Wednesday, November 08, 2017

British Freemasons Troll the Internet

It's 2017 and it's the 300th Anniversary of the establishment of the Grand Lodge of England. In public, Freemasons will swear up and down that the Craft was created out of whole cloth on that day but amongst themselves will reveal that it is in fact much, much older.

During their massive birthday party in London last week the Masons freely admit that Freemasonry dates back to Euclid, at the very least. At another point, one Mason admits it's older than the "Golden Fleece and the Roman Eagle," or words to that effect. Of course, it actually dates back to Sumer, but that's a topic for another day.

Odd though that they threw this birthday gala on Halloween, rather than on St. John's Day (aka the Midsummer Fires). Don't you agree?

The Grand Lodge really goes balls out for this event, hiring a large cast of actors for a quintessentially Masonic Mystery Play in which a young stonemason is initiated into the Craft. 

An orchestra provides the back for a variety of musical productions, with singers performing the works of Masonic composers like Mozart, Gilbert & Sullivan and Cab Calloway.

The Duke of Kent presides over the entire shindig, nursing an intractably dour countenance. British acting legend Derek Jacobi plays a central role along with a bunch of other people I recognize but can't quite place.

The stage set is like a scene from Bill Cooper's worst DTs. Again, do note this is all presided over by a member of the Royal Family. There are all kinds of attempts at comedy here but nobody's kidding or fooling around here.

No, this is deadly serious business.  

We also have these three actresses playing the Three Graces aka the Charities, or more accurately the Three Sisters of Orion's Belt. Here holds another clue as to the true antiquity of Freemasonry, as the Three Graces were also featured in the Mystery Plays at Eleusis.

And sometime later we see the harp, representing Lyra and, of course, the Vegas.

And despite all the talk you hear about Freemasonry being in decline- well, public Masonry, at least-- the joint is packed to the rafters with Brothers. It all plays out like a tape loop of an old Alan Moore hallucination.

And the musical numbers are....


A twittering soprano performs a number from The Magic Flute. Two numbers are performed from The Mikado, including a rather, um, odd number for the Three Graces to sing:

Three little maids from school are we
Pert as a school-girl well can be
Filled to the brim with girlish glee
Three little maids from school

Everything is a source of fun
Nobody's safe, for we care for none
Life is a joke that's just begun
Three little maids from school 

Huh. Interesting choice. Yeah. 

Really in tune with current sensibilities there, Freemies.

Then there's this one from the same play, rewritten as a list of fellow Masons to, uh, do I say this?

Um, to be killed.

As some day it may happen that a victim must be found
I've got a little list — I've got a little list
Of society offenders who might well be underground
And who never would be missed — who never would be missed!

"They never would be missed." Right. 

Bear in mind this song is repurposed as an ostensible comedy about doing away with fellow Masons the orator finds irritating.

What exactly do you think this guy thinks of you?

Let's just say I couldn't help but think of the Millennium episode named in honor of The Mikado, about an Internet site that streams live video of young women being tied up and murdered. 

Kind of an unfortunate association there.

I suppose that the song is meant to be funny, but seeing as that it's 2017 and all, it just comes across as incredibly creepy and unsettling.

There's also this little performance in which the Masons brag about their contributions to America. There's also this little bit of Masonic double entendre. 

Astronauts are not. Interesting.

To add to the jarring symbolism an actor portrays Cab Calloway and performs "Minnie the Moocher," a song about a heroin-addicted prostitute. This is an incredibly audacious bit of trolling, given how central British Freemasonry was to the opium trade (and the Opium Wars). This isn't some LaRouchian bit of speculation here- Masons are quite open about it. 

Note: The family behind the modern Opioid Wars-- the Sacklers-- certainly appear to either be Crypto-Masons or somehow adjacent, given their overweening fixation on Egyptian antiquities.

But if any of this reminds you of the Oscars, the Grammys or even the N-ph-L ritual productions, well, yeah. 

Now you can see where it all actually comes from.

There's also a little psychodrama in which a Muslim, a Christian and a Jew act out some Masonic parable in which a father gives his three sons copy of a precious ring and all it does it create discord and calamity. 

In case you miss the point of this little parable here- which is cloaked in all the subtlety of a series of hammer blows to your teeth-- the Masons are telling us they are in receipt of the true religion and would like very much to replace all the others. 

