Sunday, January 14, 2018

2018: Same Great 2017 Taste, with 33% More Apocalypse!

"Some people are falling for it." Of course they are, because those mannequins don't look anything at all like oversized action figures. And the bumpkins and naifs who attend the Consumer Electronics Show aren't used to seeing these kinds of exhibits, right? 

But hey, you gotta push those antihuman memes so what's a little white lie for the cause?

"Sent in Error." Oh man, you just gotta love it. Wasn't there an old Cold War movie about exactly this kind of "error?"

"Error." Classic. 

Right up there with "64 year-old millionaire turned mass shooter."

Oh, and the specific date (1/13)?

Bonus factoid: The Pink Opaque has the only official release of "Millimillenary." The song was recorded originally for an NME Christmas flexidisc.

Hey, don't look at me. I'm not creating this stuff.


Anyway, back to the Carnival of Atrocities in Heaven or the Vegas.

So how about this whole "human sleeve" riff here? Just play a few bars of that ol' "uploading your consciousness into a new vessel" refrain and the aspiring Cylons will be humming along in no time.

And my goodness, that little birth bag there looks vaguely familiar...

...oh right; the artificial womb being used to incubate cloned animals. 

I thought it was some kind of predictive programming or something.

Speaking of anti-human...

"Babies are nothing more than drooling, crying blobs who basically do nothing all day."

No, Mr. Sociopath, babies are human beings whose brains are processing information at a rate many multiples of that of any adult.  

Mother of fuck, this pampered overclass and their anti-human nihilism. Are they ever in for the ultimate rude awakening...

And as many of you know, the big story out of Heaven or Las Vegas this week is the robot stripper show. I'm sure the punters went strictly for the lulz-- or at least I hope they did-- but you can never really tell these days. 

I mean, there are some seriously-warped minds out there in SiliCylon Valley. Who the hell knows what gets their rocks off when they're not hate-fucking war refugees or sucking down the hemoglobin of trafficked Guatemalan children

And course it's 17 photos. When is it not? 

Yeah, this story really gave me a chuckle. The artist is concerned about the impact of robots on the sex industry? Precious.

Reminded me of this story here...

Yeah, the time to worry was before you created the sexbots, Sparky. And weren't we just discussing how all of these anti-human memes will be funneled into the culture via "Art?" 

It's kind of like the old "you wouldn't hit a guy with glasses, would you" chestnut. Only in this instance it's "Hey man, like stop harshing on my hyper-realistic depictions of dismembered toddlers being skull-banged by transgenic murder-sharks. I'm, like, just holding a mirror up to society."  

Fresh off the PR disaster kicked by the processing chip "flaw," Intel signaled that they're on the square in Vegas with the new 49-qubit quantum processor. 

Oh man, these stories just write themselves, don't they?

If you're new to all this, you might need some remediation on the 49 meme:

Revelation 12:4 & 9 is where we're told about the Fallen Angels, AKA the Vegas AKA the Pearly Dew-Drops. Their names are Legion.

Then there's this passage, unlocking the Garlands meme we see so darn much of these days. "She" is Sophia, who seems to have been appropriated by the Veganites.

And of course it was a 49-er who kicked off the take-a-knee movement in the NFLim.

And it was Super Bowl 49 where Katy Hudson very-accurately predicted that "jaws will drop and faces will melt," even if she was two days off in her prophecy

Cut her some slack, it's an art, not a science. But do note Missy pointing to the approaching Vegas sky.

Anyhow, there's also this bit of seed-planting here. Don't quote me on this but my best guess that the "spooky action" in secure quantum networks will be the Vegas' AI-Overlord rewriting the space-time continuum. 

Don't worry, it's just "spooky action." It's a glitch or something. Hey, why don't you take some time off? Sure, go ahead. You've been working like a dog lately. Go to Vegas or something. 

Actually, you can leave right now. I'll have security help you with your things.

Speaking of, their 2018 forecasts help plant those alien seeds in the geekly subconscious, something we're actually seeing quite a lot of these days.

I'm old enough to remember when sites like Space, Live Science and Futurism laughed alien stuff off without a second thought. 

Of course, I have groceries old enough to remember that as well.

And those AI seeds are being pretty well planted, too. 

Hopefully, the Vegas will commend their puppets for their thoroughness while they laser-saw their skulls open and suck out their brains with Silly Straws. A little praise can go a long way.

Yeah, grim stuff. I think we need a laugh or two to lighten the mood. I know exactly where to go...

Of course he emailed about bumpstocks. He was re-selling them on the black market. "Couldn't figure out why," they say! ROTFLMAO!

Stop, stop- I'm busting a gut here!

Yeah, he emailed "try before you buy, we have huge selection" to himself but they don't know why! 

Seven burners? For a guy on a suicide mission? Oh man, this is first season of Reno 911-level hilarity here! 

Hey, you know who keeps a safe the size of a refrigerator in their houses? People who deal in large amounts of cash.  

Like, oh, I don't know--black market gunrunners, maybe?

I don't know, folks-- is this the real world or are we all living in a VR reboot of Police Academy here?

Maybe it's a sim being run by the Vega AI. 

"Vega AI"-- now where did they get that idea for a moniker?

Maybe there's an online name-generator from some old Geocities site all these Cylons are using. 

Have you heard of the Vega Digital Awards? Me neither. But it's a thing.

Sheer coincidence they use an astronaut for a mascot. 

Has nothing to do with "Vega" coming from the Arabic term meaning, "the Eagle Has Landed."

"We chose the name "Vega" to recognize the joy of creation by the brightest stars in the digital media heavens." Sure, they did.

