Friday, December 01, 2017

Beauty and the Beast (of Revelation), Part 1

Ruby Stars and Ruddy Cups....

Well, it's nearly 6 AM and I've been up all night poring over this material. And I have to say it's taken me in a direction I was not expecting. I really am beginning to wonder if we actually are all video game characters in some large-scale version of The Nines, because I feel as if this entire narrative was written long in advance of me stumbling onto it. 

Other than the ways you might think, in light of the subject matter.

It's way past my bedtime and there's a lot of material to look at here, so I'll go through this as quickly as I can, since it's clearly something I am going to be revisiting. A lot.

I can't quite explain it yet, but I feel this September 23rd alignment was extremely significant, if not actually for the reasons one might assume. What it could well have been is a kind of signal, for some pre-planned program to go into effect. 

I know a lot of Evangelicals were debunking the Revelation 12 connection and I defer to their expertise, but still-- it means something.

Like I said, I don't know exactly what yet. I'm fielding all offers and suggestions.

This little corner of the sky seems highly significant as well, as you'll see when we look at the Beauty and the Beast films. If you have any particularly erudite theories or observations, again, please let me know. 

And the Revelation 12 business did get me looking again at St. John's Apocalypse, as it's pretty ripe with Astrology and Numerology.  Having spent a lot of time studying the constellations, this bit here got my attention straight off. Why? Because I believe the Beast from the Sea is actually another timestamp. 

Here's why... you can see my take on the Beast from the Sea is that it's a description of the Cancer-Leo cusp, which in sidereal astrology is July 23, the day Our Lady made her inexplicable appearance at Royal Albert Hall. That's highly significant in and of itself, but it also may have another meaning according to when this cusp falls on the calendar today.

Here's a visual for the "rising up out of the sea" business vis a vis Cancer.

But the alignment with Ursa Major really got the old Spidey-sense a'tinglin'. Why? Because of this passage, which immediately brought this odd little item to mind...

...about the Supernova in Ursa Major. 

This story is from 2014, but as we'll soon see it heated up again, no pun intended. But do note the position of the Supernova...

...which lies above the Great Bear's head. Meaning it's a head wound. To the Beast.

Why is this important? Oh, don't go asking questions you may not like the answers to....

....because this Supernova-- again, the head-wound of the Beast-- isn't acting quite the way it should. It seems to have healed, so to speak.

And the world seems to be wondering with great admiration. Why?

Because none of our current theories on supernovas seem to fit the phenomena, that's why. 

So scientists can't help but wonder, "Who is like this Beast? Who can make war with him?" Well, not war, actually. But you know what I'm getting at.

Stop being such a stickler.

As to the Dragon who gives authority to this Beast, do note that Draco-- the Dragon-- sits above Ursa Major, in fact his tail ends right at the Supernova, at least according to this diagram down there...

...a War in Heaven, indeed. There's the Dragon, above ("giving authority to") the Beast. 

It's fascinating to read the headlines on this Risen Beast. It seems to be quite a year for the stargazers, no? Quite an autumn for them, actually.

The Zombie Star- which isn't dying like it's supposed to, which is behaving in defiance of the Laws of Nature-- certainly reminded me of the next passage here... defying the Laws of Nature you might argue the Zombie Beast is defying the Laws of God, even sinning against his "dwelling"-- meaning, the stars in their fixed positions. 

There seems to be some confusion as to how long this thing's been at its Walking Dead LARP. If it started in with this routine in September of 2014, that would make it 38 months. Give or take.

Yeah, there it is. Have no clue what it means in the long run, but it all fits so far.

Perhaps this is some kind of omen of a War upon the Saints, however you choose to interpret that. More celestial violence? An "As Above, So Below" outbreak of religious violence or repression down here?

Place your bets in the comments section.

But it seems to be Draco's turn next, to play the Beast rising from the Earth. Do note that the Draconids rained from the Heavens in early October, peaking before the Orionids-- or the Nephalia-- took over.

And wouldn't you know it? Astronomers recommend you look for the Draconids by orienting yourself to-- you know it, you love it-- Vega.

As it happens, Vega is roomies with the Dragon's Eyes in that little corner of the night sky. 

Something to remember when reading about our little visitor from Vega, Oumuamua, whose name really means "one sent forward before a battle to discover the position of the enemy."

Sensing a thruline here?

Remember that our Vegan visitor was also claimed to be glowing a metallic red, a "great wonder" indeed. Plus, Dragonids ("fire coming down from Heaven").

And of course our friends at SpaceseX-- makers of the Dragon capsule-- are considering sending their new BFR (three guesses what that stands for) after that pesky little advance scout.

And you could certainly argue the BFR is an "image" of Oumuamua. Or of a 50s-vintage vibrator. One-track mind, Musk and his little crew there.

Consider all of that (except the vibrator stuff) when you look at this diagram, showing us that this Zombie Beast Which Blasphemes Against the Laws of God in His Dwelling is just a short Dragon away from Los Vegas Who Kept Not Their First Estates.

