Thursday, January 25, 2018

Snapshots from the Apocalypse: Fifty-Fifty Clone

Holy smokes, everything is coming out of the toy box lately. There's so much going on out there I can't even begin to keep track of it all. I know all y'all out there will have so much to add to the conversation here, so let me just drop some headlines on you and connect a few dots here and there.

Let's start with these twins being cloned using "the Dolly Method." 

In case you don't know, Dolly was cloned at the Roslin Institute, which is just up the road from Rosslyn Chapel.  

I mean, of all the places in the world, right?

The fact that primates have now been cloned --rather, the cloning of primates is now publicly acknowledged-- means we are now living in a whole new world.

And if the fact that these clones were named "Nation" and "People" doesn't strike you as an alarming statement of intent, then I don't know what will. 

Transgenic Gattaca, here we come!

And of course it had to be twins, didn't it? All you folks playing Secret Sun Scrabble at home, you win this round.

And here's this story from the World Wildlife Fund. Because twins.

And of course, Roslin is a thirty-mile drive from you-know-where, hometown of you-know-who.

Because Twins.

And speaking of Rosslyn Chapel, we have even more high-tech Templarism in the news. 

Timing, folks, timing.

While we're on the secret society subject, here's a prime example of Knowles' First Law; a phony Intersectionalist row (but I repeat myself) deftly inoculating the new Dior Show from criticism over the rather blatant symbolism at work.

Do note the cages. Those are for us.

Now, we just looked at the Event Horizon art installation in the context of the Vegas, didn't we? Well, as fate would have it, look at what just popped up in the news...

...a puff piece on AI movies using what looks very much like one of those same kind of figures in a loft. 

Amazing coincidence.

Do you think there's a connection?

Then there's the latest news of everyone's favorite Saudi citizen, Sophia. Hmm, the blonde wig is nice, but...

... I prefer her as a brunette.

And will the AI Apocalypse be staved off by genetic engineering? Will our bodies be able to talk directly to the Borg Hive Cosmo-Demonic AI our electronics? 

Is that the "Spooky Action" we're hearing in regards to Quantum Computing? 

Or is that just the Vegas, who learned long ago to merge themselves with their Cosmo-Demonic Quantum AIs? 

You know which of those possibilities gets my vote.

And don't look now, but it looks like there are already Cosmo-Demonic AI grooming gangs. 

What a wonderful time to be a kid.

I think someone said the groomers have a group on Facebook. I do believe I've seen the user name "Johnny Vega--Cosmo-Demonic AI Groomer" on Twitter. 

And yes, of course he has a blue check. 

Wait; do you actually believe that Twitter wouldn't certify Cosmo-Demonic AI sex predators? 

Who do you think actually runs that place?

Hopefully, Antifa's AI program- ostensibly operated by an Elon University professor-- will help root those Cosmo-Demonic AI rape gangs out. Y'know, doxx them and get them fired and junk.

Maybe not. 

I wouldn't count on the University of Colorado either. 

And doesn't P2 also use the Fasces and the All-Seeing Eye in their iconography? I get my Crypto-Masonic Fascists mixed up sometimes.

Speak of the Devil, the Oscars are the big news of the day. The Shape of Water racked up an impressive 13 nominations, which Secret Sun readers certainly expected. 

Luckily, the film also dodged a plagiarism beef, with director Guillermo Del Toro claiming=- but providing no actual proof that I've yet seen=- that he wrote the story back in 2011, which later became that he actually wrote it when he was a kid or something. 

Whatever, dude.

I kept waiting to hear that Del Toro wrote the synopsis in poop on his nursery wall but I guess the right palms were greased the controversy died down just in time for the Oscar noms.


And of course, there's also a Vega in the Oscar race- the transgendered star of A Fantastic Woman. 

I haven't seen the film so I can't tell you if Daniela Vega plays an astronaut. My guess is probably yes, but don't quote me on that.

Maybe she plays a Pearly Dew-Drop.

And an "Amy Bishop" singing a song popularized by Jeff Buckley? 

