Friday, October 27, 2017

Orange You Waiting for the Fallen Vegas to Return?

Well, timing is everything. Six days before Heaven Upside Down or Las Vegas exploded into the world's conscious a new comet was spotted entering the Solar System. 

An historical first, or so I'm told. 

Three guesses where it's from. 

IT was first seen just a month ago.

A tiny blip of light was seen to be moving through the sky by the PanSTARRS1 telescope in Hawaii.

The number-crunching which followed was automatic.

The results were unusual.

This object is in an odd position. It’s moving very fast.

And it’s in what appears to be a somewhat extreme orbit.
Extreme enough not to actually be an orbit, in fact.


For a reason I couldn't fathom. the good folks at PAN-STARRS decided it had to have come from Vega, which would have taken the object I.7 million years to get here.

If in the offhand chance it was traveling at the speed of light.

But Pan? Vegas? Why does this all sound so familiar?

I can't quite put my finger on it.

Maybe it's on account of Jack Parsons, who used to recite Crowley's "Hymn to Pan" before every rocket launch. 

Who called himself "Antichrist."

Whose OTO grotto was located on Orange Avenue.

But don't worry- it's not as if that kind of OCD ritualism is still being practiced within NASA... 

....and the other space programs.

Like "The Eagle Has Landed," or anything blatant like that. 

Fuck, NASA- enough already. 

And Lyra -- Apollo's Harp --is deeply connected to everything we've been wresting with for the past several months.

Like Chris Cornell's death.

And Chester Bennington's.

The Fox and the Geese are also connected to all this madness. Read this:
The brightest star in Vulpecula is Alpha Vulpeculae, a magnitude 4.44m red giantat a distance of 297 light-years. The star is an optical binary (separation of 413.7") that can be split using binoculars. 
The star also carries the traditional name Anser, which refers to the goose the little fox holds in its jaws.

The Summer Triangle, formed by Vega, Deneb (in Cygnus, the swan) 
and Altair, aka the "Flying Eagle." 

And which the Fox is in the middle of.

And of course, the Swan.

OK; so you know about the September 23 alignment already.

What does Hydra have to do with the Fallen Vegas?

Hail Hydra.

So what does Orange have to do with Fallen Vegas?

And there we go.

And the heart of the Hydra- the Red Dragon- aligns with the Heart of the Lion.

But what connection does Cancer have to all of this?

Heaven or Las Vegas. 

Yet again.

So yeah. Orange and Fallen Vegas. 

It's a thing. 

Like our Orange Astronaut, the Pollux of the Twin Vegas.

Pollux being Orange. Of course.

Like The Vega Who Fell to Earth.

Some subtle encoding there.

And here, for that matter.

Makes you wonder: is this 'Vegan' thing softening us up for guests?

If so, it started a long time ago.

 Perhaps that's short for Vegas in Action.

Speaking of Falling Vegas, that guy looks vaguely familiar.

Getting warmer...

...maybe we need to punch up the Orange. 

Like, all the fucking way.

An "Orange Risen Vega." 


Orange now comes in fresh, new Orwellian Orange. 

Plus, 33.

Rising Vegas offer a lot of benefits.

Or not.

Note the bird/butterfly taking flight. Plus. more Orange!

Don't mess with Orange, Superman. Plus, 33.

And another Oranged Apple.

 O-pheli- A----- O-ph-l-A----Original Fallen Angel

Who, of course, drowns (thanks to Reader Stef for reminder).

I have been wondering why Jack "Antichrist" Parsons is in the news of late.

"Otherworldly." Where have we heard that before?

And boy, there's been a ton of Marilyn Manson....

... and related stories in the news lately, too. Huh.

What's that about?

And do we need to be bombarded with this story 
everywhere you look?

Did this need to be a story at all, for that matter?

Maybe Manson needed a fresh coat of Pumpkin Orange.

You have to wonder, maybe someone's trying to get us
thinking about a different Guardians of the Galaxy.

You know, there's a reason why we're seeing all these insane rituals like Gotthard Tunnel and all the rest.  

It's because they work. They wouldn't keep doing them if they didn't.

And it seems the more audacious they become, the more effective they are. 

Buckle up.


  1. can't say how significant it actually is, but I did notice while watching an NFL game about 2 weeks ago that the Nike jackets for the teams this season (NCAA, too) have the Mandalay Bay/fidget spinner "Y" in the middle of the back:

    oh, and there's a Leonard Cohen tribute concert in Quebec on 11/6 (upside down 9/11?) with some important people:

    1. Chris, what is up with the Y? I too noticed this on the Nike gear.

      For the dude that thinks Anonymous posting is a conspiracy....chill bruh :)(:

    2. Anonymous, who are you? If you post hundreds of times a day it would build trust if you did not cower behind anonymous. Man or woman up. Shine forth brave souls! 87

    3. Shine forth brave souls? Dennis why are you so confused? Anonymous is more than one soul - we're either too lazy or indifferent about registering a name.

      My partner comments here under a pseudonym like many do "Dennis" - what's the difference?

  2. In Blade Runner 2049 a big Pan Am sign/logo appears.

    1. Guess who?
      I thought I would try posting as "Anonymous" now too, just to try and muddy these "Anonymous" waters even more.
      Isn't this fun trying to work out just who's comment belongs to who?

    2. The Spinners (aka: flying cars) in both the original BR and BR2049 have the shape of their wheel layout as a Y shape. A three-wheeled design, with two in front and one in back. If you connect the dots with the wheels as the dots, the Spinner makes a Y.

      There was also a "fallen Las Vegas" (spoilers)...

      The sequence in the post dirty bomb LV that is literally a hazy orange abandoned city. I was shocked at how it's depiction of Vegas looked like an attempt to be three places at once. It appeared almost as an alternate future Las Vegas, an abandoned Dubai or other Arabian mega-city (hello Neom), and last but not least Mars. The Mars aspect reminding me of the PKD adaptation set in Mars, Total Recall.

      There was also the twinning theme mentioned by Chris in this entire saga of Siren syncs. (In BR2049 the two children hidden away).

      BR2049 also twins with Alien: Covenant, which was initially supposed to release on Oct. 6th before being moved forward (which almost never happens with movie release dates). BR2049 released on Oct. 6th.

