Sunday, June 17, 2018

Secret Sun Scrabble: Nephilim and I Can't Get Up

Go eff yourself, Science

As usual it's been a week filled with syncs, signs and signals.  So much so that it's time to drag out the card table, serve up the artisanal cheese puffs and strawberry-wheat microbrews and play a few rounds of Secret Sun Scrabble.

And why not? Everyone else out there seems to be.

Ah yes, I believe that's good for the All-Important 44 points. Well done, Sunners.

What's the occasion? Well, our old pal Elizardbeast Battenberg-Saxe-Gotha and her new BFF, the Duchess of Dew-Drops, had a girls-only outing the other day. They hopped aboard a train (I believe it was the Entrainment Express) and went gallivanting around their green and pleasant dominion together. 

Lizzie Batten even gave her gal-pal a nice set of pearly earrings to show off for the cameras. I'm not exactly sure what kind of hex she put on them but I'm sure it was a doozy.

But this was shortly after Sotheby's announced they'd auctioning off the pearly dew-drops of the last Queen of France, who had to surrender them seeing as she had a brunch date with Madame Guillotine.

Hmm, this on top of the blessed chymical nuptials falling on the anniversary of Anne Boleyn's unfortunate haircut and the arrest of Mary, Queen of Scots, who suffered a similar fate to her English and French counterparts.

Sensing a pattern here?

Kazakhstan, Princess Pearly. I hear it's lovely this time of year.

One of the whistle stops on the Royal Scam Special was Chester, where the Queen Bee and her protege took in a performance by the Fallen Angel Dance Theatre, a troupe made up of England's large and growing army of recovering addicts. 


Hey, the opium war worked in Hong Kong, right? That's what the ruling class likes to call "proof of concept."

And tickle me with a feather if the vocal ululations in the soundtrack to this little performance doesn't sound distinctly Fraserfarian. Surely a coincidence.

Has to be because we know the Royal Family have no interest in symbolism and ritual or anything, right? I mean, it has nothing to do with the hypothetical...

Which reminds me;all you gamers out there, mark your calendars: Monday sees the debut of The Lost Child, which I believe is available for the new Nintendo Nephilim 666. Aren't familiar with this franchise? 

Here, read this:
El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron director and character designer Sawaki Takeyasu helmed the project. NIS America describes the game's story, which is connected to El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron: Occult journalist Hayato Ibuki encounters a strange girl during his investigations into a series of mysterious suicides in Tokyo. 
She implores that Hayato must live, before bestowing upon him a mystical device that allows him to capture celestial and arcane creatures.
Then check this trailer out:

Sounds like a hoot and a howl. I'm still rocking my old PlayStation but I think I'll upgrade to the new Nephilim666 so I can properly entrain myself with Vega worship.

But you know the old saying, it's not really a Nephilim invasion without an army of transgenic kill-chimeras, so let's play the next round...

And boy, do we have a shocker for you! 

It's a prototype for the be-CRISPR'd floor model for Humanity 2.0, brought to you by none other than the BBC, AKA the House that Jimmy Savile Built.

The perfect human body has elements you've been entrained to expect- an androgynous, vaguely-female frame with no apparent reproductive organs or breast tissue, and a whole host of the latest and greatest CRISPR upgrades like ostrich legs, cat ears, octopus eyes and marsupial pouch. 

I don't think the pouch will be part of the final production model since Human 2.0 (which will sold under the brand name NuHu®) will be grown in birth-bags a la Altered Carbon. 

I actually think the baby head is kind of like a hood ornament for the Nu-Hu®.

Wait; I think I read on Buzzfeed that the pouch is actually a fanny snack-pack. 

You do realize the NuHu® will be cannibalistic, right? Like their designers? Case in point...

Those Vice hacks are so clever- "Our DNA might be the most valuable thing," indeed! Hilarious double entendre there, Vicers! You may end up losing countless millions for your investors but you've done more than your fair share of entrainment and brainwashing. 

In a related story, SETI actually picked up a recent transmission from the planet Nephilium-9, located in the Belt of Orion. Here it is, hot off the wires:




If you get this you're old. Stop.

