Wednesday, May 30, 2018

The Never-Ending Ritual: "Adorned with Garlands"

As per usual there's more to cover than there's time to cover it, so forgive me if I just drop some rapid-fire syncs and factoids on you and open up the floor.

Today, of course, is Garlands Day, the traditional day of sacrifices to the gods of the waters, and there is so much going on out there my head is stuck on spin-cycle. 

Of course the big story today is Roseanne Barr's remarkable self-immolation on Twitter, hurling out some ugly language at former Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett. 

A lot of people are wondering what could have possibly possessed the sitcom superstar to say such things, forgetting Barr's long history of outrage and provocation. And arguably, mental illness.

I don't have the time or the interest to dig into this mess but I will note that "Roseanne" might reasonably be interpreted as Ros-Anna, meaning of course Ros Inanna, or "Dew of the Queen of Heaven."

Just a little interesting sync there for Garlands Day. Plus, Orange.

Be sure to check out my interview with Alex over at Skeptiko. We do a deep dive into the Met Gala (again, "Gala" is the Sumerian name for the priests of Inanna) and Synchromysticism itself. 

You can watch the video, download the mp3 or read the transcript. There will be a quiz.

Before we go any further, some deep background on today's significance from an earlier installment in the Siren saga:

May 29 was once known as Garland Day in Britain. It still is in a couple villages.
Castleton Garland Day or Garland King Day is held on 29 May (unless that date falls on a Sunday, when the custom is transferred to the Saturday) in the town of Castleton in the Derbyshire Peak District. 
The Ancient Castleton Garland Ceremony is an important annual event in English Folklore history and thought to be a relic from a Pagan fertility rite. (BBC)

More on this Garland Day: 
The Garland King (or May King) rides on horseback at the head of a procession of musicians and young girls, who perform a dance similar to the HELSTON FLORA DAY furry dance. 
The "garland" is an immense beehive-shaped structure that fits over his head and shoulders, covered with greenery and flowers and crowned with a special bouquet called the "queen."
Yeah, I think we know how that story ended in pagan times. 

Another Garland Day: 
(On) Old May Day, the children of the Dorset fishing village of Abbotsbury still "bring in the May." They do this by carrying garlands from door to door and receiving small gifts in return. 
At one time this was an important festival marking the beginning of the fishing season. Garland Day used to center around the blessing of the wreaths, which were then carried down to the water and fastened to the bows of the fishing boats. 
The fishermen then rowed out to sea after dark and tossed the garlands to the waves with prayers for a safe and plentiful fishing season. This ceremony may be a carry-over from pagan times, when sacrificial offerings were made to the gods of the sea.
The Romans also had a Garland Day in May, where offerings were made to Neptune.

Today is also the 21st anniversary of Jeff "Shepherd Boy" Buckley's drowning death in Memphis. Today is also the day Buckley's former manager published his new memoirs on his time with the doomed star. 

I'm not sure how much Sibyl-Siren material there will be in it and I wasn't exactly bowled over when he cited "Liz of the Cocktail Twins" as one of Jeff's three great loves, but hey.

But do note that Jeff was with Our Lady, Queen Dowager of Sibyls and her Unmercenary Musicians the day Kurt Cobain's body was found. Where were the ill-starred lovers at the time? 

In Las Vegas, of course.

Speaking of Heaven or Las Vegas, this actually happened on Garlands Day. 

At Mandalay Bay. 

I mean...Jesus. Should I just stop all this now? I mean, seriously. 

Thanks to Cirque du Soleil (who else) and a conspicuously Masonic-looking clown.

For no reason in particular, Starbucks chose Garlands Day to hold a chain-wide series of racial-sensitivity training seminars. This action was inspired when two young black men were arrested in a Starbucks in Philae-Delphi several weeks back. 

I guess the Board of Directors just threw a bunch of dates into a hat and chose Garlands Day at random. But the controversy and the aftermath of which has kept the famous Siren icon quite visible in the mainstream news, quite coincidentally.

Just one of those serendipitous kind of things, I guess.

We talked awhile back on the drowning death of the actor who played Jeremy in the iconic Pearl Jam video. Well, recently this BI popped up on Crazy Days and Nights and readers there seemed to think it was about him:

Blind Item #1 - Reader Blind Item

For this former child actor - probably one of the most iconic faces of the 1990s because of this one appearance - it was like Hollywood all over again. Despite the barrage of offers that followed his breakout role, he walked away from the business. Part of it was that people liked him for being famous, rather than for being himself, and part of it was the predators in his midst. He knew why they liked him too. 
So, as an adult, he got a degree in international relations, and dedicated himself to humanitarian work. He worked on improving access to education for girls in the mideast and elsewhere, but was especially interested in the plight of trafficked children. It turned out to be ugly, grueling work, officials, even parents and family, turning their backs on his efforts. But where as in the business he felt his only choice was to walk away, this was his calling.
Sadly, he died in August of last year. His death, by drowning, in a certain (basically) colony, was ruled an accident. But missing from his belongings was his latest and last notebook, which contained not only his usual musings - poems, musings, lyrics (the latter is the reason you'll know him - not his, but this probably permanent A list gen x front man's) - but extensive accounts of child trafficking by wealthy and powerful men in countries he had worked, and involvement by Westerners, including at least one music mogul known around here. He died a martyr's death, like his screen counterpart.

My favorite Cure song, in case you were wondering. 

No, really.

Today is also the video release of the Alex Garland film Annihilation, starring Natalie Portman. 

