Thursday, January 25, 2018

Apocalypse 2Night: Fifty-Fifty Clone

Holy smokes, everything is coming out of the toy box lately. There's so much going on out there I can't even begin to keep track of it all. I know all y'all out there will have so much to add to the conversation here, so let me just drop some headlines on you and connect a few dots here and there.

Let's start with these twins being cloned using "the Dolly Method." In case you don't know, Dolly was cloned at the Roslin Institute, which is just up the road from Rosslyn Chapel.  

I mean, of all the places in the world, right?

The fact that primates have now been cloned --rather, the cloning of primates is now publicly acknowledged-- means we are now living in a whole new world. And if the fact that these clones were named "Nation" and "People" doesn't strike you as an alarming statement of intent, then I don't know what will. 

Transgenic Gattaca, here we come!

And of course it had to be twins, didn't it? All you folks playing Secret Sun Scrabble at home, you win this round.

And here's this story from the World Wildlife Fund. Because twins.

And of course, Roslin is a thirty-mile drive from you-know-where, hometown of you-know-who.

Because Twins.

And speaking of Rosslyn Chapel, we have even more high-tech Templarism in the news. 

Timing, folks, timing.

While we're on the secret society subject, here's a prime example of Knowles' First Law; a phony Intersectionalist row (but I repeat myself) deftly inoculating the new Dior Show from criticism over the rather blatant symbolism at work.

Do note the cages. Those are for us.

Now, we just looked at the Event Horizon art installation in the context of the Vegas, didn't we? 

Well, as fate would have it, look at what just popped up in the news...

...a puff piece on AI movies using what looks very much like one of those same kind of figures in a loft. Amazing coincidence.

Do you think there's a connection?

Then there's the latest news of everyone's favorite Saudi citizen, Sophia. Hmm, the blonde wig is nice, but...

... I prefer her as a brunette.

And will the AI Apocalypse be staved off by genetic engineering? Will our bodies be able to talk directly to the Borg Hive Cosmo-Demonic AI our electronics? 

Is that the "Spooky Action" we're hearing in regards to Quantum Computing? Or is that just the Vegas, who learned long ago to merge themselves with their Cosmo-Demonic Quantum AIs? 

You know which of those possibilities gets my vote.

And don't look now, but it looks like there are already Cosmo-Demonic AI grooming gangs. What a wonderful time to be a kid.

I think someone said the groomers have a group on Facebook. I do believe I've seen the user name "Johnny Vega--Cosmo-Demonic AI Groomer" on Twitter. And yes, of course he has a blue check. 

Wait; do you actually believe that Twitter wouldn't certify Cosmo-Demonic AI sex predators? Who do you think actually runs that place?

Hopefully, Antifa's AI program- ostensibly operated by an Elon University professor-- will help root those Cosmo-Demonic AI rape gangs out. Y'know, doxx them and get them fired and junk.

Maybe not. 

I wouldn't count on the University of Colorado either. 

And doesn't P2 also use the Fasces and the All-Seeing Eye in their iconography? I get my Crypto-Masonic Fascists mixed up sometimes.

Speak of the Devil, the Oscars are the big news of the day. The Shape of Water racked up an impressive 13 nominations, which Secret Sun readers certainly expected. 

Luckily, the film also dodged a plagiarism beef, with director Guillermo Del Toro claiming - but providing no actual proof that I've yet seen - that he wrote the story back in 2011, which later became that he actually wrote it when he was a kid or something. Whatever, dude.

I kept waiting to hear that Del Toro wrote the synopsis in poop on his nursery wall but I guess the right palms were greased the controversy died down just in time for the Oscar noms. Allegedly.

And of course, there's also a Vega in the Oscar race- the transgendered star of A Fantastic Woman. 

I haven't seen the film so I can't tell you if Daniela Vega plays an astronaut. My guess is probably yes, but don't quote me on that. Maybe she plays a Pearly Dew-Drop.

And an "Amy Bishop" singing a song popularized by Jeff Buckley? Now, there's some real Secret Sun Scrabble for you. 

But a "real-life mermaid" named Fraser plugged by a famous Star Trek famewhore personality is what we call the "Secret Sun Scrabble hat trick." I think it equals, like, a jillion points.

Not sure if that's Moloch on the left there. Let's have a look...

Hmm, I do see a resemblance. Maybe it's Moloch's brother.

And you get double the points when the Fraser Mermaid video is interrupted by an advertisement for a gambling site hosted by a legendary Las Vegas casino.

I don't have the rulebook handy, but I do believe this little Headless Rite here--that also namedrops a Fraser-- is good for a boatload of points as well. 

Saw this around the same time- the "Beauty and the Beast" fable is thousands of years old, just like I've been saying. Because it's a stellar myth.

Moving on, a Stranger Things star making a big deal about traveling to the upside-down continent? This is the New Normal, folks.  

And Jesus-- a Super-Blue Blood Moon? Why didn't they just call it a Super-Duper Bluey-Bloody Mega-Mooney-Moon-Moon? 

I like the original name for it: "The Revelation 6:13 Moon."

Then there's this nonsense, because everything everywhere needs to be ritualized at all times now. Get used to it.

Don't get depressed though. There's still a lot of good news out there. Like Justin Timberlake's shiteous new video offending pretty much everyone, for instance. 

So the world hasn't gone completely insane yet.

Or has it? This little eatery is in Los Angeles. Drop by if you're in the neighborhood to see a movie or attend a blood sacrifice to the Dark Prince of Abominations and Desecrations.

But enough about Harvey Weinstein.

Lucifers also has the "Best Vega Pizza" in the City of Angels Who Have Kept Not Their First Estates in Heaven. 

Don't know if they have ping-pong tables. Call ahead.

If you want to see a show after dinner and don't mind a long drive, check this little revue out. I've seen some video from it and I must say I thought the stage set looked especially Babylonian.

Must've been be my imagination.

And Mandalay Bay holding a "One Shot" competition? Maybe this is my imagination as well.

I mean, it's not like they're rubbing some kind of arcane ritual sacrifice in everyone's faces or something. Take a chill pill.

And unless this is still my imagination, there's that pose again.

Which we've seen in this piece by the sculptor of our old pal, Phylax (nee Semjaza).

Some other places as well.

Much more to come, because the world you thought you were living in has been replaced by an insane simulacrum. We need to properly map out the territory, because there are a lot of tar pits and sand traps about.