Thursday, June 14, 2018

I'm Looking Through a Hole in the Sky

There's no letup in the action around Secret Sun Central. I have a huge and growing backlog of posts to finish and the symbols and syncs show no signs of slowing down. I do want to try to hammer all of this into some kind of coherent exegesis but you gotta fish while they're biting. There's always time to filet it all later.

But I thought I'd just drop in a sizzle reel of highlights amongst the crushing inventory of data that I'm trying to wrap my head around and give everyone at least a taste of where I'm going with all of this. 

So do pay attention. This will be on the test.

Before we get started be sure to check out my three-hour (well, two and a half) hour gabfest with Richard C. Hoagland on Lyra and Vega's Golden Knights and so on and so forth. Richard was so impressed he even let me get a word in edgewise now and then.

Just teasing, RCH. I could tell you were on fire with all of this and I enjoyed doing this particular show quite immensely and it's getting loads of positive feedback.


Garlands evergreen, Forget-me-not wreaths

I could die in a rosary


Winged Water, Feathered River.

Plus, Ruby star Dorade, star Dorade.

When Mama was Moth


Supervoid (dead space) in Bootes, the Shepherd

Supervoid (dead space) in Eridanus, the River

"I went immediately to the shores of the river and there was a thunderstorm and there was lightning and there was police boats dredging in the river and it was like I'd gone to the river Styx and there was a great big pyramid there and the whole thing was surreal and horrible" - Steve Berkowitz, Jeff Buckey: Everyone Here Wants You
Do you understand it now?

How about now?


The Great Seal is Lyra

The cloud of stars is the Ring Nebula, discovered in 1779

The All-Seeing Eye is the Ring Nebula. The Unfinished Pyramid is Lyra.

Vega is the Cornerstone.

The Deep State also worships Lyra and the Ring Nebula. 

Lyra is their Keystone. SES formed 200 years after discovery of Ring Nebula.


In my opinion this is not a natural formation but one possibly manufactured by a Kardashev 3 civilization. 

I'm no astronomer but as far as I can tell supernovas are not symmetrical.

The nova lies within the Large Magellanic Cloud in the Dorado constellation. It is said to exist in another galaxy but was easily seen with the naked eye. It actually exploded 170,000 years ago but took until 1987 for the light to reach the Earth.

It's said to hold more power than a hundred million of our Suns.

Since the Supernova was in the region of the "Cold Zone" it's very possible that we may be particular effected by the cosmic rays it produced.

Seems to me a few things have changed since 1987, wouldn't you say?

At the Met Gala, Cardi B's dress was spangled with settings identical to the so-called Supernova. Her escort was dressed as Elvis. 

Viva the Vegas.

Yes. Every line in the song.

You'll see.


We see this reel-to-reel tape recorder several times as a crucial--even pivotal plot point in Requiem, a Netflix series about a cult that programs a young musical prodigy to host the spirit of an archangel.

The reel-to-reel was the signifying visual motif for the Cocteau Twins up until Heaven or Las Vegas and is prominently featured in their early music videos and television appearances.

"...waiting to hold you."

Or the cosmic rays. Or the neutrinos. Or the angelic entities inside the cosmic ray neutrinos.

Does it really matter?

"And the dragon was wroth with the woman, 
and went to make war with the remnant of her seed"

The Leftovers is an HBO series produced by Damon Lindelof (Lost, Prometheus) and deals with a spin on the Rapture. It stars Justin Theroux of Mulholland Dr. and Inland Empire fame.

The third season is set in Australia. This episode "It's a Matt, Matt, Matt World" concerns a group of survivors trying to get from Tasmania (where the Siren Song ritual was first performed) to Melbourne.

Matt is played by Christopher Ecclestone, the first modern Doctor Who.

It deals with a secret sex cult that worships Frasier the Lion and their call-sign is "I'm 91 and I have a son."

91. Huh.

The episode aired 5 days before tickets went on sale for Elizabeth Fraser's (actually a Virgo) appearance at Royal Albert Hall on the First Day of Leo.

A stretch, you say?

Well, maybe yes, maybe no.

There's so much more to discuss. Such as the episode's b-plot of a drowned man. Note the Leftovers graphic combines the dominant blue and the dominant tan of the Fraser and Buckley images in its color table.

By the way, "It's a Matt, Matt, Matt World" first aired four days before Chris Cornell died at the MGM Grand in Detroit.

Speaking of Lions. And 91.


“I beheld Satan fall like lightning from heaven..."

"See, I  (CORONA BOREALIS) have given you 
(HERCULES- OPHIUCHUS) authority to tread 
on snakes (SERPENS) and scorpions (SCORPIUS), 
And over all the power of the enemy."

Beast from the Sea= Cusp of Cancer and Leo (July 23)
Leo Minor was an amorphous asterism within Leo in antiquity

"Then the angel carried me away in the Spirit (ASTRAL PROJECTION, REMOTE VIEWING) into a wilderness (DEEP SPACE). There I saw a woman (COMA BERENICES) sitting on a scarlet beast (BEAST OF THE SEA CONJUNCTION) that was covered with blasphemous names and had seven heads (SEVEN STARS OF LEO'S HEAD) and ten horns (TEN LIMBS OF CLASSICAL CANCER).  
The woman was dressed in purple and scarlet, and was glittering with gold, precious stones and pearls (STARS). She held a golden cup (CRATER) in her hand, filled with abominable things and the filth of her adulteries (HYDRA)."  

The Witnesses (CASTOR AND POLLUX) feel the Deep.
Note Cancer's ten "horns."


Let us prey.


