Monday, June 04, 2018

Meet Your New Gods 3: Mermaid Apocalypse Now!

We shall swim out to that brooding reef in the sea and dive down through black abysses to Cyclopean and many-columned Y’ha-nthlei, and in that lair of the Deep Ones we shall dwell amidst wonder and glory for ever.  
- HP Lovecraft, "The Shadow Over Innsmouth"

Well, it's only a matter of time now. Don't feel too bad, we had a good run. And there's probably a few more good years left. I'd say at least a decade. But then again, I'm a starry-eyed optimist.

I know what you're all thinking. You're asking yourselves, "what the hell is that idiot babbling on about now?"

Oh, didn't you hear?   

The first seal was broken in the Great Mermaid Apocalypse. 

You see, the Great War-- the War to End All Wars-- didn't start with mustard gas, gatling guns and the Somme, it began with the assassination of some inbred heir to a dying empire, a man most of the world neither knew or cared about.   

And so it is that in the midst of an absolute avalanche of mermaid entrainment-- the likes of which I can't recall ever seeing in half-century-- the Rubicon was crossed and the journey to the New Atlantis began.

It seems like such a small thing-- a bit of tilapia skin used to create a vagina for an unfortunate woman born without one-- but could the symbolism be any more screamingly-obvious? 

In the grip of a worldwide baby bust and an overall mood of toxic anti-natalism in much of the developed world, a woman gains the ability to reproduce with the help of "medical fish skin?"

If that doesn't set off the bells and whistles in your brain then you dropped in here by mistake. Hit the back arrow so you can get back on your merry way to Barstool Sports or Huffpost or wherever else you came from. 


Now bear in mind the coming onslaught of designer gene splicing, the continuing rise of transgenics and chimeras and all of a sudden Mermania starts to look not quite so innocuous. Never mind that Mermaids were once seen as pretty horrific creatures--born killers at best. 

Now they're aspirational figures.

There's going to be a lot more to say about this in the near future, but let me just clear the decks of all this data that's been piling up on my hard drive. 

And for those all clever folks out there who counter that Mermaids are just the new vampires or zombies, do you seriously believe that those entrainment campaigns haven't themselves created massive disruptions in the body politic? 

Notice that the zombie fad just happened to coincide with-- if not kick off shortly before-- the opioid pandemic?

Think about it.

UPDATE: Timing is everything: the Merpocalypse has its candidate. Or its false prophet. The real question with Schultz's retirement is did he jump or was he pushed?




And don't forget the hundreds of Little Mermaid musical productions out there. There's probably one in a town near you. 




Bonus Siouxsie-Sibyl Swimming Horses

Hey, that outfit looks familiar. Where have I seen that before?


How appropriate that the author of American Gods would preside over festivals for our new gods.





Note strawberries. Crypto-Fraserfarian vape-makers?


Scarlett, mascot for Richard Branson's new swingers' boat.

The actual reality, I'd guess.






  1. ' the end of sex' by Harvard's Hank Greely

  2. Fish are reptiles.
    Dolphins are mammals.
    Mermaids splice the two (chimera).
    Now, don't you think that if mammals had evolved from reptiles, that there'd be quite a lot more of the blighters in the great evolutionary melting pot that we call the ocean (or sea)?
    Mammals did not evolve on Earth, but on a planet around the secret sun (a mere 2,000AU away), and were brought here ~66MYr ago from on a DNA seed bank carrying spaceship (crewed by h sapiens et al).
    Sure, there are fossils of mammals and reptiles, but no fossils of the supposed transitional creatures (aside from a few constructed to demonstrate otherwise).
    When you consider mankind has been culled every 12,000 years - about 5,000 times - then it's not too difficult to understand our history and predicament.
    Truth is a lot stranger than fiction.

    1. I'm trying to follow you, but I'm not entirely sure I get what you say here. Does all of this have anything to do with Ireland having no snakes?

    2. Maria, I suspect an absence of snakes is more likely due to cataclysmic cleansing than anything else.

      I will add though, that the only reliable calendar we have is the Zodiac, and estimates of how long dinosaurs/reptiles dominated the Earth should not be relied upon as more than a guess. Given regular ecological trauma, every dozen millennia, it is more likely billions than millions of years. And it's going to be pretty fuzzy as to when mammals arrived (co-incident with h sapiens), whether 66MYr or what. The '66' is likely to be a Masonic code for 'approved' in any case.

      Just as the Flat Earth is there to catch anyone doubting approved cosmology, so Creationism is there to catch anyone doubting approved paleontology.

      If they can hide a star, they can hide the fact that mammals didn't evolve from reptiles, by suggesting it was mysteriously sudden, with no intermediates surviving (duck-billed platypus?), and that h sapiens only goes back for 100,000 years (rather than evidence it is 50MYrs - almost the same period as is evidenced for all mammals - however reliable such evidence).

      The approved paleontological story is a linear evolutionary ascent from protozoa to h sapiens, with only one or two blips, rather than one dominated by the 2x12,000 year Sun/secret sun cycle. The Great Pyramid is a big clue to the latter.

      So, perhaps mermaidism is a little nudge to the receptive to question the relationship between fish and man? Perhaps that men are not fish, and cannot be made fish, and are not like a fish in water, indeed, better off seeking higher ground.

