Friday, June 29, 2018

Explosions in the Sky: Supernovas and Star Sorcery

The glowing Orb is officially a thing. We keep seeing it in odd places, most recently this enigmatic music video from Ariana Grande (with a guest appearance by Nikki Minaj, who seems to be fraying a bit at the edges lately). 

A lot of Truthers have seen the song and music video "The Light is Coming" as another pop hymn to Lucifer, and they're probably right, at least after a fashion. 

Maybe partially right is a better way to put it. 

I'm not personally familiar with any passage from scripture or any other ancient prophetic literature that specifically describes Lucifer as an illuminated orb, although there's been a lot of connections with him to the Sun (especially through various deities identified with the Sun) and Venus and other celestial bodies as well as being identified with fallen figures like Phaeton or Icarus.

But that doesn't mean there isn't a belief among the people involved in making this video that that's what they are actually celebrating here. 

Certainly the song's refrain speaks to that belief, seeing as how it's consonant with rhetoric we've heard in certain esoteric texts--especially Theosophical-- over the years.

More recently we saw this mind-bendingly provocative photo op with Donald Trump and various Saudi grand poobahs, which was taken on the day before (May 21,2017) the reported terrorist attacks at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England (May 22,2017).

And now we see Ariana Grande cavorting around a forest wielding a remarkably similiar illuminated Orb.

Quite a coincidence, don't you you think? 


And here we see Israeli Prime Minster Benjamin Netanyahu fondling a similar orb with Emperor Jupiter himself three weeks ago.

And Madison Square Park in Masonic Manhattan was illuminated by hundreds of the damn things over the winter. So maybe this Orb business represents something besides Lucifer, if not in addition to him.

Our Gordon seems to think it's a Pearl that lithesome young Ariana is writhing around with. Or maybe, more specifically, one of those Pearly Dew-Drops you're all so tired of hearing about.

If you're are tired of hearing about them I'm afraid you're out of luck. Because we haven't even gotten started with them here. 

And not just from me. No less a luminary than Ivanka Trump has been tasked with spreading the Pearly Dew-Gospel, as evidenced by this Tweet posted on the day of the Strawberry Moon, or the Lunus Fullus Fraserus.

And of course, Melania Trump paid a visit to a famous pearl shop in Tokyo along with her Japanese counterpart. They posed with two "Sirens of the Sea," the famous native pearl divers who some believe gave rise to the Mermaid m

Oh you think that's a coincidence? No problem. I guess you were looking for the Secret Sun tanning parlor then. Click here

Thanks for dropping by all the same.

We've been seeing a lot of major events, often drenched in self-evident ritualism, attached to the Pearl motif these past few months. Not the least of which was the Royal Wedding of Prince Horus-y and Princess Pearly Markle-Mark. 

And as sheer, dumb happenstance would have it, we're seeing fresh reports that the Pearly Prince and Dewy Duchess are expecting Twins. 



We saw the Twins at the wedding as well, didn't we?

And of course we saw Lizzie gift Duchess Dewdrop with some lovely pearly earrings when the two went cavorting around the Green and Sceptered Isle. And yeah, the Fallen Angels business.

Did you really expect anything else? 

These people all worship the Nephilim. 

Now for those poor, benighted souls who've accused this blog of lapsing in fanfic and all the rest of it, let me point out that not only do we have Princess Pearly and Twins on the cover here, we also have "Beauties and their Beasts," bringing us back to...

...need you ask? The heavenly Beauty and the Beast AKA Virgo and Leo AKA The Jean Cocteau Twins.

And of course all that takes right back to the Pearly Dew-Drops through Beauty and the Beast star Emma Watson, another Pearly Princess.

But it also takes us to the Heavens, as we've seen in our Beauty and the Beast analysis.

Now Space, Twins, Pearls-- what the hell does all this have to do with each other? Well, let's start here: in 2022 we are apparently going to see a supernova, or more accurately a red nova, in the constellation of Cygnus the Swan. 

This is the result of a collision of Twin stars and will create a suitably ruddy Ruby Star that will rival--wait for it-- Sirius and Vega in brightness.

Meaning you'll be able to see it with the naked eye.

Now as far as Ariana Grande is concerned-- and her little ode to the Light giving back everything the darkness stole (which one might reasonably beleive might describe a new star in the night sky), I should note a couple little details.

First of all, a reader made note that terrorist events in Europe have fallen on the 22nd of the month, including the purported Isis bombing at the Ariana Grande concert last year:

22/7/11 Norway attack
22/5/11 Woolwich London attack
22/3/16 Brussels attack
22/7/16 Munich attack
22/3/17 London attack
22/5/17 Manchester arena attack

Also, as we've discussed we're seeing some face-punchingly obvious rituals odd stories emerge out of the UK having to do with Swans recently:

And perhaps most disturbingly, this story:

If all of this doesn't smack you upside the head with the blatancy of the star-sorcery at work here, then I am very truly and sincerely sorry. I have failed.

And FFS, are there any other bad omens that you can attach to that wedding? I honestly fear for the health and safety of the Duke and Duchess. 

But I should also add that this particular story ties directly into another unsettlingly-specific prophecy sung by Our Lady, Queen Dowager of Sibyls AKA The Voice of God. 

Too much to go into here, so just stick a pin in that topic for the time being.

For now, let concentrate on the unsettlingly specific symbolism in "Pearly Dewdrops' Drop."

Now previously I theorized that this song was about the return of the Fallen Angels, tying the Pearls and the Dew-drops to passages in the Bible, as well as the Ruddy Cups. 

However, as strong as the parallels are, I think the specific meaning of the song has to do with Supernova 1987A, an event in the Large Magellanic Cloud in the constellation of Dorado that was so bright it could be seen with the naked eye. 

Even though astronomers believe it took place in another galaxy. 

But it's believed to have been 100 million times more energetic than our own Sun and has been acting quite anomalously, according to observers.

And back in 2007 it was determined that 1987A also involved the collision of Twin stars. How much energy did SN1987A produce? 

This from Scientific American:
The question of how many astrophysicists would receive credit for another event like supernova 1987A depends, in no small part, on just how close the event would be. If supernova 1987A had occurred much, much closer to Earth—around a nearby star, for instance—the key uncertainty could become not how many scientists observed the event, but how many survived it. 
According to a 2016 study, supernovae occurring as close as 50 light-years from Earth could pose an imminent danger to Earth’s biosphere—humans included. The event would likely shower us in so much high-energy cosmic radiation that it could spark a planetary mass extinction. 
Researchers have tentatively linked past instances of spiking extinction rates and plummeting biodiversity to postulated astrophysical events, and in at least one case have even found definitive evidence for a nearby supernova as the culprit.
Twenty million years ago, a star 325 light-years from Earth exploded, showering the planet in radioactive iron particles that eventually settled in deep-sea sedimentson the ocean floor. That event, researchers speculate, may have triggered ice ages and altered the course of evolution and human history.

