Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Stairway to Sirius: Djoser, Tut and surfing the wake

OK, so you go to the Step Pyramid of Djoser to learn more about King Tut? Huh? The two were separated by 13 centuries. What do the two have to do with one another, other than that they were both Egyptian? Well, maybe not much on the exoteric level, but perhaps a bit more on the esoteric, symbolic level. Remember we had that "photo op" with the AF1BU buzzing around lower Manhattan?

Well, I wonder if maybe there is a deeper connection between the WFC and Djoser's necropolis after all, aside from the step pyramids at both sites, that is. There's certainly a connection between our new president and the Amun-lovin' pharaoh from days gone by.

Things have been relatively quiet on the Sirius front lately, maybe while all of the pieces are put into place to split up the country and sell it off to China and Europe, but I wouldn't bet that we've heard the last of the kinds of extremely high weirdness we looked at during the election.

I love how Zahi keeps saying that Djoser "was the first one on this earth" to do this or that. As opposed to his predecessors not on this earth? We're also reminded that Zahi went to college in Phila(e)delphia, which shouldn't surprise us. Though I don't remember; was that on the Edgar Cayce Foundation's dime or was that someone else?

The question must be raised: Does any of it have anything to do with any of us, really? Well, probably not intentionally. But with all of this symbolic and psychic energy being stirred up it's bound to have unseen after-effects. All of you psyche-surfers out there might find the wake from their space/ships makes one hell of a curl for your own journeys to alien shores...


  1. Hmm.. It's sometimes hard to let the mystical/conspiratorial path win out in the 'ol psyche.. But I've always felt that this Zahi charicter is in the know of some pretty heavy info concerning ancient astronaut theory.. It's in his eyes and in his almost inappropriate smile. I think Mr. Willner and Mr. Knowles need to get dressed in their finniest black suits and shades and play good cop bad cop with him in a secure room.

  2. Now that you mention it, I think that's what I was trying to get at, Steve. What are these characters hiding from us? And how can we use that knowledge to our own ends?

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  4. Well ~ The Man always says that the majority of the Egyptian monuments and relics are 70% underground! 70%! Really think about that statement for a minute, and then contemplate what hasn't yet
    surfaced! I think at the very least, Zahi knows what's really been left behind under the sands, and perhaps even the agenda explaining why they shouldn't be unearthed? My personal opinion is that if scientists were to carbon date some of the bedrock under there, It would cause quite a development. That percentage could also be attributed to how many people are truly seeking
    enlightenment at the moment, so even as a metaphor it's beyond interesting.

  5. Hey Chris!

    How are you, my friend?

    Check out Coast to Coast with George Noory 10 pm - 2 am PT now.

    Researcher and author Graham Hancock will discuss humanity's ancient contacts with non-terrestrial beings who served as teachers, and how shamans and others continue these communications today through altered states. This should resonate beautifully with your current post.


  6. He does seem really enthusiastic about Imhotep (are Djoser and Imhotep the same person? It sounded like he said "Imhotep" before going on about how great he was) and his stone pillars... Reminds me a little of Dennis Hopper's character in Apocalypse Now. It's also weird how he hisses his S's.

    The sirian signal seems to have lessened a bit, but it seems to have just gone backstage to rest for a little bit while more subtle and mysterious (and harder to unravel) themes grow stronger.

  7. Just watched a really horrible flick that was shot during the writer's strike called The Devil's Tomb.. So it was extremely low budget with "A" list actors. It was more or less about a Nephilim that had been imprisoned in ice (by God) underneath the Egyptian sands. It looked like a traditional Grey alien, only Henry Rollins kept insisting that it wasn't from space.

  8. Ah Zahi, Zahi, Zahi...
    He always gives me a lil' smile. His certainty is his weakness. Not that he isn't aware of it. He dishes out 5th grade level facts to quell the most "curious" of us. Well at least that worked in 1980's.

    Now many people have woken up to the works of Chris Dunn, Robert Bauval, David Hatcher Childress, Graham Hancock, Robert Schoch, John Anthony West, etc... The supposed age and use of the structures are under question now. Many buried under 4m of sand (or more). This can be played off as being from 1000 years of wind, but the fact that many of these structures bear similar to exact stone masonry techniques (not style) as Peru, Cambodia, Easter Island,etc. (keystone cuts, metal clamps, protuberances, non-modular non-parallel sides, granite...) shows that there is ALOT more to this (See D.H.Childress-Megalithomania 2008 video Chris posted), and some of these structures are buried under 20-30 feet of mud (Tiahuanaco/Puma Punka) and have been shown to be toppled by massive forces (mud/water).

    Chris Dunn's book Giza Power Plant was key to toppling this fallacy for me (not necessarily his speculations, but his machining expertise). He quite keenly shows the Khufu structure is most likely some type of coupled oscillator; the oldest sustainable, free-energy source (Also see his pics of advanced machining on his site). Schoch also strongly supports water erosion theory and age of Sphinx is ca. 10,000 BCE.

    Hawas is serving as a talking head, ignorant or not.
    Blah, blah, blah slaves built this. Blah, blah, blah burial tombs. Sigh.

    My INTUITION in a few words:
    -Pre-historic, advanced , global civilization (Atlantis, Lemuria, AAT, etc...)
    -Cyclical evolution
    -Amnesia+Reincarnation=Evolution of consciousness. (See Magical Egypt videos)
    -Druids/Aryans (see Tsarion's Irish Origins of Civilization Book and Video)
    -Astro-theology, Astro-Archeology (Tsarion, Bauval, Hancock)
    -Phrai Masons (Manly P Hall)
    -Al Khemy (Khemet-The Black Land)
    -"Inner" technology (meditation, knowledge, shamanism) as opposed to "outer" technology;materialism? (See Mayans)

    Just throwin' it out there. Hunches is all :)

  9. Jim Marrs in this vid...
    recently stated that the Egyptian archaeology ptb are having a hard time covering up temples that are under present sites which predate Egyptian pyramids and appear to be non-Egyptian origins.

    This process of building one religion on top of the ruins of a predecessor is common worldwide and often has a cave or natural feature like a spring, for the original reason for that location. The video is fascinating.

  10. Hi Mr. Knowles,

    I was watching some music videos on YouTube with my niece and noticed some interesting symbolism and images in this video called "Right Here (Departed) by Brandy:

    Thought you might find it entertaining.


  11. I have a feeling you'll like this story:

  12. Not really- that guy is ripping off Jake Kotze, Benjamin Singleton, and Todd Campbell without giving any attribution.

  13. I was talking about the content of the story and how it relates to the secret sun... not authorship and credit. I mean, the city and architecture exist, who actually wrote the article and who gets credit for it is a mundane side issue

  14. No, it's interesting- thank you for the link. I'd like to know whose work it is originally.

    You should just let Ben and Jake and Todd know someone is making money off of their research.

  15. Glad I am catching up on this-your thoughts on the final fate of the United States of America are the same as mine-I did not realize this and I am so glad to have someone like you "in my court" on this so to speak-sold off to China and Europe-yep that sounds right to me!! best as always to you!!

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