    3. Fish predate reptiles by more than 100 million years.
      There are many fossils of transition species. The evolution of land ungulates to marine cetaceans is one of the best attested. This transitions period spans 15 million years.
      Mammals evolved 200 million years prior to your ´seed bank´ship.
      Your statement that mankind has been culled 5000 times at an interval of 12000 years is absurd.
      That would place ´mankind´ in existence 50 million years prior to the last common ancestor of chimpanzees & humans.
      And its not just fossils. The timespans for molecular evolution with individual point mutations in DNA, are well known. These are experimentally proven and backed by extensive mathematical modeling over evolutionary timescales.

    4. Corvendralia,
      It was a loose equivalence: reptiles are fish/fish are reptiles.
      As to everything else, yes, I am aware of the approved academic story of evolution, and its 'proven' timeline.
      When you have undergone the various paradigm shifts that undermine approved stories, then you can begin to explore 'absurd' alternatives - whilst being careful to avoid being waylaid by the prepared absurdities (Flat Earth, Creationism, Aliens, etc.).
      It is thus necessary to establish the period h sapiens has existed as rather short (a hundred thousand years or so), because if it was a few million years or more, far too many awkward questions would arise...
      The evolutionary timeline is thus wholly organised around the story it is considered necessary to tell regarding h sapiens.
      When you understand the secret sun, you'll no longer find what I suggest to be absurd.

    5. Loose equivalence is a contradiction in terms. Loose associations, another bird/lizard/fish altogether.
      Aware? peripherally perhaps. Familiar- not in the least.

    6. Fish/Reptiles/Dinosaurs - cold blooded creatures.
      Doplhins/Mammals/Humans - warm blooded creatures.

      I suggest that there is an evolutionary discontinuity between these two classes of creature, that has obviously been addressed by manufacturing 'evidence' otherwise.

      When you know how the secret sun has been hidden, this suggestion is not at all implausible.

    7. behold the secret moon fish: sanguineous apostate of the chthonic depths.

  3. "But then again, I'm a starry-eyed optimist."

    Does this derive from your Starry Wisdom? :P

  4. Insanity abounds now all around. You have to ask, why would women all be so fascinated to fuse their legs together? Is it more anti-male misandry being pushed? Probably since mermaids were killers of men. I would think the fake fish tails would get to be uncomfortable and feel very restrictive and such. Probably not much fun when they have to use the bathroom and then all of a sudden being a normal, two-legged human woman becomes really useful and acceptable. Humanity has just reached the point where they are completely bored. The world has been totally explored, there's nothing new under the sun, so it's the perfect time to introduce new, albeit very imbecilic, ways and beliefs to the great unwashed (and man, are they ever unwashed!).

    On another note, Chris, once more it seems the fabric of reality continues to tear and rearrange. Watching Chicago news this morning they showed a picture of Mr. Baseball - Bob Uecker of the funny old '80s Lite Beer from Miller ads and the Mr. Belvedere TV show - sitting in the Cubs' broadcast booth during a weekend game. I'M POSITIVE I heard that he died quite a while back and telling myself at the time I would miss his self-deprecating humor. And so now, for the third time, someone I'm positive has passed a while back is suddenly still here. I have to go now and buy my tickets for the upcoming Jimi Hendrix show as I'm sure they'll be on sale soon!!!!

    1. Mermaids aren't precisely new. And as for dressing up as a mermaid, well, it isn't any crazier than say, your average wedding dress. I've heard true horror stories of poor girls needing a trip to the bathroom in their wedding day.

    2. I don't think it is misandry. It's as much against women, and probably more so.

      The future of sex and reproduction as planned for us is a horror (and even that word is a terrible understatement), and I think the logical conclusion of a horror-script we've been "living" since the onset of "civilization".

      Philosopher Michael Hauskeller wrote about this future and has a thing or two to say about it

      And actually, in reality I think it'll be infinitely worse.....

    3. Why? Because American Women are Tavistock / Langely total mind controlled livestock
      and have long been trained by the Deep State-usa mass media to follow Women's Magazines for seasonal "Fashion Styles and Make-Up Trends" + sex tips.Almost all "local us newspapers" and major Women's Magazines are owned by the Newhouse Family
      Corporate-Deep State : Zionist Media Empire

    4. Maria, I know mermaids aren't new. History is loaded with their stories. I just meant that civilization is so bored now we're doing any old thing. Space exploration stopped a long time ago so we're all just basically people locked in a room not being allowed out any more. At that point it isn't long before people become whacked and lose their marbles - eventually on each other.

  5. Chris - okay, man. The last item in the post below the octopus caption was ubercreepy. If someone like Lovecraft turns out to be the all-seeing prophet we deserve, then I guess we all better start investing in the R'lyehian version of Rosetta Stone so we can live life fluently with the Old Ones.

    1. This MU article had a story that really reminded me of this item.

      "On the evening of November 17, 1974, something beyond normal was witnessed by several motorists along a lonely stretch of road on Bald Mountain, in the U.S. state of Washington. The first of the witnesses was a man named Ernest Smith, would say of the the entity he caught in his headlights thus:

      It was horse-sized, covered with scales and standing on four rubbery legs with suckers like octopus tentacles. Its head was football-shaped with an antenna sticking up…The thing gave off this green, iridescent light.

      Another couple driving by at the time by the name of Mr and Mrs Roger Ramsbaugh also claimed to have seen the creature and its ethereal glow. Interestingly, just three days previous there had been a report of a UFO crashing to earth in the region, perhaps suggesting a connection. The researcher and author Jim Brandon also mentioned in his book Weird America that at the time Lewis County Sheriff William Wister had led an investigation into the reports, but that he had been shut down by the Air Force and NASA, after which teams of men had been brought in to search the area, which Brandon would describe as “a special NASA team, including a heavily armed military unit wearing uniforms with no insignia.” What could this creature have been? Was it just a newspaper hoax on a slow news day? Who knows?"