Bear all that in mind when we get to the next big guest star in the Heaven or The Vegas blockbuster: that haughty, naughty Whore of Babylon, getting the inhabitants of the Earth drunk on the wine coolers of her fornications for countless millennia.

Some might be tempted to name blameless Virgo as the Great Sex Worker of the Apocalypse, but note our little Trollop is sitting on the Beast here. So my vote goes to that weird pile of hair known as Coma Berenices.

The image probably comes from our old friend Qadesh (or whatever), the Whore Goddess of Egypt via Canaan via Babylon. These guys knew their religious symbolism.

Case in point, Coma Bernenices was pictured as Isis on her throne in Egyptian astrology. So they were kind of mixing and matching. A mash-up, if you will.

Berenice was named for a real person, an Egyptian queen who sacrifice her locks to Aphrodite-- or Qadesh -- to ensure her husband victory in battle. This would have been seen as a disgrace by early Christians since shaving a woman's head was a customary punishment for adultery. 

Or fornication, if you prefer. Follow?

So since the Wig of Babylon sits beside the waters- Alexandria, in this particular instance-- she seems to be riding the Beast of the Sea- ie., this conjunction of Leo, Leo Minor and Ursa Major at the cusp of Leo and Cancer, with Hydra- the other Dragon-- giving the Beast his seat, quite literally in this case. And Crater is the Cup of Abominations.

The Leopard thing really fascinates me because we're told that Leo Minor didn't even exist at the time of the writing of this passage. 

But I guess that's why they call it The Book of Revelation, right?

The Takeaway here? Well, it looks like the Book of Revelation is a star map and is probably describing the here and now. Maybe not in the bad 90s Arnold Schwarzenegger movie kind of way, but the day is still young. 

So what does this have to do with Beauty and the Beast and Our Lady of Oracles? 

The question actually is what doesn't it have to do with them?

UPDATE: Well, well, isn't this timely? An anonymous reader points us to this story...

AUSTIN, Texas -- The first-known original Greek copy of a heretical Christian writing describing Jesus' secret teachings to his brother James has been discovered at Oxford University by biblical scholars at The University of Texas at Austin.

To date, only a small number of texts from the Nag Hammadi library -- a collection of 13 Coptic Gnostic books discovered in 1945 in Upper Egypt -- have been found in Greek, their original language of composition. But earlier this year, UT Austin religious studies scholars Geoffrey Smith and Brent Landau added to the list with their discovery of several fifth- or sixth-century Greek fragments of the First Apocalypse of James, which was thought to have been preserved only in its Coptic translations until now.
"To say that we were excited once we realized what we'd found is an understatement," said Smith, an assistant professor of religious studies. "We never suspected that Greek fragments of the First Apocalypse of James survived from antiquity. But there they were, right in front of us."
The ancient narrative describes the secret teachings of Jesus to his brother James, in which Jesus reveals information about the heavenly realm and future events, including James' inevitable death.



  1. MrCati has been like a drunk on a kebeb for 9/23 all year (or is that 2 years)...

  2. "Astrology is a science which is based upon the fact that all acts, things, and events are exteriorized thoughts." Thinking and Destiny by Harold Percival

    1. Astrology is the science that has been occulted to avoid frightening the horses (upsetting the plebs).

      It can be used to foretell our future in the same sense that a calendar can be used to predict our seasons.

      Just as heliocentricity was once occult, so, today, barycentricity is occult (Sun+SecretSun).

    2. It needs to be done properly. There's a lot of really crap Astrology out there. I tend to only pay attention to the major movements now. I don't think an Astrologer can advise you which tie to wear to an interview. But then again, maybe I haven't met the right Astrologer.

  3. In a Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire a red comet is appears when magic, and Dragons reappear in that world. It is seen as an omen by many different characters and is also called the Red Messenger and the Red Sword:

    Not really mentioned in show, but prevalent in the books is a constellation known as the Ice Dragon whose eye (or the eye of its rider) is a bright star that commentator and podcaster lucifermeanslightbringer has linked possibly with Vega as a pole star or with our Draco constellation.

    In the last season finale we saw the white dragon on the show killed and resurrected as an icy undead dragon. One of the only other mentioned white dragons in the series was called Vhagar:

    This season also saw Jon Snow's parentage finally revealed and his father, Rhaegar, has been frequently noted in the books as playing a harp (Lyre). Jon also has many parallels with Mithras:

    The story has been building toward maximum crisis, with dragons at the center of it all. It all seems to be happening in real time in parallel with the Crisis Turning of the Strauss-Howe Generational Theory. I'd also note that the Marvel Cinematic universe has also unfolded as a drive toward maximum crisis in real-time to that Theory:

    Neil Howe suggested the 4th turning began with the financial crisis of 2008. Same year Iron Man premiered.

    1. I've listened to the Westoros podcast when Lucifer means Lightbringer was a guest. The mythical astronomy of ice and fire was interesting.

