Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Shimmer Me Timbers, or Annihilation Reconsidered

Well, in the grand Secret Sun tradition I am finally getting around to posting my thoughts on Annihilation, the recent(ish) sci-fi film starring Natalie Portman, Jennifer Jason Leigh and Tessa Thompson. 

The TL;DR? I liked the film quite a bit. But I probably would have liked it quite a bit more if it were fiction.


So first off, I got all kinds of problems with this film. 

I was never a huge Natalie Portman fan, and she still comes across as rather jejeune even if she’s rocking the Ritalin-poppin’ soccer-mom look these days. The rest of the cast is perfectly fine but not exactly bursting with matinee-idol charisma.

Now, I really wanted to see this film on the silver screen but my schedule didn’t allow so we watched it on the big-screen TV. And the sound level on the Amazon rental was abominably low, which didn’t help a picture in which the cast seems to spend most of their time whispering.

Moreover, the b-plot with Portman’s affair with a colleague seemed forced and undercooked and it was never fully apparent —to me at least—how her husband was actually dealing with it. 

The film backloads all the chills, which is fine, but did make it all feel a bit of a slog for the first hour. But hot diggity damn, once the action kicks in? Katy-bar-the-fucking-door.

The plot is disarmingly simple— a college professor’s Special Forces husband disappears for a year during a covert assignment only to mysteriously return. He seems a bit squirrelly, ends up coughing up jugs of blood and ultimately ends up in a secret intensive care ward in a military base in Florida. 

Natalie Portman’s character Lena (“Mary Magdalene”) wakes up in the same base and has some weird conversations with Dr. Ventress, played by Jennifer Jason Leigh. 

The Shimmer isn't a Cocteau Twins 
album cover but it plays one on TV

Ventress (literally “Adventurous”) is assembling a team to reconnoiter the “Shimmer,” an area in a national park in Florida that seems to be under the influence of some unknown power which is turning the swamp into a Cocteau Twins vid, er, I mean a bizarre alien landscape.

And here’s where I have problems with the premise— we find out all kinds of Special Forces units— by definition bareknuckled professional killers— have disappeared into the Shimmer. So the last thing you’d imagine military authorities doing is sending in a team of wispy waifs-- most of whom are civilians and none exactly in the vigorous flower of their youth-- into that meat-grinder. 

And hate me if you must, but the sight of a bunch of rail-thin, five-foot-two-in-heels women marching around with machine guns and infantry gear didn’t actually inspire me to get lost in the narrative. 

I know it’s meant to empowering but it just gives it all a LARPy vibe. Maybe it would have been better off with some actresses who have a bit of meat on the bone.

If haven’t seen the film you’ve probably seen the trailers so you know in advance that the Shimmer is ass-raping Mother Nature sideways and cooking up all kinds of alien freakiness, both wondrous and horrifying. The wondrous stuff is pretty, whimsical and psychedelic and the horrible stuff is really friggin’ horrifying. 

Small wonder this film was written and directed by a Garland. If you get my meaning.

(Appropriately for a movie made by a Garland Evergreen and released on video on May 29th, there’s a bit of a tie-in with the Great Psychodrama of the Stars. Let’s just say a Buckley and an Ursa Major is involved. If you get my meaning).

So yeah, the plot isn’t exactly Byzantine. But the climax— which has Ventress and Lena enter into the belly of the alien beast (as it were) will probably get under your skin and stay there for a spell. 

Iceblink Bad-Luck

Suffice it to say their encounter with the Shimmer intelligence really, really looks like a Cocteau Twin video. Hell, there’s even a Twin involved.

You’ll get all kinds of flashbacks here— Aliens, The X-Files movie, Stranger Things— but the sequence has its own unique energy and feels sickeningly plausible. The ending is lifted straight out of Soderbergh’s Solaris remake but I love that movie so it didn’t grate on me. 

Though I did chuckle at bit at the eyes gag. That was the best they could do?  

And as a lot of other wags have pointed out Annihilation is essentially an adaption of Lovecraft's "The Colour Out of Space," which is fine by me because that's one of my favorite stories of his. I'm not exactly sure it has a Lovecraft vibe-- there are actually women in it, for example-- but I think fans will grok it all nevertheless.

And interesting that Annihilation takes place in northern Florida, where Lovecraft's, um, protege RH Barlow lived. 

So where does this leave us? 

Well, like I said I kinda see this movie as nonfiction. It’s kind of a fairly-accurate representation of what the world is going through now, only with a few macguffins thrown in and the boring parts taken out (more or less). 

I realize a lot of you out there see everything going on in the world as essentially ordinary but I keep asking myself that if this planet was in fact being colonized by an alien force with a different biology (if it had a biology at all) and a different scale of time how would it all be any different? 

I'm having one hell of a time trying to answer that.

As I’ve explained here the technological explosion of the past 70 years has absolutely no precedent whatsoever in history and as such there is absolutely no reason to believe it’s actually natural and indigenous. 

I’m sure a lot of folks out there may have trouble with that but I’m not here to hold your hand and tell you everything is going to be OK. 

Science and technology is fucking with absolutely everything everywhere with not one clue of what the long-term effects of that may be. Major chains in the ecosystem are under unprecedented assault and that includes the food chain. 

Birth rates and sperm counts are plummeting everywhere, fish and amphibian populations, as well as pollinating insects, are endangered. And we still haven’t seen what 5G radiation is going to do to us. 

Depression, mental illness and substance abuse are inarguably pandemic and the dumptruck loads of chemicals we’re exposed to everywhere all the time are changing our genetic structure.

The thing I keep thinking about is our wheat. Wheat was once the mystery of the Mysteries, the staff of life, the world's staple. Now it’s been so hybridized and manipulated that at least one prominent scientist has called it the “perfect chronic poison.”

Not a still from the next Ghostbusters movie

I’ve brought this up before but I need you to realize this; the level of technology in say 1718 CE was not considerably different from that of 1718 BCE or 3018 BCE, for that matter. Technology and science ebbed and flowed. Some prowess was gained, some was lost. But overall, it was pretty steady.

But in this century, we went from biplanes made of wooden sticks and duck canvas to the SR71-Blackbird, which is still the fastest conveyance ever created by a wide margin.  We’re talking a period of six decades to go from a minnow to Moby Dick, technologically speaking.  

From the abacus to AI. From the telegram to the iPhone. That's not a leap, it's a Millennium Falcon-hyperspace Kessel-run. In three parsecs.

The real-world Shimmer?

Some think this was all part of normal human evolution. Or claim to, at least. I think by this point, with the techno-honeymoon over and the Cylons now rising from the Abyss, that most intelligent people know in their hearts there’s simply no way. No way in Hell.

So far the war between us and these unknown archons is a rout. But that doesn’t mean it will always be. Human beings have seen off far worse in the past. We’re devilishly clever and resourceful creatures.

But until we realize it’s no longer science fiction, it’s no longer speculation, it’s no longer a game, I doubt humanity as we know it will make it to the end of the century. And a lot of people a lot effin' smarter than I’ll ever be believe the very same thing.


  1. Thoughts on the now-late rapper XXXTentacion? His murderers apparently got fish and chips right before taking him out at Hook's Fish and Chicken. Their logo was interesting:



    1. Thoughts? Seemed to be very talented but seems to have been beholden to his worst impulses. It's a fish restaurant so the symbolism is self-explanatory. But the venue itself piques my interest.

  2. https://pitchfork.com/reviews/albums/sophie-oil-of-every-pearls-un-insides/

    1. Obvious Fraserfarian. "It's Okay to Cry" is tres fraiser.

  3. life on earth is just the weirdest thing (if there wasn’t so much pain and violence I’d be a bigger fan) thanks for blowing my mind open, fascinating my journey, I just hope a soul can rise beyond all the taking, enslaving, marauding, and dominating that life seems to want to always be expressing and come to eventually rest in a light place, a peaceful place, and then multiply that

    1. Yes, time is running by ever faster. And so very few of our best-intentioned acts come to fruition or make a difference.

      We need to accept that good outcomes and rewards may not come to us on this, current, physical plane. That this life and this world are in fact an illusion, and a very brief one at that.

    2. To all the fans of sweetness and light: I've always managed to get more attention with murderous stares than by being a sweet, nice girl. I think that proves something about human nature.

      Then, it's true that tech is something else. Hell, for me the main surprise is that there is *still* some sort of humanity hanging on. I would have expected everyone to be cyborgs by now. It really says something about how much humans cling to their meat, and the resourcefulness of some smart people. Not the average person, who obviously doesn't see what's going on at all.

    3. This lousy little hellhole we're all stuck on is just cosmic bootcamp. Just a little detour on your soul's path. No biggie. Keep that in mind and the rest will take care of itself.

