Saturday, June 02, 2018

"Orange Has Always Been Ours"

So I'm hearing some grumbling that things are moving too fast around here and folks are having trouble keeping up. Believe me, I know the feeling. 

The thing is that all these memes and archetypes I was pointing out last year are really starting to fly at us fast and furious and I think it's important to track them in real time so maybe we can figure out what they mean and where they are going.

So just bear with me while we take a very quick run-through the week in emergent archetypal dominants as they run roughshod over the collective consciousness.

The NRA seems to be getting a bit media-savvy these days, social media savvy to be precise. Hence these rather audacious exercises in Twitter trolling.

I can't help but wonder, though; is there a deeper subtext to the struggle over Orange here?

Memphis. Of course. It had to be Memphis. Where else would you decide to take the roadshow three days after Garlands Day? 

BONUS SYNC: JFK was born on Garlands Day. Not a particularly lucky day, is it? don't think there's a connection to all that business in Dallas and those weird human-sacrificey kind of king-killin' rituals they'd celebrate on Garlands Day, do you...?

The Parkland Pearlies have lost quite a bit of their lustre as of late, very probably since the media don't want the rubes getting too curious about the flaming s**tshow that Frank Miller comic-book escapee Scott Israel is running down there.

It's such a raging clusterf**k-- and not just the endless screwups with preventing the shootings-- in Broward County that his own deputies are calling for Israel's sacking. To the point of doing so on billboards.

The thrill is gone

Even Special Agent-in-Charge Jake Tapper has no time for Sheriff Israel's soft-shoe anymore. And when you lose CNN, you're done, at least in Deep State circles.

Maybe the fact that the Sheriff's son is a repugnant bully who likes to sexually assault younger boys has something to do with the loss of faith in the BCSD. Or that the deputy who was filmed cowering while shots were going off ran interference for his boss.

Seeing as how Broward deputies don't seem to be anything to write home about either you can only wonder how deep the rot really is at the top.

Then there are the dead deputies that need covering up by stressed-out media mooks. Like Deputy Jason Fitzsimmons, the badass bodybuilder who seemed to succumb to a bout of sudden-onset emo after the backlash over him having posted a dank Davey meme on his Facebook timeline. It happens. 

Speaking of trolling, this has got to be a put-on. A school teacher on a mission to make children "porn-literate" who also seems to have a burning need to advertise his love of pizza all over the Internet?

I'm not buying that gag, Cosmo-Demonic AI. Too obvious. 

Meanwhile, here's the latest in the Transhumanism, Transgenic romance and Humanity 2.0... 

"A new species of Martians," you gotta love that. What happened to the old one, pray tell? 

Yeah, I doubt this will be stopping at three, New Yorker.

Especially with this story making the headlines on Thursday and Friday. We recently saw the melding of human and shrimp DNA, so this looks like the logical next step on the road to our Mermale future. 

At this point I'd give it ten years at the outside before we start seeing real-life "real-life mermaids." I'm actually a little stunned this technology is as far along as it is already. 

And --of course-- the subtext here is breeding and reproduction. 

The technology comes from Iceland, of all places. Oddly enough, Iceland is in the news for the Sumerian-based religion Zuism, who we were told was just a joke but are now looking to build their own ziggurat.

Hmm, human-fish chimerism and Sumerian temples? Why does that ring a bell?

History is filled with movements that started as jokes (Bohemian Grove-cough-cough) and ended up rather more serious. You think L.Ron Hubbard really believed all that crap about Xenu? 

And this seems to be the most important story of our times, judging from all the coverage it's getting.

Starbucks, who ran chain-wide struggle sessions on Garlands Day, is looking a bit worse for the wear lately. Here's either some lousy logo placement for you or some mischievous Photoshopping.

Speaking of Garlands, have you watched Requiem yet? If not, drop whatever you're doing today and give it a watch. You can thank me later.

But a reader helped some pieces fall into place, like a game of psychic Tetris, by bringing up a certain phrase repeated throughout the latter episodes. Which was driving me a bit crazy, so cheers.

Gordon Runes and I have had a running debate on the series. I argue that it's all a roman a clef about a particular musical prodigy of Celtic extraction who experienced severe trauma and abuse as a child and was separated from her family at an early age. 

And may or may not ended up as a self-admitted shapeshifter whose eyes could turn kind of wacky seemingly at will and was possibly possessed by an ancient, somewhat-tempermental entity of indeterminate origin and purpose.

Gordon counters that the series rests on common archetypes and tropes, though it has to be said he's not as insanely fixated familiar with the source material as I am. Note the four graves at the end, for instance.

