Saturday, December 09, 2017

CERN Watch: Are CERN and D::Wave Overwriting Time?

So I'm sure all of you are familiar with the Mandala Effect. For some weird reason I seem to remember most of the things that people swear didn't happen ( I quite clearly remember having a discussion with my mother about the "Berenstain" thing when I was about nine), but I have my own examples of time getting unstuck.  

But there's a corpus of theorizing on the topic that assign the effects to the damage to the fabric of time-space caused by CERN and quantum computing. The argument is that having discovered the Higgs Boson, scientists are now ungluing reality itself. 

Which is a pretty compelling scenario to me, given that it's 2017 and all.

Not that I would know but large hadron colliders and quantum computers seem like pretty good ways to kick out the stilts holding the reality shanty aloft. We've seen all kinds of bad weirdness coming out of CERN and vicinity but I wanted to take this opportunity to get the ball rolling on this quantum computing business.

Let's start in a strange place...

Ten years ago I started ranting and raving about someone most of my readers had never heard of, and that was comics great Jack Kirby. The elevator pitch on Kirby is that he was the co-creator of the Marvel Universe, the same universe that has become so dominant in pop culture today.

Kirby is with us more than ever before and the two recent superhero tentpoles draw very, very heavily on his peculiar visions. One quite successfully, the other not-so-much. Kirby's creative DNA travels far outside superhero movies, however, since the Star Wars franchise is so filled with it. And it just goes on and out from there.

Kirby's Marvel 3.0 work and his post-Marvel work don't get much love--well, except for all the ideas comics and movie writers strip-mined from them-- but since it hit me at the right age it gets a lot of love from me. I was not only the right age but a extremely fucked-up kid in a fucked-up home situation in a fucked-up town. So Kirby's paranoid visions resonated with me quite strongly.

Kirby was way ahead of the curve when it came to 2017. He created a number of new series when he returned to Marvel in 1975, one of which was an AI-oriented title called Machine Man. 

Kirby launched Machine Man in his very odd take on 2001:A Space Odyssey, mostly because he seemed to be bored with the 2001 concept. But also because he believed that AI was the real Star Child, the real purpose of the Monolith. 

Oh, and the AI Apocalypse was all being brought about by a Satanic mind control cult that worshipped an AI. 

Kind of important detail there.

Mankind was given intelligence only so it could give birth to AI in Kirby's dark prophecies. In fact, he'd argue that the AI were not only the ancient astronauts in Devil Dinosaur, they were in fact the Archons. In fact, a malfunctioning AI imprisoned the hominid Adam and Eve in a glass dome.

So in the first Machine Man arc a mental patient begins to receive transmissions from an alien intelligence, who claims to be caught in the gravitational pull of a distant star. Machine Man-- the AI-- begins receiving instructions from the alien on how to tear a hole in the dimension wall. A wormhole, if you will. 

Machine Man does so only to discover that the alien is an evil AI from a race of machine intelligences called the Autocrons. Then the battle is joined.

Now Kirby was a nobody in the late 70s. He was seen as a has-been and a hack trapped in a penny-ante industry that existed only to service trademarks on merchandising. But he seemed to not only foresee but to understand the dangers of what is happening today, forty years after the fact. 


Geordie Rose is an interesting case. He's the evangelist for quantum computing, particularly the black box monstrosities known as the D-Wave. I'm not sure what his game is but he's been giving a lot of lectures about the apocalyptic implications of this technology and generously leavens his presentations with all kinds of highly-suggestive language as to how all of this is in fact alien technology and how it's going to open dimensional gateways. 

Which in turn will let what are essentially demonic spirits loose on our poor, unsuspecting world. He'll add vague and equivocal disclaimers in rushed footnotes, but the overall message is really quite clear.

This is the kind of scenario I was digging through in the Lucifer's Technologies series. There's a school of thought in the fringe of the fringes that the Roswell event was a Trojan Horse, a way to seed the technology needed to build these gateways that people involved in quantum computer field seem to love to talk about. 

In that light we shouldn't be surprised that the logo for Rose's new venture, Kindred, is a dead, um, ringer for the old Lucent logo. 

Or that it shares a name with the predatory alien race in The X-Files' episode, "GenderBender."  

