmos’ being are very clear. John’s passage also contains all of the salient features of an Ayahuasca experience, according to Shannon. The being he sees is bright, his “his eyes were like a flame of fire”. When John sees him he falls to his feet, “as though dead.” And although this passage does not contian synethsesia specifically, Revelation is rife with the imagery of visualized thunder and the trumpeting of angels.

    According to Shannon, Moses likely had his own particular visions through consuming a mixture of Acacia resin, which contains DMT, and Peganum harmala, which contains harmaline, an MAOI, which would be the basic formula used in Ayahuasca brews. Given the similarities in these visions, then, it would be possible that John of Patmos was consuming such a brew – Acacia and Peganum harmala would have been present on Patmos at the time of his writing, and if this mixture was, as suggested by Shanon, a holy sacrament known to individuals who truly understood the Old Testament of the Bible, then John may well have known of it."

    1. Outstanding data, David. It's all starting to coagulate, isn't it? Everything seems so interwoven.

    2. Wow...had never heard of Shanon and his work. McKenna certainly postulated Revelation being an illustrated shroom trip but don't think he mentioned the presence of the ayahuasca components...Anyhow, I like Shanon's response here to some criticism regarding his theories:

    3. Ezequiel also seems to be about a drug trip. He had to eat the honey roll to engage the entities.

  11. Mr Knowles,

    Thought you might find this interesting. Dont know where Henderson Nevada is in proximity to Vegas. Definitely looks like something is falling (if not being blasted) to Earth. I scoured the trenches of youtube to find a link without useless commentary.

    On another topic. Dont know if you even have the time to incorporate such leisurely activities such as video games in your schedule but here goes. The subject of gold dust has been one of contention amongst a certain gaming community in the form of a much dreaded system called...microtransactions. The game I speak of is both the titles in the Destiny franchise. But first, some background.

    Destiny is a franchise developed by an infamous gaming company called Bungie who are also the creators of the immensely influential Halo games. Bungie has a history of going with high science fiction themes and aesthetics and are typically executed very well. The Halo franchise (unbeknownst to me at the time) dealt with very Secret Sun-esque topics i.e. Super soldiers/long dead advanced civilizations/advanced AI/military propaganda/child experimentation/religiously suicidal alien conglomerations and panspermic zombie singularity. Needless to say, they were gettting some broad themes across to a huge market however watered down they may be in game. *the books/comics and other media continued to flesh out the universe*

    Destiny was a hugely anticipated follow up to Bungie's Halo franchise and was set to focus on a blend of old school fantasy and science fiction. What's compelling about Destiny is that it takes place in our local solar system. Not a long time ago in a galaxy far far away. Of the local selections you can venture to as of Destiny 2 you can visit: the Moon, Mars, Venus, the Asteroid Belt (called the Reef), Mercury, Nessus, Io, Titan, as well as a few locations on Earth and a derelict space fortress stalled in the ring of Saturn. As I was playing the first game I was blown away by the occult and gnostic references they had slipped into the game via armor and weapons names. It was way too involved for it to be nothing. There was also a lot of controversy at Bungie pre-release of the first game because their longtime writing lead (who oversaw the entirety of Halo) quit after putting the final touches on Destiny. Supposedly Bungie had scrapped what he had written though I suspect otherwise. Someone has finally posted a disection of Destiny's themes through a gnostic lense online but it would be seen as nerd talk gibberish to those who havent played.

    1. Gold dust rush also reminds me of white power or monatomic gold, especially when it comes to a spot like Dubai.

      Halo- of course. Angels, Nephilim. Just keep popping up time and again.

    2. Yeah the mysterious life giving qualities in gold that for some reason the ancient godmen "created" us to mine. For economic reasons or consumption?

      I might also add that the entire story of Destiny revolves around the protection of humanity's "last city" which it is aptly called. It rests beneath the shadow of a sleeping god called the Traveler which brought about humanity's space traveling "golden age" where it traveled from planet to planet terraforming each body to make it explorable by humans. This is all verbatum from the game.

      I had a conversation recently with my Dad about which cities would be the defining points to carry us into what a "city of the new paradigm" would be. New York and Tokyo are old news. Dubai, Canberra, Astana...the construction and archetecural choices being employed in these cities suggest more than merely being flashy. Its like they're attempting to encapsulate the next paradigm.

  12. (Cont.)