      David 8 twins with Walter. As well as Ripley 8 of Alien Resurrection. Both films have similar themes and concepts of mutations and experiments mixing human and xenomorph DNA.

      Walter also got a promotional short film before Alien: Covenant released. It showed two female Japanese technicians, for that (Y)utani side of Weyland-Yutani, assembling a Walter synthetic in a very ritualistic manner.

      The corporate sponsor for this "Meet Walter" promo is AMD, makers of the Ryzen/Vega processor.

      Prometheus had a similar pre-release teaser video for David 8. Sir Peter Weyland appeared in a scene briefing the crew as a holographic projection with a Mars background that showed a bunch of terraforming infrastructure behind him. Sir Ridley Scott directed The Martian. In many interviews Sir Scott refers to the titular creature of the Alien films as a dragon.

      "He told Omni’s Screen Flights/Screen Fantasies in 1984 that 'It certainly should explain what the Alien is and where it comes from. That will be tough because it will require dealing with other planets, worlds, civilisations. Because obviously the Alien did come from some sort of civilisation. The Alien was presented, really, as one of the last survivors of Mars – a planet named after the god of war. The Alien may be one of the last descendants of some long-lost self-destructed group of beings.' "

      The Alien, from Mars, as red dragon?

      I'm also thinking of the LV... LV426 and LV223, two extrasolar planets that several of the Alien films take place on.

      The Alien franchise is under 20th Century FOX. BR2049 is at rival studio Warner Bros. and Sony, but made via Alcon Entertainment.

      Alcon's logo appears to be an archer. Once defunct Orion pictures is relaunching soon.

      That makes a Fox and an OA (Orion-Alcon). Twinned archers and a fox?

      BR2049 also has imagery and mention of a unicorn and horses. A character mentions off-world colonies which they've settled on 9 new worlds. Mention of "angels" and divine birth as well.

      Finally, in BR2049 a character named Joi. Or as I've seen it theorized online, JOI as in J01. J being the 10th letter of the alphabet, so that makes J01 a 1001 or 10/01.

      The year 2049 and this "49" stuff has me wondering about what was mentioned in a previous article here... 49 as "for the nine"

      20-4-the-9. 2020 for The Nine?

      This is beginning to spook me to be honest.

      And now I'm off to dream of electric sheep...

  3. Saturn enters tropical Capricorn (which it rules) late this year, approaching Vega. Saturn will transit Vega in February of 2019, go retrograde and transit again in August (when the Sun is in Leo), then go direct and transit again pretty damn close to Nov. 6, 2019.

  4. Hi Chris,

    The tone of this post is strange – sneering? I thought you would be happy.

    Personally I wondered at the “coincidence”. Here’s some stuff I noticed:

    Absolute magnitude: 22.2

    Goro recently (Oct 18) posted on 2:22 sync film:

    So I’m as suss as anyone about contrived sync but before I read your post I looked at the clock and it was 2:22. (Those 222s happened in the space of a few hours.)

    You could look into your own life/heart for what is real and what is fake. It all comes down to that in the end – for all of us.

    Have I misread you or are you thinking this is all a production?

    As for the “antichrist” I would not be concerned – or about silly people/egomaniacs who think they are in control of anything.

    “May you get what you wish for.”


    1. Good call, Chloe- I went back and did a polish. I've been really overworked and haven't really been sleeping. I guess I was just feeling like a puppet for forces too large to even comprehend. It's really not the best feeling in the world to have. It makes you cranky.

    2. Chloe, I heard you mention some 'Goro' before, this time I decided to check him? or it? out.
      It sounded to me as though this 'goro' were something you were "channeling" or so, or seeing as your guru.. I can't help having very good sensors for when something's off.....

      Anyway, I just checked Goro out. Amazing. I must say. Really amazing. But no matter how 'good' his intel might be (and it is amazingly so).... I wouldn't trust him for the LIFE of me!

      I mean, we should all be following up The little prince's bestest advice? Come on! That's like signing your own (and everyone else's) death sentence.

    3. I just read this post at 12:22am Tokyo time

    4. Maybe, Chris, because you ARE?

      You don't have to be. Just sayin'.

      You'll feel a lot better! Promise. Regardless whatever.

      You'll sound a lot better, too.

      Best to you.

  5. Sophia is back. In a literal sense. VALIS is in full swing. Christ is in the Temple.

    1. 'Sophia' let herself 'fall' when she accidentally created the 'Demiurge'; she became 'Mother EARTH'.
      It was her, and her consort 'Thelete'(CHRIST) whom gave birth to the 'Anthropos'; US.
      It was her 'dreaming' which thrust out into the abyss and interacted with inorganic 'matter' which caused this.
      VALIS is AI; the 'Demiurge'.
      CHRIST is in the 'Pleroma' (Godhead)
      The 'DARK' goddess is RISING; Semiramis reigns.
      TPTB have been announcing this all along; the statue of 'liberty' holding the 'torch of ILLUMINATION'. (Semiramis)

    2. Sorry to burst your bubble, but the earth existed long before any fantastical sophia's or demiurgs did. And it'll probably exist for quite a long while after they're gone.

    3. Blue
      Will you please explain how Sophia 'dreaming' could cause so much havoc? I don't get it. Thank you

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  7. Oh, Chloe's was the only comment I could actually reply to. For some reason I'm not getting reply windows when I click.

    Let me just say this- I can't say for sure of course but it very much feels to me like we are in the middle of a huge ritual working. And it seems to have something to do with the Zodiac and most certainly the Book of Revelation. If I seem a little peevish it's because I am just getting hammered morning, noon and night with this stuff on top of everything else I need to look after.

    All of this is so huge and so interlocked I can barely wrap my head around it. But just be aware- we're not even nearly over with this and we may soon find ourselves in some very strange and scary territory.

    Now I really, really, really need to get some sleep.

    1. No, gnostic friend. Make no apologies. If the power of invocation is a series of test-certified protocols, then this three-penny opera staged for the benefit of macrocosmic forces you've so deftly extrapolated is currently the ascendant running program. It should piss off anyone who isn't an intellectual infant to imagine genetically crippled power whores running a con on reality as we know it in order to promote this daemonic astral creed. But instead the press pushes a sympathetic narrative of shared indignation at our orange clown prince.