Only problem is that Vega is not the brightest star in the sky. Not even close.

The stars always look brighter when you're in love.

Oh man, this is hilarious-- "We are all of us, stars..."

Did Marilyn Monroe actually say that?

Or was she paraphrasing?

Yeah, the choice between Heaven or Las Vegas has never been quite so stark. But it will probably be getting a lot starker before the year is up.

In other news Virgo Galactic was all aces for a recent test-flight of their "spaceplane" (sic). You gotta that billionaire audacity- calling your low-earth-orbit tour company "Galactic."

Is it called Vi-Ga for short? Let me know in the comments.

Speaking of billionaires, I gotta say Lex Luthor looks terrific for a guy his age. I have heard tell that that 'tweener hemoglobin is a real fountain of youth.

33 million! Oh man, what a bunch of jokers these guys are. If the world domination thing doesn't work out, there's always standup. 

But you don't need to signal anymore, not really. You can just come right out with it.

Who's going to stop you? 

And no one comes right out with it better than Dubai, aka "Splashdown City." 

Twin towers linked by 93 meter bridge? Do what thou wilt, Dubai! Party on!

And in case you forgot, the Dubai Frame is right next to Stargate Dubai. 

Yeah-- there actually is a Stargate Dubai. You're awake. You're not hallucinating.

Stargate Dubai also features this little decoration here. The Dubai Rubik's Cube, I think they call it. 

They don't? Whatever.

Either way, Dubai's Rubik Cube is a checkerboardy variation of Cubes that we see all over the world, like this one in Manhattan's Astor ("Star") Place. 

Astor Place is named after the robber-baron Astors. Because suck on it, peasants. 

There's also a Cube at the Ann Arbor campus of UMich, of all places. If you're in the area and want to visit, here's a map for you....

...just hang a right at Mason Hall. You can't miss it.


  1. That emergency thing fucked with me. I fell for it. hahah. I was seriously "ohhhhhhh shit its happening".
    Then i scrolled down a little and found out it was fake.
    Imagine how the people in hawaii felt,

    I saw a post on another forum about some guy who lived there and thought it was real and his wife legit asked him "are we going to die"

    I saw a video of some people hiding inside a sewer. Actually thats pretty clever.

    Bezos is probaly doing HGH

  2. The Astor cube, meeting place for skaters and crust punks in Manhattan, just a few meters from Saint Marks place. St. Marks place being the OD capital of NYC since the 70s. Now it is getting gentrified but the area has a very peculiar psychogeographical signature that still attracts young people even after all these decades after the counterculture parade passed by. The weirdest thing about the cube is that if pushed it rotates. Gotta wonder when and who lubricates it because in all my years in NY I could not find out. Maybe some gremlins.

    1. I know the area quite well. Or used to, before Manhattan become a Potemkin City.

  3. One very depressing moments of my life was the day I heard the term "Rugrat" used to describe babies. Back in the grunge era, of course.

    1. A culture that hates babies is a dying culture.

  4. Moby had a hit song (only one) in 2002 titled We all are made of stars. Very annoying. The cd cover and music video showed moby dressed in a low budget astronaut b movie suit, the helmet just a water cooler bottle sawed off. Guess he wanted people gathered around water coolers to talk about it.

    1. Speaking of celebrity vegan/professional dickweed mOBY, he popped up in an odd context earlier today:

      “‘CIA friends’ asked Moby to spread word of Trump-Russia collusion on social media”

    2. "We are all made of stars" is a tired rewrite of Heroes.

    3. All US news media "celebrities" are mk mind controlled puppets of the CIA used to promote the Dark Cabal agenda via mass brainwashing the American Public.

    4. "All US news media "celebrities" are mk mind controlled puppets of the CIA used to promote the Dark Cabal agenda via mass brainwashing the American Public."

      Yeah, sure. Right. Every single one of them. All over the whole country. Totally.

  5. LOL @ that end. There's a post in your previous story with a link to the current UM "disaster porn" art exhibit across the street and just south of the grad library on your map.

    1. To refresh my memory (the way this site hits places tied to my family is a bit disconcerting) I dug for some campus detail and found page 5 of this link has an interesting map of the area.

      The UMMA (Museum of Art) is east, across State St. from the Regents' Plaza, which has the cube. And going north from UMMA you not only hit Mason Hall you hit Angell and Haven Halls as well. Maybe you knew this already; if not make of that what you will.

    2. Quite a coincidence, eh? Working those memes, they are.

  6. There is a music project from England called Current 93, headed by a guy nicknamed David Tibet. You should check his discography titles, things like Black Ships Ate the Sky (2006) and Baalstorm (2010). Just be warned, Tibet makes E. Fraser look sedate by comparison. -wOOdy wOOdp3ck3r

    1. The Lex line Astor place subway stop has some quaint 1910s artwork that shows a castor, turns out the reason why is that the Astor family name derives from the fact that they made their fortune in the skin trade in the 18th century and Astor is a contraction of castor. Sounds like total BS, right? So Castor... -W00dy W.

    2. 'Some Soft Black Stars Seen Over London' is one of my favourite albums.
      I can't say I like all of David Tibet's stuff, but he is a great artist.

    3. He is a great artist, also he has worked with some of the best musicians of our time since he was on Nurse with wound. It takes guts to create the kind of art he produces. w00dy

    4. I've heard lots of Current 93 stuff but it hasb't ever resonated. Should dive in again.

    5. Thank you for this reco, very interesting and deep tangents

  7. I was wondering if you saw the update about Paddock emailing himself to "try before you buy" AR's, Chris. there's a similar trick that amateur terrorists use, having a cell of people use one email login to check "drafts" that one of the other members create so that they can communicate without actually sending an email that can be tracked/exploited. basically using the email service as a dead drop.