Not sure if CRISPR-CAS9 pioneer Jennifer Doudna (pronounced dude-na) was consulted on the NuHu® but she's got other plans, apparently. Hey, why not revive extinct species and create new ones? 

Better yet, why not create entirely new hellbeasts out of the recovered DNA of ancient predators and giant alien demons? There are too many people on the planet anyway, right?

Oh, but wait; here's a real shocker for you...

Wow, cutting and pasting genes willy-nilly can cause cancer? Now I've heard everything.

That's gotta be another one of those data-errors. A few well-placed "undiagnosed heart defects" or "horrific automobile accidents" will clear up that misunderstanding in a jiffy. I mean how else will we create those...

Like this unfortunate fellow. They're saying it has a pigeon head but looks more like a seal head to me. But what do I know? Don't go looking for the video of this thing now. It's really upsetting.

And then there's this CRISPR critter. Someone told me they're calling it Kek (or Pokedomna-Kenma-Kek) but I think they've actually named it "Jeremiah." 

After the apocalyptic prophet, not the Three Dog Night song.

It's a-rrrr-aining octopus, hallelujah, it's raining octopus, amen

And China makes the makes the news with this charming little account of a rain of sea creatures, ostensibly caused by a big storm at sea. Ostensibly...

Let us not talk falsely now: you and I know it's really just another sign of...

Define "perfectly symmetrical."

Yes, the death of language is one of the hallmarks of any halfway-decent Apocalypse.

And what's the Apocalypse without Belarion Armillus Al Dajjal, the Antichrist Superstar?

Not much of an Apocalypse at all, Sir Ridley.

But is it my imagination or does this publicity shot remind you of an old Harry Hamlin movie poster? Something with Sheriff Truman and one of Charlie's Angels or that girl from The Partridge Family?  Or am I thinking of LA Law? Damn, it's on the tip of my tongue.

Speaking of TV Land, remember that the Prophet Friedmaniah predicted that in the future everyone would look like Ernest Borgnine. OK, admittedly he lifted that prophecy from St. John, the Cooper of Clarke. But it makes no nevermind anyway. Why?

Because in the future, everyone will look like Gwyneth Paltrow. 

Well, except for the NuHu's®. 

You know it, I know it. And the rich Paltrovians all hope to be living in orbit as the Fallen Angels and their battalions of NuHu's pick their teeth with the bones the last of the human resistance.

No, I mean a real Resistance. 

Of course, the rich will all look like Gwyneth Paltrow (or variously, Solange Knowles) because they'll be trying to emulate their Nephilim role-models.

Oh wait; are you trying to tell me that you actually didn't realize that...

Or maybe it's just the Archangels. Wait, I'll be right back....

No, actually I'm pretty sure it's the whole lot.

I'm sorry, I don't mean to burst anyone's bubble but the evidence is in; from the earliest Byzantine depictions right through the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, the Angels are all transgender. Or drag queens at least. 

Sure, there are a few later depictions that try to kind of Barry Smith them up a bit but those are the outliers.

Hey, quit being such a friggin' transphobe, Ted Nugent.  You're looking at the future. 

If you don't believe me, check it out for yourself. I don't think I'd have noticed it myself if not for my hundred-thousandth viewing of Our Blessed Lady's startlingly-prophetic canticle to the Ruby Star Dorado. 

Compare Michael's dragon-killin' duds with Katy Peristalsis's number from the Met Kalu. Or maybe it's a CRISPR hybrid of that and Cardi B's pearly number.

Speaking of the twelfth chapter of the Revelation to St. John, here's one hell of sync for you, quite literally:

Ugh, horrible. Poor soul. I hate the Apocalypse already, and it's just warming up.

However, I'd be delinquent if I didn't mention "Die Hand Die Verletz," which featured a similar event. Bonus sync: "Mrs. Paddock."

But the symbols don't stop there- this unfortunate woman was checking on her corn, and all you astro-buffs out there know what that means....

...the Virgin, the Beauty to the Beast, the Cocteau Twin. 