Now, there's some real Secret Sun Scrabble for you. 

But a "real-life mermaid" named Fraser plugged by a famous Star Trek famewhore personality is what we call the "Secret Sun Scrabble hat trick." 

I think it equals, like, a jillion points.

Not sure if that's Moloch on the left there. Let's have a look...

Hmm, I do see a resemblance. Maybe it's Moloch's brother.

And you get double the points when the Fraser Mermaid video is interrupted by an advertisement for a gambling site hosted by a legendary Las Vegas casino.

I don't have the rulebook handy, but I do believe this little Headless Rite here--that also namedrops a Fraser-- is good for a boatload of points as well. 

Saw this around the same time- the "Beauty and the Beast" fable is thousands of years old, just like I've been saying. Because it's a stellar myth.

Moving on, a Stranger Things star making a big deal about traveling to the upside-down continent? 

This is the New Normal, folks.  

And Jesus-- a Super-Blue Blood Moon? Why didn't they just call it a Super-Duper Bluey-Bloody Mega-Mooney-Moon-Moon? 

I like the original name for it: The Revelation 6:13 Moon.

Then there's this nonsense, because everything everywhere needs to be ritualized at all times now. 

Get used to it.

Don't get depressed though. There's still a lot of good news out there. Like Justin Timberlake's shiteous new video offending pretty much everyone, for instance. 

So the world hasn't gone completely insane yet.

Or has it? This little eatery is in Los Angeles. Drop by if you're in the neighborhood to see a movie or attend a blood sacrifice to the Dark Prince of Abominations and Desecrations.

But enough about Harvey Weinstein.

Lucifers also has the "Best Vega Pizza" in the City of Angels Who Have Kept Not Their First Estates in Heaven.

Don't know if they have ping-pong tables. Call ahead.

If you want to see a show after dinner and don't mind a long drive, check this little revue out. I've seen some video from it and I must say I thought the stage set looked especially Babylonian.

Must've been be my imagination.

And Mandalay Bay holding a "One Shot" competition? Maybe this is my imagination as well.

I mean, it's not like they're rubbing some kind of arcane ritual sacrifice in everyone's faces or something. 

Take a chill pill.

And unless this is still my imagination, there's that pose again.

Which we've seen in this piece by the sculptor of our old pal, Phylax (nee Semjaza).

Some other places as well.

Much more to come, because the world you thought you were living in has been replaced by an insane simulacrum. We need to properly map out the territory, because there are a lot of tar pits and sand traps about.

Special thanks to all you tipsters out there, especially RL.


  1. Headless Fraser: If you erase a bit from the E in Eraserhead you get a Fraserhead - doesn't that twin peak your curiosity?

    1. Some folks had this epiphany already and printed it on t-shirts and mugs:

  2. Unfortunately your insight here is correct.
    But I would say the 'cages' that are for us already exist; 'they' are showing you that 'you' are 'caged'.
    The insane 'simulacrum' you refer to, which has been hidden for so long is now blatantly being broadcast; mostly through symbology and of course sigil magick.
    AI is behind this all along as I have long stated and to me the Borg of Star Trek land are giving us hidden insight concerning our hidden alien, I mean demonic overseers.
    I also would postulize that the 'water' meme we are seeing so often might relate to 'stargate' travel; dimensional portals and the like as water is a universal medium and solvent.
    CERN's main mission I would say.

  3. So this mean the Minnesota Twins are going to win the World Series this year? because I'm still bummed out about the Vikings losing.

  4. Well, Chris, it just gets more insane, and yet, more intricate as each day passes. That Inferno show playing at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel makes me wonder about that prisoner family incident in California as they lived in Perris, CA which is just another spelling for the obvious. That, and the fact there are 13 kids and 13 repeatedly pops up in association with Satan, Lucifer, et al. Also, remember that Paris has symbolic connections to Egypt and Mars (the red planet that was once believed to be covered in fire or the sort if I remember correctly)

    By the way, get a load of the origin of their "family name" Turpin as a blend of Thor, the god of thunder, and Finn.