I have my eye on this flick as a possible example of subliminal propaganda for the Antient and Clandestine Order of Crypto-Fraserfarians, more commonly known as the "Co-Frasons," so expect more about this soon.

I plan to watch it this week so I'll let you know my verdict. I do find it interesting that Garland's name seems to be dominating the headlines on the release.

Surprising absolutely no one, Shirley Manson of Garbage and The Sarah Connor Chronicles outed herself as a Reformed Orthodox Fraserite of the Edinburgh Synod in Forbes today.

This was on Reuters' Twitter today. My thoughts exactly.


OK, so who's the Fraserfarian among the Windsors? Inquiring minds want to know. You don't get hits like this and still get to cry coincidence. It's just not going to happen.

Forget-Me-Not deep background.

More Forget-Me-Not deep background.

Harry rocking the Cross du Shamash, AKA The Maltese Cross AKA the Templar Cross.

As I was saying...

I guess this could be argued to be a nod to the first song on the second side of Heaven or Las Vegas, "I Wear Your Ring," as a FB member pointed out. A nice bit of Synch to the "Frou-Frou Foxes in Midsummer Fires" synchery we looked in the previous post. Bookends, as it were.

And of course jasper is the building block of Heaven in the Book of Revelation, which we learn of in the 21st chapter along with the Pearly gates and so on and so forth and my god almighty do I fear for this couple's future or what?

Kazakhstan, kids. Asylum. I hear it's an up and comer. Get in on the ground floor.

And of course Charlotte was a big hit with her own Garlands. I mean, all for that, all for that went to Charlotte. Because she is his. Ah, she is his spangle baby. Uh.

Speaking of Heaven or the Vegas, Secret Sun readers saw this coming a mile away. The Knights defeat the Kings, eh? 

Oh, no deeper symbolism there, all right.  

Finally, I support this idea whole-heartedly. I recommend folks start with "Pale Clouded White," "Pandora" or "Great Spangled Fritillary."

And copy me on your results.


  1. It

    1. Tom Arnold went on the Opie and Anthony show a long while ago; and discussed his tumultuous marriage to Rosanne. He States that she was pretty heavy into Wicca and being a witch. Very funny interview.

  2. I was wondering if you followed that blind item site (I've seen other commenters mention it). There is some crazy shit on there...

    1. Indeed there is. One post in particular I've been waiting for a follow up on.

    2. the Bronson/NXIVUM/Libya connection is nuts. Did you know M.I.A. (the famous middle finger thrower during the Madonna Super Bowl) was married to a Bronfman (divorced now)? he is a musician and uses a stage name for his last name.

      interesting that she also has ties (and espouses their views) to a militant group in her home country that the US/EU considers a terrorist group. (Tamil Tigers/Sri Lanka)

      "...LTTE has...its sophisticated international support network...[funding] obtained through criminal activities, extortion among Tamil diaspora, involving sea piracy, human trafficking, drug trafficking and gunrunning."

      also just seeing that her mother was a "commissioned seamstress for the Royal Family" when they lived in London.

  3. Brilliant and horribly necessary work. You may just receive meta-librarian and crypto-analyst awards of the new millennium.

    1. I think they hand out those awards at the door to the poorhouse. ;-)

  4. Roseanne's so called dangerous tweet dares to mention worldwide villain George Soros.. apparently a no no. In addition to such bravado she made Racist Planet of the Apes comment about Obama aid Valerie Jarrett in connection to Terror group Muslim brother. By the way Valerie is not black, she is an Iranian Muslim.
    As far as Starcucks training day, Sponsors include Open Society Foundation< (georgesoros) hmm

    1. Yeah, I thought the tweet clarified why Soros answered "I can't afford it" when Donald Trump told him to please get an office in his tower, and name his rent price. And it clarifies where Trump's sympathies lie as well.

  5. Are they setting her up to be a siren or a sacrifice? Maybe neither, but I sure wouldnt want to be the one centered in the full monty of garland-siren symbolism.

    1. Oh man. I don't know. This is why we need semiotic literacy in this world.

    2. If you're talking about Meghan, I'm operating under the assumption that she's being set up to be Rosemary (of "Rosemary's baby", of course). Among other things, because in the Hello magazine, the full-page advert just after the dozens of pages going on in full details about the wedding said "Rosemary has superpowers". Not kidding.

  6. On 'decoding messages':

    1. The McClaughry's Blog is at least useful in assisting paradigm shift - that history is not bedrock.

      However, as is typical with disinfo, they don't venture into the "Why?" or "So, what IS the truth then?", or "Where does the labour extracted from the slaves end up - given it's vastly more than marble floored palaces?". and "What's so great about ruling the world anyway?"

      For example, Heliocentricity was established as the heretical 'alternative/secret' theory precisely to persaude the inquisitive that they'd arrived at the truth (and so wouldn't venture further - to discover barycentricity).

    2. Thanks for the link. I'll check it out.

    3. Zod,they sure do. They have a great many articles and delve into all of that,but granted, the site isn't easy to navigate, so probably your judgement is based on a cursory glance
      Furthermore, no one asks you to accept ALL (or even anything) of what they write, as ALWAYS you should do the work yourself.

    4. Anon12:18, I did read 90% of the long articles linked from the front page, however, even glancing through their 'reading library' there seems to be a dearth of hints that the authors go back far enough, deep enough. And this evokes the typical 'disinfo aroma', i.e. another sack of jigsaw pieces that don't make a picture, but include one or two that fit in to a much larger one - which is often the intention.