And no, that's not the Archangel Gabriel, or Saint Faith. They came around much later.

Bible buffs will recognize the parallels here to Rev. 12:4, in which the Dragon (apparently a catch-all for all the snakey-type constellations) tries to eat the Woman's baby as it's born.

 Hmm, maybe the Dragon is actually a NuHu®.


Just so we're clear, this is the Revelation 12 star-map, a trip just north of the ecliptic from Virgo (Rev 12:1-2) to Serpens (Rev. 12: 3-5) to Ophiucus (Rev. 12: 7-12, with a considerably butched-up Michael) to Aquila (Rev. 12: 14) to Aquarius (Rev. 12: 15-16). 

What does it all mean? I haven't a clue.

But the real question remains: were the Sabs big Kirby fans? Before you answer remember that there're also the tunes about Iron Man and Mister Miracle. Cheers to Ned for the reminder.

Not pictured: actual crowds

Seriously. Can we get onto the next phase of our entrainment? It's getting so I'm losing my taste for tuna.  But there was the big Mermaid Parade in Brooklyn and all the rest of it and for f**ks sake, enough all-f**king-ready. F**k me sideways.

But we need to be re-paganized whether we like it or not so the show must go on. 

The future is Mermale

I can't wait for when things really start cooking and spirit-filled Mermales go full Galloi and saw off their own junk with a broken Orangina bottle in a Mer-frenzy of Mer-adoration and hurl the offending bloody appendages at horrified diners in the nearest Gray's Papaya or Ray's Original Pizza.

I don't know, I thought these were funny. Stop being such a killjoy, Triggly.

Though I'd advise aspiring Mermaids and Mermales that the Sibyl--aka the Kwi-Scots Haderach-- refused to invoke the "Song to the Siren" for 13 years, believing that the song brought darkness and ill-fortune into her precious, porcelain-skinned life.

In that light, do note that the Oracle shopping mall in Reading, England was evacuated to deal with a suspicious package. 

Did such a package exist or was it all an elaborate Crown ritual meant to call our attention to the fact that the House of Clan Fraser produced the Oracle of the Apocalypse? 

You already know my answer.

Speaking of the Kwi-Scots Haderach, elections for the new Mother Superior of the Orthodox Fraserfarian Bene Gesserit are coming up fast and furious. And it seems Sister Shirley Manson of Garbage and Sarah Connor Chronicles fame is throwing her cybernetic swordhand in the ring.

Showing her Traditionalist colors, Manson gave a very 1986-vintage statement of faith in a recent interview with The Quietus:
When I heard Elizabeth Fraser for the first time, first of all I was so excited that they were based in Scotland and hearing her sing felt like I was in touch with alien life... 
I felt like every time I listened – and I still have the same reaction – when I listen to these records I feel like I'm literally being transported in angel wings... 

 ...I always think it's like music from the Gods. It's not of this world
I don't know about you but Manson sure gets my vote. For Mother Superior and for honorable mention in the Secret Sun Scrabble Sweepstakes. The only question that remains is....


  1. Hi Chris, don’t forget the Saxe-Coburg heir visiting Lyre-land this week gone. And that the English Leo is having an hysterical fit over the EU’s insistence that they can’t just ignore the Harp’s determination that there will be no border. Question for you: all this mass media internet deep water exploration is interesting and all, but I’d be curious to read a post from you about the apocalypse and its manifestations in your life during a month when you just kept the PC, TV and radio entirely switched off? As a European who annually summers in upstate New York, I know how batshit crazy American media is, and how batshit it makes people go. So would you consider trialing a non-digital recon for a month and put your detective skills to use this way?

    1. Excellent idea. For those of us who don't consume popular culture all of these media references and clips have little meaning. Obviously they are in the hands of those perpetuating this work or idea which is all very rooted in the western white world. It's like reading their diary of "accomplishments" and hokey symbology. Yeah, hokey - really tired of the perception that these fuckers deserve any reverence or fear from us.

      Also is this a world-wide phenomena? Australia doesn't count as it is a commonwealth nation. Anyone know if Asian cultures are working the same themes? What about Island nations? What about Russian culture? Is the Mermaid thing popular in land-locked US states or only on the coasts?

