Wednesday, January 03, 2018

New Normal Updates: Dementia Helmets

ITEM! YouTube superstar Logan Paul brought the wrath of the Twitter Furies down on his head when he posted a video of he and his bros stumbling on a corpse in Japan's notorious "Suicide Forest," aka the Aokigahara.

What exactly was he expecting to find there? 

And no, I haven't a clue what this guy is actually famous for either. Other than looking very much like he was vat-grown in a Nephilim factory. Or on a slab in Frank N. Furter's lab

I guess that's enough these days.

ITEM!: Speaking of the Vegas, I hope you tuned into the latest semiotic tribute to the Fallen; LA to Vegas. Or as I call it, The Archangels of Heaven vs. The Pearly Dew-Drops, Who Kept Not Their First Estate. 

I think that was the working title, actually. I don't know, I read it somewhere. 

Twitter, I think.

The show is already the subject of controversy; social media has been ablaze with debates over who that Krist Novacelic-looking f**k on the far right there is. Some say it's actually Novacelic, some say it's an impostor. 

The Novacelicist camp argue that no one would actually choose to look like that. Except Krist Novacelic himself, of course.

The furor will probably burn on for a while. Plus, no one believes what iMDb says anymore, those Illuminati shills. 

ITEM!: Well, now I know what to do with those gift cards burning a hole in my wallet.

And "Dementia Helmet" is metal as f**k for a band name. You're welcome.

ITEM!: Do you have what it takes to overthrow foreign governments? Do you have what it takes to laser-cannon schools, wedding parties and hospitals in desperately-poor countries? 

Do you have what it takes to strip-mine the assets of useless-eater retirees and drive them to suicide? Do you have what it takes to traffic orphaned children from war zones to Silicon Valley rape-farms?

Well, what are you waiting for? Click the link. 

ITEM!: You know, when I look for objective and responsible reporting on "global warming," I always turn to the motherf**king Guardian. Well, only because Gawker is defunct.

I mean, seriously- why not just cite Tumblr as your authoritative source on "climate change." Or Tumblr East, aka The New York Times, which declared "the End of Snow" a few years back.

Wait- what's this?

Oh. Sh*t. Well, tough luck, Grauniad

Plus, "Bomb Cyclone?"

However, this headline is probably true; the onrushing Global Ice Age will probably kill billions. Assuming the Vegas don't get here and do so first.

ITEM!: Of course it was 91 times. And of course he looks like a reaper at the Harvest in the thumbnail. 

I'll tell you, it's a good thing these Trump people aren't black magic ritualists or anything. Because it they were, all these pink-haired Brooklynista hobbywitches would be in real trouble. I mean, it's not like this lot in the White House went out and bought themselves the building at 666 Fifth A...

Never mind.

ITEM!: Speaking of which, nothing fishy at all about two horrible aircrashes on New Year's Eve on opposite sides of the Pacific Ocean involving powerful executives and their families. Not at all.

The Sydney crash involved the CEO of global behemoth Compass Foods, whose primary services are apparently industrial catering and international scandal.

The crash also involved Cousins' son Will, a leading anti-Brexit campaigner. 

At the crash at Cowan Creek. In Jerusalem Bay. 

There was also the crash in Costa Rica, in which the Steinberg Family of Scarsdale, NY were tragically killed. Bruce Steinberg worked for hedge fund Bridgewater:

 Prior to joining the hedge fund, he had worked at several banks including UBS AG, Royal Bank of Scotland Plc and Credit Suisse Group AG, Finra records show.

Weird sync: the entire family of a New York investment banker (as well as the banker's partner) were killed in a plane crash just down the highway from here a few days before Christmas seven years back. 

Maybe investment bankers should fly commercial for the holidays.

ITEM!: Ringing in the New Year with illuminated obelisk moneyshots not enough for your ritual summoning needs? Luckily the SuperMoon on the 1st offered lots of opportunities for sacred phallicism. Like this shot of the Illuminated Imperial Obelisk on 33rd Street in Masonic Manhattan.

And this Anton Furst-worthy shot from a Daily Mail pictorial on the SuperMoon that seems to be dripping with ritualism.

It also included the extremely Orange lucky-lucky-penny-penny SuperMoon over Heaven or Las Vegas. 

I mean, at what point does this shit actually become a pattern?

Needless to say, all of this is supplying the prerequisite ritual empowerment for SpaceSeX's launch of the mysterious Zuma payload aboard the Falcon Heavy flying-phallus.

ITEM!: Don't forget this interview with Miguel Conner on the Gnu Gnosticism. It's not your maiden auntie's Gnosticism anymore.

ITEM!: Norwegian thrush Aurora covers Our Lady's indelible "Teardrop." Very nice, but she kind of misses the point of the original vocal, which is meant to be detached and ethereal.

As a bonus, Aurora also covers Yolandi Visser's haircut.

Plus, Aurora.



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