Now some in the New Age end of things believe that SN1987A did in fact have a major effect on our planet, through a massive release of cosmic rays. 

Cosmic rays do in fact have a powerful influence on our environment since they rain antimatter down on us which results in lightning (speaking of Lucifer) and more subtle effects.

But it should be noted that SN1987A was seen shortly before the Harmonic Convergence, the worldwide "New Age Woodstock" organized by New Age guru Jose Arguelles, who believed the Convergence connected to his theories about the Mayan calendar and 2012.

So if only on a cultural standpoint, this event was estremely significant. The New Age movement has itself exploded to the point that it's become the mainstream. So much so it's no longer even recognized as a distinct movement.

 Since 1987 we've seen an unprecedented paradigm shift in which things that were utterly fringe before the Convergence-- veganism, Yoga, meditation,  alternative medicine, witchcraft and other forms of occultism, the Internet, artisanal manufacturing and gender fluidity are now everywhere

And what was mainstream religion and culture before then has been banished to the margins in their place.

Well, that's all bloody fascinating, I hear you shout, but what about what we really come to this blog for?

Coming right up then....

Now, before we begin I know a lot of you might see some of the fan interpretations of the lyrics for "Pearly Dewdrops' Drop" out there on the lyric sites but like most of the Cocteau Twin lyrics you see out there, it's all total nonsense. 

Now, I've posted the lyrics here before. What I do differently when approaching that material is A., I don't assume Elizabeth Fraser is an illiterate moron and B., I do assume that the lyrics are correlative to the extraordinary passion with which she sang them.

Now the first two lines are "Ruby stars are ruddy, it's a pearly dewdrops drop." As you can see from this diagram, she's describing the appearance of SN1987A with uncanny (if poetic) accuracy. 

There's a exploded red star in the center, it's given off a reddish glow (the common definition of "ruddy") and it's surrounded by what even the Hubble people describe as a string of pearls. 

I mean, there it is.

The remainder of the first stanza (repeated in the second) is "Wakes to light the fire, for some pearly dewdrops' drops." 

The director of the video makes rather obvious reference to this line in the music video when he has the other band members lighting a twig fire in the morning fog.

What is utterly amazing about this is that the progress of the nova event looks very much like a heating element--perhaps on a gas stove or furnace-- being ignited and cycling from orange to white flame, hence creating the "pearls." 

Even more amazing is that-- for some reason I don't think any astrophysicist could explain-- the "pearls" look not only arranged in a perfect oval, they also look essentially identical in size and evenly spaced.

If anyone can provide me a precedent for this, I'd love to see it. Because as it stands I'm thinking some kind of intelligence created this thing.

Now, we can go into further detail in the future on the lyrics to this song and their connection to the stellar phenomena here, but it's my belief they're all describing the supernova in different metaphors. 

The first three lines of the chorus are illustrated by this computer model of the object. 

Note the red, or ruby sun in the center and the fact that the shockwaves from the explosion form a shape much like an hourglass or even two cups joined at their bases. And ruddy cups at that, linking to the reddish hue. OK, the next line of the chorus....

OK, I see this line as consonant with the cosmic rays "rising" from the pearls of explosion and zooming through space and "dropping" onto our planet. Next we have....

Leave aside the reverse of the British penny for now, you have to admit there's a weird parallelism here, with the evolved center of the nova looking like a head in profile and that correspondence of the dotted line around the rim with the string of pearls in the nova. 

It's actually kind of amazing, actually. 

Bonus factoid: SN1987A was identified by Las Campanas Observatory in Atacama, Chile, a region most famous for alien fetuses hosting the richest copper deposits in the world.

Speaking of penny-pennies.

Next is this....

The pearly "being bound to our souls" is an interesting metaphor for the effect of the cosmic rays on our DNA and general physiology. 

You know how this goes...

...ask the Fantastic Four.

The next two lines I'm reasonably confident in but the "Lizzing" of the syllables (often switching "taffy turns" with "tassy turns" and pronouncing almandine "alamandite", which is closer to its archaic use) makes it a bit hazy. 

But working from the assumption that this is an extraordinarily literate and intelligent woman, I think this is pretty solid.

And as you can see, the epicenter of the explosion turns the color of almandine and is "pulled" out of shape like taffy.

The next line "rooster eye on my star" not only comes across as yet another strong metaphor for the appearance of SN1987A, it also corresponds to Rooster Studios, where the song was recorded. 

Plus, I may be losing my mind but damn if that doesn't look like a rooster head in the center there.

And the rooster eye ripping asunder what he saw ties in very neatly to the exploded star itself, as you can clearly see here.

And to wrap it all up, Our Lady chants these lines as counterpoint for her yowling of the chorus on the outro. Which nicely make reference to the location (Dorado, the Goldfish--remember "Koigate?") of the object she just described in the lyrics prior.

"Ruby star Dorade" is also kind of a clever pun on "ruby stars are ruddy."

And again, the director makes sure you get the reference.

Oh, before I forget: "Pearly Dewdrops' Drops" was recorded three years before Supernova 1987A was discovered.

"Now Chris," you ask, "SN1987A is 170,000 light years away. It's in another galaxy. How can it affect us here?"

Glad you asked....

According to some scientists, it's these kinds of galaxies that send us the most powerful cosmic rays. Why?

Possibly because of the "Cold Spot" in that quadrant of space, which is believed to be caused by the Eridanus Supervoid, an unimaginably huge expanse of space that contains absolutely nothing

More importantly, some astronomers believe the Cold Spot and/or Supervoid is caused by a PARALLEL UNIVERSE bumping up against ours.

Is the absolute momentousness of all this starting to sink in here? 

Eridanus--the River-- is a massive constellation that runs from the feet of Orion to Phoenix. Dorado is to the left. 

And through sheer randomness that's so random and sheer it's almost beyond random sheerness, we repeated see Our Lady superimposed over a river in the "Pearly Dewdrops" video. 

We also see her repeatedly rise from the flames, reminding us of Phoenix's vicinity to Eridanus. If I had to guess I'd say the same intelligence that was driving Fraser here was also driving the director.

Remember also the "string of pearls" of Orion's Belt and the constellations connections to the Nephilim as well.

Do note the Supervoid's resemblance to a moth or butterfly, which I believe Our Lady might have written a song or twenty about. 

