Thursday, December 07, 2017

Babylon's Burning

Well, California wildfires are back in the news, this time in the south. Because these fires are striking at a major nerve center, so to speak, they seem to be getting a lot more attention in the news. And because of this we're getting a flood of truly terrifying images, film and video. 

Terrifying and apocalyptic. Is 2017 working up to a Hollywood climax?

I mean, if you're looking for straight-up, End of Days apocalyptic imagery, there it is.

The fires are being fed by the Santa (In)Ana winds, named for the mother of the Virgin Mary. Their scope and intensity is said to be downright Biblical and firefighters are struggling to even begin to contain them.

The City of Angels is ablaze: in the end, how could it be any other way? 

We have family that lost their home in the Santa Rosa fires, but they were luckier than the 44 people who lost their lives. That "All-Important" 44 again. It's like a bad penny-penny.

And all too fitting for 2017, the flames are descending on Getty Center, the complex containing the artwork of the famous oil magnate and current focus of a new feature film featuring Braintree's own Mark Wahlberg.

And until quite recently, Kevin "Little" Spacey. He is being replaced by veteran star Christopher Plummer, a gray eminence who will spare movie-goers of Spacey's spectacularly horrid makeup job. 

The film is directed by Ridley Scott, who brought us Alien:Covenant this year and is launching a series on Jack "Antichrist" Parsons called Strange Angel. Timely.

We might be seeing plenty of strange angels in the days to come.

Also quite timely is the Getty's new exhibit on Medieval manuscripts. Here we see David and his lyre, which brings us back to those strange angels from Vega in Lyra, aka "King David's Harp."


The Getty-Scott-Parsons connection is particularly interesting in that J. Paul Getty Jr. financed Invocation of My Demon Brother and Lucifer Rising, along with the CIA's Ford Foundation. 

Do also note that Jean Cocteau of Beauty and the Beast fame, who had just made the Lyra-resonant Orpheus film, became a friend and supporter of Anger's work as well. 

Also note the Vegas superimposed on that photo of Anger there. Gustave Dore does it every time.

The influence Cocteau had on Anger's filmmaking is impossible to overstate. As is Cocteau and Anger's influence on music video and MTV. 

But there's been another Getty in the spotlight this year, hasn't there?

And that's J.Paul Getty's great-grandson Balthazar, who played a very Dennis Hopper-like drug dealer in Twin Peaks: The Return

Which of course brings us back to Elizabeth Fraser --which everything eventually does-- and that's through Getty's starring role in the music video for "Song of the Siren" that David Lynch embedded within Lost Highway for no perceptible reason.

And here's a little screencap from the sequence.

Starting to get the picture now? Do you think I'd go so far out on a limb with this thing if it didn't keep coming up aces? Don't ask me to explain it. The world is a very strange place.

Note also that Lost Highway featured the acting debut of Satanist Marilyn Manson, who's been in the news quite a bit lately. Why is anyone's guess. I suppose it has something to do with the apocalyptic mood that is being ratcheted up in the media. 


Speaking of which, I couldn't help but notice that Bel Air is in the line of fire, quite literally. The exclusive enclave is finding out that infernos don't really care how rich you are, only that you're inflammable. 

Something we see in the Book of Revelation, which seems inspired by a volcano eruption, quite possibly the eruption at Pompeii and Herculanum:

Let's not forget earthquakes. There was one in Southern California earlier tonight, because they don't have enough problems already.

Bel Air also seems to fit into the overarching narrative we're seeing: Bel means "ruler," as in "ruler of the kingdom of the air." How exactly it fits-- and why-- is still a very open question. 


And speaking of fires, note that a different Bel is the patron god of the Beltane Fire Festival in Edinburgh, which is now expanding into the Samhuinn Fire Festival. 

But Beltane seems to making a major comeback all over Britain. Yeah, there's a comforting image for you. How long before they start putting people in those things? I'd reckon within the next decade.

I love The Wicker Man as much as anyone but I'm not sure I'm ready for the real thing.


I guess Fireball Season came early to Tampa, because shit was falling from the sky all over the place. 

Of course, "Fireball Season" is a total lie created a few years back to cover for flaming crap falling at sub-meteorite speeds that no one can seem to explain.

And then there's the star falling from Heaven, burning as if it were a lamp (ASTEROID!!!!). The asteroid Phaeton 3200- which they named it so because "Lucifer Babylon" was a bit louche-- is scheduled to give Earth a little trim on the 17th. 

I'm not liking the numbers here, but let's hope for the best.

But let's not forget that Phaethon is also associated with Cygnus, the Swan, which our astronomers seem particularly fascinated by. 

As does Donald Trump, who's perched atop Cygnus like Draco, the Dragon. Or King Cepheus. Or both.

"King Dragon."

Huh. Is he trying to tell us something here?


If so then what do you make of Trump announcing the relocation of the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. That seems a bit, I don't know, audacious?

And Muslims don't seem too overjoyed either, with the Palestinian Authority accusing Trump of playing with fire. Interesting day to say so.

Keep an eye out for fire symbolism--and actual fire-- in the reaction to this move.

Which may be the intended effect.

I can't help but wonder if this is part of an upcoming season of the Apocalypse Reality Show, where the new US Embassy will be the de facto Third Temple. Keep an eye out for Babylonian influences in the design for the new building, something we've been seeing quite a lot of recently. 

I'd say that was a gimme at this point.


You won't need to be an SJW to sniff out the prophetic implications here. The far-left New York Daily News seems presold on the Antichrist idea.  But is the Pope-pot calling the kettle black here?

Francis- the last in the line if you believe Saint Malachy-- isn't too happy over this latest move either. But I'm struck by the use of "wisdom and prudence," in light of the Sophia symbolism out there.

Is the Pope a 4-9er? 

Since Prudent is a given name that became an adjective is he inviting us to see "wisdom" the same way? The possibilities are tantalizing. 

But given the fact that so many people think Francis is the Antichrist, maybe it's a clever bit of deflection. A way to take the focus off his own diabolism. 

Or maybe Trump is the Antichrist and Francis is the False Prophet? There are too many choices these days. Note here that Franny is flashing the OK gesture, which Trump loves to do as well. 

Is it a secret 666 like you hear told so often these days, or is it just that the Pope is Italian and Trump is from Queens?

I guess we'll find out soon enough.

Speaking of lakes of fire. Read in your best Dr. Evil voice.


Speaking of the Poor Knights of the Temple of Jerusalem, they're the stars of a new series debuting on History tonight. Will we see DeMolay et al burned at the stake? Probably.

You really gotta love the timing. Meticulous.

I should probably mention that the Archangels are the Knights of Heaven. And we saw an occultation of Aldebaran-- called the "Torch" and associated with Michel-- during the other night's Supermoon.

And of course this story broke this week as well. According to The Intercept Trump is assembling his own intelligence agency, intended to override the CIA. At the head of this project are Lt Col Oliver North of Iran-Contra fame and Blackwater's Erik Prince.