    ANYWAYS. I've always felt that the games (If you did the digging to research its lore) was a soft disclosure on what an age of space faring might entail. The series is worth digging into from my perspective because if I were to disseminate what would be a widely experienced simulation to the public dealing with these concepts in "prep" for something...this is how I would do it.

    Back to gold dust. Microtransactions have been a hot topic amongst the gaming community because it is virtually enforcing a literal pay to play system (maybe even caste system) in gaming worlds. Destiny is an MMORPG (massive multi-player online role playing game) and you can play alongside players with their gear and equiptment. Bungie has made the money grubbing decision (as had many developers) to release a deliberately "unfinished" game with all pf the best loot and flashy gear locked behind a pay wall. Thus, only people with a shit ton of money can and do pay real life cash to get the best gear. This is inteded to (and does) motivate players to spend their money on digital currency in order to purchase items that should have already been included in the loot pool from the get go.

    The kiosk in the social area of Destiny is run by a ficticious company called Eververse. This company was introduced in the first game where the player could willingly spend cash to get purely cosmetic items that would have zero effect on the gameplay. Bungie promised the public that it would not push these lines further. They lied. The sequel had the developers (possibly preassured by their partners at Activision) locking up all the good loot because apparently basement trolls have no problem spending their parents money on nonphysical fetishes.

    HOWEVER, the game does allow the player to earn these rewards by partaking in an unholy grind to achieve GOLD DUST to buy these items. There are literally millions of gamers around the world devoting countless of hours to earn this dust so they can earn a part of a game they've been cheated out of. It is an extremely heated topic about the future of games and their relationship with the public and is on the radar for many who pay attention to such things. Popular games like movies can be a widespread simulation or indoctrination. I find it interesting the synchronistic architecture can be examined across many forms of media and effecting swathes of the public that goes unnocticed by others. The concept of gold dust may not be seen as a daily problem for some readers but to the Destiny community...its a hassle.

    Could be nothing. Could be something. As is the way with these things.


    1. Thanks for that insight Dr. UU. I stopped playing games on the PS1 but was sure the conditioning was still going on.

    2. On a more general note regarding gaming and the use of computers and game consoles, what's jumped out to me for years is the massive amounts of energy involved. The human energy, attention and focus to something that provides no profit or, as you noted, a net loss, is nevertheless increasing it would seem.

      Who the hell is harvesting all this energy and how? It's gotta be more than "gold dust" though OTOH perhaps this has been the intended set up/goal all along. Or is it simply a set up to drain energy that might otherwise be used in ways some might prefer not happen? It used to be people did random energy-expending things like sports, crafts, hobbies and artistic endeavors, all of which tended to have at least some benefit, even if only social. Now though even the social element seems to be receding from computer-based gaming (supposedly a viciously anti-social world in at least some realms from what I've read).

    3. Finally someone else is asking this question; ENERGY consumption.
      'IT', energy, is literally 'food' to us; check MANA or CHI or PRANA if you disagree.
      And yes the 'breath' is activating this; This is why eastern disciplines focus on the BREATH.
      But in reality, it is NOT 'raw stuff' we gather substance from right?
      It is 'ESSENCE' of such 'raw stuff' that gives 'energy' to our bodies which are also 'energy'; This whole bloody thing is just 'energy'!
      In a computer simulated 'reality' you would have 'programs' hacking other 'programs' for such 'energy'.
      It takes a LOT of 'energy' to keep 'LA LA LAND' functional.
      The delusional 'dream' of 'AI'.

    4. My only problem with these games is how all-consuming they can become and how they literally rewire your neural circuits. I also have to wonder what the intent is with all the symbolism is and where it's supposed to be leading.

    5. Speaking on rewiring neural circuits. The vernacular used by extreme gamers is extremely nihilistic. Cant tell you how many people I've heard just absent mindedly uttering "die die die," when they're involved in a game. Probably in no other time in history have people been saying such depraved things about other people so regularly and consistantly. I think the "troll culture" phenomenon might have its roots in this cultural rewipe (that and the formation of the chans and the weirder corners of Adult Swim).

      Words being vibration and vibration being energy and all. Gaming could be a reach around to get us saying terrible things in the same way that movies have us cheering for the death of the villain. Which is still by all acounts the snuffing out of a living thing. Funny when the double think would have most "civilized" westerners abhorred at the thought of killing a cockroach. Smh.