    2. I always thought how much more interesting life would be if lovecraft started a cult instead of l ron hubbard

    3. How about the Jung cult?!


    4. But why stop there? how about the cult of cults, the State itself? The belief in authority?

  6. I'm a fan of the Expanse TV show and series of novels, and have been meaning to mention it for a while due to a Siren symbol at the heart of the story.

    The main action of the series kicks off when our heroes answer a false distress call from a ship called the Scopuli, overtly named after the Sirenum scopuli:

    The central MacGuffin of the story is an alien super-CRISPR technology/organism called the Protomolecule that can rewwrite and radically alter DNA. It was sent toward Earth billions of years ago, by mysterious an impossibly ancient alien race, but missed its target and ended up on Saturn's moon Phoebe.

    The main characters then end up embroiled in a struggle for control of the Protomolecule by various factions who want to study, weaponize or otherwise exploit the tech for their own ends including a literal Breakaway Civilization.

    Recently the #SaveTheExpanse hashtag helped get the show rescued from cancellation by Amazon after SyFy Network said it wouldn't be picking it up for a 4th season.

    The novels in the series are all named with mythological references:

    Leviathan Wakes, Caliban's War, Abaddon's Gate, Cibola Burn, Nemesis Games, Babylon's Ashes, Persepolis Rising and the forthcoming 7th book Tiamat's Wrath.

    As for Mer-Sex, I think GWAR predicted it on their 1999 record 'We Kill Everything' with the track Fishf**k:

    1. Fishbone - Swim:

      "Coming up from the sound
      It's got you swimming around
      ...I like to swim"

      Deepshit Backstroke:

      "Wading in the water and the tide began to creep
      before I knew it, I had blew it, and started to get deep
      head and shoulders under, watch my eyes burn till I weep
      didn't know I could swim, but I learned in quantum leaps
      ...the shit you're in ain't turnin' outsmellin' like a rose"

    2. Chris Dowd of fishbone was jeff buckleys friend and confider. Extremely taken with Oannes as the love of jeffs life :-)

  7. - Hank Greely, 'The end of sex'

    - A fish is the last to know it swims in water

    - Leviathan sea monster, the unconscious, government, etc. Vs. Behemoth, the land monster. According to kabbalah they'll have to fight each other and cancel each other out
    Orthodox jewish explanation here:

    1. Mapuche people has the creation myth of the fight between the earth snake and the water snake too.

    2. I think it might be that Behemoth stands for the subdued, domesticated. In Genesis 'behemah' is cattle, livestock. And it is suggested that god created them as such, similar to Aristotle's 'born slaves'. In the book of Job, Behemoth has a ring through its nose.
      Leviathan then stands for the 'free', that which 'refuses to be caught'. That which instead instills fear, precisely as Hobbes describes. Also, see Rousseau's take on how 'kings' view themselves, as the ones that are still wild and undomesticated. Quite literally a different species.
      Although, in the end they are both serving the same system, they're both mere cogs in that Great Machine they have build with their own hands, some as slaves, some as masters.

  8. In Poland, women who have their internal reproductive organs removed (because of cancer) are called mermaids.

  9. With all that crispr-ing, social and technological engineering humans into "better versions of (not-)themselves", here's the old 'Ship of Theseus' thought-experiment once again:

    (On that note, a while ago I read Peter Watt's 'Blindsight', a very interesting read.)

  10. This is more Saturn in Capricorn symbolism. The Little Mermaid was released in 1989, which was the last time Saturn was in Capricorn. Astrology Is The Real.

    1. Precisely. The resonance of that then builds in the now.

      Many humans are compelled to express in the literal sense which is why this seems fanatical and off-base.

  11. We need to change our perspective of mermaids to how Dethklok represented them in Murmaider.

  12. Sounds like who/what-ever is at the top of the food chain decided it was time to weaponize the Anima. Jung's ideas about mermaid/siren symbolism essentially being that it all boils down to those aspects of the female that are beyond the control of the male. & it so neatly aligns with contemporary feminist ideology, such convenience! Not to mention furthering the agenda of atomizing/Balkanizing every aspect of our society.

    Mutation as empowerment? It may be marketed that way, but look deeper.

  13. Cinimod_ofCarthach12:15 PM, June 04, 2018

    Kanye’s release party was orange.

  14. Have you read Caitlin Kiernan's The Drowning Girl? Very relevant.

  15. So ... having a sirius ceres of syncs this Moonday. Just popped the Arctic Monkeys new LP on the Victrola and came upon a most curious song - "Science Fiction" - right as I was gazing at the image of the mermaid in the video at the top of this post. One wonders, after hearing the lyrics, if singer Alex Turner is not a fan of the Secret Sun? "The rise of the machines." a "swamp monster with a hard-on for connectivity." With the last lines being: "I've got a feeling that the whole thing may well just end up too clever for its own good. The way some science fiction does." Toons/tunes for our times ...

  16. All I can say is...

    C'thulhu F'tagn.

    Ya know, there may be something to that....

  17. When Chris said "the first seal was broken" it reminded me of the beginning of the Infinity War movie, with Asgard's destruction. Don't really know why, I can't remember a mermaid there. Did other people have the same thing?