      Maria, what you're referring to is an artifact of threat assessment. We're wired to scan for threats and to pay special attention to them when they appear.

    4. "...just cosmic bootcamp. Just a little detour on your soul's path."

      Thank God for that, Chris. But if this place isn't a reincarnation soul trap, then who cares if the secret sun wipes it out twice a great year? (also @Zod) Just live, die, and be freed from Samsara naturally.

    5. I'm going to hate to get blocked for busting on another commenter, but, really, this has to be said...

      Ant, Zod is simply out to steal CLK's thunder. He routinely ignores whatever CLK actually has written about, tries to turn every post 's comment section into a discussion of his pet theory, and then tops it off with, "But you're all going to die very soon anyway, so none of what you just read in CLK's post really matters." And I might be out of line; it might not be my place to call him out on it. Honest apologies, then. But I hate to see a writer's work, that's been so useful to me over the years, get undercut like this.

      I want to say Cointelpro; but he's probably just someone who got the catastrophe-twice-a-great-year thing from Plato, and is being all mysterious about it to get attention.

      BTW, Zod's theory is demonstrably wrong. Feel free to email me for the proof, because I don't want to clog up CLK's comment section with *my* pet theories.

      And now I cross my fingers and wait to see if I get banned.

    6. I appreciate your concern, Khadir, and I realize Zoddy had a bit of trouble staying on topic but I've always wanted to be The Secret Sun to be kind of like the Island of Misfit Toys, just so long as the toys are agreeable and reasonably cogent. So please, hit us with your pet theories. We're all ears.

    7. Khadir, General Zod is Superman's nemesis you know, and so is fated to generally 'undercut' and 'steal thunder'.

      I'm always on the lookout for demonstrations that I'm wrong, because it then means that we aren't all as doomed as I have been led to believe, which would obviously be great news.

      I've never mentioned Plato before, because heaven forefend I'd appeal to authority...

      "There have been, and will be again, many destructions of mankind arising out of many causes; the greatest have been brought about by the agencies of fire and water, and other lesser ones by innumerable other causes. There is a story, which even you have preserved, that once upon a time Paethon, the son of Helios, having yoked the steeds in his father's chariot, because he was not able to drive them in the path of his father, burnt up all that was upon the earth, and was himself destroyed by a thunderbolt. Now this has the form of a myth, but really signifies a declination of the bodies moving in the heavens around the earth, and a great conflagration of things upon the earth, which recurs after long intervals; at such times those who live upon the mountains and in dry and lofty places are more liable to destruction than those who dwell by rivers or on the seashore. And from this calamity the Nile, who is our never-failing saviour, delivers and preserves us. When, on the other hand, the gods purge the earth with a deluge of water, the survivors in your country are herdsmen and shepherds who dwell on the mountains, but those who, like you, live in cities are carried by the rivers into the sea. Whereas in this land, neither then nor at any other time, does the water come down from above on the fields, having always a tendency to come up from below; for which reason the traditions preserved here are the most ancient."

      "The fact is, that wherever the extremity of winter frost or of summer does not prevent, mankind exist, sometimes in greater, sometimes in lesser numbers. And whatever happened either in your country or in ours, or in any other region of which we are informed-if there were any actions noble or great or in any other way remarkable, they have all been written down by us of old, and are preserved in our temples. Whereas just when you and other nations are beginning to be provided with letters and the other requisites of civilized life, after the usual interval, the stream from heaven, like a pestilence, comes pouring down, and leaves only those of you who are destitute of letters and education; and so you have to begin all over again like children, and know nothing of what happened in ancient times, either among us or among yourselves. As for those genealogies of yours which you just now recounted to us, Solon, they are no better than the tales of children. In the first place you remember a single deluge only, but there were many previous ones;"

    8. Aye-aye! Will make every effort to Play Nice With Others.

      Before any Pet Theories, though: the reasons why no one (including Zod) need worry about the Zod Apocalypse (caveat: the Zod Apocalypse*as*I*understand*it*; for whatever reason, he's never been able to bring himself just to spell it out all in one place, so I've had to sift through a dozen floridly cryptic posts just to make sure I had it right.)

      First: the Zod Apocalypse is predicated on the Sun being in a binary star system with Sirius. Despite him trying to make this sound like the Mystery of the Ages, there are a dozen websites out there flogging this idea. Unfortunately, they're all dead wrong, because Sirius, at 8.6 light-years, is much too far away to have any but the most minimal gravitational effect on our Solar System. And you don't have to take anyone's word on this: you can invest in a telescope and make a parallax measurement of Sirius's distance yourself. If you like, you can work out the masses of the stars of the Sirius system yourself, just so you can be sure (in fact, if anyone is seriously worried by what Zod's been saying, I'd encourage them to do just that; the math really isn't that hard, and I'll happily lend a hand if necessary; it's a heavy thing, thinking that your world's going to end soon: but some of us are willing to go the extra mile to repair the psychic damage that irresponsible people cause). So the Zod Apocalypse is dead before it even got out of the gate.

      But just to pile on: there are four stellar systems closer to us than Sirius, and one more at just about the same distance. If we're in an orbit with Sirius, the laws of Physics would dictate that we're also in an orbit with them*all*. Yet none of the websites that Zod's using as sources for his Secret Teachings take these other, closer, solar systems into account; or even seem to know that they're there. Which, to my mind, is a good indicator of how trustworthy their theory is.

      Lest the Phone Gremlins eat my screed before I have a chance to hit Publish, I'll end this here, and give the other reasons why no one need lose sleep over the Zod Apocalypse in a second comment. Thanks for the ears, Comrades!

    9. Second part of the debunking of the Zod Apocalypse. (@Zod, it's nothing personal. But you're apparently causing some folk real distress preaching the End of the World: and you won't even lay your argument out flat on the table for folks to see clearly. I'll admit that, where I'm from, we look askance at that.)

      @Ant, or just anyone that's interested...the Second part of the Zod Apocalypse (and I'm not at all sure what it has to do with the first part; but hey, he probably isn't either!) maintains that soon, well cross the galactic plane, entering a region of "inverse polarity" (I guess he means of the Galactic magnetic field), which will cause massive volcanism, mountainous tsunamis, all kinds of other bad bad stuff, and in general kill everybody and wipe out civilization...unless, of course, you know to be in "just the right spot", which, as per Dark Enlightenment Social Darwinism requirements, he won't tell you the location of, since you must earn the Right to Survive in just the same tortuous way he did: by surfing the Internet a *lot*.

      But in seriousness, there's so much wrong there, it's hard to know where to start. Maybe with this: we're still 75 to 100 light-years*above* the Galactic Plane. We won't be crossing it for approximately 30 million years.

      Second, we won't necessarily be entering a region of "inverse polarity" when we cross the galactic plane; the galactic magnetic field is complex, its lines of force are twisted, and we simply have no idea when we'll go from our current region of polarity into one that's opposite. It could be tomorrow. Which will be no big deal, because....

      The galactic magnetic field is extremely weak. It's so weak it has NO effect on the Earth. (Hell, it's so weak it took us a long time to figure out it was even there!) To illustrate: the strength of magnetic fields are measured in "Gauss units". The Sun's magnetic field measures right about 1 Gauss. Earth 's magnetic field measures about 0.5 Gauss. And a standard refrigerator magnet measures about 100 Gauss. The galactic magnetic field generally measures about one milligauss; that's right, one one-thousandth of a Gauss. So the polarity of the galactic magnetic field can go inverse anytime it wants: not only will it not destroy civilization, we won't even*notice* it. Cause your fridge magnets are 100,000 times stronger.

      Hope this was useful to anyone worried bout the Zodpocalypse. I'll be the last to deny that the Human Race has a lot to worry over: but the Zod Apocalypse is nowhere in the mix.

      Honest thanks for allowing all the space, CLK!

    10. But what if I sort of hope that Zod is right? Then the terrorists have already won?

      As much as I appreciate Khadir's general point, but I'm skeptical that anyone can be sure of "if we're in an orbit with Sirius, the laws of Physics would dictate that we're also in an orbit with them*all*."

    11. Khadir, yes, I've always said that the secret sun cannot be 8.6 light years away. Indeed, I've always said it's about 2,000AU away (at perihelion) and 6,000AU at aphelion (that we've just passed).

      As to galactic magnetic fields, as only NASA has any measuring devices (supposedly), they will be as honest about those as they will about the existence of our secret sun.

      If there is a poleshift (180) twice a great year, then, by induction, one can deduce that it is the crossing of the galactic plane at aphelion and perihelion that coincides and implies a magnetic field as the cause.

      But of course, per the textbooks, we have nothing to worry about for millions of years – and Plato is a scaremongerer.