    2. I'd guess that all that is being culled from historical sources, given what we know about comets and their effects in history. If you can nail down the references here and how they relate to events out-of-universe, I'd like to hear them.

  4. All very interesting stuff. Keep at it, my friend.
    Skin in the game, perhaps to note - my birthday is Sep 22... and there's this thing with my Moon being 28 deg Leo, the same as the Moon/Sun conjunction of this 2017's apocalypse or summat... and now I'm 33.
    Wheels within wheels. Peace and Good Fortune, Bruddah ~

    1. My birthday is September 23 and in Chinese astrology I was born in the Year of the Dragon, plus I just paid my yearly membership dues to the hometown AFL football team I follow (the Brisbane Lions) and my favourite NRL club (the Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks), so it's like a cosmic birthday celebration to me in a way and rather surreal from my POV.
      Wheels within wheels indeed Occult Fan and I'm just watching them go round ;-)

    2. When you stare into Galactic Center, Galactic Center stares back at you. It's the Way of the Worlds.


      Occult Fan
      December th year of What Th F017

  5. Wow, Chris, truly, stellar connections here! Even in my teen years when I read Revealations the first time I suspected something but lost interest amd now I'm fixated on your recent posts.

    The use of specific numbers within the text seemed to me significant. For example, Rev. Ch. 4 seemed to relate to time. The One, 24 seats, 24 elders, 7 lamps, 4 beasts. This seems to relate to hour(s), day(s), week(s), month(s), season(s), year.

    1. Very much so. And it acts as a fascinating time capsule to the kinds of magic-- particularly star magic-- that was circulating at the time.

  6. Ah, the wonders of prophecy. Apocalypse of course means 'unveiling' - a good thing!

    The Gospels instruct us to look at the later chapters of the book of Daniel - mustn't forget that! 'The abomination of desolation', whatever that may be. My favourite bit is usually translated as 'the god of the citadel'. 'Citadel' is a funny word. I do know that it's used by people who work with certain interesting substances to refer to the place where those things are kept.

    1. Oh, we are in the midst of the Unveiling, no question about that. Which way it ultimately goes remains to be seen.

      Speaking of Citadels:

  7. Hmmmmm...Out of curiosity, what's your take on Biblical astronomy? Specifically, what's known in Hebrew as "Mazzaroth"? Some interesting connections to Babylonian star lore, Lucifer & Sirius. See--

    "Perhaps the most baffling riddle in Biblical star-nomenclature is that presented by the word Mazzaroth or Mazzaloth (Job 38:31, 32; 2 Kings 23:5) usually, though not unanimously admitted to be phonetic variants. As to their signification, opinions are hopelessly divergent. The authors of the Septuagint transcribed, without translating, the ambiguous expression; the Vulgate gives for its equivalent Lucifer in Job, the Signs of the Zodiac in the Book of Kings. St. John Chrysostom adopted the latter meaning, noting, however, that many of his contemporaries interpreted Mazzaroth as Sirius. But this idea soon lost vogue while the zodiacal explanation gained wide currency. It is, indeed, at first sight, extremely plausible. Long before the Exodus the Twelve Signs were established in Euphratean regions much as we know them now. Although never worshipped in a primary sense, they may well have been held sacred as the abode of deities. The Assyrian manzallu (sometimes written manzazu), "station", occurs in the Babylonian Creation tablets with the import "mansions of the gods"; and the word appears to be etymologically akin to Mazzaloth, which in rabbinical Hebrew signifies primarily the Signs of the Zodiac, secondarily the planets. The lunar Zodiac, too, suggests itself in this connection. The twenty-eight "mansions of the moon" (menazil al-kamar) were the leading feature of Arabic sky-lore, and they subserved astrological purposes among many Oriental peoples. They might, accordingly, have belonged to the apparatus of superstition used by the soothsayers who were extirpated in Judah, together with the worship of the Mazzaroth, by King Josias, about 621 B.C. Yet no such explanation can be made to fit in with the form of expression met with in the Book of Job (xxxviii, 32). Speaking in the person of the Almighty, the Patriarch asks, "Canst thou bring forth Mazzaroth in its time?"—clearly in allusion to a periodical phenomenon, such as the brilliant visibility of Lucifer, or Hesperus. Professor Schiaparelli then recurs to the Vulgate rendering of this passage. He recognizes in Mazzaroth the planet Venus in her double aspect of morning and evening star, pointing out that the luminary designated in the Book of Kings, with the sun and moon, and the "host of heaven" must evidently be next in brightness to the chief light-givers. Further, the sun, moon, and Venus constitute the great astronomical triad of Babylonia, the sculptured representations of which frequently include the "host of heaven" typified by a crowd of fantastic animal-divinities. And since the astral worship anathematized by the prophets of Israel was unquestionably of Euphratean origin, the designation of Mazzaroth as the third member of the Babylonian triad is a valuable link in the evidence. Still, the case remains one of extreme difficulty."