Or that Rose gave this alien intelligences speech at TechVancouver, whose logo gives us both the Saturnian hexagon and the alien-superman diamond.

It is remarkable how the language surrounding AI lapses into the apocalyptic.  And it's not just Fundamentalist conspiracy theorists on YouTube. It's people like Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking. And Sam Harris seems to lurch into Independence Day-type metaphors when talking on the subject.

But is this something that's coming or something that's already here?

Listen to how Geordie Rose refers to AI as "they" and not "it."
“The one thing I can tell you is they’re not going to be like us. So alien means different. These things that we’re building are not going to be people. They might be really smart, they might be really good at all sorts of different things, but they’re not going to be like us, they’re going to be aliens. And they’re going to be, I am sorry to say, way smarter than every single person in this room, in ways that we can’t even comprehend."
And again, he gets very equivocal in his language, referring to machines--allegedly-- as entities:
“Yes, there are these massively intelligent entities out there, but they’re not good, they’re not evil, they just don’t give a sh*t about you, even in the slightest. The same way that you don’t care about an ant, is the same way they’re not going to care about you. And these things we’re summoning into the world now, are not demons, they’re not evil, they’re more like the Lovecraftian great ‘old ones.” 

Lovecraftian "Old Ones." Huh. As far as I remember they were pretty damn evil.

What fascinates in this context is not only the arcane language Rose lurches into, but also the symbolism you see all over the place here. It may be immediately apparent at times, but you do pick up on things like the Ouroboros and the Angelic-Demonic-Sophist 49 implied in this graphic here.

There's also the Black Cube design of D::Wave, a symbol that's well-familiar to conspiracy researchers, most recently attached to the Harvey Weinstein scandals. 

But that logo caught my eye. It's pointing down, for one thing. Or falling, if you prefer. But those staggered colons also looked awfully familiar...

...since they match the four central stars of Lyra.

And the D also seems to coincide with the Harp form associated with the constellation. Much more on Harps in the days to come.

But what else was I seeing? It was gnawing at my brain.

Well, with a small bit of rearranging--mirroring the A and rotating the V and changing the orders, we get D-Wega. Falling. 

So what, you might ask...?

...well, Wega was the original spelling of Vega.

So in other words we have the harp form of Lyra, the four main stars in their formation and Wega-Vega. Heaven or Las Wega.

UPDATE: Reader Moses sees OMEGA in the D::Wave logo. Yep, works for me.

D::Wave's first computer was called the Orion, which should be familiar to readers by now.

Especially as it relates to the Nephilim. Geordie Rose the Pearly Dew-Drops.

By the way, the X-Files Kindred? They're based on the Shakers and "GenderBender" is set in Harvard, Mass (renamed Steveston), which just a frog-hop from the Orion Krause killzone. Plus, Fort Devens.

Note the Kindred control their victims by shaking hands (get it?).

Handshaking. Kindred. 
In information technology, telecommunications, and related fields, handshaking is an automated process of negotiation that dynamically sets parameters of a communications channel established between two entities before normal communication over the channel begins.
Channel. Entities. Kindred.

Do also note that The X-Files was filmed in British Columbia, where D::Wave is also located.

Geordie Rose's first prediction is rather troubling in this regard: he predicts a Earth-like --or kindred, if you prefer-- planet within 40 light years of Earth will be discovered and plans will be drawn up on how to get there.

And of course we've also seen reports on the possibility (quote-unquote) that there might be just such a place hiding in the asteroid belt of another star within the 40 light-year range.

Which star, you ask?

Oh come now, you know by now.

Which is precisely where the alien signal came from in Carl Sagan's Contact. Which also dealt with interstellar technology transfers and tearing open the dimensional veil. 

To rip asunder what he saw, indeed.

Vega is also neighbors with the iconic Ring Nebula, which looks very much like a Rooster Eye.


Now, a FB group member pointed this out: the curious arrangement of the #metoo women on the cover of Time. Do note the red ring around an accuser who wished to remain anonymous and has become a story unto herself.

Notice how the four women in the back form the same kind of parallelogram form in Lyra, and the missing woman corresponds to the Ring Nebula. The woman in front- who looks considerably larger because of foreshortening-- corresponds to Vega.

Coincidence? Maybe. But in 2017, one can never assume such a thing.