      Yes, I can and will cruelly condemn those who can't entertain the notion of a chain-of-command that reaches over leaders of nations and into the phantasms of the ancients. These otherworldly fixations on the geospatial significance of a ritual murder site bear the architecture of the old world cults for certain. The Sphinx- appetite of a lion, head of a man, as I've read. No wonder it demands blood where Bacchanalia thrums loudest. Long 've I been sick and damn tired of ignorance and pedestrian cynicism in the face of cataclysm. Wake up, time to die. Better to die awake.

      Really, I can't thank you enough for the integrity in your workmanship. Don't care for the new format. Also, I should be annoyed to hear about veganism 'softening' us up, as I'm proud to consume said diet but, well, but it'd be disingenuous of me not to admit the post-humanness of veganism. In fact, it's the diet of the future. Whether or not that future belongs to humanity seems irrelevant, as this reality has never been mine, either. Instead I've found wandered, gotten lost and found insight through revelations of the canny, harried and red-blooded writers such as yourself. Sir, you keep a light on for tempest-tossed fools like me who just want to feel like they can return to port one day and find home like they'd remembered it.

    2. Rest up Chris, we're with you. The answers are coming. Peace brother ✌

    3. Hang in there, brother. I know less than you but this seems incredibly important to be tracking. The themes being played with culturally haven't been, uh... optimistic for most of everyone's lifetimes but the shift of late is even less encouraging.

      It doesn't have to be the end of the world for it not to be a great outcome for most of US

      That was supposed to be lower case "us", but it auto corrected. Going with it.

  8. Hmm-mm, this came to mind...

  9. The Waterboys did a lot of Pan-related stuff.

    The Pan Within

    Who doesn't want to 'completely surrender'....? In their heart of hearts...

    But then, what's love gotta do with "thieves, fools and pretenders"? Huh?

  10. Not sure if you covered this one Chris.

    The insignia of the great Merovingian leader, Saint William de Gellone, cousin of Jean Cocteau, was a pentagram on a blue field, symbolizing Mary Magdalene. The Merovingians were ancestors of the German and Dutch Royal House of Orange. The color orange not only signifies Mary, but the Sun Disk God Aton (Aten). The Atonists and Mary Magdalene Sisterhood were also covert Set and Apophis (DRAGON) worshipers, we see that the fantastical story of King Merovee’s birth, from a queen and sea-monster- DRAGON of Revelation.

  11. I've been wondering about the significance of Y for years. Is there an occult meaning attached to it?

    1. Sure, several. It stands for why, the abyss, a fork in the road, and lately, it may stand for male (as in XY). Plus possibly other things. You could have worked it all out for yourself if you tried.

    2. No. That's not what I meant and you know it. I said occult meaning. Hidden meaning. "I could have worked it all out if I tried." I didn't leave a comment to have someone like you leave a silly, smart aleck answer. So, you don't know what it means either.

    3. The simple fact is that all these 'occult meanings' are just labels slapped on things, in the end having nothing to do with the real. But with all these (mostly false) meanings in place a story can be told, which in turn can be translated into all kinds of real actions - mostly terribly distortive actions. And it all functions because of one factor alone: belief. Doesn't even have to be explicit conscious belief.
      All faith based. And mostly factfree. It's hocuspocus.
      And so it happens that very real things come to depend on complete fabrications, even for their very existence.
      It's a hijacking of deep feelings that only belong in real meaningful relations between actual people who actually know each other and are closely and intimately related.

    4. For this series, the Y seems to be related to a moon of Saturn. Chris shows a pic in one of the Vegas shooter articles. There is a large cloud (?) Y shape on the moon. Similar to the Saturn hexagon. Anyway... Love your work, Chris. Maybe go in the woods for a few days and get away from humans for a bit. Take care.

  12. A lot of us probably need to take it easier and take a few deep breaths now and then for perspective. Not all sailors end up falling for the Siren. And even some who do still manage to escape. Many will never give consent and energy to evil (political or spiritual) at least within the scope of their awareness.

    If there are entities/energies feeding off our actions/reactions, lets consider what can be done to make our "loosh" poisonous to them (a well-proven evolutionary strategy). The dark ones seen to fear resistance informed by knowledge so one easy way is to start speaking up in our everyday encounters, not to argue yet merely to point out obvious inaccuracies/inconsistencies/instabilities/insanities constantly driven into our senses and social systems. We can remain silent to this assault on us all or we can cast a bit of light by which others begin to see the truth themselves. It's already happening and you're part of it so keep up the good work and take those well-earned breaks as needed.

    1. But do take note of things like this:


    2. Also, consider this:

      "Any body of knowledge, more particularly and exactly, is built from one datum. That is its stable datum. Invalidate it and the entire body of knowledge falls apart. A stable datum does not have to be the correct one. It is simply the one that keeps things from being in a confusion and on which others are aligned."

      This from a Scientology handbook, mind you.

      That's the great thing with truth: it really IS stable, just because it's true. It's correct.
      The bad thing is that the lying bastards know that very well so they approach everything true and valid and truly valuable with shitloads of real physical violence or the threat thereof.

  13. Hahaha! Go Ginger!


  14. Tupac, died in Las Vegas
    Was named after the 'Shining Serpent'

    And what's with this?

    Could be the case indeed. America after all also has a habit to name their war helicopters after the conquered and genocided people (Tomahawk, Apache etc)

    And what's with the Eagle fighterjets, on that note?

  15. Hey Chris,

    This is excellent work. I say that a lot here but I always mean it. Truly excellent work. In my humble opinion, for what it's worth, you're way closer to the truth than most realize. It is huge and crazy and interlocking, and a very disturbing mass ritual for sure. The thing about weaponized synchronicity is it creates a kind of dark gravity - it bends time and space and apparent causality around it. There's a retrocausal aspect to all this that's very difficult to parse because we're so encouraged to think in linear, one-way terms. Also, it's difficult to know what are elements to affect a working and what are elements conjured from the result of that working. Again, with this kind of elite malefica the point is to often make that distinction invisible. You're not sure where subject and object begin or end, or ritual and result. But trust your instincts, my man. You have definitely noticed thrulines and themes to all this that are actively being pushed to increased this weaponized dark gravity I mentioned. If what we're looking at is actually what we're looking at, then I'm sure there are others trying to short circuit this working and turn these symbols back on the elites who would use them against us. We're not helpless and ghostwritten by their predatory magick. They just want us to acquiesce and believe that we are. Life feels more like a dream than ever these days, because it is. All of us must guard our depths, attune ourselves to the difference between good intentions and bad intentions in this kaleidoscope of weaponized images. And also we must never forget who our real friends and families are. We might really need them sooner than we think, if this full scale assault is anything to go by. Don't lose faith, my man. There are still good people everywhere, doing what they can to counter these degenerate sicko freaks who rule us so openly now. Count yourself among the true heroes and healers, Christopher.