  1. Chris,
    I tried listening to the interview with the one and only all due respect man himself, but holy shit every time you got a ball rolling he would stop the show to ask you to tape your mic cord down. Just couldn't get into the rhythm. Which is such a shame bc I think the topic of the Great Seal is one of your most studious and chronicled historical pieces you have put together in the several months that I've synced into your hexameter. The blog post you put up several months ago was historical and inspiring. The Revolutionary War hides many a secret suns as history repeats itself as the swallow sings.

    1. Sigh.

      I had fun at least.

      Thanks for the kind words anyway

    2. Well I see the Revolutionary War mentioned. And CLK mentions DW in this post. Oh jeez. Have I got a sync-article for y'all. Not very much there, but if you're able to follow the meanings, well, oh god. There is only time to build courage. Do look in to one Dr Joseph Warren, the first real American Patriot to lose his life (Battle of Bunker Hill), who would have been more important they say, some say, speculatorily, that JW would have been 'more important that George Washington. I note both were Masons, but so is Doctor Who, right? (goog that ish) - but anyways. I'll be back with more later. Most likely an actual article of syncy goodness.

    3. Has there been a Doctor Who arc set during the Revolution? I'm thinking something during the Hartnell First Doctor era...

    4. Not to my recollection. I remember Aztecs, Romans, French Revolution Stuff… But not the ‘Merican Revo (as far as my brain says.) Which seems odd, no?

    5. The American revolution is just not that interesting to most British people outside of actual historians. We have been involved in so many conflicts historically that it is hard to keep them all straight. The ones closer to home get more attention. The French revolution was much bigger deal at the time and raised more passions.

  2. Just one more thing and I'll leave the rest for Zod
    Sphinx = Leo Virgo cusp (Aug 23).
    I hear a lot of complaining from this guy and that on how the US aerial aersol campaign is blocking their precious sunsets. Well, for me located now in women have testosterone CT, yet born and raised in westchester NY, them airplane farts have been blocking my STARS!
    Tonight I finally saw some, maybe the fifth night since March, and MY GOD was Venus HUGE! I'm no astronomer either, but maybe them Sorros backed messenger stone pilots are really trying to block the cosmos rather than the sun. Probably both. Interestingly enough, the Continental North America has experienced below avg temperatures while THE REST OF THE WORLD has experienced the opposite, again, since March.

    1. women have testosterone CT? I'm not familiar with that city. Is it near Hartford?

      Soros is the real Mr. Burns.

    2. David, I've little to add beyond my comments on the original 'great seal' article.

      But, while I'm here, I could note potential evidence of increasing geomagnetic disturbance:
      as Earth is dragged across the galactic plane (into a magnetic field of opposite polarity).

      This transition or 'point of crossing' is what 'Nibiru' means (not a celestial body).

    3. Not only is Soros Mr. Burns, you can probably map Bond villians to real people as well (as you've already been known to do from time to time, at least humourously).

    4. Zod, thank you for posting that link. I've seen a lot of clouds like that in these skies lately and more besides. I don't know the exact mechanics of but something weird is going on in our skies.

    5. Zod, thanks for that take on Nibiru. Hadn't thought of that one.

    6. Yabba. There seemed to be a handful of articles about lightning and cosmic rays two or three years ago that just got recycled through the Wurlitzer. I’ve continued to note anomalous lightning, etc. since then.

      Also, I don’t remember ever seeing wicked photographic capturing of volcanic eruption and simultaneous lightning until rather recently. Doesn’t just seem to be a function of more people with wicked phone cameras as such images used to be timed exposures, now not as much.

      Anyone else concur with this?

    7. Chris, most weather patterns have been triggered by magnetic interactions - it's not just semi-chaotic behaviour determined by convection, etc. (as Wikipedia would have us believe). It's just that those magnetic interactions have been pretty mild for the last half a great year. They're now intensifying and affecting cloud formation. And as you know from Google's N gram viewer, many terms for the strange cloud formations we see these days have not been used before the 21st century.

      Magnetic north will drift (as it is pushed by the antagonistic field) until eventually the whole planet is pushed over 180, and magnetic north, then no longer pushed, resumes axial alignment.

  3. Coma Berenices, nicknamed "The Mice"

    1. Srsly? The Mice? Hmm, I shall have factor this into my computations...

    2. Likely Modest Mice.
      'coz you know
      The Stars Are Projectors (projecting our lives down to this planet earth)

    3. And… Anyone else, through the years, conflate the mouse movies The Rescuers (1977) & The Secret of The National Institute of Mental Health (1982)?

      As we’re seemingly dealing with a national spate of celebrity suicide, all I could think of when I saw Kate Spade’s husband as mouse-man was NIMH.

      Broadly speaking, what is The Secret of NIMH?

    4. Yay for Mrs Frisby. The secret? MK + hyper intelligence, strength, etc. trials Not very secret.

  4. Bootes?! Jeff Buckley drowned while wearing his boots. Now I get it! wow

  5. Is this the test for suggestibility, hypnotizibility, or depth of trance, or all three?
    Come on man!

    You've running with the wrong crowd..

    1. Could you please have someone proofread your comments before you post? Thanks in advance.

      Plus, I have no earthly clue what you're talking about.

    2. That's because you're not grounded.

      I feel for you.

    3. Grounded in what?

      This is where your cult-ideology sales pitch comes in 4,3,2,1...

    4. What is the "wrong crowd" according to you?

    5. So, "Chris", you're a tool. And "proud".
      By your own admission.

      Then how in the world can I possibly hurt you?? What's will all the protective measures, LOL?
      Ah. But I can damage, or even UNDO, your "Higher Cause", that's it, isn't it.

      On that note.............

      ---Speaking in Hiroshima on May 27, the President (Obama) says: “Artifacts tell us that violent conflict appeared with the very first man.” World War II, he adds, “grew out of the same base instinct for domination or conquest that had caused conflicts among the simplest tribes.”----

      Yeah sure. Depends what you mean by "first man" eh?
      Like, once you introduce a "higher cause" to them.... and tell them they can never leave....