    I wasn't sure about Paddock being an arms dealer, but the emails make it look more and more plausible.

    1. Good point, Andrew. Plus the burner phones. Someone wants the truth out.

    2. Secret Sun readers (and Chris) have been thinking he's a gunrunner from early on. And I'm personally convinced that it was a sting operation (easy to put a lot of cops out when there's a concert, never mind the potential collateral damage). And the guy suspected it could be a sting, and decided that if they were going to take him, he'd rather go with a big bang. Plus his mate (now that it's obvious there was at least one mate) is still out and about, for all we know.

  8. Yeah, all this weird pseudo-hipster bullshit where people think things like dehumanization, humiliation and ridicule are funny sickens me. It ain't funny in the slightest. Just shows how colonized and lost and ugly our souls have become, collectively. What passes for real life these days is beyond satire or parody. It's some nightmarish shit, really. They way we treat our very young and our very old is a litmus test regarding the spiritual health of a society, or lack thereof. So, yeah. Most people aren't evil predatory psychopaths, but those with the most power in this world generally are. You don't get that kind of power othwrwise. Sharp and witty analysis, Chris. As ever. Don't let these Vega mofos get you down, my man!

    1. It's awful. You're right--if you really want to dehumanize a society you go after the most vulnerable.

  9. Been following you for a while and I do like a lot of the connections you've been making lately, but IMHO, you're approaching YouTube illuminati conspiracy video levels of paranoia and fear-mongering. Uncle Al's supposed to be some kinda evil satanic nihilist? C'mom Chris! But looks like you've been getting more traffic so there's that.

    1. "Uncle Al's supposed to be some kinda evil satanic nihilist?"

      Man, this has gotta be some serious Mandela Effect shit going on. Can't find that here anywhere.


  10. BTW I have to apologize; I'm having a very hard time posting replies here and I don't know exactly why. It takes over a minute for my replies to post and that's only when Blogger actually accepts them. I don't know what's going on around here but if you do I'm all ears.

    1. You're being monitored. Get too close to the truth and certain forces will be mobilized to reshape the local narrative vectors here.

    2. Yes,this is a fact.The American people allow evil to rule because they prefer cognitive dissonance over facing paradigm shifting truths...And Yes, the CIA still runs the modern art biz / media. "Idiocracy" (2006) is a documentary film about Dumbing down of USA.

  11. Today at the mall I noticed that the Arcade next to the multiplex has been renovated, big investment. Then right across the food court there is a brand new huge arcade (belonging to a different chain) getting ready to be opened soon. How is this possible? Is this 1983? 2 arcades in the same mall, just across each other? Is the arcade trade so good? I have heard kids dont want to even go to the mall anymore so what gives?

    1. A long time ago i saw this concept called a "barcade" which would have arcade games but also serve food and beer i guess.
      I thought that might actually be a good way to bring them back

    2. This is in, amazingly, in Puerto Rico. Where 50% of the people are still without electric service. But the electric company restored power to all the malls just weeks after the hurricane.

  12. Growing up in a christian school, Apocalyptic propagandas was the norm. Documentaries and movies about the end of days was fed to us constantly and sure created deep fears in me and my mates.
    One of the things that stood with me is an interpretation of Revelations 14, according to one of those videos, the image created by the beast is AI. At the time, it didnt make sense for me, but now with Quantum Computers in the mainstream makes me reconsider the idea. I also wonder if all this apocalyptic propaganda was some kind of programming. Is amazing to see the apocalypse unfold right in front my eyes.

    Ps. Quantum computers have been appearing on my social media feeds non stop.

    1. Yeah Jaime, it's almost as if someone is using the Book of Revelation as a to-do list. Absolutely insane.

    2. The (Satanic/Luciferian) idea that The Eschaton is being artificially immanenentized is cover for it being natural, inexorable, and extremely difficult for Homo Sapiens to escape - enabling the latter is the raison d'ĂȘtre of the BoR.


  13. Remembered the "cube" films + the mecca black cube.... the measures of the parts of these "sculptures" maybe can say some other things.

    1. "Cube" is a horror movie, rather weird. I didn't watch all of it because I couldn't stomach the gore, I'm a sensitive flower type. But it was rather mathy, there was a lot about coordinates of the cube and that sort of thing. The cube was divided into 26x26x26 smaller cubes. It was released on 11-Sep-97, which fits with some of the dates you've been talking about lately.

  14. Serious question, Chris-
    After the Sandy Hook massacre near the end of 2012, you posted a piece titled "Fearporn Kills," one of your many excellent and mind-expanding (really) works. There's a lot going on in that post, but its central theme is a powerful and clear-eyed warning against a certain sickness in the professionally paranoiac, conspiracy-minded Internet.
    At some point you deleted this post.
    And now in anno 2018, you seem much more amenable to ultra-dark forebodings. I agree with you about the Paddock/Vegas weirdness (to put it mildly, something doesn't, uh, add up), but the current era of the Secret Sun has me wondering over and over: what changed? How did you become convinced that your December 2012 post was mistaken, and that "fearporn" (your word) maybe has something to it?

    1. Interesting question. Are you sure that what you're really asking is why aren't bolstering your political and/or tribal prejudices? That's usually what people are actually saying when they ask me this.

      What you should notice, however, is that I'm not citing Alex Jones or David Icke or that moron who spread all that crap about the 2012 Olympics or any of that. I'm citing all mainstream sources. I'm not reposting shit from 4Chan or Voat or r/the Donald or any of that. Did you happen to notice that? Everything that I'm putting up here is almost exclusively coming from the same sources I've always cited.