      If you think there is an article I've likely missed that fully answers one or more of my canned questions, feel free to put the link in a comment to this.

    5. Zod, you may not be interested in ruling the world, but at any time there surely are lots of people who are interested.

      You seem to have been caught up in the idea that long cycle/creation stories are what it's all about. Maybe those stories are there to persuade the inquisitive that they've arrived at the truth, and are just another distraction. The truth is that secrets are stable. It's an intrinsic property of human nature and human societies. Any justification you think there is for any secret is another distraction. People can handle the truth. Every day there is somebody somewhere who has to deal with something horrific. The reason we don't always get the truth is because human societies that allow for a certain amount of propaganda and lies work better than those made up of scrupulously honest people, not because any given justification for any given secret is a particularly good one.

    6. Pardon me, but I'm hard put to think of a stable secret, either in terms of its secrecy or its actual content. I would hasten to add that usually the reason we don't get the truth is that most people don't want to deal with the implications. JFK? 9/11? Do we want to all go into the streets and brave the sonic attack cannons(they'll just turn the knob up all the way to:"poop yer pants!"),'kettling', mass arrrests and 68 Democratic Convention level savage beat-downs. Also, here's one less ontroversial: It's proven that the LIBOR is completely rigged. Therefore 'markets' are fictive and actually do not exist as such. When you don't have honest price discovery, you can't have markets. What will we burn incense to when Markets are proven to be as false a god as science?

    7. Or taken the 'social contract'. Completely nonsense.

      Just to name one.

      But, why should we burn incense to anything at all? I am pretty confident that we never were that irrational, until this disaster called civilization happened.

    8. Spot on Psul! Rarely can people articulate the fictive nature of our money system as well as you did there, by identifying the inherent contrast between a "free market" of complete information setting "perfect" price points and the conspiracy-by-definition of "trade secrets" blocking ir inhibiting the "complete information" our system allegedly runs on. And the nail goes into the coffin under the myth of (intellectual) "property rights." Many political rants about the merits and sanctify of property rights are really just secret calls to preserve this inherent imbalance/unfairness in a system allegedly based on perfect pricing.

    9. Paul, it's good to see you've also noticed that while true markets once existed and were once useful, they no longer do exist, being unsustainable, and so now we have computer controlled/simulated markets (exhibiting plausible market-like behaviour to the uninformed observer). This is primarily because we are now 'running on empty', the eschaton not yet having transformed into apocalypse at the earliest times predicted, but then the schedule is measured in millennia rather than months. Like the emperor’s new clothes, it has been surprisingly easy to persuade everyone that exponential debt growth only makes sense to the most intelligent economists.

      Anon3:38, you’re right, a ‘social contract’ is bunk. The only legitimate/ethical rights are natural rights, i.e. the innate powers of the individual in equilibrium (harmony) with their fellow man. Ultimately, you also have to include ‘government’ under ‘social contract’. People do not institute governments, but the Illuminati hire the likes of Thomas Paine to promote the idea that it is indeed the people who will have shortly chosen to do so. Governments are a key tool of the ‘slavemasters’ – as the McClaughry's would probably put it.

      However, it is really the Illuminati we have to thank for our ‘civilisation’ – however disastrous you may feel it has been. But, then they can’t really tell you that it is part of a mission beyond human comprehension (Escape Saṃsāra), that a disaster far worse awaits the proles and their asset-stripped economies...

    10. Zod, the entire concept of 'rights' is problematic. There are no rights in nature. And that's a very fundamental issue. Yes, there's a kind of innate morality, an understanding of being part of all of life and the desire to live in harmony with all beings and to respect their 'boundaries'. But that has nothing to do with 'rights'. It's just natural, and right.
      A 'right' is something else entirely, it's a made up construct, and it is no more than some sort of 'claim'.
      There is also no 'property' or 'ownership' in nature. Those too are made up concepts, heavily relying on the concept of 'rights'.
      And when I said 'boundaries'... think of it like this. Everything and everyone takes up space on earth, you exist as time and as space. Your time is literally your life. You are a body with mobility, which too is literally your life. Your mobility means that not just you yourself is your life, but it also includes the greater environment, potentially all of the earth. Nature does not have any 'laws' (yet another made up construct) that keep you from going where you want, or force you to go or stay where you don't want to be, nor does it have laws that force you to spend nearly all of your life-time working for IT. Nature of course has some principles, but that's an entirely different thing. Since you are part of nature yourself, naturally you will want to learn and love and respect those principles.

      Could / should write much more extensively on this subject... The thing is, with 'civilization' we cannot properly call our lives LIFE anymore. Rather, we spend our entire lives as mourners (for most this is a completely unconscious thing) grieving the Life We'll Never Have.

    11. Anon10:09, I could also write more extensively.
      Every individual has natural/innate power - to live, to exclude others, etc. The term 'right' simply denotes a power in its equal form – as individual powers are, on average, e.g. despite a girl being typically physically inferior to a man, in terms of rights they are equal, that ethically, any power either has is equivalent to that of the other – even if not physically. So, a right, is simply a power that is a priori equipotent in all individuals. This is why it is the scales that are the symbols of justice – to restore balance/equality in cases of inequality.
      The instruments of injustice are the ‘rights’ granted by kings, governments, legislatures, etc.
      You can of course argue that rights are invalid, natural or not, that societies are better off abandoning justice/egalitarianism, and simply letting the physically powerful dominate and exploit the weaker as they see fit, but then ‘society’ ceases to be an apt term.