All those stars give new meaning to "Great Spangled Fritillary."

And in a serendipity so stunning as to be stunningly serendipitous, the other major supervoid is in Bootes, the Shepherd. 

Which begs the question as to why the Shepherd was always the one to die in those old myths featuring the proto-Siren and proto-Fraser goddesses. 

Did the ancients somehow realize there was something inseparable from death in that constellation?

And of course, Shepherd Boys and Rivers don't seem to mix well in this psychodrama we've been exploring here.

I have no idea how cognizant Fraser is or was of any of this. But as we saw with the Siren material, this is not some fluke. It's par for the course. 

There's a lot more where this came from, which I believe goes a long way in explaining why there would be such an apparently intense level of interest amongst certain parties of influence in this woman.

In the future I'd also like to explore how (Bond-villain Arch-Globalist) Peter Gabriel seemed to grasp the true meaning of "Pearly Dewdrops' Drop" and incorporate it rather shamelessly into one of his own music videos. Just in case you need some kind of corroboration here.

It may also explain why Gabriel and the star-sorcerers he answers to were so keen to have Fraser-- who seemed clearly unwell at the time-- voice the part of Sophia in the Millennium Dome Show, AKA the Nephilim Dome Adoration of Mind-Boggling Explicitness. 

AKA "The Crown's Business Plan for the Twenty-First Century."

Who better to bring down the Tower(s) of Babel than a Twin best known for inventing her own languages? 999 times in a row?

POSTSCRIPT: A Twitter follower told me about this curio. Another bit of evidence of Our Lady's extraordinary erudition?  It's in waltz time, in case you were wondering.

UPDATE: Ariana Grande's fiancee is one Pete Davidson.


Son of 9/11 martyr Scott Davidson.




  1. 1987a is an interstellar coaxial cable illuminated from energy flowing through it causing the plasma to go into glow mode and the star that was a load on the circuit went supernova briefly to act as a circuit breaker of sorts. It’s indicative of energy moving through the system and our Star is also connected to the same Christmas tree of lights as all the other stars so it’s likely not showering us with much but it is likely indicating the energy load powering our star is changing.

    Galaxies are organisms and the stars/cells are connected by blood vessels/plasma/birkland currents that are normally invisible from the perception which sees predominantly light/stars. Occasionally the wires can be seen after energy surges or breaks in the line like how you only see your blood after a cut or “ mechanical power surge”.

    1987a is seeing a weird reflection of what is not made of light here but is made into light by the sun.

    Peace, bitches.

    1. Interesting POV there. Feel free to elaborate.

    2. I think he's saying that The only thing happening is what is happening. So let's look at the obvious first so we know where the details fall.

      We are in a dimension that has billions of parallel realities, each with a subjective experience of that reality. That dimension is earth surface and each parallel reality is an animal, plant, or cell. The realities/animals with a central nervous system and sensory systems have matrices their cells live in which support the reality/animal body. Realities give rise to one another and grandparents are somewhat like future realities. Speech let's the realities "go back in time" to change mistakes. E.g. Tell the younger realitys what to do, when, and why.

      All the ways we interact with other realities- farming, DNA research, as products, as partners, as friends, as enemies- is being done to us by intelligences that are the mirror image to those interactions. E.g. There are beings who's intelligence makes us look cow like and they use us like we use cows.

      As above so below. Since the sense matrices of animals work by filtering reality so that cellular energy goes toward the body, the matrix is not a good place to look for the complete picture, but looking there fuels the body so it very much wants the attention entrained there if it is low energy.

      Then there is also hyperspace. Each subjective reality takes place at the cell membrane. The resting membrane potential creates a all immersive TV screen in synch with the CNS/matrix. I'm the other direction, inward, is the hyperspace/DNA /RNA realm. DNA is that shared antenna array thought(and in my opinion, water) uses to link into the physical.

      So when we look at stars and galaxies, it's hard to really correctly say what those are or even when since they are so far outside our matrix. At least they are far away by how it is calculating and presenting them.

      But one sun would be the sun and there is a second sun that is inside. It shines awareness and is the other pole of the sun. If it is out the sun circuit is out in that reality. E.g. If you are unconscious then the sun might be hitting your eyes but the internal sun which provides the space and illumination to see that is out. If the internal sun gets brighter, the energy from the external sun goes into that reality more. Like when colors pop, etc. if the internal sun energy gets high enough it can directly look at the sun instead of using the sense organs.

      Like a cell using it's DNA to look out rather than trying to look out by studying nervous system impulses controlled by an AI programmed mostly by parents(and father culture and Mother Nature).

      Synchronicities abound because of how many connections the matrix leaves out from reality to form the body reality.

      I think it's too complex to understand because of how complex the relationships are. Ants don't understand lawn mowers even though they have to deal with that. Cows don't understand dairy subsidies from human governments. We have similar issues.

    3. Those concepts fall within the domain of electric universe/alien sky cosmology.

  2. JB (of the Meta-Logic Café)10:36 AM, June 29, 2018

    If you want real music with extraordinary talent and deep significance, look at Florence and the Machine's most recent, "Big God".

    Florence Welch is without a doubt a modern-day, female David Bowie (this particular video resonates with "Blackstar" a little bit), not to mention a strong mermaid resonator, with her life-long obsession with water and the sea and the siren voice of course.

    1. Thanks for that mention, I was going to share about Florence & The Machine as well....

    2. Maybe Florence Welch IS David Bowie.

      Think about it. Then google "Jack Steven."

    3. Was David Bowie even really David Bowie? He seemed to resent having to play that part towards the end. Having said that the two most direct successors to him are Nine Inch Nails and Arcade Fire.

  3. Bloody hell....the penny has dropped! Excellent stuff as always Chris many thanks

    1. Many welcomes. The lucky-lucky penny-penny has indeed dropped.

  4. Spheres have so many interesting properties.

    1. I heard some guy say spheres are actually discs and it's a big Masonic conspiracy.

      But then again he was running around the Mission District with his pants off wearing a shirt saying "free hugs."

    2. If you want to invent a flux capacitor then some level of mild brain damage might be involved. Aren't the Masons all about squares and triangles anyway? It's all very classical and respectable or something like that.

  5. If there is a message, it seems to indicate that a light is approaching, and will soon be visible to all, and no doubt it is assumed that there is a bringer of this light, and the bringer is named as 'the light bringer' (aka Lucifer).

    Now could this light be celestial? A reflective mylar space mirror/artwork? A supernova? A secret sun suddenly becoming more active?

