Friday, December 01, 2017

Beauty and the Beast (of Revelation)

Well, it's nearly 6 AM and I've been up all night poring over this material. And I have to say it's taken me in a direction I was not expecting. I really am beginning to wonder if we actually are all video game characters in some large-scale version of The Nines, because I feel as if this entire narrative was written long in advance of me stumbling onto it. 

Other than the ways you might think, in light of the subject matter.

It's way past my bedtime and there's a lot of material to look at here, so I'll go through this as quickly as I can, since it's clearly something I am going to be revisiting. A lot.

I can't quite explain it yet, but I feel this September 23rd alignment was extremely significant, if not actually for the reasons one might assume. What it could well have been is a kind of signal, for some pre-planned program to go into effect. 

I know a lot of Evangelicals were debunking the Revelation 12 connection and I defer to their expertise, but still-- it means something.

Like I said, I don't know exactly what yet. I'm fielding all offers and suggestions.

This little corner of the sky seems highly significant as well, as you'll see when we look at the Beauty and the Beast films. If you have any particularly erudite theories or observations, again, please let me know. 

And the Revelation 12 business did get me looking again at St. John's Apocalypse, as it's pretty ripe with Astrology and Numerology.  Having spent a lot of time studying the constellations, this bit here got my attention straight off. Why? Because I believe the Beast from the Sea is actually another timestamp. 

Here's why... you can see my take on the Beast from the Sea is that it's a description of the Cancer-Leo cusp, which in sidereal astrology is July 23, the day Our Lady made her inexplicable appearance at Royal Albert Hall. That's highly significant in and of itself, but it also may have another meaning according to when this cusp falls on the calendar today.

Here's a visual for the "rising up out of the sea" business vis a vis Cancer.

But the alignment with Ursa Major really got the old Spidey-sense a'tinglin'. 

Why? Because of this passage, which immediately brought this odd little item to mind...

...about the Supernova in Ursa Major. 

This story is from 2014, but as we'll soon see it heated up again, no pun intended. But do note the position of the Supernova...

...which lies above the Great Bear's head. Meaning it's a head wound. To the Beast.

Why is this important? Oh, don't go asking questions you may not like the answers to....

....because this Supernova - again, the head-wound of the Beast - isn't acting quite the way it should. It seems to have healed, so to speak.

And the world seems to be wondering with great admiration. Why?

Because none of our current theories on supernovas seem to fit the phenomena, that's why. 

So scientists can't help but wonder, "Who is like this Beast? Who can make war with him?" Well, not war, actually. But you know what I'm getting at.

Stop being such a stickler.

As to the Dragon who gives authority to this Beast, do note that Draco-- the Dragon-- sits above Ursa Major, in fact his tail ends right at the Supernova, at least according to this diagram down there...

...a War in Heaven, indeed. There's the Dragon, above ("giving authority to") the Beast. 

It's fascinating to read the headlines on this Risen Beast. It seems to be quite a year for the stargazers, no? Quite an autumn for them, actually.

The Zombie Star- which isn't dying like it's supposed to, which is behaving in defiance of the Laws of Nature-- certainly reminded me of the next passage here... defying the Laws of Nature you might argue the Zombie Beast is defying the Laws of God, even sinning against his "dwelling"-- meaning, the stars in their fixed positions. 

There seems to be some confusion as to how long this thing's been at its Walking Dead LARP. If it started in with this routine in September of 2014, that would make it 38 months. Give or take.

Yeah, there it is. Have no clue what it means in the long run, but it all fits so far.

Perhaps this is some kind of omen of a War upon the Saints, however you choose to interpret that. More celestial violence? An "As Above, So Below" outbreak of religious violence or repression down here?

Place your bets in the comments section.

But it seems to be Draco's turn next, to play the Beast rising from the Earth. Do note that the Draconids rained from the Heavens in early October, peaking before the Orionids-- or the Nephalia-- took over.