    & of course, Virgo's importance to the Babylonians can't be overstated:

    "The original Virgo is believed to be the early grain goddess Nidoba who, prior to Nabu (the Babylonian god of wisdom, justice and 'the scribe'), was an important goddess of writing. As Nabu rose to prominence he absorbed the worship of Nidoba and became identified with the planet Mercury, which reinforced the scholarly associations of the constellation through that planet's rulership and exaltation in the sign. In Babylonian myth, the identification between Virgo and the grain goddess led the constellation figure to be personified as Ishtar, the consort of the corn god Tammuz."

    1. It all goes back to the Babylonians, one way or the other. It all radiates from that center- or the Sumerian Center, if you prefer-- and travels the trade routes to all points. Egypt gets all the attention but it's just a child of Sumer.

  8. coma bernenices is made up of 12 stars

    1. I wasn't aware of that fact. Do you have a reference for that?

  9. Who knows what'll really happen with this, but in the past 2 days, they've begun announcing that Mount Agung could dim the sun and cool the planet "for years to come," most estimates being in the 5-10 year range. Of course, a 5 year mini ice age is a 5 year famine, and grain reserves only last for 1 year, and most canned preserves are only good for 3 or 4, so this is an event which could potentially end agriculture, which would end industrial civilization, which is ultimately dependent on our ability to store massive hordes of grain for half the year. When Tambora erupted in 1815, the northern hemisphere had no growing season the following year. An event of that magnitude today would, in the very least, cause a global market crash, and likely a total re-structuring of society in the aftermath. If Agung's eruption is, say, three times as severe as Tambora's, the stage would be set for the cull, and I wouldn't hesitate to predict near-term collapse. A very dragony collapse, at that.

    1. How about drilling a tunnel on the side near the crater and just nuke it? The lava would flow releasing tension. Just an idea. Atoms for peace, man.

    2. Hmm, sobering. I need to look into that. Thanks, JB.

    3. Bear in mind that, allegedly, homo sapiens has been on this planet for at least 500,000 years, and according to the textbooks, for 490,000 of those years we did nothing more than hunting and gathering, before we figured out agriculture, and in the last few centuries engines, and the last few decades, computers.

      What you should conclude is not that we must have become paricularly clever in recent times, but that we have always been gullible - enough to believe that we could have spent 490,000 years doing sod all.

    4. @Anon

      Would the lava flow and release the tension, or would the blast trigger a quake and open up more fissures? Bali's not in the Ring of Fire, but it does straddle the border. It burns, burns burns, that ring of fire. The seismographic readings of the Fukushima event don't show the gradually increasing spikes and dives normally associated with natural-born earthquakes; it's just like, BANG, out of nowhere, a skyrocketing spike, 7.0 out of the blue, more consistent with a nuclear blast than a tectonic rupture. So, what I'm saying is, if someone somewhere wanted to turn Agung into a super-volcano... well, it isn't (and, yet it is) rocket science.

      @ Chris

      Volcanism may be the wild card that determines the end-game. I have a cousin who's a volcanologist in Greenland, and, last I heard, he is legitimately freaking out over what's happening there. As the glaciers melt, the pressure they once exerted upon the volcanoes is being relieved; it's like uncorking a Champagne bottle, and it's believed that Greenland has the highest volcanic density on Earth; we can't say for sure, because for as long as we've had history, the island's been corked with ice. Now all of that meltwater has been drawn south to the Equator, via the Gulf Stream, which only exists due to the placement and gravity of the Moon; keep in mind that cold freshwater is lighter than saltwater, so it pools at the surface and causes all kinds of disruptions. All that added weight is causing the sea to bulge at the Equator; Gaia is sporting some hefty love-handles these days; and that bulge will have dire consequences very soon: it could potentially throw the orbit off by a few fractions of a degree; the last time that happened, we had a Pole Shift; more ominously, though, the phenomenon might also exert an unprecedented amount of pressure over the Equatorial seismic zones, which may lead to a buckling of the surface crust, which spins faster than, and independently of, the core. It's the difference between these two spinning layers that regulates the flow of magma and gives Earth its magnetic field; "very minor" disturbances could easily result in cataclysmic effects. With that added Equatorial bulge, Earth is a spinning top, on the cusp of terminal velocity. Things fall apart. Something's gotta give. Here, there be dragons.

      @ Zod

      Have you met Robinson Jeffers?
      His most important work was written at the end of his life, and is happily ignored by the academic horde:

      Cheers All
      And Happy Advent

    5. JB! You are the guy I just commented on, below, about Sinead O'Connor! I've been sharing that, sir! You are so right on!!!

  10. "...July 23, the day Our Lady made her inexplicable appearance at Royal Albert Hall"

    Also note that date July 23rd is around the heliacal rising of the star Sirius within Canis Major. Sirius aka Sothis was of great significance to the Kemetic people i.e. Ancient Egyptians.

