Thursday, November 23, 2017

The Carnivals of Death and the Antarctica Apocalypse

Well, here we are.

The action these past two months has been so fast and furious and the syncs so ripe it's been hard to keep track of it all, isn't it? I have a feeling that's probably the idea.

One story we do need keep very close track of is our Visitor from Vega, the distinctly anomalous cylinder with "high metal content" that performed a little fly-by a few weeks after Heaven turned upside down in Las Vegas. 

And as it happens that may not be the only mass-murder event somehow connected to this War in Heaven that seems to be rolling out this year.

Superlatives were flying fast and thick over the Vegan visitor, along with some tantalizingly ambiguous language as to its exact nature.

It's kind of curious how few people are commenting on the fact that astronomers were claiming it's from Vega given how its flyby came so soon after the Las Vegas situation. Which raises all kinds of questions ranging from "who knew what about this thing and when did they know it," to "does this thing actually exist or is it part of some weird space ritual we can only guess at?"

The physical description of the object is buzzing at my tinfoil as well. This "high metal content" strikes me a bit suggestive, as does its red color. 

Here we see it described as "metallic." Made of metal.

So yeah, this "Start of a New Era" thing. Maybe they mean something besides Astronomy.

I mean, y'know, the Vegas.

Just in case you're new around here- Vega derives from the Arabic for "Falling Eagle." Eagles being identified with angels in the Bible. If that seems a bit tenuous to you, maybe I should mention what Vega was called in Babylonian astronomy...

... namely the "Messenger of Light." Falling eagles, lightbringers, all that War in Heaven kind of business. 

And speaking of the once and future Babylon, do remember that the Etemenanki, aka the Tower of Babel, was 91 meters cubed and was located at 32º32'. 

This week also saw a number of suggestive headlines on other space topics. 

Most of these seemed connected somehow to the overarching narrative one might expect of the return of the Vegas, whether real or imagined. Like this classic example of the Seen-from-Space meme. 

Hang out the lanterns- the Vegas are coming home! This time for good!

And there's this eye-grabber tying with the Alien-Prometheus vibe. How and why these kinds of stories are circulating this week is open to conjecture, but you can't argue with the cumulative subconscious effect. 

I mean, you're not supposed to argue with the cumulative subconscious effect. Soon, who knows? Maybe you won't be allowed to.

And of course we have a headline jacking into the whole Elite Cargo Cult mainframe like a wilson from Barrytown under the guise of Darwinist ex nihilo cosmogenic fantasizing. 

These Dawkinsian notions of "life just popping into being just because" may seem to some like a dead end but to my way of thinking they're an intentional mindfuck meant to prepare the mass mind for the unveiling of the secretly-held theology. 

Secretly-held Vegan theology, I should add. And I don't mean that annoying SJW at work who gets triggered if someone has a ham sandwich.

Oh, and here we go- Jupiter and Saturn need to get thrown into the mix as well. Because that's the way it goes. Whoever pays the Piper gets to call the tune.

And in case you missed it, there's this little item here: astronomers are a beaming techno music-- no, I'm serious-- to a planet orbiting a red star in the Canis Minor system. 

Techno. We're getting our asses invaded for sure.

In case you didn't know already, the Babylonians called Canis Minor the Rooster and named it as a companion to Orion, or the True Shepherd of Anu. "Rooster eye on my star" and all that, amirite? 

Bonus factoid: this is the Year of the Rooster in Chinese Astrology.

Extra bonus factoid: the first messages sent to a heavenly body was during Project Diana, when radar signals were sent to the Moon. By some weird fluke, Jack Parsons and L Ron Hubbard were performing the Babalon Working at the time.

And of course we have the prefab controversy meant to lure in the mildly-disinterested reader. 

And the project is being coordinated with the Sonar festival, a big rave thing which takes place every year in Barcelona. This year it landed on the weekend of June 17th.

Barcelona has been in the news quite a bit thanks to the Catalan drive for independence from Spain.

And exactly two months later we saw the Barcelona attacks in which 13 people were killed and 130 injured by a 22 year-old driving a van. Could this tragedy get any more numerological?

Yes. Yes, it can.

And right on schedule, there is the Black Sun, just as we saw with Jason Aldean and the Route 91 Harvest Festival. 