      So what changed? Well, the world changed, quite against my wishes, mind you. We're looking at a huge psychological warfare operation being hammered into our heads. I realize some folks want this blog to be a playground where they can come over and take some toys out of the esoteric toybox and play with them a while, but unfortunately we're seeing those toys being weaponized, one after the other. If you can't see that I really don't know what to tell you.

      So you can drop in and throw around terms like "fearporn" but I do wonder how close you've been paying attention to what I've actually been saying. I'm doing the same thing I've always done and that's look at the messaging and decode it according to my present level of understanding.

      It's not my fault major media outlets are now openly pimping Satanism. It's not my fault we're seeing all this toxic symbolism being openly paraded around in all these public rituals. It's not my fault that you can't buy a fucking soda without being tracked by some AI.

      I'm not here to soothe your nerves. I'm not here to tell you lies. If one thing has changed since 2012 is that I take the spirit world infinitely more seriously than I did then. I have very compelling reasons to do so, reasons I'm not at liberty to talk about. And if you really take the spirit world seriously and realize what that entails, you can't close your eyes to what is going on in the spirit realm or the constant spellcraft foisted on our heads by black magicians.

      Now, I've taken all kinds of articles down. For all kinds of reasons, but usually because I want to revisit the arguments I was making or I got tired of paysites reposting them without my permission. But also because I know more now than I did then. I didn't change my stance on the so-called "Satanic Panic" because I was swayed by some Fundamentalist, I did so because I read a book called Here's to My Sweet Satan written by a journalist for Skeptic magazine, which led me to look into the actual history and not the paranoid shit you see in the mainstream media, written by delusional people with anxiety disorders who believe that telling the truth about Satanic crime will lead to The Handmaid's Tale.

      So yeah, I'd really prefer not having to harp on all this stuff. I mean, you have no idea. But I can't turn the outside world off. I have to try to makes some sense of it. Same way I have to deal with once-rational people driven to raving hysteria by Trump, one way or the other.

      Sometimes hypochondriacs get cancer. There's no point in telling them they're not sick and it's just their imaginations.

    2. Calm down, Chris. Sometimes hypochondriacs get cancer. And sometimes pretty sane people are driven a bit loopy by people with an agenda, and go hypochondriac. And the worst of all is - it's damned near impossible to tell what's really going on.

      One thing I figured pretty quickly when I started getting into esoteric stuff. Normal people get the standard mind-rape, quick and perfunctory. People who really know about esoteric stuff get the real mind-bending, thorough raping. You think, therefore you are dangerous, therefore you have to get neutralized. And a very easy way of neutralizing people is turning them into paranoids, which is easy to turn into anyway, until they start raving about non-existent threats.

      It's as easy as ABC: Assume nothing, Believe nobody, Check everything. And if at the end you still have no idea what's going on, get over it. Millions of people have lived their lives ignorant about all sorts of things, even things essential for their survival, like what are bacteria and how you can avoid getting infected with them. You too can live ignorant of all sorts of things. Just don't delude yourself that you know better than most people around you, because chances are, you actually don't. You get most cheated about the stuff you most care about, like death and love.

      The reason I keep checking your posts isn't to figure out what's going on in the world. It's to figure out whether I have a chance at making a living as a fiction writer. As for the rest, I'm not even going to make much of an effort to work it out, beyond the most obvious, and some fun and games with secondary news like the Las Vegas shooting. There's no point in putting effort where it has little chances of success.

    3. I appreciate your response here; bravo.
      And the 'arrival' of these fallen angels, I mean 'vegans' is following scripture; at least partially.
      The shills you refer to here are just fucking pathetic and I cringe when I hear their 'wisdom' being cited by some 'truther'.
      But we are looking at a VERY dire situation here and this needs to be addressed.
      A lot of good people are discussing it, but FEW are delivering a solution(s) to it.
      Perhaps there just isn't one. (very probable actually)
      So here is another 'twist' on this 'vegan' thing; 'they' are 'non corpereal' entities that are going to hijack our physical vessels to plant their own individuated/collective consciousness into; kinda like a permanent possession.
      So if we tie in elite demonic worship into this idea it holds some merit; TPTB have been 'worshipping' these 'fallen angels' all along (duh, obvious!)
      But they have stepped up their 'game'; increased ritual magick/sacrifice to create a surge of negative energy to assist in their manifestation into our 'plane' of existence. (CERN anyone???)
      We all know of the microscopic world; the existence of 'life' below/beneath ours, but what of the 'macroscopic'?
      Existence in the higher/other dimensions yes, but also that of the 'interdimensional' types.

    4. This should be its own post. Maybe you feel like you've said it all before, but I don't think you've said it as powerfully as you did right here.

      A lot of people get lost in the details and they don't see the big picture you are looking at. The way you wrote this response is the road map to keep them out of the weeds.

    5. @Chris

      Rock on brother continue speaking truth-to-power!


      You're condescending attitude is very grating, perhaps another blog would suit you better?

  15. Wow, Chris, doing my best to follow along, but, man . . . Fortunately, I’m keeping my mind limber. Not sure if I’ve got this right, but in very broad terms, it seems you are suggesting that through propaganda and social engineering, TPTB are preparing the masses for transgenics, the arrival of a malevolent alien race, from the Vega System, who will land in Dubai, and total digital lockdown of the entire planet. A world without sin, I believe is now Gordon put it. All the while TPTB, here on this plane, are evoking and calling down, through ritual magic, and mass public sacrifices, whatever spiritual forces they think will help them with their plans. Just kinda making sure I’m reading this right.
    You know what my normie friends would say when presented with this? Anyway, it still seems more interesting and likely plausible than the standard narrative.