    6. Lucifer is Jupiter (Iūpiter) in the morning. The Roman Goddess Fortuna, bearer of the cornucopia, fountain of unearned riches. Her symbol is the wheel of fortune. The other morning star is Venus/Aphrodite, goddess of love, beauty, fertility, prosperity. Every time you are eager to check a new message on your phone, open a loot box in a game, straight up gamble money on a slot machine, you are being compelled by technology to worship fate and forget about love.

      Fortuna has other, new, names for gamers. RNGesus (Random Number Generator Jesus). Nuffle (From Warhammer, NFL, Great God of dices.)

    7. As a gamer since the 80's, I have no use for MMORPG's. I have gone back to playing old games I played way back when they were new, like Baldur's Gate. I spent 10 years playing World of Warcraft, and came to realize that the entire "social" aspect of gaming is mostly toxic and unhealthy (in the way people basically devote their entire lives to these games). I still like playing single player games, but not obsessively. I just play instead of watching TV or surfing the net. The obsessive aspect is by design, I have no doubt (and not just for profit).


    1. Yeah, that story just keeps getting weirder and scarier every day. The official narrative has collapsed for all but the stupidest and/or most evil shills and their Twittard attack poodles..

    2. An anymous EMT so take that for what it's worth.

    3. This may or may not be related.

      Wherever might a group like ANTIFA come up with the idea of recruiting the mentally ill? It all seems so familiar for some reason.

  14. (yawns)...Well, at least you've finally shifted your focus to another song!
    But, if I could remind you - as you try to read significance into names of streets and buildings adjacent (or in some cases not-so-adjacent) to these ostensibly ritualistic / pre-apocalyptic events - that Elizabeth and Fraser are both very, very common names (as is Davidson). Sometimes a coincidence is just a coincidence.

    1. Which part of DUBAI in the United ARAB EMIRATES did you not understand? This isn't Glasgow, sunshine.

    2. It was built to appeal to westerners - they can’t pronounce or read Arabic so it really isn’t that mind blowing of a coincidence.

    3. That's not the coincidence. Elizabeth-Oracle-Fraser-Locust-Harbor-Atlantis is the sync.

      Pay better attention.

    4. I am but it is not a coincidence if it's purposeful. We can't be amazed at the obvious. Shake a fist at those who are dense but the very Anglo-centric western view (with a dash of northeastern u.s. pathos) you are sugeest is guiding the fate of the world can be challenged. If not, your stance is weak.

    5. I have no idea what you just said but thank you anyway.

    6. I think they mean: Fight the Archons.

  15. Priestess of effing fire? On a slab of some sort? Are you effing flippin' freakin' bloody well kiddin' me? And listen, Chris, I was prepared to go whole hog on the 'Chris is nuts' bandwagon, but even a rationalist 'nothing to see here' kinda guy, well I have my limits. I get it. This so obvious it's insulting. We're smarter than that! Listen, cabal, greyface, secret grade school wannabe warlocks, if you are going to dial up some faux bullshit like this superstitious nonsense, do us a favour and flatter our intellect with maybe a cryptic puzzle or two. For whatever's sake guys, this is just hoorific. And that transgene/transinhumanist pure nitromare a veteran of far too many horror movies to the point where I'm jaded, what the hell is that thing doing being there?

    On another subject, there's a Cern logo, deeply buried in their site, I could try and find it, or find a link. Anyways, it has a tiny Alice looking at a giant eye vortex/anus looking thing, rays going inward, in different colours, some of them that muted orange, and a half hexagon eyebrow, and all of it creepy as hell. Just want to see your take on it, although you are probably neck deep in take is anything but good, so there's that.

    1. Brrrrryyyce: Oh, yes... that logo. Looks like Luci. That logo, it says: "shhh..."

      casey: i think of the movie "AngelBaby". Just synced.

    2. The whole "Chris is nuts" thing is just a defense mechanism. I get it, it doesn't bother me. It eventually melts away like butter on a hot skillet as each new revelation piles atop the previous. I'm a patient man.

      I understand that this is all bonkers and impossible. That's the whole point, really. I'm not saying this isn't all insane. It is, but here we are. Realize what insane times we live in.