  7. 'The question that has been puzzling me for twenty years is how to disarm the viewer, how to turn the viewer into a mollusc, soft and receptive to doubt. In times of increasing polarization, that need only becomes stronger. I am convinced that when we are regularly thrown off balance, we can confront the social debate in a more sensitive and less didactic and binary manner. It's not up to the artist to bombard the spectator with yet another truth. But instead I hope to work on a periphery of a debate, to question and shake up belief systems. I believe in the subtle breaking down of boundaries: the boundaries of the axioms in the mind of the observer and the boundaries of assumed decency.'

    'Sic transit gloria mundi” (Thus passes the glory of the world).'

    'soft and receptive to doubt', is a mollusk 'soft and receptive' to doubt when it forms a pearl in response to an alien presence inside It?

    Pearl formation is a rarity in the wild, which goes some way to explain their being valued so (from an initial oh shiny-shiny perspective), if a soul's inner mollusk (or capacity to become mollusk) is entrainable, might machinators coax more vessels from among us from within which more & more pearls can be made manifest?

    1. I am seriously going to try to get the Pearl stuff up this week. There's a very specific meaning to what we're seeing today.

  8. This post is fun. But the claims and the connections to meaning are severely tenuous. It jumps around all over the place. And Is Eddie Vedder the next fall guy? Or was he knowledgeable about the human trafficking going on in the 90s? And what the hell do the Cocteau Twins have to do with anything!? I mean I feel like the Dude in the Big Lebowski here. To quote the Dude, "And what was all that shit about Vietnam? What the FUCK, has anything got to do with Vietnam?". What the fuck has anything got to do with Elizabeth Frazer?! Leave her alone and let her live in obscurity with the rest of us!

    1. You poor, benighted soul. Still living in the world of unknowingness. Still cling to the illusion of causation. Sad.

      Well, I am here to lift you out of your ignorance and error. Dig into the archives and relieve your soul of the burden of not having received the salvific Gnosis.

      And if you're going to refer to the Caledonian Pythia, whom we revere as Our Lady, Queen Dowager of Sibyls, have the respect and decency to spell her surname properly.

      You also lose a point for the Big Lebowski reference. Don't worry, you will be allowed to atone for your transgression.

    2. Of course Anon has a point!


      The reference to the crossword puzzle is about Susan Haack's 'foundherentism'. Check it out.

      Compare Scientology's 'doctrine of the stable datum'.

      "Any body of knowledge, more particularly and exactly, is built from one datum. That is its stable datum. Invalidate it and the entire body of knowledge falls apart. A stable datum does not have to be the correct one. It is simply the one that keeps things from being in a confusion and on which others are aligned."

      And if you do not accept the 'data' scientology gives you you will be harassed and declared a Supressive Person. Until you repent.
      Like it happens in all "society".

  9. Was wondering if you saw that the skull of a half-mammal/half-reptile ancient creature was discovered in Salt Lake City, Utah. Appeared on my front page and made me laugh.

    1. Fun stuff- many mammals descend from therapsids, theriodontal mammal like reptiles. The big split happened in the Permian, when all life on this planet was nearly snuffed by a combination of horrors. Possibly a trifecta of planetesimal impacts, off the charts vulcanism and an ice age that many think froze over most of the world's surface. These animals evolved into other forms at the Triassic. The theriodonta evolved into modern mammals. Sorry, I've lapsed into pedantry an I can't shut up!

    2. Paul, per the McClaughry's, given the pervasive deception and misdirection in the historical record, such as the hiding of the secret sun in the 19th century, I am now ready to entertain the idea that the reptile->mammal lineage is another artifice, a story to elide what would otherwise be far more disturbing, i.e. no paleontological evidence that mammals abruptly evolved from reptiles (despite many artists' impressions otherwise).

      If the story has it that mammals arrived around 66 million years ago, and yet there is evidence of h sapiens going back at least as far as 50My, then that adds weight to the idea that mammals evolved elsewhere (even if ultimately from a common DNA root), but arrived in a spacecraft/ark (from the secret sun: the Sun's twin star system only 2,000 AU away - at perihelion).

  10. Because it never ends:

    According to NBC, Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final between the Golden Knights and Washington Capitals on Monday night saw the telecast do a 28.1 local rating and a 44 share in Las Vegas.

    Established in 1974, this is also the Caps 44th season in the NHL.

    1. The All-Important 44. Yeoman's work, Otter.

    2. One of the obscure stars for NV (Noseky?) came from the Red Wings, and spent the majority of his time with their minor-league affiliate the Griffins, for what it's worth. A quick search also showed the Griffin is the symbol for the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Another parallel with the Eagles/Patriots face-off perhaps.

    3. Defenseman for the Capitals, Brooks Orpik (#44) broke a 220 game goal drought with a goal in today's game.

  11. If Roseanne posted those same comments about Trump or some other white douche (maybe swap MB for KKK), she would have been praised as a hero. Racist my ass...reaching much? I think the network PC PR team were having anxiety nightmares and in serious constipation/nervous anticipation for a comment like this. Now they can sleep peacefully, bless 'em

    Love the guy, but does anyone else think John Goodman looks demonic? he always had the voice to go with it (remember him in the Coen Bros' Barton Fink "Look upon me! I'll show you the life of the mind!") and now with age it's more so!!