    1. My sentiments too Raj.

    2. Yes there are still 'good' people.
      And yes this is a 'DREAM'.
      And yes 'Gravity' is a FORCE.
      And there is GOOD and BAD 'MAGICK'.
      But to understand the DARK??
      Remember that MOST of 'this' is 'DARK' right?
      27% 'Dark MATTER'; the rest 'Dark ENERGY'.
      See we, by our 'senses', are UNABLE to actually SEE this.
      And TPTB KNOW that!
      'Gravity' is the 'GLUE' that 'binds' physical 'matter'.


  17. Also, looking around now, that "comet" story has lots of inconsistent details. I've read it was discovered at any point between May and October 19th.

    1. And now I Google 10/19 and the first result informs me that's the police code for Returning to station...

    2. Sorry to keep adding to this, but here's the article that claims it was discovered in May. The Hubble is involved.

      Article was written on Oct 4, so there's no way this thing was discovered on 10/19, which is what is being reported in mass now. Why is the date being retconned now? Lazy reporting?

      The article is fron 1


      This apparent a different comet/meteor object than what is trending today? K1 and U1.

      But K1 was supposed to take until 2022 to get around during the sun.

      U1 is already around? Same orbits. Look like the same object. That sped up??!

      Or are they twins?

    4. The leading scientist says: 18 Oct
      But what counts is that there's an orange sky to go with the official text I guess

  18. Hi Chris,

    Long time reader, I just never join the conversation. I wanted to pass on a link and a movie. First:

    Second, watched a movie couple of nights ago after a covert conspiracy movie marathon linked up through someone I thought looked familiar in Denzel Washington's Manchurian Candidate, Robyn Hitchcock. It's Phillip K. Dick's Radio Free Ablemuth, which I'm thinking you'd be familiar with since it's about Valis. It's not the greatest movie, but thought it might be of interest. Keep up the great work, it is greatly appreciated.

    1. I also meant to point out that a fairly old game Rainbow Six: Vegas sent you through the convention center where there were posters for a fake video game called Nephilim 2012 or something close to that all over the area. I'm also thinking the box art was orangish.

    2. Whoa... that priest-story is really sick

  19. Very intriguing things going on of late, & yeah, its all building towards something. I'd like to relate a couple of things I experienced recently, in relation to all of this. One might be a sync (or more limited hangout, depending on your POV), the other most defintely a sync:

    Watched latest ep. of Seth McFarlane's "The Orville" the other night. Its an odd show, kinda best explained as McFarlane's ST:TNG fanfic with a budget & occasional trademark humor. The ep. in question, Ep. 7, "Majority Rule" (SPOILERS) concerned an extraction attempt of a pair of "Federation"-style anthropologists from a planet that was an analogue of 21st century Earth where the legal system was social media-based, people got up or down voted based on their actions & those with excessive downvotes got electronically lobotomized. At one point, when McFarlanes's character expresses frustration at trying to get his crew out, who've been compromised in their mission, he mentions something VERY interesting about how more advanced civilizations need to interact with more primitive ones to avoid societal collapse, sounded like he was quoting a memo from the RAND Corporation. Eps available for free on

    Also see:

    The other thing I wanted to mention was I spotted an orange "orb" object in the sky on my way to work this morning. It was flying at a very high altitude, so couldn't make out any details. It was around 6:30 am, before sunrise, clear sky, constellations still visible. Would have been in the northeast direction, Venus clearly visible nearby. Thought it was a star at first, but then it began slowly moving in a southerly direction, stopped, began slowly moving again, & stopped. & changed color: white-orange-yellow-orange, then remained orange & kept doing the start-stop thing. My view was then obscured by a large passing truck, & after it had gone by, the object had vanished. Yet another morning sighting!

    1. Where do you live? Just wondering if anyone else may have seen it.

  20. 25 light years at speed of light takes 25 years... Get more sleep. You of all people need to keep up the self care.

    The daily hate mail had a literal Oranged Apple ('Pumpkin orange' apple variety) the other day 26th Oct... I wouldn't have known except I was at a group meeting where we were invited to check the recent papers.

    Bake off extra slice, I think it was the week before, had an orange flavoured cake in the shape of a green apple, in a fruitbowl also including an orange shape/colour apple flavour cake.

    *shrugs* Food of the Dead. Cheery.

    Peaches Pomegranates and whathaveyou. We are strange fruits crawling.

    The GLC fidget spinner track is worth a watch.

  21. Sorry to double post... Thought I should mention the recent MM splurge seemed to begin with the Beiber t shirt row.

    Paranoia is a luxury.

  22. It get's to a point where the suspension of disbelief fades on the idea that the scientists involved with naming our celestial discoveries just have a dark sense of humor that stems from being atheist scientists who enjoy a giggle at the expense of the paranoid. "Pan-Starrs" never gave me the second thought that maybe it should have when compared to the on the nose All Sky Automated Survey for SuperNovae (ASASSN) and it's naming convention of found objects.

    Other things to consider in the upcoming week... the November 4th call to oust the Orange one with protests and havoc wreaking will be coinciding with the Army's MARS Program running drills for nationwide EMP blackouts (Nov 4-6.)

    “This exercise will begin with a national massive coronal mass ejection event which will impact the national power grid as well as all forms of traditional communication, including landline telephone, cellphone, satellite, and Internet connectivity,”

    We all know how "coincidences" seem to play out during DOD drills. Hopefully enough people are paying attention that nothing too brazen occurs. (And yes it is important to train for these things) But with relatively recent discoveries of how planetary alignments and sun diving comets effect our sun and CME/Sunspot activity, as well as correlations to hurricane and earthquake activity on earth... hopefully as this new object dives closer to our star it doesn't trigger things we haven't seen on this planet in a long long time.