    3. Thought Exercise: Someone made the valid point that all this symbolism in Dubai isn't for the locals.
      *Who was responsible for the place names?
      *Who do they work for (developers I would think- being owned by whom? - The locals didn't care a pfennig for the Cocteau Twins in the 80s, now or ever.
      *I had a little fun with looking up some of these tent-poles in Arabic - anyone can do it these days.
      Strawberry ives me 2 words: 'ahmar kalfurawila, 'ahmar kalfurawila, and tut ardy - I am guessin g they are regionalisms- maybe one is Egyptian, one classic Arabic and another something like Iraqi Arabic,which all differ like Spanish in Spain and Mexico do.
      Try this kind of thing wih Korean and Chinese maybe.
      Or is this blog exploring the contours of a univers that is asynaesthetic hologram

  16. Your recent post about the pace of events accelerating, as though the Borg felt its time were limited, makes me wonder if their time is indeed limited. Someone makes a deal with the devil knowing full well that the balance comes due eventually, not matter how that someone sqirms and plots to get out of it. I think the movie "Angelheart," had that as its premise. Wonder if all the CERNs and AIs aren't enough to prevent the bill from coming due.

    1. I agree with this. the bible does say god will quicken the timing right, like out of mercy for his peeps? also anyone thought that rev 9 may all be about 9/11? I don't think rev is linear?

    2. I hope you're right, Casey. The point is to recognize that the rules have apparently been changed and nothing seems to work the way we thought it did.

    3. Speaking of CERN and AI, while having periodically run into people associated with both, I've yet to dare ask any meaty questions. Any thoughts from other readers on what they might ask given such an opportunity? I assume most are bound by NDAs, though there may still be some peripheral questions to be asked.

  17. "Fraser-cult" "Now, go on and call me crazy"

    Maybe your subconscious is trying to tell you something. Hey baby I hear the blues are callin'... ♫

  18. This art theme is everywhere.

    Thank you Chris.

  19. I.apologize if I’m repeating myself but I think spam filter ate my comment a couple of Chris’s posts back; specifically the last one that mentioned Oannes. Anyhoo “conservative” cable outlet One America Network News, features the descending eagle prominently. On the actual broadcasts animation of the descending eagle is very reminiscent of the football logo and features an orange background.
    I’m sure you’re all gobsmacked.
    One last thing, the references to honey and prophecy and bees call to mind T. McKennas psilocybin hypotheses

    1. Good eye. Like I said, we're looking at an emergent archetypal dominant.

    2. The honey link or the eagle link? The eagle link, at least some of the time, is a stand-in for the US itself when viewed as a symbol. Ben Franklin favored the turkey. Here's an interesting link to his role designing the US Seal:

    3. Forgot to mention to note the other birds that were considered.

      "Three other kinds of birds were suggested by William Barton of the third committee: a rooster, a dove, and a "phoenix in flames."

  20. Some would testify the Orbs are "the Ancients" aka Angels from Primordial dreams.These glowing "plasmastic' globes / saucers have been known to appear near 'unexplained' Crop Circles,Sacred Sights and reported a
    often as UFOs.

    1. Yeah, I've seem them in action. It's quite a site to behold. Thank you.

  21. The prophet John the Baptist lived off of honey and locusts...

  22. Wasn't sure where to put this, so just decided on the most recent post :).
    Check this article out on what Japan is intending to roll out for the next summer Olympics in Tokyo. Yes, the toys are being rolled out and it's in-your-face Minority Report shit.

  23. *DELETE*
    Not implying weakness or wishing you bad luck. I don't feel it's entirely just to switch off with so many vulnerable, well-meaning people shuffling along in dream-state. Feel like it's Defcon Zero and knowing someone stays on the scent is a blessing and a curse.

    That's the long. Here's the short.

    Staying close to this and other work while continuing to stack my own files and grow in my difficult regular jay-oh-bee(fine dining) are a part of my life.

    Keep on digging- or fill some holes, if it suits ye. Sympathetic observer, colossal fan. Peace.

  24. Hi Chris
    I think there is a real connection betweenthe Pearl theme, and the global flap of White & Orange Plasma balls/orbs/spheres being seen in the skys all over the world, beginning in 2013 and continuing right up to the end of 2017.
    Which correlates with the Heavy Sun activity from 2013 to 2017 and ending early 2018, "the beginning of solar Minimum."

    Something "is" taking place that has all to do with "The Sun" -Light energy/Plasma/orbs/electrmagnetic energy.

    I have video of a pair flying over my house.
    Blew my Mind.

    Alot of talk in the "Treatise On Cosmic Fire" By Alice Bailey.