Prince being the best-known Templar of our times. If any of this is true, look for things to get very, very hairy, because these are not men famous for their reasoned moderation. 

Maybe it is the Apocalypse after all.

And in a all-too-fitting bit of highly-charged symbology, we hear now that Da Vinci's Salvator Mundi is being moved to the Louvre's new franchise outlet in Abu Dhabi. From the Pyramid to the Dome. 


In the last post we looked at the horrific deaths at the gate of the Gate of Heaven cemetery in Valhalla ("Hall of the Slain"), and the sickening symbolic links it had to Katy Perry's Super Bowl appearance, where she literally entered the stadium as the Whore of Babylon, greeted by a sea of orange orbs. 

Some readers pointed out some trenchant details in the narrative, such as the fact that the train- its head car numbered 4333- hit the 49 year-old Ellen Brody as it was going 49 MPH.

Another reader pointed out Brody's maiden name, Schaeffer.

Schaeffer being the original name of the stadium in which Super Bowl 49 champions once played.

Which began construction on September 23.

I should also point out that Perry's final number at Super Bowl 49 was "Firework"-- as in "Baby, you're a firework." The bit where she flew around as a binary star.

Do you ever feel already buried deep
Six feet under scream
But no one seems to hear a thing
Do you know that there's still a chance for you

'Cause there's a spark in you
You just gotta ignite the light
And let it shine
Just own the night
Like the Fourth of July
'Cause baby you're a firework

And the meaning of the name of the woman who was literally incinerated alive at "the Gate of Heaven" in the "Hall of the Slain?"

A firework, alright.

Brody worked at Bill and Hillary Clinton's favorite jewelry store, ICD. They created the charm bracelet that Hillary liked to show off on the campaign trail.

Perry was also closely connected to the Clintons, having acted as a very prominent supporter and surrogate for Hillary's campaign. "Roar" and "Firework" were popular at campaign events.

"Roar" being the big Whore song, where Perry played Mystery Babalon the Great (or April Bell, if you want to be slightly more current) at the Super Bowl. 

A song Hillary herself chose to be her theme song.

And used for her closing advertising. 

The Antichrist and the Whore of Babylon. And you wonder why I didn't vote?

Katy is doing a different take on the Scarlet Woman more recently.


So realizing all of this, let's look at the 49er a bit more closely. The moribund old media are crawling over one another to heap praise on him-- and certainly no one skeptical of state power (or who's watched those sickening compilations of unarmed citizens being gunned down with absolutely no provocation) can argue with his professed motivations-- but knowing the N-ph-L the way I do I can't help but wonder about it all.

All the more in light of this manufactured controversy, when right-wing talk show host Tomi Lahren tore into the Queen of All Media Rituals BeyoncIsis for handing the 4-9er his sacred crystal phallus on behalf of Sports Illustrated.

You see, that got me to thinking about Super Bowl 50, when BeyoncIsis appeared with Chris  Martin (literally "Martian") of Coldplay and Bruno Mars, singing in front of this weird symbol...

...which The Sync Book's Alan Green likened to this symbol...

...of the Martian locust-gods who rise from the titular pit in Quatermass and the Pit. A bit of sacred geometry that Quatermass likens to a "Kabbalist" sign, somewhat erroneously. Or is it?


The day the 4-9er began his protest is rather significant as well- it was the date of the rare "Equation of Time" phenomenon. There was also a New Moon and a Solar Eclipse.

Now, I'm not going to quarrel with the ostensible reason for these protests but in light of everything we're seeing everywhere-- especially in the N-ph-L, I feel obliged to point something out. 

And that's that the kneeling protests....

...are essentially identical to pre-and post-game prayers. Same exact poses- on one knee, arms joined.

So you do have to wonder, has Kaepernick's original protest- where he stayed sitting on the bench-- been appropriated for some other agenda, something no one is actually talking about?

I mean, the evidence is right there. Go look for yourself in case you think I'm cherry-picking. Are the N-ph-L'ers actually being manipulated into praying-- or at least appear to be praying-- for some entirely unspoken purpose? Or is that even a question?

Oh, I know- I'm just flying off the handle with irresponsible speculation. But who is actually the author of the kneeling protest? 

Hint: it's not Colin Kaepernick.

It's a former football player with an extensive background in military intelligence. And Hollywood

I mean, did you actually expect anything else? 


The eclipse the night that the kneeling protest began saw a "Ring of Fire" eclipse, another one of these terms that astronomers seem to be pulling out of their asses recently.

But it does turn our attention to the situation in Bali, which could still get rather apocalyptic. We also recently saw a story in which Eleven- aka Millie Bobbie Brown-- was trapped on the island, though that could be entirely ritual in nature. The fact the felt obliged to mention that she flew on Virgo Airlines might bear that out.

Or maybe it's a bit of foreshadowing of her future playing the Volcano Girl.

The Onion nails it.

As does the late, lamented Malcolm Owen.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention Tracy Twyman's piece on September 23 and the Kneeling ritual of Freemasonry. Do give it a read.


  1. If I understand you correctly, if something happens in Jerusalem soon involving fire and horses, I should be watching carefully...

    Then, maybe the intended apocalyptic ending to the year is some military operation against Iran. It would fit everything else that's been happening in the region.

    Trump's announcement about Jerusalem was 70 years, almost to the minute, to the unilateral declaration of independence of Israel (13 minutes difference, to be precise, in case you think that's significant). So it was definitely a scheduled event. Presumably other important people in the region were informed in advance of this, including the Saudis.

    The Saudis are the people who have been doing a number of extremely odd moves recently, including kidnapping foreign prime ministers as if that was the most normal thing in the world, and of course some sort of witch hunt among their own. So something is definitely cooking over there. In exchange for, effectively, accepting Jewish control of Jerusalem, throwing Palestinians under the bus and buying the Palestinian Authority off so they would accept this, obviously the Saudis must have got something juicy in return. Like, I don't know, maybe the chance to rip off Iran's heart while it's still beating. And Trump would obviously be very happy to help with that.

    And if it all ends a tad more apocalyptic than initially programmed and kicks off WWIII, well, these rituals have a way of taking a life of their own, don't they? I mean, they think they've been controlling the sheeple, but enchanted brooms have a way of getting out of the control of the sorcerer's apprentice, don't they?

    1. Ah but the Saudis have always been close allies with the Israelis and puppets of empire.

    2. Cinimod_ofCarthach3:06 PM, December 07, 2017

      Fire and horses? Sounds like Elijah.

    3. You mean The $audi$.... They love the green notes more than anything. One of their billionares princes just spent some pocket change to buy a portrait by Da Vinci of Jesus Christ. 450 million dollars. Odd for a non christian, heh? Maybe the colors match the sofa or so.