    1. Oh sure, but she knows the rules of the field she's playing on.

      There's also the possibility she wasn't up to the rigors of leading a major network show at her age and sabotaged her career to avoid the Robin Williams expressway.

    2. IDKY but my first thought was she didn’t write those tweets at all, someone in control of her (PR) did... on purpose to railroad her of course. And now she can’t be like “I didn’t say that” no one would believe her. Oh the power of social media. Nah, she prolly did, JK! Who knows.

    3. Roseanne pulled the plug before they could. Anyone who's is paying attention can see the role Hollywood plays in our "reality" and the manipulation of culture. They weren't going to let her win. A tweet mentioning Valerie Jarrett is so inside baseball to be suspicious, Now more people know about Valerie Jarrett than before and they should. Everyone should.

    4. Anon 2:17, yes... links? pretty please?

    5. Now I understand that she has blamed this behavior on Ambien. She further claims that she has no memory of what she Tweeted, and that she Tweeted a good deal of things that night she doesn't recall as a result of being under the drugs influence.

      USA Today published an article yesterday which provided a quote from the Ambien maker, which went on to report:

      "Sanofi, who makes Ambien, tweeted a response Wednesday morning: "While all pharmaceutical treatments have side effects, racism is not a known side effect of any Sanofi medication."

      The pharmaceutical companies got jokes. Wow.

      Then, Lo and Behold, in his recent podcast with film maker Kevin Smith, Joe Rogan defends Roseanne's claim while Kevin Smith cautiously tries not to offend anyone in the room or on the planet. Also, AI Robots eat people, apparently. Enjoy.

      I just think its interesting to note whenever celebrities or public figures say or are quoted saying outrageous things, there are always these camps that spring up around them. Not including their publicists or the spinner's of their narratives.

      Chris - kind of calls to mind those great lyrics from King Crimson, doesn't it?

      "On soft grey mornings widows cry,
      The wise men share a joke.
      I run to grasp divining signs
      To satisfy the hoax.
      The yellow jester does not play
      But gently pulls the strings
      And smiles as the puppets dance
      In the court of the crimson king."

  12. Hey Secret Sun peeps, already gotchya covered on "Great Spangled Fritillary". May not be precise but it's as close as I got. I had a reason for at least attempting this a few weeks ago. Don't forget your life jackets.

    Verse 1:
    Jeanpierre Adija
    Rán San Naki Peninnah, Chimera, Angelica Speaking On A Belladonna…
    Rán San Naki Peninnah, Chimera, Angelica Speaking On A Belladonna

    Verse 2:
    Mata Dans Cinnabar
    Mercalli Keela Pumanik, Chara Pun-Habib, Anibas, Tongue-Touge’s Belladonna…
    Mercalli Keela Pumanik, Chara Pun-Habib, Anibas, Tongue-Touge’s Belladonna

    Ugama - Oi - Kāf - Ḥēt
    Who - Ζηκυο - Zeig Komm Herr

    Coda Refrain:
    Adenómero For Rust-Rust
    Praca Jibo Panaceas
    Vervain The Vein, The Thingy-Thing
    Adenómero For Rust-Rust (x8)

    Coda Multitrack:
    How Didjya Know!? - Yeah Oh!
    How Coudjya Know!? - Oh Yeah!
    Haku Dié! - Oh Oh Oh!
    Listen to you! - Oh Oh Woah!

    1. Excellent work! I'd offer that the first verse of the bridge is "nun ayin mem yod vav het".

      Y'know, because the Sibyl is speaking on behalf of the Archangels. I think that's their version of "testing, one-two."

      Keep at it- I'm impressed!

  13. Just watched a season-2 episode of The Goldbergs sitcom. It featured a high-school production of Starlight Express. Which, as Wikipedia tells us, features not only a bunch of secret sun-y logos and other imagery but also a main character named Pearl...

    1. Ooh. Wanna do some grabs for us?

    2. My girlfriend and I watch the Goldbergs. There is an episode called "Big Orange" as well.

    3. The Goldbergs are a witty show. Of course, the real Goldberg family were upper-class psychiatrists living in a Tudor mansion. The mother looks MK'ed; she's forever decked out in black-and-white polka dots. Classic multi-generation abuse. No wonder the show runs on Disney-owned ABC.

  14. i hate the witching hour, today my dream was about reading the stars, and i looked at the night sky at 9pm, and saw the conjuction of stars (the only one i recognize is Sagitarius constelation, with an emphasis in the arrow, which was supposed to be in line with another bow an arrow....) and the earth had an electric pulse, that lasted 9minutes from the north pole to the south pole. I was like "wtf" in the dream, like i understood something important. I turned around to my husband and daughter, looked terrified outside, and saw comets and other lights crashing to the the ground. My husband asked me what happened, i showed them outside and then he asked me "what do we do" (because he knew i was reading the sky for answers) and i could not explaine what i understood fast enough to tell him, so i answered "just be humans". I told him to come downstairs, passed by the kitchen and i picked up the biggest knife, and the dream was over. I woke up trembling and really scared, at 3:30am. (normally i just wake up afraid for the dreams that involve other "beings", not the ones with content...)

    1. Harrowing, Pilar. But powerful and laden with portent. Thank you.

  15. The first Duke of Sussex (Augustus) was "not really married" to his woman (Augusta), hence she could not receive the title of Duchess.

    Check this out:

    It appears that Augusta wrote some 'book of cures'(and more).