    Alternatively, this light could be metaphorical, it could be the light of enlightenment, the light that reveals that which has been hidden, the light that brings about the apocalypse, that unveils the revelation of the end?

    I must admit I'm in the dark on this one.

    1. No pun intended.

      Get to work on this novae, Zoddy. I think you'll dig up some gems there.

      Pearls, even.

    2. Ya Zod, get to work!!
      Oh, "those who labour for my happiness"...!

  6. and this album was released in '84?

    1. Love the comments this article is bringing out. 'Free hugs'... lol. He obviously knew what was up. Tin foil undies, perhaps. I too was released in 1984, on the Autumnal Equinox, when my lifeforce was bound with the pearly, as are ours all. I wonder if other parallel realities have multiple doppelgangers, and perhaps there are some with none? Fun times in the zoosphere.

  7. MC says:
    So your ears still aren't clear enough to distinguish "n"s from "ls" (or, reaching back to another song, distinguish "k"s from "t"s)? What a pity.

    Non-sequitur: since, in passing, you brought up the lepidoptera song cycle again, have you seen this before?
    The song may be just another Liz-List, and thus relatively easy to Decode, but on this evidence Uke4ia would be better at it than you (or me, for that matter).
    (Of course every revelation like this sends me into a spasm of "ohmygod Ilovethiswomansomuch damnyouDamonitshouldvebeenme"

    1. "The Light is Coming" as another pop hymn to Lucifer, and they're probably right, at least after a fashion. Maybe partially right is a better way to put it.

      so we are all clear Urial/Eesa (real name is 'star'... or "jesus" yshw the sacred heart entities that burn very orange) are returning, the tower is going to fall by fire and the pearl is the crowning jewel and all-seeing eye that the tower is built to protect ya?

      metaphorically im just making sure we're all on the same page.

      the only point of military or defending anything is to protect the sacred love and beauty and justice, correct? what ever the fx this tower is built on... is off. so it has to fall back to the reality. great, ya'll can get to space while children all over this planet starve. congrats, men run the world really well. and the patriarchal vs matriarchal systems function differently. and i can study science and conspiracies until the end of time... that's not doing jack shit to stop children from dying and starving and having an endless budget to build nukes.

      the answer is we have to change. when does that start? great you have guns, they have nukes and tanks, and in three days you won't have food or water. PPL ARE GONNA BEG to get into camps. There is only one way... its love and righteouness, and people have to raise their consciousness n catch the message or they're all doomed to fire. what happened after new orleans? ya'll haters corny with that illuminati mess... (awful song but its the season of the witch) (i hope you get the jokes)

      All physics are based on the principals of balance and equal and opposite reactions right?

      its about to get more weird before it gets less weird. ftwnd

    2. all roles must be reversed

  8. The two women angels carrying the lead ephod/basket, which is the orb, which has the "lady over many waters therein" is made to transfer from Babylon (of the stars) to Babylon (of Agdistis/Adamah). As above, so below. The ephod is the tri-fold goddess delivering herself to herself for herself. Bark, torch, iron knife.


      1/3 v 2/3 ... the war of dyzan

  9. This link has spoilers for the Season 3 finale of The Expanse. The finale was the name of the title of the 3rd book of the series,Abaddon's Gate. I have read all the current books in the series. I'm amazed at the the number of correlations in the books, the series & the topics here.

  10. Chris,

    "terrorist events in Europe have fallen on the 22nd of the month"

    These dates all fall on the Cusps of the Zodiac.

    From the ever-reliable Wikipedia:

    "Cusp is a Latin term for a spear or a point. In Astrology, a cusp is defined as the imaginary line that separates a pair of consecutive signs in the zodiac or the houses in the horoscope. Our zodiac is clearly divided into 12 equal sun signs or horoscope signs."

    Interesting also that these attacks occur on the dates of events that literally mean "spear point".

    1. Plus, the 22 trump cards of the Tarot.

      Good stuff, Mo. Cheers.



    2. Funnily enough, I knew Kris Weston of The Orb.

  12. Ariana Grande had concert T-shirts printed with the phrase "BANG BANG" and "93" for a concert tour. There is a whole line of Ariana Grande '93' shirts. T-shirts for fans reading "bang-bang" is a pretty chilling sync in light of what happened at her concert/shooting. It was also reported that her engagement ring is valued at $93,000, again, the all-important Thelemic 93. The iconic bdsm-style black bunny mask that Grande is known for relates to the masked antihero symbolism of Batman/Zorro/Lone Ranger. This black mask iconography was in effect for the terrorist event she was connected to.

    1. The Thelemic 93 is back in the collective consciousness, it would seem, as CBS All Access (Columbia All-Seeing Eye) is airing the Parsons series "Strange Angel." The "93" note shows up stuck to the front door of the "Parsonage," as it were.

    2. 31 x 3

      93 = OIVZ (Aiwaz), THELEMA (Will), AGAPE (Love), LGS (Logos and Legis, the Word and the Law), MGIKK (Magick), IAChChVS (Iachhus), BNI AL (Sons of God), TzBA (Will, Star, Army or Host), and LAShTAL (Magical Formula). 93 is the numerical value of the Word of the Neophyte Grade of the A.·. A.·.. It is also the number of the Lost Word of the Freemason.

      The WORD is a 4 letter WORD. Female and Male combined.

    3. Ariana Grande Bestia shalt be the whole of the Law.

      Sorry-- Ariana Grande Bestia Davidson.

    4. The WORD is here:

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    6. 93: Also the title of Victor Hugo's last novel

    7. Random but I was reading about David Mascavige and his missing wife and thought out of nowhere.. wonder what Pete Davidson is into. Big fan of SNL and knew that Pete's dad was killed in 9/11. He's some kind of token piece for the show.

  13. Replies
    1. =D


  14. The white orb is the Crown of Kether in Kabbalah.


    2. Keter it is...this whole blog is nothing but a practical working of 777...

    3. been thinking on this orb

  15. 'Ruby stars' most likely comes from this which Fraser probably just picked up somewhere and used it later, for no other reason than that it sounded so "mystical" or something like that

    Or the russians are coming. Which can also be the ruddians. Or the ruffians. But théy're here already so they're certainly not coming.

    Bullshit story about royal twin babies? Come on!

    But by all means, keep robbing people of their valuable (life-)time with all the "little mysteries" you throw at them. By all means, keep them from doing what they should really be doing and what is really in THEIR interest.

    1. Yes, yes, of course. That's it.

      Brilliant. You've solved it all.

    2. Oh no. 'Solving it' will only BEGIN when people will actually know and understand what is being done to them, and what it is that they réally want.
      Something you (and your ilk, and all the various other 'ilks' of the grand scheme) are desperately trying to prevent (against your own real interest as well!). WHY?