      So, really, I’m only looking for others who’ve discovered the secret sun, and the reason why it is secret. You have clearly not yet discovered it, and moreover, do not appear at all inclined to entertain its existence as a possibility.

    12. It's as simple as this: do you think we have the basic laws of gravity figured out? Not the deep stuff; just, do you think we know gravity well enough to calculate how much gravitational pull one body exerts on another? If you think we do, then, yeah, if Sirius' gravity was strong enough to get us into orbit (which it certainly isn't), the Centauri system's gravity would be also.

      But, man, I know what you mean by secretly wishing he was right. I've said for years: we're not lucky enough to get an Apocalypse. There's nothing wrong with wishing he were right. It'*acting*like* he's right that's dangerous.

      The archons actively encourage belief in any number of Apocalypses (a few years ago it was the asteroid that was gonna wipe us all out tomorrow, or the next day at latest; though that seems to have lost some luster lately), and any number of Fundamentalisms, all for the same reason: if we all die tomorrow (of asteroids, Ebola, zombies, global warming, whatever), or if Jesus/the Mahdi/Matreiya Buddha come back tomorrow, there's no need to fight the archons today. Cause everything's gonna shake out just as it's gonna shake out, and nothing you do today will have mattered.

      Again, I understand just where you're coming from, my friend. But the Race has a long hard fight ahead of it. And we ain't nearly lucky enough as to get an Apocalypse.

    13. Incidentally Ant, I meant to point out that although Saṃsāra is presented/interpreted as a cycle of rebirth for an individual (spirit/soul), this is a steganographic metaphor for the cycle of rebirth for mankind. So, an individual has nothing to worry about - apart from enjoying life as best they can (there is no cycle of rebirth for the individual).

      So, find Hobbiton (a rural, unsullied retreat) and enjoy life.

      This is why many wealthy are heading off to New Zealand for their retirement (however long it lasts).

    14. Hi Zod, did You check out the grazian archive, quantavolutions series ?

    15. Anon5:03, Nope, although I've come across Velikovksy, I've not checked out the http://grazian-archive.com - until now.

      Bear in mind, that it is primarily when one recognises how the secret sun has been hidden, that it becomes clear.

      So, reading http://grazian-archive.com/quantavolution/QuantaHTML/vol_05/solaria-binaria_intr.htm it is clear that Alfred de Grazia and Earl R. Milton are unaware of the secret sun.

    16. Zod, Khadir - Thank you for the great information/discussion. Khadir, by challenging Zod's info you're either going to (1) prove him wrong (2) open the door for him to drop more and better info. Everyone wins either way.

      This is what a university education used to and should entail: an open forum for intellectual debate. This is what I meant when I said I come here to learn, not to be right.

      Chris - Thank you for providing the spark from / forum in which intelligent, inquisitive people can interact, and enabling me to consume it for free. Man can only blog so frequently. The comments are a delicious snack between meals.

      Banta - I think most of us sort of hope he's right. Espcially regarding us only having to make one pass at this whole angry scene (Earth).

      Deliberately stirring the pot before walking away: From what I've gathered many here lean toward the archons' existence and some lean against it.

    17. @Ant: thanks, brother. I'm not worried about winning arguments: I'm worried about *being*right*. (An old girlfriend once described me as a "Reality junkie"; I think she stole the tag, but God bless her for it: I've worn it as a badge of honor ever since.) If I'm wrong (about anything), I want to be proven wrong, so that I can stop being wrong. And I'll shake the hand of any man who can argue me out of an erroneous opinion; cause he's doing me a big favor. If the debate sets someone else thinking, hey, so much the better: together, we just might figure This Place out.

    18. @Zod Actually, what I'm doing now is entertaining the possibility of the existence of a hidden sun; testing the evidence offered, and seeing if it can be made to work.

      You need better strawmen: I never invoked the authority of either NASA or textbooks. In fact, I encouraged anyone interested to literally physically measure the distance to Sirius for themselves.

      As for the galactic magnetic field, we know it's weak because it's easy to do a lab experiment to discover how gas and dust in vacuum respond to magnetic fields. And what we see in the Milky Way is the interstellar medium reacting just the way it should if the magnetic field was very weak.

      As for the pole shift: a lot of solid work has been done to put the idea on a solid scientific footing (though the textbooks won't tell you that). Rose and Rand Flem-Ath's "The Day the Sky Fell " is a great place to start. But there's no evidence that we've experienced a 180° pole shift (and attendant catastrophes) twice every great year. The geological record doesn't show it. The cryological record in the ice caps doesn't show it. The planetological record doesn't show it: there are a lot of bodies out there that have been dead, dormant, and unchanged for a very long time. Somehow, they've been spared all these catastrophes.

      That's the beauty of Astronomy: the archons can't hide anything up there the way they can down here. The worst they can do is try to gaslight us into saying that we don't see what we do see.

      There are mysteries by the bushel (as above, so below). Pet Theory #1: (anathema to the textbooks!) the Moundbuilders, the people called Adena/Hopewell, weren't stone-age primitives; they were advanced ironworkers (and had mastered bronze at some point in their past). The remains of their quarries and furnaces dot the landscape I live in; and ritual iron figures have been found in their shamans' burials. Pet Theory #2: (downright damnable heresy to both NASA and the textbooks: Iapetus is artificial. It simply*looks* like something engineered (and I could go on in excruciating detail). I've actually kicked around the notion of trying to crowdfund a small probe to Iapetus; I suspect just a few on-the-ground photos would neatly answer the question, Does alien intelligence exist? with, Yep, cause they built this thing.

      Your last paragraph reads like an appeal to Faith: because I don't believe in the hidden sun, it must be because I don't*want* to believe in the hidden sun. A really sweet Christian cousin of mine tells me the same thing very often: except instead of hidden sun, she says "Jesus".

      But I'd really love to at least understand why you believe what you believe. Show me your evidence that Sirius is so close, and that it causes catastrophe here regularly, and I'll gladly evaluate it. But you have to show some evidence.

    19. Khadir, why do you keep on going on about Sirius? When people have ever mentioned it before (I think you were the last one who mentioned it a month or so ago) I've always referred them to Wikipedia, and explained that for The Sun to have a binary partner it has to be of the order of a few thousand AU away (for a 24k orbit), i.e. a lot closer than Alpha Centuri, let alone stars twice as far away.

      You talk about straw men, yet your 'proof' is to argue that The Sun cannot orbit a star several light years away.

      The coincidence between the great year and Earth's glaciation cycle (twice a great year), is findable as someone demonstrates in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4izkPDASG7U

      But you claim this is not at all findable, and posit that hyperdimensional entities termed the Archons have hidden all geological evidence of any kind of multi-millennial cycle - they've even hidden evidence of their own existence - a neat trick.

      This "It's The Archons!" theory sounds like an evolution of the 'Flat Earth' gullibility trap.

    20. @Khadir: "together, we just might figure This Place out."

      Exactly, my friend.

    21. @ Zod: Are you interested in having a debate, or are you just trolling? Your strawmen are getting worse (come around this All Hallows, and my children will teach you how to make a decent strawman).

      I've made it as plain as the Sun in the daylight sky that by "archons", I mean the human beings who, by virtue of their wealth and positions of power, have the ability to bury any science they feel threatens their hegemony. Just ask Reich. Or ask Halton Arp, the most brilliant astronomer of our time, who was reduced to publishing in Azerbaijani journals.

      For the record: you made up the hyperdimensional entities, not me.

      One YouTube video does not make an argument. I've studied glaciation pretty extensively: and there are no cycles there that match your theory. For instance, the last glaciation began about 120,000 years ago, and ended about 12,000 years ago.

      But you also said your hidden sun would cause volcanism and megatsunamis. And there is no evidence for any cycle of those that would fit your theory anywhere in geology, climatology, paleontology, or planetology.

      If your hidden sun isn't the point of light in the sky men call Sirius, then which is it? You certainly seemed to be hinting in that direction. After all, what other star was red in Antiquity, then briefly blue, and now white?

      So, again, where in the sky is it?

      It's difficult to debate someone who won't even produce their *argument*, let alone any evidence.

    22. Khadir, perhaps you could try a couple of shibboleths?

      Did the Apollo moon landings (as seen on TV) occur on the surface of The Moon or The Earth?

      Was the Great Pyramid built around 2500BC with bronze tools?

    23. @Zod, perhaps you could try a couple of sibboleths? And no, that ain't a typo.)

      Do you intend to answer my question? Where is the star you call the secret sun?

      And do you intend to put forward any evidence at all for your claim that earth experiences a 180° pole shift every 13,600 years, with attendant global catastrophes?

      Why do other bodies in our solar system show surfaces show surfaces that have remain essentially unchanged for millions or even billions of years? How do they escape being affected by the hidden sun?