    Note this curious sentence: (at the second, supposedly proper wedding - but not really) "The couple used their correct names but did not reveal their full identities"
    How? Did they both wear veils? Were they so obscure that no one even recognized those names?

    Well, anyway, if "Harry" (really Henry) married "Meghan" (really Rachel), are they or aren't they 'married'?

    Augusta seems to have taken a great interest in Voltaire who was a jesuit and 'the father of the french revolution'.

    1. Wow- juicy data-download. The Royals are back and spewing out their spellcraft. Pray for us, Our Lady.

    2. Sure it's all spellcraft. (do these types never get tired of themselves??)

      But I can do without prayer and 'our lady'! I can recommend it!

    3. You made the Baby Phoebe cry.

      There are no Sibyl-denialists in FEMA camps. Just remember that.

    4. Hell was invented for the believers.

  16. Oh man...Annihilation. You’re in for a doozie.

    I honestly cant believe they made it into a film. I picked up the book on a whim at the airport four years ago for a travel read. It was unnecessarily vague and kind of a slog to get through. I knew it was part of a trilogy yet had no interest in readimg the other books. Needless to say I was surprised when they greenlit the project.

    Seems like it was chosen as a narrative to be boosted even though the original source was lackluster. The movie definitely has some details that I dont remember from the book.

    Ironically...I bought the book at the Denver airport. They were selling copies of Robert Anton Wilson’s Illuminatis at the register.

    I shit you not.

    1. Oh, I believe it. Because Denver Airport.

      I'll keep you posted on the movie.

    2. "Robert Anton Wilson would have loved this author and book. A must read --Dr Christopher S. Hyatt"

      was a new review added to the Amazon page for a new book that contains quite a bit of RAW quotes/insights, and some insights from the great shaman Christopher Knowles... all within a *traditional* Gnostic framework

      sea "on What is" at

      or from ** where they may even give a discount (and possibly a free copy for our secret Sun shaman - tell BB herb sent you!)

  17. Hello, this is my first time commenting here... I found this blog after stumbling across a highersidechat about song to the siren on YouTube and just wanted to say... ohmyfreakingod! In 2012 I suffered a sudden cardiac death and had a whole bunch of really disturbing adventures in a place I was told was 'The realm of the Dead' before being resuscitated by paramedics! one of the most striking experiences was being told by 'The Guardians' ...your world is run by ritual magic! After coming out of a coma and being discharged from hospital I have found it impossible to return to the world view I had before my 'event' ...and it has almost driven me completely insane! to find a blog like this that mirrors a great deal of my own thoughts and sneaking suspicions (I no longer have any beliefs) ...well, what a relief! Anyway, I listened to the song to the siren chat last night and wanted to leave a comment but wasn't sure if I should, then when I woke up this morning I got out of bed and drew the curtains back to see a woman walking past my house holding hands with her twin sons! anyway, an old friend of mine was the sound engineer on Treasure, The Cocteau Twins album, my favourite all time ever album, and the first time I met him I was round his house and looking through his record collection and I came across Treasure and I said, oh man, this really is a treasure! ...he then proceeded to tell me about his involvement in it and stories behind the making of it, one being how LIz Frasier was freaking out because the lyrics just wouldn't come to her, so he gave her The Observer's book of British Wild Flowers and from then on it just rolled! (see if you can find that book and have a look) ...anyway, his ex, also a friend of mine, choreographed some of the dance for the new year 1999-2000 millennium dome party! ...on and on!

  18. Just realized the Stanley Cup is a 'Battlestar Galactica' story-line of sorts. Yes, it was easy to figure Washington would get in for an Aquila vs. Lyra encounter, but the Knights looking like, as you pointed out, Cylons and Washington being 'the Capitals' - it's like the Cylons taking on the 12 colonies as each planet would have had a capital city. Again, a foreshadow of war.

  19. I know you touched on it briefly a few posts ago, but I really am gobsmacked at the the syncs you're weaving together and their correlation to the Chymical Marriage of C.R. The Pearls, the Sirens, the Nymphs... and the actual marriage itself. I'm just waiting for a blue-headed bird to have it's feathers boiled off to top it all off.

  20. Some other interesting anniversaries on May 29th:


    'Yesterday's Twitter tirade came just days after another one of Samantha's rants where she insulted Meghan for being 'ungrateful' and said the Duchess didn't 'walk on water'' ... 'The announcement of the coat of arms revealed by Kensington Palace also bore what is understood to be Meghan's new cypher, or letterhead, featuring the letter 'M' with a crown on top.'

    The most famous 'M' is 007's handler.

    Duchess as 'songbird' 'with wings elevated as if flying and an open beak - another nod to the power of communication'.

    water / song / agent

    & Ike, what with all the talk of 'tweets' = presence of a blue bird.



  22. The badge of the Queensland Police "service" is basically a crowned Maltese Cross and the headquarters are at 200 ROMA street Brisbane, Queensland, Australia (the empire never really ended I guess, as PKD would say;-) -

    I never really took much notice of the badge before until I was watching the rather good ABC (the Australian ABC that is) TV series filmed in Brisbane, Queensland, called 'Harrow' and I noticed the police uniforms used in the show had an upside-down five pointed star on the badge like the state of Victoria has on their police badge.
    That's when I did a net search to see what exactly was on the Queensland police badge.
    Queensland was the state that the Commonwealth Games were just held in on the Queensland Gold Coast, which I wrote about in this post of mine -

  23. re alien messages, I wanted to ask long time ago, how do you fare with getting the accurate wording of Frazers lyrics, Chris? The ones on the net are mostly pitiful.