FYI: Sonar is an acronym for "sound navigation and ranging," the underwater counterpart to radar.

And speaking of Orion Krause, the Catalan president took to the air and claimed his support for Catalan independence was being driven by a "mysterious force."

The Sonar festival takes place at the Playa d'Espanya in Barcelona, which is known for its twin towers the Torres Venecianes, whose name takes us back to the Siren and even to the Phoenicians, if you're so inclined.

The Venetian Towers are 47 meters high, eh?

Wherever do I know that number from?

The Placa d'Espanya lies on the Avenue of the Parallel, which runs east-west. The site of the August 17 attacks is north-northeast of the Placa, at an incline of 19.5º.

19.5 degrees north. Huh.

Where have I heard that before? Help me out here, people.

And the more I look at this inexplicable event featuring Our Lady of Oracles, the more interesting it gets. Note that the tickets for the event- which took place on the first day of Leo-- went on sale on May 19th.

That's 19.5 in British notation, for those of you keeping score at home.

Note that the Grand Lodge of England threw their 300th birthday party at that same venue on Halloween. One hundred days after the Hall was blessed by Our Lady.

So it seems that Wikipedia, the "crowdsourced" voice of the Technocrats of Silicylon Valley, has the space-spliff as coming from Vega. Did they call our new phallic friend "Elvis?"

Not exactly.

They are calling it 1L/'Oumuamua. The one-L gives us the requisite 51, just in case you didn't catch the Stephen Paddock insinuations. I get it- it's a bit subtle. 

UPDATE: Subtle indeed- a FB reader pointed out IL could be seen as 49, following the IV-IX rule in Roman numerals (though technically it would read as XLIX). Oh my my...

What about this "'Oumuamua" thing? Oh, it means "reaching out for the advance scouts from the past." 

And by "from the past," they mean from Vega. The advance scouts from Vega.

The advance scouts from Vega. Interesting name there.

UPDATE: Here's the actual definition:

1. The foremost soldier or the front rank in battle.
2. A scout; one sent forward before a battle to discover the position of the enemy.

From Vega.

Then there's this little sync here: Ou Mua Mua, Oo Ming Mak. Close enough at a distance of 31 years, I might say. The Spirits don't speak proper Hawaiian either. 

Plus, "Little Spacey" and all. 

And of course, Heaven or La Vega: 

So, the Romans believed the setting of Vega signaled the start of autumn, eh? Sounds reasonable. Of course, we mark September 23rd as the start of our autumn...

... this year was kind of interesting with the start of Autumn thing. You may have heard a thing or two about it. Things really kind of picked up ever since, wouldn't you say? Got a little hectic, maybe?

Like that whole Texas thing; the one that happened to coincide with the occultation of Aldebaran by the Beaver Moon? It so happens that the Beaver moon took place in the tail of Cetus, formerly known as the Sea-Monster...

... now called the Whale. 

So the Occulting Moon rose in the Whales' Tail? Why does that sound so familiar? 

Guess we'll never know.

By the way, this is how you bring a blush to the snow. Don't quote me on this, but I think we're due for a rude surprise in the winter. Given the track record and all.

Of course, the Climate Change/plutocrat crowd is all worked up about this story, prophesying a new Flood based on reports of Antarctic melting.  Gotta keep that Apocalypse Machine runnin', round the clock. There are trillions at stake here.

And this is coming from NASA, who have never lied about anything. Ever. 

That shot of lower Manhattan looks vaguely familiar, though. 

I just can't place it. 

Part of this latest round of Apocalyptic alarmism is coming from expeditions to the Ross Ice Shelf, which is reportedly thinning. Of course, this is a bit tricky for the rest of us to verify. 

But seeing as how the Ross Ice Shelf is off the coast of Victorialand, perhaps we'd best pay attention. You know, given the whole track record and all.

Either way, Antarctica is big news this year. Has been for a while now. And lo and behold, it looks as if Piri Reis were onto something: apparently a fossilized forest has been found in the Great Upside Down. 

Graham Hancock is accepting mea culpas care of his website.