For starters.

And replace all the others with "The Light." 

 Look at those faces and tell me that these are people who are just fucking around. 

And then the Masons all rise for a hearty singing of "Jerusalem," the musical version of the Blake poem. Which reminded me that the Nephilim lovefest men call the Millenium Dome Show was in fact based in part on Blake's Marriage of Heaven and Hell.

So why was this all held on Halloween rather than on Freemasonry's actual birthday in June? I'm afraid I can't answer that but I should note this was held at Royal Albert Hall in Kensington Gardens where Our Lady of Oracles appeared in July, to celebrate the start of Leo and the rising of the Shield.

I'd been wracking my brains trying to figure out the purpose for that otherwise-inexplicable event but now I understand: it was yet another example of using Our Lady to consecrate a larger working.

I've actually lost count of how many times we've seen that now.

UPDATE: BBC pushes Freemasonry for Women.


  1. Marrying fictional heaven and hell to each other and crushing the earth between them.

    1. Blake wanted to free people from the tyranny of formal belief systems, whether religious or scientific. If his work is being used to impose yet another belief system then it's being hijacked.

    2. I concur NS


  2. Grunt grunt howl howl I'm a Piggie in a Cowl

  3. What used to be secret (ceremony) is now out in the open. The high priests need our permission before they kill us, don't they? Oh wait, making it public is enough. And we don't matter.

  4. Hi Chris - also, keep in mind that Master Mason's refer to themselves as "Sons of the Widow" which is directly associated with Horus and Isis. In an article entitled, "The Connection Between Ancient Egyptian Mystery Schools and Freemasonry," by Michael Schiavello, dated 02-13-2017, he states:

    "Isis, made a widow by Osiris’ murder, gives birth through initiation ritual to Horus, the redeemer, raised solely that he may avenge the destruction of wisdom (by Set aka chaos) and restore peace, harmony and the just god, in whom there is no death (the Divine Spark within)."

    Isis was also commonly associated with Ma'at, the goddess who presides over truth, universal order, and uprightness. In certain sects, Isis and Ma'at represented the two pillars that presided over the Osirian Hall of Judgement aka the Hall of the Two Truths. The symbol of Ma'at is called the 'shut', or the Ostrich plume that represents lightness and airiness. It was against this feather that the hearts of the dead were weighed to determine the deceased place in the Duat, or after-life. The American Masonic Knight Templar's wear a representation of this plume on their chapeaus's or headgear. The star Vega was also associated with Ma'at.

    It is interesting to note how the Two Pillars of Judgement, Isis-Ma'at, who preside so prominently in Freemasonry and Egyptian funerary rituals and resurrection myths, would be brought together as the star Vega, which precesses over time to become the guiding star, the North Star, as the two Vegas--Las Vegas, if you will.

    Is it really so odd that the Freemasons, acting in knowledge of this or unconsciously wielding their symbology, would come forward on Halloween, clearly a Celtic festival from an isle of Celtic descendants?

    1. Well, it's not odd if you read Thomas Paine's thoughts on the matter. he believed the Masons were the Druids trading under a new ID. This Ma'at -Vega thing is very tantalizing though. Thank you for bringing that up, Bill.

  5. the age of aquarius began on the winter solstice in 2012, previously, the age of piceses began on the autumnal solstice 2,160 before that, the age of aries began on the summer solstice 2,160 years before that and so on and so on. so, probably they are celebrating another anniversary and not really the 300th.

    1. Just as there are 12 months in a year, so there are 12 aeons in a great year.
      Unfortunately, with the sun/secretsun system at 70degrees to galactic plane, that means there's fimbulvetr/ragnarok twice a great year. Yin yang.


    3. The Harvard link and this photo is hard to fathom.


    5. However you choose to interpret it there does seem to be something at work involving the stars and the planets. It all strikes me as very Alice Bailey for some reason.

  6. From the British magazine, SFX Winter 2017 "Mermaid Madness" Japan's maddest animator, Masaaki Yuasa talks "Lu Over the Wall." Masaaki is a Japanese animation director like no other. He's into the trippy, "Yellow Submarine" stuff, using splashy colours, loose 'n' playful graphics and cheerfully bonkers storytelling. His film "Lu Over the Wall" is about an unhappy boy in a fishing town who meets an ebullient mermaid Lu, who's forever springing and singing. ... How many other films have fish skeletons on the march in piscine zombie parades?