Though just between you and me I just think he's just messing with me. Gordo can be a proper leprechaun sometimes. You know; the old Trickster routine.

Want to see this, too. Though I'm guessing the "extreme belief" will be anyone who doesn't bow before the Neoliberal/Globalist agenda. Just a hunch.

Well, lookee here; Deep State Wurlitzer The Atlantic is suddenly noticing how all these blatant rituals seem to be shaping up to be a new religion for the new order of things. Mystery BeyBalon the Great seems to be the center of attention here, pictured here in her blatant Isis fertility ritual at the Grammys last year.

Her blatant Isis twin fertility ritual. Where she performed that "ethereal" tune, if you get my meaning.

And of course they talk about the Met Gala, neglecting to mention the twelve foot-tall alien demon on the roof at the time. But they did picture Riri in her Pearly Dew-Pope get-up.

Riri's done her own "ethereal" number, a lovely cover of a Tame Impala track. 

This article here hit some of the same themes and pictured BeyBalon in her Baphomet LARP.

And is this just a real estate investment or an elaborate Revelation 17 LARP? Watch this space.

Synchronisitically, this story popped in the Land of Enchantment this week, a weeping Virgin at the Our Lady Of Guadalupe church.

The church is directly south of Knowles, NM. An omen? Let's pretend so until we hear otherwise. 

Maybe that's why Our Lady weeps for us.

Is this Golden Knight Batsignal image for real? Anyone in Heaven or Las Vegas that can confirm or deny?

Which reminds me-- Vega and OA, together at last? Interesting.

In Royal Scam news, I couldn't help but notice that a Heaven or Las Vegas wedding chapel is offering bouquets based on the flowers Lady Di carried at her wedding. 

Bearing in mind the forget-me-nots Harry allegedly picked himself for Duchess Pearly's bouquet, any care to take a guess which 80s musical combo used the ominous calla lily as its symbol?

I'll give you a hint: haggis.

POP QUIZ: Which is Pearly Markle and which is (Fraserfarian Bene Gesserit) Alanis Morissette?

Write your answer down and send it along with three proofs-of-purchase to Secret Sun HQ, PO Box 331744 in Dubuque, Iowa and you can enter to win tickets to Alanis' new musical Jagged Little Pill.


  1. What's with the occult's fascination with the lily and rose?

    1. lily rose depp?

      But in these sign-spliced times:

      depp (the fool) rose (birthed) lily (regal mother pure rebirth)

    2. They may not even be different flowers. The lily is also called "rose of Sharon". But, assuming they are referring to actual roses, possibly wild roses, I think it's all about the shape.

    3. Okay,Eric, since you asked!:)

      From the Western perspective, white lilies symbolize,purity, innocence, becoming. Lately with Christianity the meaning is resurrection, or surrender to God's grace.
      In Greco-Roman stories the lily's meaning varies; unlawful passion (red lily), temptation, Gates of Hell, satyrs. The lily is the symbol of French kings.

      The rose in Western symbolism often means beauty, love, blood, Venus/Isis/Ishtar. The rose above a doorway symbolizes the need for secrecy.

      During Classical Antiquity it was the custom to put roses upon graves in a ceremony called ROSALIA.
      Rosalia syncs with Cocteau Twins' lyrics in "GARLANDS" ---
      "I could die in a rosary."

      The Smith-Rider-Wait tarot deck features multiple cards with the combined lily-rose. Rosicrucians are associated with the lily-rose symbol.

    4. Now, I could be wrong on this, and CK may correct me, but I believe the rose is representative of the sacred heart. And the sacred heart isnt actually the heart, but is representative of the 3rd eye chakra, or psychic awareness, via obscuring the symbolism with a swap between the head and heart during the time of the templars. Im not sure about the white lily, aside from the common, and Im sure purposely misleading connotation of purity.

      I dont recall if I picked up that bit here on Secret Sun or elsewhere, or pieced it together from a variety of sources. Theres so much info on this blog I cant keep it all straight. Im not a computer CK. Lol

  2. Alanis is everywhere - one of the Apple Music Rewind-type radio shows has had no less than 3 episodes dedicated to her influence on modern music.

  3. "Deeper Sub text" to the struggle over Orange?
    Well, we here in the Nether Lands (also Lowlands) have been living below sealevel since we claimed our land from the sea. We got gills, man, we can breathe under water. Our King is the King of Watermanagement...

    And our people are so very cool that they do not even feel the hypothermic shocks they are subjected to by the management. It's all good!


      'Ethnic Dutch a minority in big cities, so how do they integrate?'

      How indeed do they eh? How... a soul can drown in the desert too y'know dykes or no dykes.