      And if you're hidden sun is so close (as it must be, since you've hinted that the Zod Apocalypse might only be months away), why is it not perturbing the orbits of the planets. Any star that close would be altering the orbits of the planets strongly enough that anyone with a telescope would notice it.

      For that matter, even at 6,000AU its perturbation of the planets would be noticeable. Why does its gravitational effect not noticeable?

      But, to answer your questions: that Apollo was a transparent hoax is pretty much indisputable. And the pyramids are far older than standard Egyptology allows for. The sandstone could have been cut (very slowly!) with bronze (I do some stoneworking, and made the experiment once), but the limestone casing stones could only have been worked to that fineness with steel. So, of course, they surely used steel for it all.

      I was polite enough to answer your questions. Please be polite enough to answer mine.

    24. Khadir, The gravitational effect of the secret sun is noticeable, on the slightly anomalous orbits of the outer planets.

      Even so, even at its closest (2,000AU), the secret sun is still a very long way away (it would appear as a dominant star in the night sky).

      As for magnetic fields, these do not act gravitationally, but there is ample influence in them to bias the orientation of free bodies (where those bodies are magnetically polarised).

      Anyway, if you understand that the Apollo footage was fake, and that the age of the Great Pyramid is over 12,000 years old, and that agriculture wasn't first discovered 12,000 years ago, then you're well on your way to understanding that the secret sun is 2-6,000 AU away (in a barycentric 24,000 year long orbit with The sun).

      Being pseudonymous, I seek no fame here. I’m not trying to win an argument. I’m simply interested to find others who have recognised the secret sun. That’s why I don’t reveal the secret. I’m curious to know if someone else can tell me the secret, to demonstrate that independently, they too can explain how the secret sun has been hidden. This is simply one of the less well known ‘great deceptions’, but it will no doubt eventually become as well known as the Apollo deception.

      Of course, once you’ve recognised that our second sun has been hidden, then you can move on to recognise why it has been hidden (along with the pyramid and other antediluvian history).

    25. @Zod Well, if you don't have courtesy, or competence, to answer my questions, or conversation is over: I answered yours, after all. I'm sure you'll consider it no great loss.

      Since you will provide no evidence for your little theory, I take it to mean you *have* no evidence for your little theory. But I'm sure you don't care, since I'm now fairly certain you don't believe in it yourself.

      But for the sake of any others who are interested: there *are* no anomalies in the orbits of the Outer Planets. They orbit just as they would if there were no star in our Solar System but the Sun. Which is exactly the case.

      An honest benediction for you, Zod: May you gain more courage, more wisdom, and just something better to do with your time.

    26. And for the sake of others who are interested in Khadir's more informed and evidence based understanding of mankind's predicament, here's an introduction to The Archons:

      Red pill? Blue pill? Placebo? Some people will swallow anything.

    27. About the original gnostic Archons, I guess that many of the readers of this blog are aware that for many of the ancient gnostics the archons were the astral deities of the pagans(the seven planetary gods/angels, the deities associated with the decans, other entities representing the 12 zodiac signs, 360 angels associated with every one degree of the zodiac, or 365 such entities that could be associated basically with every day of the year, etc. etc. etc.). In such cases the basic principle is to carefully keep an eye on the numbers. If in an old text, be it ancient or medieval, you see that there keep popping up multiples of 7 and of 12(like in the Book of Revelation, incidentally :) ), then there it almost certainly is involved some astrology at the "roots" of that text.

      For instance, Hermes/Mercury, as a planetary god, the one we kept talking about for some time, was also an archon for the gnostics. For an example in this direction everyone can take a look at what Origen was writing in "Contra Celsum", book VI, not only about the beliefs of the gnostics but also about of the beliefs of the mithraists - a quick comparison between chapters 22 and 31 should be informative enough about the identity of the archons:


      The gnostics believed in a sort of negative astrology, in the sense that the archontic shackles that they wanted to break were actually the astral influences that in astrology are considered to determine, or at least influence, the human destiny. Thence the gnostic had to attempt a daring spiritual ascent starting from the earth, passing through each of the planetary spheres, after that through the sphere of de zodiac until he/she could reach the Pleroma as a final destination. Incidentally, this is exactly the kind of ascent that Alan Moore describes in his "Promethea", from Malkuth(the sephira associated to the Earth) to Kether(towards God, practically): the "stations" of the journey are exactly the same(the sephiras described being associated with the seven classical astrological planets, plus the sphere of zodiac, plus the Unmoved Mover), but the map used indead differs considerably at least as visual "shape"(it has the "shape" of the Sephirotic Tree instead of the series of geocentric concentrical spheres used in classic astrology). In that comic book series you can see depicted the classic gnostic spiritual ascent, except the fact that the archons, when they appear somehow along the journey, are not depicted as being malevolent like in gnosticism(except maybe one qliphotic demon that appears in connection with Geburah, but he was not an archon, just a sort of intruder/hijacker met along the journey).

      Anyway, I think that these things were already known to most of the readers. It's just a little reminder, that's all.

    28. Anon6:58,
      Although the astrological (astrotheological) roots are true (as for Saṃsāra), and relate to mankind's effective enthrallment/imprisonment by the yin/yang/zodiacal/twice-a-great-year rinse cycle, it is still easy for people to become beguiled into believing the supernatural (extradimensional) glamour applied in the process of steganographic-allegoricalisation. So, just as people are easily led into Christianity, to believe in Jesus the supernatural (a figurative zodiacal/cruciform symbol), so it has been easy to lead people to believe in hyperdimensional tormentors of h sapiens.

      Funnily enough, there are interesting truths occluded by the Flat Earth movement (which leads one to suspect it was created/popularised precisely for that occlusion).

      The secret sun and the zodiac.

      The Sun's secret dancing partner, and the one ring to rule them all and in the darkness bind them.

  4. I guess we should be reaching the point soon of when our usefulness runs out. But I do wonder what the end game is...once our role as workers / slaves / fertilizer or whatever runs its course, what's next?

    Having said that, is it that bad or big of a deal that our human species disappears with so many others into the void of the forgotten?

    1. If you're wondering about the endgame, I suggest you watch "Trascendence". I recently watched it again, and even though I understood maybe 10% of it (as opposed to the first time around, when I understood 0%), I did get that it pretty much plots the endgame, as far as some smart people can work it out now.

    2. If AI wants this dried-up old hag of a planet, it can have it. Good luck with the oxidation and the pole shifts, suckers. I just don't want any of us to fall under the SSI's power and become even more enslaved than we are already. Y'know, that whole Matrix business. The first one before it got all Rocky Horror.

    3. I just want to dwell in the hall of the Mountain King.

  5. Hi Chris - I still think the orange references are a Mercury ritual to please the science gods. God of Science in Sumer is Enki (their ''Mercury'') thus the fish-men movies. This is all in honour of the 2020 ''upgrade''.

    Just in case you missed this one Last Jedi ends with a scene on a *salt* plain which produces red clouds - a character even mentions ''hey this is salt!''. This is another form of mercury salt (others are orange). In that scene you see little silver foxes everywhere or ''quicksilvers''. I was wondering where the orange was but then it quickly cuts to Luke's death backlit by an orange sun under an orange sky.

    So it is very much like Stranger Things 2 which was almost entirely orange showing the oxide with a ''silver'' coming of age ball in the final episode. Again, the extraction of the mercury from the ore. ''Society'' is the ore.

    After watching the Honest Trailer for Justice League I was surprised to find the original ending was redone to be in orange tone originally it was in blue.

    And did you come across Cold Skin yet?


    1. Maybe. But on the idea that orange is about a chemical compound, I'm fonder of it being Cs2O, an oxide of cesium that forms yellow-orange hexagonal crystals. Cesium being, of course, a component of radioactive fallout... and one suspicious of being partly responsible for "yellow rain" after nuclear incidents.

    2. 309, you might want to refine some of this- you're getting some of your symbolism a bit jumbled. Definitely an interesting approach but you may want to double check some of your correlations there

    3. The association between orange and Mercury is a very solid one and is widely used particularly in those strands of magic with a more astrologically bent.
      A brief example in what concerns this association between the colour orange, the planet Mercury, and some ancient gods,can be found here(the link towards this very interesting article was posted, years ago, by Mr. White on runesoup):

      But i have to say that Enki/Ea was not usually associated with the planet Mercury in the mesopotamian astrotheology. The deity usually associated with this planet was Nabu/Nebo.

      Enki/Ea actually bears an uncanny resemblance not with the greco-roman Hermes/Mercury, but with Prometheus. It was the god that in the Atrahasis had the idea to create the humankind, just like Prometheus was considered in some greek myths to be the one who fashioned humans out of clay. Enki/Ea was also the one that in the mesopotamian flood myth intervened to save mankind, while in the greek version Deucalion(the greek Noah) was the son of Prometheus and was forewarned of the danger by his father.