  25. Man of Perdition=Apollyon? > both from apollumi word origin, doesn't have to mean destroyer, can also mean to lose, to perish, remove, cancel out, to be lost, utterly perish
    Luther Bible > Man of Perdition translated as das verlorene Kind = the lost child
    Thomas Didymus = name means twin twin
    Renne le Chateau shows two babies, not one
    Did Jesus have a twin?
    Antichrist = acting in place of
    I'm wondering if in Revelations the references to man of perdition (to me has always meant "lost man" as a Spanish speaker (perder)), Apollyon, and Antichrist as actually all referencing Jesus' lost twin brother? I'm not saying I don't believe in Satan, demons, fallen, Nephalim, etc. but that Revelations seems to be hinting at more -- I mean why have so many really specific, different names for one or two bad guys?
    God bless you!
    PS - I also think the Earth sphere is the great delusion, the beast is the Catholic Church and NASA is the dragon. Ash Wednesday it occurred to me people had taken the mark on their foreheads. Very literal

    1. The Catholic Church being 'The Beast' is trope of Protestantism going back to the battle between the C of E and the Popes. Continues to this day.

    2. ok paul well you don't know who/what the beast is, any more than the rest of us. just throwing out an idea - i'm not slamming catholics, i would propose that the vast majority are good folks who have no idea if their system is broken. and just as an aside, I came to this opinion on my own not via some protestant conspiracy - and i'm sure my humble opinion will change but that's where i'm at right now.

  26. ...and the DRONESTAGRAM (yep, that's a word) award for 2017 goes to... Dubai!

  27. Bollywood actress drowned in Dubai hotel bathtub

  28. Down under in OZ at 66 million ...

    Opalized Pearl. Opal is OPEL (body or vehicle) LOPE (run or jog or movement) and POLE (center, foci, stone, flag).

    OPEL LOPE POLE was in found in watermark egg of Hamilton's Head with the 10 Dollar bill released at 911 Patriot Act DAY. 3/2

    "The clincher is that both the renewal of the Patriot Act and the release of Ten Dollar Bill occur on the same day, March 2nd 2006. Clearly they are the same thing, a prelude to fire, a dragon conjured who whirls around the center, devouring chariots and occupants alike and in so doing, leading all the little participants to see from its perspective, through its eye.

    Humanity is passing through the small door, the hour glass singularity, the looking glass of the eye of God, and will be illuminated. As the book of Hebrews says ‘Our God is a consuming fire’ and in Corinthians 'God will be All in All' mate nicely with the promised ceremony of Aleister Crowley. Prometheus lights the way for Atlas as he carries the world to its destination. Atlas with face downcast and burdened, so Cain like, will chuck the burden to walk free. All those who have artistically seen the torch and its two fold light, one of leading, the other of burning away, come to the same conclusion, their minds full grown and manlike, after suffering a ‘no name Maddox’ like event. Clearly the destruction of individual identities, which cannot cross the abyss, to the one identity, the eye in the triangle, is the one thing of all vision, to be 'full grown YHWH'."

    1. I thought Atlas 'shrugged' about the time Thatcher began her premiership and Reagan got elected?

  29. I've decided I'll be putting a bit more effort into doing my homework when it comes to stuff in this blog from now on. You guys are mostly nice and helpful and I really shouldn't let 99% of that effort go to waste. Let's aim for only 98% waste.

    Thanks for the heads up on the Ring of Fire. It's been... disconcertinly instructive to do some research about it.

    1. setting the bar high, i like it. :) i used to read your posts on mysterious writings.

    Barbra Streisand took a bite out of science to recreate her beloved dog.

    The actress...posed with her two Coton de Tulear dogs that she cloned from her late dog Samantha, who died in 2017.

    Streisand used cells from the dog's mouth and stomach to form Miss Violet and Miss Scarlett. She also adopted Miss Fanny while awaiting the clones.
    "They have different personalities," Streisand told Variety. "I'm waiting for them to get older so I can see if they have her brown eyes and her seriousness."
    Barbra Streisand and her dog Samantha (Sammie), who she used to clone her two new dogs after the pet’s death. Streisand dressed the two clones in different colors in order to tell them apart when they first arrived.

  31. Last week I made a comment about the sudden proliferation of quadruple jumps in olympic skating, saying quints were no doubt on the way. And voilà:

  32. I recently watched a new film and an old one...
    Black Panther and Carpenter's Starman... Lots of hi-tech (=magic) orbs-pearls in them

  33. aldebaran, ruddy star?

  34. Appreciate the recommendation. Let me try it out.

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