      Now. Go. Use this info for your "higher cause"! Quick!

      I'm going now. I much prefer my own good company (and no, I don't mean business!), if that's the "choice". Tools are not my thing really. And you've obviously already got someone/thing to "hold you", being what you are and all that.

      Oh ps. I read some amazing research about trees, how they communicate with each other and help each other.


      (forget the stupid internet-comparison, the silly idea that trees need human intervention, and so forth)

      Just take a walk and see it for yourself!


    6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. About the symbolism of the lyre(the musical instrument), I don't know if it was already pointed in the past the fact that the lyre has a very peculiar significance for the western magical tradition. This is principally because the lyre(or the harp, depending mainly on the particular words used in the translation of ancient texts) was the main "enchanting" instrument used by the two arch-magicians of antiquity(from the western point of view): the biblical king David and the greco-roman Orpheus.

    And both the king David's psalms and the orphic hymns were texts that were used heavily in magic in the West for a very long time. For example, the pentacles in the Greater Key of Solomon contain frequently passages taken from the psalms, and the psalms also feature in the ritual procedures of several other grimoires of the solomonic type, while the orphic hymns were an important part of the astrological magic of Marsilio Ficino and other magicians of the Renaissance.

    To be honest, i didn't read all the material that was written on this blog on this subject and maybe i am just repeating what was already written a while ago. But anyway, I thing this particular subject would deserve a little memento, given the fact that the relationship between music and magic is so frequently mentioned here on the blog.

    1. Well, aside from the obvious HAARP thing there's also the fact that the harp is the direct descendant to the electric guitar. And two-handed players like Stanley Jordan and Eddie Van Halen are bringing it back to first principles in a way.

      Now hit the archives!

    2. Hey, those guys copied Steve Hackett from Genesis...

    3. Steve Hackett from Genesis, you say?

    4. Buckley was ambidextrous, if that matters.

  7. The link to the full inteview doesn't work (AccessDenied message). But here is at least the first hour:

    1. fwiw, I just checked, & I am still able to download the full 3 hrs using my podcast app (podcast addict)

  8. I think I should make a little correction to my previous statement about David and Orpheus. The two represent for the western magical tradition the two arch-magicians of the "enchanter" type(!) of the antiquity, the lyre/harp being their main magical instrument. King Solomon, on the other hand, is an arch-magician of another kind(the kind that forcefully coerces the spirits into submission using visual symbols, ritual procedures, incantations etc.).

    But the enchantment-type of magic, particularly the one that uses music as the main magical "ingredient", is the particular type of magic that is so often indicated here on the blog whenever the "siren song" is mentioned.

    1. Considering that the Jews and the Greeks ransacked ancient Mesopotamian legends and myths with wild abandon, it's a good chance David and Orpheus share a common ancestor. I'm not sure what that might be --possibly Tammuz--but there's something out there somewhere.

  9. Some other things about the psalms, the orphic hymns and the lyre.

    The psalms are tremendously important not only for the solomonic type of magic but for other types of magic too. They are heavily used in hoodoo, for example, being introduced in that tradition most likely from an older jewish sorce(mainly the Shimmush Tehillim, which inspired other books written later in western languages).

    But the most important thing that i want to point now is the fact that both the psalms and the orphic hymns were originally meant to be sung(!). This is something that Ficino understood very well and tried to use magically the orphic hymns by singing them accompanied by a lyre(whether he correctly intuited the right kind of musical tune or not, that's another problem - at least he tried to do it in the original ancient way).
    The psalms and even the orphic hymns did eventually ended being magically used in other ways too. For example, pieces and fragments of the psalms were used in the construction of magical pentacles(imagine, for a comparison, that someone would take parts of the lyrics of some Cocteau Twins song and used them to construct a magical sigil a la Austin Osman Spare). But the original use of both the psalms and the orphic hymns involved music, the quintessential magical symbol for music being the lyre.

    So, now about the story of this magical seal of the United States, that includes the lyre as a central symbol. In my opinion the lyre in the seal might symbolise not only a particular astronomical event that occurred in the XVIIIth century, but also a magical declaration of intent in what regards a preference to rule the people by "enchanting" them instead of forcing them into submission. And if you look at the way USA dominates the world today, it does not mainly by using its military power, but by using its soft power. Soft power that includes a lot of enchanting magical ingredients: Hollywood, pop music etc. America heavily uses the magical lyre and the "siren song", as opposed to the sword(which is used less frequently and only in confined areas of the globe), in order to rule the world.

    1. Excellent points. We read the psalms and the Orphic hymns today but that's like reading the lyrics to Sgt Pepper and pretending we understand the Beatles.

      As to your reference to the construction of the pentacles you don't need to imagine-- Elizabeth Fraser constructed many of her lyrics out of fragments of other languages, starting with Aikea Guinea and peaking with Blue Bell Knoll.

    2. Some more 'soft power' keeping us entrained in the olde ways - Video games - especially those steeped in esoteric symbolism more overtly - a very Tolkienesque feel to this - many others, including the Highlands of Ms Frasier... (calling Mr Strawberry) - Final Fantasy IX - this dance (body song) is done to appease the god(s) of the village - done to a Harp/Lyre. I encourage a listen - this song is incredible - 'Eternal Harvest' (festival?) -

    3. One other psalm synch… Driving home last night contemplating these comments I was dredging my memory regarding 91. Traffic ground to a halt, I started spacing out… After a coupla minutes I noticed the Prius in front of me happened to have a unique license plate holder that I’ve never come across previously. The top said “Psalm 91” the bottom “El Shaddai”.

      A quality synch as comments in this post mention 91 as well as Psalms. Perhaps even more so if you look at Psalm 91:13. Lions, snakes, young lions and dragons… Star Lore alert. What does God the Protector mean to you Chris?