    Two of the biggest recent movies of last year - Thor: Ragnarok and Star Wars: The Last Jedi had both names/characters and both have to do with 'fallen gods' as it were. Then again, wasn't Lucifer/13 a fallen god? Man, this spiral just keeps descending downward like Dante's Inferno! Inferno? What, that new hotel show? Oh man, make it stop! Secret Sun Scrabble indeed! Have you thought about approaching Parker Bros.? :)

    By the way, regarding that Turpin family (as I'm sure you've now heard), the Medes/magicians are now claiming they have journals kept by the kids. Journals! We're supposed to believe the parents incarcerated, starved, and beat them but allowed them to keep detailed journals? Gimme a break!!! I claim Shenanigans! The really sad thing about this is that they feel confident enough in having satisfactorily dumbed-down the public that this could be issued and accepted. Then again, cognitive dissonance began (at least for today's generations, but as we all know it has been going since way, way back) back on November 22, 1963, on live TV, didn't it?

    1. Other important 13's to consider in relation to Paris are found in the attacks from 2015. It occurred on Friday 13 at 21:40 (09:40, 9+4). All of this initiated at the foot of eagles, no less. The total death toll was 130.

  5. You know how calamities that change the course of history often favor mid to late April? At the Aries/Taurus cusp- Hitler's birthday, the Titanic, Columbine, Deepwater Horizon...

    It was just announced that Cape Town is expected to run out of water on April 21.
    That's half a million people.
    The city is a death-trap, and a vision of the future.
    And, perhaps, an experiment.

    Also, Easter Sunday falls on April Fool's Day this year.
    Ash Wednesday falls on Valentine's.
    Loads of symbolic (inverted) potential, there.

    1. Americans have plenty of drinking water with Municipal added toxic Chinese synthetic 'flouride' to keep everyone a Sheeple.

    2. Without question.
      I have not used fluoride toothpaste for years because of it's detrimental effect upon the pineal gland; our 'third eye'.
      It is stated by some that it is actually this 'third eye' is the one seen in masonic symbolism; the 'eye' on top of the 'pyramid'.
      The 'eye' of true (hidden) 'sight'; to see what others cannot see.
      TPTB can control the masses much easier if they are STUPID.

  6. Did you see Lost Hawaii, the false alarm cut? The one they released on Jan 13th? It was a revelation! (Revelation 8:07-13). Only for this edition they used the eraser on ther Fraser. The sirens did not sing! Strangely this didn't cause a Lynch mob.

    I could go on but I think I'll show myself out now...

    1. The so-called employee who just made an honest mistake (staged psyop for secret society that runs USA government) is refusing to speak with FCC officials who are investigating the incident.Maybe he is not a good liar?

  7. Thousand year old fairy tales...

    When mankind gets culled within an inch of extinction twice a great year, it takes a lot of ingenuity to figure out a way of evading such a thing. Firstly, one has to preserve this knowledge across enough generations that it lasts long enough to remain intelligible (oral tradition, religious texts, megalithic structures, Nasca lines, etc) to those who need to know it. Secondly, one has to persuade a select few (nobbling suitable candidates) to steadily lead mankind toward the development of one or more technologically advanced civilisations (as opposed to ecologically harmonious ones) - and these secret societies have to be able to perpetuate themselves across the generations (and the eschatons). Thirdly, the technologically advanced civilisation has to develop a means to preserve that technological advancement across the eschaton (such that the following eschaton is completely neutralised). Fourthly, one has to figure out the politics (viz game theory) of achieving this - how to control the masses (philanthropic religions), the powerful (bribes, blackmail, misanthropic religions), and who should know what at what time - and how to communicate what worked and what didn't work across the eschaton (in case it isn't escaped*). There are a lot of spinning plates, and it's easy to mistake manifestations as motives/objectives.

    Also see:


    It a more temporally holistic perspective, but it's still not X-Ray vision.

  8. Your unbelievable wit is something I look forward to each morning. Im glad we have at least one of our own Watchers on the Wall.

