Monday, April 02, 2018

And Right On Schedule...

Well, for the past several months I've been droning on about Mermaids and the Apocalypse and CRISPR and transgenics and chimeras, and everyone's gotten a good chuckle out of it. "Oh, that Secret Sun nutcase, howling at the Moon like a right old lunatic. Always good for a few lulz." 

Well, I don't want to spoil anyone's fun but right on schedule we have a new film on Netflix called The Titan, which is about guess-what?

Mermaids and CRISPR and transgenics and chimeras. 

Plus, the Apocalypse.

Oh, I hear what you're all saying; Curses, you've foiled us yet again, Knowles. 

But so what, right? How is this any different from any number of sci-fi potboilers ploughing the same furrow? 

Well, the difference here is the timing. How it falls smack dab in the middle of this semiotically-supercharged process we've been looking at and trying to untangle.

What's more, it stars Aussie heart-throb Sam Worthington, who I believe just might be kept in stasis until he's needed to pitch the latest transhumanist mumbo-jumbo to the masses. 

You remember ol' Sam, right? From AvatarSure you do.

Plus, did I mention The Titan is on Netflix

You know, that streaming behemoth which has become the establishment's premium choice for social engineering entrainment and limited hangouts?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but weren't we just talking about how the real purpose of the never-ending Mermaid Apocalypse is to entrain the masses to accept transgenic transformation?

And of course, we see this Beast-rising-from-the-Abyss imagery here in The Titan, imagery which seems to be becoming something of a new icon. 

I mean "icon" in the traditional sense. 

We also see it in the xenogenic/xenophiliac entrainment film, The Shape of Water...

...and in the series finale of The X-Files. Oddly enough, all three are 20th Century Fox productions. Go figure.

This is absolutely true: no one does attempt the impossible without belief in something greater than themselves. 

So how about the Vegas then? Or, if you prefer, the Pearly Dewdrops? They're greater than ourselves by any objective yardstick, right?

How about the Nephilim then? Or maybe the Watchers, or if you prefer, the Titans? 
Uriel, one of God’s angels is said to be in charge of Tartarus, it is a unique notion that have any parallel in either the Theogony or any other Greek Myth.
 Surpassingly, the Sibylline Oracles (II-VI CE, based on original from VI century BC) is the only text which speaks of Uriel in that context: 
And then shall Uriel, mighty angel, break the bolts of stern and lasting adamant which, monstrous, bold the brazen gates of Hades, straight cast them down, and unto judgment lead all forms that have endured much suffering, chiefly the shapes of Titans born of old, and giants, and all whom the deluge whelmed, and all that perished in the billowy seas, and all that furnished banquet for the beasts and creeping things and fowls, these in a mass shall (Uriel) summon to the judgment-seat. (Sib. Or. 280-290
Huh. "Sibyline Oracle." How about that, huh?


And speaking of falling and Angels, the "Heavenly Palace" space station pearly dew-dropped into the Abyss on Easter, a day when Christians celebrate the risen Christ. As you know, Easter happened to fall this year on April Fool's day, formerly known as the Hilaria, a day when Romans celebrated the risen Attis, give or take.

So as hilarious as this joke might seem to the ignorant and uneducated, it's basically saying, "Jesus rose from the dead. So did Attis." 

Or you could get all CS Lewis about it and argue that this conjunction-- coming on the heels of a Blue Moon and in the middle of, y'know, the Apocalypse-- proves that Christ was the fulfillment of pagan figures like Attis. 


You might also wish to note that April 1st is sacred to Venus, lover of Adonis, which is essentially the same story as Cybele and Attis which is the same story as Ishtar and Tammuz, which is essentially the same story as Elizabeth Fraser and Jeff Buckley, more or less.


That artist's impression of the falling Heavenly Palace looks very much to me like an inverted Phoenix, which we've been seeing pop up as of late, particularly in connection to the prophecies of Our Blessed Lady, the Caledonian Sibyl, Queen Dowager of Oracles. 

And we'll be seeing it again, so just slap a mental post-it on that for the time being, hear?

But do also note that this very neatly ties the Heaven or the Vegas theme to that of the Pearly Dewdrop Dropping, given that the Heavenly Palace of the Apocalypse is surrounded by the Pearly Gates of Revelation 21:21.

Apparently it landed near Tahiti, smack dab in the Ring of Fire, of all places. I'd say we're looking at some fourth-dimensional Secret Sun Scrabble here, folks.

I should mention again that LiveScience posted this juicy little morsel of clickbaity goodness, written by arch-skeptic Benjamin Radford. Not exactly sure why. Maybe on account of it was time to start feeding that meme into the mix again.