  18. "Alchemy is everything" (from that Jefferson's Bourbon add). That could be the title for any and all Mermaid posts, I would wager.

    1. Alchemy is indeed everything, primarily because it is equivalent to the secret sun/Sun dance being everything.

    2. How smug of you. Just knowing all this about everything makes it hard to figure out why you hang out here exactly. Don’t you have a shelter on top of a mountain to build?

    3. i took Zod's bait (he told that the info was very available) one day and started looking to secret sun information on the web (for days), and i didn't find that much info.... i'm not a group person, and very introverted, so yeah, maybe we need Zod to enlighten us a bit more while he is in this page =)

    4. Zod, I'm the Anon who 'comes here to read Chris's post and [your] comments'. Glad you're back.

      Bill Cooper used to say, only the "stupid sheeple" would take offense to being called so. Those secure in their non-sheepleness would, appropriately, take no offense. The same effect seems to apply re: whether your communication style is seen as smug.

      Regarding your recent comment about one form of disinfo - to give partial info while omitting big picture: I agree. Puzzle pieces seem readily available, but I have yet to see the 'box cover'. (Any Jordan Maxwell lecture illustrates this omission perfectly.)

      Your comments have been a new piece for me, which is rare anymore. However I'm interested in answers to whys, and seeing the box cover.

      You seem, maybe, to have 'seen the cover'. Or at least 'read about it'.

    5. Pilar, keep looking. It's findable. Here's the intro to get you started (that I probably already pointed out to you):

      Anon11:06, yes, there is a simultaneous suppression of anything that may enlighten the masses and yet surreptitious efflorescence of occult/esoterica to enlighten those few with eyes to see. This is because the knowledge must be preserved, even as it must be hidden.

      The 'cover' is our dance with the secret sun (why I hang out here), with its the twice-a-great-year ecological trauma, and the incredible mission afoot to escape this Saṃsāra. Bear in mind that the best missionaries/operatives are those who can put the mission (the species) above all other considerations, i.e. psychopaths. And there aren't enough to be found, so they are made. Here's a link someone posted via a recent comment on this blog that might give you a clue as to how they are made:

    6. A more apposite video is this one from 24:30 :

      Incidentally, it seems Ronald Bernard has swallowed the 'Archons' absurdity, that mankind is being enslaved/exploited/tormented for the amusement of the 'hyperdimensional' entities called the Archons.

    7. Ronald Bernhard is totally 'controlled opposition'

    8. Zod so you do not believe in inter-dimensional beings? Humans can perceive with 5 senses less than one percent of the known universal spectrum but we have it all figured out? Inter-dimensional beings are literally mentioned by every religion, every culture, and every occult group known to man. There are books written by John Dee, Alister Crowley and many more telling how they are summoned and the interactions after. Not to mention my own personal experiences as well as many other people I personally know. The human controllers already have unlimited money and power so why continue to create such suffering for the world? Because their overlord Archons or whatever you want to call them FEED off human energy, specifically suffering, misery, violence etc. If anyone says evil people worship Lucifer, they are extremely ignorant about Lucifer and anything occult and should be ignored immediately. As for your secret/twin sun theory: As an avid student of occult and alternative astrological theories I have never come across it. (The Tycho's model is similar as it says are sun is binary with Sirius) The other closest thing would be the Black Sun discussed and written by primarily German occultists and Indian tribes. The belief follows that the golden sun is an imposter and not very old. It is the materialistic archetype that traps people in this realm. Regarding alternative earth theories, The Wild Heretics Concave Earth Theory is the only one mathematically impossible to disprove. So if inter-dimensional beings don't exist what is the end game for the human and only human controllers and why create so much unneeded suffering?

    9. Anono7:43, Controlled opposition/disinfo he may well be (or have been), but he still provides a clue as to how psychopaths are made.

      Remember, ad hominem is a cunning disinfo strategy, i.e. get someone to reveal a truth (among disinfo), and then reveal/argue that the person is compromised (a disinfo agent), and thus encourage the conclusion that EVERYTHING they said was bunk.

      Consider the possibility that every disinfo agent is used to provide a few jigsaw puzzle pieces for the benefit of those working on the bigger picture - who well realise that most pieces are junk. The disinfo agent still ends up leading the majority astray, e.g. into concluding that the world is in the grip of the Archons.

      But then you could be a chat-bot programmed to disparage 'Ronald Bernard'.

      Discernment is the name of the game, and enlightenment is the prize (along with improved chances of survival).

    10. John Que Phone,

      There is a lot of circumstantial evidence in support of the Archon theory, the Flat/concave/convex Earth theory, and the Creationist theory, etc.

      But of course, if any of them were true, why on Earth would it be necessary to hide a star?

      Mankind's multi-millennial/post-diluvian history is riddled with astrological esoterica - not Archon/Flat/Creationist esoterica.

      Astrology (and Freemasonry, etc.) is wholly concerned with the dance of The Sun about the secret sun, primarily because it dominates mankind. The Illuminati have taken up the baton to challenge this state of affairs.

      A good student of astrology and the occult will eventually discover this as the mundane, but terrible truth. No need for extra dimensions, the supernatural, or paranormal.

      The end game is the success of that mission, the escape from Saṃsāra.

    11. Zod, I just said that he is. And he is.Just so you (pl.) know.

      And John QP, you can't argue that humans with their 5 senses can/do not know, and then claim that some shady characters CAN/DO know. That's just dumb.

