Saturday, March 23, 2019

Space is an Altar: Out Back, Counting Stars.

There's a provocative headline for you. I've been following Diana Walsh Pasulka since she appeared on Rune Soup a while back and am quite intrigued by her research. I can't say I'm as intrigued by this headline here and I'm not entirely sure it's a fair assessment of her book, partly because I haven't had the pleasure of reading it yet.

But an alien religion "taking root among the powerful" isn't exactly a news flash to Secret Sun readers, is it?

There's been quite a bit of speculation on the two super-secret Deep Throats Pasulka names in her book. You can read about all that here, if that floats your boat.

Dr. Pasulka is pals with our pal Jeff and she recently had a chat with our pal Greg, as well as our pal Erik. So be sure to give those a listen, if this sort of thing intrigues you too. 

I'm betting it does, since you're here reading this, aren't you? All right then. Stop arguing with me.

There's also been a little mini-wave of alien-oriented clickbait all over the so-called mainstream news (sic). None of it is exactly news to me, but I'm watching it seeing how my primary interest isn't what is or isn't real, rather what people believe is real and how they act on those beliefs.

Or, of course, what people are trying to get other people to believe.

I mean, who really knows what is and isn't real anymore? I mean, other than fedora-wearing IT guy at work who's always hassling you to watch those MythBusters clips on YouTube. 

A word of advice: never click any of the links he sends you, especially to streaming sites with .ru at the end.  

Robert Temple is a fascinating fellow, surely au fait with the kinds of circles Pasulka references in her research. You can bet the farm this chap knows all kinds of secret handshakes and has been invited into all kinds of interesting sanctum sanctorums.

So maybe these aliens the "powerful" want everyone to worship are none other than the Nommo, those hermaphroditic mermales currently floating in stasis on the Saturnian moon Phoebe. It may or may not actually be true, but the real question is if they believe it.

You already know my answer.

I can't rightly say I'm thrown off the scent when I read headlines like this. Which, surely purely by chance, happen to tie straight into....

...the exact plot of this Netflix snoozer. You can divine the significance of all that by reading all this.

A little wave of Saturn-weirdness stories in the news as of late as well. Weird little clickbaity items focusing the world's attention to the Great Ringed Reaper of Souls. Timing is everything, friends.

Especially with stories like this, which uses the power of implanted suggestion to tie Saturn to alien--specifically Lyran-- probes. Note the 10K signaling, which seems to pop up quite a lot in certain discussions of prehistoric civilizations, ancient aliens and so on and so forth.


OK, anyone whose patience has not yet been exhausted by the tsunami of insanity I've been serving up for the past two years now (all ten of you) is going to understand the significance of Orion and its ancient symbolic connection to the Nephilim and Pearls

There's a shit-ton of other symbolic associations with the constellation, but let's just focus on those two.

I've mentioned this story before-- a solar flare said to be several billion times more intense than the Sun-- emerging just south of the String of Pearls. The symbolism of Orion's Sword should be self-evident.

And, of course, it was ejected by a binary-- or Twin-- star. I realize I might have some folks fooled, but I'm not actually an astrophysicist. Hard to believe, I know. Since I'm not an asrophysicist, I can't calculate what the effect of a squillionedy-jillion suns over 1500 light years on our little biosphere would be.

That said, perhaps we should move on to our next story and see if we can't put this in some kind of context. You wanna? Let's!

Now, in my ongoing exegesis of the arcane text men call "Pearly Dewdrops' Drop," I theorized that in the context of my batshit speculation that this is in fact a prophecy of an extremely powerful supernova in the constellation of Dorado (SN 1987A, called by Hubble scientists "a Cosmic String of Pearls"), that the Pearly Dewdrops would symbolize the powerful cosmic rays emitted from the explosion, speeding through space at faster-than-light speed and raining down on us here on Earth, possibly in the form of antimatter.

Take a moment to soak that all in, especially if you're new to all this.

