Friday, January 26, 2018

NASA Shovels Moon Dust Onto Apollo's Coffin

Well, so much for that. 

After nearly 50 years of arguments and theories, NASA finally shoveled dirt onto the Apollo mission's coffin. While there's plenty of evidence that this may have been a gradual disclosure process, Apollo could also have been collateral damage in the ongoing Deep State civil war.

There's been a lot of chatter in Washington over Trump's NASA pick US Rep Jim Bridenstine, whose nomination barely squeaked out of committee. As the headline reads, this is highly unusual for a post that is customarily supposed to be above politics.

January 25th was also Remembrance Day for NASA, which always reminds us of an old Secret Sun standby, Apollo 1 astronaut Virgil "Gus" Grissom, whom Barack Obama seemed to harbor some kind of obsession with.

But that's all old news. Let's take a look at this article on the Super Wonderful Bloody Blue Murder Moon. 

Interesting headline, right? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought the secrets of the lunar surface were unlocked 49 years ago, when the Vega Eagle landed and all the rest of it. Weird.

Well, clickbait, amirite? Cheesy website with no connection to NASA or anything, right?

Oh. OK.

Then let's take a look at the article here...
The upcoming Super Blue Blood Moon eclipse will not only be a treat for skywatchers; the rare celestial event will also give scientists a chance to discover some unknown characteristics about moon dust, like how porous and "fluffy" it is across the lunar surface.

What "unknown characteristics about moon dust?" Isn't that kinda like coming back from the beach and not grasping the whole concept of "sand?"

And if other "scientists" want to discover how "porous and fluffy" moon dust is why don't they just ask NASA for a sample?

It's not as if collecting the stuff wasn't one of Apollo's primary missions, right?

After all, the astronauts made "precise observations" of the lunar surface. 

If scientists are curious, they should be able to find out anything they need in less than a second. 

Hell, you and I should too.

I mean. the Apollo missions collected a whopping 842 pounds of samples.

And any halfway-competent high school chemistry nerd could figure out anything they pleased with just a gram of the stuff.

OK, OK you say; that's "scientists," which could mean anybody. Certainly NASA knows the score, right? Continuing:
Lunar rocks regularly warm up and cool down as the surface moves between times of darkness and times of light. Scientists have studied this process before, and according to NASA, this information reveals a lot about the "bulk" of the regolith, or the dusty lunar rock soil. 
Sudden cooling changes from a lunar eclipse could reveal characteristics about the fine material at the top of the regolith, as well, NASA officials said.

If they have hundreds of pounds of the stuff, what exactly is there to reveal?
Many folks across the United States witnessed the Great American Solar Eclipse of 2017, and during the fascinating moments before, during and after the moon blocked the sun's light, the ground got cold. On Jan. 31, the moon will experience a similar effect, as Earth blocks and bends sunlight that otherwise would fully illuminate and heat the moon, NASA officials said in a statement.
The lunar surface will get chillier, and if NASA researchers notice that the moon's rocky surface cools down differently than it does in a normal moon day, the findings could clue scientists in on what those moon rocks are made of. 
Why does anyone need a "clue" as to what moon-rocks are made of?

842 pounds, hello? 

I mean, they got huge piles of the stuff all over the place. They took samples all across the Moon's surface.

They have so much Moon crap they've even gifted some of it to foreign dignitaries.

Oh. Wait.

Wait--is the Moon flat?

OK, OK- enough of all that. 

The Apollo missions were created for 1970s vintage TVs and films. No one ever imagined people would one day be carrying around computers-- ones thousands of times more powerful than any NASA could even have conceived of in 1969-- in their back pockets. 

Apollo was a propaganda circus meant to take people's minds off all the crazy crap going on in the country at the time. It worked pretty well until everyone got bored with it.

If anyone's really been to the Moon they never went in those ridiculous Apollo tinkertoys. They went in the kind of hardware that seems to be getting ready to be rolled out of Area 51, the stuff videographers in Las Vegas have been seeing flying around over Groom Lake the past few years. 

And they sure as shit weren't ever playing golf and doing donuts in their space-buggy up there.

PS: Is it imagination or does that NASA flack in the video remind you way too much of a Heaven's Gate cultist?