But let's just remember that the particular Angels we may be in spring entraining for aren't the kinds most folk think of when they hear the word angels, but our friends from Viva Los Vega, the Pearlies who kept not their first estate:
Jude 1:6 And the angels which kept not their first estate, but left their own habitation, he hath reserved in everlasting chains under darkness unto the judgment of the great day.
Of course, everlasting chains under darkness actually means at the bottom of sea, or alternately, in the Abyss.

And lo and behold, The Abyss was also the title and theme of a film written and directed by James Cameron, creator of Avatar. Cameron was also the force behind the throne for the remake of Solaris, which is rife with dew-droppy imagery and introduced this writer to the concept of the Higgs Boson.

Solaris stars Operations Officer George Clooney, Californication star Natascha McElhone and Viola Davis, who recently starred as Project Cadmus head Amanda Waller in Suicide Squad.

I know this is all a lot to keep track of. Any Excel experts out there? Maybe we could put it all into a spreadsheet.

Speaking of Operational Officers, let's look at another fat, juicy sirloin of programmed prediction...

So this here's a movie about a plague that kills most of America's children (because in this universe, the Microbes are Ready). The ones who survive are all mutated ubermenschen who then stage a revolution to punish the mean, stinky old adults. 

In other words, just the entrainment racket's latest attempt to cash in on The Hunger Games. Plus, The 4400, Heroes, The X-Men movies, etc etc etc. 

I did note that the cover of the book this master class in agitprop is based on is all kinds of Orange and also features a trident sigil. That brings to mind Beelzebub and Co., but hewing closer to our little exegesis, it dials up our old pal Neptune...

...who in turn brings us back to the premise of The Titan in an empty-signifier kind of fashion. And in a way to Aquaman, who looks very much like this fellow here in his comic book incarnation. 

And by an utterly random stroke of happenstance, the movie poster is not only all Banksy (giving us the requisite Massive Attack) and junk, it's also positively aglow with Orangey goodness.

So seeing how we're back on familiar ground, let's see if this particular entrainment fits into the prophecies set forth by the Sibyl...

... and lo and behold, here we are. 

The heroine of this surefire masterpiece of modern cinema is named Ruby, as in Ruby Stars are Ruddy, or if you prefer, Ruby Suns and Ruddy Cups, or better yet, Ruby Star Dorade. 

If you don't know by now, those are all key lyrics in the dire prophecy known to the world as "Pearly Dewdrops' Drop". Ignore the guessed-up junk on the lyrics sites.

Ruby Stars here is played by Amandla Stenberg, a model turned actress (she was also in the The Hunger Games films). Oddly enough, her headshots almost look as if she shares a stylist with a "real-life" revolutionary you may have heard a thing or two about lately...

...quite the sync, eh? 

As revolutionary Ruby, Stenberg sports a different look (as well as Orange) in The Darkest Minds, however...

...but in one of those baffling coincidences only found in real life and stultifyingly moronic fiction, Ruby's hairstyle and splash of Orange are remarkably similar to that of another rebel in the news these days.

Even stranger, the theme song for The Darkest Minds promises that "this is a revolution, we're rising up, we're rising up." Check this crazy sync out- that's the very same language the Marjory Stoneman Douglas kids were using on the Mall in Washington. 

And then there's this:

Wild, huh? Bizarro. Look at this:


I gotta tell ya, Synchronicity can get so damn ooky sometimes, no? 

Brrr. Chills.

You think that's spooky, man, check this out: there was a Twitter campaign to get Emma G to respond to a fan letter written by a girl named Lyra...

... nine (9) days after the alleged Austin bomber went and blew himself up. As Synchronicity would demand it, the map of the bombings exactly mirrors-- wait for it-- Lyra, whose brightest star is Vega. 

Bonus factoid: 9=1001 in binary.

And just to add the cherry on top, Marjory is a derivative of Margaret (meaning "Pearl"), most commonly referring to St. Margaret of Scotland. 

Stoneman is synonymous with Masons, well-known for their Scottish Rites. The oldest-known Masonic Lodge is in Edinburgh, Scotland. 

And Douglas is a Scottish word meaning "dark river" (like the one St. Jeffrey the Martyr drowned in) as well as a town.

As the Fates would will it, St. Margaret's Memorial is short drive from the birth shrine of Our Lady, Queen Dowager of Sibyls.... is Edinburgh Lodge No.1.... is the original town of Douglas.

What was some nutcase saying about creepos trying to rub Our Lady's supernatural gifts all over their own spells? 

I dunno. Some idiot somewhere. Forget I mentioned it. 

How odd then that it may be the "Pearls" who "rose" (or are "rising") who seem to be the major story of our times, thanks to the extremely deep pockets behind them, eh?