OK, there were two problems with this interpretation. First is that on the face of it it's rather bonkers. Well, its 2019. Bonkers is the new Sanity.

Second, is that the chorus tells us that these Pearly Dewdrops would rise, not fall ("Rose the Pearly Dewdrops drops").

Well, that question was answered by the so-called Ice Cube Neutrino Event, in which a super-potent particle was reportedly detected rising from the snow in Antartica in 2017.

As it happens, some astro-types believe they've isolated the source--a high-energy blazar observed in the vicinity of Bellatrix, in the Constellation of Orion.
TXS 0506+056 is a very high energy blazar – a quasar with a relativistic jet pointing directly towards Earth – of BL Lac-type.[3] With a redshift of 0.3365 ± 0.0010,[3] it is about 1.75 gigaparsecs (5.7 billion light-years) from Earth.[4] Its approximate location on the sky is off the left shoulder of the constellation Orion. 
Discovered as a radio source in 1983, the blazar has since been observed across the entire electromagnetic spectrum. TXS 0506+056 is the first known source of high energy astrophysical neutrinos[6], identified following the IceCube-170922A neutrino event[7] in an early example of multi-messenger astronomy.
So the Ice Cube Neutrino event was just one of the many, many events pointing the world's attention in the direction of the southeastern quadrant of Antarctica...

...on which Victoria Land sits. So with the Bellatrix and Victoria Land frasjacency under our belts, let's look a little further into this Ice Cube Blazar. What's the connection between this Orionite dewdrops and the SN1987A Dorado Dewdrops?
 The only astronomical sources previously observed by neutrino detectors were the Sun and Supernova 1987A, which were detected decades earlier at much lower neutrino energies.  
Of course. 

There's a lot of talk in New Age-type circles about SN187A and its effects on human consciousness, probably due to its appearance shortly before the so-called Harmonic Convergence. But mainstream scientists also believe that cosmic rays also affect life on Earth, possibly even our DNA. So factor that into your equations.

That may or may not be true, but I did find it interesting that the ALMA array--the legacy project of the telescope array that first spotted SN1987A-- recently imaged this star formation in Taurus, right next door to Bellatrix.

Quite similar in appearance, don't you think?

Both the Ice Cube Blazar and DM Tau are due north of SN1987A. And oddly enough, Zeta Reticuli, alleged home of the alleged abductors of Betty and Barney Hill.


Speaking of Betty's in contact with alien intelligences, our pal Dazza of the must-read blog Just Watching the Wheels Go Round pointed us recently to another Fraseriffic Ultra-Sync with the 1997 Jodie Foster vehicle, Contact.

Contact was directed by Robert Zemeckis, who currently produces the softcore-UFO-porn series, Project Blue Book. Which recently aired an episode extremely loosely based on the Betty and Barney Hill saga.

For those of you who don't know already, Contact is the story of an astrophysicist who discovers a signal from Vega and ends up taking a wormhole buggy to the Lyran star. Or did she? In the novel by Carl Sagan, there's a huge controversy if Arroway and her team actually travelled to the Heavens or just hallucinated the whole thing.

That being said, let's take a look at what Ms. Foster was up to around the time she was thinking of the Vegas:

Oh, that's, um, interesting. Betty, Frasier, voice. Then Nell. What's the connection here? 

Let's have a look...

Wow, OK.

So Jodie Foster also played a woman with "completely alien speech cues and body language" in addition to an astronaut who travels to Heaven or Vega? 

That all just speaks for itself, wouldn't you say?

The "Betty" role on The X-Files is a talking tattoo that drives its wearer to murder. Where does the episode take place?

OK. In Philae- Delphi. Makes sense. But wait- the B story has the dying-rising Mulder on vacation. Where does he travel?

Oh. To Memphis. Graceland, specifically. Because Scully's honey mouth got him all fool-gold.

In a scene widely remarked-upon for its sexual connotations, Scully gets herself a tramp-stamp in "Never Again." It's of an Ouroboros, as it should be.

So that's Betty. What about Frasier?