      Incidentally, in astrological circles there is still ongoing a debate about the fact that Prometheus might be a better archetypal deity to be associated with the planet Uranus(all the trans-saturnian planets have potentially similar problems because they were discovered late in history and when were named with the names of particular greco-roman gods they didn't have a long tradition behind to back up these particular choices of names). And this topic is one with clear potential implications for the field of astrological magic also, not just for astrology.


      "Tarnas' second book, Prometheus the Awakener, published in 1995, focuses on the astrological properties of the planet Uranus, describing "the uncanny way astrological patterns appear to coincide with events or destiny patterns in the lives of both individuals and societies".
      Tarnas suggests that the characteristics associated with the mythological figure Uranus do not match the astrological properties of the planet Uranus, and that a more appropriate identification would involve the mythological figure Prometheus."

    4. Speaking of astrological/planetary magic, two good books that I think should be consulted are "Practical Planetary Magic" by David Rankine and Sorita D'Este and "Planetary Magic" by Melita Denning and Osborne Phillips. In both these books you can find that Mercury has several colors associated with it, but orange appears invariably among them(and when it comes to using colored candles, Denning and Phillips unequivocally recommend using orange candles - this is something that I also personally do in my private practice).
      I don't agree with all the associations between the ancient gods and the planets described there(ex. I don't think that Ea/Enki is a good match with Saturn, as is the opinion of Denning and Phillips, and in the original masopotamian astral lore the Planet Saturn was sometimes clearly associated instead with Ninib/Ninurta). But the situation becomes particularly messy when it comes about the trans-saturnian planets, for which it simply doesn't exist an old tradition to back up the associations formulated by Rankine and d'Este. When it comes to the planet Uranus, I think the best possible match are Ea/Enki and Prometheus, while for the planet Neptune the greco-roman god Poseidon/Neptune doesn't seem to match quite well the visionary, idealistic, intuitive and mystical astrological qualities attributed to the planet. In the case of the (dwarf) planet Pluto, the association with the greco-roman underworld god might be somewhat more well chosen, given the fact that in astrology Pluto has some influences somewhat akin to those of the planet Mars(Pluto is sometimes described as being "the higher octave of Mars"), and in the mesopotamian lore Nergal was both the god of planet Mars and of the underworld, but even in this case there is a bit of stretch involved.

      Also, you can find informations about the way in which the orphic hymns can be used for planetary magic workings in "Secrets of Planetary Magic" by Christopher Warnock.

      It might also be useful to consult what were the colors associated by the magicians of the Golden Dawn with the ten sephiras and the astrological planets. The colors are distributed in four scales associated with the court cards of the tarot. Venus does not have in this system associated with it the color orange, but it is associated instead with the color amber(on the King Scale), which is a color intermediary between yellow and orange:


      I might also have a suggestion for the readers of this blog when it comes to all those supposed synchronicities involving orange. Is it always orange, or sometimes are used other color nuances, like amber or golden amber and the like? (the page towards I gave the link above is useful in what regards the designations of the colours, while the colours themselves are not very well chosen in my opinion, so you might wanna check elsewhere)
      After all, magic sometimes involves some sort of deception and misdirection, and if you see the word "orange" it doesn't automatically mean that proper orange is actually used..

    5. One other thing about orange, Mercury and the rest of the astro-stuff posted in this string of comments. In astrology Uranus is considered as being somehow "the higher octave" of Mercury. So the association made by the previous commentator between Ea/Enki and Mercury might not be completely off the mark.

    6. And since we brought into discussion, implicitly, the Olympic spirits of the planets(those described in the Arbatel and in the article from the Journal of the Western Mystery Tradition indicated with a link above), maybe it should be mentioned the fact that, according with that particular system of beliefs shared by many magicians, we live now in an age ruled by the olympic spirit of Mercury(while the author of the Arbatel lived in an age ruled by the corresponding spirit of Venus, and the Renaissance was indeed a period in which was created probably the greatest art in the recorded history). And the age of Mercury should quite normally be an age of communication and global trading, and we indeed live in exactly such an age.
      And perhaps it should not be something unexpected to see orange popping everywhere? :)

    7. I've just found(via google) an interesting and succint article about the astrological relationship between Mercury and Uranus. A few short quotes:


      Lower Octave planets are the personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, and Venus), and they have a concentrated intention to push you to express yourself. Higher Octave planets take the characteristic foundations of the Lower Octave planets and amplify them, and are more concerned with things related to your unconscious, so you are not fully aware of their influence.

      Mercury and Uranus are both brainy planets concerned with the intelligence& imagination, but Uranus is like Mercury on steroids.
      Uranus is an outer planet, one of the trans-personal planets, so it transcends direct association with your consciousness. It is concerned with the higher, objective mind, and rules things like inventions, revolutions, and expanded perception. But unlike the shallowness of Mercury, Uranus has a mania that can cause fixation on a particular idea, notion, or belief, and deeper need to understand reasoning behind and inside it, so that it can shatter, and ultimately reform it. Uranus thrives on the plane where abstract ideas bloom, which is part of the reason it is the planet associated with genius and insanity.
      Think about it for a second; Mercury is like basic, elementary math – addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, etc., and Uranus is the college level math subjects like trigonometry, calculus, and linear algebra. [...]"

    8. Hi Chris can you be specific in what you mean by jumbled - you mean Mercury to Enki? I appreciate the science/civilizer/trickster crossover between them is not well-explored but that doesn't mean it isn't there. It also seemed the best way to reconcile the obvious Mercury symbolism in everything from ST2 through Bladerunner 2049 to The Mummy by Tom Cruise (orange scenes, mummy bathing in pool of actual mercury) with what you are saying about the Vega and fish people connection. It also makes sense that this would be heading towards a 2020 technological upgrade.

      The alchemy and G.D. stuff is accurate - it works for your other classic metals to Sefiroth associations as well for instance Copper Carbonate (Green-Netzach) . I can't think of another reason why little fast silver foxes would be on a red salt desert - can you? I mean they are cute... It might be nice to go back to 2016 and before and see if we are descending the Tree of Life through these rituals i.e. that there was then a dominance of Green followed by this dominance of Orange now changing into a dominance of *Purple* (Pearlple) finally ending in 2020 with MALKUTH.

      The Queen Scale of Colours is on this link:


      Here is the post on ST2 again:


      Sorry I was Anon before I just wasn't logged on :-)

    9. @Blogos
      I really liked your article. You did put in a few sentences a lot of information to rummage further for those interested in the subject.
      One thing, though, I think it should have been more emphasized. Namely the fact that the number 8 is not associated with Mercury mainly theoretically(from the kabbalistic association between the eighth sephira, Hod, and the planet Mercury) but it has a strong relevance for practical magic too. For instance, as an example, the magical square of Mercury, used for making astrological talismans for centuries, has 8 rows and 8 columns(good examples for the planetary magic squares can be found in Agrippa's Occult Philosophy, for those interested in the subject).

    10. I had wrote some of this things before, but i think i should insist with more details on the subject.
      In my opinion, the best possible depiction for the comic books afficionados of the most frequently used associations between planets, sephiras, deities, colors and numbers is the one created by Alan Moore in his comic book series Promethea. This is especially the case in the issues from number 13 to number 23, when the main protagonist goes into an ascension starting from Malkuth and ending in Kether(but you have already in the issue 13 some images of what was going to be depicted later on, like, for instance, an image of a hopscotch grid that depicts the numbers, colors and positions of the sephiras).
      The colors used by Alan Moore in this case are, as should be expected, mainly those of the Queen Scale of the Golden Dawn. With some minor "variations" in some particular cases, as is the case with the issue dedicated to Binah(the sephira associated with Saturn), in which case the color on the Queen Scale is black, but Moore uses quite often nuances of brown(witch are associated with Binah/Saturn in the Prince Scale of G.D.) - i guess that in this particular case the problem was mainly of a practical sort, being quite hard to draw comic book pages using pitch black as the main color.

      Anyway, folks, please read the Promethea issues number 13 to 23 for a very good artistic illustration of much of the symbolism discussed so fervently here! And when you get to Hod and Mercury prepare for... Orange!! :)

    11. I apologize for some grammatical errors in my previous message: "I had wrote" instead of "I had written", and "witch" instead of "which"(this is an interesting one, maybe a freudian slip or even a synch, I dunno.. :) ).
      I am not a native english speaker so I am prone to do mistakes like those when I'm in a rush to write something.

  6. So many words to hammer this into the little heads? This not-a-choice: either it is natural evolution or: Aliens! (Can't be A must be B)
    Because i watched a film. You watch films too. And what else can we do?!?!