Will this be the "lucky, lucky, Penny, Penny" that binds the Pearly to our souls?


  1. The Millennials are the most perfect communist social experiment in history: the very definition of "useful idiots", who do nothing more than blindly follow orders (or "trends", as they call them) believing the ideas were their own in the first place, nevermind the obvious strings attached to them.

    On a more personal note, the synchronicity is overwhelming these days, even on a more intimate level. For several years now I've considered the most sexually desirable woman in the world, a modern-day Aphrodite, to be an European adult film star named Rita Faltoyano (check her out on Google images, safe-search ON).

    I've just watched an interview where she tells the guys to just call her "Fake PEARL", because that's what her name means in English. A sex goddess literally named Fake Pearl.

    There's no escaping the "pattern of emergence", is there? Not even in my shameful male fantasies.

    1. Because Internet is for Pron...

    2. A great description of the millennial culture. I keep asking myself if it's just me getting middle-aged. I wish it was. Sadly, the new normal is anything but.

    3. I did google Rita F. This is supposed to be someone's fantasy, Aphrodite - really?... Looks like an epitome of cheap & common to me. I would imagine any low boozer to be crawling with these types on a Saturday night.

    4. Useful idiots, precisely. They have no fundamental values to speak of. This creates the perfect vacuum which the proto-fascist tech-industrial elite is keen to fill with its ersatz social media / "reality" TV stuff. Win-win! And we all inch merrily closer to a new totalitarian order, which this time around I expect to be well and truly total.

    5. Let's remember though they are not a unified hivemind that many make them out to be. Such broad brush thinking serves no one well except those who seek to divide and manipulate. Just as we are probably not like many of our peers, the fact is some millenials are already calling BS on the "plague" their manipulated peers are trying to spread. This is cause for hope, not cynicism.

    6. Yeah. Cos it was millennials who marched off in their thousands to get killed in two world wars. Looking down on the next generation is probably the worst thing you can do in our current situation. Think.

    7. 10-4 Secret Son. I felt a little squeamish about slagging Rita F. A girls gotta make a living. I'm sure she does a perfectly serviceable Madonna as the term 'youthful idiots' was used recently in association with the Stoneman Douglas Revolution All Stars. I got roused on for laughing so hard. I can relate to the overwhelming nature of the Synchronicities when they start coming thick and fast ( can't get Ol' Rita off my mind.). I have genuinely thought the world was about end in a very bright flash courtesy of the Trumpsters Trigger Finger being Itchy. And that I was being given the heads up by the Universe because it turned out I really Was one of Gods Favourite Sons. I was so convinced that there was No Wayto walk it back to mundane reality such was the Matrix Exposing Undeniability of Reality being a fix, a la The Truman Show; that I Solemnly did the rounds of my family, such as it is; and their Devices eternally within arms length and reach. Before having to walk that shit back myself and chalk it up to being way too high for my own fucking good. yeah, baby. 8 miles

  2. I think titans are the fundamental social structures the human animal forms early on. Tribes and nations based around the base impulses of the body and its main subsystems/organs. The tribal groups the base drives form would be really powerful in some sense like enormous dog packs of humans with 1000s of members. Social disasters and flood and battle with high orders of the super ego, influence from the more individuated being, etc, would suppress the titans but then all the higher order psychology would depend on them as a foundation and depend on them being locked up performing their function under the dictates of the higher culture/super ego/abstracted ideals which suppressed them.

    As we lose connection to our higher guiding principles, the titans we stand on re-emerge.

    You’re seeing them form their body each day from everyone dis identifying with the abstracted higher ideals of enlightenment values. The individual being the ideal abstracted our from the group. Yadda yadda. This shit is easy prophesy. Human culture goes through these phases from birth to death to rebirth. Watch a few people get born and die naturally, see what their mind and desires do, how they evolve from birth to death, and it’s easy to know what the culture made of their minds will do as well

  3. Of course Lyra was the girl in the 'Dark Material' book and film series in which children have various animal figures as souls. Nice human hybrid synch.

    And what else would the darkest mind be filled with if not dark material?

  4. I know I'm repeating myself, but that Heavenly Abode re-entry was absolutely worth staying awake for. Especially since the English-speaking media like to claim the Chinese lost control. Well, if they did, Fortune or the aliens must have definitely noticed their space station. Because the synchs were terrific. On its final orbit around the Earth, it passed right under the Sun, on the one place in the middle of the Pacific where the Sun was at its zenith. Or near enough that for the satellite tracking system to make it look like it. Then it did its last orbit, and passed pretty much above 0 latitude, 180 longitude within ten minutes of midnight. About five minutes later it re-entered West of Tonga. Remember Tonga in the Winter Olympics? The same Tonga.