      Or: that don't impress me much!

      If you want anyone to believe those fantastic stories then you'll have to come up with proper evidence, that's how it works.

      What happened to Occam's razor? Why the need to invoke all the magical, mystical bs, while we have oceans of evidence already that something very very fishy has been and is being done by a bunch of psycho's right here on earth.
      Rhetorical question.

    12. Zod who is mentioning flat earth or creationism? Let's stick to the topic at hand: inter dimensional beings and your secret sun theory. So you believe humans and the physical animals are the only thing that exist? I mentioned Concave Earth and Tycho's as two other models I have researched which do not reference the secret sun, research does not equal belief in either.
      You continue to mention a secret sun yet offer no explanation. What does it look like? How is it hidden? What is the size? You say I will come across it, where then?We are riddled with astronomical esoterica, yes, but how does this correlate to a secret sun? Why do other humans care to have humans reincarnate and trap them in Samsara (you should look up Asura if you are interested in Sanskrit words)? You seem to ignore all religions and cultures when you say history does not talk about inter-dimensional beings yet every language has a word whether it be demons, archons, dybbui, jinn, elves, fairies and many more. These words all mean a disincarnate/semi ethereal positive or negative being that can't be sensed by the average person. Mediate, try ayahuasca or DMT, read the spirit molecule, talk to shaman and one day you can possibly break out of your imprisoned mind and senses. Your own experiences are going to be the only proof you can get Anon.I do not trust Crowley or Join Dee however I have had multiple paranormal experiences and synchronicities. Here is a link with plenty of readings on Archons would be nice if you had a link about your secret sun theory

    13. FTR, I don't believe in secret suns either. Nor Archons. Nor unicorns. Nor the paranormal.
      And that DESPITE a great many experiences that COULD be explained as such. But I have found, with a lot of hard work, much better explanations, solid ones.
      Plus, patience.

    14. In a nutshell, John Que Phone: The Sun and the secret sun, being binary twins, barycentrically orbit each other every great year, about 2,000AU apart at perihelion, and about three times that far apart at the mo, as they now reconverge just past aphelion. This orbit is about 70 degrees to the galactic plane, which means each star crosses that plane (and magnetic field) twice a great year, giving rise on Earth to what is misleadingly termed the glaciation cycle (climate change) – also depicted as yin/yang (population cycle). Naturally, the secret sun is red shifted as it diverges, white unshifted during brief transition, and blue shifted as it converges (Taegeuk).

      The idea of a galactic magnetic field is only just entering public consciousness:

      What happens when a spinning magnet leaves a compatibly polarised field, spends a while in a weak or unpolarised field, and then enters an incompatibly polarised field?

      This is the end of the age of Pisces, and the dawning of the age of Aquarius.

    15. You know...the thing that makes me upset is that people seem to NEED all of the bs (aliens, bigfoot, mermaids, orange) to entertain ideas. No one commenting here actually wants any true data that can be checked out if they dedicated their time to research these topics. The reason you know is because you put the work in and you saw. Unfortunately, that is what everyone will need to on their own. The things you speak can be digested by poisoned systems

    famous mermaid get behead

  20. Here's a good one for you -- screenshot of the yahoo front page. Douglass Parkhurst (Parkland / Patty Hearst) 44 & Kids. In an "unrelated" front page story.

  21. All's not rosy in strawberried fields:

    'Read more: House of Fraser Group crashes to £44m loss in 2017'

    & The Guatemalan president, Jimmy Morales, was on telly earlier today garbed in an orange tunic as the country's capital was hit by the nearby eruption of the Fuego volcano.

    Morales is the Spanish for Mulberry, in the scientific classification for Mulberry Trees one of it's 'clades' is 'Rosids' & it's 'order' is 'Rosales'.

  22. "Toxic levels of antinatalism" indeed. The mating dance between the sexes in much of the West seems irrevocably damaged, while the volume is turned up on the intersectional feminism and political chimerism, so why not biological chimerism, eh?

    Go on any adult dating site and you will see people labeling themselves "pansexual" etc. No disrespect to those of us who are gay and bisexual but this whole destruction of the so-called "binary sexuality" is a sad state of affairs for young men and women who happen to be - gasp - what used to be called "normal". Anything goes except for romance leading to lifelong pair bonding.

    Almost feels designed...

    1. 'designed' as in contrived so as to subvert.

      Something whispers to Humanity & It suggests:

      "To survive you must become inhuman"

  23. Im officially sick of mermaids. Seems in part the next psychological push in the new feminist front to eradicate men. But Im also considering that those aliens that have been abducting people actually live in our oceans and are native to Earth. We dont see them walking around because they arent air breathers and the pressure is too low. Or some corporation overproduced mermaid costumes and has to find a way to sell them. Or we are all going to be fish people just because,,fish people. Or its representing creatures from the other side and water is just an analogy for the interdimensional aether. Maybe if we switch from canned tuna to canned mermaid we can avert the merpocalypse?

    1. Tuna 'the chicken of the sea', chicken... tastes like human, maybe there's something to this aquatic orign of Humanity theory afterall? As to how chickens fit into the equation I dunno... seem to recall mention of chickens recently though.

  24. Chris, it's funny you should mention Neil Gaiman. I just saw a movie of his called How to talk to girls at parties. It's about 3 young punk lads in the 80's that basically stumble into Aliens while searching for a party. The funny thing about it is at the end it flashes to 1992 where the protagonist is sporting a very gaimany get up at a book signing where you see where his group of starseed meet him for the first time. A bit of autobiography I suppose?