    Speaking of beastly creatures such as "man's best friend" this article been "trending" on Nazibook and elsewhere on the net; "Science Has Proven Dogs are Smarter Than Cats"

    Also this bizzare human interest story "Meet The Grown Man Who Lives His Life As A Domesticated Dog" also old started trending around the Dogs is smarter than cats story. But it's actually not a new story and got published a year ago on by other media outlets but got picked up by "viral threads".

    ^^^^So trying to pull our attention away from Leo and point us back to Canis Major eh.... the question is because of what what already happened on 7/23 or is some astrological event of significance about to unfold near or within Canis Major in the very near future.

    1. Oh, my Collie is people-smart. It's kind of ooky, actually. People-smart and psychic. Thanks E.

  11. News today about an heretic manuscript found in Egypt. So Lovecraft these days we live in.

    1. And it was found by archeologists from UT Austin. That town/school has been a vortex of weird darkness since Whitman killed all those people in 1966. Like how SXSW turned in a few years from a weekend for drunk punks into the digerati elite own Vatican pilgrimage. Also lots of satanic/ new age/ wicca groups, I mean hundreds and in such a small town.
      There is a bridge whose underside is home to hundreds of thousand of bats! And the city protects them instead of sending pest control! Austin, like Innsmouth, a town I will forever avoid. PS. Did not a guy who was a member of skull (school?) and bones lived in the governor mansion there?

    2. Theres lots of really dark things in the world, but youre worried about bats, "wicca" and "new age groups"? Lol. What is this, a 1992 Southern Baptist convention?

      Just in case though, you should find a way to protect yourself from moody 13 yo girls that wear dark makeup and have watched The Craft more than three times.

    3. It is all about the symbols clashing around Austin and how so many people there are completely out of their minds, kind of like if iron man lasted all year round and there was a town built around it.
      Personally I find those who believe in such things to be more funnier than dangerous and yet try to avoid them at all cost.

    4. Indeed. The bats are a very important part of the local ecosystem - they eat truckloads of bugs every night. It's a huge colony, which shows up on weather radar when they go out to forage every evening.

      Yes, Dubya (George W. Bush) was our Gov (before he became 43), and he was a member of Skull and Bones. So's your daddy.

      Austin is the home of the University of Texas, a fucking huge school, so yeah. Lots of alternative stuff in the city. Popular bumper sticker: Keep Austin Weird.

  12. Sony Pictures announced today that the next Tarantino movie, working title "9", will be released on the 30th anniversary of the Manson murders. Bad taste or something even worse.

  13. Chris your "As Above So Below" correspondences are on point regarding Astrotheology of Revelations 12. Now if you indulge me a bit I'll offer the "So Within so Without" scenario for contemplation. Specifically regarding the part about the beast having seven heads and ten horns.

    We gotta delve in what “learned men” call magical thinking but to the wise call it esoteric wisdom specifically the Qabalistic Spiritual Tradition. For those not familiar Qaballah or Kabbalah is the esoteric (inner teaches) of Judaism.

    Now in Kabbalah/Qaballah there's a spiritual road map for the nature of reality called the Tree of Life. It's ten spheres called Sephirot or dimensions if you prefer connected by pathways to each other. Sounds like the Tree of Life in the garden of Eden huh but that's getting a bit ahead of ourselves.

    So our Earth, solar system, and the greater physical universe is all within the base Sephirot/sphere/dimension called Malkuth. Then there's nine other Sephirot/sphere/dimension besides ours. Actually they are infinite because within each Sephirot/sphere/dimension is another Tree of Life and each sphere has a complete tree and so on. It's actual infinite but for the sake of simplicity we say ten prime Sephirot/sphere/dimensions.

    Okay we get to the money shot as they say in certain film industries. Just as light cast shadow or reflections can be seen in water or mirrors there is another Tree under/upside down or opposite or perhaps existing before the Tree of Life. That other tree is called the Qlippoth aka The Tree of Death. Now the Qlippoth aka The Tree of Death is also ten prime spheres in certain Judaic mystical traditions.

    However, there is another configuration of the Qlippoth aka The Tree of Death where it's Ten Hells in Seven Places. That breast the mother of abominations aka the whore of Babylon aka the Scarlet (redhead) Woman aka The Lady in Red is actually a mnemonic KEY for accessing the Underworld or Reverse Image or Primordial Dimensions depending on your perspective.

    ^^^Note I know that picture showing an extra sphere that's some other business going on with a "hidden" Sephirot/sphere/dimension that's also sometimes depicted within the upside i.e. Tree of Life. It's still basically ten hells in seven places.

    Oh yeah speaking of the "Red Dragon" that term is also a nickname for a medieval grimiore of sorcery known as The Grimiore Vernum (The True Grimiore). The Grimiore Vernum aka Red Dragon is a book of Solomonic Magick that works with various Daemon/demon spirits.

    The Grimiore Vernum is a sister-book to the infamous “Goetia” which literally means “Howling” as the rites deals with lengthy conjugations for summoning spirits just like The Grimiore Vernum aka Red Dragon.