      Also it's interesting to see all the freaky nature stuff - a little like "Ripley's Believe It or Not" in color. Everyone has a camera now so what used to be a unverified story now has photographic proof.

    2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    3. Oh, yeah, there's definitely a world-wide ritual going on. If you haven't caught on to all the ritual surrounding Korea, and especially North Korea, you haven't been paying attention.

      There's also stuff going on in Russia, but the echoes you get over here are from movies like Red Sparrow, that obviously have their own American agenda superimposed on it, so unless you know some, you know, actual Russians, it may be hard for you to figure that one out.

      Mermaids are only one aspect of it, and obviously works best on places with some cultural mermaid context. Different symbols can be used to represent the same things, but I don't really know what else can take the place of mermaids.

    4. Actually, just thinking about Chris doing that experiment makes me so totally jealous! You guys have no idea how incredibly lucky you are you still cán find remote places...and aren't prevented by evil people from going there. Oh, how I'd love to do that!

      And I would never come back.
      You can come to mé!

    5. Where I am at, after a week of avoiding the "news", here's what is the big story today:

      The Foo Fighters at Pinkpop. Pinkpop is a music festival ('pink' from pinksteren, pentacost, and 'pop' is also a doll).
      "The falling star seemed like a part of the show!", reported RTL Nieuws. And hey, there was another "iconic moment"! Also with the foo fighters whomever they might be. Wowzers. I am so fucking impressed. Not. More like, disgusted.
      So that was that. Seen enough for years to come already.

      in english

      in dutch


    6. Aha. Dave Grohl. The Pretender.

      ...Spinning infinity, boy
      The wheel is spinning me
      It's never-ending, never-ending
      Same old story...

      And he is NOT the Pretender. No, YOU are. Typical.

      Like, TINAG. This Is Not A Game.

      ArsE est celare artem.

    7. LOL.
      Those "Anonymous' comments are probably coming from the guys at the NSA trying to get Chris to go off line for a month because he is getting too close to the "real" world that we are all living in.
      Nice try...but if not the NSA then why are you guys who "don't consume popular culture" interested in reading 'The Secret Sun' anyway?
      Go and stick your head back in the sand if you don't like what Chris is writing I say.
      You guys know where the off switch is on your computer...or so you use it and get off your soapbox then.

    8. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


      just sayin'

    10. End of story -I hear Pinkpop ended in "one death (who especially loved Pearl Jam) and some critically wounded", something involving a white van, the driver "is in custody, in isolation".
      There's no escaping the news when everybody talks about it.

    11. "Did the butterfly guide you to say that?

      Oh you crack me up "Anonymous", you should be writing for SNL
      But here is an article that seems to be about you that you might like to read...or even troll if there is a comment section -

      Two kinds of TROLLS

      "She said one kind is trolls — or "cyber haters" as she prefers to call them, in order to avoid minimising their behaviour as a harmless prank.
      On the other hand, she said, there are plenty of people who may seem like trolls, but are in fact expressing genuinely held beliefs.
      What they have in common is that both thrive in an online setting.
      "You're de-individualised when it's not face to face," Dr March said.
      "It makes sense, if we have a guise of anonymity we might be able to act out the thing we wouldn't do face-to-face.
      Dr March believes some people with the psychological profile of a troll can be diverted from that behaviour if they receive empathy training at an early age."

      Probably too late in your case "Anonymous", but then again maybe you have had some training from the NSA in what to say?
      Don't let your mask slip and give up who you really are jerk.

    12. oh here's the footnote

    13. Uh huh. I am a woman (you don't know). Intelligent, yes. Intelligence, never. Totally self-taught.

      And I tend to call 'em like I see 'em.

    14. Coincidentally I was going to ask if Chris follows other culture's syncs. There is this huge Mexican singer called Luis Miguel that right now is having a huge rebirth his old songs are popular again and he is having a record breaking tour after years of absence, lawsuits and sickness. A huge part of this is TV series based on his life that is revealing his very dark secrets involving the abuse he was victim off at the hands of his father/manager Spanish singer Luisito Rey (King). His nickname is The Sun of Mexico. I just found the sync interesting.