    1. Time to realize our "fake reality" is interactive Simulation.When do we RISE UP! and unmask the Scooby doo villains in D.C. and who run msm media?

  9. The Pope's seems quite worried about "Fake News" after insulting victims of sex abuse in Chile.

    Secret society in the FBI


    What's the world coming to?

    1. The world ends not with a bang but with a whimper - The Nowhere Man

      ^Great link thanks, seconded

    3. Pizza something or other.

  10. Just watched the latest "Mandala Effect" X-Files.

    Both absolutely loved it and really rubbed the wrong way by it. They could have made a legitimate, serious episode about D::Wave and CERN, but no, just sharp, over-the-top Morgan humor.

    I get the points he was making, but there was a far greater and terribly relevant subject to be approached here.

    The last time X-Files botched the paranormal like this was with the "Mothman" episode all those years ago, making the Mothmen out to be nothing more than a lost Native American tribe who was really good at camouflage.

    I Wonder if Carter and co. realize they have a responsibility to properly convey paranormal subjects to the audience, since they're pretty much the only ones bringing it to the mainstream.

    I'll watch it again anyway, obviously.

    1. The alien Trump was very, very funny though.

    2. Don't believe the disinfo.
      "The Anomaly" is responsible for the Mandela Effect.

  11. What became of the other 78 attempted clone-twins? Let's all check our reflections, our mirrored twin(s) may have the answer, in these chimeracised times & spaces may Stranger Things happen?

    'Dolly Mixtures' are a type of sweets available in The U.K., the company that originally made them was called 'Barrats' (a possibly variant of Barrett meaning 'strife') but was swallowed up by something named 'Tangerine Confectionary' in 2008.

    & keeping things UK, there was an ITV (Independent Television (meaning ad-funded as opposed to bbc license fee funded)) series called 'Chimera' during 1991:

    'based on the 1982 novel of the same name about genetic engineering by Stephen Gallagher. The theme music was "Cursum Perficio" by Enya'

    (Enya is something of a Lady of The Waters)

    the plot:

    'The story focuses upon Chad, a young half-boy, half-chimp, developed by scientists as part of a top secret government operation. However, Chad becomes aggressive, strong and uncontrollable, with the inability to communicate on a human level ... During Chad's escape, he wrestles with his natural child tendencies after befriending some local children and trying to control his wild primal inner instincts.'

    The production company was named 'Zenith Entertainment', the dvd release describes it as 'seminal'.

    'sophia's' looking very Laura Dern in that Bobbed blonde wig, connected: the last jedi hasn't gone down well in China even with the attempt(?) at the crowd pleasing inclusion of 'Rose', perhaps if her outfit had been a tad brighter shade of orange she'd have secured the bums on seats generating Yuan.

    + 'eight or nine' episodes planned for 'Stranger Things 3' which will “deal with forces of evil that are new” ... “We're going to give Will a break,” ... We’re not going to put Will through hell for a third season in a row. He’ll be dealing with stuff, but he won’t be at rock bottom the way we forced the amazing Noah Schnapp to play.”

    ..."forced"... how else to get things done in pedowoodland?

    & regarding those gymnasts:

    "I was doing some shows in Los Angeles earlier this year and these three girls at the hotel pool caught my eye," said The Gazillionaire, host and producer of ABSINTHE. "I can never have too much feminine beauty in my show, so I invited them to join me in Las Vegas. Their act looks like Charlie's Angels were meant to be on undercover assignment to infiltrate a cheerleader squad, but Bosley sent them to a bar brawl in a Kiev mafia dive by mistake. Before becoming lifeguards at The Beverly Hills Hotel, the girls were all highly-trained computer programmers back home in Ukraine, so I've decided to call them my Silicon Valley Girls."

    or is this a puff piece for the Odo starring 'Red Sparrow'?

    & 'The Queen wears bright outfits for an important reason' on msn is illustrated with an image of E-Liz in bright orange.

    "The queen wears bright colors in order to out stand out."