    In the story, the town's older generation see these phenomena as terrifying threats, while the youngsters are more accepting. Yuasa says that's his vision of how things should be. "I think people are getting more scared by these supernatural things. But what I wanted to express is the acceptance of differences.. "

    1. Go watch a movie that scared people in the old days like Frankenstein or The Wolfman. Today a toddler wouldn't be afraid of them. Makes you wonder. Thanks, Karin.

  7. shit piss fuck
    we are royally screwed.

    1. Lol... a line from a Blink 182 song. DeLonge. Well, not the we are screwed part.

    2. We're Regulusly screwed. Fixed that for you.

  8. It seems to me that 'the perfect murder' (and the 'solution' to it) is a theme these days, also judging from happenings in the Netherlands

  9. Wow. Was waiting for a reference to "The Mikado." One of the characters is named "Peep-bo," which you noted in relation to the Cocteau Twins song "Ivo." And the strange word noted by "Clang" in The Beatles film "Help!"

    1. When I saw the name "Peep-bo" mentioned in your comment Andrew it reminded me of a insecticide that was (maybe still is) sold on the Australian market called 'Pea-beu' and the commercials and jingles for the product like the one in this You Tube at this link -
      "Hit 'em high, hit 'em low, hit 'em with the old Pea-beu"

    2. Oh, dear. There's an unfortunate precedent. Thanks for the data, guys. Always appreciated.

  10. Great stuff as always.

    Anyone have any insight in the US political meme today... the anti-trump "screaming at the sky ritual" ? Screaming at the orange one? Invoking the oranged sky in Edvard Munch's "The Scream" on the year anniversary of the US election? I've noticed that a lot of major news outlets had used the photo of Trump pointing skyward from the eclipse in the rollout of hyping this "event" going back a few weeks ago. What does "screaming helplessly" signify?

    1. Idiocy. They got 'em where they want them....

    2. A screaming comes across the sky.

    3. Oh, I'll be going into this soon. This ties into the whole NER. You'll soon see why. Thank you very much indeed.

  11. Just came across this:

    1. 'Visitors to new museum will uncover mystery cult of Mithras the bull slayer in multi-sensory experience'

      '“It was a mystery cult and its rites remain very well guarded mysteries. There is nothing written about what went on in the temples, no book of Mithras,” said Sophie Jackson, the lead archaeologist from the Museum of London Archaeology who has spent years working on the excavation and reconstruction... “The one thing we do know is that no bulls were sacrificed there. It was a very confined space and I don’t think anyone would have got out alive.”'

      From a linked article:

      'Foster and Partners’ new Bloomberg HQ boasts beehives, a wellness centre and its very own Roman temple. The City hasn’t seen such an ambitious homage to corporate power in decades'

      & the illustrating image is captioned with:

      '‘Starship Enterprise and baroque palazzo’: Bloomberg HQ’s triple-helix ramp and atrium rooflight.'

      'Rarely is this nature just nature... Through an understated entrance, a choreographed sequence takes you through a lobby in aerodynamically curved timber called the “Vortex”... The opportunity was also taken to renovate and relocate the remains of the London Mithraeum, a Roman shrine which attracted tens of thousands when discovered in 1954, but was then moved to a desolate and obscure platform nearby. It is now back “as close as possible” to its original site, with a new “immersive experience”, opening later this autumn , intended to bring its stones to life... there is something weird about this essential fragment of British history being tucked into the skirts of a huge corporate complex. This, right now, is the way it goes.'

      & on the artist, Cristina Iglesias, who's work ('there to recall the dark, squelchy side beneath the City’s whirr of calculation, layers of past life going back to the Romans, the buried river Walbrook') graces the surroundings, cnn reports:

      'A recurring theme in her work has been thresholds -- entrances and exits, passageways and labyrinths. And she has increasingly begun to use moving water in her work.'

      '"An in-between is an important concept in my work," Iglesias says. "You don't know where the water comes from, where it goes. You're at a threshold to an unknown space."'