    15. It sounds very interesting, VMC. Any more info you have on the situation would be appreciated.

  2. The Shin Megami Tensei series is somewhat older than the PlayStation and is a little more artful than what this Lost Child game is selling. A little too on the nose maybe. The talk of the town after this years E3 expo is the latest trailer for Death Stranding. Don't worry about not understanding "gamer culture" trying to understand it. Not even most of the people working on it claim to know what it's really about.

    1. "Not even most of the people working on it claim to know what it's really about." That's the epitaph of our present techno-dystopia, quite literally.

  3. "...this is the Revelation 12 star-map... What does it all mean? I haven't a clue."

    This. Is the thing to figure out here. I'd very much like to know.

    1. I don't know either, but it may really help to search this blog for Revelation 12. Chris has mentioned it many, many times.

    2. This Revelation Star Map looks like 'Angelic Script' to me.

    3. Thanks for the reply Maria. What I mean is, the thing to figure out - and apparently Chris doesn't know either (Zod?) - is what is the significant moment in time the Relevation star map/clock is pointing out to us? What is the event it calls out to the initiated?

    4. Ant, the critical event is when The Sun/secret sun, having recently crossed the neutral galactic plane (Nibiru), encounter the magnetic field of inverse polarity and as a direct or indirect consequence The Earth experiences strange weather, volcanic/tidal/tectonic agitation, wobble, poleshift (tsunami), and fimbulwinter (volcanic ash).

      Given it has happened so many times before, we have a variety of warnings, whether recorded by man or nature, e.g. Great Pyramid, red/blue Kachina, Stonehenge, The Zodiac (Aquarius), The Bible, flood myths, ‘glaciation’ cycle, Göbekli Tepe, etc.

      Rev 12 is supposedly a figurative description of a celestial/planetary configuration (& sequence thereof) that we can look for (with orreries & computers) to determine when this (yin/yang) cycle is about to end, i.e. Jupiter (the King/Christ) exits the abdomen of Virgo (virgin mother) when the three wandering magi (Mercury, Mars, Venus) visit her.

      The Great Year is 24,000 years long, but as our orbit with the secret sun is elliptical and we are just past aphelion, the rate of precession of the equinoxes is currently extrapolated to give a figure of 1 cycle per ~25,800 years, i.e. we're at the slightly pointy bit of the ellipse, with a lower angular velocity. Understandably, it cannot be admitted that precession varies due to an elliptical orbit without admitting the existence of the secret sun, therefore it is generally considered to be constant with an unknown degree of variation.

      Therefore, anything coincident with this cycle must be part of our binary solar system (~2-6,000AU across), it would be incredibly bizarre for something tens, hundreds, or thousands of light years away to share our cycle. If there is a celestial feature that manifests in our skies twice a great year, then it would have to be a system body (possibly artificial). It is possible other bodies in the solar system are transformed in some way by the magnetic field, e.g. they may experience luminescent electric storms, which may even cause arcing or plasma tendrils between planet and moons.

      Thus, if the Red Dragon is a regular celestial feature, it is not going to be 1,800 light years away ( ).

      Don’t forget there’s been talk over the last decade of sending an artificial solar reflector into space to brighten up the night sky (which keeps on being resurrected, and then fails to happen). This smacks of NASA determining there’s a high likelihood of a bright object, and needing to have a comforting explanation to hand. If a ‘Red Dragon‘ does appear, then an explanation it’s 1,800 light years away will be more comforting.

    5. Zod - Thanks for the great reply. I'll start digging.

    6. Since zod alludes (as do many others) to things NASA covers up, here there's a bit of an academic dustup over the near-earth object research.

  4. A little more about Reading.

    The name means 'The Red One'

    The shopping centre was named after the Oracle Workhouse:

    It is the UK Headquarters of Oracle Corporation:

    The Thames (Tamesa/Dark Isis) Valley area is known as the Silicon Valley of Europe:

    Thames or simply 'The Isis' in Oxford:

    Reading is the main rail hub for rail travel West of London.