    And as a science-fiction fan, it instantly reminded me that: IMT made the sky FALL! IMT, for those not in the know about spindizzies and other fictional antigravity devices, stands for "Interstellar Master Traders". Guess we know now what the Chinese aim to be, hey?

  5. There is a link between the Chinese Space Station and Hopi prophecies of the end time.

    “And this is the Ninth and Last Sign: You will hear of a dwelling-place in the heavens, above the earth, that shall fall with a great crash. It will appear as a blue star. Very soon after this, the ceremonies of my people will cease.”

    See this link for photo of space station re-entry as blue star.

    1. Anon10:00, sounds to me like you've got the message.
      Well done!

      Incidentally, the secret sun was red for most of the last six æons, and its brief white phase is now ending with the arrival of a tint of blue, that will become a lot bluer over the next six æons.

      This seems to tie in with the red/blue Kachina Hopi mythology. "The Blue Star Kachina would physically appear in our heavens which would mean that we are in the end times."

      Well, the secret sun is physically apparent in our heavens and it's just turned blue - as it always has done at this time of the great year.

      I get the idea that folk are expecting something a little more obvious, like a blue traffic light, e.g. something like a blue comet?

      Nope. It's not that obvious, but it is visible, and it is certain.

    2. Betelgeuse?

    3. I wonder if the Hopi stopped their ceremonies as the Salyut stations and Skylab fell in the 70s and 80s or when Mir fell in the 90s. As a sacred American text opening line says :"A screaming comes across the sky. It has happened before..."

    4. If the Hopi understand their own mythology, they'll understand that it concerns astrology*, i.e. predictions of the heavens and the consequences for The Earth and its denizens.

      * 'astrology' has been deliberately obscured/corrupted as pseudo-science concerned with predicting the fate of an individual - as opposed to the fate of mankind.

      There are no predictions for what mice and men get up to, except that some 'predictions' may be code for what the illuminated should contrive in order to tip-off those who should be tipped-off, e.g. the felling of two towers.

      One thing I'll add about The Kachina, is to understand that the red and blue Kachina are the same star, in the same place. Otherwise, there would be two names. Moreover, there is only one star in our heavens that changes colour every six æons between read and blue. You can find this depicted in the Taegeuk.

    5. There's a story this week in all European papers about three German schoolgirls from the Evangelische Schule Berlin Zentrum who wrote a book about how to make school fun etc. So far so good. But the fact that one of the girls' name is Lara-Luna (?), and another is a woman of color, give it a hint of a "project". Certainly it comes across as political correctness brought to an extreme. Immigrants Yes, males No; and a lunar element to top it off.

      In an odd way, the weird signs reminded me of a Kuala Lumpur news story from end of last year: 18yo "model". Fell to her death. Fell 14 storeys, to be exact. On December 7. After a cocaine-fueled tryst with a cryptocurrency trader. And his wife named Luna. Bizarre.

    6. Sedna? I have been playing along, and it's gnawing at me.
      Also, America won't revolt overtly, it will die from attrition like it is already. Only the people who are still getting stuff ( technocrat types) still believe. Talking about some stuff is totally forbidden amongst them.

    7. Anon10:41&3:40,

      Even if you were correct in your guess, I wouldn't confirm it.

      The thing about the secret sun is that once you understand it (let alone consistently name it), you'll know that there's little point telling anyone else, because the only ones who'll credit you as knowledgeable are those who are too. And even such as they, are highly likely to keep schtum on the matter. So, as a place holder, we can continue to use 'secret sun'.

      It is one of our two suns. You can see it in the night sky (if you are on the right part of the planet at the right time and know where to look).

      As our two suns take a great year to orbit each other, along with other parameters, this means the secret sun must be around 2,000 AU away.

      According to Wikipedia, the nearest star (aside from The Sun) is 4.2 light years away (268,275 AU) and called Proxima Centauri.

      I suspect the only astronomical almanac in which you'll find the secret sun listed (with its correct details) is in a secret section of the Vatican library.

      When you understand the secret sun, you'll understand how it has been kept secret from the amateur astronomer, despite being a mere 2,000 AU away and readily visible (if in view).

    8. I know you can't say, but I appreciate the clues. What it is probably doesn't matter so much as knowing it exists. Anyone mildly psychic can feel the wave of death coming. Thanks for the game ;)

      My kids easter candy boxes had the phrase "mkbyeciagod" and "lyra" and"plea" hidden in the word search. Lol.

  6. Hell is around the corner/Let one thousand flowers bloom (on our corpses)

    People do all sorts of things to impress the great hidden one. Like dress up in flying squirrel wing suits and fly recklessly into trees. I can't say if it is amusing or impressive enough to appease her or if she demands a danse macabre of a different kind.