    1. It's really difficult. There are few out there that sound mostly accurate to my ears but there's also the Esperanto stuff that may never be deciphered. I've focused on a few- Spangle, Pearly, Milli, Gold Dust, Wax, etc- and I'm extremely confident in my interpretations. But there's this very typical thing with trauma victims in which they want to communicate but are also terrified of revealing themselves. So she was constantly messing with her words.

      Plus, was also a self-admitted shapeshifter. So there's that too.

    2. Remember too that NLP (an alleged MK tool among other things), itself perhaps based on "green" language, purposely uses phonetic ambiguities to convey double meanings. In other words, what you and others hear may not be a "bug" but rather a "feature." Track those "doubles" for hints and clues.

    3. "Plus, was also a self-admitted shapeshifter. So there's that too." oh...
      "When I sing, my face changes shape. It feels like my skull changes shape... the bones bend." (Jeff B.)

  24. Snake vomits live snake:

  25. Ecryb Nessumar2:18 AM, May 31, 2018

    So I had a wee bit of a realization...I am piecing this together without much of the background knowledge that many here have. I have recognized something similar to syncs in the past but didn't really have a name or label for them. So I'm feeling a bit muddled.

    However, a while ago, a long while ago, I read an article on James Cameron's Terminator 2, where the writers of the script claim that Arnold was modeled after an apparently insane branch of WWII Germans, don't recall their name, who wore black leather and were so violent as to terrify the SS. The other guy represented the feminine. And then I came across Knowles's excellent X-Files theory. Which kick started a few things.

    Hmn, this seems a bit rambly, I'm assembling thoughts as I go. Mostly what I wanted to say, was seeing several posters here in Vancouver, all with siren themes, but hey, what's going on, I don't think there's any connection to anything - and then I watch the trailer for Skyscraper (seeing Dwayne Johnson with an artificial leg made me think Haephestus, and what other gods are lame? Oh, and The Expanse just came on, first two images: a woman with pearly skin floating in some sort of glowy liquid, and a giant glowing spacegate ring thing)and I'm frustrated because well dang, somethings going on, I'm not educated in ancient ritual transposed to modern times, but really guys, what the hell? The whole damn tower has a pearl like sheen, it's agiant phallus, the most masculine guy around is hobbled, and then, squatting atop this new Tower of Babel squats, I say squats, because it looks like a particularly ugly afterthought, a...uh...I thought of everything from the male offering, shall we say, to, well I have no idea why 'little man in the canoe' came to mind. Subliminals, probably. Or, it was designed that way, like the alien face hugger was designed to remind people of female anatomy, while it literally facefucks it's victims.

    Tried to avoid obscenity, oh well. Oh, so that's why I was a bit sarcastic. I can only claim to have a partial clue to the overall picture and don't have the time and will to read a whole bunch of old mythical ritual stuff.

    Hopefully not too fannish, so there's that. I feel like some peon, watching some weird ass elites play the strangest game of charades ever, and occasionally I go "Dahuh uh huh, I know what that sign is" except the rest is secret squirrel gabble talk.

    But something fer dang sure is going, and I don't like it at all.

    I wonder what the Vegas odds are on the ultimate fate of Meghan Sparkle? Or Harry for that matter.

    Bonus silly bit: From reading this blog, I've come to the conclusion that The Vegas Golden Showers will win the cup after a faux hard fight. Fits the narrative, and justifies the vast expenditure.

    Bonus other silly bit - the V on their jersey has long been one of the symbols for female (I think.). So, I will insensitively call them a bunch of c...

    I doubt the team is aware of that little bit. Well, you got me hooked in for reading further to see what all this ritual (The Never Ending Ritual, I guess.) crap and some of the syncs around it might mean.

    Almost done. Personally, I haven't yet figured out which are natural syncs, or maybe syncs from Other, or reality or whatnot, and syncs from the sickos. Getting better at it though.

  26. "The Garland King (or May King) rides on horseback at the head of a procession...." First thought was JFK as he was born May 29th.

    Perfect detail for the Killing of the King ritual he was a part of.

    As others have said, "it goes on and on.." but it has been going on and on. We just notice now.


  27. Synchery Sunners can appreciate: A friend of my younger brother came into town to visit his family and stopped by to say hi to my family. He had been living in Spain with his wife for the past couple of years and I was unaware he'd moved back to the States. This time to L.A. I was like what? Cool. And then he informed me he was doing gigs in Hollywood as an Extra. I was like oh yeah I saw those pics you posted on FB of you dressed in 40's clothing standing beside a classic car. He was like "yeah I was an extra in this show that's coming out about a rocket scientist or something...I think it's called Strange Angel. Ever heard of it?" I proceeded to lose my shit trying to explain to him my interest. But if you just knew the guy, you would understand my reluctance to try and inform him of the subject material of the show he was an extra in. So I digressed and told him how Cool I thought it was. I had to post about it here because of its relevance to the blog, and the fact that I have been waiting a long time for it come out. Plus, I feel like The Secret Sun is the unofficial college of Synchro-gnostic Sanctuary. He explained to me how you get a job being an extra, it's basically like a temp agency with Windows you have to jump through. I tried explaining Synchronicity to him, but it was over his head, I just accepted he WAS the Synchronicities unwitting messenger. But like most profound Syncs they hit without warning and nowadays, they are compounding at an ever increasing rate, and across multiple fields. Anyway I hope you can understand why I felt the urge to comment. Peace.
    Austin Fox

  28. That's a very cool story, re Austin Fox, above. Just returned from my home magic store, The Enchanted Fox, where one of the owners had Jack Parsons appear in her home as an apparition, quite dapper, looking like the famous picture of him leaning against a white (strange fire) fireplace.