      '‘It’s already happening in Amsterdam. Only one in three youngsters under the age of 15 is of Dutch parentage,’', 'Unfortunately we have had to suspend comments on this article due to the volume of replies which break our guidelines.'


      'The pearl, nicknamed the Sleeping Lion because of its unusual form, had been expected to fetch up to €540,000.'

      ...'9' eh? & 'Sleeping Lion'? 'Dweller in the Gulf' would have been too obvious, gotta keep folk busy & reward them with breadcrumbs of mystery, achievement unlocked!

      'The society is pleased with the sale, but told ANP it was like ‘a child leaving home’. ‘You want to be sure they get there safely.’'

      'leaving home' but where is the 'there' 'you want' It to 'get' to 'safely'?

      '' uses a blood-orange tone to highlight news menu options.

    2. Hey KTV! You missed the penis fountain! If that isn't watermanagement, then what is?

      DutchNews 'Best of the Web' links to:

    3. OMG... Why do I have to read this in the Guardian?? We're "living" in "living laboratories"...

      I knew it. But whomever I ask, they tell me I'm nuts. Paranoid even. Now that's funny. If THEY are secretly watching everyone and turning everyone into a potential danger and what not, how can it be ME that's the paranoid one? Geez... Typical.

      And what's with the "diffusing the smell of oranges to calm people down"?? I hate synthetic odours!!


    5. Yeah, smart everything...... And it's not just to monitor us all the time, but also to control and direct our behaviour. Our environments are controlled environments, designed to affect and steer our "choices", while making us think that it's all us, ourselves.
      The odor-technology is an entire science: ambient fragrances. But it's also the architecture and engineering...

      .... with the objective of making us 'feel good' in an environment that is unnatural and not good for us at all. We wóúld feel bad, but they fool us into thinking we're happy.

      We are rats trapped in Rat Park....and most people just "love it"!!

      And do note the very sneaky nature of the above video...

      >> “Living among millions of strangers is a very unnatural state of affairs for a human being,” says Ellard.>>

      It is. It's called "society". "The public good". "The amazing capacity of humans to cooperate in large numbers". "Being social".

    6. And here...on 'nudging'...

      "Techno-social engineering through (choice) architecture is rampant and will grow in scale and scope in the near future, and it demands close attention because of its subtle influence on both what people do and what people believe to be possible. Accordingly, this article evaluates nudging as a systematic agenda where institutional decisions about particular nudges aggregate and set a path that entails techno-social engineering of humans and society."

    7. That paper is worth the effort, btw. It's linked as a pdf. (As it happens, you will be taken to a site named 'Poseidon01'.)

  4. A hyper-atheist is someone who realises The Bible is not nonsense but steganographic esoterica of utmost importance to mankind.

    1. Like that scene from The Day After Tomorrow where a guy does just that.

    2. How do you call someone who realises The Bible is not nonsense but still thinks it's of little importance to mankind?

  5. Zuism? Zumanity? So with this royal wedding is this a signal of humanity's full-circle return to Sumer (or Babylon with all the Beyonce stuff)? Just imagine my shock judging by society's gradual regression back to pagan trends over the last two decades or so. It seems to me a lot of this started from Seattle simultaneously together with the ultra-depressing grunge shit and Starbuck's coffee both inexplicably taking off like a house on fire. Maybe, from a symbolism point of view (considering Starbuck's logo), the Mermaid of Doom emerged from the sea in Seattle and wailing her famous siren song ('Ask any mermaid you happen to see...' No - just kidding on that one) of destruction of everything - systems, attitudes, beliefs, etc. - has been ongoing since.

    Curiously, the Sumerian god of wisdom, Zu, which is the heart of this new Zuism, is depicted as a thunder bird.

    There are lots of native totem poles in the Pacific North-west (Seattle again) topped with a thunder bird. What are the odds? Go figure...

    1. Liz's rumoured of Sumerian descent, & before then who's to say eh? A wager on a firmament of some kind may well pay a dividend.

      Meghan's adding, or could that be re-fusing, to the bloodline - through her jewish heritage - again takes us back to the same Sumerian desert (which wasn't always a desert - at least not entirely), so, know your place serfs: old queen / new queen / queen killer / killer queen(?)

      & on the latter the trailer for 'Bohemian Rhapsody' (with It's Bryan Singer link (a 'singer' no less!) stringing It with the casting couch abuse) emerged in the run-up to the 'happy couples' big-day.