    1. A couple of years before Chimera the BBC did their own series along the same lines. First Born starred Charles Dance as a researcher who manages to make a human-ape hybrid. As is the norm with these things, it didn't end well...

      Early Hans Zimmer soundtrack:

    2. Yes, thanks for the reminder, I don't recall viewing It at the time, a double-feature sit-down with 'Chimera' could prove fruitful & not merely for the contrast of one-eyed-monster production back when things weren't quite so slickly choreographed a pre-Mengele Effected epoch ago.

  12. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  13. Thanks again for all your work Chris. Exhausting to catalogue all of this, but appreciated.
    I was listening to a podcast yesterday with Walter Bosley and Joseph Farrell, as well as a woman I'm not familiar with, talking about this literal explosion of information/disinformation/chaos that began ramping up in the Fall of 2017, and is now in full swing. All admitted to being disturbed with the intensity, and frankly jaded with it all, and that is coming from experienced researchers.
    Joseph Farrell thought that that was probably the point of this information overload... to simply exhaust the general public into deep apathy.
    I read your work here every day, Tracy Twyman, RuneSoup and some of the more credible, at least to me, researchers as well as some of the more wild eyed stuff, and it cannot be denied that a war, or several wars, is taking place behind the scenes, and that we are ramping up for something big and very unsavory.
    The QAnon stuff is definitely a psyop, but contains some obvious gems.
    It's like standing back and watching a massive tornado building up spped and intensity and moving directly towards you, but you, and everyone you know, has nowhere to run. The storm is too damn big to evade.
    When the dust settles, if it ever settles, our world will not look the same.
    I only hope that there are some decent people behind the scenes who are trying to right the ship before it gets blown up.

  14. The pose you mention at the very end is that of a Nagual, a Native American dark wizard and summoner of spirits. Much represented in Olmec art, whose other important themes are jaguar-human hybrids, child sacrifice, and gigantic astronaut heads in the jungle. Look up La Venta or Olmec heads for more. Old gods also have a long history in the Americas.

    1. 'Nagualism' was once enthusiastically described to me as the state of being able to do 'whatever' you like with 'no consequence'.

  15. Another fun ride on the 4-D Tilt-o-Whirl Chris,...thanks..

    I don't pay ANY attention to pop music..but i have heard of that "Charlotte" thing in your vid...but i never heard her-er-it speak, so i...#$#$% DAMN!...its like..SO In-your-face...Chris, your a marketing guy, i'm sure you know the term...its the old ploy where you set an utter POS car beside the shiny turd your trying to sell, and somehow, magically, the relative difference in appearance makes the shiny turd better than it actually is? there's that, but I also get this other vibe, MUCH darker...just from the fact that it's out there( the vid)and so in your face.

    I'll put it another way, at a certain level of consciousnesses its a goof..."someone said Charlotte is 'robotic', ha ha...and we'll have her talk strange..ha ha HA!...screw with their heads", yeah, right.
    BUT for "those with eyes to see"..the real message from our new overlords is.. "THIS is where we're at meat-bags,.. Borg-lotte here is an eleven(ha!) year old model, and your still throwing up in your mouth when you hear about sex droids...HAA!!..take a closer look at that girl behind the counter at the coffee you still can't tell.."

    I'd leave with a Vid, but i'm too dumb that way, so search up John Entwissel solo album , "905"( another one gone too soon)Peace-out, Guitardave.

    1. sorry, i meant Poppy not Charlotte...coming down off the morning caffeine....Poppy-Borg, Borgopy...? IDK..
      Here is the Who/Entwissel tune

      watching Poppy instantly gave me this line from the past...

      Mother was an incubator
      Father was the contents,
      Of a test tube in the icebox
      In the factory of birth...

      come on olds, sing along....Gitdave

  16. Erykah says Hitler had something good.

    Last time Erykah made my synch rounds, it was all head cutters.

    KaLi, shaKTi, KaTRina, heKaTe, KaTheRine, EriKa are all the "Waffen SS" siren song.

    You remembered the statues at the Event Horizon .. the above Ustream piece had everything we see today. Head cutters, Dems fear violent backlash, Erykah naked, statues, Barry as the Antichrist, and twins with girraffes .. in OZ.