    Some urban legends:

    Reading University is known for its cybernetics research and was home to 'Captain Cyborg':

    Oh, and just down the road is Henley-Upon-Thames, home to Uri Geller.

    Another thought: Simpson surname is said to descend from Fraser Clan.

    1. Another thought on Reading: it used to be part of a classic question to test chatbots (primitive AIs). The question was: "Do you like Reading?" If the chatbot answered anything that sounded relevant to books and reading, then follow with: "I meant the town."

      Anybody involved in chatbots back in the good old times of the early Noughties would know that one.

      Also, the Matrix movie had an Oracle. And a theoretical component of a modified Turing machine, invented by the same Turing of the Turing test for AIs, was also an oracle.

      Finally, info on the Internet is sent in "packets". Aka packages, for most non-geeky purposes. "Suspicious packets" is what I would expect a hacker to send.

    2. Albion is the Motherland of Postmodern Sorcery. It's like the Silicon Valley of necromancy, only it has a lot more backstory.

  5. now doing it with our mother is "kinky"? Ugggg i wonder how they will present Jack Parsons life =s

    An the guy from the Coney Island MerParaid reminded me of the Movie "Little Nicky" (about the son of the devil)

  6. All this was foretold in the Book of the Subgenius

    1. The Subgenius...must have slack!!

    2. Slack, meaning a rope. Grimly appropriate in these times, no?

  7. "Kwi-Scots Haderach"

    Real tears!

    Today's personal synch: My new fave lipstick is "Lovecraft" by Kat von D.

  8. Bonjour.
    Have you noticed the "orange Aquarius", sailing from libya to Spain ?

  9. 2022 will see the collision of 2 stars in the constellation Cygnus. It's being called a 'Red Nova'...

    1. Could be a red herring. Could be the Red Dragon. Could be deliberately contrived to delude those looking for the latter. Could be contrived as a more comforting explanation for something else.

      I think it's more important to know that there's been a reddish second sun in the sky for most of the last half a great year. A sun that is now a bluish shade of white - a secret sun.

    2. Zod - Where do I look to see it?

    3. Ant, do you mean the Red Nova (in the constellation Cygnus) or the secret sun?

      For the latter you must do the research yourself. But, it should be obvious to any astrophysicist that the secret sun will be coplanar with the planets, which thus gives you a big clue as to where it can be seen.

    4. The latter (sun).

    5. Twins. Supernova. Like the Pearly Dew-Drops.

      Think on it. At great length.

  10. House of Fraser in UK proposes a CVA (similar to liquidation) which they hope will be approved on 22nd June. Interesting just after solstice. “One of the UK's best know department stores, House of Fraser, has confirmed that if the Company Voluntary Arrangement is approved on the 22nd of June it will result in the closure of 31 of its stores which means approximately 6000 job cuts.”

    1. The Retail Apocalypse, rollin'-rollin'-rollin' down the road to Megiddo.

  11. I started to come over here and comment the other day when i read about the octopus (octopi?) raining from the sky but I just as immediately thought Chris will be on top of this already! Nice to see I was at least right about that!

    1. I think that was one of the plagues of Egypt. But a later editor thought it was too outlandish and changed it to locusts. Good to see you, Dev.

  12. In the days since that octopus image began following me around the web, I gradually became aware that it summoned a particular feeling; it evoked a veiled set of memories.

    Got it - the doomed innocents on 9/11 who leapt from the WTC towers.

    1. 'The Falling Man', (wiki:)

      '...the Falling Man's shirt or white jacket was blown open and up, revealing an orange t-shirt...'

  13. That "perfect body" sculpture reminds me of something out Patricia Piccinini's art exhibition that I took pictures of a few weeks back and wrote up in this post -

    1. A must-read.

      Yeah, there are no coincidences. Not anymore.