    It isn't like the average earth inhabitant wouldn't be kept in the loop of info if it was already known and nobody was trying to seize on a good opportunity for order out of chaos...

    1. Today in Dutch newspapers was announced that there will be a drill in Amsterdam with security, police, firebrigade, and military forces and actors. Date is Nov 8th and 9th.
      Locations: A new unfinished metrostation 'Europa' and
      on the Zeeburger Island around the restaurant 'Haddock'.

      Haddock. Well, it rhymes. Maybe someone can come up with some witty limerick or something

      For the Netherlands it's the first time such an exercise is being exercised, on such a scale. I guess everyone is really looking forward to the spectacle! I mean, seriously. There's a continous loud call from each and every denomination for 'more blue on the street' so there!

    2. Interesting the Netherlands national football team wear orange....

  23. been meaning to share this forevers now

    Orange you glad I waited? Blessings CLK ~

    we're all gonna make it through all this just fine :3

  24. Time to get some fresh air and enjoy my weekend. When the basic Drudge headline makes you wonder if he's aware of the syncs, or amplifying by his thesaurus use on the latest controversy...

    "Racist Gesture Mars World Series"

  25. The letter Y = Why. A fork in the road, a juncture. Bifurcation. A dowsing rod.

  26. Hexagram 64 Wei Ji - Fire (orange) over Deep Water (blue). "Before Completion". The last hexagram of the book of changes.

  27. Was having a cup of tea, scrolling through some random magazine, this was linked to:

  28. The shades are usually black but these ones are

    Vivaciously Orangina

  29. Chris, have you started watching 'Stranger Things 2' yet?
    You're gonna love the orange references in the first few episodes.
    One character in the first episode (I think) remarks just how sick he is of seeing orange everywhere and is relieved when he spots a green Jack-O-Lantern in a store selling Halloween stuff, instead of the usual orange ones.

  30. Interstellar. 'Anything that can happen will happen'.

    It's inevitable, guys. We WILL do whatever WE want. THIS is how the world works.

    1. While you are at it could you please help with fixing all those delays on the N and R trains, especially northbound during the weekends because the MTA sure isn't doing much. And could you please tell that deli guy in 57th/7th to bring back those good muffins he used to have and get rid of those bad new ones that taste like sawdust? Lunch break has not been the same since he switched brands.

    2. Sorry, god never talks back. But you can cast your vote. While god keeps doing what god wants

    3. I dont want to talk to anyone, i just want them muffins back.

  31. ..."Switch on the tv we may pick him up on channel two"...

    The most powerful orange man on Earth 'congratulates Chinese president on 'extraordinary elevation'', Xi's been likened to Mao, what a twinning, & the symbols above it all? Yellow stars on a field of red (& behind it the hammer & sickle), hardly invigorating augeries, & what with 'Zambian miners shot by Chinese managers' (the flag of Zambia featues an orange eagle (an African fish eagle)), orange rules the world.

    Oh &:

    'The Universe Should Not Actually Exist, CERN Scientists Discover'

    '"All of our observations find a complete symmetry between matter and antimatter, which is why the universe should not actually exist,"'

    Twins, always trouble.

    1. The hammer & sickle itself was front & centre at CHI-COM-CON (with smoothed rounded emoticon-esque soft edges), yellow like sunglight blessed gold, a ceremonial tool, the highest ceremony of all being the offering of a life to a (beseeched to be (acknowledging)) Higher Power.

      & speaking of symbols, ceremonies & seeking (& masons & absent mothers):

      'Harry Potter's Deathly Hallows symbol origin revealed'

      'The Deathly Hallows symbol from Harry Potter has become a modern icon that shows up everywhere from necklaces to tattoos... But it has a surprising secret origin, as revealed by JK Rowling in the BBC's new documentary Harry Potter: A History of Magic... The writer spoke about drawing a sketch of the character Professor Sprout and watching a film at the same time that her mother died 250 miles away... The film she had been watching was John Huston's 1975 movie The Man Who Would Be King... "The Masonic symbol is very important in that movie," said Rowling. "And it was literally 20 years later that I looked at the sign of the Deathly Hallows and realised how similar they were."... "And I've got a feeling that, on some deep, subconscious level, they are connected. So I feel as though I worked my way back over 20 years to that night, because the Potter series is hugely about loss, and – I've said this before – if my mother hadn't died I think the stories would be utterly different and not what they are."'...


      'Kate's kid-friendly Halloween engagement revealed'

      via 'Hello!' magazine, the logo of which is now a blood orange-esque red, (the pr piece is illustrated with a photo bordered at the bottom by the orangey wood of the 'royal box' whilst top centre a lady's orange scarf hangs down).

      & as it's 'Halloween' (this renaming & repurposing of Samhain the real horror):

      'The awful truth of donating a dead body to “science”'

      'Technically, it’s illegal to sell human tissue in the US. In practice, some deep-pocketed private firms have created a commercial market for cadavers and their parts as robust as that of any other commodity.'

      ...'technically'... 'deep-pocketed'...

      '24 facts you may not know about Amazon founder Jeff Bezos'

      makes hay with his 'rigging an electric alarm to keep his siblings out of his room', 'set up a system that would sound the buzzer', 'He was employee number 11 there... He left after two years... moving on... after another two years', 'He used to ask friends to set him up on blind dates and his only ask would be: "The number-one criterion was that I wanted a woman who could get me out of a Third World prison."', 'His company was not always called Amazon. Bezos named the company “Cadabra” in July 1994 but it was misheard as "cadaver" during a telephone conversation with an attorney. In September, he even considered naming it “Relentless,” but his friends warned it sounded too sinister, so it went online as Amazon a year later. Bezos still owns the domain name “” that redirects to the Amazon homepage.', 'The first book they sold was "Fluid Concepts & Creative Analogies: Computer Models of the Fundamental Mechanisms of Thought" by Douglas R. Hofstadter', 'He coined the term “two-pizza team” to mean that an ideal team includes only that many people who can contently be fed two pizzas.', 'He bought The Washington Post for $250 million in cash in 2013 and wrote in the paper about his intention to try keeping things as usual. He was also one of the first investors in Google in 1998 when he put in $250,000.'...