    4. Purchased on the off chance perhaps that '''isis''' kicks things off bigtime in that sandiest of lands & they'll have something other than stoney things to destroy this time.

    5. I also thought it was interesting that a Saudi royal would buy a famous painting of Jesus. It sounds sort of technically OK because Muslims say that Jesus is a prophet, but then, they say he's a lesser prophet than Muhammad and definitely don't say that he is the "Savior of the World".

      On the other hand, Da Vinci is known to have had some very peculiar beliefs, not well in line with the Catholic church. If I understand things correctly (and I could me making some mistakes here, do your own research) he found out about some ancient secret Jewish documents containing some mystical teachings that were given only to the highest Jewish priests. It's quite possible that Mohammed, who lived in that area, was aware all along of these teachings and developed his own doctrines taking them into account. So it's possible that Da Vinci made some sort of connection between the two religions. Presumably he wasn't the first, and the Knights Templar were there first. But the Knights Templar aren't exactly popular in the Middle East. Da Vinci would be a much safer bet.

    6. One of their billionares princes just spent some pocket change to buy a portrait by Da Vinci of Jesus Christ. 450 million dollars. Odd for a non christian, heh?

      Noticed this, too.

      BTW, Islam does somewhat recognize Isa bin Maryam as a Prophet.

      Some sects have him showing up at the Very End to help the Maudi defend Jerusalem from the "False Messiah"/AntiChrist.

      So, um... yeah.

    7. Maybe all this links to Bowie, he had a song with the intriguing title of The Secret Life of Arabia.

    8. & TSLoA is the closing track of the 'Heroes' album which opens with 'Beauty and the Beast' (Melania/Trump / Hillary/Clinton?).

    9. Or even Kim / Trump, Putin / Trump, Pence / Netanyahu...

  2. Not to make light of the situation but that pic with the car and the hills on fire looks like an album cover for an underground post rock drone metal band.

    Would it be too easy to compare California to hell? and now it literally looks like it.

    Pope Francis is half a commie he practices liberation theology. The traditional Catholics do not like him at all. I read on a different blog that the trad caths have connections with trump through bannon.

    The new knights templar would have to be some clandestine merc group. Like christian ninjas....
    I think their plan is to basically be a hit squad for hire and take out the people who fund terrorism and do it.
    Middle eastern Christians have it pretty shitty, you are getting fucked both ways by sunnis or shias. The pope doesnt seem to care at all about them and is more concerend with helping muslims flood into europe more...

    on another note a while back radiohead released a music video for their song burn the witch that was a parody of the wicker man

    1. Pope Francis is half a commie he practices liberation theology.

      People say this like it's a bad thing :)

      I read on a different blog that the trad caths have connections with trump through bannon.

      Bannon is almost certainly Opus Dei.

    2. He is the first JESUIT Pope.

      Read up on the Jesuits - their crypto-Jewish founders, their military doctrine, links with Nazism etc.

      Scary, scary, scary.

      Francis is clearly considered by the elites a safe pair of hands. His pronouncements e.g. on how we must accept evolution as well as creation should floor every Catholic who has had an ounce of religious esucation.

    3. Quite familiar with the Jesuits: I was educated by them.

      The only thing they seemed to despise more than "Prots" and Communists were the Nazis. Many tales of priests like Rupert Mayer and the 150+ other Jesuits murdered by the Nazis for Resisting them.

      Support for evolution (of the material part of humans, anyway) has been mainline Catholic doctrine since 1950 (Humanis generis, Pius XII).

      BTW: I'm 1-2% Jewish (not uncommon for Acadien lines: A few families sailed from France to Acadia in the 1600s and got 'absorbed'). Does this make me a "Crypto-Jew"?

    4. Speaking of Jesuits - how about the Gov - former Jesuit-priest-in-training and his statements today about the fires, climate change, and Trump's religious beliefs (or lack thereof):

      Also - "Crypto-Jew", as I comprehend that term, has less to do with DNA and more to do with those that still *feel* Jewish from a cultural/religious standpoint, but who are deliberately covering up that part of their heritage and publicly practicing a different religion to feel safe. Example - my Great Grandparents were crypto-Jews because they self-identified as Jewish. While all of their children got the DNA part, only one Great Grandchild of theirs now identifies as Jewish, both culturally and religiously. All of the rest of the dozens descended from that line, while acknowledging the DNA and the heritage, don't identify as Jewish - crypto or otherwise.

    5. Does Pope Francis really practice Liberation Theology though? He openly opposed/denounced it in Argentina, and not necessarily just to CYA -- See Chossudovsky on Washington's Pope?

    6. Crypto-Jews as in Marranos:
      In the early 1990s I met a Greek-American woman, a university administrator from the Midwest. She shared with our entire group the story of how up to the age of 15, her name was Katharina and she was raised in the Greek Orthodox faith. Once she turned 15, her parents told her, "oh btw, you are Jewish and your name is Mathilda".

      She probably just thought of the incident as "geez, my family's crazy" -- but in fact, THIS is exactly what is meant by "crypto-Jewish". She even admitted that her parents had a command of Judeo Español.

    7. Yeah... Family names don't get more Catholic than "Mayer"...

      Re Jesuits despising the Nazis:

      "...the SS organization had been constituted according to the principles of the Jesuit Order."

  3. Hey Chris,

    The French book Ethereal Punks: The Cocteau Twins Story is being translated into English. There were some interesting details in an excerpt posted, such as:

    "Elizabeth took refuge in music, which was already a family tradition. [Her:] '...It was wonderful growing up with music in the house, because there was so much tension just outside the door, like our Protestant segregation from Catholics. My brother and grandfather were in the (((Orange Lodge))), and you weren’t allowed to cross the road when they marched. Religion left me numb.'" [My emphasis.]

    1. To make things completely explicit: the (((Orange))) Lodge or Order is a masonic organization in Scotland and N. Ireland.

    2. I see that Bryan Singer is being sued by a guy who claims Singer tried to force him to go down on him on his yacht at sea, plus other sordid details.
      Singer directed the pilot for the TV show 'House' that has the 'Massive Attack' song 'Teardrops' as its theme song.
      Singer also directed 'X-Men: Apocalypse', 'The Usual Suspects', and was just fired from the 'Queen' biopic 'Bohemian Rhapsody'.
      The first directing credit Singer has at his IMDB site is a short film tiled 'Lion's Den'.
      His last credited "completed" film is titled 'Broadway 4D' and with D being the forth letter in the alphabet that title could almost be read as 'Broadway 44' ;-)

    3. To make things completely explicit: the (((Orange))) Lodge or Order is a masonic organization in Scotland and N. Ireland.

      My maternal grandmother was Irish-Catholic. The word "Orangeman" was always followed by a spitting noise and a few Gaelic curse-words. (When CLK started seeing Orange everywhere, that's where my mind went, actually).