  7. Chris, I love your take on "something greater than ourselves". Because it's pretty much my take, too. I never cared much for esoteric stuff till it dawned on me just how great lying bastards are the Powers That Be. That's a brilliant inspiration for attempting the allegedly impossible.

    JB, I noticed you speak some Spanish, so you're now officially my favorite Secret Sun commenter. I have a few questions for you. Do you reckon Satanic 666 birds spy on us? Is Infinity deaf? What do you call the opposite of Infinity? A little bit of something? And if you went to the four corners of the Earth and took a souvenir from every place, what would you do then with the souvenirs?

  8. Wow. That note on Worthington seems spot on. His "stagecraft" role in all of this has to be the transhuman/genic poster boy. Recall that he was in Terminator Salvation and stood out as being a cyborg who volunteered to be turned into part machine (or he was a prsioner and was experimented on) ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    But the whole concept of microgenerational programming through franchise has definitely been on my mind lately. My batch got Harry Potter and a "resurrected" Star Wars (the prequels). Given the tendency of now older millennials to lean towards the occult and the faux-wokeness. Its no surprise to see how the new wave are conducting themselves given thier steady franchise diet of dystopian apocalypse like the aforementioned Hunger Games but also Insurgent and Maze Runner.

    My limited knowledge of astrology has lead so me drawing broader connections than are probably there goes. Millennials (or at least American born millennials) all have a placement of Pluto in Scorpio. Scorpio all being about sex death and transformation, its quite a coincidence considering the priorities of the generation. Pluto is one of the darker planets as well. I've crossed referenced personal acquaintances with their Pluto placement by age and its a dead ringer. Generational programming HAS to be a thing.

    Anyways. I think the ready-to-revolt group of kids taking to the streets not knowing their puppets are the kids who have Pluto in Sagittarius. A fire sign. A more mobile and vocal (albeit less sensible) sign. From what I read, they're like the Millennials but a bit worse and with a more prnounced stubborn streak.

    Time will tell. Either the Pluto in Capricorn kids behind the Sags will be the tight asses that most Caps are and come in behind them and clean it all up or...they'll be the perfect generation to forge the bars.

    1. The Hunger Games is unfortunately very close to how our synthetic virtual reality simulation works.The Joke is the (Cylons) want us to buy their VR headsets even though we are already imprisoned in their 'Livestock' Simulation.

    2. Agreed.
      Excellent point.

    3. We may be ironically reaching a social meme flip from "oh my god, he's a tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy nut!" to "oh my god, what a conspiracy nut, refusing to wear his electronic hat!"

  9. Here's a little ooky little synch:

    Susan ELIZABETH Rice, former U.S. National Security Advisor was just elected to the NETFLIX board of directors.

    Here is where it gets ooky: She shares her NOVEMBER 17th, BIRTHDAY with none other than JEFF BUCKLEY!

    1. Winnie Mandela dead April 1 2018

    2. Instead of pearl jewellery wrongthinkers were gifted with tyres filled with petrol then set on fire, known as 'necklaces' by winnie & her associates.

    3. Winnie Mandela the lady who shagged an entire football squad and whose idea of resistance was throwing burning tyres on people's heads? The world is weeping.

  10. I'm unable to locate the tweet from some months back in which a rabble rouser boasted of how the younger generations, having been raised on marvel & hunger games movies etc, will bring about the change oldies supposedly fear most, but I did find this from '15:

    'Advertisers looking to reach the current crop of iconoclastic teenagers should appeal to their desire to stand out from the crowd, demonstrate communitarian credentials and strive to make a transparent, real-world impact, Kate Magee writes.' ... '...their attitudes are something to which brands and advertisers should pay attention.' ... 'The shock was certainly audible at a recent McCann event, when Hertz revealed that only 6% of Generation K trust big corporations to "do the right thing." Six percent. Compare that with the attitude of adults (60%) and older Millennials/20- to 30-year-olds (12%), and you begin to get a sense of the problem.' ... 'The Generation K demographic is already a lucrative market for brands – currently worth €100 billion ($113 billion) in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. But perhaps its most useful function is to act as a window on the future.' ... 'This isn’t just typical teenage anxieties such as girlfriends, boyfriends and schoolwork. They are really very worried about existential threats and their own futures. They are also very distrustful of traditional institutions.' ... 'They also fiercely cherish their own independent identities. I asked them to come up with one word to describe themselves, and "unique" was the word they most often chose.' ... 'Campaigns with a social or environmental activist focus can resonate with them as long as they are really authentic. If not, then generation sceptical is likely to out you.'

    Kate's piece is splashed with blood orange highlights dotted about the page.