But parapolitical researchers do suspect there may be a bit more behind the overweening interest in Antarctica. There's been a parade of dignitaries traveling to a place where there's nothing more than ice, snow, penguins, and more snow. Maybe a stray Nazi or two.  Or so we're told.

And then there are folks like this, who see Antarctica as a theater of battle for the War in Heaven. In this scenario, Antarctica is the fabled Tartarus where the Watchers have been imprisoned. The Watchers will be released in time for the big cage match with Michael and his homies.

In other words, Victorialand may have to choose sides, between Heaven or the Vegas.  

Of course, this all sounds a bit like trying too hard to tie up some loose Biblical ends and square some annoying circles. But the way things have been going I wouldn't count it all out entirely. 

After all, there are a lot of Apocalypse buffs out there and I've heard said that a few of them have the technology to throw one hell of an Armageddon LARP.

UPDATE: I had this going through my head all night. Here's the source material.


  1. The name of the object is ʻOumuamua, which means "a messenger that reaches out from the distant past” in Hawaiian.

    1. ʻOumuamua Hawaiian detected,English:First

    2. Actually:

      1. The foremost soldier or the front rank in battle.

      2. A scout; one sent forward before a battle to discover the position of the enemy.

      Comforting, no?

  2. Antarctica really is the damnedest thing. Palm trees perfectly preserved and frozen under hundreds of feet of ice; Operation Highjump; John Kerry's mysterious visit and Buzz Aldrin's evacuation - it's our very own Niflheim.

    1. You know, I was thinking just yesterday about how similar the 'Nifl' of Niflheim was to the 'Nephil' of Nephilim - which would be the Vegas. I'd put money on there being no linguistic connection, the only way it works is through ignorance of the structure of the Hebrew language. But it's fun to speculate.

    2. Don't be too sure about that- Hebrew is a melange of other language roots, just like any other. Sometimes roots shift their meanings as they get passed down. Diffusion is a curious thing.

  3. "Turtles All the Way Down" is the new bestseller by YA author John Green. Released 10/10/2017 by Penguin. Cover features an orange spiral. A primary character is a rich amateur astronomer and he first shows the protagonist... Vega. Everyone is passionate about Star Wars - which was innocuous enough until the astronomer emphasizes his passion for space opera as genre, introducing the protagonist to "Jupiter Ascending" (which I never knew existed). His father funds genetic research pursuant to immortality, and this teen is constantly quoting from "The Tempest."

    This is specially interesting to me because Green has said in his other media that he makes a personal study of the insanely wealthy. His success has allowed him to take on philanthropic endeavors with Bill f-ing Gates, so this study is fairly intimate. (In one YouTube vid he shares a helicopter with Gates while they visit agri-missions in Africa.) His portrayal of these rich characters is all the more interesting with that meta-context.

    Could this be a nod to his observations? Could it be a zeitgeist sync about which he's wholly unaware? Could his editor have wryly recommended the astronomical hobby to till the soil? Don't know, but thought to mention.

    Tangential to these resonant themes, the book wrestles heavily with identity in light of present knowledge and it's good. Nothing else I've experienced of his work reads "conspirator," so I'm inclined to think these are fresh syncs or his efforts are being piggybacked.

    Happy Thanksgiving! And thanks for your work!

    1. You never knew about Jupiter Ascending? You are very lucky, I had to sit through the trailer to that movie in a theater and my eyes and mind still feel pain almost three years later.

    2. Thank you, J. And thanks for the heads up. Very interesting indeed.

  4. You're definitely on a roll! Keep connecting the dots... much appreciated.

    ~ Mrk66One

  5. When you mentioned Ross Ice Shelf I thought for sure you were headed here:

    1. Did that one a couple of posts back, Chloe. Will return to it soon.

  6. Oumaumau = The bird is the word. = The eagle has landed.

    1. Indeed! I had that going through my head all night. Along with the, uh, visual.

    2. Weirdly Disney briefly had a pizza place named after the song. Pizza Om Mow Mow. It was Hawaiian theme in the California Adventure theme park when it was new. I think it was supposed to be a nod to surf culture, but it was clearly out of place.

      Also, I’m sure you’re painfully aware that Al Frazier was a co-writer of Papa-Om-Mow-Mow.

