Saturday, January 27, 2018

Apocalypse This Week: Shakin' All Over

The backlog just keeps growing so I'm going to try to get some of this information out there as quickly as I can.  There is so much going on I can hardly keep track of it anymore.

The normies out there don't seem to be paying any of this any mind, confident that life will continue being as boring and dreary as it always is.  

Well, odds are that it will.  But the happy little hedonists at Pompeii and Herculanum, screwing and puking the days away, never thought their party would end either.

You only get to be wrong once.

The big story out of Hawaii was the civil defense employee who triggered the missile alert refusing to cooperate with an federal investigation of the event. I don't blame them. It all sounds a bit Kafkaesque, to be frank.

Oh hey there, Tulsi-- looking fine, girl! How's the Krishna Consciousness cult coming along? 

Plus, I have a pet theory; I don't think that was a screwup at all, but was in fact a drill. 

It goes like this; the exercise was announced as a missile attack so folks wouldn't do what they usually do during a drill, such as vaping, texting and scratching their balls. Instead, they freaked out and tore ass all over the place. 

Very instructive for those Quantum AIs.

The fact that there was a similar event in Japan shortly after passes muster with my confirmation bias.

But then there's also the fact that it came in the middle of the Ring of Fire being set alight. Quite a bit seems to be going on there, all kinds of earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanos and other miserable shit.

I'm sure I don't need to remind you, but if you're living in that area make sure you have a bugout bag packed and reliable transportation inland. Keep your car gassed and your devices charged. Might not be a bad idea to invest in a decent first aid kit as well.

A public service reminder from your pals here at Secret Sun Central.

Don't forget that Mount Agung is getting cranky now too. And that Agung is of the highest possible synchromystic resonance, being a stand-in for Mount Meru:

And if Sumeru and Sineru sound an awful lot like Sumer and Shinar to you, it so happens you're not alone in that.

And at the risk of spreading "fearporn" (which no longer means "charlatans conjuring up dopey scare stories" but translates these days to "hey man, don't go harshing my cushy, upper-middle class idyll with your negativity, OK? Chapel Perilous, man!"), there were predictions that we could soon be seeing exactly what we're seeing now.

For those of you keeping score at home, this here bullshit is what fearporn actually looks like. 

And this too. Do you expect anything but naked manipulation from Jezebel and its sister sites? 

On the other hand, we have this bullshit as well. Which actually makes me a little more nervous than I'd normally be about all this. Especially since scientists spent the beginning of the year running around screaming that 2018 was going to be an especially bad year for earthquakes.

Make up your fucking mind, Poindexter.

But yeah, the Ring of Fire is most certainly burn-burn-burning these days...

I'm hearing whispers arising from the Information Underground that all this may not be coincidence, that an anomalous comet (the unmemorably-named 41P/Tuttle-Giacobini-Kres├ík) might be shooting out electricity or plasma or whatever and as such is fucking our shit up.

Bonus unsettling sync: Tuttle means "Thor's Caudron."

Not only did scientists warn us about earthquakes this year-- before changing their minds, apparently-- so did mystics Nostradamus and Baba Vanga.

Well, to hell with those heathen false prophets, what did Our Lady, Queen Dowager of Sibyls, have to say about all this? Let's go to the actual lyrics of "Pearly Dew-Drops' Drop" and not the ridiculous fan-droppings on the lyric sites:

Ruby Stars ( Suns ) are ruddy,
It's a Pearly Dew-Drop's Drop
Wakes to light the fire
For some Pearly Dew-Drops' Drop

Taciturn's ( Taffy turns ) a color
Taffy turns Anemones
Rooster Eye on my star
To rip asunder what he saw

OK, the Pearly Dew Drop's Drop, for those of you new to all this. Orion rules the southern skies at the moment, hence all the articles we're seeing on astronomy sites...

...and Orion's belt is the "String of Pearls" and that in turn translates to...

...the Vegas, a third of whom were hurled out of the sky. Or their dads. Or whoever.

And the fire being lit is... 

And the stone Taffy turns into? The Almandine Garnet, which places us smack dab into...


And the "rooster eye on my star," assuming that's the Sun?

That would be the Fire Rooster. Note that we see both "fire" and "rooster" in the third lines of each verse.

And what did he see and "rip asunder?"

Oh man; don't ask questions you don't want answers to.

In the offhand chance you are a pagan idolator and still doubt the Spirit-led prophetic power of the Caledonian Sibyl, have a taste of this... unusually-large cyclone hammering the Antarctic coast. But which coast?

Oh, the coast of the Ross Sea. So what region of Antarctica are we talking about here?

Oh, Victoria Land. Forgive my wretched, faithless heart, Our Lady.

But hold on just one sec; that is one odd-looking cyclone there.

Now we're getting into some proper pareidolia here, but hey, it's the Apocalypse. Loosen up.

And that's one friggin' seahorsey-looking cyclone if I ever saw one. Fucking A.

And the seahorse is Nature's adorable little chimera. Plus, a bit of gender-bender as well, no?

Plus, Phoenician.

Plus, I think seahorses and Capricorns are cousins. They don't see other much, though. I heard their moms don't really get along.

Seahorses are also immortalized on the cover of Aikea-Guinea...

...and recently turned up in the filthy old Thames. 

Precisely, the seahorses turned up in the area of the Thames bordered on the west by the site of where many reported to have beheld an apparition of Our Lady in 2012, and bordered on the east by the Dome in which dark forces deceived Our Lady into lending her heavenly voice that should only be heard by the Elect to a year-long Nephilim invocation ritual. 

Not for nothing, but if this were Ancient Rome, Caesars would be erecting shrines to Elizabeth Fraser all across the Empire if they knew even a fraction of this stuff. 

Think I'm exaggerating? Not even by half.

Finally, I'd be remiss if I didn't bring this up; in the mix here are also superpowerful radio bursts from space. Maybe unconnected, but I just want to put that on the record.

Plus, I actually watched Threshold. I mean, it totally sucked ass but hey-- I was jonesing bad for The X-Files. Stop yelling at me.

The bursts are coming from the direction of Auriga (the Charioteer) which is just north of Orion and directly opposite to Vega.

Oh wait; did I say charioteer?
Revelation 9:9 -- (The Locusts from the Abyss) had breastplates like breastplates of iron, and the sound of their wings was like the thundering of many horses and chariots rushing into battle.

Well, if it turns out those bursts are lighting the fire so the Pearly Dew-Drops can drop, I hosey bragging rights.

UPDATE: Double-crap. I forgot Auriga is also the Goat-Herd, aka Shepherd. Aka Buckley.

Which brings us to this passage here: 
Revelation 6:12 I watched as he opened the sixth seal. There was a great earthquake. The sun turned black like sackcloth made of goat hair, the whole moon turned blood red 13 and the stars in the sky fell to earth, as figs drop from a fig tree when shaken by a strong wind. 14 The heavens receded like a scroll being rolled up, and every mountain and island was removed from its place.

Great earthquake? Check.

Sun turning black? Check.

Moon turning red? Check.

Stars falling to Earth? 

Pray for us, Our Lady.