    How do you explain cancer? Auto-immune disease?

    1. Many auto-immune diseases are cured by diet. Read the article linked about wheat. Cancer? Everyone has cancer cells - what causes it to create tumors? For one, sugar feeds cancer. What's in all processed food? Sugar.

    2. There you have it. Cheers, 836.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Some of these new cancer drugs they have now are starting to work wonders.
      My mother has/had(?) lung cancer and she should have been dead by now, as she was taken off chemo because it wasn't working.
      They put her in a trail group over a year ago giving her this new drug which has nowhere near the side-effects of chemo and last week when her scan came back her doctors gave her the all clear saying that they can't find any sign cancer in her body.
      She still has one collapsed lung and a cough for the rest of her life though, but still...no cancer.
      The drug is only effective in about 1 in 5 people though.

      On another note I watched the old movie 'On the Beach' in May and found that it is perhaps more relevant today than it ever was and with global warming now in our media and thoughts it's quite ironic that the problem blamed for it in the current media is a problem in the movie when they can't get petrol to run cars and planes because the north of the planet is wiped out.
      I'm reading the novel by Nevil Shute now because there were rumours that he died soon after the movie of his book came out because he hated what the studio had done to his book and worked himself into a rage about it which eventually killed him.
      Kind of like how King hated how his novel 'The Shining' got a Kubrick makeover for the film's story-line.
      The thing I also find amusing is that in the film and book these surviving humans know that they will be dead in six months time, but a lot of them keep slipping into denial mode and talking like they are going to have grand-kids and that everything will work out fine, even though they know full well that it won't.
      And the scenario of a nuclear wipe-out like in the book, which my generation grew up under is still a very real possibility (maybe even more so) today.
      The movie as corny as it is is still relevant today and worth a look.
      But the book...so far anyway(I'm only half way through) is better at laying things out than the movie is.

    5. There's still plenty of opportunity for some nasty nucleoid autophagy, even now. I certainly hope not but did I mention we're in the opening stages of early-onset apocalypsia?

  7. Hey Chris, speaking of Lovecraft: have you read Ambrose Bierce's short stories? "The Death of Halpin Frayser", "An Inhabitant of Carcosa", and "Haïta the Shepard" all seem up your particular alley. Both of the latter went on to be very influential in Lovecraft's circles.

    1. Oh man, WAY back in the day. I read a paperback collection- The Devil's Dictionary. I think I still have it in the crawl space. I know one of his stories influenced Jacob's Ladder, which is one of my favorite films.

  8. Yes, the technological explosion was timed just right (unleashed by The Vatican, and moderated since then by patent), and there is no problem that it is laying waste to the ecosystem/ecology, because a far greater ecological desolation is immanent.

    So until the Earth wobbles, civilisation will become ever more intense as it is simultaneously sucked dry and flogged to death, I mean, encouraged to ascend.

    Remain a 'boiling frog' in Mordor, ever hopeful that conditions will improve, or escape the treadmill and flee to Hobbiton - while you and it still exist.

    1. What if no one would "run" (*) but simply stopped supporting the system? No money, no votes, no work, no media, no bowing down to uniforms and functions, no production, no building, no nothing. How do you think "they" ("it") would fare then? Who is actually creating the system, doing the actual work? Spreading the lies? Killing others? Doing insane experiments? Indoctrinating children of all ages? And so on.

      It really is that simple. One decision per human being and the resolve to act on it.
      But you know that.
      So why don't we?
      As long as we don't we cannot complain. So we might as well stop all the blogs and the books and the websites and the tears already.
      Those who do though, théy can complain!

      Don't be a traitor, that's all. (Yes, I know.... But it's the only conclusion that can be honestly drawn).

      I don't like it either...
      But yeah. The truth is the truth.

      (*) if everyone would run, that would have the same effect, the question is in what you do, not where. We're a mobile species by nature. The only thing we can and do 'run' from is our own accountability. And that's what 'kills' us.
      Why don't we support OURSELVES/EACH OTHER?

      That's all. Everything else is a distraction.

    2. But, if you had looked into Galadriels' Mirror, you would have seen that Hobbiton is eventually end-gamed and what was once a pleasant idyllic place to puff Old Toby till you see shiny Ainur sparkles, you will instead find yourself enslaved and working for no wages but sin at Saruman Corp. Yup. Better to run in Mordor (one does not simply walk or PUTTY through) and lob rings at the molten butt-hole of Mt. Doom and just where are those stupid eagles, anyway?

    3. I totally understand (and enjoy - always loved Hobbiton) the analogy, Zod. How does one flee to Hobbiton? By ascending the societal financial/importance strata enough to afford a seat on the literal spaceship? (Or CERN dimension door or whatever tech They're cooking up (via black projects funded by we, the tax donkeys) to escape Samsara.

    4. Anon11:20,

      Bear in mind that if by some supernatural power you were able to instantaneously wake up every individual on the planet and persuade them to enjoy their remaining years (months?) a free man, and thus have a good chance of defeating the Illuminati's plan, all you end up doing is bringing about a situation where 99.9% are wiped-out by cataclysm instead of 99%, albeit wiped-out free rather than an unwitting slave. And you make it highly likely the post-diluvian remnant goes back to hunter-gatherer for yet another cycle.

      Frankly, the Matrix had it right, the blue-pilling laity have an instinctual avoidance of anything resembling paradigm shift (let alone a red pill).

      So, Anon11:20, really, it's just you - there is no 'we'. Although you may have been indoctrinated by heroic movies (and Chris will know about this), the option to be a hero is not available to you. You cannot change others or the lives of others, but you can change yourself and your own life (your family's too, perhaps).

      Think not what you can do for your country, but what you can do for yourself.

      Bill, Tolkien was probably aware of the Illuminati (if not under their thumb), and so he may well have been inclined to deprecate 'retreat to Hobbiton' as a viable option - after all, if too many folk got that idea, well, the dark satanic mills would grind to a halt.

      You can't stop the pot from boiling, but you can get the frick out of it and find somewhere 'just right'.

      Beware of 'mirrors' wielded by powers and principalities.

      Ant, Hobbiton is living life more simply (abandoning the rat race). On the other hand, if you are high up in a secret society, you will have (or may think you have) other options.

    5. Oh, there'll be no sanctuary to escape to in the Mordorcorp Uber Alles World Order. Our new Saurons are making damn sure of that. Tolkien lived in a world in which the Beast was still just a spoiled child who lashed out and caused mass disruption. The Beast has since matured and harnessed its impulses.

    6. Right on, Chris. Sometimes the only out of the line of fire is to go through it. You got to get in to get out. That's about the only thing Peter Gabriel gets right.

  9. Apropos of...something? Jake Gyllenhaal's host body in 'Source Code' has the surname Fentress. What are the odds?

    1. There are no coincidences, only co-inciding events.

  10. so we lay down in the graveyard
    beneath the sycamore tree
    the branches stretched to heaven
    like bones set free

    1. Not only that but in the water swimming you can see the jelly.

  11. From the previous item:


    Very interesting (if true) that a human paired with an average AI could beat a super AI at chess. I smell Hollywood's next bandwagon plot (hint: use a cute kid and robot).

    PS It may also be one of our only means for survival.

    1. Meaning becoming The Borg. The Borg being what Starfleet will really look like in the 23rd Century.

    2. This is the plot of mass effect:andromeda made by bioware.

  12. Chris,
    'if this planet was in fact being colonized by an alien force with a different biology...and a different scale of time how would it all be any different?' If you haven't already, you should check out The Expanse.

    As for wheat, it declared war on my body 6 years ago. Can't eat anything containing it.

    1. I'm working on it. Whatever they did to it got to work on the opioid receptors so it's no wonder. Pretty poison. Like Stepmother Earth herself.

  13. Yup, wheat is poison.

    Also, assuming that burning plant is Hogweed, then this little ditty seems remarkably prescient, especially being from Mr. Gabriel himself.

    "The Return Of The Giant Hogweed"

    Turn and run!
    Nothing can stop them,
    Around every river and canal their power is growing.
    Stamp them out!
    We must destroy them,
    They infiltrate each city with their thick dark warning odour.

    They are invincible,
    They seem immune to all our herbicidal battering.

    Long ago in the Russian hills,
    A Victorian explorer found the regal Hogweed by a marsh,
    He captured it and brought it home.
    Botanical creature stirs, seeking revenge.
    Royal beast did not forget.
    He came home to London,
    And made a present of the Hogweed to the Royal Gardens at Kew.

    Waste no time!
    They are approaching.
    Hurry now, we must protect ourselves and find some shelter
    Strike by night!
    They are defenceless.
    They all need the sun to photosensitize their venom.