      'Queen' are almost as far from grunged, & 'Jagged Little Pilled*', sulking sensibilities as possible. Taking over from 'singer' emergency director Dexter Fletcher stated: 'The entire BR company has been through storms which would have sunk many a ship, but they're all still on board, full of optimism – and with a team spirit stronger than ever.'

      'full of optimism'... in spite of the horrors? 'Freddie' did sing 'The Show Must Go On' afterall & this was after the consequence of his having had "a ball", at least for his own Mortal Coil, was coming to collect.

      (*When Alanis emerged to international star-making effect, her first go at It not having achieved stellar luminosity, her ascent was of such brilliance It shaded Madonna, co-founder of the 'Maverick' label Morissette was signed to, with industry mutterings that her own follow-spot lit time was done & dusted.

      + 'In 2005, Morissette re-released an acoustic version of the album ...on the tenth anniversary of the original album's release. This album was originally sold through Starbucks' Hear Music brand in an exclusive six-week deal...', ' of the most successful albums of the 1990s ...debuted at No. 117 on the Billboard 200 before climbing to No. 1 in October ...Morissette held the record by the youngest artist to be certified diamond in the US, until she was beaten by Britney Spears with her debut album ...Baby One More Time.' (wiki)

      I'd say there's a splash of blood orange tones on the cover of 'JLP', 'JLP' a familiar acronym's in there, resplendent as the image of Alanis looking up to the heavens.)

    2. Some people claim the Mandela Effect began in the Pacific Northwest.Kind of ironic,don't you think? A recent change from this past week is the Starbucks brand name on store locations that many people remember as just saying "Starbucks" in green font,instead the signs now
      appear in white font and say "Starbucks Coffee".

    3. *Mengele Effect

    4. Mandala Effect?

  6. Once you pointed out the media's psychic-driving Orange festival, I could not unsee it, which is to be expected. But then I also realized I was seeing it in seemly innocuous that really haven't been made in orange before, like retirement cakes, non-Halloween-related children's clothing, and _pacifiers_, of all things.

  7. Just want to wish everyone a wonderful International Whores Day. All the Hallmark racks seemed empty though so it may be too late to get cards out.

    "As she prepares to meet with lawmakers on Friday for the first ever National Sex Worker Lobby Day on June 1 to talk about sex worker rights and help get the word out about demonstrations and rallies happening across the country on June 2 for International Whores Day, D’Adamo says this advocacy work has also brought people together. “A lot of community groups have been coming together to meet each other and get to know each other,” she says."

    (bonus orange smoke bomb pic!)

    1. The 'backpage' shutdown was spun as 'sex workers rights are women's rights' by the 'women's march' offical twitter.

  8. Sheriff Israel
    It really makes you try not to think.

    1. Notisync things is an anti-sync ethic.

  9. Hey Chris, what's it feel like to get an Eagle Award?

    Speaking of prizes: Here, in the Netherlands, they hand out Machiavelli Awards, no joke! And no one even raises an eyebrow.
    It's a great honour!

  10. Orange-hued wisdom choking pearls:

    "The left can't meme"

    "Adolf Hitler took the guns"

    "People don't have sex with sea creatures unless the world has failed them"

    Orange as lifesaving apparel, when out shooting, sailing or infrastructuring, doesn't merely keep a soul in sight & 'Safe From Harm' It signals that soul out as a target of attention whether in grasslands, woods, in the water or on a highway: "Here I Am"... If an entity isn't (entirely) acclimatised to the space we're part of It's going to need a bit of help picking us out from the noisy mess of signs & symbols we're waving whilst drowning in, "Here I Am".

    & on Ambien (Am Be In / Be In Am?):

    “racism is not a known side effect of any Sanofi medication”, what is a 'known side effect'?

    Chatter suggests the 'Roseanne' revival, Trumped as a bulwark against swjism (yes... by the msm!!!), & something to be entrained by whilst the WALL gets built (who are the real 'dreamers' in The USA today eh?), was always going to be subverted, or rather subverted further, the true anointed 'RudyGrace' of these 'post-truth' signed times being:

    'Darlene' is the mother of 'Mark' 'whose gender presentation is cause for conflict' (wiki), considering how common It is for the rainbow'd to have been sexually abused is a subtext of 'season 10*' that 'Mark' & maybe even the 'unemployed' 'Darlene' have been abused (by a fellow member of the 'Conner' family ...perhaps the 'pussyhat' wearing aunt)?

    This concentration of the overton window onto 'Darlene', whether the revived 'Rose' is rebooted so or not, further's the very thing, 'WALL' built or not, that's on the stacked deck of cards that we're all lined up for no matter what 'color' a soul claims as It's own, this includes those stating with conviction that they were 'Born This Way' too, "We're all one" to that which preys on us, It's the ultimate anti-bias, anti-discriminatory reperatory quota filler.