    1. Generation K! Oh boy. My chops hurt from the busting. I am old enough to remember reading the same kind of ad agency non sense about the baby boomers, how "unique" and "special" they were, how difficult to reach they were because they were soooo different from all previous generations. In the late 80s the same garbage was said about Gen X (TM). Please, spare me. Agencies have to make their clients believe that sort of junk in order to bill. How sad that other people actually believe that sort of thing. Pretty soon some smart snake oil salesman like Douglas Coupland will write a book about everything we need to know about Gen K and millions of clueless people will buy it. And it will be on the cover of Time magazine... Yawn.

    2. So apparently the switch from calling generation Z to calling them generation K originated from a single author. She claims to call them generation K after Katniss Everdeen of the Hunger Games franchise (*rolls eyes*). Saw a few more articles where other authors had followed suit by calling them generation K.

      Interesting how the common terms for these age groups are never generation Y or Z and we're referring to them as something else. Could this mean the YZ are being supplanted by MK? Millennials plus the newly dubbed generation "K". Dafuq bro.

    3. Agreed, anony 234.

  11. When I saw the Titan trailer on Netflix I actually yelled “Knowles!” Sidenote they have another show on Netflix that has to do with John Dee and the Enochian Angels. I’m only four episodes in but pretty interesting...

    1. If you’re talking about “Requiem,” just wait until the final episode. I’ve been waiting to see if anyone would bring this show up because, holy hell, is the last episode pretty much exactly what this blog has been speculating about. Right down to direct quotes from “Song to the Siren” being used over and over throughout the pivotal sequence.

      Not to mention you have a main character named Matilda.

    2. Watching Requiem right now, and yeah. Its basically the core of this blog. Butterflies and such. Captivating cinema but I wish it was entirely fiction.

  12. Netflix is on a roll, filming now.

    1. FANG Stocks are crashing down.

    2. ...AND, right under 'The Titan' in my Netflix feed is 'Legend of the Naga Pearls' an adventure fighting demon winged humanoids determined to rule humanity.

  13. Hi Chris,

    I've been meaning to pass this along, I received a catalog that so delightfully advertised the T9 Mermaid races! Yay!

    And Orange! Weee, mermaids are fun.

    Also, have you been able to figure out what happened to June 2016's posts?

  14. Much better this blog to read than most Image comics (or quickly crumbling SJW strain therof) I daresay Chris. Cheers.

  15. Why does it mean that all the references to this big cultural shift based in Hollywood product? How does the dying of the Hollywood juggernaut play into the seemingly frantic pace of the symbology presented?

    The whole kid gun protest thing was stage-managed by big donors so it wasn’t organic or anything. I mean, Black Lives Matter anyone?

    My question is where are these signs innately manifesting in our culture in an organic way? There is a lot of cultural push these days and many people are turning their backs and see the manipulation.

    Why does this blog seem to revel in the presentation of powerlessness?

    1. About the "Powerlessness", I have asked myself that same question. What should we do about all these things or what can we do? I suggested a media fast but no one else seemed interested. Maybe it has to do with the fact that most of the people who visit this blog (and who post) are Americans -in the USA there is no recent history of political and/or civic action so most people just accept things as they are or join pre-fab political parties or so called "movements" ("Pro This", "Anti That"). So things stay pretty much the same on the surface while actually getting worse by the day. I doubt there will be any change anytime soon.

    2. THe 'mainstrream' (meaning the stuff they >want< you to watch) has been taking it on the chin since the atttempt tyo shut down home taping of albums fizzled, followed closely by the backlash against the entertainment machine's flaying of grandma's for bootleg unauthorized MP23s on their grandkids' computers.The constant exponentially increasing crappification of mass market visual and aural arts is showing no sign of abating anytime soon, so if you're concerned that the new generation is going to want to start getting it on with prairie squid, I'd say, rest easy.

    3. It does appear to the crapification is having unpredicted effect beyond the control of the controllers, which seem to me cause for optimism. Further above is a thread about the "designation" of generations and that is exactly the sort of BS mythmaking that no longer works.

      Having personal faced and beat a couple of sirens (including at least one possibly MK-d and definitely miswired to tap into truly crazy shit; though less talented than Ms Fraser) and emerged stronger, this potential exists within for many of us to survive any looming siren encounters it would seem.

      The youth of today are not a monolith and plenty want to survive as well. And at least some are truly awakening to their fake-woke peers, which should be encouraged.

      As a final thought, consider this: rather than us being powerless, our greatest strength is networking intergenerationally so the kids seeking knowledge find those with experience of value to them. This may be at least one of the reasons for the artifical generational divisions so folks hopefully will keep this in mind when passing judgment on entire generations of any era. Perhaps keep in mind the old joke the youth of today will soon be the caretakers for many of the older posters here.