And wouldn't you know it? Astronomers recommend you look for the Draconids by orienting yourself to-- you know it, you love it-- Vega.

As it happens, Vega is roomies with the Dragon's Eyes in that little corner of the night sky. 

Something to remember when reading about our little visitor from Vega, Oumuamua, whose name really means "one sent forward before a battle to discover the position of the enemy."

Sensing a thruline here?

Remember that our Vegan visitor was also claimed to be glowing a metallic red, a "great wonder" indeed. Plus, Dragonids ("fire coming down from Heaven").

And of course our friends at SpaceseX-- makers of the Dragon capsule-- are considering sending their new BFR (three guesses what that stands for) after that pesky little advance scout.

And you could certainly argue the BFR is an "image" of Oumuamua. Or of a 50s-vintage vibrator. 

One-track mind, Musk and his little crew there.

Consider all of that (except the vibrator stuff) when you look at this diagram, showing us that this Zombie Beast Which Blasphemes Against the Laws of God in His Dwelling is just a short Dragon away from Los Vegas Who Kept Not Their First Estates.

Bear all that in mind when we get to the next big guest star in the Heaven or The Vegas blockbuster: that haughty, naughty Whore of Babylon, getting the inhabitants of the Earth drunk on the wine coolers of her fornications for countless millennia.

Some might be tempted to name blameless Virgo as the Great Sex Worker of the Apocalypse, but note our little Trollop is sitting on the Beast here. So my vote goes to that weird pile of hair known as Coma Berenices.

The image probably comes from our old friend Qadesh (or whatever), the Whore Goddess of Egypt via Canaan via Babylon. These guys knew their religious symbolism.

Case in point, Coma Bernenices was pictured as Isis on her throne in Egyptian astrology. So they were kind of mixing and matching. A mash-up, if you will.

Berenice was named for a real person, an Egyptian queen who sacrifice her locks to Aphrodite-- or Qadesh -- to ensure her husband victory in battle. This would have been seen as a disgrace by early Christians since shaving a woman's head was a customary punishment for adultery. 

Or fornication, if you prefer. Follow?

So since the Wig of Babylon sits beside the waters- Alexandria, in this particular instance-- she seems to be riding the Beast of the Sea- ie., this conjunction of Leo, Leo Minor and Ursa Major at the cusp of Leo and Cancer, with Hydra- the other Dragon-- giving the Beast his seat, quite literally in this case. And Crater is the Cup of Abominations.

The Leopard thing really fascinates me because we're told that Leo Minor didn't even exist at the time of the writing of this passage. 

But I guess that's why they call it The Book of Revelation, right?

The Takeaway here? Well, it looks like the Book of Revelation is a star map and is probably describing the here and now. Maybe not in the bad 90s Arnold Schwarzenegger movie kind of way, but the day is still young. 

So what does this have to do with Beauty and the Beast and Our Lady of Oracles? 

The question actually is what doesn't it have to do with them?

UPDATE: Well, well, isn't this timely? An anonymous reader points us to this story...

AUSTIN, Texas -- The first-known original Greek copy of a heretical Christian writing describing Jesus' secret teachings to his brother James has been discovered at Oxford University by biblical scholars at The University of Texas at Austin.

To date, only a small number of texts from the Nag Hammadi library -- a collection of 13 Coptic Gnostic books discovered in 1945 in Upper Egypt -- have been found in Greek, their original language of composition. 
But earlier this year, UT Austin religious studies scholars Geoffrey Smith and Brent Landau added to the list with their discovery of several fifth- or sixth-century Greek fragments of the First Apocalypse of James, which was thought to have been preserved only in its Coptic translations until now.
"To say that we were excited once we realized what we'd found is an understatement," said Smith, an assistant professor of religious studies. "We never suspected that Greek fragments of the First Apocalypse of James survived from antiquity. But there they were, right in front of us."
The ancient narrative describes the secret teachings of Jesus to his brother James, in which Jesus reveals information about the heavenly realm and future events, including James' inevitable death.