Monday, June 15, 2009

Star Trek: Charlie is 17

For a concept created by a self-confessed atheist, there are a hell of a lot of gods in
Star Trek.

I've been watching selected episodes of Deep Space Nine in a state of utter disbelief (the show is unvarnished religious drama of a very strange variety) but the very same themes we see in that show are abundant in the original series as well. As well as in TNG, as we looked at in great detail last year.

I've been watching a whole lot of Star Trek and am nowhere near putting it all together (the connections are too complex and enormous). But I am seeing patterns emerge that are remarkably consistent over the franchise's 43-year history. I have a copy of Brad Steiger's 1976 book Gods of Aquarius, that has a dual interviews with Roddenberry and none other than the author of The Sacred Mushroom, Andrija Puharich, taken while Roddenberry was working with Lab-9.

In it, Roddenberry referenced the two episodes, "Charlie X" (the second episode of the series, originally titled "Charlie is God") and "Where No Man Has Gone Before," (the second pilot) starring none other than 2001: A Space Odyssey's Gary Lockwood, as well as Sally Kellerman and the painfully gorgeous Andrea Dromm. Both episodes are about humans that acheive godhead through the agency of alien overlords.

Really fascinating stuff:

During his career, especially after Star Trek's cancellation, Roddenberry gave many lectures to supplement his income. Those speeches may be lost in time, but thankfully he also discussed UFO's and psychic phenomenon in a book called "Gods Of Aquarius" by Brad Steiger. In a chapter discussing the phenomenon of UFO's and developing psychic powers in children, here's what Roddenberry said:

"We wrote a couple of episodes about individuals who had such unique talents. As a matter of fact, our second pilot - and the one that sold the series - was on that subject when Gary Lockwood began to find out that he could, after having undergone a strange experience in space, accomplish things like moving a glass of water without touching it. And then he developed more and more power... It was too much power to put into the hands of an unprepared person."

"Being 17 is more than how many years you've lived, it's a whole other thing."

Truer words have never been spoken.


  1. Charlie kind reminds me of JT, or Justin Timberlake. If his new single is called,"Are you a Girl?" Well then we know he is a Secret Sun reader.

    The 17 thing is confusing.

  2. Chris -
    First, I happen to find Sally Kellerman painfully gorgeous. Always loved that woman, even as a kid.
    And - I'm glad you've finally begun watching DS 9 in earnest. It is definitely religious high drama, especially the final 2 or 3 seasons. And wait to you see the final three episodes of the series. Whoa!! I can't wait to hear what you'll think of it all. Left Turn here -
    I've been studying Rhianna since you put us on to that Umbrella performance she did with the Klaxons. The only thing weirder than that, is her own official ' Umbrella" video. Dude, it is RIFE with occult and sexual symbolism of a very specific nature, and seems to me to tell a sordid and very scary story. It's deep deep deep. If you haven't seen it, I hope you watch it. If you've seen it, love to get your take on it.

  3. Thracie- I have seen it. I actually did a thing on it but never posted it. I find so many of these music videos to be too dark and creepy- Rihanna's in particular. And the symbolism is too there, know what I mean? It's like these directors discover this stuff and put in their videos to be cool. It's like what Ben says- "pseudo-occult."

    Unlike DS9...phew!

  4. i think you did do a thing on Rhianna at the Satellite, Andre was all over too I think.

    That first video was great, a real deep story. I like that guy from American History X. He seems like a classically trained actor, very good preformance. I like watching Star Trek.

  5. I've been watching movies pretty intently (especially sci fi or intelligent dramas)lately and I have found that Charlie has the archetype for being the guy/god that betrays people. He says he's on the good side but always... double crosses them. Gary is another high on the totem pole archetype character who is operating things from behind the scenes, people have to get approval from Gary. Alex or any character beginning with the name Al is usually posited as a character that aids and assists the direction of the main characters.. in the movie Apollo 13, Tom Hanks gives this whole speech about how Algae directed them home. The name can be Alice, Allison, Alex, Al, etc. but this is an archteype of a god who has access to the whereabouts of everything. They have been using movie name archetypes since the movies started. I'ved watched movies from the 20s and 40s and the names are consistent with what I have found. Hawaii 5-0 was helpful in demonstrating that there is a whole nother story going on that the occult elite are aware of. I mean, the guys name was Jack Lord and there are moments when he proves that he knows things but it could only be the case by being linked up to someone, something to that gives him oversight. The character Jack, obviously is the stand up hero with the quest to save the world and could be equated to a Dr in many ways.. ie.. Dr Who. The guy who befriends the unsuspecting and lives his life in pursuit of adventure and learning it all. Daniel - Jack's Son. is the one for which humanity rests upon.. the chosen one to aid the Dr. Ie.. the Tribe of Dan are selected for Balck Operations. Carter is the character in many movies that is halling around the knowledge of the race, Cartman. etc.. This one has been installed with the library of knowledge and has the answer to much. There are many archetypes that I pick up on and Charlie is a very common one but he always.......... is a very high double agent. FYI

  6. when I read the charlie blog/meme and or article here, I immediately thouht of spencer & pratt. by the way old school star trek fricking rocks the house man.

  7. She's just seventeen, you know what I mean, way beyond compare.You syncro's of a mystic nature never cease to amaze me. Dennis

  8. And "Jack" is Iacchus, the Eleusinian Mystery-god. Thus the "Jack in the Box".

  9. Anonymous 12:15 PM that is FASCINATING. Thanks for the knowledge. I have always been interested in the meaning of names and how they fit with their owner's personalities

  10. Jack in LOST is definitely the "stand up hero"

  11. Also Alexandra from LOST

    Alex or any character beginning with the name Al is usually posited as a character that aids and assists the direction of the main characters..

  12. Sisco made me cry in that clip. I forgot how good Avery Brooks could be once he really sunk his teeth into it-( I think he's even better when he goes bald and grows the beard. Whorf's influence? hmmmmm..)
    For the Anony- I appreciate the info on the NAME archetypes in the movies. I'd never considered this. I'll keep a look out for confirmations!

  13. Thanks for the comments, guys- we're off to the next installment very soon tying this all back to the Alien Dreaming meme. Keep these data dumps coming- we'll reach critical mass sooner than later....

  14. Hello Chris I don't know if anyone caught this, but its priceless, I wonder what is the connection between Shia and Steven....

    apparently he's doing the next Indiana Jones

  15. Back in the 1970s Gene Roddenberry turned up on audio tape as part of an eclectic collection of talking books about science fiction.

    I will never forget what he said to a devoted audience- he was talking to "friends" not to journalists, during the raw early days of his Movement (for Movement it most certainly is, it deserves its own Illuminati card game card):

    Spock was a being he first encountered psychically when Roddenberry was a boy suffering asthma. One day he suffered an asthma attack in the garage and passed out. He was at that time contact by Spock, whose name and general appearance was much the same as in the earliest original Star Trek. Spock was "guide" "savior" "big brother" and "mystically wise" being, from "another place" (note not planet, place), a place of heat and fire.

    Interesting stuff. The original tape is long departed but I actually scribbled down what he said in a book, and that book recently turned up in a storage box.

    Synchronicity. It's FANTASTIC (but true)

  16. Great moment in the history of Nimoy:

  17. ...and Shatner