    3. the question is: where is the point of human evolution after its all solved? love, wisdom, balance, that's the conversation we need to have. its been millions of years someone could just kill you or a lizard could bite your head off. that's not new.

      this is chun-li (KALI):

      this is MERKABA (Merkeba):

      this is apeshit:

      this is america:

      oh, and this is 'the rock'... trying to save his family from the 240th story of the tallest, most secure sky skrapper on earth called... (wait for it)

      THE PEARL:

      LOL. the tower is falling to woman king. its careful architecture. keep pace.

    4. any person who doen't respect the feminine will perish by fire. all my girls hoppin on a spaceship with mother mary and the owls. kali was created by druga, as a protector against the inherent violence of the 3 male entities that intented to harm and kill her and all life. same as masonic stories of hiram abiff. great fire, quakes, floods, are coming. they tempt you so much bc if you do wrong, you deserve to perish. no angel will tolerate anything but hate and love anymore... this place is about to get rolled. pay attention. every message you send is heard. pay attention, 2 of the apocalype horses are to be unleased in short order, and ppl think guns are an answer... but don't know how to feed themselves or clean water or grow food or produce energy via a stationary bike to use grow lights if the sun blacks out. ppl are paranoid bc they're so incompetent its almost laughable.

    5. there is nothing to solve truly. quit judging and hating and doing bad things and pay attention. your insolence and fake religions and assaults against sacred femininity and any living being will no longer be tolerated. 99% of people who are christian dont even know the real name of jesus. his name is EESA, THE STAR. THEY CALL HIM JESUS. jesus barrabas (meaning jesus, BARABBAS= son of the father) was released instead of 'christ' and pilate was so mad at the pharasees (jewish establishment operating as banks for military and religion in ancient rome) he put a sign on the cross that read : Jesus Barabbas, King of the Jews.

    6. silly. everyone here for the most part just has to die. they don't even bother to do their homework. THE SOLUTION, WAS THERE ALL ALONG. BE A GOOD PERSON. DO NO WRONG. KILL NOTHING, LOVE EVERYTHING. PROPAGATE LOVE. ITS REALLY NOT THAT FXN COMPLICATED. -FTWND

    7. Also, "stay away from cruelty of all sorts..."
      Anonymous, you are spot on on the ruby ruddy stars, their origin is really a fascinating story. When they installed the stars on their spikes the first time, they were pitch black by day, I was writing about this here some time ago. And Russians indeed have come, at mane levels, everywhere. Too sad the world leaders did not hearken to Liz's prophecy...

    8. Hey, nobody is forcing anyone to read this blog if they don't want to. And it isn't as if people would never waste their time, if this blog didn't exist. So what's your problem, anon? It bugs you that people waste their time on this blog, for some reason?

  16. Thanks for rubbing my nose in the Harmonic Convergence. The first time around I was distracted and didn't pay it the attention it deserved. I actually remember the whole New Age thing getting started, I remember reading an article in a magazine about it and finding the whole thing quite surprising. I need to do more research on all this, clearly.

    As for the Royal Twins omens... well, I think people are going to figure out quite soon why that meme of Trump meeting the Pope that got photoshopped to have as well the twins of the Shining and the boy of the Omen on it was rather prophetic. It's all happening, people. I'll repeat this: the Hello magazine, just after their extensive coverage of the wedding, had an advert saying: "Rosemary has superpowers". They know these are Rosemary's babies. They know. Plus, on page 70 of the magazine is the photo of prince Charles (who turned 70 this year) escorting the bride. With a caption that mentions that the true bride's father said: "My baby looks beautiful". And what else turned 70 this year? Oh, yeah, the state of Israel. What date is exactly 10 weeks after April 18 of this year, when the state of Israel celebrated its 70th anniversary and there was a ceremony around moving the US embassy to Jerusalem? Why, that was June 27, a couple of days ago. Why is 10 weeks relevant? Because it's the earliest that a baby's gender can be determined (with a blood test). Assuming, of course, that it wasn't the result of IVF. Which these babies almost certainly were. But there are some forms that need to be kept, so it couldn't be announced till now. For further info, read Dune (especially the third book of the series, Children of Dune) and watch the latest Omen movie.

    1. Looking forward to your insights on cosmic rays, Maria.

    2. Yeah and while Maria is working on her 'insights' fro you, you can do this useless quiz here:

    3. Princess Di about the royal family: "They're not human."

  17. Hot Damn Sir Loring!

    Been waiting for this for years! Thank you so much for the delivery! Straight up super resonant. As was your little tidbit in the comments the other day, OR(O) ANGE(L). Ticks all the boxes, effects the sinuses, modulates frisson…

    (Resisting urge to blather…) I’d suggest that what’s more interesting about the morphology of SN1987A other than its near perfect symmetry, is how the near symmetry reminds one of Neolithic stone circle placement.

    You mention that you have no idea how cognizant Mistress Fraser is of all of this... Well, I’ve spent a moment or two (and I assume you have too) wondering what her kids think of all this, if anything. Ever feel a disturbance in the force as if Lucy Belle or Lilly are tapping into the Secret Sun? (So many questions to chase up that tree….)

    Seems like 2022 is gonna be a fascinating year. Up next a post(s) explicating “The Event”? Seems unavoidable. Synchromystics like yourself are surely the spiritual Sherpas of our imprisoned times.

    More so than usual, Thanks for what you do!

    1. Greatly appreciated, Sean. Cheers.

      Then this:


      "The Light is coming."

      As for Lucy Ba'al, check this out:

      This too:

    2. Lords of Light, thanks for the concise visual answer. Wow. I was unaware of Lucy's cavorting with rickenbackers and a jag! Neato.

      As for OA... Wanna spend some more time with Kubrick? Seems to me the perspective pyramid leading the eye to an enlightened point is a visual axiom that appears in all of his films. I'm sure you can summon a few images just a'thinkin'.

      It's a symbol of control (dollar bill) and a method of visual control as Kubrick demonstrates movie after movie. (Look over here...)

      Happen to know of anyone that's noted the memory palace Giordano Bruno techniques in his films' (sub narratives/revealed truths) regarding encrypting 4 or more dimensions (space/time) in 3 visual dimensions (at 24 fps thru time) in a medium that is a projection on a flat 2 dimensional plane. I'm talking about the Shining of course.... The Overlook Hotel.....

      The OA perspective is Kubrick's visual mega-hammer and the key to unpacking Kubrick's work.

      The Room 222 link slayed me. Gah! I just had the stroll down the hall to room 237!