  7. Back on Earth...have you listened to Quinn Michael's talks on AI, and it's relationship to current events especially those in Las Vegas. Fascinating stuff ties nicely in with what you've been covering.

    1. "The Phoenix" The plot revolved around an ancient (vegan?) extraterrestrial named Bennu of the Golden Light,who is discovered in a sarcophagus in Peru (Antarctica?) and awakened in the 20th Century.He has special abilities including telepathy,precognition,clairvoyance,astral projection and telekinesis.

  8. Cinimod_ofCaarthach7:16 AM, November 23, 2017

    They found something buried in Antarctica.

    Something sh has been looking for for a log time. He will soon be born anew. In a New Age.

    We are witnessing a harvest of energy to bring back something old, ancient, and new.

    1. He awaits, dreaming.

    2. Yes, 'someTHING' old and very ancient; rising again.
      The 'Phoenix' in rebirth.
      Coming out of 'stasis' I think.
      The other possibility is that enough 'lifeforce' has been given to allow this.
      'Harvest' seems the appropriate word.
      Troubled times ahead.

    3. From the frozen palm trees found in Antarctica? The Phoenix builds its nest in the branches of a palm tree. I can't help but feel there's something to that.

    4. One of my twins is named 'Phoenix'.
      I saw his name in a 'dream'.
      Appropriate actually, as he almost died the day he was born, and then faced this 2 more times. (He and his bro were 6 weeks early, and he was born with underdeveloped lungs; turned GRAY right before my eyes)
      He was born with 'Biliary Atresia'.
      So this little soul literally 'rebirthed' himself; he remembers nothing.
      So 'life' finds its way even when the 'way' seems impossible.
      So listen mate I think we are skirting the real issue here and that is 'CONSCIOUSNESS'.
      That surpasses 'mind' and the like, and gives 'possibility' to that which seems to have none.
      My son is vital and strong; thanks to a 'transplant' given to him at age 8 months.
      And talk about 'synchs'; my sister in law was driving thru LA and heard on the radio about an accident that took the lives of a Hispanic family of 5; one of which was a young boy; the donor to my son.
      My son is part Hispanic; his mom is 1/2 Mexican.
      They had 'Kaiser' insurance.
      So did we.
      He was transplanted the next day.
      Sometimes GOOD finds it's way.

  9. I still can't get over the fact they actually called it "Pan-STARRS". PAN-Stars. Yeah, they know for sure what I personally found out the hard way when I died nearly 7 years ago, who's the bad mother f***er at the top of the spiritual food chain.
    But he doesn't take sides. He doesn't give a s**t about anything, he just gets drunk, gets laid and plays terrible, loud music like an over-the-top rock star.
    The last time he directly intervened was 2,000 years ago, when he split himself in half: the man-half, purely creative, becoming Jesus, the goat-half, purely destructive, becoming Satan. Sure, he brought some kind of balance to this world (for a while), but he was still just playing with himself.
    This is why the secret society folks have to suck up to the ancient aliens if they want any favors from "above". The Great God Pan straight up laughs at their sorry asses, and then keeps playing with himself (he's all there is after all, we're just his little imaginary friends).

  10. Except that, apparently, it's from a completely different area of the sky than Vega. Canopus, maybe -- but not Vega.

    1. One would of course be unsurprised at visitors "From Another Solar System", if it just happened to have the secret sun at its heart.

  11. If some stars aren't quite where NASA says they are, such as the secret sun, does this include Vega?

  12. When the media broke the asteroid cylinder story I thought about Rendezvous with Rama, the 1973 sf novel by Arthur C. Clarke in which a cylindrical interstellar asteroid that enters into the solar system is revealed to be an alien starship.
    Clarke later milked the original book into three subsequent novels co-written by a sharecropper named Bert Gentry Lee who works for the Jack Parsons founded Pasadena Jet Propulsion Lab as "chief engineer for planetary missions". Gentry Lee also collaborated with Carl Sagan in the TV series Cosmos. After Clarke died Gentry Lee wrote two more Rama sequels on hi$ own. The Rama books have been optioned by Hollywood studios several times but so far no movie or TV series has been close to production. Shades of "Argo". Or maybe I am just paranoid.
    - Mabuse the Gambler