    1. Cheers, Juan. Yeah, it's totally nuts. I mean, barking mad. But this is the world we are now stuck in. I said some weeks back that reality has fallen and can't get up. I guess the only real benefit in that realization is that you won't have a nervous breakdown when everything stops working the way it's supposed to.

  16. Another thing that's changed since 2012 is the behavior of our government in the destruction of Syria, Libya and Yemen. The glee in crushing people who weren't bothering anyone or posing a threat to anyone. The glee in the deaths of tens and tens of thousands of people. The material support of genocidal terror gangs that slaughter vulnerable religious minorities like the Mandaeans and Yazidi wholesale. Then of course the open support of honest-to-God Nazis in Ukraine because it furthers the expansionist campaign against Russia.

    1. >Honest-to-God Nazis
      Interesting way of describing people who are trying to fight off an invasion from Russia.

    2. @ Dammerung: are you willfully ignorant, or just plain ignorant?

  17. Hey chris great post. Did you get a chance to watch the Errol Morris MK ultra show on Netflix called Wormwood it is only 6 episodes long?. Believe me Errol Morris is a master at Secret Sun Scramble. Episode 4 look at the curtain and tell me that is not a mermaids tail.

    And Justin Timberlake is also a champion hence his new song and look up the lyrics aswell.

    What is it about Ancient Egypt and Osiris? I remember seeing this picture on secretsun and a day after am reading an article and low and behold the islamist and Arab Moroccan king Mohammed the 6th is holding a book on Osiris matches the wahabbi emirates of dubai in taste.

    1. Cheers Mr Pink (Opaque). I had been avoiding it since I'm could recite the Frank Olson story in my sleep but you got me thinking I need to give it a whirl.

  18. A futurist future is promoted in order to distract people from a 'The Road' future, and keep the bushy-tailed, bright-eyed youngsters working the treadmills in excited anticipation.

    There will be no real ICBMs, therefore there's no problem cry-wolfing the warning systems.

    Regarding celestial magnitude. The masonic astronomers gave themselves away a bit when they decided that stars would have a magnitude of 0 and above, whereas our suns would be negative (-27 and -1 respectively).

    Oh yes, but I forgot, we only have just the one sun, which orbits only the galactic centre every few hundred million years. Bizarrely, given it doesn't precess, this means the massive Sirius system (A+B or A+B+C), is orbiting the sun every 24,000 years, despite being 8.6 LY away (and strangely, other 'closer' stars precess quite properly).

  19. Talking about Silicon Valley malfeasance, frankly the censorship and coercion re far Left group think that is increasingly operating there, and brazenly, is something that really jumps out at one. Ever wondered why Silicon Valley billionaires, who manage some of the biggest companies in the world, hew to far Left Marxist PC gobbledegook? It is not uncommon among the very rich in general, and is a paradoxical thing, and it is nothing new. Amazed at how it doesn't really get the attention and focus it deserves.

    All big social media companies, Google, facebook, Twitter, youtube (owned by Google of course, hence the problem) are increasingly enforcing group think among their employees and their user base. Their tactics would make the old Pravda and Kremlin proud. The irony is perverse, the identical political bullying, group think conformity and shaming of heretics, of seeming opposites. Engineer James Damore's class action litigation against his former company, Google, is a case in point. It is of the 'you can't make it up' category, and wouldn't have been plausible in the last century. Nowadays it doesn't even surprise one.

    1. Wow, having been a Marxist for over 20 years (I am not anymore, more anarchist since the 90s) in Latin America it baffles me the weird ideas Americans have about Marxism and how it has anything to do with "political correctness". I spent my youth in a Marxist party and I can assure you it was the most un PC place in the world. Marxists have, for example very little concern or intrest (or even tolerance!) for gender, race or such things, which are considered mostly personal matters or even triffles. What Marxists are really concerned about (to the point of obsession) is Class Warfare (TM). The term political correctness was coined in the 60s by Maoists, and Mao has as much to do with Marxism as Walt Disney had. It meant that all political discourse in China had to use as its basis the writings of Mao included in the Red Book. That is all it meant, and that is why ALL the warring factions in China carried the red book to justify their nuttiness. Funny, because in the red book there is less references to Marx than to Chinese philosophers. When the term entered the US in the 70s it lost, like most things imported into that market, any of its original meaning. (Ever heard an American band trying to "create" German Rock?). Instead it was used by recent converts into liberalism that came from American Maoism, mostly tenure seeking academics, to mean a bland all inclusive discourse about - Surprise! "Inclusion" which meant to them inclusion of marginal groups into Capital's embrace. Does anybody really think that someone like Lenin, Stalin, Tito or Castro gave a damn about who can use which toilet, Homosexual weeding cakes or about gender neutral dolls and such so American consumerist issues? Please. Do not confuse Liberalism with the Left, as it has become so commonly in the US. There is nothi ng in common between them. American liberals are among the most rabid anti marxists ever, starting with FDR, who in the 30s smashed the labor movement and all marxixts organizations through his favorite bureaucrat Hoover.

  20. If anything has destabilized my confidence in the 'business as usual' collective unconscious, it's this supra-personification of children into a socially imperative group with sexual identities. Kids with guns, cyborg kids, kids with gender issues. Seems like a matter of a few news cycles before some kid appears on all the mainstream outlets declaring that he's marrying an adult woman and- surprise, world- there'll be a think tank who've already laid the ground work in some damned manifesto. "The myth of childhood."