  14. Hi Chris - This is really amazing work going through all of this material and over the last month or so, I see you seemingly feverish and driven to get this all out there as fast as you can humanly process it.

    Aside from worrying about your personal health and state of mind, which I am a little, I have tried to keep up with all of this and honestly, its overwhelming me and heck, I'm just trying to *keep up with you* and not actually doing the tidious research.

    Stepping back and trying to have a solid think about this is where I am at with it right now, and though I'm way past the shock and awe of it all and too far along to want to turn back, from the perspective of the boots on the ground I still want to shout: what does this all *really mean*?

    I do acknowledge that the archeoastronomy background it takes to really pull this apart is pretty far above most people's view nowadays and while I would agree that the encoding of certain redundant information by way of mathematics, language, and writing is pretty clear throughout the material you present here, I still find myself no better for the journey at the end of the day.

    For the sake of your well outlined argument, lets all agree that everything you have uncovered is tied to some central plot thread or narrative which is ultimately about some thing. But, what? How can we even be sure we fully understand the message being sent?
    We can break it apart and study the really intricate weave in the patterns but can we figure out the whole tapestry? Are we even supposed to?

    I'm still not being clear. Let me try it this way.

    Please understand: I am in no way down playing the efforts you are going to here. Quite the opposite, in fact. I am lauding your work, drive, and obsession to find the connections and get to the truth. I'm just expressing my personal concern that this may be an elaborate overlay to the truth, in the long run. Or, better expressed by my greater concern that we just aren't capable of understanding the greater meaning of these signs and portents because they are being further obfuscated by the myriads of hidden hands along the pathways we must seek the information from.

    I have not only become dazed by the large amounts of information coming at us, but the order in which it comes and the ways it is being dispersed. I'm a little disturbed by some of the podcast "shows" and some other outlets of the information out there that just seem a bit too polished and in sync beyond this ruse\idea that we all exist in some coherent community of truth seekers willing to build and help each other along the way---but instead are being further manipulated while we are made to feel more enlightened and closer to understanding.

    I have the growing feeling (its just a feeling) that as we move closer towards this event, point in history, evolution of consciousness--whatever the hell this is and what you want to call it---that the struggle and counter-efforts to keep us in the dark get more and more complicated and tricksy.

  15. Happy Friday Chris!

  16. Maybe "they" are just setting up the so called singularity that has been on the agenda for the last 25 years or so. A self full filling prophecy, if there ever was one. Bringing it as the xtian revelation would work like a charm, after all some people (billions?) have been waiting for it all their lives so why not use a well know script. Just consider how many times the same stupid movies get remade and every new version makes more money than the previous one, ad infinitum. PT Barnum got it right.

    1. People waiting for rapture may find reptilians instead. Shine forth brave souls! 87

    2. Kinda like a "singularity simulation" pre-packaged in a manner designed to look real using astrological and other seeded omens, signs, etc. for added effect and oomph.

      Astrologers, like religious leaders, were among the "oldest professions" as they like to say. They were able to take do-nothing priestly leadership and raise their power to another astro-priest level of the hierarchy by predicting, explaining and taking credit for (included "curing" or "defeating"") very unusual events in the skies based on their advanced celestial knowledge of those events beforehand.

      Sometimes recent stories seem to synch in suspicious ways, as if part of a hidden marketing plan. That's not necessarily the hand of occult forces, though the actual hidden human hand may align with those forces.

      The other random question is what might be the astrological equivalent of an inversion? Is one story in the sky somehow being retold differently or in some way reversed, much like a Black Mass inverts the regular Mass? Certainly the nurturing female archetype is reversed in the siren. What else is being inverted here?

    3. This makes a lot of sense.

  17. I just learned there is a female actor named Juno Temple. Amazing.

  18. ttps://
    One of the main mechanics available to Mario this time is a form of possession, wherein he throws his hat onto a wide range of creatures, objects and entities in order to leap into their bodies and take control of them. All of them – from the Bullet Bill missile-like beings to a gigantic Tyrannosaurus rex. There is actually a type of lava within the volcano – a form of sentient fireball that Mario can possess.
    The rock surrounding it is a mixture of green, aquamarine and magenta; the fact that it’s mostly a green palette suggests it’s made of phonolite, one composed of alkali feldspars and nepheline. It’s fairly uncommon. When you hit it, it makes a strange clink metallic sound, both in real life and in the Luncheon Kingdom. It’s no coincidence its name derived from the Greek for “sounding stone”.

  19. Here is an interesting news story that ties a few of the themes in your recent posts together Chris.

    "Millie Bobby Brown stranded in Bali amid volcano eruption."

    Millie came to the land Down-under to do a series of Comic Cons with Stan Lee which went under the 'Supanova' banner -

    She has now been stranded in Bali(the centre of the world?) for the last 10 days and counting.

