Saturday, June 02, 2018

"Orange Has Always Been Ours"

So I'm hearing some grumbling that things are moving too fast around here and folks are having trouble keeping up. 

Believe me, I know the feeling. 

The thing is that all these memes and archetypes I was pointing out last year are really starting to fly at us fast and furious and I think it's important to track them in real time so maybe we can figure out what they mean and where they are going.

So just bear with me while we take a very quick run-through the week in emergent archetypal dominants as they run roughshod over the collective consciousness.

The NRA seems to be getting a bit media-savvy these days, social media savvy to be precise. Hence these rather audacious exercises in Twitter trolling.

I can't help but wonder, though; is there a deeper subtext to the struggle over Orange here?

Memphis. Of course. It had to be Memphis. Where else would you decide to take the roadshow three days after Garlands Day? 

BONUS SYNC: JFK was born on Garlands Day. Not a particularly lucky day, is it? 

Say... you don't think there's a connection to all that business in Dallas and those weird human-sacrificey kind of king-killin' rituals they'd celebrate on Garlands Day, do you...?

The Parkland Pearlies have lost quite a bit of their lustre as of late, very probably since the media don't want the rubes getting too curious about the flaming s**tshow that Frank Miller comic-book escapee Scott Israel is running down there.

It's such a raging clusterf**k-- and not just the endless screwups with preventing the shootings-- in Broward County that his own deputies are calling for Israel's sacking. To the point of doing so on billboards.

The thrill is gone

Even Special Agent-in-Charge Jake Tapper has no time for Sheriff Israel's soft-shoe anymore. And when you lose CNN, you're done, at least in Deep State circles.

Maybe the fact that the Sheriff's son is a repugnant bully who likes to sexually assault younger boys has something to do with the loss of faith in the BCSD. Or that the deputy who was filmed cowering while shots were going off ran interference for his boss.

Seeing as how Broward deputies don't seem to be anything to write home about either you can only wonder how deep the rot really is at the top.

Then there are the dead deputies that need covering up by stressed-out media mooks. Like Deputy Jason Fitzsimmons, the badass bodybuilder who seemed to succumb to a bout of sudden-onset emo after the backlash over him having posted a dank Davey meme on his Facebook timeline. It happens. 

Speaking of trolling, this has got to be a put-on. A school teacher on a mission to make children "porn-literate" who also seems to have a burning need to advertise his love of pizza all over the Internet?

I'm not buying that gag, Cosmo-Demonic AI. Too obvious. 

Meanwhile, here's the latest in the Transhumanism, Transgenic romance and Humanity 2.0... 

"A new species of Martians," you gotta love that. What happened to the old one, pray tell? 

Yeah, I doubt this will be stopping at three, New Yorker.

Especially with this story making the headlines on Thursday and Friday. We recently saw the melding of human and shrimp DNA, so this looks like the logical next step on the road to our Mermale future. 

At this point I'd give it ten years at the outside before we start seeing real-life "real-life mermaids." I'm actually a little stunned this technology is as far along as it is already. 

And --of course-- the subtext here is breeding and reproduction. 

The technology comes from Iceland, of all places. Oddly enough, Iceland is in the news for the Sumerian-based religion Zuism, who we were told was just a joke but are now looking to build their own ziggurat.

Hmm, human-fish chimerism and Sumerian temples? Why does that ring a bell?

History is filled with movements that started as jokes (Bohemian Grove-cough-cough) and ended up rather more serious. You think L.Ron Hubbard really believed all that crap about Xenu? 

And this seems to be the most important story of our times, judging from all the coverage it's getting.

Starbucks, who ran chain-wide struggle sessions on Garlands Day, is looking a bit worse for the wear lately. Here's either some lousy logo placement for you or some mischievous Photoshopping.

Speaking of Garlands, have you watched Requiem yet? If not, drop whatever you're doing today and give it a watch. You can thank me later.

But a reader helped some pieces fall into place, like a game of psychic Tetris, by bringing up a certain phrase repeated throughout the latter episodes. Which was driving me a bit crazy, so cheers.

Gordon Runes and I have had a running debate on the series. I argue that it's all a roman a clef about a particular musical prodigy of Celtic extraction who experienced severe trauma and abuse as a child and was separated from her family at an early age. 

And may or may not ended up as a self-admitted shapeshifter whose eyes could turn kind of wacky seemingly at will and was possibly possessed by an ancient, somewhat-tempermental entity of indeterminate origin and purpose.

Gordon counters that the series rests on common archetypes and tropes, though it has to be said he's not as insanely fixated familiar with the source material as I am. Note the four graves at the end, for instance.

Though just between you and me I just think he's just messing with me. Gordo can be a proper leprechaun sometimes. You know; the old Trickster routine.

Want to see this, too. Though I'm guessing the "extreme belief" will be anyone who doesn't bow before the Neoliberal/Globalist agenda. 

Just a hunch.

Well, lookee here; Deep State Wurlitzer The Atlantic is suddenly noticing how all these blatant rituals seem to be shaping up to be a new religion for the new order of things. Mystery BeyBalon the Great seems to be the center of attention here, pictured here in her blatant Isis fertility ritual at the Grammys last year.

Her blatant Isis twin fertility ritual. Where she performed that "ethereal" tune, if you get my meaning.

And of course they talk about the Met Gala, neglecting to mention the twelve foot-tall alien demon on the roof at the time. But they did picture Riri in her Pearly Dew-Pope get-up.

Riri's done her own "ethereal" number, a lovely cover of a Tame Impala track. 

This article here hit some of the same themes and pictured BeyBalon in her Baphomet LARP.

And is this just a real estate investment or an elaborate Revelation 17 LARP? Watch this space.

Synchronisitically, this story popped in the Land of Enchantment this week, a weeping Virgin at the Our Lady Of Guadalupe church.

The church is directly south of Knowles, NM. An omen? Let's pretend so until we hear otherwise. 

Maybe that's why Our Lady weeps for us.

Is this Golden Knight Batsignal image for real? Anyone in Heaven or Las Vegas that can confirm or deny?

Which reminds me-- Vega and OA, together at last? Interesting.

In Royal Scam news, I couldn't help but notice that a Heaven or Las Vegas wedding chapel is offering bouquets based on the flowers Lady Di carried at her wedding. 

Bearing in mind the forget-me-nots Harry allegedly picked himself for Duchess Pearly's bouquet, any care to take a guess which 80s musical combo used the ominous calla lily as its symbol?

I'll give you a hint: haggis.

POP QUIZ: Which is Pearly Markle and which is (Fraserfarian Bene Gesserit) Alanis Morissette?

Write your answer down and send it along with three proofs-of-purchase to Secret Sun HQ, PO Box 331744 in Dubuque, Iowa and you can enter to win tickets to Alanis' new musical Jagged Little Pill.