      The Siren rules humanity, everything is determined by alarms - when to wake up, when to respond to someone getting in contact, reminders of appointments & the days schedule...

    2. Yes 'Matter' and 'Anti-matter' ALWAYS cancel each other out so???
      We 'perceive' only about 5% of our known 'Universe' by our 'senses'; 27% being 'Dark Matter' and the other being 'Dark Energy'.
      We also only use about 10% of our DNA; less than 9% actually.
      So our 'perception' on multiple levels is LIMITED, AND the 'Universe' we exist in is not even supposed to exist?
      Sounds like an elaborate 'program' to me.
      'AI' is the 'Galactic Emperor' I think.
      Our 'Gnostic' seers KNEW this all was 'MAYA'; Illusion run by a flawed 'Creator', and that we were 'Divine SPARKS' trapped within it.
      'TWINS' represent 'DUALISM'.
      But TWO always come from ONE.

    3. Actually, one comes from two. Ask your parents.

    4. Thank your for 'sharing'.
      Brilliant answer.
      I stand corrected.

  32. Photo of Mark Kelly juggling oranges in space. You have to scroll a bit to find it in the article. (If you haven't seen this already.)

  33. You may be aware that Catalonia declared independence yesterday. I'd just like to point out that an awful lot of orange has been seen in the independence material lately.

    Also, check out the Sagrada Familia, famous church in Barcelona. Unlike most churches, it isn't aligned to the cardinal points, but across them - that is, the cardinal points make an X over the arms of the cross that is the church. It has the four usual animals for the evangelists on the positions marking the cardinal points, in different colors - with the lion being orange and the eagle, opposite to it, in blue.

    1. The mainstream media reported today that the World Bank (?) staged a pandemic simulation in Washington DC earlier this month to prepare for a major health crisis that will happen "sooner than we expect".

  34. The Miley Cyrus song ''younger now'' was relased on

    August the 17th and..... oh boy is it creepy and.. ORANGE!!

  35. Miley cyrus music video '' younger now'' was released on

    August the 17th... and boy is it strange.... and ORANGE!!.

    please see it, I am sure there are many other things I have missed.

  36. The 'carrot app' and more..

  37. Since vampirism was mentioned...

    Peter Watts wrote this incredibly clever book 'Blindsight'. It comes with notes and references on his website. In the book is also told how the vampires were resurrected - by experiment, and the paper of the company describing this experiment is also online. I'll post a link since it's hard to find

  38. Yo my dude
    This was released 1 month before 10/01
    ready to shit bricks?

    So, StrangerThings2 - that building is a plus sign, but it's totes Quincin'... gotta say

    if you want a trilogy, and I am 'deadly' serious/sirius about this -

    this weekend or soon while the veils are low - in this order I recommend you watch the following (some are online)

    American Ultra

    Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

    Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me (The Missing Pieces) (NOT the film itself, but the 90 minutes of additional footage)

    If you can watch these three with your current innerstanding of what is gnostically gnockin' around the Halloween Tree, then methinks you'll have a mini Revelation

    just like Garland is reading in Twin Peaks Missing Pieces - dude, I'm just sayin', esp Fear and Loathing - the final 1/3 of the movie - oh... my... G-D. Srsly. Reptile eyes... you almost feel David Icke vomiting...

    oh well, I do want to reiterate - again - I am quite encouraged by the words of so many here - no matter what - we will see this through, I feel it right to say right now to quote Tool - this is some subtextual syncing now however it helps -

    "This may hurt a little but it's something you'll get used to"

  39. Files recently disclosed from JFK assassination reveal many conspiracies are actually true. Yeah Surprise. One interestingly about MKULTRA. Yup all true. Chris, have you looked through the released docs yet? Would love to see the syncs related to this topic, the timing of this release for one, is interesting. Btw, I'm very new to this forum, heard you on THC. Thank you for all your hard work in all that you do here.

  40. This seems creepy!

    Does anyone else see a bondage scene here? Hint: that orange thing at the bottom is not like the others orange "limbs".

  41. Is it a y or a Mercedes Benz

    1. Mercedez won the 'constructors championship' of this years formula 1 season with three races to spare in Texas last weekend but one (their fourth in a row), their 'no. 1' driver lewis hamilton, domiciled for tax purposes in Monaco (just one aspect of his globalist i.d.), won his fourth world championship with two races to go in Mexico yesterday, hamilton's driver number is '44' & Mercedez drivers have won the last four world championships.

    2. (Up until the Summer break Ferrari's No. 1 driver Sebastien Vettel, driver No. 5, seemed set to win his fifth championship (his first four having been won in a row), but the second half of the season turned things Upside Down with all manner of calamity swinging the competition Mercedez way.)

  42. "I am numb
    With the lonely lust of devildom."

    It seems to me that this is the key line in the entire 'hymn to pan'. Here's his problem. And I can assure the "magician" that his methods to solve it do not work. And won't EVER.

  43. "The updated version (of Pascal's Wager) goes under the name of Roko’s Basilisk, and has been described as memetic poison. That is, one look at it might bind you into an irrevocable and involuntary contract. So stop reading here if you are of a theologically nervous disposition…

    The idea is simple. The Basilisk, named after a mythological creature whose stare could kill, is one of those future AI gods, but with a rather traditional godlike vindictiveness. Everyone who knew it might exist, but did not help bring it into existence or indeed opposed it existing, gets resurrected into Digital Hell somewhere in the multiverse. The actual details of what helping or hindering might entail, or the degrees of punishment meted out, are left as an exercise for the uber-rationalists who seriously worry about it (and they do exist). The contract only exists if you both know of the Basilisk contract and believe in it, so ignorance really might be bliss.

    By now we are way out on the fringes of fringe beliefs, but there is still one more massive step to take, and one which leads us a core doctrine of ancient Gnostic Christianity. Let’s go back to digital heaven and the resurrection of the dead."

    Transhumanism -the final religion?

    (and of course the simulation-hypothesis is ridiculous and leads nowhere: now you have to explain the creator of the game, but what if that creator is itself a simulation? you'll have to explain thát, and so on ad infinitum. if there's any dirty game being played it's happenening here right under our noses and the participants are mortals, mortals of the human species that is)

    A KEY phrase appears a the very end of the article:
    "Transhumanism is in one strange theological class of its own, namely, that if it is not true its adherent believe it can be MADE so"
    And this of course is what is at the very root of civilization itself: We WANT it, therefore it WILL be so, AMEN.