    5. Certainly if you are interested in the fantastic and mythical then computer games are where the action is. Most of it is garbage but that's just Sturgeon's law in action. Here is another string piece with nonsensical lyrics in something they called chaos language, apparently.

      Nier - Song of the ancients

    6. @Sean Graves
      Psalm 91 -> the fifth pentacle of the Sun in the Greater Key of Solomon(Mathers edition, of course).
      Shaddai -> the sixth pentacle of the Sun.

      The two elements mentioned are in the book in quite the same order as in the license plate you've said you did saw. Synch or something else? :)

      Take a look:

    7. @Occult Fan - the very next song in the youtube stream after your Final Fantasy 'Eternal Harvest' was...wait for it..."You Are Not Alone."lol. I shit you not.

  10. Chris,

    "The episode [of The Leftovers] aired 5 days before tickets went on sale for Elizabeth Fraser's (actually a Virgo) appearance at Royal Albert Hall on the First Day of Leo."

    Virgo in Leo. Sounds like astrology. And, five days. Five degrees? Decans? Somebody who knows this stuff should take a crack at this.

    "The nova lies within the Large Magellanic Cloud in the Dorado constellation. It is said to exist in another galaxy but was easily seen with the naked eye. It actually exploded 170,000 years ago but took until 1987 for the light to reach the Earth."

    "Or the cosmic rays. Or the neutrinos. Or the angelic entities inside the cosmic ray neutrinos."

    "a cult that programs a young ...prodigy to host the spirit of an archangel."

    Okay, this is Star Wars. Really.

    A Long Time Ago, In A Galaxy Far, Far away... a cult measuring midichlorins (not nutrinos, but as you say, does it really matter?) seek and groom a young prodigy (Anakin Skywalker) to fulfill the Prophecy and so be their savior (by being the greatest messenger of the supernatural, angelic Force).

    Yeah, that turned out well for the cult, as I recall.

    1. Cults are big on seeking out "the gifted" young and trying to groom them according to their own precepts. It's rather more serious when these cults are large and embedded within the power structure.

      And it makes me do do do-doot-doot

    2. Argh, too soon with another musical hook. You still have me singing Hole in the Sky. My lyrics have always been:

      Hole in the Sky, Eye!
      Gateway to Heaven.
      Window in Ty-eim
      Know Reason Why
      Yeaaaah!, (Put your hands together. Keep smokin’ dem joints.)

      Also, once Ozzy put out Diary of a Madman (1981), My child brain always wondered if that Brady Bunch episode that mentions the phrase was predictive of Ozzy leaving Sabbath. Insight into myself at 11.

    3. do do... (i know)

      (but do it anyway..)

  11. The World Cup opening ceremony in Russia yesterday featured a female soloist from the Vienna State Opera sitting upon a giant fire-bird while Robbie Williams sang his songs 'Feel', 'ANGELS'and Rock DJ.

    You can see a picture of the fire-bird at this link -

    1. Saw that on the blog today. Boy, the Russians really need to catch up with their public rituals, don't they? But it looks as if they revere Lyra as well. Or maybe they're referring to the end of the River...

    2. Anyone note that Robbie Williams is looking to “blow up” Jimmy Page’s castle?

      Been following the above celebrity spat as I got a message while meditating in the shower a month ago. Had my head propped up against the wall for who knows how long. Eventually stood up to see a stunningly perfect “Zoso” sigil on the wall in shampoo bubbles. Laughed, then noticed next to the Zoso was 17. It all melted away in three seconds. Chris, when tracking your 17 & Revelation concerns spare an occasional thought about how James Patrick Page may synch. Thanks.

    3. There's funny as I have Led Zep's CD playing in the background as I'm reading through the comments here and it just went from 'The Battle of Evermore' to 'Stairway to Heaven'.
      I haven't played that CD for about a year and a half, but I guess this year would be the year (Year of the Dog) to play it with the opening track being 'Black Dog';-)
      So you may be right about Page SG.
      I'm working on a post about 'The Secret History of Rock 'N' Roll' and the 3400 year old Hurrian Hymn, so I pulled out a few old CDs for inspiration.
      The Sweet's 'Desolation Boulevard' is up next on my album play list as that was the first album I ever bought to start off my record collection.
      Ah...the memories of youth:-)

    4. There is some very interesting art in Page's home reading through this article about the Williams/Page feud -

      "On to Burges’s bedroom, where the theme is sea creatures, including a carved mermaid on the chimney-breast and a ceiling of mirrored gilt stars as if you’re viewing the night sky underwater."


      "‘The mermaid you see at the top,’ he says with a hand on the fireplace, ‘that’s a baby mermaid being born.
      ‘But you can see lots of cracks in her and the possible danger.
      Vibration could really cause damage to this, then you’re putting the painted work in real peril.
      You can’t really patch it up, can you?’
      There is no doubt that Page has a passion for this house."

      So Page seems really concerned about protecting the mermaid on his walls.

      ‘I don’t see myself as the owner of this house,’ he says. ‘I didn’t buy it to speculate or sell it on.
      I am just a custodian.’

      Interestingly in a synchromystic sense Williams house used to belong to Michael Winner who made the 'Death Wish' films.
      Sounds like Robbie has his own death wish happening by pissing off Page.
      Might have to keep an eye on both of these guys in the near future to see what plays out in their lives?

    5. That’s how you Secret Sun! Hot Damn Brizz, top drawer. Can I get a round of applause for Darren?

    6. I'm impressed and also curious to see what plays out. Page supposedly has the devil on his side and all that so I'm wondering who'll be supporting Williams.

      And when it comes to Page and mermaids, lets not forget the "little mermaid" posing in the foreground of the Houses of the Holy cover and all that implies.