      PS: There are still a few neighborhoods left in/around Boston where you really don't want to wear Orange on St Patty's day. (Bad things will happen to you).

  4. Not arguing with the symbolic potential but I live in Southern California and this is commonplace. Wildfires and earthquakes are just a thing here.

    It's kind of a weird place. It's like paradise most of the time but it always feels like the apocalypse is around the corner. Then the apocalypse comes and everyone's like "hey, look, it's the apocalypse!" On wildfire days you drive to work and it looks like a scene from some 70s disaster flick with orange smoke choking the sky but nobody really seems to notice. Then it's back to 80 degrees and sunny and perfectly clear and everyone goes to the mall.

    Now when it RAINS that's another matter:

    1. We don't have snow days here, we have fire days.

  5. First quick thought: Though I'n not aware of any arson rumors, given the timing it seems prudent to ask if there are any police warehouses or labs in the LA fire zone? UK pedo files have had a way of disappearing in fires.

    And the part at the end about military intelligence in Hollywood syncs in a way with this recent story:

    Perhaps Paperclip included much more than we know.

  6. Hi Chris, Was turned onto your blog in the last month or so by a longtime reader and have very much appreciated your incredible analyses of so many things, as well as the thoughtful commenters. I live in LA and was wondering if you were going to post about the fires. Some additional details for you. Not sure how they all fit in, but tossing them out there: The Ventura fire is called the "Thomas" Fire because it started near Thomas Aquinas college. The "Creek" Fire started very near where the house that was used in "ET" is still located, though as far as I know, that house is still safe. During the coverage of the fires on the first night, I saw a news interview of someone evacuated in the Shadow Hills area. A young, white male in his 20s. His name was Nathan PORmetheus. Not PROmetheus, but still.... The fire in Bel Air did scorch a building on the property of Rupert Murdoch. The nearby Getty just announced in June of this year that it would be returning a sculpture of Zeus to italy. Press release is here: Lastly (for now, anyway), being born and raised in SoCal, and speaking with other longtime residents here, we have no doubt that based on the timing and locations of these fires that most if not all of them were deliberately set.

  7. Footnote re: the Bel Air fire. I also couldn't help but observe that it started and is continuing to burn near Mulholland Drive, named, of course, after the Mulholland made famous because of the water wars that allowed LA to get hydrated and get so populated in the first place.

  8. the largest blaze is named "Thomas."


    "The largest blaze, the Thomas Fire, burned more than 90,000 acres (36,000 hectares) after it destroyed more than 150 homes and threatened thousands more in Ventura, about 50 miles (80 km) northwest on Los Angeles."

  9. Wow! Thanks to JB Turnstone's excellent piece on Sinead O'Connor over at Disinfo, I've been re-examining O'Connor's work, and the song that was jumping out at me was "Fire On Babylon." This was just yesterday. Then I see your article. Essentially O'Connor is singing that "change" is coming ... and change certainly seems to be in the air, in ways I would have never imagined! Great post!

    1. From the 'Universal Mother' album no less.

      Moms, mother figures (& psy-sisters (psysters?)) were central to the tale of 'Stranger Things 2', which after watching seems to have been even more of a celebration of child abuse (for the supposed 'greater good' (of course)) than the original season, soundtracked by 80's classics, I don't recall if The Twins played as part of ST 1/2's mise-en-scène, third time's a charm though eh? 'Stranger Things 3 Wronged Woman'.

      & on that note O'Connor's something of a fellow mariner in the siren stream which Fraser's channeled, she's Fifty-One tomorrow, & 'In 2017, she changed her name legally to Magda ('tower') Davitt ('son of David ('beloved')')'.

    2. Holy cow! You're right! She was born Dec. 8, 1966! And I had not heard about the name change. Wow! We have not heard the last from Magda Davitt/Sinead O'Connor, I suspect. And she was born on Jim Morrison's 23rd birthday, just as he and The Doors were putting the final touches on their debut album, released a month later. That is an interesting sync in itself, in light of The Doors' link to the Laurel Canyon "looking glass" scene and Morrison's father being a Navy admiral who was part of the Gulf of Tonkin trigger event that set the U.S. involvement in Vietnam in motion. Very interesting that her birthday is today, KTV. Thank you for the comments and insight.

    3. Thank you, KTV. That got me to writing, the following article about Sinead/Magda and her ability to tell it like it is.

    4. She's certainly been put through the ringer, Madonna's (mad on her?) response to the then O'Connor's tearing up of a photo of the pope on saturday night live speaks volumes, no wonder the material girl was called on to be appluaded for wanting to 'blow up the whitehouse' - sharing the pussyhat'd stage with rapists & other deluded culture industry types as some Upside Down'd empowerment of women, if a soul's always under attack for speaking the truth It's going to test the strongest beyond breaking point.

      Those Doors syncs are odd cherries on the cake.

      When I first heard 'Fire on Babylon' I thought it was a Björk piece of work, whose father happens to be an electrician.

    5. I don't know the tale behind how the now 'Davitt' came to be starring as vessel for 'Nothing Compares 2 U' ('A Star is Born' making 'career launch'), It's odd that Prince's spellcasting would include a reversed 'U2' in the title, 'Davitt' being a compatriot of the most famous Irish band of all time, off the top of my head I don't recall hearing anything from 'Bono' or 'The Edge', or the other '2' regarding 'Davitt's' stand against catholic abuse, too busy 'virtue signalling' perhaps?

  10. And one other thing, the "knights" reference reminded me of a story I saw over at the Salt Lake Tribune earlier this week involving a fundamentalist Mormon "Doomsday cult" called the "Knights of the Crystal Blade" being found in Iron County, Utah. This was in the same county where soldier Gerry Irwin was allegedly abducted (or mind-controlled) in Feb. 1959 while driving from his Idaho home back to Fort Bliss, Texas. What's weird is that I just finished a book covering that bizarre case - noted by Jacques Vallee in "Passport to Magonia" - called "No Return" by David Booher. Well worth checking out. It was just published.

  11. The Royal Bank of Scotland boss just compared bitcoin to Dante's inferno. Doesn't make much sense really, but spot on for the general craziness of the world

    1. Yeah, because Bitcoin is one hell of a problem for the Banksters right now and that's one fire in their world they would love to put out.

  12. "Rollin' down Imperial Highway
    With a big nasty redhead at my side
    Santa Ana winds blowing hot from the north
    We were born to ride

    ... I love L.A."