  14. As disturbing as the nuhu pix are, WARNING, these crude body modder pix may be worse:

    As for the "money in our DNA" it occurs to me that we are moving from the vampiric capitalist feast on our labour and energy to them literally feasting on our bodies. Already there is rumored to be a dirty underground in human organ trade. And if people start shedding limbs left and right to become nuhu or merbeast, there will be plenty of spare parts and DNA to go around. Imagine Big Pharma no longer having to send bio-prospectors to South America to look at plants and instead now able to stay home in the comfy US and bio-mine DNA from body discards.

    As for Shirly Manson, she reminds me of one of my favorite closing XF scenes when the woman driving away with the demon baby she'd sought so badly, with I'm Only Happy When It Rains playing in the car.

    Well, that and her connection to Vig, who I still think may be sketchy.

    1. As people wise up to the opioid and related scams, Big Pharma creates a new identity of drug-addicts.

      That's literally what all this post-human is about. Up and down the line.

  15. As far as decoding the Revelations star map, this seems like exactly the type of thing David W. Mathison was placed here for. I'd love to see a collaboration, or at least a co-podcast appearance w/ Chris.

    1. Cheers for the linkery. Anything in particular catch your eye?

    2. Mathison is good stuff.

  16. Did you see this, Chris? Matt Cameron was wearing a t-shirt with Chris Cornell's head as the Starbucks mermaid.



    1. The Soundgarden and PEARL Jam drummer no less;-)


      'Chris Cornell’s 13-year-old daughter has unveiled a duet with her late father, a year after his death.', 'Toni Cornell posted the recording of Nothing Compares 2 U on social media on Father’s Day, saying she missed the Soundgarden frontman’s love every day.'

      'Since you've been gone I can do whatever I want... I'm like a bird without a song, Nothing can stop this lonely rain from falling... '

      excerpt from a comment:

      'Mr. Cornell helped me when I Fell on Black Days. And allowed me to embrace the Black hole Sun'

      Prince 'Controversy':

      'Am I black or white? Am I straight or gay?... Do I believe in God? Do I believe in me?... I can't understand human curiosity... Some people wanna die so they can be free... Life is just a game, we're all just the same... do you wanna play?'

      (The tune also includes a recitation of 'The Lord's Prayer' which includes the line: 'Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven').

    3. Oh man. I'll get to all this soon. Unreal.

      Despite what folks might think, I don't go out on limbs unless I'm fully confident my parachute will open.

  17. Glad I managed to contribute a little to this post... :)
    Your Crispr scrabble image is missing its pee.

  18. "En dan kan het beginnen. Met een uitgekiend regime van biochemische signaalstoffen worden de cellen stap voor stap gehersenspoeld. Genetische programma’s die de cel heeft aanstaan worden uitgezet, inwendige signalen die de cel vertellen dat hij een niercel is worden gewist. Zo wordt uw cel weer een ‘stamcel’. Een min of meer onbeschreven basiscel, waarmee je alle kanten op kunt.

    Waarna de laboranten zo’n blanco cel heropvoeden en hem met weer andere biochemische stoffen influisteren wat hij dan wél is. Je bent een eicel. Je bent een zaadcel. Of wacht, waarom niet, je bent onderdeel van een embryo, weefsel dat wil uitgroeien tot levend wezen. Slaafs volgen de gehersenspoelde cellen de bevelen die per pipet over ze worden uitgedruppeld."

    In Dutch, but that shouldn't be a problem for all the spirit-filled folks here.

    And a picture says more than a rain of octopi

    1. Yes, there's been a plan in the works for a very, very, very, very, very long time.

      Putting the rib back.


  19. Oft-stated:

    the royal family 'serve a purely ceremonial role', the supposed innocuity emphasising Its actual injuriousness.

    they're also 'worth every penny', 'the purely ceremonial is worth every penny'?

    when 'the penny drops' It will be pearlescent.

    1. This calls for a mind in communion with Sophia: The Penny binds the Pearly to our souls.

      Quite literally.

  20. Good grief that thing is bloody awful.The pouch may be good for a fetishism, but we have arms. Plus the added nightmare of cleaning. The penny dropping will be adjusted for inflation worry not Citizen, the pearly drops of apocalypse and then from our godly genitals (transinhumanly upgraded of course) will only occasionally sprinkle up on thee. They loathsome plebian brows shall not be creased with worrisome, forgetful knowledge. We shall endure the pain of the full unveiling of secrets, the better to lead you and provide comfort.