    7. Just a Secret Stunner that Pagey actually says he is not a speculator but a custodian. Whee! And, "Vibration could really cause damage to (the art of) a baby mermaid being born." Lords of Light!

      Also note how now-a-days he's oft referred to as the "former" Zeppelin guitarist. Who exactly does legendary guitarist (lyre) Jimmy play for now?

    8. In answer to Sean's question, it might get loud. Who do any of those guys work for?

  12. Chris, I am siriusly digging the theoastrology and all it's syncs! Can't wait for more.

  13. They’re trolling you Chris. This topped the limit for being the most Secret Sun thing I’ve ever run into:

    Either that or we really are in a coma.

    1. Oh, you don't know the half of it. See the Queen and her new BFF today?

    2. Oh man- it NEVERRRRRRRRRRR ends.

    3. "Ponyboy"?!

      "German prince hailed as 'brilliant jockey' dies after being thrown from his horse."

      "A German prince has died in the U.K. after being thrown from his horse in a riding accident.
      Prince Georg-Constantin of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach, 41, was riding with his friend Jean Christophe Iseux, Baron von Pfetten, on Saturday when the tragedy struck in the ground of the baron’s home Apethorpe Palace, Northamptonshire.
      Emergency services were called to the scene around 8:30 p.m. on Saturday, to a man suffering life-threatening injuries.
      He was later pronounced dead.
      The prince was the designated successor of the German aristocratic House of Saxe Weimar Eisenach, which is the oldest branch of the House of Wettin, according to Deutsche Welle, a German media company.
      Prince Michael, 71, the current head of the line, said he was “deeply shocked” by his nephew’s sudden death.
      Prince George-Constantin moved to Britain in 2015 after marrying English woman Olivia Rachelle PAGE, 38, in 2015.
      They met at Last Night of the Proms in London’s Hyde Park four years ago.
      She was a director at her husband’s firm, renewable energy company Sustainability Factory Ltd, until April and now works as an office manager."

  14. Lol

    With "controverses" like that. Who do you even root for??

  15. And the mermaid parade is happening this weekend on Coney Island:

    1. Plus I hear Atlantis is nice this time of year, or so says Aquaman:

    2. Oh, I'll have to see if the parade has a livestream...

    3. Says there will be live tweeting :/
      BUT also on tap the 2018 Mermaid royalty is Queen, Amanda Palmer, who grew up in Lexington MA, singer songwriter of Dresden Dolls, etc and the King Mermaid is Neil Gaimon, comic book writer extraordinaire who happened to contribute with Swamp Thing, series 2, in good ole 1986:
      Just thought you would find that, uh, fitting?

  16. What's 91 to you, Chris? I have recently seen it twice with a significant impression that it was important, so I said if this number is truly important it will show up again in another significant spot with an obviously meaningful symopism, and it did that day in the second Pacific rim, which to me represents project monarch and cthulhu-like Titans waking up. Now I'm seeing it on this article. Truly this number means something to us synchromystics working with Aeonics.

    1. Yeah, 91 is doing the rounds lately. Apart from noting that it's 7 times 13, and the length in days of a quarter, I have no idea what it's about.

    2. Well, Route 91 for one. Then 91x91x91 (the Etemenanki). 91-1.

      Heavy weather, Steve.

    3. Saw an advert for OG DEADHEAD 91 at the dispensary today. Even my humble little goofy weed got to be caught up in this never ending abomination?!
      But of course it is.
      So what does it mean I painted my sons room orange in 2011 when my ex was pregnant with him. BTW he’s a redhead and orange is his favorite color. One final weird sync; ex contemplated naming him Thor without knowing his projected due date was the release date of Marvels Thor movie. Fortunately Neither name nor date became reality but is so weird about his orange affinity. Worrisome actually, but then again I got a worried mind.

    4. I think 91 in Thelema resonates with Lam, an entity associated with a ceremony that Crowley worked in NYC in 1918. This year is the 100th anniversary of the Lam sketch.

  17. There's so many different worlds
    So many different suns
    And we have just one world
    But we live in different ones

    - Dire Straits

  18. NEwb here, trying to keep up. You've seen this membership interview with jeff buckley before?

  19. Lyre = HAARP.

  20. Aaaaaw Yeaah, now you’re pullin’ it together!

    Loved staying up with you and Richard Hoagland over the weekend. Unlike David Phelan above I’ll claim that you two did indeed get into a groove. Not a Tight But Loose, Holier than Zeppelin rifftualist epiphany – but a groove non-the-less. I was fascinated by some of the talking past each other near the end. Hoagland seems very inspired by the potential social reaction to “official” life on mars. You wanted to qualify that enthusiasm with a dumbing down disclaimer. In a venue with less constraints you guys would surely have addressed the deeper notion that the dumbing down has been a very specific mediation (Psy Op), not just some generic affect of our age.

    I tried telling acquaintances about the Nasa announcement only to have no one care as, “didn’t they already announce that?” Seems like good old standard Overton Window stuff getting in the way of seeing how the Window moves. Watching the Overton Margins is my favorite way to analyze mediation vectors. For commenters that are still dualistic enough to prefer one edge of the Overton Window to another, just trade out the concept of each edge as benign mediation for some edges are a more active consciously controlled opposition.

    So much to share, Gah! I won’t mega-blather this time but you’re really getting to good places here with the Hole in the Sky. Were you ever introduced to Supernovae as Guest Stars? When was the last time you screened Children of the Stones. The sixth and seventh episodes are outrageously synchy with your Hoagland appearance. Hot Digity Damn!