    Sick fucks.
    And their Procrustean beds.

  44. What is clear is that the madness is increasing exponentially. Random, senseless violence is seen today as normal. How long can life go on under this conditions?

  45. "In European bestiaries and legends, a basilisk (/ˈbæsɪlɪsk/ or /ˈbæzɪlɪsk/,[1] from the Greek βασιλίσκος basilískos, "little king"; Latin regulus) is a legendary reptile reputed to be King of serpents and said to have the power to cause death with a single glance." (wikipedia)

  46. First:

    This is a 13min video showing Grant Cameron talking about the connection between "none-human entities" and pop music. It did help me with the musical component here.


    If we see the whole thing as a precognitive dream, with a future trauma sparking a massive synchronicity-storm, what would it likely tell us?
    What are possible future traumas we can think of? An asteroid? An atomic bomb? A US west coast fukushima, with a tsunami-quake shaking all the old reactors? A big false flag Mind Kontrol operation?
    What would the symbolisms possibly be like, in contrast to the symbolism laid out in this post series? And concerning the latter, are there pieces that somehow don't fit, given the overall taste of the matter? What would have been more likely to show up instead, and is that difference to the expectable telling us something?

    In this precog-synch scenario the disturbing rituals Chris is speaking of might be a dark carnival component, a manifestation of death drive in the unconscious light of the end (of some/thing).

    1. Homo Sapiens has existed for at least 200.000 years. It's still in its infancy. Civilization began 10.000 years ago, and in that short time it has managed to bring the species on the brink of destruction, extinction. Not to menton countless other species, and the terrible abuse of the planet. Meanwhile we are told that all of this is progress, success, and that to save our asses we must 'become something else'. Never mind that being something else means being not-yourself, which amounts to extinction just as much.

      It's been suicide all along. Self-hate. Hate.
      Humans by nature are not like this at all.
      It's the hate of the few that spread like a cancer taking over the entire globe, thinking it might live on independent of its host, now seeking to take over the universe, and its ambitions never stop... It tells itself it in fact IS what drives the universe, that IT is ts very mind, that IT creates and destroys it all, at WILL.

      I'd say. Grow up. PLEASE.

      We could have had a wonderful life and future, a long and good life, and then die in peace and fully satisfied.

      This madness has to stop. Even if it's too late already to prevent the worst. It has to. Simply because it's wrong. It's not our nature to behave this way. It kills us. And it has made all human lives HELL.

      This entire 'progress' business is one huge lie. It paints the pre-civilized (read: pre-domesticated) humans black, who really were very intelligent people, actively guarding against all this ugly business of inequality, disrespect and enslavement. And it shrewedly never mentions the opportunity costs of its highway to hell, falsely insisting that IT is its own solution. Inevitably, with no way back.

      And people actually buy this crap. Domestication makes you stupid.

    2. It's our amygdala's in overdrive. Our modern "life" is so terrifying, so traumatic, and our amygdala has no sense of time. The brain does not care about the when of things, when it was, is or will be, or even if it is real what it perceives as a threat. And since modern life has deprived us of all our possibilities to take appropriate action all we know to do anymore is faint and fantasize... Using images that have been fed to us by our very tormentors.

    3. I once saw a picture of a recreated (from archeological records) of a Babylonian classroom and it looked almost exactly like one of our times. Rows of seats, teacher's podium... We have been doomed for a long time. Just consider the people most worshipped by our system - Soldiers, Police, Teachers. A trinity, one are the same as the others.


    Is he wearing an orange shirt? Or is that the lighting? My eyes betraying me?
    Nay... it's ORANGE!

  48. Those Trans Humans guy remind me of those wacky Toynbee Tiles that appeared in Nyc in the 80s/90s, their ideas are as far out as the tiles that read -"Toynbee's idea in Kubrick's 2001, resurrect the dead in planet Jupiter". Yes, there are lots of "fringes of fringes" out there. Pretty soon someone is going to get hurt by them.

  49. "O-pheli- A----- O-ph-l-A----Original Fallen Angel"


  50. Once upon a time the Big Apple was the New Orange.
    New York City was renamed New Orange in 1673 when the Dutch had briefly recaptured the city.
    History adds charm to an enchantment.

    It seems that Lillith has escaped!
    Rarely comment but follow your blog.

  52. What is clear is that those messing with our minds have as their ultimate goal to have us become as evil as they are themselves. They want us to believe that the way they see and do things is the only way to be. That is why every time someone does something against their way of doing things they get so upset. Like when they threaten anyone who wants to help homeless people with jail, as it happens more often recently. They actually do not care about the actual acts, what they are against is what is behind the positive actions. Any way of seeing the world that is not their way and goes against their evil way of running things is to be destroyed. What they want most than anything is for only selfishness and greed to remain. Just witness the current cult of Ayn Rand.

  53. New from Gucci.

    "Future." Chinese dragon on the collar. Blue planet with ring pattern terminating in red, beaming the seven rays of its power onto:
    1)Orange Daylily? False. This is a true lily, possibly Asiatic, possibly a tiger lily.* But the anthers aren't quite right- it has a single anther, while all lilies have six anthers, six petals. One six made to one, combined with the other: seven.
    2)Milk snake? False. Note the snake's coloration pattern. At first glance, a harmless milk snake. But look again and you see red on white, with a black center stripe in each band- the coral snake, feigning its harmless cousin. Red against black, venom lack, red against yellow, kill a fellow. Most corals are red on yellow, some red on white.
    3)Roman numerals? False. Looks more like the codified binary brother Christopher has mentioned. Ten, ten and seven- somebody break this down for us cud-chewers who can't do maths good. Additionally, the fifth and tenth houses with a transiting Saturn present result in loss of intelligence and money or of wealth and respect.
    4)That planet: Mercury? Depends on the interpretation. Saturn is the ruling planet of the fifth chakra, or Vishuddhi. Visha is impurity or poison, suddhi for purification. Purifying the throat, Lord Shiva purifying the earth by swallowing the poison of the world serpent. Mercury seems tangentially related.

    *Other designs in this line: 'Blind for Love' and a howling tiger.