    (*Eleven's coming no matter what in the form of 'Stranger Things 3'... 'ST' as 'Roseanne' in the 'Upside Down'?)

  11. More of that Rosy syncing feeling... 'Rose' 'Sinks' - another chimera,

    'Roseanne is the latest hit show from the 1980s and 1990s to be revived, on the heels of comedy Will & Grace and supernatural crime drama Twin Peaks, both of which returned to television in 2017.'

    'Major Garland Briggs'? & 'Briggs' = 'bridge', father of 'Starbuck' the mother of an 'ALF'-splice? & perhaps an 'ALF' is precisely what's going to fill the gap in the schedule now the Rosy bloom's lustre is to be liberated further? Maybe 'ALF' itself will be next on the one-eyed-monster's splice-life-giving slab of a scrying mirror:

    'ALF appeared in the Blossom episode "The Geek". He appears as the guardian to the Gates of Heaven in Blossom's dream and denies her entrance into Heaven upon her breaking the 11th Commandment that states "Thou Shall Not Geek". On a related note, Blossom is shown to have a plush toy of ALF.', 'ALF appeared in the Love Boat: The Next Wave episode "Trance of a Lifetime."', 'ALF has a cameo in the 2016 Funny or Die parody film Donald Trump's The Art of the Deal: The Movie as Donald Trump's best man.' (wiki)


    'At the end of the show in 1997, Roseanne reveals she was writing a book that the viewers were watching the entire time.'

    There's no need for the Alan Moores & Grant Morrisons meta-circle-jerkery of old-one archetypes on this Blue Pearl where fishy tales abound & all's dragged under by the siren song.

    Back in January 'Garland' released an album titled 'Preludes #1' on the 'Lullabies For Insomniacs' label, the collage cover of which includes an off-centre slit of orange, a 'pupil' perhaps, next to a largely disembodied shoulder & arm (the glimpse of the body of which is garbed in orange)... garland / orange / ambien / Roseambien? / pharmacologically polluted humours to be birth chimeric post-humans, the birthing of which requires our destined extinction?

  12. Maybe a sync too far, but ...

    Kenneth Johnson's rebooting V, the Visitors wore orange.

  13. Well as long as we're still throwing all things "Fraserian" into the mix, June 28th looks to be an interesting time for synchs. Its not only a Full Moon, but specifically a "Strawberry Moon" (& in Europe, its known as a "Honey Moon" or "Rose Moon"):

    1. And the flower moon fell on garlands day go figure. 2018 whoomp whoomp - ALF

    2. It gets better. The new moon is also, technically speaking, a strawberry moon (a new strawberry moon). And it falls on the 13th, the day after the summit of USA and North Korea in Singapore. It also happens to be 40 days after the Great Flood signal indicated by the Super Torch Ritual site in one of their rare public articles. Did I mention that the summit was in Singapore? I thought so.

  14. Was just in the mall yesterday and caught a glimpse of music video by Maroon 5. Didn't see it all, but dude's under water surrounded by very mermaid-esque ladies, gets out of the water and is hit by a barrage of what can only be assumed to be asteroids, then the entire fabric of everything, quite literally, unravels.

  15. Whoa. Big OA sync right here. Coheed And Cambria dropped the first song from their upcoming album. They’re a punk/prog/metal act who usually put out high science fiction themed concept albums. The last album wasnt a concept and kind of fell flat (as in it was horseshit) and this is supposed to be a return to their space opera roots. They always utilize a lot of symbology and this newest one is about as OA as it gets.

    *The overarching storylines in most of their previous work dealt with such topics as: space faring humans, genetically fabricated dragonflies that spread space madness, lab grown messianic and destructor siblings, giant planets suddenly appearing in our atmosphere.*

  16. Also...this:

    Mr. +44 himself

  17. Catholic Diocese "probes virgin"
    a little E.T Pedo trolling to fill the tank. No worries, Mary brings the lube

  18. A cop goes full perv in Orange City, FL.

    And speaking of pervs, the real question might be why is Huffpo giving this story traction?

    This guy hits virtually all the dog-whistles except trans-species sex. Though perhaps that's just buried somewhere in his swampy mind and words, yet to be expressed.

  19. So, 'synchromystics', what are we? Pre-cogs? 'Better not to think of them like humans'? 'Pattern recognition filters, that's all'?

    Serious question.