      '"... her works beg for silence, because each piece is about listening - listening to a fugitive space or an arriving light ... She is a silent singer who transports the listener to an elsewhere."'

      Her piece for Bloomberg in London is positively Cthulian.

    2. Check today's post. It's all starting to take shape, folks.

  12. Look up Zodiac killer and the Mikado. Same verse, same game.

    1. Yes, the MM ep was originally called "Zodiac" until someone remind the writer that Zodiac watches was a sponsor of the show.

  13. Yeah, it seems like everywhere we look now, reality itself is becoming ritualized if not weaponized. Of course, we saw all those masonic religious aspirations already via SRI, Willis Harmon & the whole "Changing Images of Man" memeplex back in the 70s. I guess its finally bearing fruit? & of course, the whole thing goes WAY back before 1717, as you pointed out.

    Someone I have a real fascination for is Elias Ashmole, one of the first confirmed speculative masons:

    For those not familiar with him:

    "Ashmole was an antiquary with a strong Baconian leaning towards the study of nature.[1] His library reflected his intellectual outlook, including works on English history, law, numismatics, chorography, alchemy, astrology, astronomy, and botany. Although he was one of the founding Fellows of the Royal Society, a key institution in the development of experimental science, his interests were antiquarian and mystical as well as scientific. He was an early freemason, although the extent of his involvement and commitment is unclear. Throughout his life he was an avid collector of curiosities and other artefacts. Many of these he acquired from the traveller, botanist, and collector John Tradescant the Younger. Ashmole donated most of his collection, his antiquarian library and priceless manuscripts to the University of Oxford to create the Ashmolean Museum."

    About that museum collection...So turns out Ashmole started it with, according to Zecharia Sitchin's last book, "There Were Giants Upon the Earth", twelve cartloads of Sumerian artifacts (no one seems to know how he came to acquire them--but then again--one of the earliest stated goals of Freemasonry was the discovery & preservation of "antediluvian knowledge"). Including the infamous Sumerian King List:

    Quote (from "There Were Giants Upon the Earth"):

    "The connection between those first of Cities of the Gods and the bringing down of civilization to Earth from the heavens is restated in several other Sumerian documents dealing with pre-Diluvial events. Two
    of the key documents can be seen by anyone who visits the Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology in Oxford, England — a museum that traces its beginning to the donation, in 1683, by Elias Ashmole, of twelve cartloads of antiquarian collectibles that the official history
    of the Museum describes as “a Noah ’s ark of rarities.” The original collection diversified and grew over the centuries to become an official institution of the University of Oxford. Throngs do not wait in line to
    enter it; it has no Mona Lisa to attract multitudes or moviemakers. But among the objects it houses are two pricesless archaeological finds of utmost importance to the history of Mankind and our planet; and both
    record the Deluge, alias “ Noah’s Flood.” They, or copies of them, in all probability served as a source for the writings of Berossus."

    Incidentally, at the time Ashmole donated that collection, Mesopotamia proper (ie. Iraq ie. remains of Sumer) was contested ground between Persia & the Ottoman Empire. Lots of fighting going on there, then as now. Getting to those artifacts would have been difficult, to say the least. But not for this guy:


    "After visiting the holy sites, Pietro traveled from Damascus to Aleppo...While in the Middle East, he made one of the first modern records of the location of ancient Babylon and provided "remarkable descriptions" of the site. He also brought back to Europe inscribed bricks from Nineveh and Ur, some of the first examples of Cuneiform available to modern Europeans. At that time Baghdad was being contested between Turkey and Iran during the frequent Ottoman-Persian Wars, so he had to leave Baghdad on 4 January 1617."

    1. Well, all of this ties into what Gordon refers to as the Breakaway belief system. It's really amazing how quickly this is all taking shape. Thanks, David.

  14. Another example, among the myriad, of "We will do what we like, when we like & not only is there nothing you can do to stop us you exist solely to serve the furthering of our agenda."

    These would-be divinities are so full of themselves they fear no rebuke from that which they channel us all to kneel before in reverence.

    Maybe they have been punished, as we all surely must have, the punishment being for them to go about their merry-making unhindered by Conscience & for the great mass of us to be subject to their total lack of sense & sensibility.