    Aqib: 'subsequent, following, final.' Nickname for the Prophet Muhammad.
    Talib: 'knowledge seeker.'

    Ascendant Asian powers- venom concealed, flower of six and one concealed. The woke Taliban. The throat chakra, the bad houses. Saturn, the planet who tests. Geo-political chess map for... Them?

    "Semiotics is in principle the discipline studying everything which can be used in order to lie." -Umberto Eco

  54. Hey look!

    How telling, the "Boring Company".

    "In March 2017, Musk announced that sometime in April the company will start using a tunnel boring machine (TBM) to begin digging a usable tunnel at SpaceX.[8] At the end of April 2017, a TBM was seen at SpaceX with the company's name on the side.[9] The TBM was revealed to be named "Godot" in May 2017, after the Beckett play Waiting for Godot. Future TBMs will be named after poems, plays, poets, and playwrights."

    Of course. Godot.

    He'll never come.

    1. Oct 30 1939- Orson Welles directs the radio play The War of the Worlds, bringing the idea of ET life into the mainstream.

    2. And in addition to the 'boring company" post...

      Being 'social' is in now way a solution to the anti-social problem. They're just two sides of the same poisonous coin.
      But I wouldn't know how to fit the explanation going with that statement into a small post.. Or I would have.

      Frustrating as it is.

    3. More:

      "For instance, writing on this blog and discussing antisocial-spectrum features with my readers keeps me occupied, but occupation is not the same as being content with one’s state of being. I am still bored."

      And these are the types who 'create' our world, keeping us all occupied.

      Like god in genesis who supposedly 'created cattle'. Out of thin air.

      Aristotle with his 'natural slavery'.

      Yes, that's YOU hanging from those hooks, that's YOU going round in that milk circle..

      And who btw is operating those machines? Who's the machine itself?

      And don't pity the evil bastards, thát "makes their blood boil"... We should "Have mercy for the prey; the predator wants no such thing."

      See that? Prey-predator. They simply cannot conceive of anything outside that dichotomy, outside that frame. So, they claim.

      Well, they're lying.

    4. Social and Antisocial (bitesized, i.e. made meaningless, if you didn't know better - you gotta do the work yourself)



  55. How it is possible in this media saturated times to drill a tunnel in the middle of Los Angeles in secret? They had to be working for months and now it only goes public because Musk announces it. Makes you wonder what else may be going on under our feet without realizing it.

    1. soon everyone can literally pass through the dark folds of his concretisized (if that's a word) gigantic underground GI tract - and no one will smell a rat

  56. A sync piece I wrote after Fats Domino's death noted his song "Blueberry Hill" as heard in "12 Monkeys." Bruce Willis (who dressed as one of The Shining's "Grady Twins" for Halloween (!?!?) this year says: "I love the music of the 20th century" as "Blueberry Hill" plays on the car radio. Interestingly, Louis Armstrong's version of "Blueberry Hill" plays on a stereo early on in "The Man Who Fell to Earth" as well. Both films have apocalyptic themes, time/space travelers trying to survive in a more "normal" place but knowing it's all futile. As an aside, when news of Fats Domino's death hit, I was at an Afghan Whigs show in Dallas and Greg Dulli played a bit of "Walkin' to New Orleans" as well as all of Jeff Buckley's "Last Goodbye." It was very, very weird.

  57. so...if i understand where you are going. don't bet on the astros?

  58. Peak Twins

    Twins Peak

    Twin SPeak

    Don S. Davis played the role of 'Reverend Rose' in 'Needful Things'.


    '’ve got to hand it to a sex toy company willing to take the time to recreate Stranger Things’ spooky atmosphere in hopes of possibly convincing you to buy a demogorgon penis.'

    ...'you've got to'...

    The same author also posted:


    'Ghostwatch: BBC Halloween spoof that 'gave children PTSD' turns 25'

    'Billed as a spoof, Ghostwatch still duped thousands with its fake investigation into paranormal activity, and in one case led to the suicide of a teenage boy... On Halloween in 1992, when Saturday night TV was at a peak, Ghostwatch managed to be the most-talked about show of the night... Five days after the show aired, 18-year-old Martin Denham, who had learning difficulties, took his own life... His parents said he had been "hypnotised and obsessed" with the programme and was convinced their own home had ghosts... The BSC found that the BBC "had a duty to do more than simply hint at the deception it was practising on the audience. In Ghostwatch there was a deliberate attempt to cultivate a sense of menace."... A 1994 study in the British Medical Journal later reported several cases of post-traumatic stress in children who had watched the programme... "It was a simple ghost story based on a fairly ordinary premise that there's a show on television and things start to go wrong," he said. "It was only when I saw it back that I realised it had a certain kind of power."'

    & all whilst savile & the rest were left free to abuse.

  59. Music and "Symbolism" for the Sheeple...Video Release Date : September 28 2017 from New Album title : Red Pill Blues "Maroon 5 What Lovers Do ft SZA" Maroon 5 playing special NYE Concerts at Mandalay Bay Las Vegas Resort on December 30 and 31 2017

  60. Hey Chris any thoughts on what Tom Delonge reveales at the Joe Rogan podcast,

    there seems to be a lot of movement on the topic with very high level support from securitization network.

    I have been looking into it and so far i am completly lost on the subject, cameron grant believs an alternative motive.

    What I found very interesting however is tom calling ufo's Unidentified Aerial Threats.??

  61. Well, recruiting youth to defend the homeland has a well-proven track record. And some of this almost has to be at least in part a recruitment drive for the first manned suicide missions into deeper space. It will be interesting to note the types of psychological profiles our new space CEOs are looking for.

  62. It seems part of this almost has to be about recruiting our first travelers for manned suicide missions into deep space. Considering how the appeals to adventure and patriotism work so well on youth already, we can be pretty sure that will repeat in a new way soon.

  63. In hebrew a 'pan' is half a face.. Face is plural: panim

    'Man' is a two face?

    But then there's also 'partzuf', a word borrowed from the Greek 'proposon'....

  64. Overheard in a shop this afternoon
    "Facial recognition on doesn't understand human facial expressions...sometimes it thinks I'm forty-five, sometimes it thinks I'm fifteen...Facial recognition doesn't work...No-one wants it...It won't last"
    And, no, it won't.
    Which still leaves a few more panopti-con-tricks to worry about.