    Anyway you’ve had me in a Brady fog, before it lifts thought I’d blather…

    Don’t forget the Brady-isms…. When Greg sheds the collective Blue & White of the “silver platters” he upgrades to Blue & Gold as the original Johnny Bravo. So Sir Loring what’s the Secret Sun Scrabble here? The second coming of John, not John A rather John B. Arrives to uproarious applause, Bravo! Anyone else remember that Greg got the gig simply ‘cause he fit the suit? Could this be a stated preference of freemasonic schools or rites? Or a symbolic encryption of which system to use to interpret show specifics?

    Remember when a UFO came to visit and Bobby had a sleepy hypnogogic vision of aliens? Correct me if my brain slipped on some obscure facts but didn’t Bobby get set straight about the truth of UFO’s from a guest star astronaut, experiencer & Gemini/Apollo space hero McDivitt (wasn’t he on the replacement team after Grissom’s NASA BBQ.) I didn’t look it up as I assume these details are happily residing in your memory Chris and presumably tie in to all sorts…

    Remember when Mike Brady was tempted by a very pink scarlet woman? Why a scarlet woman and not just an air elemental, if the episodes title “Mike’s Horror-Scope” isn’t enough of a star lore hint there are some others. Ms. Gallini makes crazy architectural demands. Mr. Brady’s first sketch is super resonant. A “building” that’s maybe actually a UFO with hints of a tracing board entryway. (scroll down on the link to see.)

    The Brady’s were always on about Benedict Arnold, there’s obviously some juicy details here (whiffs of Hiram Abiff certainly.) And I do remember quite a bit of matrimonial bed action being about zodiacal concerns.

    I had contemplated such thoughts before but never considered cataloguing this crap until you brought it up. I received quite a lot of this programming growing up, off the top of my head there’s quite a bit more. Kudos Chris.

    As always, thanks for what you do.

    1. It's jolly good fun to go back and watch those old shows with a more incisive eye. Those writers were under all kinds of restrictions yet managed to inject all kinds of double entendre and hidden meaning in their scripts. I was gobsmacked by this Brady business and stumbled on it totally by accident.

      But it also put me on the scent of something else.

      Cheers Sean

  21. This post supports Zod's comment that the Book of Revelation is a star map. I get it. This verse about the beast points the initiated to the location Chris showed (in the Cancer/Leo/etc. image).

    *** Why? What is this location's significance? What is the esoteric message here?) ***

    1. I think it was Chris who suggested Book of Rev as a star map.

    2. My bad Zod.

      Chris - That makes sense. What is the significance of the date(s) these books point out? Secret Sun return / Cataclysm calendar?

      (Note: An Anon (who isn't me) re-posted this post of mine below, seemingly to answer my question by adding a YouTube link. My bad again Zod.)

    3. Anyway. What is event (concept? other?) is the map/clock pointing us to? What is the esoteric meaning?

  22. Chris,

    Robin Guthrie also has a wing photo like the ones you posted of Elizabeth Fraser and Jeff Buckley:

    1. A bit different, but interesting nonetheless...

  23. Indeed it was. But it's not just locations. Rather it’s processionally relative locations, i.e. a temporal metric. Hence Chris thinking it’s a date.

  24. When one considers that they have to dumb us down just to keep up with us, or face us. Even handicapped, we're more than a match. Coma? Possibly. But think, that even handicapped, and dumbed down and in a coma, globally, so many millions do see the little man behind the curtain.

    There's a bit of Chapel Perilous danger in what you're doing. I recall a book I read, possibly by the wonderful English eccentric, Colin Wilson, where the subject was syncs, strange events, information of unusual but sometimes predictive nature, wherein a certain amount of real data is given, and then everything goes pear shaped. Trickster. More of a theory. Bit of a warning. Can you falsify your own data? Revise?

    My biased guess is that 'they' use all this craps to communicate with each other, and to entrain, hypnotize. Which can be defeated, broken out of. Ancient magic? Yes. Effective? Somewhat. To quote Daffy Duck in a WW2 propaganda entrainment cartoon, " something new has been added" Neat semi-sync: he was missing a German lady bird who zaps him with electricity.

    I'll end this missive with: the black iron prison is yourself.

    1. Those who fear Chapel Perilous only do so because they are not guided by the blessed hand of Our Lady, Queen Dowager of Sibyls.

    2. Chapel Perilous = An especially intense form of cognitive dissonance.

      But you can always come up with a "better story", isn't it! Can't wait for your next episode. Do you promise your soap opera will really neverrrrrrrrrr end?? I'm hooked!! Pretty please???

  25. This post supports Zod's comment that the Book of Revelation is a star map. I get it. This verse about the beast points the initiated to the location Chris showed (in the Cancer/Leo/etc. image).

    1. Anon11:49, I made no such comment (unless this is one from a long while back when I may have referred to the 'woman clothed with the sun' wrt 23rd Sept 2017).

      I suspect you're referring to the folowing comment by Chris:
      "The Secret Sun5:25 PM, June 12, 2018

      PS The Book of Revelation is a MAP. Plus, a clock.

      Star magic to the bone."

  26. The psychosis in this comment thread is mind boggling.

  27. Coma Berenices, nicknamed "The Mice"

    Note: Regarding en-te-na-bar-hum/sig (Habasirānu). There remains some uncertainty about how to transcribe the Sumerian name of this star/constellation, as well as its exact identity. Various transcriptions such as Hasirānu / Habasirāttu are used. Thought by early assyriologists to be a star name but, perhaps correctly, by contemporary assyriologists to be a constellation (figure of a mouse)(The name infers a mouse or rodent.) In Astrolabe B, Section C, Habasirānu is replaced by nu.muš.da ('Swarm') (and the Hyades are replaced by gu-la (gula)

    The north pole of the galactic equator lies in the constellation Coma Berenices.

    Babylonian Calender stars?