  20. Remember Kamandi, the Jack Kirby comic? It had an hyper intelligent dog called Dr. Canus. That future world was full of nightmarish chimeras, maybe that is what in store for us. Or worse. Remember- "Unga Unga or death!" Either way we lose.

  21. There is a very weird news item today about "the white house being in midst of a vermin infestation". Wow, like in The Omen! This feels so scripted that it is not even funny.

    1. Great point. I saw that too. It reminded me of when I was a kid, in the late 70's, and a strange woman visited our house. She sat on our couch and none of us felt good about her presence. After that visit, flies and maggots by the thousands suddenly appeared under that couch. Creepiest damn thing I'd ever seen.


    1. 'Supermoon' is a recent invention and is rare to non-existent in history (entry in Wikipedia in 2011). Try finding it in

      Even 'blood moon' is pretty rare.

  23. 40th anniversary release of Beauty & the beast by mr ★.. timing or what ?

  24. Back in the late 90's when the "Left Behind"-rapture-end times stuff was all the rage in Evangelical circles, there was also the "Preterism" scene. Which, is the idea that everything mentioned in Revelation/Daniel/"Paul" already all (or some, depending on the strain) happened in 70 A.D. when the Romans laid waste to Jerusalem. It was like an alt-Christianity, thing. But anyway, interpretation aside, things certainly seemed to fit better than they did with the Tim Lahaye, Hal Lindsey et al. material.

    I faintly remember there being some astrological-y stuff mixed in with it.

    Maybe the solar bodies are all just hands on giant complicated clock and at certain times bad things go down.

  25. Great work, Chris. We might not know what all these synchs within synchs means right now, but it definitely means something. As does all this apocalypse and revelation imagery. Something big is going down on several fronts and in several contexts. But we can only see the edges of it right now. People better realize that all this biblical stuff is of great interest to the power elites. We can only guess how it fits into the larger cosmology of ultra-rich death cultists who view the entire human race as a resource that they own, violate and kill at their discretion. You're doing important work here, Chris. Don't doubt it. And to all ground-level occultists and magicians who aren't murderous psychopaths, I'd humbly point out that your occultism is definitely not the occultism of those murderous psychopaths. Most of us aren't cold-blooded killers, so we have no fucking idea what happens when you mix literal murder with magic. That's an important thing to keep in mind. The magic of the archons and their minions is most definitely not about empowerment or a richer, deeper connection to nature. It's about something far, far uglier. Desecration, in its most potent form. Let's try to hold on to all that is good and kind and brave in the face of all this darkness. From both a Gnostic and mainstream religious perspective we are all one huge family of opressed peoples under a multidimemsional colonial rule that we can barely fathom. Whether we call it satanic or demiurgic is kind of 'whatever' at this point. It's clearly very bad mojo running things, and they've clearly steered us into some kind of accelerated timeline. Where it leads is anyone's guess. However we personally conceptualize God or the Good or true divinity, we should keep it close to our hearts right now. Seek insight, always. But never fall for the lie that evil is greater than good. Such a lie is intended to break the spirit and entrap the soul in a labyrinth of confusion and suffering. We've equated brutality with true power for so long that it's hard for many of us to even imagine a form of true power that isn't based in domination, dehumanization and evil. But that greater loving force is also present in the world. And it wants the best for us. I believe it with every fibre of my being. Stay strong, Christopher.

  26. "Extra History" is a YouTube series that accessibly shares interesting episodes of history in a cartoon format. To their credit, they end each miniseries with "Lies," in which they discuss the inaccuracies, nuances, and mistakes that they didn't cover.

    They just finished off with Bismarck, and the "Lies" episode may have some syncs in the final couple minutes:

    - He wrote much of the series in the SAN JUAN islands, over which Bismarck's first international appearance was as arbiter between the UK and US.

    - He notes that Walpole became the first British prime minister (to serve at 10 Downing St.) on Sept. 23, 1735.

    - He notes that Bismarck became the first prime minister of Prussia on Sept. 23, 1862, exactly 127 years after Walpole.

    - He notes that Nintendo was founded 27 years after that on Sept. 23, 1889. (He misspeaks, saying it was 37 years; Nintendo was a playing card company.)

    - To add to the syncs, he mentions that the elephants Castor and Pollux were eaten at the Siege of Paris. You know; just a fun fact.

    "Coincidence? Yes," he says. Interesting that he has an apparent statue of either Lucifer or Michael, a Greco-Roman bust, a framed poster for Jodorowsky's Dune, and Grant Morrison's "The Invisibles" all displayed prominently about him. Perhaps he's a reader?

    All three of these dates take place on the autumnal equinox, the Sun having just entered tropical Libra. I don't see any other patterns, but I haven't looked too hard, yet. (In 2017, Sept. 23 was the day after the equinox.)