  25. The vampire/zombie/mermaid things keeps bugging me. It looks too much like problem/reaction/solution somehow. Modern capitalism is essentially vampiric, yet rather than create new vampires with each bite today's modern vampire prefers to feed upon a body in a zombie-like state willing to mindlessly submit. This is better than creating new vampires (competitors) with each feeding.

    Which brings us to the mermaid. Why mermaids? They no longer seem to feed vampires, yet seem vampiric themselves. Is this the rollout for Vampire 2.0? If so, how does it tie into our twisted money system (where it almost always leads)?

    Perhaps we need to know more of the vampire/zombie background that got us here. Recently, some vampiric businesses have themselves begun turning into zombies (see: golf, student loans and malls) so what does that mean both now and in the future? The biggest question to me is what does money want with mermaids?

    1. Meanings?

      Don't get too hung up about it.

      Sometimes, meanings are inconsequential (unlike the meaning of the secret sun).

      How about this:
      Vampire = People are generally prey/farmed/exploited (Illuminati).
      Zombie = People will soon find out they are walking dead (apocalypse).
      Mermaid = People will soon wish they were fish (cataclysm).

      Some esoterica are more productively investigated than others.

  26. Here's a news story I just saw on my local Brisbane news site -

    "'Bird strike' causes Virgin Australia flight from Brisbane to Perth to make emergency landing"

    It looks like the pilot didn't make a big enough circle to take in Fraser Island by the looks of the map used in the news story...and probably a good thing that he didn't in hindsight.

    "A Virgin Australia plane was left circling Brisbane Airport for over three hours last night after a "minor engineering issue".
    The VA474 Perth-bound flight was due to take off around 10pm last night when it was believed a bird collided with the plane. The pilot decided as a precautionary measure the flight should not continue.
    He circled the plane along the Queensland coast before returning to make an emergency landing at Brisbane shortly before 1am this morning, leaving passengers stranded."

    1. And that's not all.
      Perth and Western Australia got smashed by the siren of the sea the next day -
      "WA storm cuts power, hits homes and washes yachts ashore as cold front strikes near Perth"

  27. Cinimod_ofCarthach4:50 AM, June 05, 2018

    Washington is one win away from defeating Vegas. What a well written story. Props to Canada.

  28. An interesting post linking the US Embassy in Jerusalem, Zuism and the mythical Behemoth (slash Leviathan?*)


  29. Again, the puzzle pieces fit together in the form of Space being a vast ocean, instead of... whatever they've told us it is.
    "We come from above"??? Da fuq dat sposed to mean?
    UFOs dropping glowing tentacled creatures... The Nommo... the fish people of lake Titicaca... the flying whales in Star Trek and Fantasia... the Simpson's hitting a baseball into the sky, cracking it, and releasing a deluge of water onto the earth.

    I'm beginning to see Earth as a land trapped inside a giant air bubble floating in an infinite sea of H2O.

  30. "The Bennett Monolith

    The largest Stelae at Tiwanaku (Tiahuanaco), Bolivia, near the shores of Lake Titicaca (above), is 24 feet high (20 ton), known as the Bennett monolith, or ‘Pachamama’ monolith, it stood for several years in front of La Paz stadium when it was taken from the original site at Tiwanaku in 1932. The monolith was ceremoniously returned in March 2002. The lower half of its body which is covered with fish-heads, reminds one of the Mesopotamian deity, Oannes, the half-man, half-fish, amphibious being who conveyed special knowledge to ancient mankind. Oannes is often associated with the Andean creator god, Viracocha."

    “The fish has often been associated with the World Saviors. Vishnu, the Hindu Redeemer, who takes upon himself ten forms for the redemption of the universe, was expelled from the mouth of a fish in his first incarnation. Isis, while nursing the infant Horus, is often shown with a fish on her headdress. Oannes, the Chaldean Savior (borrowed from the Brahmins), is depicted with the head and body of a fish, from which his human form protrudes at various points. Jesus was often symbolized by a fish. He told His disciples that they should became “fishers of men.” The sign of the fish was also the first monogram of the Christians. The mysterious Greek name of Jesus, ?????, means “a fish.” The fish was accepted as a symbol of the Christ by a number of early canonized church fathers. St. Augustine likened the Christ to a fish that had been broiled, and it was also pointed out that the flesh of that Fish was the food of righteous and holy men.” – Picart’s Religious Ceremonials.

  31. The tale of mergod Oannes who "actually predates the first recorded mermaid – Atargatis, the Assyrian goddess – by several thousand years" ...... as told by "Berossus"...:

    But who is this Berossus-character? Did he even exist??


    I mean, OH REALLY!!??

  32. Well, it's only a matter of time now. Don't feel too bad, we had a good run. And there's probably a few more good years left. I'd say at least a decade. But then again, I'm a starry-eyed optimist.

    EF in the details. Eyes and ears ON

  33. Scales? What a horrific name fora show - hmn, girls hit puberty, fish mom shows them they are special and different and likely will choose mermaid style gender pronouns...y'know, wrapped up in the this whole sirens of doom that came from space to empower women to hate men and reproduce asexually while taking the reins of power and identifying as Whatever Old Ones / elites wanting to bring on the cataclysm and escape back into water (with permanent headphone implants singing the sweet tunes of The Cocteau Twins to lull them sweetly into their thousand year deep sleep in the deep and possibly this is all The Message From Space (did I cover everything? I may have) seriousness and/or tomfoolery is possibly 'buried' (emphasis of course) way down in the vasty fathoms of ther subhumanconciousness and lest we forget the whole genetics chimera tranceformation of humankind -

    Is a tacky gay "I smell fish!" joke.