    & on the subject of workings:

    'Rihanna, Amal Clooney and Donatella Versace to host Met Gala 2018'

    'this year's event will be called 'Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination', Vogue has revealed... The 2017 Met Gala paid tribute to avant garde designer Rei, and for Rihanna, that means having the freedom of expression to do "whatever" she wanted... Asked what avant garde means to her, she said: "I love art and I think it's such a free range of expression and you can do whatever you want within that space, it just gives you that freedom, the space to be whatever you want, wear whatever you want, sing whatever you want."'


    'Uber wants to bring flying cars to traffic-congested Los Angeles by 2020'

    'There's one new partner to help make the LA trial happen: NASA... Uber will also partner with private equity property firm Sandstone Properties to create 20 landing pad locations — or "skyports" — for its network of VTOL vehicles... Holden joked that the film "Blade Runner", which showed flying cars available in LA in 2019, was only out by one year.'

    Those jetpacks must be 'just round the corner', as for 'Blade Runner 2020' what else will break the fourth wall & splice itself into Life from the original movie?

    1. The would be divinities consider themselves the mind of the universe. Literally.
      Of course they believe that mind precedes matter, (dumbo's!), and they are IT. Heck, they existed before existence itself!

      In the Netherlands we had last year a tv series with that title (mind of the universe)

      While simultaneously there was a series made by Dutch astronaut Andre Kuipers pushing some very similar ideas (but differently)

      They sure agreed on the inevitable inevitability-theme. It's the LAW: whatever CAN happen WILL happen. So, case closed.

      But that title. I did a search back then and found this:

      Anyway, I stopped watching the MotU series after the first few installments, I just couldn't put up with it anymore. And I skipped the astronaut, too.
      And surely, I didn't miss a thing!

    2. BTW - the MotU series comes from Prof. Robbert Dijkgraaf who is the big boss at the very prestigious Princeton Institute for Advanced Study, where he also lives. in Einstein's white house.

      So, it appears Princeton University has a huge connection with the house of Orange. Didn't know. And I even read that Queen Juliana personally picked the exact type of orange that would be right for the Princeton orange&black housestyle.

      For a more lighthearted read on those colours:

    3. Dumbos? Like Planck & Bohm? It sounds like you've solved The Hard Problem of Consciousness. Please don't leave us all hanging.

  15. After reading this post, I started to read more of the same issue cited earlier in the comments. The title of the article was "Mystery Play." American playwright, Anne Washburn is adapting "Twilight Zone" for London's Almeida Theatre. "..the theatre is quite naturally a place of mystery and of mysteries." Insisting that the "tensions and concerns which underlie the series are timeless." Washburn says that some episodes are ominously prescient. "There's a wonderful one we thought of doing, "The Midnight Sun."

    1. Theater began as a forum for acting out the stories of the gods. All drama was once ritual. It's only been a tiny slice of human history in which that was not the case.

  16. Not sure how this relates, but it is far too "coincidental" no to: Major League Baseball Pitcher Roy Halladay, famously nicknamed Doc Halladay died in a plane crash today...exactly 130 years to the day after the original Doc Holliday died from tuberculosis in Colorado in 1887.

  17. As for why 'All Hallow's', Samhain was already made use of by the abrahamic concoction of christianity, why wouldn't that seeking to position itself as the one true light of faith on this mortal coil not want to paddock that Ancestor energy for itself?

  18. Today marks the 46th anniversary of the release of Led Zeppelin 4 also known as the unnamed album. Stairway to Heaven became its most famous song.

  19. A new TV series about Project Blue Book is in production by R Zemeckis. How timely.

  20. From that 'women can be brothers too' article:

    "We need to preserve an element of secrecy only because that's what makes it special."

    It always amazes me that people who think they are such very special snowflakes still have a need for some added secrecy to make themselves mysterious. What, are they empty inside or so?
    Aren't human beings not 'mysterious' enough by and of themselves, even after knowing them for decades? Do they not develop and evolve, thereby being 'new' every day? Aren't they capable of surprising us time and time again? And even themselves?

    Guess not.

    Guess you have to be empty inside to accept a noose around your neck at the first encounter and think nothing of it.

    1. Secrecy is power. That's a basic rule.

    2. Who needs power?

      Not me.
      And I most certainly don't desire it.