    3. I thought of stone circles too.

      It also looks exactly like a Grail, in the 3D rendering. Flying Saucers might as well be "Flying Grails."

  18. Hi Chris,

    You might be interested in a movie called "2:22" from last year. It's Australian, about an air traffic controller who notices "patterns" in everything, and starts to notices happenings in the stars corresponding to his own life. I will warn you (I don't know your taste in movies) it strays a little into the love story formula, but that being said it is a fairly competently made movie. And for some reason after watching it I have been watching movies that keep having Grand Central Station in them, it being a key part in the plot. All I can think of is that it means convergence or something along those lines.
    Also, it is really only a romantic movie is "Winter's Tale", but it has a "Pearl" and "Lucifer","the fallen","sacrifice", it talks about "light" a lot, and prophecy. Again don't know your taste but I'd only watch it if you're bored.


    PS. I've been fast forwarding through Alexander and Babylon is a central plot point, and does depict Babylonian culture. But it's not on screen for too long and obviously Alexander bombed, for very good reason it's horrible. For some reason it really seems that in European culture depictions of that region of the world have something unlucky attached to them, almost as if they were 'cursed', Maybe? Ya know, if your believe in that sort of thing.

    Another point, I rewatched the Avengers and thought it was something worth noting how Loki's introduction to the public was in Germany at a gala and he essentially sacrificed his target on a Babylonian alter, slightly blatant if your paying attention.

    1. You had me at Australian, Jinks.

      Alexander- yes, I was scared off. But then a little bird told me Rosario Dawson makes quite a show of it. I guess I have a lot of watching to do.

      Cheers, Jinks.

    2. I saw '2:22' on February 22nd this year and was the only one in the cinema.
      I wrote a post about the movie here -

      And in that post is a link to an interview at '42 Minutes' with the writer of the movie and how he came to be inspired to write it.

  19. In regards to your question about a hanging cult, Aaron Swartz the co-founder of Reddit committed suicide by hanging.

    1. Thanks for that info, 12ie. Sad.


      Has the hallmarks of 'suicided'.

  20. Chris are you aware of experimental hip hop group Death Grips? In 2014, the Death Grips Twitter account @BBPoltergeist only followed 1 account, Ariana Grande's. On the 22nd May 2017 Death Grips released a 22 minute megamix. Linked below are some more details posted by someone on the death grips sibreddit.

    1. Holy crap, that's some straight up Ewen Cameron psychic driving music. Thanks for the link, Unknownie. Very interesting indeed.

      Here's the vid.

  21. Pondering the ravings of the person who is spared death when a tornado moves through town; whilst everyone else is killed! "Praise the Lord", saieth the insane Christian...which, of course, constitutes a redundancy.

    Insanity is a difficult condition to overcome...and the Slave Mentality exhibited by all those who worship (derived from "work for") Jehovah is the most extreme, pervasive, and difficult mentality to effectively exorcise...from both the individual and the Collective Conscious.

    Just the fact that the "Good Christian" responds defensively to My efforts to expose The Great, Maniacal Slave Master in The Sky for what He inhuman monster...tells Me that That Monster's Methods are STILL working beautifully on His Slaves / Victims.

    I was re-watching that American mini-series from the 1970's "Roots" the other day...about the antebellum South...and it is striking how the same arguments used to enforce worship of Jehovah were used to enforce the subjugation of the blacks before their white "owners". Reduce the subjugated group by dehumanizing them in the South; reduce the "servant of Jehovah" by telling him he is "born" wicked by cause of some horse manure called "Original Sin" (that he did not even personally engage about effective use of Collective Guilt!). Same sh*t, different above, so below.

    Moreover, many of the blacks in Roots....having been tortured out of their minds; came to accept their slavery, and would fight to keep it...such as the black Overseers...who were motivated by a couple more rights than the average field hand...and those same blacks would condemn a free spirit like Kunta Kinte...who KNEW something was seriously wrong there...Divide and Conquer...just like at Babel...when the Slave Master Jehovah sensed a rebellion was brewing.

    I fight a constant uphill battle against the monster Jehovah. But what greater satisfaction can there be in the Universe than vanquishing The Lord of Hosts?

    I have transcended matter...I will transcend time...and I shall prevail.


  22. More on our latest supernova, the "cow" here (though it's really located around Hercules in the sky).

    It's way further away than 1987A though it sounds like it will be fun to watch from afar.

  23. Since robots and neanderthals came up in the last, now rather lenghthy, item, let's just say this was all a bit too synchy to find today.

    "Teams at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) are experimenting with lumps of tissue taken from fossil bones of our early ancestors

    They've reportedly managed to grow tiny brains, about the size of a pea, in petri dishes inside labs.

    They say the next step is to link these cavemen brains to robots using neural implants to try and create a kind of Neanderthal cyborg.

    This, in turn, will allow them to find out what caused Neanderthals to go extinct - leaving homo sapiens to colonise the Earth."

    That last line makes no sense at all to me.

  24. In the original Final Fantasy VI translation, the publisher thought calling a white magic attack spell "Holy" would upset western audiences. So they changed the name of the spell to "Pearl." I'm sure it doesn't mean anything but it's just another one of those funny little warp spasms.

    I must say, in earlier enthusiasms I might have had for restoring paganism and magic in the role of everyday life, this is very much not the outcome I had in mind... Well, there's no stopping it now. If you try to fight the tide you'll lose, but you can ride it on a catamaran, or perhaps a man-o-war.

    1. Oh, I think it means something. I'll fold that into my Pearl Abyss post I'm working on. Cheers for that.

  25. 1987 was the date of possibly the most important cultural event in Australia's history...enjoy (this is revenge for posting the above MK Ultra clip that gave me seizures)

    love your work Chris!

    1. Oh Kylie. I'll forward this to Gordon then. Thanks!

  26. Lately i have been reading about the kali yuga, a lot of people think it will end in 2025. I stumbled upon some page claiming that earth has a second sun and its something called a dark star and every certain number of years it activates or something and sends a bunch of comets towards earth. Dark star made me think of black star by bowie. The page i was reading totally lost me when they started talking about lizard people though.....

    "the light is coming" seems a bit too on the nose. They used to be more subtle.

    1. Do you have a link for "some page claiming that earth has a second sun and its something called a dark star and every certain number of years it activates or something and sends a bunch of comets towards earth."?

      Given I independently suggested "A secret sun suddenly becoming more active", not that I've ever come across any suggestion that this is likely - I just guessed it as a possibility.