  34. Don't worry. No real mermaid would cover her breasts;)


    KTR Spade decided to not try again.

  36. “[Family life must have been different] in the days when a family had fed on the produce of the same few miles of country for six generations, and that perhaps was why they saw nymphs in the fountains and dryads in the wood - they were not mistaken for there was in a sense real (not metaphorical) connections between them and the countryside. What had been earth and air and later corn, and later still bread, really was in them. We of course who live on a standardized international diet…are artificial beings and have no connection (save in sentiment) with any place on earth. We are synthetic men, uprooted. The strength of the hills is not ours.”

    - J.R.R Tolkien, from an unpublished letter, June 22, 1930

    'save in sentiment', & ninety years on we're an utterly 'sentimentalised' lot most clearly signed by the sjw & sjw-esque activities promoted by the state (the state being the anti-Human hegemony profiting from the misdirection of Humanity). We're ninety years closer than Tolkien & his peers to the end of Our species, living in a realm almost totally artificialised, looks like Our collective committing of suicide will be a vessel from which will be borne the ultimate inhumanity.

    The well is poisoned, a fish rots from the head down.

    Orange Alert.

    1. Dude is that fucking real?
      Yeah just what is 'real' anyway!
      But 1930?
      Fucking awesome; and ultimately pathetic.
      Our 'race' deserves a chance.
      AI is NOT that 'chance'.


    2. With our mothers womb being the only place of relative authencity and unspoiledness most of us have been in, now they're taking that too.

      The ptb have long kept us in perpetual childhood, now we're never to leave the matrix.

    3. Even the womb is polluted, there's nothing that's not been corrupted & tainted by that at work through us, we've all been put on the mermaidisation program whether we (believe we) want It or not - the water we drink is not just polluted by plastics but also other industrial age creations including pharmacological pollution from the millions upon millions on a script, their bodies only absorbing certain amounts of their medicine the rest pissed & shat into... what becomes the water we share to drink up & bathe in, then there's all the industrial waste etc, to think this can be done without It's having any effect on us is diseased thinking - a diseased process set in motion by those very chimeric chemical cocktails making water their vessel. Even the rain water is spoiled by us & who knows what other chimeras are birthed in those sky drops, already full of all manner of weird entities, reigning down.

      Water is a vector of disease, fire purifies but in so doing vapour effervesces to the heavens, is Humanity on offer to something that requires us to be altered in some way before we're offered up to It - in the way It finds us most to It's pleasing?

      Does the concentration of pollutants in a human body begin a process akin to the formation of a pearl within a mollusk?

  37. Off topic - but I'm guessing, not completely - designer Kate Spade was found hanged in her Upper East Side home today.

    I was always perplexed by the Kate Spade brand. Here in Asia, its boutiques occupy huge street-level spaces in the priciest, glitziest of shopping centers. As if screaming, "money is of no concern to this company!", and "move over, Louis Vuitton / Chanel / Hermès!".

    For the record, I've rarely seen an actual customer go inside, let alone purchase an item. Hundreds of dollars for a wicker frog handbag anyone - no?... So the mystery only deepened when last year, Coach supposedly bought the company for over a billion dollars (?!). That's about as credible as "Jessica Simpson's fashion line shifts $800 million worth of boots and trinkets every year", as the official story goes.

    So far, Ivanka Trump and Chelsea Clinton have led the "outpouring of grief". Stay tuned.

  38. Eerie how timely Neonomicon turned out to be. When it first came out everyone at my local comic shop wasnt admitting that they had read it. Heard a lot of “Neonomicon what? No I havent read it...unless you have too then I’ve totally read it.”

  39. Perpetual childhood is the state our overlords have always kept us in.
    Now we can not even be born. We're never to leave the matrix.

  40. I hope they play Wagner when the mermaids come to eradicate us.

  41. The PTB know every well that the manipulation of consciousness is not the final solution, hence they ultimately aim to change reality itself:

    Absolute control, over every living soul...

  42. MC speaks - You think we have a decade left to live? Seventeen months, that's all we got!
    The current issue of Nexus Magazine advances a scientific argument (hidden in amongst a few religious-piss arguments) that, for the Northern Hemisphere mainly, "the end of all things" will come in December 2018 when the magnetic polar shifting process reaches its culmination. The earth's crust will slide, resulting in an Atlantis-style continent-wrecking earthquake/volcano/tsunami party. Nexus then argues that "they" (meaning the ruling elite, not the so-called "wise" among the Native Austalians) have known this for years - and they (the ruling elite) have plans in place to save their cancerous shitty arses while the rest of us are left to drown.

    So, get tae feck wi' mermaid mania. When December 18 2019 rolls around, even if with the aid of plastic surgery I've "grown fins 'n gone back in t' water agin", I'll still be stuck with my mammalian lungs. And there will be no (space)ship that can bear me hence - I'm not of the elite, and ("worse" still) I'm male.

