Several Steps Beyond, Actually...

One of the amazing presentations at the Esalen symposium was on The Twilight Zone, given by Arlen Schumer. Not a lot of people realize this, but TZ had a predecessor; a show called One Step Beyond. This show was sponsored by -believe it, or not- Alcoa, and dealt with "real life" paranormal stories.

Vyzygoth recently interviewed John Kenneth Muir about the show and the Daily Grail recently linked to an episode of OSB called- wait for it- "The Sacred Mushroom." This amazing bit of television history not only links psilocybin and Psi research, but also features none other than Andrija Puharich himself, who also figures in the Council of Nine situation, which seems to be re-circulating in the high weirdness sector of Cyberspace. Now, Rod Serling may have been a lot cooler than John Newland, but did Serling ever trip on magic mushrooms on The Twilight Zone? I think not.

Strange days, indeed. Several memes are emerging, almost of their own volition, and making strange connections that seem to be pointing us into unfamiliar new psychic territory. Here are the other two segments.


  1. the videos are down on this post, was really interested in seeing them


  2. Really? They play fine for me. Check your version of flash.

  3. Embedded youtube vids can do that, re-open browser or just go to the youtube url :)

    This was great btw, hilarious piece where the guy says "... for a while" hehe


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