    All three of us, both proprietors, and I are Libras... And we discussed which signs Libras (men, in this case) get on with. This came up, so I had to share here... Looks like I may have been 'lead to do so'.

    Here: "The Libra Man can easily be misled by a Pisces Woman much like the Sirens of Greek mythology."

    1. I'm a hybrid of Libra/Virgo being born on the 23rd of September, which is the cusp of both star signs.
      I tend to identify with the Libra side the most...but I guess I am a nerdy kind of Libra who likes to dissect art in my mind and truly contemplate what the art is telling me on a rational and spiritual level at the same time.
      My scales are constantly going up and down while trying to get them to balance you might say.
      So, the Libra Man born on the cusp can easily be misled or tutored by the Virgin too when it comes to life I would have to say.
      But I try not to think too hard about it all, when the Virgin drops by with advice about life and art;-)

    2. I did a search on 'The Enchanted Fox' and found this store in Medway, Massachusetts,
      which looks like a pretty cool store, but I also noticed on the home page titled 'Bring the Magic Home' that there is four alternating photos and one is of a mermaid/siren next to a chained up green fairy with a small dragon at her feet.
      I personally find that photo intriguing on many levels (there goes my Libra/Virgin roots kicking in), as not only being born on the cusp of Virgo/Libra, I was also born in the 'Year of the Dragon'.
      But I find the mermaid/siren next to the chained up green fairy very Yin/Yang, as the fairy is a creature of the air and earth (vegetation) and the mermaid is a creature of the water and sea creatures (and possibly underground fire like volcanoes and the forming and destruction of land masses?), so these two seem to be in a battle of sorts over the planet.
      A very Jungian image to my mind.
      Maybe the Virgin is just messing with my thoughts here, but an interesting thought nevertheless
      I think?-)

  29. Oh my..... we can now "do philosophy with superheroes". They'll teach us "ethics and moral philosophy", "power and responsibility".
    And this is Harvard.


  30. More from strung along pearls as would-be kweens:

    '“Even if they cried when they were getting the brand; even if they wore surgical masks to help them with breathing in the smell of burning flesh . . . they were still able to transcend the fear and cry out to one another: “Badass warrior bitches! Let’s get strong together.”' ... 'Both Raniere and Mack are due to stand trial in October on conspiracy and trafficking charges carrying a minimum prison term of 15 years.'

    October surprise = an Upside Down 9 just in time for the third 'season' of 'Stranger Things', 'Stranger Things 3: Pearls Live from The Courthouse'?

  31. Haven't noticed this mentioned. Has anyone watched the series Requiem on Netflix,and caught the "Here I am." that's spoken to Carys several times.The same that's sung in "Song To The Siren". Just thought it was cool.

    1. Yeah. I've talked a bit about that series but that's a good catch.

      I've tried to convince Gordon that series is actually about you-know-who but he's been resistant. Stubborn, I guess.

      That nails it for me.

  32. 'Ambien' claims to be innocent, but..

    and so forth and so on

    Also, it can take coma patients temporarily out of their coma, it's that powerful
    "Ambien fires up neurons like a Hibachi chef scorching shrimp, rather than through enabling the longer-term growth or repair of neural connections."

    No one should take that shit. Ever.

    1. "out of their coma" is a better way of putting it, I suspect

    2. And saying that Ambien 'only takes out what was in there all along'...

      well, on date rape drugs women also "willingly" have sex with their exploiters. Must be because deep down, ya know, what woman doesn't secretly dream of being raped? Moreover.. and not even have a conscious memory of it??
      Oh wait, Ambien is........


  33. Often encountering strange mayday stuff around this time of year I was surprised ( or not ) to see a maypole at one of the sites I visit in the course of my job ( a care centre for for people with severe learning difficulties ). All the stranger given the site is attached to a CofE convent . . .

    I was in the presence of Marina Abramović once when she held a performance centred exhibition at the Serpentine Gallery in Hyde Park. She had us sorting rice grains from mustard seeds on school desks. I was totally engrossed in it when I felt the presence of someone in front of my desk, looked up and it was her with two henchmen. The whole thing had a very cult like vibe, you had to leave all your stuff in lockers to enter the place and all the activities left you feeling very trance like. I believe she has some kinda institute for it now in NYC . . .

    I'd deffo drink the Kool Aid for Marina!

  34. Who is a fan of Fever Ray?

  35. siamese twins is my fav cure song, great blog through.

  36. Not sure what to make of Ronald Bernard, the former Swiss "banker" who has come out and talked about Illuminati practices in some detail. Lets of talk half way through about ritual numbers being used and contacts between the "8,500" or so reptoids that run the world via the BIS as some sort of slave market. Also, the interviewer, who is apprently someone of note fron UK, looks like he could be in a 80s hair band, which adds to the general air of...high strangeness.


    1. A phoney. Does not amount to anything.
      Shifty weasel. Detracts from the networks that
      have gone to ground after Dutroux and Savile.

  37. After I originally left a comment I appear to have clicked on the
    -Notify me when new comments are added- checkbox and now each time a comment
    is added I receive 4 emails with the exact same comment.
    Is there an easy method you are able to remove me from that service?
    Many thanks!

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