    Light relief: re "I'll give you a hint: "haggis"" - if the hint had to be a foodstuff, shouldn't it have been "brose"

    1. We'd probably survive a huge natural event better than we think, if it weren't for the fact that we have lost our environment, skills and knowledge to do so over the course of "civilization".
      Take the Sentinelese people, apparently they did not have any of the death and disaster going that all the civilized world around them did with the great tsunami of 2004

      Tech is never the answer, knowledge is

    2. Yup, this is where "The meek shall inherit The Earth" comes from, i.e. those who live simply and closest to the land are more able to survive come what may.
      However, the Illuminati want more for h sapiens than yet another cycle of same old same old. That's why we are all unwittingly slaving away to help them preserve tech across the eschaton - and why it's thus best if we don't know this.
      When the tsunami comes, lie back and know that you did your bit for h sapiens.

    3. Anon10:40, Sounds like David Montaigne is worth a read:

      I wonder if he knows about the secret sun?

      Maybe he already reads this blog - perhaps he's me?

      "Your government and religious leaders may not want you to know, but the evidence suggests that pole shifts are both magnetic and geophysical, with a periodic cycle of recurring and predictable cataclysms involving huge earthquakes and tsunamis, changes in latitude and altitude, mass extinctions, and the destruction of civilizations, reducing them to myth and legend. Evidence from geology, biology, astronomy, physics, history, mythology, religion and prophecy all suggests that the next pole shift is due in the 21st century"

  43. In the season premiere of Humans last night, a representative for SynthSafe was presenting pictures of a green-eyed & an orange-eyed Synth to a classroom of children. He asked "Who can tell me the difference between these two?" The answer "The orange ones work for us. They're really helpful" Okay and the green eyes? They're dangerous. He concluded. The green eyes are broken. They don't have to do anything we say but the orange eyes do. The orange eyes can't harm people or do anything naughty."

  44. Right. "MIT creates psychopathic AI"

  45. Interesting to me, is that Knowles, and others, have to do some interpreting on these omens and such...if one goes by the split of or into bicameral mind, then long ago, from neolithic times, and petering out in the medieval ages, these portents and such were a part of everyday life. A theory, but I like it.

    I was rereading Hakim Bey's TAZ last night, and came across this tidbit, which I'll paraphrase: the medieval calendar year had gotten to the point where about a third of it was filled with festivals and holidays (methinks life wasn't quite so harsh back then as one would presume) and the protest against calendar reform wasn't so much a protest against missing days, as it was that Greyface elites had removed much of the festivals. We shall have none of that crap.

    And thus we swam our merry way down the river of civilization.

  46. Pearly approved:

    'Just off the coast of Orkney in Scotland...', 'Data centres are vital to our world...', 'Not only do you then get free cooling but you can also place the data centres closer to towns and cities giving the public faster access to the web, video games and even AI-based technologies.', 'Other companies such as Facebook have also built their data centres in Norway to take advantage of the country’s naturally colder climate.'

    More steaming afoot, boiled frogs come to mind, hot & cold breaks a vessel.

    'The Orkney Islands in Scotland just became one of the most exciting places in tech. @CindyRose shares her views on putting data centres underwater'

    'CindyRose' (/ 'Blue Rose'), what happened after 'Cindy', linked to Artemis meaning safe/butcher, (/'Blue') rose?

  47. "It's the end"

    "...but the moment has been prepared for"

    - The 4th Doctor prior to regenerating at the end of 'Logopolis', a tale about number crunchers staving off entropy - heat death - from consuming the universe via the power of their collective voice.

    'The Doctor' sacrifices himself, falling from a great height, so as to ensure the computations can continue to be broadcast as a life saver. He fuses with a pearlescent entity, known as 'The Watcher' during his regeneration into the fresh-faced (& so young that at the time it was taken as a risky bit of casting) & (perhaps) more naive '5th Doctor'.

    Tom Baker looked considerable older in his swansong season than when he first starred as 'The Doctor' seven years earlier.

  48. Another one I'll just drop here... Kat Von D's "wedding spectacular", better known as a massive ritual calling of the Cosmodemonic AI

  49. Anyone know what the heck is going on with Tracy Twyman? Her blog's down and her presence has more or less been stripped off the internet. The link in the sidebar here just 404's. Is her subscription group still up?

  50. Notice that the zombie fad just happened to coincide with-- if not kick off shortly before-- the opioid pandemic?

    Not drugs.From magnetic disturbance.

    Babble, babel, spiral tower of.

    "Come, let us confuse language"


  52. Zod, I do Google search my name and favorite topics occasionally... and I do agree I am worth reading, especially on the topics of pole shifts and end of the world prophecies... but I am not you.

    1. Great to see you here David. I've just bought your book 'Poleshift', and am looking forward to reading it.
      However, it does seem (even from the first chapter that I've read so far) that you are missing the secret sun - which is a critical jigsaw piece in your big picture. Then again, you may well already know about it, but are wary of revealing it.
      Perhaps I'll find clues to this later in your book?

  53. More Siren-themed madness. With unicorns.

  54. Mermaids... It all started kind of innocentish
    and less innocent here

  55. I was re-watching the movie, ZOOLANDER and I realized how the MERMAN scene with it's dialogue was very SIREN like.

    "MOISTURE is the essence of WETNESS.
    WETNESS is the essence of BEAUTY.

    "I wanted A NEW LIFE for myself."

    "You're DEAD TO ME BOY, more DEAD TO ME than your DEAD MOTHER. I just thank the lord SHE DIDN'T LIVE to see her SON as a MERMAID."

    "MERMAN. (Cough.) MERMAN."

    It's been said that curses are done in threes.

    I'm sure I'm not the first to mention this scene I just was so amazed.

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