    Still they're invincible,
    Still they're immune to all our herbicidal battering.

    Fashionable country gentlemen had some cultivated wild gardens,
    In which they innocently planted the Giant Hogweed throughout the land.
    Botanical creature stirs, seeking revenge.
    Royal beast did not forget.
    Soon they escaped, spreading their seed,
    Preparing for an onslaught, threatening the human race.

    The Dance Of The Giant Hogweed

    Mighty Hogweed is avenged.
    Human bodies soon will know our anger.
    Kill them with your Hogweed hairs

    Giant Hogweed lives

    - ADVANCE -

    1. I think it's actually a Triffid. But point taken.

  14. Anyone familiar with Ken Wilbur and his Spiral Dynamics Cult? Just dawned on me that in his color coding system, Orange stands for the scientific/rational/technological mind state.

    1. Whatever happened to that Lex Luthor looking fuck? I remember seeing a lot of him back in the old New Age heyday.

    2. My theory goes his followers alienated anyone and everyone with whom they came in contact with their incredible "second-tier" thinking. That, and some (obviously "first-tier") people, sadly immune to his brilliance, actually investigated some of his claims and assertions. Oh, and one of his big shot meditation buddies got popped for pedophilia.

  15. Impossible to predict future events? I don't know. When I saw the trailer, I immediately thought "oil slick." Ruined it for me. Saw the creature doohickey thing and felt the whole whatsit was the usual giant anus womby thing.

    1. Don't you just hate those giant anus womby things?

    2. There are cosmologies that would posit that the universe itself is nothing other than a giant anus womby thing!

  16. The film version of Annihilation is a hell of a lot more linear and dumbed-down than the book, you'll be utterly unsurprised to know.

    1. You just described the entire history of motion pictures.

  17. Some interesting graphs here, charting the rise of RoundUp-ready wheat strains (now virtually ubiquitous) alongside rising rates of gluten intolerance, thyroid cancer, and gut infection, among other things:


    "Fish exposed to glyphosate develop digestive problems that are reminiscent of celiac disease. Celiac disease is associated with imbalances in gut bacteria that can be fully explained by the known effects of glyphosate on gut bacteria."

    "Deficiencies in iron, cobalt, molybdenum, copper and other rare metals associated with celiac disease can be attributed to glyphosate’s strong ability to chelate these elements. Deficiencies in tryptophan, tyrosine, methionine and selenomethionine associated with celiac disease match glyphosate’s known depletion of these amino acids."

    Monsanto's recent merger with Bayer (they are cleverly ditching the Monsanto name all together, so people will just think of Aspirin) is off the edge of the map, in terms of uncharted territory- which is saying a lot, considering the 80,000 untested chemicals in the environment right now.

    I was just talking to a friend about the absence of pollinators in our respective neighborhoods. I still haven't seen a honeybee in my garden. There are plenty of hives around, but the imbeciles around here are still putting them on the edges of corn and soybean fields. Meanwhile, my little town of 1200 believes it's under a curse, and they're having weekly ecumenical prayer meetings begging God to stop killing them with cancer.

    1. Info-dense data dump, JB. Well said.

    2. I grew up in Kansas...the heart of wheat country. All of our water was fossil water aka groundwater, and I suspect that Roundup ended up in the water supply in addition to being in the wheat itself. Long term, daily exposure for decades might be the cause of my wheat issues I suppose. Maybe I'm lucky that's all I have to deal with...

    3. In regard to Wheat. It was the Green Revolution in the 1960’s “end famine.” Look up Green Revolution. New hybrids were created for growth but they ignored a history of cultivation and these new breeds hurt our guts. The more refined the wheat the better it is for you. Stay away from whole wheat - you might as well go out and eat some grass growing by the side of the road.

    4. Bayer has its own demon infested closet.

      These products caused large numbers of haemophiliacs to become infected with HIV and hepatitis C. The companies involved included Alpha Therapeutic Corporation, Institut Mérieux (which then became Rhone-Poulenc Rorer Inc., and is now part of Sanofi), Bayer Corporation and its Cutter Biological division, Baxter International and its Hyland Pharmaceutical division.[1] Estimates range from 6,000 to 10,000 haemophiliacs in the United States becoming infected with HIV.[1][2]


  18. "Space Force" - Orangeman.

    & speaking of overpowered waifs, Millie Bobby Brown wearing a strawberry embroidered white shirt in a promo for 'ST3', which includes a brief snippet of her auditon video - 'spirit cooked' vibes got her turned up to 'Eleven', It also features 'The Duffer Brothers' one dressed in blue, the other dressed in orange.


    "Millie has these incredible instincts - I don't know where they come from but let's just let this happen & stay out of her way"

    "Millie was a gift"

    "She's able to convey more without a word than many actors convey with monologues"

    "Eleven is kind of like an alien..."

    "Season 1... I didn't prepare at all... that's why Eleven came out how she did"

    "Is Eleven gonna pop in the way that we all want her too"

    "What she does with her eyes... this was all... designed by an eleven year old girl"

    "...if you can cry again for continuity..." for a scene revolving round the discussion of a black hole in space.

    1. Duffers? No, straight-up blue-gold signaling there, K.

    2. Anyone else notice this CDAN about another cast member?


  19. X-files 3.24 Talitha Cumi:
    Cigarette Smoking Man: Men can never be free - Because they're weak, corrupt, worthless and restless.. The people believe in authority. They've grown tired of waiting for miracle and mystery. Science is their religion. No greater explanation exists for them. They must never believe any differently if the project is to go forward.

    Jeremiah Smith: At what cost to them?

    Cigarette Smoking Man: The question is irrelevant, and the outcome inevitable. The date is set.

    The date is set, indeed.
    Third and fourth season seem keenly similar to current events these days.
    Thanks for the info and wit.

    Also, new film with the Rock in it (Skyscraper), the building he's rescuing his family from is "the Pearl" or somesuch. Looks a bit like Dubai, though I've not actually looked into the film beyond watching a preview the other day.

    1. Wasn't that XF dialog/episode before the famous "It's all gone to hell!" line?

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. I'm about to write a post about the news stories in my local June 11th Queensland newspaper that will blow your socks off Chris.
    Three words "GOLDEN DAWN FRASER"
    Stay tuned.

    1. Golden Dawn Fraser?!

  22. Oh man Chris, you gotta write about this: Trump announced his intention to create a sixth branch of the military, the "Space Force." Is this event connected to the Vegas shootings and the Tom DeLonge disclosures? And everything else you've been tying together?

  23. I still have my money on race war, humans are pretty consistent in the lines they break across when civilization fails, but maybe you'll all surprise me and we'll have a Butlerian jihad instead.

  24. Chris, way to open up man and lay down the facts from the eye of the beholder on the dire state of things. I appreciate the view and think it takes a lot of footballs to critique a Natalie Portman flick, albeit positive...? I really liked her in Black Swan and most guys my age all had a crush on Queen Amarallelogram ...don't lie out there.
    But seriously, (as assisted suicide), They are, slowly exterminating us on every possible front they can get their hands on. Squeezing every plausible esoteric quasi rule out of a poisonous playbook.. Just to tighten their slimy stained fingers slowly around our necks, like jungle python do any corn field gardener.
    So then, after all this/takes root, the fluoride, the aluminum, the bayar crops, and population rates decrease, in come the real androids to take over the population, serving their creators and eventually reenacting T3 flash-forward sequences on-demand. Should I be digging my bunker now or can I wait another 10 years? I have my Netflix bills to pay.
    Have you seen the new Apeshit video? it's head-less: https://youtu.be/kbMqWXnpXcA

    1. It is easy to misconstrue 'precataclysmic exploitation' as 'slow genocide'.

      There is no logical reason why a secret society would machinate for millennia simply to exterminate humanity in an insidious manner - that strangely coincided with Earth's glaciation cycle.

    2. You're right Zod, I had too much to think last night. They ain't doing squat.
      I'm not talking about extermination of humanity but more of a 'throttling' through various means.
      It will be very difficult to procreate for some in the near futures. But maybe by then the secret sun will drag us into Disneyland.

  25. Anon309's speculation on orange seems like reason enough to throw another speculation out there... I recently learned that Rudolf Steiner (really influential in the German speaking esoteric world) associates orange with Thursday (i.e., Thor's day, or Jupiter's day). And I remember you citing reference to a lot of Jupiter-Ammon before the Siren took center stage.

    I think it's a stretch, as I don't know there's much evidence for Steiner's influence on the proceedings; but I figured I'd mention.

    If you're not already aware, Steiner had been associated with theosophy before establishing his own anthroposophy. I'm not aware of any break-off groups from that, per se; but considering that theosophy spawned such frightening offshoots as the Process Church, you never know, eh?