  28. Pump Up The Volume Mr. Robot.

  29. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  30. Oh my....
    Such a puzzle, sooooooo many pieces.
    What does it all mean?
    In short sentences please. 🙂

  31. Chris it's a wonder you are not totally crazy by now with all of this. You must be grounded.

  32. I guess it goes to show you, it's all, we are all, connected. A natural result of the common perspective humanity shares within the physical universe.
    The perspective being the "black iron prison" we're all in.

    You cannot think your way out. You will not find "the answer".

    Instead, if you make prolonged serious effort, (which hurts a lot),you will be lifted from the earth plane. (Think of monks and flagellation.)
    You will experience "enlightenment", speaking from personal experience, which is, perhaps, not the same for everyone.
    But as long as you're having fun.... 🙂

    1. Hanging yourself from the world tree to sacrifice yourself for wisdom. What does it mean? Certain contemporary self help gurus would tell you that it means straightening yourself out and being a productive member of society. A well lubricated cog in the great harmonious machine. If only it was that easy. If we are all connected then there will always be violence, discord and struggle. The square peg will never fit in the round hole.

    2. And what's so terrifying about a bit of agression here and there, sometimes?

      Imagine you could never be angry! Think about it.

      How is it that we think we cannot possibly resolve conflicts, ever?! And certainly not on our own? We do it all the time.

      Round holes by the way, they're not made for square pegs.... Trying to force that kind of travesty causes a hell of a lot more misery than any kind of interpersonal occasional problems.

      Squares are "things" of the abstract realm.

    3. Conflict is a process that does not resolve with action since aggression is it's vector. An interesting word resolve since it's basically alchemical. Solve et coagula. Dissolve a conflict so that a new conflict can be coagulated. What would it be like to never be angry? I don't see what there is to think about. If you never had something then you don't miss it. Count the things have you never had that you have no interest in. Many, uncountable things.

    4. In the REAL world: Conflict ONLY resolves with action.

      "Dissolve a conflict so that a new conflict can be coagulated."

      Like, problem-reaction-solution? Yeah we know how that works out, don't we? (Well, I do.) I guess you "LIKE" it.

      "I don't see..."

      It would help if you actually LOOKED. So that you actually have something to actually think about. Then act upon.
      Or is that too outrageous an idea for you?

    5. Yes it is similar to the conspiracy theory term problem-reaction-solution which in less googly eyed terms is called "setting the agenda". We are told that there is this thing called a conflict that must be fixed with an action. It is an artificial control mechanism that you exalt as being the "real world". If someone has "real world" evidence that says that there is another problem that is counter factual to the agenda and more serious then they are shunned. Why? People have been made angry about the agenda. They do not want complexity. Anger motivates people but it also has a profound "tunnel vision" effect.

  33. Oh my....
    Such a puzzle, sooooooo many pieces.
    What does it all mean?
    In short sentences please. 🙂

    Going in ass first "upside down" (see pic of southern moon), world migration is heading north of the 33rd (Korea confirms), child trafficking possibly human ark, middle East wars (fighting for high elevation @ 33rd)

    Better to be spit out than cross the 33rd I suppose.


    1. Hey Azalel, that's WoW I see...

      WoW >> Coat of Arms >> "Listen to the "hummingbird", DON'T LISTEN TO ME" >> " "Love" is a temple, "love" the "HIGHER LAW" " >> but hey, don't listen to ME, I'm OUT! (but not really)

      That's yer puzzle, in short.

      p.19 (and the rest)

      The things we do for the "HIGHER LAW". It's mindboggling!

      Success all!
      And always remember: God = Government, whatever RULES you. But your nature can't possibly RULE you, it's what you ARE. Can't escape! And why would you want that? Every attempt, by you, (f)or your handler(s) can ever only turn pleasure into pain, life into hell, nothing else. Oh, but you "LIKE" that? Oh really?!

      Do YOURSELF a favor and listen to 'ME'!

    2. No, no, no....

      I did not mean the path to enlightenment is fun.
      I meant that if you (anyone) is/are still having fun trying to make sense of it all, (ie Chris and many others),and you haven't reached the "end of your rope" yet, carry on. For me, seeking truth was not a hobby, not a fun thing I did to amuse myself. When the time came for me on my journey, and the chain that held me to the earth broke, I (my consciousness) floated off into, and beyond, the chaotic jumble of the earth's stratosphere. And that short time in the beyond truly was sublime. I called it the "peace that passes all understanding" meaning for me, the place I was in was beyond the realm of mind.

      "Enlightment" is a very short period of time and ultimately avails you very little, as that hard won place may just be another level of the imprisonment.
      There is no assurity of truth there.

      One is left only with the wisdom one has gained from the struggle. No longer do I waste energy trying to find answers that are simply not there.
      When I came back down to this reality, I had a thought that has remained with me, "the bible is a locked box".

      I too am done. Yet, maybe not all together, as I quite enjoy Chris's ideas as well as all the very knowledgeable comments. And I still engage myself in trying to understanding the meaning of my life's experiences. I just don't hurt myself trying to figure it out. Best Regards.....

    3. Enlightenment and dissociation = one mobius strip

      Don't fall for it.

  34. RE: Mention above of upcoming Aquaman movie--that film comes out on Dec. 21st, the Winter Solstice. Which also happens to be the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 8 mission to the moon. & there's an interesting astrological conjunction that day as well. Probably should keep this date in mind...

  35. December 21st--conjunction of Jupiter & Mercury

  36. Anon11:49, I made no such comment (unless this is one from a long while back when I may have referred to the 'woman clothed with the sun' wrt 23rd Sept 2017).

    No harm meant Zod, My apologies for not pointing this out. Anon 11:47

  37. Chris I hope you'll comment on Revelations Ch4, V1-6. To me it seems so obviously connected to natural time measurement.
    It begins with "...a door was opened in heaven. . ." The word heaven means sky! The following pattern follows: ONE sat on the throne; 24 seats with 24 elders; 7 lamps; 4 beasts with 6 wings.