    4. For those wanting to "do something", make yourself a better individual. Learn to be stronger, kinder, more spiritual. Learn to be survivors in disaster scenarios. Learn to be better neighbors. Thats not "powerlessness", thats putting the buck where it should have been a long time ago. Everywhere I look I see people wanting to fix the world and they cant even fix themselves.

    5. Thank you Brian; couldn't have said it better!

    6. And one final thought for the generation-bashers: While many cluck-cluck about the worthlessness of today's youth, far less savory adults are stepping into the vacuum created by those so willing to disengage, and instead the unsavory folk take the opportunity to steer our future in directions we're all probably better not going. So essentially the generation cluckers are the enablers as well. Just sayin'

  16. Brilliant and pleasant to read, once again. Thank you.


  18. That poster for The Titan gave me chills because it reminded me of an intense dream I had after I flew down to Phoenix for Thanksgiving 2016:

    I lead a small team of thieves or commandos to a mansion that we broke into, where I confronted an old man with my pistol, demanding answers. He would have none of it, and attempted to stab me with a knife and then with a syringe. I avoided both. I bound him and one of my companions stripped him and we saw some small bio implants on his skin, gel packs, and even a sort of small motherboard with a row of injectables along it. We cut them all off, and after a while, he began to slowly change, resembling a reptile. His skin turned mottled and then striped, like a lizard.

    1. That dream happened when you went to your parent's home for a holiday?

    2. Yes. The night after landing.

  19. Looks like the "Heavenly Palace" isn't the only thing to fall from the skies at the moment -
    "NASA's Hubble Space Telescope used to detect star Icarus halfway across universe"

  20. I just watched The Titans. When you think about it, it is just TOO coincidental that there are multiple human women making love to powerful fish-human chimeras, in pools or whatever, staring deep into their eyes...How can so many film makers and studios actually be coming up with the same exact idea?

    And yes, the series Requiem is about the Enochian rituals and John Dee. I had never known a thing about any of this until I stumbled upon a podcast about two years ago of Tracy Twyman and Chris Knowles which led me to endless podcasts---now, well, it's turtles, all the way down.

  21. Really, there is some fascination with bestiality going on in Hollyweird. Too much tentacle porn? Trying to normalize the obscene. Terminal decadence has been reached. It's times like these the gods hit the reset button, as the RAM is all full of useless crap, all the MMOs are lagging badly an those 'fish'ing scams keep coming up whenever they just want to 'surf'our plane

  22. All this talk of imminent revolt or revolution in the USA baffles me. Americans may enjoy power fantasies of rebellion like Star Wars or The Hunger Games while eating pop corn but in reality they abhor and avoid any such thing. And thank God for that! After all, the American foundational political text is titled "Common Sense". If Thomas Payne was alive he would be asking the most urgent and important question Americans have asked themselves since 1950- "What's on tonight?"

    1. Funny you should mention revolution as I've lately been imagining a Beatles remake/remix saturating the media with You Say You Want A Nepholution (apologies if Chris used this already, if so it's sure stuck in my mind).

  23. intentalo varias veces si funciona

  24. Well, after watching THE TIAN I don't see much pro-fish-human-propaganda. Rather the opposite. Take this dialogue for example:

    We want to shut you down.

    Anything now comes from envy and resentment and is without merit.

    What has no merit is your knee-jerk program based on unproven science, and your irrational ideas about forced evolution. You're so desperate to prove it, you won't admit you dove blindly...

    There's nothing blind here. Either catch up, or stop holding me back.

    This isn't space research. It's criminal, and morally repugnant. They're becoming violent, losing control. The last people to try this were the Nazis.

    1. Your touching on a very valid point that most are not seeing; LIFE and ANTI-LIFE, which is of course 'matter' and 'antimatter'.
      So these two 'upstarts' tend to CANCEL each other OUT, but NOT TODAY!
      It IS 'repugnant', and 'violent'; FOOD for the 'masters' of such; TOTAL abomination.
      Bought the 'line'; HOOK and SINKER!
      PUNKED out to 'FORCES' they never even KNEW!!
      Castles made of SAND.

  25. Yeah, Titan. My partner and me watched about 20 minutes of it before I told him to turn it off from sheer boredom. Had no idea where the story was going, didn't care enough. Also, Sam Worthington in another Netflix series about the unabomber. Again, watched about 2 episodes and was so uninterested that again said turn it off. Why is Worthington sooo boring? Am I missing something?

    And the comments about powerlessness on this blog...I don't think so. The MSM is scared witless about losing control of the narrative, because they are! Places like this are doing god's work.