    "The wind's like a love of a woman (woman, woman, woman)
    It takes a mighty mean bitch, some fire witch
    To set the night on fire
    And the Santa Ana wind's gonna have its way tonight
    Nothing you can do's gonna change her mind
    And ain't it a lot like love the way desire takes you in
    And sparks the fire like the Santa Ana wind"

    "Babylon sisters shake it
    Babylon sisters shake it
    So fine, so young
    Tell me I'm the only one
    (Here come those Santa Ana winds again)

    My friends say no don't go
    For that cotton candy
    Son you're playing with fire
    The kid will live and learn
    As he watches his bridges burn
    From the point of no return"

    "In between the Star of David and the California moon
    The Santa Ana winds blew warm into your room
    We were crazy, wild and running
    Blind to the change to come
    In that little house on Mansfield
    We'd wake at the break of dawn
    In an Indian summer gone"

    "Homeboy wants to rule the hot town
    And the innocent will fall
    When the santa ana blows across the killin' ground
    It sweeps away what mercy
    Is left to be found"

    "Oh, painted night set free with light glows outside the Rainbow Saloon
    Matching braces with a Spanish lady 'neath a graduation moon
    No more colleges, no more coronations, some punk's idea of a teenage nation
    Has forced Santa Ana to change his station from soldier to cartoon
    And the Giants of Science spend their days and nights
    Not with wives, not with lovers, but searching for the lights
    They spotted in the desert on their helicopter flights
    Just to be lost in the dust and the night
    Hey, now my contessa, in your juke joint rags you always bring candy for the kids
    Come waltz with me tonight senorita 'cause only fools are alone on a night like this, oh!

    Woahhh, ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya
    Woahhh, you're callin', come on darlin'
    Woahhh, alright
    Woah, ha, woah"

  13. I saw this when I woke up and thought you mind find it interesting:

    1. spielberg having cast a female lead in 'The Color Purple', a fact brought up to discredit a claim made about ss by a disgruntled actress hoping on board the emasculation train earlier this year, perhaps served as a notion to seed re: ss being 'of unimpeachable good character' as a pre-emptive strike before the pedowood truths being given a light airing in the msm.

  14. You should print up giant posters with red lines linking all the most pertinent connections you've made. I'd buy it.

    1. Dang, that's a good idea!

    2. Also secret sun tshirts should you be inclined to do so.

  15. Interesting that the wildfires are apparently being fanned by the Santa Ana winds, as December 7, 8 and 9 are all feasts relating to the conception of Mary - by St. Anne (or Santa Ana).

    At first I thought the seasonal winds got their name from the feasts, but no, they'really apparently named after the place. So what's being birthed or conceived here?

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. The Coldplay weird symbol is The Flower of Life

  18. I keep saying it but this is truly excellent work, Chris. You are a very intelligent and perceptive researcher. The elites seem to have really taken the gloves off this year and we find ourselves under a full spectrum assault of weaponized images. I say assault because this weaponization is intended to hurt us and break us in a number of ways. I think the goal here, at least partially, is to create a web of images and events of such dark, evil gravity that we surrender our thinking and discernment to it, utterly overwhelmed by it all. That's why I'm always quick to commend your work. You're helping fight against that overwhelmed surrender and docility and helping people to chart a course through all this craziness. In a world of sinister inversions, abject cruelty and horrific mass rituals people don't even know what is up or down anymore. These sick fucks are playing with forces they can barely comprehend, forces that predate all of us. It feels like they're using this year to give birth to something truly nightmarish. And any sane, kind and loving soul has to wonder at the utter lunacy of that. I mean, the symbolism is so on the nose that you also have to wonder at the timetable these psychopaths are adhering to. I guess all we can do as researchers and artists is continue to heed the signs and portents and try to stay ahead of the curve. Thank you, Chris, truly. The noble work you do here is needed now more than ever. At the risk of sounding like a flakey hippie: Love, Empathy, Family, Friendship - let's try to keep those intentions close to our hearts. They're helpful in discerning good from evil in this world of inversion, camouflage and deceit.

  19. lyrics from song "babylon's burning" by w.a.s.p.

    "Listen close to hooves you hear
    Are thunders coming dread
    John the Revelator's dream
    Had seen a terror vision
    Of the spirit led
    With wrath to reign
    And with slaves to flame
    They kneeled and sealed a kiss
    Plagues and pain and fiery rain
    And blaspheme on his lips"

  20. Porn star hangs herself post LGBTQ bullying.

    Note the T-Shirt "Mermaid on Duty"

    See No Hate, then self hate

    1. 'Friends of the star, who had appeared in more than 270 X-rated movies, said she had suffered from long-term depression... This December, her videos on Pornhub had amassed more than 425 million views, making her the 9th most popular star on the site.'

      There's that number again & again.

      She had the whole contoured-enhanced-Inhuman-trans look down to a T (oddly beloved by so many women), she finally 'passed' as the fifth became the sixth (why was six afraid? because seven eight nine).

      Flaming California is the same state where legislation's been changed so the hiv/hiv+/aids infected no longer have to admit this fact to their partners & where revealing oneself as a tarred & feathered 'homophobe' etc for not wanting to sleep with those with a higher incidence of hiv/hiv+/aids among their populace than others is the crime - not the act of infecting other human beings, no matter we'll all soon be riddled with It & we'll all be 'equal', just further fuel for the fire setting the planet ablaze.

      'Knowingly exposing a partner to HIV with the intent to transmit the virus is no longer a felony in California'

      WTF? Let the whole world burn! Or at the very least start with the sodom & gomorrah of our degenerate age.

    2. 'Friends of the star, who had appeared in more than 270 X-rated movies, said she had suffered from long-term depression...'

      I wonder if there was a link?

      But what else could come from such a state of affairs but a death at the hands of the mob? A siren call drew those all too willing to degenerate, & celebrate their degeneracy, to commit even more fully to obscenity, all in the name of being their 'authentic selves' of course & 'speaking their truth' (& all the other rainbow warrior 'be who you wanna be'/'do what you wanna do' Beast-esque spellcasting), resulting in the ultimate physical embodiment of offering something to a 'higher power', think of all the 'life essence' 'August Ames', & the like, coax to ejeculated suicide from what should be 'the family jewels'.

      That the 'pornhub' of Earth is based close to 'silicon vally' is fitting in this demiurgical derengement of the senses, an odd twinning is that Las Vegas has become a base of choice for porn churners due to lower costs of the locale, as Mr. Jackpots would say "HEEEEEEELLLLOOOOOOOO--OOOOO---OOOOOO".

      These public exexcutions are already happening.

  21. "Lord of the World" said to be a prophetic Book written in 1908 by a Catholic priest on the rise of the Anti Christ.
    lol the cover artwork even looks like a young Trump.

  22. 2 students, 1 shooter dead today at Aztec High School, new mexico. "Aztec". Cant make this stuff even if you wanted.

  23. I thought this might be of interest. It seems Discovery is going to be putting on a series about Tesla.

    "Tesla is produced for Discovery Channel by Sirens Media LLC. For Sirens, executive producers are Rebecca Toth Diefenbach, Valerie Haselton Drescher, Lucilla D'Agostino, Faith Gaskins, John Collin and Casey Dale. For Discovery, Chris Rantamaki is senior vp production and development, Joseph Schneier and Michael Gara are executive producers, and Maryna Harrison is producer."

    I'm amused at both the Sirens Media LLC and Rebecca Toth Diefenbach.

    1. +

      'The Current War':

      'Weinstein Co. Pulls Benedict Cumberbatch Movie ‘The Current War’ Off Thanksgiving Schedule'

      It's all going off! *chortle*

    2. I guess I should have mentioned, the production crew for the Tesla series also has engineers that are supposedly going to try to build his infamous death ray. What could possibly go wrong there?

    3. David Bowie will emerge from the BlackStar Gate they conjure and 'Dance Magic Dance' a New Age of Earth into existence Kali Yuga style.

    4. His massive codpiece flailing about majestically.

      * Apologies I'm always on the lookout for a chance to use the word "codpiece" in a sentence.

    5. A family member woke up today to tell me they had a vivid David Bowie dream where "aliens" were being mistreated by humans and the "Starman" came down to help them. And the "Blackstar Event" continues ...

    6. It is of course a well-established fact that David Bowie's Area was/is omnipresent.

    7. The 'Labyrinth' codpiece, which has been much remarked upon over the years, served to emphasise Bowie's genital area (fifty-one? (wiki: 'Bowie embodies a certain maturity, with his sexuality, his disturbing aspect, all sorts of things that characterize the adult world"')) not unusual for a codpiece but Bowie's appendage was supposedly famed for It's mass in the first place.

      'Meanwhile, Bowie’s package is the sexual tyrannosaurus hiding in plain sight in what is supposedly a fun kids’ fantasy-adventure movie. While technically more subtle, this half-hearted attempt to hide it is like trying to hide an elephant in your closet — it just makes the elephant a lot more obvious. And most importantly, remember, Labyrinth is about a teenage girl trying to rescue her baby brother from goblins — and the fact that the Goblin King has a massive, massive dick adds this weird, omnipresent sexuality to the entire movie, which I’m not 100% sure wasn’t included on purpose. I say Bowie’s bulge definitely had the bigger impact (so to speak). Also, I am 99% sure Bowie’s penis has its own SAG card.'

      & from wiki:

      'In 1997, Jennifer Connelly said "I still get recognized for Labyrinth by little girls in the weirdest places. I can't believe they still recognize me from that movie. It's on TV all the time and I guess I pretty much look the same."'

      'Since 1997, an annual two-day masquerade ball called the "Labyrinth of Jareth" where revelers come dressed in costumes inspired by the film has been held in Hollywood.'

      A sequel's in the works.

      & also from io9:

      'Somebody Threw Up and Passed Out While Making The Shape of Water's Most Romantic Scene'

      Burn Hollywood.

    8. KTV: Bowie might have been well-endowed but not as much as his friend Mr Osterberg (whose acting career, probably not coincidentally, has only extended into "family" movies at the cartoon-voiceover level)

    9. 'Iggy', collaborator with 'Peaches' on 'Kick It' as featured on the 'Fatherfucker' album.

      'Iggy Pop on David Bowie: ‘He Resurrected Me’'

      'Mr. Pop met Mr. Bowie in 1971, a period of excess when “we were all pretty bad but he was at least viable,” Mr. Pop said ... He subsumed my personality, lyrically, on that first album,” Mr. Pop said. He compared Mr. Bowie with the character in George Bernard Shaw’s “Pygmalion” and the musical “My Fair Lady.” ... “He said, ‘I can’t put out a record with that,’” Mr. Pop recalled. “I said, ‘But I can.’ And he smiled, and he realized this was a playground for him. I always tried to encourage his worst impulses in those directions. I was a fan.” ... When Mr. Bowie moved to Berlin, Mr. Pop occupied a room in Mr. Bowie’s apartment there “over the auto parts store,” he said. The title song for Mr. Pop’s next album, “Lust for Life,” germinated in that apartment ... Mr. Pop and Mr. Bowie, seated on the floor — they had decided chairs were not natural — were waiting for the Armed Forces Network telecast of “Starsky & Hutch.” The network started shows with a call signal that, Mr. Pop said, went “beep beep beep, beep beep beep beep, beep beep beep,” the rhythm, which is also like a Motown beat, that was the foundation for “Lust for Life.” Mr. Pop recalled, “He wrote the [chord] progression on ukulele, and he said, ‘Call it “Lust for Life,” write something up.’” ... By contrast, Mr. Bowie was “worldly,” Mr. Pop said. “I learned things that I still use today. I met the Beatles and the Stones, and this one and that one, and this actress and this actor and all these powerful people through him. And I watched. And every once in a while, now at least, I’m a little less rustic when I have to deal with those people.” ... Mr. Bowie made a point of visiting Mr. Pop’s parents in Detroit, where they were living in a trailer. “He came to my parents’ trailer, and the neighbors were so frightened of the car and the bodyguard they called the police,” Mr. Pop said. “My father’s a very wonderful man, and he said, ‘Thank you for what you’re doing for my son.’ I thought: Shut up, Dad. You’re making me look uncool.”'

      Aside from the mention of having been 'bad', which isn't gone into in any detail, there's so much in this interview - resurrection, 'my fair lady' - but perhaps the oddest aspect, unsurprisingly though, is the origin of the 'Lust for Life' tune via the military industrial complex conjured in the Cold War nexus of The Clash of Civilistions, 'Berlin'... 'Berlin Trilogy'/Trinity(?)

  24. Don't fret about the fire(s), 'the hero we deserve' will save us:

    'LEGO’s latest collectible minifigures feature Mermaid Batman, Tropical Joker and more'

    '...if you’ve ever dreamed of adding vacation-ready Batman-themed minifigures to your collection, it’s your lucky day.'

    Which reminds me, Dustin's 'grrrring', which all other ST2 characters warned him off using as a-lure, sounds like the kind of watery noises Merman (of 'He-Man' fame) makes, hmmmnnn Dustin's 'grrrring' / Dustin Hoffman's 'burning'.

    The 'Quatermass & The Pit' 'Kabbalistic' utterance stood out to me something's clearly being signalled there, & the Extra-terrestrial sorcerers of 'Q&TP' were from that arid planet Martin, I mean Mars & made their Martianness part of humanity, 'star scarred children' no less.

    The Infernal Apocalyptic scenes of California would surely make for quite a spectacle when projected on the silver screen, found footage film makers there are in luck!

  25. Jean Cocteau was supposedly once the highest ranking of The Priory of Scion, but they no longer necessarily accepting of the idea that they are among The Templars. Is this "The War In Heaven" where Enki return to cast out Enlil and all imposed in his time?

  26. Interesting story especially insofar as I work at the Getty Center. In addition to the medieval manuscripts exhibit you reference, we have acquired an anonymous loan of a relatively modern piece for the Getty. Franz von Stuck's " Dragon Slayer", which features interesting Draco, Virgo, and Orion symbols.

  27. Is Trump chanelling a splice of Faul/John in that swan snap?

    1. The 'Abbey Road' cover features the band crossing the road.

      'Abbey Road was a fitting swan song for the group' according to allmusic (& the band that took their place as Planet Earth's favourite rock 'n rollers had their own record label called 'Swan Song Records'.)

  28. For some seriously creepy mermaid and siren stories go here and scroll about halfway down to where they start (unfortunately there are no crosslinks for further digging):

    As it drew closer still, Froster claimed that he could see that its top half had smooth skin, unmistakable breasts, and a head of flowing hair, while the bottom half was covered in scales. Whatever it was did not seem friendly, and the frightened diver would say of its gaze, “I’ve never seen such evil hate in the eyes of any human or animal before.” He was able to make it to the surface and aboard his vessel without further incident.

    This story that follows is even creepier.

    As he drew near to shore, perhaps thinking that he was away from the thing that he had encountered, he felt another powerful jab to his shoulder, and he saw once again the face of the mysterious swimming woman, her eyes black and expressing what he called “disappointment.” The swimmer rushed onto shore screaming, and looking back he could purportedly make out a silvery body splashing on the surface to disappear down into the black depths. Although the terrifying experience was over, he found himself obsessed by what he had seen, even seeing the strange woman in his dreams, and felt compelled to go back several times to the same location but never saw her again.

    And rather than be tl;dr here just don't miss the very last stories about the frog-creatures and the sea-hatchling.

  29. Scientists Discover Ancient Black Hole From the Dawn of the Universe | Smart News | Smithsonian

  30. Sorry to keep posting these links, but they are coming faster then you can shake a stick at. Chris,you are on to something for sure.

    Pope Francis wants to change line of 'Our Father' | Fox News

  31. I just love it when you tie all this "pandemonium" in with a little Killing Joke, it's all way too relative to not believe.

  32. Da Vinci has shown in prior paintings a mirror image. Other phenomenon has been shown in other art works. Went looking for insight from anyone that has studied the painting. This person makes some interesting observations. Orange eyes. A symmetry match with the shroud of turin. There is an orb held in the left hand with the observation that the 3 lights are similar to the Orion's belt.


  34. Funny the only moment I watched of the entire SB XLIX was Perry descending from the skies, which elicited a strong emotional reaction from me.

    But not as strong as the movie that centrally features that song, Jacques Audiard's Rust and Bone, in which Marion Cotillard loses her legs to a killer whale in a sea world performance in which the song plays. The climax of the movie involves another underwater event as well.

    Audiard previously directed A Prophet. Both movies thumbs up.

  35. "Burn Hollywood burn" of course, sung by the butter shilling punk rocker in chief, often to be seen with quite a head of hair like THE CHIEF, a twin of sorts, Trump.

    Yes let hollywood burn that gyre of pop occulture tainting our collective conscious with ever more elaborate obscenities.

    "Burn Hollywood burn, taking down Tinseltown
    Burn Hollywood burn, burn down into the ground
    Burn Hollywood burn, burn Hollywood burn
    Take down Tinseltown, burn down to the ground

    Down, into the ground"

    In our 'Upside Downed' world 'Winter is coming' but It's Fire, not Ice (depending on a soul's legal status), that's come for California.

    A blogpost but one before the '2007- The Year In Review- Volcano Girl' is 'Saint Albarn' in which the annointed one is quoted as saying that he wanted to '"get rid of 99% of the media"', nothing seems to have come of that wish but it reminded me of Luke Haines:

    'A week without music? Not even the top 40? It could be just what we need. Luke Haines sets out his manifesto for the first national pop strike'

    '"We all remember what happened to Princess Diana but it doesn't seem to have deterred anyone at all."'

    It didn't come to pass, didn't stick as an observed ritual, & Haines like Albarn churns Pop out to this day, he's currently got a new album out + portraits of Lou Reed for sale on his website for - get this! - £99 a pop - there's that number again!

    Only a globally encompassing conflagration can purify Earth of pop occult obscenity, come on Kim! MAKE PLANET EARTH AGAIN!

  36. + regarding Katy Perry, a 'Fie-a-work' of The Hudson - fire, water, sharks, slaughtered offerings, that convent she's been after is next door to the former house of LaBianca, 'Healter Skelter'!

  37. That image of the Hollywood hills burning (sync "Burning Man" / Fire Walk With Me) (woman on Weather Channel literally just said "It looks like a movie set, a post-apocalyptic scene ...) has become iconic and a meme for what to expect in 2018. Note the exit for Sunset Blvd. Remind me of the sync show event of the year - "Twin Peaks: The Return." In the show, Dougie Jones (?!?!) is fooling with a TV remote and he turns it on. The film "Sunset Boulevard" is on and Cecil B. DeMille's character says, "Get Gordon Cole"! Of course this triggers Dougie/Cooper to recall his boss, FBI Deputy Dir. Gordon Cole (David Lynch). Dougie proceeds to stick a fork in an electrical outlet ... and, well, Dougie is essentially transformed back to Cooper.

  38. I would like to know what your thinking is regarding all of "this". What are the implications of it all? Also, John Keel, I think, wrote something about "they" noticing those who notice them. Could you give us a rundown of your experiences?

    1. Moths / flames 'ruin' & 'ruin' is repeatedly written on a page the (human) protagonist of 'The Mothman Prophecies' (2002) finds within his recently Mothman killed wife's diary.

    2. The Grammy 2017 'Moth into Flame' act by Metallica & Lady Gaga was undermined by tech issues, which at the time I took as being a direct Working of emasculation against 'cis-white-masculinity' in the wake of T2016:

      'In an interview with Apple Music, Gaga spoke about how the unlikely collaboration came together ... "I was at Bradley [Cooper's] house with Lars [Ulrich] ... I went to see them live ... those guys play better than they’ve played in their whole lives."'

      Quite a series of ever-decreasing circles the pop occultists move by,

      ...'those guys play better than they’ve played in their whole lives'...

      Tell that to Cliff Burton, a California native, whose death resulted in the fundamental bass powerhouse of the band, without which who knows?, being offered up to The Heavens/Hell. The riffs come to a halt on the post-Burton albums ('Kirk Hammett Has About 500 Riffs For New METALLICA, Won't Lose Them This Time'!) which happened to lead into their elevated appearance in the pop-occult firmament.

      & from rs: '...Gaga, who performed a career-spanning medley during the Super Bowl halftime show, February 5th. The pop star also announced a world tour in support of her latest album Joanne, which jumped from Number 66 to Number Two on the Billboard 200 chart.'

      Pop-occult? It's a number's game but according to 'Wargames' 'the only winning move is not to play', having stated this though 'Joshua/WOPR*' then goes on to suggest playing another game. Death by nuclear war is a massive theme drawn on as part of Thrash metal myhtos.

      *from the cast details on wiki for 'Wargames': 'John Wood as Dr. Stephen Falken and the voice of Joshua/WOPR' - a twin-splicing of man-machine there.