  21. It seems the main reason people join such organizations is to make connections to get more power/money. Lucre. I grew up in a small city where there were 3 masonic lodges. Three. Doctors, lawyers, etc. Mostly the well to do and wannabes. Greed moves them more than anything. Look at how billionares want to keep making money even when that means they will never have the time to enjoy their money! It is nuts. Such people are power crazy, it is a sickness.

    1. I don't really have a problem with your run of the mill Masons. I have friends who are Masons. This shit, though- this is another level.

  22. Chris I've read your stuff pretty much since its inception on this domain, you do the work others are too scared/mentally lazy to do. You broke a poor pleb like me into the oversphere of ritual and hidden meaning. I used to comment with a name but feel thats unimportant these days. Thank you a thousand times for your work and effort. With regard to this article, just look at these dour crusty old fucks! They look like ET got stuck on Jupiter, but their message is full bore and not occluded anymore. I don't mess with magic and I wholeheartedly refute these chodes and their intent. Love and truth will set us free and these people are incapable of it, being so wrapped up in their awful power grabs. I get a real Hitler's bunker vibe from these pictures and appreciate you being on the front lines so I can read your reports and maintain a distance. I'm gonna fight back by telling a few people that I care about that I love them, hope other readers do the same. To quote Dennis, shine forth brave souls!

    1. Well, I'll tell you what- it gets to the point where the only plausible explanation for so much of what we see is ritual. Ritual has been one of the primary functions of the State since we first formed States. Your usual idiot citizens- who consume everything and question nothing- may not see it but they'll go from not seeing it to committing atrocities for it. 'Twas ever thus.

    'Zombie' star survived going supernova It's the celestial equivalent of a horror film adversary: a star that just wouldn't stay dead.

    When most stars go supernova, they die in a single blast, but astronomers have found a star that survived not one, but five separate explosions.

    The "zombie" star kept erupting for nearly two years - six times longer than the duration of a typical supernova. "This supernova breaks everything we thought we knew about how they work.

    It's the biggest puzzle I've encountered in almost a decade of studying stellar explosions," said co-author Iair Arcavi, a postdoctoral fellow at Las Cumbres Observatory (LCO) who is based in California.

    Intriguingly, by combing through archived data, scientists discovered an explosion that occurred in 1954 in exactly the same location. This could suggest that the star somehow survived that explosion, only to detonate again in 2014. The object may be the first known example of a Pulsational Pair Instability Supernova.

    "According to this theory, it is possible that this was the result of star so massive and hot that it generated antimatter in its core," said co-author Daniel Kasen, from the University of California, Berkeley.

    "That would cause the star to go violently unstable, and undergo repeated bright eruptions over periods of years."
    That process could even repeat itself over decades before the star's final explosion and collapse to a black hole.

    1. Yes indeed- saw that story. One of these old stories that gets inserted into the newsstream at suitable points in the timeline. I guess we'll see what that's all about in the near future.

  24. Anon @ 5:41 --

    Those are wise words and yes, the human heart is dark and mysterious as the sea.

    Being empty inside is a dangerous thing because something is guaranteed to fill it. cheers

    1. Well... it depends...

      Of course I completely stand by my words, but there's also that 'horror vacui' thing. "Nature abhors a vacuum".
      I wouldn't be too sure about that one.
      There's a place for everything in nature, even for 'empty'.

      And no one is going to fill it (empty by nature is safely enclosed isn't it)... unless they're really réally picky. Now that's a double entendre.

      (I mean we're all adults, right?)

    2. There are a lot of empty vessels waiting to be filled out there. And a lot of things all too willing to fill them.

  25. This is a weird one too Temple of Mithras reconstructed

  26. Check this excerpt out guys.


    Today, it would be hard to find a history book that would relate the
    following story. When Lord Corwallis surrender his sword to George
    Washington, after his defeat by the American army, he was too cowardly to
    bring it himself.

    Instead he sent the sword by a servant, who also had a message for George
    Washington. Jonathan Williams recorded in his book ‘Legions of Satan’,
    (1781) that the messenger made the following statement.

    “A holy war will now begin on America and when it is ended America will be
    supposedly the citadel of freedom, but her millions will unknowingly be
    loyal subjects to the Crown. . . . “Your churches will be used to teach the
    Jew’s religion and in less than two hundred years the whole nation will be
    working for Divine World Government. That government that they believe to be
    divine will be the British Empire.