  26. I've been reading here on secret sun and listening to you on THC, and find your work amazing. And what did I see all over Target last night mermaid stuff everywhere!! It is conditioning us for sure! Also a big fan of the Lucifer's tech stuff, so good. Keep it up!

  27. Talking of Falling Vegas I'm surprised no one noticed the big story over the Easter weekend out of L.A.

    A 13 (there's that number) year old boy named Jessie (Jesus?) Hernandez (Spanish for 'adventurous') fell on Easter Sunday in Griffith (Gryphon - need I say more?) Park down a 25-foot deep hole into the sewer system (the Abyss?). He was found and brought out (resurrected - and from a "water" system to boot!) Monday morning near where Interstate 5 and Highway 134 intersect. I saw on the Tuesday morning KTLA news report (sorry, can't find a clip as of yet) that attending fire truck units on scene were from the nearby neighborhood of EAGLE Rock in Glendale immediately to the east of the recovery site and were clearly marked so. Absolutely drenched in symbolism and whatever the hell else is going on. Go figure...

    Enjoy this one, Chris.

  28. Well, pal. If you've accomplished nothing else with your mad blog, you've turned me on to Killing Joke. *cranks it up to 11!*




  31. Was outside a Nike store, with "Mercurial" new soccer shoes, full Orange, merging the faces of football players with some beast.

  32. Vegan shooter at Youtube.
    Also, anyone have any thoughts about the videos on this channel:

    1. Vegan body builder. Went under the name Nasime Sabz (green).

      I believe the church of the Nazarine is close by. Maybe the police man Barbarini goes there.

  33. The Commonwealth Games open on the Gold Coast of Australia tonight with the eye of Cyclone Iris just off the Queensland coast.
    The National Rugby League football team of the Gold Coast are called the Titans and they scored an upset win over the Brisbane Broncos on the weekend (GO THE TITANS!!!).
    The Commonwealth Games were held in Brisbane in 1982.
    The opening ceremony tonight will take place on an artificial beach with 400 lifesavers (life guards) taking part with some high tech artificial waves rolling into the stadium aparently.
    Conditions seem just right for the Siren's arrival.
    I'm just wondering if there will be any mermaids making an appearance as well on the night.

  34. Curious.

  35. Not eating animal products isn’t an “op” - neither is being transgendered, born to the youngest generation, being black and afraid for your life, participating in contemporary art, or being the victim of/protesting an act of mass violence (even if said violence WAS an op). Certainly, as CK has proven, someone or something is manipulating these identities (and others) to their own nefarious agenda. But all you commenters talking shit ‘cause you’re scared and uptight are just making the problems worse. FFS!

    1. Thank you, YES!
      Been saying this shit for YEARS.
      Until we understand, come to terms with, and even confront this/these 'outside' influence(s) this B/S will continue.
      The "AGENDA" should NOT be 'nefarious' right, but it HAS BEEN so!
      This is NOT new, nor are the 'archetypes' being discussed here; NOT 'NEW' by any stretch of the 'MIND', I mean, IMAGINATION.
      As far as 'talking SHIT' and making problems worse?
      Kinda a 'double negative' here dude!
      Yes 'FEAR' is literally FOOD to these 'identities' (entities?)
      But must you FEED 'them'?
      IF you do, then yes you are making the problem worse.
      Hopefully the objective of this blog and those that participate in it are SANS such.
      'Transgendered' is an attempt of 'male/female' synthesis; some say our original 'state' (non bifurcated)

  36. I say it with love, but I'm pretty sure the rise of transgenderism is a side effect of xenoestrogen poisoning, which is pretty much omnipresent. Instead of talking about it, or legislating it so we aren't being casually poisoned they use it as a wedge issue.
    That doesn't mean we shouldn't be compassionate, etc, but let's get real. This is the human equivalent of the three eyed frog. How many young men have breast buds these days,? The rise of a psychotic form of PMS (ppmd)? The link is estrogen analogs in plastic and car exhaust, and much more.

    1. Preach it; pretty sure you're spot on. What you're saying is also similar to the in utero shock theory regarding an increase in the UK gay population, due to "shocked pregancies" during the WWII bombings.

      While I haven't researched that theory nearly as much as the estrogen flood in our environment, epigenetics is single generation evolution and we've had a number of severe shocks within generations that seem likely candidates for having epigenetic effects.

  37. Yes, Anon 8:36. Add to it, high fructose corn syrup, which amps up fat cell production to store all that extra estrogen.

  38. This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, Aquarius!
    Harmony and understanding, sympathy and trust abounding!

    Aquarius? Yes.

    Harmony, understanding, sympathy and trust? Bah HA HA HA HA HA.

  39. In case you may have missed this: