Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Stairway to Sirius: Tut, Tut, Tut


 OK, so you go to the Step Pyramid of Djoser to learn more about King Tut? 

Huh? The two were separated by 13 centuries. What do the two have to do with one another, other than that they were both Egyptian? Well, maybe not much on the exoteric level, but perhaps a bit more on the esoteric, symbolic level.

Remember we had that "photo op" with the AF1BU buzzing around lower Manhattan? Well, I wonder if maybe there is a deeper connection between the WFC and Djoser's necropolis after all, aside from the step pyramids at both sites, that is. There's certainly a connection between our new president and the Amun-lovin' pharaoh from days gone by. 

 Things have been relatively quiet on the Sirius front lately, maybe while all of the pieces are put into place to split up the country and sell it off to China and Europe, but I wouldn't bet that we've heard the last of the kinds of extremely high weirdness we looked at during the election.


 I love how Zahi keeps saying that Djoser "was the first one on this earth" to do this or that. As opposed to his predecessors not on this earth? We're also reminded that Zahi went to college in Phila(e)delphia, which shouldn't surprise us. Though I don't remember; was that on the Edgar Cayce Foundation's dime or was that someone else? 

 The question must be raised: Does any of it have anything to do with any of us, really? Well, probably not intentionally. But with all of this symbolic and psychic energy being stirred up it's bound to have unseen after-effects. All of you psyche-surfers out there might find the wake from their space/ships makes one hell of a curl for your own journeys to alien shores...