  27. The cusp between Cancer and Leo is the line that divides the zodiac in two, at least when it comes to rulerships. It separates the King and the Queen and their respective 'arms' - much like how in chess you have bishops, etc. for each. You can see it here:

    It's also an important point in the sense that after Cancer, the individual has gone through the first four signs since birth in Aries, and has thus had contact with all four elements. The cusp signifies the threshold of the fifth element, gold, the King, Leo, etc.

    Definitely a point to keep an eye on.

    - Bruno

  28. Is anyone else watching "Dark"? It has a lot of story parallels to Stranger Things so far (2 episodes in). It feels like maybe it took over the slot that Stranger Things was meant to fill after season 2 of Stranger Things got hijacked. Missing children, government facility in the woods, and was that a kind of Montauk chair I saw? It has a time travel spin on the other side / upside down so its not exactly the same but Im sure you all will see the parallels quickly enough.

  29. The past few days I have been re-researching info about singer/songwriter Sinead O'Connor. I don't recall if you have noted her here, in light of her strange behavior and the way the music industry and people in general, turned on her back in '92, after she tore a picture of Pope John Paul II in two to protest the Vatican turning a blind eye to the sex abuse scandal that would not break open for another 10 years. A writer at Disinfo, JT Turnstone, posted a very heartfelt piece about the way Sinead O'Connor was attacked and vilified at that time, and never really recovered, suffering from mental breakdowns and other things. When I saw you mentioned that women had their heads shaved for being accused of adultery, I thought of Sinead and her decision to shave her own head because the "frisky" record executives wanted her to "have long hair and wear mini skirts" which she totally opposed. So, she shaved her head, and remained true to herself. I worry about Sinead from time-to-time, particularly when I see reports that she is saying she might commit suicide or something. She is an important voice to this day, I believe, and we need to listen to her.

    1. I get that - but what about pop tarts like Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus ("Koresh!") and Britney Spears similarly de-coiffing. After Britney Spears had an emotional breakdown and did it, is it now something the 'handlers' have their charges do?

    2. The thing with performing artists is that they need to create a distinct PR-media image along with their stage image. The audience needs to identify the visual to the auditory. Similarly, trauma or abuse, on some level, is a universal experience, so performers disclose their experiences (or makes them up) to become more identifiable to their audience.

      Sinead has a nice skull and can carry the shaven look. Miley Cyrus' hairlessness made her look pre-pubescent.

      Other media clown-ettes who have abused their hair often resort to shaving it off to re-grow healthy hair.

      I just keep in mind entertainers are susceptible to patronage. "All the world's a stage..."

    3. Consider also however that forced head shaving is known to be used by pimps and traffickers to establish dominance and control.

  30. This is awesome! Loving all the weird synchs and symbolism you've uncovered with Beauty and the Beast, Chris. There is definitely some revelation-related weirdness going down. Let's pray that 2017 comes to a close quietly and peacefully.

    1. Lol. The above comment was obvs meant for your latest post! Apologies!

  31. Sorry for commenting so late on this, Chris. "Berenice was named for a real person, an Egyptian queen who sacrifice her locks to Aphrodite-- or Qadesh -- to ensure her husband victory in battle."

    This reminds me of Farrah Fawcett AKA Jill from Charlie's Angels who was shorn of her famous locks during her battle with cancer. Recall that she died in the morning of 6/25/09 while Michael Jackson died later the same day. The morning and evening stars.

  32. The program continues...

    "Would you date a robot? More than a quarter of millennials say they would"

  33. Man of Perdition=Apollyon? > both from apollumi word origin, doesn't have to mean destroyer, can also mean to lose, to perish, remove, cancel out, to be lost, utterly perish
    Luther Bible > Man of Perdition translated as das verlorene Kind = the lost child
    Thomas Didymus = name means twin twin
    Renne le Chateau shows two babies, not one
    Did Jesus have a twin?
    Antichrist = acting in place of
    I'm wondering if in Revelations the references to man of perdition (to me has always meant "lost man" as a Spanish speaker (perder)), Apollyon, and Antichrist as actually all referencing Jesus' lost twin brother? I'm not saying I don't believe in Satan, demons, fallen, Nephalim, etc. but that Revelations seems to be hinting at more -- I mean why have so many really specific, different names for one or two bad guys?
    God bless you!
    PS - I also think the sphere is the great delusion, the beast is the Catholic Church and NASA is the dragon. Ash Wednesday it occurred to me people had taken the mark on their foreheads. Very literal

  34. My father, Barry Fox, Died of a Shotgu wound to the chest July 20th. No one knows what happened(though there are some fishy vibes surrounding the whole ordeal). It was ruled a Suicide. On the 23rd I was supposed to get to see his body(it was only told to me what happened), the funeral home was closed. Any how His funeral was three days later. I will never Forget that July 23rd. A friend had shown me Rune Soup some months earlier, that podcast pulled me through the worst of the roughest experience of my life thus far. Ultimately it led me here. Thought I'd share since this particular post hits home, Oddly in a very Synchronic way. Thanks for all you do.

  35. Oh it was Sept. I guess I get jumbled up.