  13. I was subcontractor with Raytheon Polar services, the primary contractor running the U.S. Antarctic program until a few years ago when Lockheed was awarded the contract. I was stationed at McMurdo for the 2008/2009 summer season.
    I can assure you most everything that goes on down there is very mundane, if not outright boring.
    I loved my time there, in fact it was one of the highlights of my life. Met and worked with some great people, and got to live and work in an environment of incredible, untouched beauty. Very remote, very "alien", but stunningly, breathtakingly beautiful.
    A common saying among the Antarctic program participants is "Antarctica leaves on wound on your soul that will never heal ."
    I agree completely, and that is meant in the best way possible.
    When I read all of these wild eyed theories about pyramids and crashed saucers down there, I just shake my head. It's all quite ridiculous. I've personally visited some of the so called pyramids, at least 1 of the more famous ones frequently presented as proof, and it is literally a pile of windswept rubble.
    Antarctica is a wonderful and frightening environment, but not for the reasons that conspiracists think.

    1. Meant to write- Antarctica leaves a wound on your soul that will never heal.

    2. I hope you can understand that this is the rough equivalent of me claiming to have lived in Pyongyang and everything being hunky dory because I never saw a political prison while I was there. What you may have done in some corner of the vast frozen continent may have been completely mundane. But that hardly clears the entire continent of the scent of the strange, forbidden and mysterious.

  14. Some very interesting material about Antarctica in Joscelyn Godwin's "Arktos: The Polar Myth in Science, Symbolism & Nazi Survival". Antarctica's place in modern popular culture seems to have begun with Edgar Allen Poe's short story, "MS Found in a Bottle" (1833) & esp. "The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym" (1838), which would in turn have a big impact on H.P. Lovecraft's work. From "Arktos", Quote:

    "Suffice it to recall that the narrator discovers, beyond the ice-floes, a warm land inhabited by disagreeable black-toothed savages who bring about the deaths of all but himself (Arthur Gordon Pym) & the half-breed Dirk Peters. The natives of this black land have a superstitious horror of anything white, which draws from them the cry 'Tekeli-li'. Although they now live in the most primitive of shelters, Pym discovers a system of underground passages that seem to have been made in significant shapes, and also records what may be archaic script from the wall of one of the chambers."

    Shades of Prometheus?

    1. See:

      Also, "The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym" had a sequel of sorts, written by none other than Jules Verne.


      "In 1897, Verne published a sequel to The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket called An Antarctic Mystery. Like Poe's novel, Verne attempted to present an imaginative work of fiction as a believable story by including accurate factual details. The two-volume novel explores the adventures of the Halbrane as its crew searches for answers to what became of Pym. Translations of this text are sometimes titled The Sphinx of Ice or The Mystery of Arthur Gordon Pym."


      "The combined crews of Halbrane and Jane decide to try to make it north in their newly acquired boat. They make good progress, until they notice the appearance of strong magnetic forces. They find the source of it, the Ice Sphinx: A huge mountain magnetically "charged" by the particle streams that get focused on the poles through Earth's magnetic field."

      The work continued to inspire many writers over the years as well, including the aforementioned H.P. Lovecraft:

      "Prince Amerigo in Henry James's novel The Golden Bowl (1904) remembered The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket: "He remembered to have read as a boy a wonderful tale by Allan Poe ... which was a thing to show, by the way, what imagination Americans could have: the story of the shipwrecked Gordon Pym, who ... found ... a thickness of white air ... of the color of milk or of snow."

      Poe's novel was also an influence on H. P. Lovecraft, whose 1936 novel At the Mountains of Madness follows similar thematic direction and borrows the cry tekeli-li from the novel. Chaosium's role-playing adventure Beyond the Mountains of Madness (1999), a sequel to Lovecraft's novel, includes a "missing ending" of Poe's novel, in which Pym encounters some of Lovecraft's creatures at their Antarctic city.

      Rene Magritte's 1937 painting Not to be Reproduced depicts a copy of Poe's book in the lower right of the work.

      Another French sequel was La Conquête de l'Eternel (1947) by Dominique André.

      Georges Perec's 1969 novel A Void, notable for not containing a single letter e, contains an e-less rewriting of Poe's "The Raven" that is attributed to Arthur Gordon Pym in order to avoid using the two es found in Poe's name.