    Now get back to work, you stupid asses, we have some orgies and the blood of children to attend to.

    1. Wonderful, Brycepudding- you're getting the picture now. Well done, sir. I'm chuffed.

  21. I was searching for any isolated vocal tracks of Our Lady. So far I found this:


    1. From Rilkean Dreams, AKA the Sizzle Reel of Death Omens. Plus, rune magic.

  22. Here is another Liz acapella:

  23. Your way of managing the comments fits the label. Manipulative, exploitative, dishonest...
    And for what?
    Is it really worth it?
    One thing's for certain: this way you will never be satisfied.

    1. please explain what you mean? managing the comments?

    2. UN/WorldGov ProTroll. Just ignore him.

    3. Anon 927,

      I guess he just can't help it.
      What I write causes him to have black-outs regularly.

  24. Hermaphrodite beetle in the news:

  25. CLK, true thanks for all your research, but especially that concerning the feminine depiction of angels in religious art: because its cleared up two minor mysteries I've pondered on for some time....First: the Prophet strongly forbade the early Ummah to name their daughters after angels. This of course brings up the questions of why people were naming their little girls after the malakim, and why the prophet was so against it. (Some have proposed that it was due to the goddess worship prevalent in pagan Arabia, but that really makes no sense; after all, more gods than goddesses were worshipped there, and there was no corresponding prohibition on boy's names; plus, we're talking about the angels recognized by Islam, not Alat or Uzzah or Manat). Turns out that Muhammad wasn't the only person in Arabia being visited by angels (or djinn, depending on who's telling the story). In the same way that Jesus came in a time thick with Messiahs, Muhammad came when Arabia was already well-strewn with prophets; apparently, ordinary people who had glimpsed these prophets' angels/djinn manifesting in human form had assumed the angels were female, and had got into the custom of naming their daughters in honor of these Visitors. (In a couple of instances when Jibra'il came in human form to Muhammad, those who saw it described him as a beardless young man.)

    This might also help explain the ending of the Apocryphon of John, where John lists the various forms Jesus visited him in, Post-Resurrection: "Sometimes just as he had been in life, almost completely bald and with a very long beard; and sometimes as a beautiful youth whose beard had not yet come in...." And for the first few centuries of extant Christian art, icons of a bearded Christ were matched in popularity by icons of an adolescent-looking Christ with no beard and a headful of short ringlets.

    The second mystery this explains is why the archons have spent the past thirty years desperately trying to convince all the straight women of the world that they're all really bisexual, if they'd just admit it. So the daughters of men won't get all flustered when the graceful smooth-cheeked sons of the elohim see how fair they are.

    1. Maybe those boys back in Sodom were just red-blooded Gomorrahans after all. Makes you wonder.

      This is some real nutrient-dense data, Khadir. Much appreciated.

  26. Sync pile..
    May issue of History Today

    1. For the rest of us:

  27. Lots of synchy stuff today, starting with two favorite themes: twins and women turning into men! In two unusual villages in particular. That changing into a man at puberty has gotta hurt!

    Lots of villages and large metro areas on the US eastern seaboard appear to be very unfortunate, geomagnetically speaking that is.

    And while in NY don't miss this museum full of SS faves like all-seeing-eyes everywhere along with some lizardly flavor. Though the Darwin tribute just seems off.

    Human 2.0 may be a short step to 3.0 once computer implants and interfaces take hold. Here's a great article about the rise of the machine.

    Very interesting (if true) that a human paired with an average AI could beat a super AI at chess. I smell Hollywood's next bandwagon plot (hint: use a cute kid and robot).

    And of course let's not forget Sexbot 2.0.

    1. Oh, don't I know about the eastern seaboard-solar storm business. We've taken it on the neck quite a few times as of later.

      Thanx for the linkage. Tasty.

  28. Even American Ninja Warrior pimped "The Mermaid Ninja" last week. Enough already, it's old.

    1. Oh, they don't care. It's just getting started.