    3. Thanks Kim.
      At least they have the 12/24,000 year cycle right (yin-yang/orbital period & great year).
      The secret sun is a bright star (like The Sun), and not a dark star, except in the sense it is 'hidden'.
      So the 'Two Suns Theory' on that page is disinfo.

  27. Just wanted to share a few notes about the High Strangeness around SN1987A (apologies if you've already mentioned it, and I just missed it), and a little wild-eyed conjecture about how it could be the product of an alien intelligence.

    The High Strangeness: 1987A was huge news (among astrophysicists and space geeks, at least!) not just because it was the first supernova of the telescopic era, but also because its progenitor star, Sanduleak -69 202, was a blue supergiant...and, according to everything that we knew in 1987, it's impossible for a blue supergiant to go supernova (least-geeky-possible version of the physics: a star's color is determined by its temperature, with blue hottest and red coolest; a supernova occurs when a star runs out of easily fusable elements and cools to the point where its core goes into a gravitational collapse that results in a temperature spike that causes one last titanic burst of fusion that tears the star apart). No star that's still hot enough to shine blue can possibly experience the core collapse necessary for a supernova. So how 1987A could ever have even happened was a total mystery.

    Since then, stellar physics have been tweaked somewhat, and several different theories to explain it have been proposed, but they all have a sort of ad hoc, deus ex machina, flavor: for instance, that it had absorbed a stellar companion sometime before it was first charted in 1970 (since it would have had to have happened long enough before for all traces of the collision to have disappeared; in which case, why did it wait until 1987 to explode?), or that it wasn't actually a blue supergiant at all, but a yellow supergiant (by temperature, that is) with an elemental set so skewed that it only *appeared* blue (which would make it the only star known where its color is determined by anything other than its temperature). Thirty years on, there's still no one explanation that's accepted as standard.

    The same goes for the neutron star that's AWOL. One explanation is that a neutron star *did* form, but that it's hidden behind a veil of very thick, very cold cust; though how a supernova would form *that* is a mystery itself. You get the idea.

    I've probably been hardcore geeky enough for one comment, so I'll post the wild conjecture seperately. As always, CLK, keep up the stellar work (in all senses)!

    1. Oh hell no, Khadir. Keep it coming. I'm all about this thing at the moment.

      And everything you're saying here does nothing but persuade me that this object is not natural. Which seems blatantly obvious by its appearance, but hey....

    2. Very articulate and well explained. Nice writing.

    3. Also appreciated here, khadir. At the very top of this item someone alluded to the "electric universe" theory of cosmic electro-magnetic (maybe gravity also?) circuitry and it may be relevant to our actual deux ex machina.

      Stars are known for their emissions across the electro-magnetic spectrum which implies a basic element of "electricness" that many seem to dismiss. This despite how the concept of electro-magnetic connectdness becomes rather unavoidable when energy reaches certain scales.

      A secret sun could be dark for the very simple reason it is not electrically active (charged) now, yet may be soon. There are already simple science magic shows where you can wave a light bulb connected to nothing through a magnetic field and have it light up. How hard a trick would that be for the universe?

    4. Now for the wild-eyed conjecture: several years ago, I was reading Robert Zubrin's brilliant "Entering Space", a meticulously detailed treatise on what the Race can *realistically* hope to achieve in space colonization, using only present-day or very-near-future tech (things that we know how to engineer, but haven't yet field-tested; no warp-drives, wormholes, AI, or cryogenic hybernation need apply!), when, near the end of the book, he launches into a discussion of how we could greatly increase the number of stellar systems suitable for colonization by the simple trick of using large mirrors in stellar orbit to increase the luminosity of (and thereby the habitable zone around) red dwarf stars. The engineering is beautiful in its simplicity: you orbit a number of large, thin mirrors around a red dwarf, to reflect the star's radiation back into its core; this ups the star's core temperature, and therefore the rate at which fusion takes place: and even a modest increase in core temperature should result in a *very* much brighter star. The tradeoff is that the lifetime of your former red dwarf falls from trillions of years to only a few million; and you'd need to monitor your mirrors closely, to avoid a runaway reaction that would burn your star out in short order.

      And it dawned on me that Zubrin had perfectly explained SN1987A. Maybe it's because I grew up in Appalachia, but 1987A looks to my eyes like stellar strip-mining.

      Consider a Kardashev-2 civilization. It would have more energy than it could possibly use, but raw materials could well be in short supply (since the majority of every stellar system is going to be elemental hydrogen and helium that are great for fuel, but useless for building). The solution? Well, if you're lucky enough to be situated near a blue supergiant, you use Zubrin's mirror trick to heat its core til it explodes. The resulting induced-supernova (pseudonova?) would produce a tremendous amount of the heavy elements you need; even better, since it would never have experienced gravitational core collapse, none of those heavy elements would be wasted in producing a neutron star (and you wouldn't have to worry about pulsar radiation interfering with your resource extraction).

      Again, this is all sheerest conjecture on my part. But if I were, say, overseeing a SETI program, the neighborhood around 1987A would be the very first place I would look.

      Thanks for giving me space to expound my Pet Theory. I hope it was at least entertaining (if not exactly enlightening)!

    5. Neat theory for the supernova, but surely a Kardashev-2 civilization would have no trouble fusing hydrogen themselves into other elements at more moderate scales? It looks to me like exploding a star could easily have unwanted consequences. When we are looking for radioactive elements ourselves, we generally don't explode atomic bombs as the best method of getting them, because that's a little overkill. Same thing applies to exploding supernovas just for the elements.

      Which doesn't mean that a Kardashev-2 civilization may not have other perfectly valid reasons to want to explode a supernova. Maybe they just wanted to disinfect an area of the galaxy from all life, for some reason.

      Actually, I can think of more reasons why advanced aliens might want to stop supernovas than reasons for creating them. And maybe that's what happened. Supernova prevention maintenance failed. That star was never really blue, it just looked like it because of the supernova prevention thingy.

    6. @Maria Rigel: these are all excellent points you raise. I'll do my best to answer without succumbing to the temptation to write a treatise myself (astrophysics was an early love of mine)...

      It would probably be difficult for even a K2 civilization to synthesize much in the way of heavier elements from hydrogen; It's not so much a problem of having the necessary energy as of focusing the energy precisely and confining the reaction to a tight enough volume to force the nuclei to fuse. We've been trying for decades to do it using electromagnetic fields to focus the reaction, and the best we've been able to do is create a little helium in reactors that briefly produce as much power as is put into them; many physicists argue that we're going down a blind alley, and that it will never be possible to fuse ordinary hydrogen en masse unless the reaction is confined by an extreme gravitational field like you find in a star. There's a certain form of helium (Helium3) that should be much easier to fuse using electromagnetic fields (It's unfortunately very rare on Earth, but much more plentiful on the Moon and in the outer solar system). But, again unfortunately, fusion gets exponentially harder as the elements to be fused get heavier: past helium (or maybe lithium), and you've more or less got to recreate the conditions at the heart of a star to get fusion.