      On May 5, 1974 author and journalist Arthur Koestler published a letter from reader Nigel Parker in The Sunday Times of a striking coincidence between a scene in Poe's novel and an actual event that happened decades later: In 1884, the yacht Mignonette sank, with four men cast adrift. After weeks without food, they decided that one of them should be sacrificed as food for the other three, just as in Poe's novel. The loser was a young cabin boy named Richard Parker, coincidentally the same name as Poe's fictional character. Parker's shipmates, Tom Dudley and Edwin Stephens, were later tried for murder in a precedent-setting common law trial, the renowned R v Dudley and Stephens.

      In Paul Theroux's travelogue The Old Patagonian Express (1979), Theroux reads parts of The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket to Jorge Luis Borges. Theroux describes it in this book as being the "most terrifying" story he had ever read.

      In Paul Auster's City of Glass (1985), the lead character Quinn has a revelation that makes him think of the discovery of the strange hieroglyphs at the end of Poe's novel.

      In a 1988 Young All-Stars comic book written by Roy and Dann Thomas, Arthur Gordon Pym is a 19th-century explorer who discovered the lost Arctic civilization of the alien Dyzan. Pym goes on to become Jules Verne's Captain Nemo, eventually sinking the RMS Titanic. This story also uses elements of Edward Bulwer-Lytton's 1871 novel Vril."

    2. David Arkin, it's interesting you mention Richard Parker in your message above "After weeks without food, they decided that one of them should be sacrificed as food for the other three...The loser was a young cabin boy named Richard Parker"... In the novel "Life of Pi" by Yann Martel Richard Parker is a royal Bengal tiger who is stranded on the lifeboat with Pi when the ship sinks. Richard Parker lives on the lifeboat with Pi and is kept alive with the food and water Pi delivers... Presume the author Yann Martel is familiar with the Koestler article?

  15. Tenuous? 'Oumuamua' <=> 'Umami'?

  16. There are a lot of mysterious forces indeed in the whole Catalonian business.

    There's the background music that was chosen for a recent documentary about the Catalonian independence in Spanish television, lifted straight from "The Exorcist".

    And the fact that both Barcelona and memories of Franco both play a part in Dan Brown's new book, "Origin".

    And the weird tinfoil hat section from "the prince of Catalonia" in the talk page of Wikipedia on the Catalonian Republic, that also happens to mention beaming stuff on to the moon.

    And if you're looking for an upside down heaven, just check out in YouTube the videos of La Pedrera, a famous building in Barcelona. Monarch butterflies in there as well, and other goodies.

  17. With all due respect to our McMurdoo guest (thanks, BTW!) consider that higher sea levels from losing ice may be a distraction from what might be found if the natural less-icy continent reveals its secrets. Hydrology studies suggest some interesting new rivers may be found, for instance. And who may have lived by those rivers and soon-to-be-exposed shorlines?

  18. The news today say that Paddock fired "1,100 rounds of ammo". Eleven hundred. Also they said last week he left a five million dollar estate. Not bad for a desperado.

  19. Chris, Bruce Rux was on this podcast for Thanksgiving. I first learned of both of them from your posts. Bruce mentioned you at about 139 minutes into the recording.

  20. Project MK Manson didn't end once Charlie was banged-up, It lives on, & in this sick pop-okullted & defeated planetary society we're the 'children' of his he said were 'coming', 'Helter Skelter' is openly waged & more than this is celebrated as sacred necessity.

    A sea-sync from the past month:

    '...Brady’s body was quietly collected from a hospital in Liverpool and escorted by police to a crematorium on Oct. 25. Neither flowers nor music were allowed during the cremation. From there, the remains of Brady, who died on May 15 while serving multiple life sentences, were taken out to sea at 2:30 a.m. the next morning, they were disposed of in an urn made of salt...'

    'urn of salt'? Quite an offering to saliant matter, adding salt to an already briny liquid - a dash of salt to please a salty Deity?

    Maybe if Manson gets dumped the same way as Brady his remains will guide a way to the Hyperborean Vril UFOs of Thule, via Pleiades, 'Trapped Under Ice', here's hoping! some good news is sorely needed!