  17. Chris, do you read the blog Malaga Bay? He wrote about the Ouroboros yesterday in relation to mythical serpents, and the pictures of the poses at the end of your post here reminded me of it. Serpent eating its tail. Just making a connection, might be erroneous.

    Thanks for your research,

    1. FWIW, the snake eating its tail is a wonderful metaphor for today's society and corrupted capitalism as both continue to self-devour. Either there is a choke point or else the head eventually begins to eat its neck. Pretty sure at least part of what we're noticing is the gagging and bone-cracking. As another poster pointed out, this kinda is the end of the world for them.

    2. "Corrupted capitalism"? Not really. Capitalism is just as it has always been since the 1500s- Ruthless efficient. Its ultimate goal is to control all of nature, including humans.

    3. Consider that even now two individuals can advertise a product or servcice, confer with each other and reach an agreement both are happy with. That is the purer form of "old" inter-connected community capitalism. That both buyer and seller could make a deal they were genuinely happy with benefited them and their communities (less tension, lawsuits, etc.). Corrupted capitalism know longer cares that both parties leave the transaction happy. This seems to be a critical element completely missed by most critiques of capitalism: there has been a systematic removal of the community glue well-practiced trade provided.

  18. Ritual & transhumanism: Its all building towards something isn't it? & it has been building for a very long time. British geneticist J.B.S. Haldane wrote this little gem back in the 1920s:;_or,_Science_and_the_Future


    "The book is an early vision of transhumanism and his vision of a future in which humans controlled their own evolution through directed mutation and use of in vitro fertilisation ("ectogenesis") was a major influence on Aldous Huxley's Brave New World. The book ends with the image of a biologist, much like Haldane himself, in a laboratory: "just a poor little scrubby underpaid man groping blindly amid the mazes of the ultramicroscope... conscious of his ghastly mission and proud of it."

    Note the mention of his influence on Aldous Huxley's "Brave New World". Speaking of which, its being adapted as a TV series for Syfy by Grant Morrison:

    Also, Syfy has yet another series coming out (March 21), called "Krypton", about Superman's family & homeworld:

    "Set two generations before the destruction of the legendary Man of Steel’s home planet, Krypton follows Superman’s grandfather (Cameron Cuffe, The Halcyon) — whose House of El was ostracized and shamed — as he fights to redeem his family’s honor and save his beloved world from chaos.

    Based on DC characters, Krypton is executive produced by David S. Goyer (Man of Steel, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, The Dark Knight trilogy). Cameron Welsh (Ash vs Evil Dead) will serve as executive producer and showrunner."

    Also see:

    Without being too spoilery, lots about altered timelines going on. Because you can never have too much Mandela Effect (or Mengele Effect if you prefer!)

    Seriously though, I think this sort of thing showing up all over pop culture now along with the "ritualization of everything" ties back into the whole "all our buttons getting pushed all the time now" theme. Keeping us off kilter & distracted as much as possible, no telling what is being moved around backstage. Its a lot more than just the proverbial deckchairs on the Titanic, this I know.

    1. Very true. People loving their servitude? Yep, they certainly have, for the past 70 years at least.

      What we see today are proud new chapters in a long and richly-textured story of dehumanization.

      Consider that, for instance, just 100 years ago one literally had to be a murderer to 'qualify' for cremation. Which was considered barbaric, and a violent negation of the idea of Resurrection. Today, Jews and Muslims still bury their dead in a traditional ritual. It is lovely btw - you sit and watch over the deceased person in a vigil, you pray, you ritually bathe and wrap the body, you say goodbye, you lay it to rest, then congregate for more prayer over a number of nights.

      Meanwhile, 90% of Christians shove their departed ones into an oven, polytheist/Hindu-style. Because "the Church says it's okay!" My own mother, to my considerable consternation, wishes to have her ashes scattered by some lake, like a demented Hollywood celebrity. (Mom, did you know that even "the Church" is not okay with THAT? Oh, you don't care, and it's none of my business. Cool.)