  20. Yay, I was finally able to post something useful to the blog! (the fish vag story, if you're not following) I feel so smart! lol

    Meanwhile, I just purchased an orange shirt, orange eyeshadow and an orange lippie. Damn Rihanna for her mattemoiselle! But it looks so nice against my skin. The cosmodemonic AI got me :( I promise not to wear it on a designated orange day, that's the best I can do. :(

  21. All this orange has me singing R.E.M's "Orange Crush" which is a song about war. (Single released 1988)

    R.E.M member Micheal Stipe said the song is about a former high school football player's experience during the Vietnam War. (Stipes' father was a Vietnam vet. Stipe himself a military kid.) Wikipedia

    Orange is the color of the planet Mars in the night sky, AKA the God of War. Which Chris wrote of awhile back.

    Further,among the many songs composed by R.E.M member Micheal Mills, two titles that stand out for Siren sync purposes, "Nightswimming" and "Find the River". Wikipedia

    From Nightswimmimg:
    "They cannot see me naked"

    From Find the River:
    "Where people drown and people serve
    Don't be shy, your just deserve
    Is only just light years to go"

    Peace, everyone.

  22. Hi Chris,

    I kept meaning to share a couple things. First, from M.P. Hall about the pearl quotes from Prov. 2:2-5 and Matt13:45,56, the first concerning wisdom and the second the pearl of great price. Here's his commentary:

    "The pearl is a most mysterious and sacred symbol, for it is produced within the oyster as a protection against some foreign substance that enters the shell. this is the same oyster described by Plato when he explains that man is held within his body as an oyster is held within its shell. Man through experience and suffering (the foreign particles) builds the soul (the pearl) as a protection, as a method of rendering evil harmless. The pearl thus becomes the symbol of the godliness and divinity that is within man, especially in its attribute as soul, the link between spirit and body.
    " During the medieval times there sprang up in Europe a mysterious sect called the Illuminati. The story of the pearl of great price became the most important part of their ritual, and members of the order were dedicated to the search for this pearl in the same way that the Knights of the Round Table sought for the Grail.
    " To the Illuminati the pearl was virtue, man's protection against evil; it was wisdom, man's protection against ignorance; it was faith man's protection against death; and most of all it was understanding, man's protection against life.
    " In the esoteric tradition, the pearl has gained a new, or rather a more perfectly stated meaning. The pearl of great price is hidden in the depths of the sea and those who would secure it must dive down into the waters and search for the pearl in the subaqueous sphere. Thus the pearl becomes the symbol of truth; the ocean, the sea of rebirth; and the diver, the human spirit that must descend into the gloomy and mysterious depths in search of truth.
    "It is a proper part of symbolism that divine truths should find their analogies in the most precious of physical things. Thus, while base metals and nonprecious stones are the appropriate symbols of the physical world and its comparative unimportance, precious stones and the most valuable of the metals may be likened to spiritual matters. Therefore the shrines of the gods are adorned with the most precious of this world's goods, the robes of the priests of ancient times were encrusted with jewels, and the ornaments of the temples were of the purest metal without dross. Man gave the best as his offering to the Best. Whatever was dear and valuable to him, was to some degree symbolical of truth, the most precious thing in the world.
    "In another parable, that of casting pearls before swine, the pearls become symbols of wisdom; and swine, by their nature animals of gross and profane habits, that greater part of humanity which is incapable of comprehending wisdom. It is not right to profane wisdom by bestowing it upon that which is obviously unworthy. Wisdom must be superior, protected, and made available only to such as can comprehend it. That is why the esoteric sciences have remained, even to this day, in the possession of a few who bestow them only upon worthy and upright candidates."


  23. Second, I just listened to the Skeptico interview, and have been thinking along the same lines lately concerning the great significance of space and star alignments. I listened to a excellent webinar of J.P. Farrell's about sympathetic magic, his metaphor of the medium, and consciousness affect on material, in which he reads from Bearden's Gravitobiology (I haven't bought it yet so I'm merely paraphrasing). If I'm understanding it correctly, Bearden believed that energy would 'gate' into the world in such a way that a sudden 'evolutionary' jump would occur to certain life on earth. Greatly summed up but I think I'm capturing the gist.
    What also seems to correlate, is the speculation that crystalized forms, i.e. gems or metals, represent cosmic energies materialized, and if you'd really want your 'magic' to 'stick' you'd matrix as much 'energy' as possible coherently. Presto chango, you'd get yourself a genetic upgrade.

    P. S. I watched Minions 2015, which had a scarlet woman, a fishman, and the British crown. There was probably more, that's just what I remembering off the top of my head.


  24. Pearls, Royals, it never stops...
    "The Pearl Royale will give you a 'million-dollar orgasm'"

    Has our fave cross of course -worth a peek-

    1. "Despite the price tag, the jeweller says there's a lot of interest in the piece, mainly from Russian jewellers and members of the hip-hop community.