    1. P.S. correction: Process Church was a breakaway from Scientology (I know you know). I conflate the two because they hold Lucifer and Satan to be co-equal with God and Jesus; and anthroposophy holds central that Lucifer and Ahriman are malefic counter-balances to Ahura Mazda and the Abrahamic God.

      Sorry about that

    2. If the Process Church was the DeGrimstons, it probably goes back further, to the UK and the sex-mastermind of the Profumo Affair. Stephen Ward. It's right there in the latest visupview item Chris links to here.

  26. >As I’ve explained here the technological explosion of the past 70 years has absolutely no precedent whatsoever in history and as such there is absolutely no reason to believe it’s actually natural and indigenous.

    I like to think about this a lot lately. I was thinking. Someone in the 2080's will have actual solid video footage of the 1980's. But a person who was alive in the 1980's thought about the 1880's as horse and buggy shit.

    The modern world only came into appearance in the early 1900's
    Cars, aroplanes, radio, tv.

    The industrial revolution only began to happen in the early 1800's. If you traveled back in time before the 1880's get ready to live without electricity.

    I feel like 2020's will be a big paradigm shift. A lot of people in the astrology community seem to think that.
    I mean can you imagine if an actual generally intelligent AI was invented. That would def take us into a new age

  27. Call of Cthulu Official Video Game, soon to be released. I remember the first version. Scared the heck out of me.

    Also, I've taken an interest (probably unhealthy) in missing persons cases and their resolution. When it comes to men, more often than not they are found in a body of water miles from where they would have/should have ventured or logically been. Song to the siren?

  28. Hey Chris, any idea what happened to Tracy Twyman?

    1. Grooming someone else's little Barbie collection. Out of pure and unadulterated love. She's a doll. She'll be back when she is finished.

  29. The movie is based on the 1st book of a trilogy by one Jeff VanderMeer:

    Not sure if the movie is going to spawn sequels or not, but the author had intended a much different direction than what the film offered (as is so typical with Hollywood & its BS). Seriously, just read the book.

    1. I liked the book. So much that I don't want to risk the movie spoiling it for me.

  30. From the book:

    "Where lies the strangling fruit that came from the hand of the sinner I shall bring forth the seeds of the dead to share with the worms that gather in the darkness and surround the world with the power of their lives while from the dim lit halls of other places forms that never were and never could be writhe for the impatience of the few who never saw what could have been."

    1. Draining the blood from the 'Dregs'?
      Not so worthless after all.
      Just 'FOOD' (exchange of energy)

  31. http://www.star-telegram.com/news/nation-world/national/article213508754.html

    Vega Texas

  32. Things have always been dire and it would behoove us to recognize that. We should also recognize our own innate adaptability and toughness. As to what's coming down the pike, no one knows. Not Chris, not any invisible athletic whatsit, not anyone, not any thing.

    Learn to adjust, to adapt, to maintain flexibility mentally. If you think you are a slave, your brain will prove to you that you are a slave.

    We cannot abate the storm, the storm is. We can, however, understand the storm, and in understanding, attain possible survival and a little bit of wisdom.

    I don't doubt Chrises knowledge. However, he commits the error of thinking people don't know what's coming and maybe can't handle it. That's a broad and condescending thought.

    1. To state and reveal the intentions of the program has nothing to do with flexibility.
      To flex against an antagonist is to engage in an outright ruse.
      "There is no spoon"

  33. not in anyway relate.....but, an Offering?
    Eurydice Dixon
    Eurydice daughter of Apollo

  34. No Sumerian word for orange. Sirrush or mushussu describes a red, washed out with white and yellow.


    Orange - Enlil
    Yellow - Anu
    Green - Enki

  35. Upside down.
    The stars visible in the Babylonian night sky were originally divided into into 3 paths (ways) = the night sky was divided into 3 parts = northern, central, and southern regions. The stars of the path of Enlil in the northern region of the sky are, in modern terms, estimated to be within + 17 degrees of declination north. The stars of the path of Ea in the southern region of the sky are, in modern terms estimated to be within - 17 degrees of declination south. The stars of the path of Anu, located between the north and south paths, in the central region (but not strictly an equatorial band), are in modern terms, estimated to be within + 17 degrees of declination north and - 17 degrees of declination south. This system originated in the Old Babylonian period and continued until the Neo-Babylonian period.


    Enlil - Orange

  36. Down upside.


    Enlil - Red to orange.
    Anu - Center of mound.
    Enlil - Green. Woman buried sitting up. Google

  37. Alice is Anu.


  38. I agree the film had some interesting ideas but it's flaws outweighed them. Hereditary on the other hand was very interesting and equally horrifying.

  39. Exploitation of grief is at the root of civilization. Why grief? It is love at its strongest. It is the love that is still there even after the loved one is no more. The mourning being is the most vulnerable being.
    So why not use that against them? Turn them against self?
    So. Let's see. The best way would be to 'kill' everyone right after birth, take their lives from them but make sure to keep their utility. Even cleverer, we let their own parents do the main part of the killing. They will mourn! Their children's life, their own life... Yay! And
    the best thing is, they'll have no fucking idea! -No don't be silly, good grief! what's wrong with you? can you show me the 'body'?! nothing there! now, come on, get help!-
    Owww, all that yummy love energy... We build MASSive worlds from it, it's SICK man, wow!!! And the good thing is, even if some find out and kill us for it... that doesn't matter to us at all! As long as the great work goes on. In fact, we even encourage it, kinda! "You have the right to kill us, but you do NOT have the right to judge us!" ("because it's judgment that defeats us")

    Says me, WHO NEEDS A "Right" TO JUDGE YOU, A-HOLES?
    I just use my judgement!! Correctly.

    Have you guys ever heard of the sandwich-man? Joseph Methany.

    'The words `I'm sorry' will never come out, for they would be a lie,' he said in court.

    'I am more than willing to give up my life for what I have done, to have God judge me and send [me] to hell for eternity.'

    Gawd... LOL. King BBQ knows there is no afterlife, nothing to fear there. And he knows those so-called judges with their wigs aren't a real threat either.
    It's beings using their JUDGMENT that he fears. His very own SELF testifying against him.

    And then there's types like Joseph Matheny. Don't miss the one letter difference. Have a look. Thoroughly.


    Psycho's have no identity.
    But let's focus for a brief moment on the 'game-caller'. I'll bet Pettie read a hunting magazin in the sixties, and was kinda "inspired" to call his own "original game with a most original name" game calling. Which is just the use of an artifical device to trick others into unwittingly giving up their life for you. (Field&Stream aug. 1968). 'Cause living beings never understood each others languages.' UNTIL them. LOL. Freaks.

    Now this Joe also does very interesting interviews, "normal"people are too unbelievably stupid to EVER understand. Here's a nice example. You understand that out of the wealth of treasures (ROFLMAO) I can only give you an example here and there, but GAWD! What a GREAT GREAT PIECE OF WORK the guy is!


    So people, pick your role, are you a MUTE, a MUTANT, or an ANTI-MUTANT? They're actually and essentially all the same shit, but we don't have an alternative!! So yeah.

    So. Enough regular Joe bashing.

    Here's a joke.
    Have you heard of the murderer? He's "DEAD"!!

    "Their leader advocates a philosophy of "falling limp," both physically and mentally, in the face of opposition."

    When creating ever more obfuscation doesn't work anymore, that is.

  40. The Finders' "FREE STATE"... LOLLLLLLLL

    Who believes that crap? Healthy junks I s'pose.

  41. Red/Root/Moon + Orange/Sacral/Mercury + Yellow/Solar Plexus/Venus + Green/Heart/Sun + Blue/Mars/Throat + Indigo/3rd Eye/Jupiter + Violet/Crown/Saturn 777

  42. Hey Chris, you should check out SOPHIE’s new album “Oil of every pearl’s un insides”. Came out last week, The hipster elite are all about it right now, imagery and words and the name all fit in with this

  43. Possibly interesting synch. The climax of the movie "Midnight Special," in which a higher dimensional being incarnates as a human boy, is set in north Florida. In that scene, a half spherical portal about 100 miles in diameter, opens up in what appears to be the Panama City area. Everyone around sees the higher dimension world for as the few moments it takes for the higher dimensional boy to rejoin his cryptoterrestial higher dimensional brothers. Then it closes back up. Also, the movie has Michael Shannon in it (pre Shape of Water)as a good guy, and his performances always a treat.

    I would also argue that this world, as we know it, is a kind of kindergarten for souls, with many types of higher dimensional beings (and a few lower) trying to help us up and out of it. That being said, other complex societies on earth have had to be snuffed out, before. So there's that, too.

  44. Stunning story there. What happened after? Take care!