Thursday, June 14, 2018

I'm Looking Through a Hole in the Sky

There's no letup in the action around Secret Sun Central. I have a huge and growing backlog of posts to finish and the symbols and syncs show no signs of slowing down. I do want to try to hammer all of this into some kind of coherent exegesis but you gotta fish while they're biting. There's always time to filet it all later.

But I thought I'd just drop in a sizzle reel of highlights amongst the crushing inventory of data that I'm trying to wrap my head around and give everyone at least a taste of where I'm going with all of this. 

So do pay attention. This will be on the test.


Garlands evergreen, Forget-me-not wreaths

I could die in a rosary


Winged Water, Feathered River.

When Mama was Moth


Supervoid (dead space) in Bootes, the Shepherd

Supervoid (dead space) in Eridanus, the River

"I went immediately to the shores of the river and there was a thunderstorm and there was lightning and there was police boats dredging in the river and it was like I'd gone to the river Styx and there was a great big pyramid there and the whole thing was surreal and horrible" - Steve Berkowitz, Jeff Buckey: Everyone Here Wants You
Do you understand it now?

How about now?


The Great Seal is Lyra

The cloud of stars is the Ring Nebula, discovered in 1779

The All-Seeing Eye is the Ring Nebula. The Unfinished Pyramid is Lyra.

Vega is the Cornerstone.

The Deep State also worships Lyra and the Ring Nebula. 

Lyra is their Keystone. SES formed 200 years after discovery of Ring Nebula.


I'm no astronomer but as far as I can tell supernovas are not symmetrical.

The nova lies within the Large Magellanic Cloud in the Dorado constellation. It is said to exist in another galaxy but was easily seen with the naked eye. It actually exploded 170,000 years ago but took until 1987 for the light to reach the Earth. It's said to hold more power than a hundred million of our Suns.

Since the Supernova was in the region of the "Cold Zone" it's very possible that we may be particularly affected by the cosmic rays it produced.

Seems to me a few things have changed since 1987, wouldn't you say?

At the Met Gala, Cardi B's dress was spangled with settings identical to the so-called Supernova. Her escort was dressed as Elvis. Viva the Vegas.

Yes. Every line in the song. You'll see.


"And the dragon was wroth with the woman, 
and went to make war with the remnant of her seed"

The Leftovers is an HBO series produced by Damon Lindelof (Lost, Prometheus) and deals with a spin on the Rapture. It stars Justin Theroux of Mulholland Dr. and Inland Empire fame.

The third season is set in Australia. This episode "It's a Matt, Matt, Matt World" concerns a group of survivors trying to get from Tasmania (where the Siren Song ritual was first performed) to Melbourne.

Matt is played by Christopher Ecclestone, the first modern Doctor Who.

It deals with a secret sex cult that worships Frasier the Lion and their call-sign is "I'm 91 and I have a son."

91. Huh.

The episode aired five days before tickets went on sale for Elizabeth Fraser's (actually a Virgo) appearance at Royal Albert Hall on the First Day of Leo.

A stretch, you say?

Well, maybe yes, maybe no.

There's so much more to discuss. Such as the episode's b-plot of a drowned man. Note the Leftovers graphic combines the dominant blue and the dominant tan of the Fraser and Buckley images in its color table.

By the way, "It's a Matt, Matt, Matt World" first aired four days before Chris Cornell died at the MGM Grand in Detroit.

Speaking of Lions. And 91.


“I beheld Satan fall like lightning from heaven..."

"See, I  (CORONA BOREALIS) have given you 
(HERCULES- OPHIUCHUS) authority to tread 
on snakes (SERPENS) and scorpions (SCORPIUS), 
And over all the power of the enemy."

Beast from the Sea= Cusp of Cancer and Leo (July 23)
Leo Minor was an amorphous asterism within Leo in antiquity

"Then the angel carried me away in the Spirit (ASTRAL PROJECTION, REMOTE VIEWING) into a wilderness (DEEP SPACE). There I saw a woman (COMA BERENICES) sitting on a scarlet beast (BEAST OF THE SEA CONJUNCTION) that was covered with blasphemous names and had seven heads (SEVEN STARS OF LEO'S HEAD) and ten horns (TEN LIMBS OF CLASSICAL CANCER).  
The woman was dressed in purple and scarlet, and was glittering with gold, precious stones and pearls (STARS). She held a golden cup (CRATER) in her hand, filled with abominable things and the filth of her adulteries (HYDRA)."  

The Witnesses (CASTOR AND POLLUX) feel the Deep.
Note Cancer's ten "horns."


Let us prey.

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