      In his interview to the Post, he added that the Pearl Royale can help achieve a "million-dollar orgasm", although the device is yet to be tested."

      Summary: a very carefully crafted "sex toy" that has not yet been tested to see if it's suited for its allegedly intended purpose. Oh, and the untested product just happens to be full of symbols and design elements that seem rather familiar.

      PS: Rotate the image 90 degrees (cross up) and note how the archways just below it look suspiciously like harp/lyre frames.

  25. A song from the colour wheel opposite orange:

    "You are like the ocean
    Control me with your tide
    Power so severe that I can't hide
    Drawn into the darkness
    A siren in the night
    And washed upon the shore by morning light"

    'Undertow' is the opening song by Chrysta Bell from her eponymous EP released earlier this year, the song starts with a response to The Pearl Watered Lady & the cover of the EP shows Bell partially submerged in water, both eyes closed & one eye covered with a blue rose. Due to the arrangement of her arms & face an 'OA' can be seen too.

    'Blue Rose' is the fourth track, 'blue' 'rose'...

    "He calls me blue rose
    My true love
    Like stars your far from me
    Yet somehow part of me
    Light-years away
    I hear my name

    He calls me blue rose
    My true love
    Like clouds you'll disappear
    Yet still I feel you near
    Deep in my dreams
    My sailor sings"

    Bell looks like she could have been spliced from the same vat that gestated Marina Abramović.

    'Celebrated performance artist Marina Abramović has created a virtual-reality experience that features melting polar ice caps and an avatar of the artist drowning in a glass tank. It is, in her words, a video game.', 'The piece, titled Rising...', 'in this, may have two meanings: rising water and rising consciousness [about the issues of global warming].”', ' are asked to make a pact with Abramović, to save the environment. Depending on what you choose, the avatar will either be saved or drown.', '“There was this feeling when I approached [Rising]: How can I do something which approaches children specifically, because they're the ones who play video games. How to raise consciousness in children about the planet?”'

    & on transcendental meditation Bell says:

    'TM is my secret weapon. I cannot overstate what a powerful tool it has been for me for increased inner peace and well being. And I have no idea how it works. It just does and I am extremely thankful to have it in my life. I became interested after hanging around David's office in the early 2000's and seeing a difference in the people that worked with him and David himself. In his offices and studio there was ease, lovingness, compassion, productivity. David was an endless fount of creativity. I wanted all of that for my life too. TM seemed to be the X factor. I learned in 2006 and I can say enough positive things about it. Yes, absolutely an accessible tool for the GP. It's the simplest thing in the world and somehow profoundly powerful to help people feel better. Do better. Love themselves and each other more. Have greater capacity for compassion. It's just a really beautiful thing.'

    No idea if she's any tattoos (David Lynch is an Aquarius though), but Bell's got quite a pair of pipes when singing live, her full name is Chrysta Bell Zucht & 'zucht' means 'sigh / a pathological desire or craving / a disease / sickness'.

  26. 44 yr. old prophecy:

  27. More mixed signals:

    'When “Solo: A Star Wars Story” tickets first became available during the fan-created Star Wars holiday of May the 4th...'

    Blood-orange banner & sentiment, that will be reinforced in all media, that it wasn't enough of a snowflake to stand out hence relative lacklustre returns, 'lando' hocus-pocused as a 'pansexual' with a 'droid' fetish isn't a turn-off for fans & casual cinemagoers alike the conditioning must only be increased!


    'As I now forced NRA member with multiple memberships I ask @DLoesch to please support Universal Background Checks. 80% of us NRA members support universal Background checks, so why don’t you?.'

    a(nother) confused tweet by David Hogg pictured in the article glamoured in orange like a good activist.

  28. September 17, 1990 – In what is now regarded as a landmark event in regards to women in journalism, reporter Lisa Olson was sexually harassed by multiple New England Patriots players while trying to conduct a locker room interview.

  29. History repeats itself. 2018 shares the same calendar layout as 2011 (singularity, Lateralus), 1990(hello-internet), 1973(hello cell phone/atm/end of vietnam look it up), 1945(hiroshima, poor FDR murdered-maybe), look it all up WTF happened during those years and you will probably lose your shit. We are now knee deep in it.
    Also stumbled upon Orangeburg Pearl River NY Lederle Laboratories...for a 500 acre site dealing with major sociopolitical influences in the early 20th century, this place is now super covered up.
    Robert Plant, John Frusciante and (RIP) George Michael also covered Song for the Siren.
    No one in my town wore orange today, that stuff can fly a kite imo...
    what I see is peeps veering off the media influence, pulling independence (see 1992), but at the same time I'm expecting major outcomes for the rest of this calendar year that will have us reeling for a few more to come...
    The new beatitude:
    "F*ck the doomed, you're on your own"

    1. In one middle america town yesterday had both the not-at-all-grassroots scheduled gun rally and, only a short block away, a teen-organized music festival. Maybe 100 teens were at the gun rally. Thousands chose to spend their time otherwise, despite being a very short walk away.