    All religion will be permeated with Judaism without even being noticed by
    the masses and they will all be under the invisible All-seeing Eye of the
    Grand Architech of Freemasonry.”

    Well, George Washington, was a third degree Mason but he dropped out of it
    completely for some strange reason.

    Full article above.

    Remember guys Gnosticism is totally against The Architect=Demiurge=Saturn=Satan/Lucifer. Freemasons are the servants of the Demiurge.


    1. Yes we are and thank you for writing this.
      It is insane how obvious our ties to this 'crown' are; check the colors of our flag.
      I myself do not condemn freemasonry because I think that it's original intention was positive, but then again we know of the black lodge(s).
      So once again I see this as an aspect of polarity; as one feeds off the negative vs. the positive.
      But just WHAT is the BATTERY in all of this?
      What if it is actually us?
      "Transcendental Illumination can best be achieved through mass human sacrifice"
      Creating lattice works of LIGHT energy; we exist in a world described as such.
      So here is a question to ponder; Is our reality based upon a creation built upon murder?
      Perhaps a primal essence sacrificed to create the energetic matrix needed to form 'creation'?
      Plagues my mind man.

    2. I have a hard time believing that Cornwallis was warning Washington about Freemasonry. Has anyone ever located an actual copy of the Williams book?

    3. Morgan??
      I was engaged to one.
      Married another; Aztlan.
      The SAME; just different WILL(S).
      This is NOT me Chris.

  27. Mithras was seen as kosmokrator, ruler of the universe.

  28. The 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation was also "celebrated" on Oct. 31 2017 -- funny since many Protestant churches across the world, lead by the German Luterans and the Catholics, signed a document that basically reuinites them with the Vatican. So much for all those people who died in Europe trying to break away from the Roman church.

    "Three Little Maids" and "Jerusalem" were featured in the movie "Chariots of Fire." That movie has some deep messages in it I never noticed until recently.

  29. I can not believe they are using William Blake in their is shocking... he isn't referring to anything on the outside of Self

    Neville Goddard is the truest form of actually telling people what the bible is saying and these ... al;hg;asdgf have the audacity ?

    Insane in the land of Caesar until we are not


  30. Chris, hi there ... its -sky-

    A while back I was talking with my husband and showing him the Grand Lodge of Belgium Symbol.... I could not help but notice the gmail logo when I saw it and upon sharing that with him and asking him off the top of his head what it looked like he too mentioned gmail

    ...was wierd

    I mention it because I clicked on the link to watch that video and I do not think I can muster through it... something in me was warning me to stay clear and I pay attention to that.

    I couldn't really get past that symbol anyway... it seems like they think the helping of others will get them cookie points and I'm all out of jars.


  31. Ugh.... -sky- again lol

    Wish I could spill my intuitive flow in one fell swoop but nooooo *S*

    You mentioned the ring and the chaos and I thought of Twin Peaks. Then I remembered the only number they used in the new series that popped out was 223 and guess what? That clock was ......ORANGE!

    Also Twin Peaks episode 3.14 no one ate pie! Every episode (I think) up until that point pie was eaten.

    Then I remembered Beezlbub's Tales to His Grandson by Gurdgieff... it states :

    Chapter 2 Prologue

    IT WAS in the year 223 after the creation of the world by objective time calculation or, as would be said here on the Earth, in the year 1921 after the birth of Christ.

    (have no clue what he means just my assumptions)

    I don't follow his teachings, I am a Neville Goddard / Seth student.

    There is also the mention of 223 on the cover of "I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry" on Kevin James' fireman's helmet

    There are more but that should do it. When I was heavily into what you do, that always baffled me and I never found an answer other than it being the sq.rt. of 5 and 1.618+.618 and 5 is the letter E which Dennis Fetcho says is Ma'at

    sooooooooo *shrugs*

    but when that orange clock popped up my husband and I both looked at each other and I spit my drink out LOL.. funny too because before we watched it, I said "man there better not be any 223 in here because that will boggle my brain!"

    and then there it is

    You mentioned Twin Peaks so.... have fun with one if you so choose *S*


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