    Flash in the pan, we've a nine-year old man. Anderson Cooper's interview questions are already scripted.

    Cue reality, manifesting this belly-up irony as a real event. Because anything that can, will, now that the uncanny valley has been filled and marked as unlimited parking for all marginalized groups. The running theme of your 'Never-Ending...' thesis has become the inevitability of heretofore-low probabilities, i.e. the reversal of natural order. Always bet on black... magick. It feels like sorcery war woven into the [ostensibly illusory] living information stream. The New World must have seemed unreal to conquistadors until they lost control(they'd never had) of it and it became a muddy backwards alien jungle.

    In both Valis and Dune a female toddler is born with apparently infinite wisdom and serves as the climactic shift in each respective world. That St Sophia(Valis) is killed was to me more relevant and perhaps a reflection of a the hope that died in the real-world distance between those novels. Written today, would that girl[living Christ] be a holographic trans-feminine bionic boy? More unfunny ironic caterwauling. Sorry.

    You never disappoint, Mr. K!

    1. 9 year old boy wants to get married? Poor boy. When we were nine all we wanted to do was read comic books, play with toy soldiers and climb trees. And we knew marriage was for grown ups who could not do fun things anymore. Poor sap.

  21. The time (8:07) and date (Jan 13) of the Hawaii missile alert seem to encode revelation 8:07-13

    Revelation 8:07-13 New American Standard Bible (NASB)

    7 The first sounded, and there came hail and fire, mixed with blood, and they were thrown to the earth; and a third of the earth was burned up, and a third of the trees were burned up, and all the green grass was burned up.

    8 The second angel sounded, and something like a great mountain burning with fire was thrown into the sea; and a third of the sea became blood, 9 and a third of the creatures which were in the sea [a]and had life, died; and a third of the ships were destroyed.

    10 The third angel sounded, and a great star fell from heaven, burning like a torch, and it fell on a third of the rivers and on the springs of waters. 11 The name of the star is called Wormwood; and a third of the waters became wormwood, and many men died from the waters, because they were made bitter.

    12 The fourth angel sounded, and a third of the sun and a third of the moon and a third of the stars were struck, so that a third of them would be darkened and the day would not shine for a third of it, and the night in the same way.

    13 Then I looked, and I heard an eagle flying in midheaven, saying with a loud voice, “Woe, woe, woe to those who dwell on the earth, because of the remaining blasts of the trumpet of the three angels who are about to sound!”

    1. Meteorite fell from sky and burned up in michigan yesterday, 1/16/18. I should have started working on my bunker long ago.

  22. Chris, in light of recent Black Mirror Star Trek 'parody', saw this and thought you might be highly interested:

  23. Chris, I remember reading your post about the sirens ("Full of Ritual") that will be ringing through the city of Perth for the Perth festival which starts in less than a month and today I see this story in the Australian news about a fire raging just outside Perth that appears to have been deliberately lit -
    "'Apocalyptic' skies over Perth as smoke from Hills bushfire blankets city"
    And of course the smoke is making the skies over Perth appear orange.
    I guess we'll just have to see how this all PANS out?

  24. Dubai-based Emirates airline just emailed me. They are "celebrating" 33 years in operation. No kidding.

  25. I just finished the 1st book of 3 that Mark Frost wrote called The Paladin Prophecy. It was published in 2012 and he really is ahead in terms of the focus of so many mainstream articles now. So many elements of the books reflect these kind of Secret Sun topics that have been themes for 2017 and now 2018. At the end of the book, he explains that it came to him in a dream and that he put everything on hold to write the 1st book.

    1. Funny cause I'm halfway through 'The Secret History of Twin Peaks' written by Mark Frost and he's been impressing me so much that I've been thinking of buying his other books too.
      I'm thinking that I've given David Lynch too much credit for the 'Twin Peaks' series, as it's Frost who seems to be the engine room of ideas here.

  26. That Vega Digital Awards helmet logo looks all the world like the new-style Cylons from BSG:

    It also looks a great deal like the new NHL expansion team, Vegas Golden Knights logo:

    That team has a shoulder patch with a star over crossed swords:

    The team ownership of the Knights has a lot of Military Industrial Complex connections. 'Coincidentally' the Knights are having the best debut season in the history of a new expansion, and will almost certainly make the playoffs. Only one other expansion team in the history of the league has done so, the St. Louis Blues, when the league literally doubled in size from 6 to 12 teams.

  27. Bonjour.

    Babies...theres's a huge scandal here in France about contaminated milk for babies, involving Lactalis, the number one "milk products" company.

  28. News today about a man arrested for killing his mother over a discussion caused by a video game. It happened in California, in a town called Ceres. "Ceres".

  29. Hi Chris! All I could think as I read this post was Sagan's line "we are made of star-stuff." A people raised up out of the rubble of angels...or vegas?

    This morning's headlines included a woman who is a Jack Sparrow impersonator from Ireland who married the spirit of a dead pirate. She just wanted people to know that they had options...that marrying denizens of the unseen realm was a viable choice. I believe we will see an increase in this kind of narrative (Genesis 6) as contemporary science labours to bring forth intelligences from other places (D:wave, CERN).

    Our world has embraced the safe spaces of materialism and rationalism for a long time. It can be difficult to look past that paradigm, which is why with every post you are experiencing blowback.

    A long time ago someone said that the smartest thing Satan ever did was convincing the world he didn't exist. I believe that is true for the entire unseen realm. Only now, as they are re-emerging in force, we have to unlearn that bit of false dogma and see past the Platonic shadows on the wall.


    1. Everything is coming unglued, at variant rates of speed. The most marginal and vulnerable will suffer most. Thanks, Saveth.