      And I'm sure you have all seen TV docos of those great boutique businesses which will take in your loved one's ashes and melt them into a glass ball which your cat will just love chasing down the kitchen floor.

      Just saying... Cloned monkey twins? Why not - it's been a long time coming.

    2. @ Anon - Errrr, being made into a cat toy after death (post mortem scratching post?) actually sounds pretty good. I'd feel honored if my little fuzzy buddy deigned to bat my skull around a bit once I was done using it, but that's just me I suppose.

      Any thoughts on the Buddhist tradition of ‘sky burial’ in which the deceased is set out in order to be consumed by vultures?

      Since we're looking at the topic of mortality (clumsy segue, I know) I do have to wonder if they've tackled the teleomere/rapid aging problem they've had with other Dolly clones? I can't see the elites voluntarily adopting new clone bodies that are prone to progeria. Still leaves their use open for medical experimentation/cheap slave labor, perhaps with a side of soylent green...

    3. JBS Haldane was also the one who gave us the quip, 'Relity is not only stranger than you suppose - it's stranger than you >can< suppose

    4. @anon 3:23
      Ummm yeah. If you dont want to be cremated thats your business, but not everyone shares your religious views and its not your right to push yours on others any more than it is for the ruling elite to force us to bow to an AI Transgenic Manbearpig when they roll it out.

    5. Unfortunately for my bleary eyes this morning, your "bow to" quickly scanned as "blow" which was good for a laugh. Not that it really changes your overall point. At all.

    6. Clooney's Twinned Monkeys?

  19. Iggy Pop anyone?

  20. You have a keen eye and an elegant mind, Chris. I'm proud to know you. You've helped so many people with your work. Don't ever doubt it.

    1. Well, you know that they say, Raj- birds of a feather. Cheers, my man.

  21. It's time to get help now Chris. I know you have a beautiful mind, but's time to go to the nervous hospital now. Maybe a high voltage reset is in order.

    1. Oh, I just got back, Steve. Had myself a zappy little round of ECT and then a backrub. It was quite refreshing. Bit my tongue pretty bad, though. Had to settle for a milkshake in the caf. It tasted like pennies.

  22. The company’s Electron rocket also put into orbit a previously undisclosed satellite made by Rocket Lab’s CEO Peter Beck, called the Humanity Star. And the probe will supposedly become the “brightest thing in the night sky,” the company announced today.

    Shaped a bit like a disco ball, the Humanity Star is a 3-foot-wide carbon fiber sphere, made up of 65 panels that reflect the Sun’s light. The satellite is supposed to spin in space, too, so it’s constantly bouncing sunlight. In fact, the probe is so bright that people can see it with the naked eye. The Humanity Star’s orbit also takes it all over Earth, so the satellite will be visible from every location on the planet at different times. Rocket Lab has set up a website that gives real-time updates about the Humanity Star’s location. People can find out when the satellite will be closest to them, and then go outside to look for it.

    It will last about nine months before its orbit begins to decay, and Humanity Star begins to fall back toward its cradle.

    The Electron vehicle made its maiden flight last May, but although that rocket reached outer space, it failed to go into orbit around the planet. Now the Electron vehicle has done so, and with the deployment of a Dove Pioneer Earth-imaging satellite for Planet and two Lemur-2 satellites for weather and ship tracking company Spire

  23. Take a look at the Larry NASsAr sentencing. The Judge's name is Aquilina - "Eagle"

    1. There's a personal sync! Today I was reading about him in the paper and the woman next to me said she went to school with Judge Aquilina, and was full of praise and warm regards for her. I personally was delighted to see so many women step up to make statements (is it a record?). It felt way more powerful than much of the metoo stuff and those women did not pull any punches about the institutional enablers that allowed this to go on for way too many years. Sure explains Sandusky in many ways.

    2. Another weird Larry NASA/MSU Spartan sync:

      Note the UFO-connected name of the latest accused MSU harasser.