    'its surface is now dark and reddened due to the effects of irradiation from cosmic rays over millions of years'

    but makes no mention of how Oumaumau could come to be shaped supposedly so.

    1. you read too much into the "salt urn", the sea water will melt the salt & scatter the ashes, it's actually a common tactic used by drug smugglers running drug across sea lanes, they encase the drugs in blocks of salt if it looks like they are going to be intercepted they toss the salt blocks overboard a few hours later the salt melts, the drug package floats to the top & moves with current, drug smugglers have become so sophisticated they can determine with a high degree of accuracy using knowledge of where they dropped the drugs & using time, tide & current data on what island, atoll shoal etc the drugs will wash up on for later retrieval.

    2. Synchronicities par excellence. Reading of the Thule society last night. The occulted Sun/Black Hole Sun. What in Sam hell was that metallic object from another Galaxy. Keep digging Chris! 87

    3. It seems a salted sea burial is of benefit when seeking a gift from the waters.

      'osama bin laden' was 'buried at sea' 2, what bounty was offered up for this particular indulgence?

      & 'sleeping with the fishes' is a euphemism that's entered common parlence due to the glut of mobster-tainment the past decades.

  21. In keeping with my observations about the syncs with space movies such as 2001 and Close Encounters, I find this Oumuamua (Papa Oom-mow-mow? - sorry, couldn't resist!)object and its association with Cetus or 'the whale' to be extremely interesting as in 1986's Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home the Earth was approached by a long cylindrical metallic-looking/stone object that communicated in whale sonar signals. For those who haven't seen it Kirk & co. had to go back to the past (our modern day) to retrieve whales to bring back to the future (they were extinct by then) to communicate with the orbiting object.

    Maybe there is a subconscious commentary that Vegans returning will find that Vegans from Earth's past no longer exist. Did humanity wipe them out in a rebellion or something causing the mythologies we have now all heard in forms such as the bible or the Annunaki stories? Another that comes to mind is, again, Star Trek in an episode from the original series entitled Return of the Archons. It's very creepy. One wonders if "Star Gods" are returning expecting to find their kind still thriving and they're not here then what? What happens when the parents come home to find the sitter mysteriously missing and the kids running wildly roughshod all over the home?

    In any event, is there possibly history being hidden from current day humanity? Has history and entertainment been leaking bits of truth out over the millennia that has been generally ignored by the masses? One thing is for sure, we have never been told the whole story going back thousands of years to day one.

  22. Na, I think the mind catch the numbers and names that it wants to see. I only see coincidences of some elements you are choosing to fit a narrative. Everything is linked to everything at some point. You can associate a name or a number to an event and then see some patterns of coincidence with it or with past or future events, just because meanings and data is likely to be shared at some degree in their info. There is no direct cause and effect visible, just the view of a plot process you imagined.

  23. Going to throw this out there: I just watched Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. And there are so many synchs occurring in the last half hour to all of what Chris has discussed in the past months: from mermaids and sirens that literally are the first few frames of the movie, to Sickle-shaped asterisms (ignore how the movie connects the dots and just look at the pattern), to Orange-wearing characters named after constellations (Carina - "the keel", a Southern circumpolar constellation -- the "upside-down" as it were), to maps of the heavens, literally bringing the heavens to earth. There are many more.

  24. Carles Puigdemont, the ex-Catalonian president, is an occultist and, in addition, he is married to the romanian sorcerer Marcela Topor. She is a medium, a seer, a fortune teller, etc. Puigdemont blindly believes she is a prophetess. Both are obssesed with the ouija. Link (in spanish):

    1. Dont forget that they also turn into black ravens and roam the countryside after midnight, stealing bread and salt from the peasants while haunting all with their sorrowful cries... But not on a full moon because they dont want to be caught by the werewolves.

    2. If that summary of Carles and Marcela is true, it would be interesting to look for ties with the deposed leader of S. Korea who was similarly "bewitched" by a close advisor about a year ago. Perhaps the latest and greatest "covert" methods to manipulate are becoming more apparent.