  30. Do you mean that reading Case’s book made you think there was a legit threat from a Luciferian force/cabal/etc.? I didn’t get that from the book at all - if anything, I thought it doubled down on the absurdity of satanic panic.

    1. That's not what I said. The point he made is that the Satanic Panic was an extreme but predictable reaction to a deluge of Satanic material in the media and pop culture. That got me to looking into the history and discovering there have been all kinds of satanic murders and so on that got flushed down the memory hole because they didn't fit the narrative.

  31. New term... 'Anacrhosynchronicity"... from a donation note read at the No Agenda podcast on show 999 ~

    Just want to express my gratitude for your work, CLK. Your mind is a diamond;

    Sometimes I have to wonder if you aren't just the manifestation of the Secret Sun itself...

    Recorded in Roxbury

    "Give me wide
    Ground to run
    And foregone
    Lets me knife
    Knife me lets
    I will get
    What I like"

    1. Anachrosynchronicity- I like it. Plus Pixies? A two-fer. Cheers, Occulty.

  32. A lot of stuff pinged for me in this post but it got too jumbled so I narrowed it down to this.

    Watched this on Jan 12. S3:Ep 5 The Leftovers.

    There is a real nuclear event. A guy wants to kill the beast with 7 heads.

    Commentary links this to Revelation 13:1

    Because of this nuclear event the characters – who think the world is about to end – end up in Tasmania and get on a boat that has been booked out by a sex-cult that reveres Frasier the Lion. Curious about the facts of the lion I looked into it and thought you might find this interesting.

    "Frasier was buried on Lion Country grounds under a 6-foot-tall wooden cross and given the funeral rites of the Scottish clan Fraser, which had adopted him as a mascot."

    In the show the lion (a Frasier descendant) mauls/kills (it’s not clear) “God”.

    So we get nuclear event, Revelation 13:1, Tasmania and the Fraser clan mascot in this episode.

    1. 2018 is really shaping up to be 2017 on steroids. Cheers, Chloe.

  33. WIRED Magazine's January edition reads "Imagine a future where your life is measured by a number--three digits that dictate your life in society. That future is now. the graphic reads... 549

    1. Comforting. I feel kinda like Woody Allen in Hannah and Her Sisters.

    2. No. It's SERatio!

  34. Chris,

    A safe that size might also be used to store weapons. Having it in the garage seems a bit weird - usually it would be in the house, perhaps the basement - until one considers the ease and coverage it supplies for someone loading and unloading a vehicle backed into the garage.

    Be it false alarm, sick prank, or intended event, the missile fiasco in Hawai'i serves as one of the several such shock events needed to burn out the nerve endings of the target (sorry) populations.

    A missile that wasn't - that reminds me of the Ghost Rocket incidents in Scandinavia some decades ago, and also, of the mystery submarines in the same region during the Cold War. Each had multiple incidents, yet nothing was ever found or captured of either. Was this "false alarm" a walk-back of a ghost rocket that seemed to appear and fly over/into a target, but was not found? Who knows.

    1. Good point on the safe. There are actually gunsafes and the cops would have recognized them as such but maybe he kept his guns AND his money in there, along with his dope and porn. I doubt the truth will come out but the guy was a spook and got the traditional retire party.

      Yeah- this Hawaii thing. I have no clue what it was about yet. It feels like a psyop but I've read some theories there was a missile and it got shot down. From NK from some rogue military sect, who knows. I seriously doubt someone just fucked up and pressed the wrong button. I'm leaning towards psyop but ritual is always on the table.


    2. There is absolutely no way someone "pressed the wrong button", as they have endlessly repeated on the news. First, that was a canned alert, a pre-written selection, one of a list of them (tsunami, typhoon, drunk orangutan on Hotel Street, etc). The user would have to select it from a list, most likely via radio button control. Then, they click the Go button (or whatever it's called). At that point, a confirmation dialog would be presented. Everything from the systems running the electrical grid, to the drivers for my home printer, puts up a confirmation dialog for executing an action. You know, that annoying "Are you sure?" box with the Yes/No buttons. Only after the Yes button is clicked would the alert be sent out.

      What's more, there would be access issues. Only select personnel of a particular department or level of authority would even be allowed to log in to such a system.

      All of this is Design 101. I should know, I've been doing it for decades. SO, whatever happened here was not some dope "pressing the wrong button". There are either levels of failure, or it was a deliberate act.

      Here's a question I'd like answered: Why did it take more than a half-hour to send out the cancellation notice? Was no one else in the system notified, by email perhaps? Did no one get the text on their phone? How long did it take for them to realize their mistake, and how much longer did it take to send out the all-clear, and why?

    3. Search Aegis and January 2011. Apparently there was a little demo going on to close the sale to Japan on the new missile defense system they're being told they absolutely need against NK. Aegis also handles the warning system for Hawaii. Connect the dots from there. Perhaps the "civilian notification" module of the $2billion package was being demoed a little late.

    4. My mistake on the year there. Search January 11, 2018 with Aegis and Japan. Here's a start

  35. Please be advised I'm also now having weird issues with the Spam filter, probably because I allow Anonymous posting. I've had a few good comments get put into the Spam folder and then disappear when I try to mark them "Not Spam." Very frustrating. If something doesn't show up, please try again. Tip: Make backups of lenghthy comments if you're posting Anonymously.

  36. Hi Chris, I can't say that I've been "enjoying" your posts recently, but they aren't for enjoyment, are they? It is essential work, and I can only imagine the toll it is exacting on you. Stay strong.

