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AstroGnostic: The Quatermass Conclusion

This is episode 1 of the 1979 series The Quatermass Conclusion (released full-length as simply Quatermass), and I can't seem to find the other parts online quite yet. But there's enough to chew on as Quatermass discovers a UFO cult in the British countryside that's being manipulated for sinister purposes.

I'm stunned- again- by Kneale's meticulous attention to detail, keen understanding of human behavior, and most of all- his prescience. This episode alone not only prefigures The X-Files, but 80s sci-fi films like Streets of Fire, The Road Warrior and Conan the Barbarian as well.

In many ways, this film also prefigures the Heaven's Gate cult: the end of this episode will give you chills. I bought the full-length DVD and will definitely review it in full detail here.

From imdb:
After the mysterious destruction of the new space station, young people find themselves drawn to a stone circle in England, and other locations around Earth. They believe they'll be taken to a better place by a higher power. Only Professor Quatermass realizes that the young people are being tricked by an alien power, who wants to "harvest" humanity. It's up to Quatermass to find a way to stop the deadly plans of the aliens.

Civilisation is crumbling. Through the decay, Professor Quatermass searches for his missing granddaughter. Meanwhile an awesomely powerful beam of light is striking from space, each time apparantly transporting crowds of young people to another planet. But Quatermass and a young astromoner, Kapp, suspect a much more grisly purpose.
From the Google link:
Predictably rejected by an increasingly patronising BBC, this was one of the last thought-provoking dramas to be broadcast in Britain before Thatcher and her friends' clampdown on creative thought. John Mills stars as the eponymous Professor in 1979's Quatermass, the fourth, final and best of the celebrated television science fiction serials.
I might add that this series came out right around the same time as Jacques Vallee's Messengers of Deception...

Tying in Heaven's Gate to the alien/entheogen links we've been looking at, I recommend you take a look at Timothy Leary's 1973 tract Starseed, in which he waxes poetic about the Comet Kahoutek in ways not entirely dissimilar to Marshall Applewhite's prophecies of Hale-Bopp.

And- wait for it- The X-Files combined the cult suicide and drug guru memes in "Via Negativa," which centered on the Third Eye and psychic psychedelia. That episode co-starred Grant Heslov, director of the upcoming Men Who Stare at Goats, a sure-to-be instant Secret Sun classic about the Army's psychic war program, starring George Clooney and Robert "Oannes Anubis" Patrick.


  1. AHA! I knew Robert Patrick was being symbolically represented via Hollywood as an archetype. I'll bet there are some great old sci fi flicks that vanished down the drain before being "real-eyezed" as what they represented [symbolically of course!].

    Great scoop bud!

  2. Can you name a few SF movies that vanished the way you said? i´d be veeeeery interested to watch these

    Greetings from Germany

  3. Skinjob,

    I'm sure there is some, off the top of my head, myself, I was betting probably there are, but check into some old sci fi movies, look for interesting titles, maybe symbolisms on the cover, or perhaps in the synopsis of the moive a story that "sounds familiar". Chris is probably the expert to ask. I never got into the old 70's sci fi, but I know the 80's is chock full. Would be curious to go back to 60's and 50's and see what's there.

    Be well!

  4. I'm glad you posted on this as it has possibly one of the most unsettling ideas. It might be one of the most explicit incarnation of the ideas Charles Fort threw out, as quote in the previous Kneale post you did: "I think we're property" - showing us as cattle.

    Just after the previous thread I stumbled across this article (and noted the Quatermass link elsewhere) and this stood out:

    "A few years ago, an awesome archeological discovery was made in southern Turkey, just north of the border with Syria. Three megalithic stone circles that were deliberately buried thousands of years ago on a hilltop were located at Göbekli Tepe. What is astounding is the date and context. These megalithic stone circles are several thousand years older than the first stone circle built at Stonehenge, and they were built by a hunter-gatherer society."

    That last bit is key to the importance of Göbekli Tepe - it was previously assumed that you needed agriculture to allow the density of workers required to create megalithic architecture but these were hunter-gatherers.

    The name of the site (Hill with a Navel) is odd and brings up the idea of the Navel of the World and, while I haven't found another source for the claims, The Stargate Conspiracy noted that Mount Palomar was considered the Navel of the World by the Californian OTO (linking Parsons/Hubbard and Adamski).

  5. J.J. focused on the CC-17, full ship title NCC-1701, CC being 33


  6. Quoting Nick Kollerstrom..

    --------------------------------------A Millennium Cross over Algol

    In 1996 the bright comet Hyakutake passed very close to the Earth, nearer than any comet for centuries, and crossed over Algol on April 11th. Then, only a year later, another bright comet appeared, Hale-Bopp, and both of these were totally unexpected. It appeared on a path at right angles to the previous comet-track. It also just happened to cross over Algol, and it did so a mere day earlier, April 10th.

    ".. it was inevitable the paths of these two comets would cross but why in Medusa's head (almost right between her eyes) and why exactly on the same day, April 11th, one year apart?" [6]

    The astronomical world remained silent about this remarkable astral synchrony in time and space, even though April 12th is Astronomy Day. As a millennial portent, it looked fairly dire..................

    Ten years on 17P/Holmes blows up to the size of the moon in the night sky in very near the same location where the above two comets did an intersection. This intersection through Algol took place on Jan. 22, 2008 while 17P/Holmes had a illumintated presence larger than a full moon.
    Algol happens to be the star right between the eyes of Medusa.

  7. I contacted Nick Kollerstrom and enquired into his take on three important comets in a row, occupying the same space over a period of 11 years, 9 months, 11's that conversation..

    Sent: 2009-05-09 11:02
    Re: As Above So Below..eric swan

    ta for these mind-boggling comments!
    I will try to investigate the matter in due course.
    i will check out your website also....


    On 2009-05-08 17:53, ericswan wrote:
    I think the explosion of 17P/Holmes has had and will have continued significance. I know the Superbowl

    probably has little interest for you but the latest one seems to have followed the explosion

    by 66 weeks with these interesting facts. The quarterback makes a clutch pass in the dying seconds

    of the game to make the completion to the receiver who's toes are barely in bounds. The

    quarterback is no. 7 and the receiver is no. 10 =17 and P for Pittsburgh is the winner. The

    receiver's name (10) is Holmes.

    The explosion is in the vicinity of Perseus which is also known as the "breaker". My interpretation

    is that something will be "broken". I think it's the unions including General Motors, Chrysler,

    etc and many newspapers and in fact the economy worldwide. I think this "explosion"

    was just that. I think it was an Illuminati plot which I discuss at my website..

    There are many many photos of 17P/Holmes extant and wonder what the relationship would be,

    to the other comets that you mention. I know Holmes was discovered in the 19th C

    because it suddenly brightened. There is something in this event which I will never

    be able to understand. If you do decide to investigate, please feel free to use any of this

    "conjecture"/research without credit. I would be interested to hear if you have or will

    investigate comet 17P/Holmes. eric swan


  8. Christopher - long time reader, first time emailer...also living in NJ (Princeton area - start the synchromysticism machine!) - I don't know if you've come across this but i just did and thought it might interest you for reasons that will be obvious about 2/3 of the way through the article. It is short but sweet. I'm sure the implications will be interesting to you. No need to post this, as I couldn't find your direct email and it doesn't pertain to the current posting on your site. I would like to hear your reaction to the article linked here, if possible.

    my email is

    Thanks for all of your insight and hard work!