    3. Anomymous #1: If the idea of a politician messing with spirits/strange forces/whatever looks so absurd to you, then you are losing your time here

    4. Au contraire, i find it the most natural thing in the world. Nadie sabe, nadie supo... Btw why are you hitting me with such a negative wave? Chill

  25. More excellent work, Chris.

  26. Chris, just wanted to say thanks again. I've been following your barrage of posts lately, though I can only make sense of half of half of what you're saying or less. But I know that if I keep trying to follow, things start clicking in place afterwards.

    I had no idea why you had a post going on about antibiotic resistance and the like. And then, I noticed there is a campaign over here, with posters on bus stops and everything, telling people about antibiotic resistance. At first, I just thought it was annoying that the campaign really sucked at explaining the concept, it's something I'm familiar with because it connects with my job. And today I saw the poster again, and something clicked. Maybe it was just seeing ANTIBIOTICS all in capital letters.

    It looks like I'm getting better at recognizing programming when I see it. And at figuring out what to read into it.

    My next project is going to be trying to figure out what alien bugs are like. I think I understand well enough Earth bugs, but alien bugs... that's something else. Keep telling us about those asteroids and stuff!

  27. My husband and stepson work on adjacent horse farms in upstate N.Y. In the wee hours of the morning, I woke up thinking about something they found hanging deliberately from a tall oak tree. A tangle of twigs and vines to form a unsettling knot. They recognized it as a spell, or santoria, which to them is common in their neighborhoods back in Argentina...and just annoying. I was intrigued, because on an elite farm in upstate N.Y., this would be uncommon, and deliberate. So, I googled "the occult or santoria in upstate N.Y." and wound up reading a New York Times article about eccentrics living in a mansion on the Hudson in Barrytown, N.Y., very close to where I am. just a faint synch to wake me a bit more...

  28. Perhaps Oumaumau is Osiris' penis returning

  29. 2017 films - Wonder Woman, Wonder Struck, Professor Marston and the Wonder Women, Wonder, Wonder Wheel. What a wonderful year!

  30. Thanks for that - I needed a good laugh to start the day. I snarked pretty hard when I read your comment, but then I thought about that Navy pilot that drew a giant dong in the air with his exhaust. Maybe the next iteration of the Ritual is meant to have us all worshiping Jovial sky penises?

    Panspermia, it's what's for breakfast!

  31. The mystery object is tumbling. Someone over at Reddit pointed out that this is common for spent expendable rocket stages when the main vehicle discards them. Find some old Apollo or any other video and you can see this.

    So apparently there is a little bit of speculation that this could actually be a used stage from a multi stage interstellar rocket. Given its size and speed it would be something more exotic like nuclear or fusion but it's the same idea as our staged rockets. Staging is a powerful way to reduce dead mass during acceleration and is what made Apollo actually possible. Do the math on a one stage Moon rocket and the required size is absurd. Same math might play out for interstellar flights.

    If this were an acceleration stage, then the fun wild speculation is "for what?" Early acceleration stages would end up traveling slower than the final speed of the vehicle, so the real craft would have passed through or perhaps arrived long ago.


    Maybe it arrived in the 1940s. :)

    1. Maybe it evacuated 33.

  32. since 19.5 was mentioned, that's the approximate degrees latitude where hyper-dimensional forces break through and we see big volcanoes on Earth and Mars, red spot on Jupiter and ancient alien ruins on planets/moons throughout the Solar System etc.

  33. Pink Floyd "Astronomy Domine" 1967-2017

  34. And there was war in Heaven. Been thinking' about that. Alien spacecraft ain't going to crash of their own accord. We ain't going to be able to shoot them down. Therefore, war in Heaven...

  35. "Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home" hit theaters during Thanksgiving weekend in 1986 - exactly 31 years ago, yesterday. And as another commenter noted, the cylindrical object in that film was seeking to communicate with OCEAN-dwelling denizens of the deep - whales. Hmm. Goes well with this sync line of thinking. And wasn't there a classic "Trek" ep where a long, cylindrical object came to DESTROY planets? As an aside, "Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home" inspired me to write a time-travel sci-fi story called "The Equinox," in 1987. The time it took editing it and such got me out of English class a lot that year.

  36. Chris? No mention of cocteau twins album?

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  38. The Illman bottle brings the depend up to 663.