    There are 24 hours in one DAY, 7 days in WEEK, 4 weeks in one MONTH. Since antiquity the four beast correspond to the zodiac with lion/Leo, calf/Taurus, eagle/Scorpio, man/Aquarious. I'm not sure of the 6 wings.

    Curiouser and curiouser.

    1. The ratio of the period of Earth's orbit around The Sun, to the period of The Sun's orbit with the secret sun, is 1 to 24,000. And the cycle of man is a half of that period (as The Sun crosses the galactic plane twice a great year).

      That's where all the 12s and 24s come from, and multiples thereof indicating degrees in a circle, hours in a day, signs in a zodiac, etc.

      It's so we get a clue as to where to find the most important cycle - the one ring that in the darkness binds us.

      The 7 days in a week comes from the visible celestial bodies - Saturn/Chronos being the furthest, and the timekeeper.

      You should check out Santos Bonacci's videos on astrotheology - that Chris has cutely re-termed theoastrology.

    2. The reference to 4 could also refer to the "great ages" within the various "cycle stories" such as the great years/eons/etc. They often seem divided in quarters.

    3. Very cool, thanks Zod.

  38. Hey Chris, you might want to check out the latest 'Ocean's' trailer where a group of women thieves plan to rob the Met Gala?

    The trailer starts off with Sandra Bullock's character wearing an orange prisoner uniform while facing a parole board then cuts to a purple jewel that looks a lot like a certain supernova while Cate/Queen Elizabeth walks on the other side of the screen and 'These Boots [Bootes?] Are Made for Walking' plays in the background.
    It was released on June 8th, which just happens to be 'World Oceans Day' too.
    I don't like the Ocean's series of movies, but I might take a look at this one in light of your current posts.

    1. The movie itself was released on June 8th, not the trailer in case readers thought by "it" I was writing about the trailer.
      I thought I had better clear that up here.

    2. Chris I was looking at the 'Ocean's 8' poster that I used in my latest post -
      'These Bootes are Made for Walking?'

      and noticed what looked like eight strings in the poster's background and then I stumbled across this -

      "In the Hebrew texts there are three references that relate to "lyres on the eight" or "over the eight" or "in front of the eight" (Heb. al hä-sha-me-net') (1 Chronicles 15:21, Psalm 6 and 12).
      Taken one way, this could refer to the number of strings used on the lyre.
      Taken another way, it might refer to the fact that the tones of the lyre were an octave (eight diatonic tones) higher than the harps.
      Taken still another way, it could refer to the physical location of the lyres in relation to the harps (i.e., in front of the eight - refering to the eight harp players spoken of in 1 Chronicles 16:20).
      The later Hebrew writings of the Talmud relate in their dialogue that the lyres of the Levites had seven strings, but would have
      eight strings when the Messiah comes."


      "Throughout history, the image of the lyre has been a symbol of music and musicians for centuries.
      The symbol of the lyre is used by Steinway Pianos as their logo, a large gold lyre sits atop the music hall in Amsterdam, numerous coins have been struck with its image and even the rate chevron I wore as a guitarist in the US Navy Band had a lyre.
      The lyre is an icon familiar to most of us and is one of the instruments depicted on the coins of the bar Kochba revolts, ca. 132 CE. Referred to in Hebrew as the kinor, (Heb. ke-nor', che-nor') and translated herein as lyre, this string instrument was at the heart of the musical system of the Levites."

      Probably just all COINcidence right?

  39. Not impossible that the writers of Requiem stole the idea straight from your blog.

    1. If that's the case Chris should be pitching scripts to Netflix and start making boku bucks, maybe start a search engine geared towards everything TSS. Considering his exquisite writing ability, I don't see why not.

    2. There is a case to be made that such a scenario occurred with 'Stranger Things' as well.

  40. FWIW, I started watching The Leftovers at the prompting of this post tonight and Anthony Bourdain is shown as one of the celebrities who disappeared with Michael Dyson (of recent Munk debate with Jordan Peterson fame) arguing religion vs science over top of it.

  41. Also this, because why not: Streetlights flicker on, as they take on the sun
    Like counterfeit stars
    Watch them come
    Watch them come
    The pacified hate's full-speed away
    A company in the arms of a decorative grave
    No tears, no fears - you'll always remain here
    The power out there seems to keep you in
    Lost your blood to adrenaline
    The flesh is weak and the dream is within

    And in the plastic room
    Seven little honey girls sitting in a row
    Pratise for the imperial pillow
    Like sweet little strawberries eaten from a bowl
    Bite, lipstick red
    In a candy store sold
    And in the bed I stared - do you hear destiny?
    Girl, animal scream

    Nightmarey shade, strawberry tile
    Drinking for hours alone
    Kill memory, watch it die
    Pornographic, dead, f**king ripped and bloody
    Shredded steaming mess
    Kill the memories, watch them die
    Lullaby, your mother's once son
    Yours is the kind 's born to die young

  42. Holy Ghost Hole!

  43. Is that a crystal ball or his transportation?


  44. Well now, Chris, the Fraser comment has me intrigued. It would seem there's a bit of a joke in there, amongst some seriousness. I cannot deny the high weirdness of voice and lyric. For some reason,I think of Morpheus, who's song was perhaps too powerful. And, of course, Phantom of the Paradise, Swan records...Zeus ref, yup. I'm revising my thoughts to this: why don't I do my own syncs, but maintain a base of reason and intuition?

    I will promise to think of you not as wrong, or deep in the can't handle it mode, because there's plenty of information that draws me here regularly. And at risk of sounding like I'm sucking up, when I first heard the Cocteau Twins (I realize I've never known what their name symbolized. I may have to go down that rabbit hole) sent the ol' shivers down the spine.

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