    I thought you might find this snippet of the plot of the third (and last) Altered Carbon novel interesting (I wonder if any of this will appear in the Netflix version - I read them when they first come out between 2003 and 2005, seems a bit odd they've been picked up now - except it isn't odd at all, I suppose...).

    Woken Furies: "Takeshi Kovacs [protagonist of the novels, former U.N. elite soldier, extremely fucked up due to experiencing serial violent death and re-sleeving in multiple new bodies] finds himself back on his home planet of Harlan's World. Nine-tenths water, Harlan's World is surrounded by "orbitals" that were created by "Martians". The Harlan's World orbitals are programmed to destroy any object of sufficient technological level flying above ~400 meters altitude and do so with high-energy beam weapons known as "Angelfire".

    In the Kovacs universe, "Martians" are a long-dead, super-advanced, avian/winged species who disappeared from our galaxy, leaving behind inscrutable artefacts and a few pieces of operating technology. They are referred to as "Martians" by humans because our first discovery of them is on Mars." From Wikipedia.

    And just to turn to those cubes for a moment - Canberra has had one for decades - it isn't black, though, but randomly generates colours. Apparently, it used to be voice activated - "Speak to me and I will colour your voice" - which isn't creepy at all. Supposedly, the voice activation was decommissioned because it inspired mild anti-social behaviour late at night. That was a bit before my time here, but the cube is still around...,_Australia/Glowing_Cube

    The work you are doing is amazing. I hope you have ways to keep the (full) horror at bay.



  37. Uhhh... There was a reference to the computer game DOOM in the post or comments earlier, which was synchy for my weekend, but it seems to have vanished, or something.
    So... Does that prove its importance? It was something to do with soundtrack music. I think it was in the main post. Did you edit, or are they at it again?

  38. Yeah, it was something to do with 2016 DOOM, the Vegas in said game, and the soundtrack. I think I shall have to take more screenshots here, in future. < DOOM 2016 soundtrack.

    1. The reference to DOOM is still in the above post. It concerns the Vega Ai in that game.

    2. True, found it this time. Sorry, and Thanks.

  39. Chris, you might find this an interesting news story involving a Starbucks coffee shop -
    "Images aired on television and circulated on social media showed a mangled metal structure that had collapsed around a Starbucks cafe near the entrance to the lobby.
    "The second floor of the building has collapsed," said Vindy, a personal assistant to the exchange's president director, Tito Sulistio, who was in the building at the time.
    "Slabs of concrete started to fall, there was lots of dust. Water pipes had burst," said Megha Kapoor, who works in the building and was in the lobby at the time."

  40. Hello Chris,

    I've been following your work, and in case you ever find yourself thinking twice... you really are on to something. Now, the question is what!

    Well, I have a whole lot I'd like to share or discuss with you, but I can't find a good email address... so here's one item:

    I discovered this on my own, and it seems at least one other reader mentioned it, but the Outlander TV series could probably use a good look from you. Claire Elizabeth Fraser is a time-traveling mystical woman, who has plenty of parallels for you to dig into. Filming at the primary castle in the series was less than 30min from Grangemouth.

    Can't be a coincidence!


  41. BTW, Chris, I'm sure you saw the BBC headline 'Thirteen monkeys die in safari park blaze' on January 2nd.

    Not 12 monkeys! Perhaps the microbes ARE ready...

  42. So sad.

  43. Great article and wonderful comments-even though I've only gotten through about half of them so far. Reading your article I realize I was guilty way back in the mid-90s reading some of Greg Egan's work about how brains could be uploaded to computers or vice versa and I love this type of storyline never thinking about the truly anti-human sentiment that's behind all of this stuff anymore ----I always doubted that they can do a "brain scan" and "upload"your soul into a computer I never really believed that that would work.I truly hope we are more than our biology!
    I don't know if anyone's mentioned this yet but I'm sure you've seen that Dolores O'riordan of The Cranberries has died and on one of the silly discussion forums I view every now and then someone had mentioned but that's an anagram of "Adore Orion Lords"just thought you'd like to know :-)


    "The main event for the 2018 Women’s March, themed “Power to the Polls,” will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada, on Sunday, Jan. 21. The organizers chose Nevada because it’s a key battleground state in the 2018 midterm elections, and because the city “was rocked by the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history” this year, according to the Women’s March website."

  45. This might be old hat for you, Chris, but I've recently been made aware of "Zardoz" - it sounds like it's been notorious since its release in '74, but there's been a recent resurgence of internet attention, such that friends were incredulous I hadn't known about it. The plot is, point for point, your and Gordon's assessment of these Gnostic times.

    - straight forward Gnostic stuff:
    -- Zardoz is the divine mask of a far less divine immortal
    -- Zardoz teaches his chosen ones agriculture
    -- Zed (the protagonist, "the end") unmasks the mad god and stows away to explore the aeons and confront the other immortals
    -- etc. It's pretty straight forward Gnostic stuff

    - these Gnostic times:
    -- set approximately 250 years in our future, the immortals are such because they
    --- control the aging process
    --- grow new bodies (in plastic wombs)
    --- pivot consciousness if the body dies
    -- all of this is managed through an omnipresent AI maintained through refraction of light
    -- Zed and his chosen ones have been genetically engineered to take on the AI (and its army of immortals)
    -- the immortals are space-faring and destroyed their old planet (if I recall correctly)
    -- the first immortal we find wears blue; the second important immortal wears orange; the third important immortal wears purple.

    My summary is probably ineffective, but every scene felt like an article from your or Gordon's blogs... I may recommend checking it out or revisiting it.

    Cheers, man

  46. The 'Queen of Limerick' has died. D.O. rip 2018

  47. FYI: New "false alarm" incident.