      To use a sports analogy, it looks like the local teen team beat the Bloomberg national team by a score of about 25 to 1. Though it may have been 33 to 1, which would be even funnier.

    2. yes, the new record is nice. SFTS was also covered by Sinead, the male part of Dead Can Dance (God, I so choose Lisa Gerrard's Glossolalia over that of 'Liz'), and by Brian Ferry. I prefer Tim's original version.

  30. Chris, if you think Alanis looks like Meghan, look for Begoña Villacis in Google. She's one of the new "cool" spanish politicians. Guess the color of her party's (called Ciudadanos) logo. Yes: that one.

  31. A number of internet personalities, in support of "Wear Orange Day," have been sharing the SMS short code to get involved: 644-33

  32. Orange Aware = stay alert something is about to happen.

    The alert may be a fake though in the service of focusing & charging energy in a specific direction to harness in service of other ends, or to be worked further towards getting closer to achieving those ends.

    1. Green ain't mean compared to red-Sammy Hagar-...Orange=On Rage..also tho, No Rage.

  33. People reading this blog will have noticed how 17 is a constant presence in rituals, starting of course with the obsession with Revelations 17, repeatedly indicated here even in this post. Interestingly, I discovered recently a clue about this. I met this weekend with a guy who is apparently an expert on Vedic mathematics, because a friend of mine who does maths and is always on the lookout for people in the cafe who are writing stuff with maths on them wanted to introduce him to another friend of mine who is somewhat obsessed on ancient civilizations, and I happened to be around. (If you don't have friends like that, I just don't understand what makes your life worth living.) Anyway, after this man explained some ancient Vedic maths to us, I asked him, "Is it true that in Sankskrit letters can be interpreted as numbers?" He said this was true, and that a particular sutra happened to be the numeric equivalent of the inverse of 17. This clued me up to the really ancient nature of this particular ritual obsession. I thought I would check things out with a book I recently bought on the subject of sacred numbers and sacred geometry, and I looked up what it had to say on 17, which was: "Seventeen keeps many secrets. Both Japanese haiku and Greek hexameter consist of seventeen syllables, and Islamic mystics often refer to it as particularly beautiful." Which proves again the point of how ancient this is, since it's had time to spread all over the place.

    For those who think that was just kiddie stuff and want something a bit more hardcore, look up "Geometric keys of Vedic wisdom", then check the post "Lost secrets of the Rig Veda recovered". After reading that, look up "Thom's stone circle geometries using a grid of squares". And read Revelations 17. I told you it was ancient stuff.

    1. The Christian Bible contains the
      New Testament section called "Book of Revelation" / "Apocalypse of John" and
      includes "Revelation 17".The Bibical Scriptures do not include the title word : 'Revelations' with a "s".

  34. According to this article, Ambien is not related to 'ambient', but is AM Bien, 'good morning'

    Good morning...

    Oh Really??

    1. I've heard of a family where Ambiened-out mom is a regular center of attention with her madcap drug-fueled antics and silliness. They find it all rather amusing. I find it more worrying than amusing.

    2. "Dormí muy bien" "Yo también"
      "I slept very well" "Me too"

  35. This bit from 14:21 with Jay Weidner, how he uses the term "he got Clockwork Orange'd" (about Kubrick and Moon Landings psy-op) - very much reminded me generally, of a ever-present symbolism/association for a perpetual psy-op that always goes in the background of our pop culture:

  36. MC says

    Re: "woman born without a vagina has one made out of fish skin"
    Leaving aside the hilarity of using fish skin to construct a "fish mitten" ...You're searching for syncs in the wrong place here.

    The woman who had the operation just happens to be black.
    Does this remind us of anything?
    Let me give you a few hints - "fish skin", "scales all over (your) body", "leprechaun lights"...
    and maybe something about a cabaret performed by African-American biological-warfare victims (hmmm..."mystery diseases" have been in the news lately)

  37. Gotta point out this: a popular prison colour, orange, a certain tv show, and the thought - are they trying to tell us this whole planet is a prison? With them as jailers, of course, of course.