      Supernovae have got a bad rap recently; and a lot of the popular science writing on the subject tends towards the sensationalistic, even in reputable publications: usually by putting together a string of improbable worst-case scenarios that would result in catastrophe. In truth, supernovae are not only not nearly as dangerous as they're commonly made out to be, they're a vital part of the very foundation of Life in the universe. Seriously. People speak of Mother Earth. It would be just as accurate to speak of our Mothers Supernovae.

      Supernovae are the main source of every element from nitrogen up to lead; and they're the *only* source of every element from lead on up. We're *made* of supernovae. Not only that, but, in compressing the interstellar medium (the thin gas and dust between the stars), supernovae set in motion the formation of new stars and new solar systems. Our solar system was formed as a result of one such supernova explosion.

      In truth, if you were on a planet within a few parsecs of a K2-induced supernova, the effects would most likely be far from apocalyptic. True, you would very likely get climate change to some degree; but not all climate change is for the worse; and how abrupt and how great the change would be are very much open questions. If your biosphere is ultraviolet-averse, like ours, you might see mass extinctions of the most sensitive species: but it's important to remember that such events are followed by explosions of speciesation, as new lifeforms evolve to fill in the empty biological niches. If your biosphere is UV-neutral you might not notice much change at all. And if your biosphere utilises UV, a nearby supernova might look like a gift from Heaven.

      Two caveats: first, I'm certainly no astrophysicist! I'd intended to pursue it as a career, but didn't (as the result of a really boring story); so I'm just a layman that's studied this in his off hours. Take the things I write with as much salt as necessary.

      Second caveat (which I'm pretty sure no one at all needs!): even if I'm spot-on accurate and all my facts line up, it's still wild-eyed conjecture, and I honestly ain't presenting it as anything but that. It would explain why SN1987A looks engineered, and why it was so different from what standard theory would predict, and would give some hint as to how and why a K2 civilization would induce a supernova; but it's still just the musings of a guy sitting on his front porch, pondering on a vastly advanced Race strip-mining the stars.

      Thanks again, Maria, for the insightful comments. And thanks again, CLK, for giving space for the discussion.

  28. Been looking at some Disney stuff lately. Magic. Kingdoms. (Having been raised on the stuff.) You understand.

    Disneyland's first pressed penny souvenir machine was brought to the park in June of 1987. (SN1978A discovered in February.) It's Mickey Mouse in an oblong starburst looking quite familiar!

    Far less significant a sync, in my mind, is having learned that Disneyland featured live mermaids (with lyres) from 1965 to 1967.

    My jaw dropped for the pressed penny machine

  29. p.s. - apparently's new tagline is "the magic of the internet"

    at least they're honest.

  30. Speaking of anti-matter ripping stuff asunder, European papers are awash this week with stories of the 1908 Tunguz (Tunguska) explosion in Siberia. TV crews and researchers seem to be flocking there from all over the world. Most omit to mention that the explosion may have been the work of Mr Nikola Tesla.

    On an unrelated note, I bought a Dmitri Hvorostovsky CD and learned that he died, at 50+, "in London on November 22, 2017". I shall take that info with a grain of salt.

    And lastly, our vegan pals smashed up a charcuterie shop in Paris. Which sported an Artisan Something sticker on the window. We meat-eaters need to be ready to face violence, apparently.

    All in all, a week like any other.

  31. Really interesting stuff here.

    About midway through June I had a dream about a supernova that filled a large section of the sky with red (ruddy?) nebulous dust from like a five-petal mass. The brightness receded until the sky cleared and the progenitor star became normal like the others, then came back again.
    After this I looked outside and two physical aliens had appeared, looking for people.

    I'm only mentioning this because your posts synced up with it.

    It may not be a supernova in the sense of star annihilation (yet?), but when I think of supernovae I tend to think of Eta Carinae and others like it, with gas and dust eruptions.




    Legion's kiss/body swap scene. Looks similar to the subject in question.

  33. Oh, plus Orange.

  34. Requisite Star magic, reel to reel, and Ocean Mythologies @ 6:20.

  35. Chris, You’re not in a coma. You are on the rack of the Spanish Inquisition because of Pearly Dew Drop Drops. Did you have to spring that fucking rooster eye thing up from the bottom of the computer!? I shrieked, shot under the bed and lay there in a fetal position hyperventilating and praying to Jesus after I saw it. I thought it was the anus of Satan. ...but no, I looked again and saw it was the birth canal of Venus. Your two photos with the orb have three people involved in each one. The first – two men on each side (the pillars) and the man in the middle is a representative of the female because he’s wearing a dress. The second photo has the two pillar men again. They have their hands upon the pregnant belly of the the smiling Red Woman. They are adding warmth to her Cosmic Egg to help it crack open. Next the wedding of the Red Man (Hal) to his White Bride. Yes , she is wearing the whale’s tail train but look again. There, once more, are the two pillars holding aloft the veil to form the big V of Venus. She’s below the centre of the green arch which represents the Garden of Love. Meghan Markle. Take the M of Markle, Turn it upside down on the M of Meghan and you have the diamond of Venus between two pillars. The pearly necklace looks like the halo of the Blessed Virgin. I am trying now to find your PDD lyrics. All the best, Chris.

  36. is equivalent to: glowball / globaAl

  37. Speaking of orange angels, at least some of you may (or may not) enjoy this particular orange angel's mildly NSFW site!

    It would seem she is part of some sort of working timed with various events in a certain notorious middle eastern country. Along with the dates and the heavy orange her logo at the top is interesting as well, what with it being an Iron Cross on/in what looks like a cleric's mitre. And of course no one can miss the sireny/mermaid-like emerging from the sea pic.

    Hey, at least she's a nicer "activist" to view than the FeMen crazies.

  38. I understand, you´re into comics, non? This might pique your interest:

  39. The first time I saw this orb was in the Greek Olympics of 2004. There was a pregnant woman with a glowing belly walking into a lake. Do these orbs appearing now mean that some kind of alien “eggs” are ready to hatch and take over us. Weird stuff indeed.

  40. Chris,

    Because I tend to get Cocteau confused with Cousteau, I thought: “What the Hale-Bopp! I might as well post about the two Jacques Cousteau grandchildren (not twins) who are going to investigate the Shag Harbor Nova Scotia UFO incident of 1967.”