      + '‘WarGames’ Interactive Series From Sam Barlow Sets Early 2018 Release Date'

      'Interactive', Well I suppose there's nothing more involving than being caught up in the conflagrating machinations of would-be deities.

      & regarding 'Wargames' influence wiki states: 'The scenes showing Lightman's computer dialing every number in Sunnyvale led to the term "war dialing" (earlier known as "demon dialing"), a technique of using a modem to scan a list of telephone numbers to search for unknown computers, and indirectly to the newer term "wardriving".'

      'Lightman'? war dialling / demon dialling / wardriving quite an 'invocation' for a 'demon brother' there, & on (demon) brothers a twin of sorts played a part in Metallica's rise:

      'He began playing the bass at age 13, after the death of his brother ... His parents quoted him as saying, "I'm going to be the best bassist for my brother." He practiced up to six hours per day.'

      & on Cliff Burton's death:

      '...according to the driver, the band's tour bus ran over a patch of black ice, skidded off of the road (the E4, 2 miles north of Ljungby) ... when later asked in an interview about the likelihood of black ice being the cause of the accident said that it was 'out of the question'

      so, shades of 'TMP' (human) protagonists wife's death there + an UpsideDown '9' too.

      Burton's last songwriting credit is 'To Live is To Die' from the '...and Justice for All ' album.

    3. Another turn of the screw to twist the knife ever more gyre-like (which is going to make the clean up even more messy):

      Cooper (ha! Cooper! ...Agent Cooper?) is directing Gaga in the remake of 'A Star is Born' due for release next year, aka Year 2 (a follow up to this Year 1 we've almost made it through)... 'Cooper', 'Gaga'... 'A Star' / 'Astarte'.

      The trailer for the original 'ASiB' ends with the lead actress (who has been led to becoming so in the film itself (by following the stars of/to Hollywood)) screaming in terror at the camera/sky), perhaps she caught a glimpse of 'Indrid Cold'? & I would say maybe we all will very soon but we do, at least catch a glimpse of It's twin, in the form of the pop-occulted son et lumière mise-en-scène we've been Paddocked by.

  39. Protest through kneeling immediately struck me as incongruous. Didn't pay enough attention to the Boyer connection. If Jerry Jones is for it, you know its point is malign.

    FYI, the link says Boyer is working with Peter Berg's production company. The Peter Berg, I assume, who directed Mark Wahlberg in Deepwater Horizon and the movies The Kingdom and Friday Night Lights...

  40. California wildfires: Flames seen from space

  41. As for why Trump did what he did in Israel, I point out William Henry's prophetic blog from almost exactly a year ago...

  42. & Trump's signature on the Jerusalam announcement looks like It's a sigil of flames, Dec 6th no less another Niner Upside-Downer.

    & from earlier this year:

    '“It’s closed, it’s not open, it’s not soft at all and it looks like Himmler’s.” As in Heinrich Himmler, head of Adolf Hitler’s SS and the man who established the first official concentration camp at Dachau.'

    hahaha! jesus a jew loving nazi whodathunkIt! what does that make St. Barack's sig especially considered through the lens of him being married to a 'Michael', a flaming sword wielder, no less?

    "The Heat is on"

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  44. For those of us not of a Christian/Monotheist bent, who are perhaps thinking, 'OK, more Jeezo-Groveller Hal Lindsay stuff. Nothing to see. Move along.' I took a quick look at Ragnarok on Wikipedea (I know- Wikipedia- but still- it's a decent place to get a gloss on non-controversial subjects) and right away I see stuff like this:

    The völva then describes three roosters crowing: In stanza 42, the jötunn herdsman Eggthér sits on a mound and cheerfully plays his harp while the crimson rooster Fjalar (Old Norse "hider, deceiver") crows in the forest Gálgviðr. The golden rooster Gullinkambi crows to the Æsir in Valhalla, and the third, unnamed soot-red rooster crows in the halls of the underworld location of Hel in stanza 43.

    See? Right away, we got a guy playing a harp to herald the downfall of the Nine Worlds. 9 - count 'em. Not 8 Nor either count though 10...

    I see there have been references to Mayan eschatological cosmoloigy as well.

  45. Funny how the New York Times quotes a climatologist from JPL in the op-ed, "Doom Season in Los Angles."

    Actually he's quoted as quoted in another paper. Guess it was really worth repeating. His insight:

    "“The simple formula is fuel plus meteorology plus ignition equals fire,” Bill Patzert, a climatologist for NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, told The Los Angeles Times in October. “The catalyst is people.”"

    The piece then goes on to point out fires have a been a part of Southern California long before the presence of "human beings of any nation or tribe."

    Weird phrasing, "nation or tribe." Why not simply "human beings" period? And why JPL? Why not the Park Service? Oh well, I guess as Smokey said, "Only you can prevent forest fires."

  46. Singer Chris Rea,66, collapses onstage. Known for the (awesome) song "Road to Hell," and chart-topper "Fool (if you think it's over)

    1. I don't know if I'm having a fired-up Bear-stained moment here but I could have sworn 'Chris Rea' died some time ago, maybe I'm confusing him for 'Robert Palmer', having said that their music isn't exactly interchangeable.

      & the top image of the 'Getty Ctr Dr' being 1/2km from the sign as the flames approach is fitting as the to-be spacey-less(?) 'All the Money in the World' is frantically re-shot, edited & sfx'd, it will make curious watching to see what syncs & hints remain in view, if hollywoodland emerges from the fire.

    2. The sign can also be read as Getty Sunset, wilt is synonymous with 'wane, droop; ebb, weaken' & is 'akin to Latin velle to wish', shire syncs with 'The Lord of the Rings' & the firey eye upon a tower brought down by those unswayed & uncorrupted by evil.

    3. Yes, very sad. Chris Rea's health has been bad for a decade or so now, yet he keeps making amazing music. I just reviewed his brand new album, "Road Songs for Lovers."

  47. The video for 'The Soft Moon' tune 'Burn', from the forthcoming 'Criminal' album, released on 'Sacred Bones Records' February 2nd 2018 (6/9 / 6) (& upload to yt 16th October 2017 (9)), includes imagery of a fire being lit & a TV set being smashed, some of the lyrics:

    "I can't control myself ... I get the feeling it's the end & it burns..."

  48. The truly shocking thing about the Jerusalem move has nothing to do with the Palestinians - the rich Arab states have been bored with them for decades.

    It has everything to do with the Saudis de facto handing over Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock to Israel, on a silver platter, no less.

    One of Islam's holiest sites, and the source of prophecy and revelation which have been central to the religion from day one, are now to be permanently controlled by the Zionist entity. Who is therefore further emboldened to raze the whole place and start building the "Third Temple".

    2017... Who knew?...

  49. A new German hit TV show which just kicked off in 2017: Babylon Berlin.

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