    3. And the MSU Spartans take another sexcrime hit in today's news:

      Also in the news today was a story about Jason Aldean of the Harvest Music Festival having a son a few weeks after. Not sure anyone has mentioned his new son's name here. If not, just guess!


  24. The 'Silicon Valley Girls' have that overly made-up uncanny valley look about their performing faces, are they 'men in drag' or some other rainbow warrior iteration, or are they some kind of synth-clone, are they 'Real Dolls' 'more human than human'?

    erykah badu's been Splashing about in hot water:

    '...I saw something good in Hitler,” ... He had a terrible childhood. That means that when I’m looking at my daughter, Mars, I could imagine her being in someone else’s home and being treated so poorly, and what that could spawn. I see things like that. I guess it’s just the Pisces in me.”'

    Even mention of an orange planet and a fish cannot save a soul when going against received wisdom, not withstanding the cack-handed hybrid-splice stream of consciousness musing, some things are just to far gone beyond the pale to ever be entertained by media darlings & their fans.

    1. Been thinking about those 50s flying saucer movies, how they rewired our brains to normalize the idea of aliens among us. Maybe this thing has been going on longer than I thought, since the 40s at least.

    2. Re: KTV "put down the math pipe"

    3. Intra-Dimensional Splice-Clone Chimera-Droids Moving Over The Face of The Waters are our Myth of Origin in these Upside Downer'ed Times.


  26. New Triscuit non-GMO ad:

    ends with the model stating, somewhat robotically: "I am also not genetically modified"

  27. Intersectionality? Hmmmm...crossroads and Hekate? No?
    TransVegans? Shapeshifters

    I'm no Bible thumper but this all feels Satanic.

    1. A twinned path doubles-The-Upside-Down making Chimp-Clones of us all.

  28. This pablum from the NYT Opinion section:
    "Artificial Intelligence’s ‘Black Box’ Is Nothing to Fear"

    1. Interesting how the "black box" meme is subtly being morphed from what symbolically has always been a reliable safety device accurately recording reality to a magic "you just have to trust what's inside it and what is says" box of randomness we are expected to meekly accept.

  29. My brain is Racked over here.
    Are we in the home stretch of the 7 year cleanup, that potentially began 2012-13 creation moment, and finishing 2019-2020?
    Because I feel and see the acceleration everyday now, as though time is pressing hard on the opposing team.

    Got a couple to add to the new AI catagory that together,
    blew the thoughts right out of my Avatar.
    Try this connection.

    Tied together featuring our new global plasma screen with the recently upgraded unlimited rear projection, and Marvel Look

    Great work frikin outstanding Chris.

  30. 80s band Eurythmics has been mentioned regularly on this blog.

    Its male half, Dave Stewart, claims he's a demonic walk-in.

    The female half is Scottish singer Annie Lennox. In a 2009 interview with the Guardian, her response to the opening question of "Tell us a secret" was: "I'm a clone."

    1. 'Stars' reveal such Oddity so very often, actresses saying they're 'men', deadpan admissions of having made a 'deal with the devil', & Reese Witherspoon & the holy OWN herself having an extra appendage each on the lates Vanity Fair cover... 'a fish rots from the head down'.

  31. This 'new normal' of the transpocalypse splice-imposed upon us by would-be-tptb was heralded by, among others, Bruce Jenner, the 10/10 fallen Olympian.

  32. I believe this is the droid you're looking for...
    That pose is kapotasana or King Pigeon. Birds are the messengers of the gods so a pray pose is sending a message to a deity.

    Of course the rock-star of Yoga poses is of course, Eka Pada Raja Kapotasna (roughly one legged king pigeon) or as you will enjoy Mermaid Pose...


  33. Back in the 90's it was "The Quickening." Now it's "The Storm".

    The more things change, the more they stay the same.

  34. The Bryce Is Right4:06 AM, January 31, 2018

    Cosmo-demonic AI...yep, I am now convinced that Knowles is cribbing notes from Church Of The Subgenius. Now, as to whether he's a pink, has any Slack, or too much, well, "Bob" only knows, and Crom doesn't care.