Well, the Frasier episode in question-- "Moondance-"- refers specifically to the lovely Miss Daphne Moon, played by Jane Leaves. I guess calling the episode "Moon and the Melodies" would be a bit too on the nose.

"Daphne" comes from the Greek. It was the name of a fair young maiden WHO WAS LITERALLY TURNED INTO GARLANDS.

OK, let's review: Frasier, as in Fraser. Niles, as in river. Daphne, as in Garlands.

I give up.

As these things go, Contact was stuck in development hell for a very long time. 1979 to 1997, to be precise.

Wait a minute; why does 1979 to 1997 sound so familiar?

Oh. That's why.

In Contact, the Vegas take the form of Jodie Foster's dead father, played by the fine actor, David Morse. They meet on a beach, because where else would they meet on Zeta Vegaticuli but by the ocean?

As it happens, Morse had a recurring role on House, MD. Whose theme song some of you may be vaguely familiar with.

The name "Arroway" was probably intentionally concocted by Sagan for a reason, since Sagitta the Arrow points directly at Vega. Especially if you approach from Delphinus, which is the root source of Delphi.

Did I mention Delphinus comes from dolphins?

Contact isn't Frasolicious in the way Minority Report and Requiem are, meaning just bursting with mind-boggling syncs and parallels, but it sure is quite interesting in its own way. 

And all three are pointing directly at the main talking points of this insanity; Minority Report is the Oracle, Requiem is the childhood trauma and the angelic possession and Contact is the, um, contact. 

With the Vegas.

Of course, Contact isn't the only sci-fi novel-turned film centering around Lyra. It's also the basis for K-PAX, starring Kevin Spacey. 

Gotta love that name-- "Gene Brewer." Is that a pseudonym or did Reality break long before we all assume it did?

And just to prove that these syncs are all ultimately pointing to the stars in some, way, shape or form, I'll remind you of this utter mind-bender, which points us back to the Ice Cube Blazar and Orion. I haven't connected them all yet, but I will. 

We're dealing with Sixth-Dimensional Synchrony here. It takes time to decode.

What should also be remembered is that Lyra and Orion lie on opposite sides of the Galactic Plane, or the space of six months based on the Ecliptic. Both exist within and without the nebulous band of the Milky Way. 

Which is to say both have the Knowledge of Good and Evil.


Oh, here's a new spin on AAT and/or Panspermia. Not only is Oomingmak 'Oumuamua a Vega probe, it created the Earth itself, at least according to the signaling here. Maintain a high degree of skepticism with this thing.

Cue the Chumbawumba. 

Don't know what this is all about, but since the current iteration of The New York Times makes NeonNettle look like the absolute zenith of credibility, I don't think I like it.

I don't like this either. 

And OSIRIS REX discovers an ejaculating Phoenix? Space is an altar. 
The 1,650-foot-wide (500 meters) space rock ejected particles of dust and gravel into space multiple times over the past few months, newly announced observations from NASA's OSIRIS-REx spacecraft reveal. So, Bennu is one of just a dozen or so known "active asteroids" — and the only one to be observed up close. 
The discovery "is probably the biggest surprise of the early stages of the OSIRIS-REx mission and, I would say, one of the biggest surprises of my scientific career," OSIRIS-REx principal investigator Dante Lauretta, of the University of Arizona, said during a news conference today (March 19). 

Speaking of space-ejaculations, here's an interesting headline concerning our new friend, Galactic Center. 

Plus, Twins. 

Because everything in outer space is about Twins. Even the things that aren't.

Glad you asked. A supermoon is bullshit. Apparently the term was coined in 1979-- there's that year again-- by one of those old drugstore Astrology magazines.

And just like I said about "Fireball Season" and a number of other hyped events that escape my recall at the moment, it wasn't even used until very recently.

That being said, I did see a very large full moon the other day and I have to admit it was quite super.

Not for lack of trying, right? 

Give it time, boys. Practice makes perfect and all that.

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