Friday, October 27, 2017

Orange You Waiting for the Fallen Vegas to Return?

Well, timing is everything. Six days before Heaven Upside Down or Las Vegas exploded into the world's conscious a new comet was spotted entering the Solar System. 

An historical first, or so I'm told. 

Three guesses where it's from. 

IT was first seen just a month ago.

A tiny blip of light was seen to be moving through the sky by the PanSTARRS1 telescope in Hawaii.

The number-crunching which followed was automatic.

The results were unusual.

This object is in an odd position. It’s moving very fast.

And it’s in what appears to be a somewhat extreme orbit.
Extreme enough not to actually be an orbit, in fact.


For a reason I couldn't fathom. the good folks at PAN-STARRS decided it had to have come from Vega, which would have taken the object I.7 million years to get here.

If in the offhand chance it was traveling at the speed of light.

But Pan? Vegas? Why does this all sound so familiar?

I can't quite put my finger on it.

Maybe it's on account of Jack Parsons, who used to recite Crowley's "Hymn to Pan" before every rocket launch. 

Who called himself "Antichrist."

Whose OTO grotto was located on Orange Avenue.

But don't worry- it's not as if that kind of OCD ritualism is still being practiced within NASA... 

....and the other space programs.

Like "The Eagle Has Landed," or anything blatant like that. 

Fuck, NASA- enough already. 

And Lyra -- Apollo's Harp --is deeply connected to everything we've been wresting with for the past several months.

Like Chris Cornell's death.

And Chester Bennington's.

The Fox and the Geese are also connected to all this madness. Read this:
The brightest star in Vulpecula is Alpha Vulpeculae, a magnitude 4.44m red giantat a distance of 297 light-years. The star is an optical binary (separation of 413.7") that can be split using binoculars. 
The star also carries the traditional name Anser, which refers to the goose the little fox holds in its jaws.

The Summer Triangle, formed by Vega, Deneb (in Cygnus, the swan) and Altair, aka the "Flying Eagle." 

And which the Fox is in the middle of.

And of course, the Swan.

OK; so you know about the September 23 alignment already. What does Hydra have to do with the Fallen Vegas?

Hail Hydra.

So what does Orange have to do with Fallen Vegas?

And there we go.

And the heart of the Hydra- the Red Dragon- aligns with the Heart of the Lion.

But what connection does Cancer have to all of this?

Heaven or Las Vegas. Yet again.

So yeah. Orange and Fallen Vegas. It's a thing. 

Like our Orange Astronaut, the Pollux of the Twin Vegas.

Pollux being Orange. Of course.

Like The Vega Who Fell to Earth.

Some subtle encoding there.

And here, for that matter.

Makes you wonder: is this 'Vegan' thing softening us up for guests?

If so, it started a long time ago.

 Perhaps that's short for Vegas in Action.

Speaking of Falling Vegas, that guy looks vaguely familiar.

Getting warmer...

...maybe we need to punch up the Orange. Like, all the fucking way.

An "Orange Risen Vega." Subtle.

Orange now comes in fresh, new Orwellian Orange. Plus, 33.

Rising Vegas offer a lot of benefits.

Or not.

Note the bird/butterfly taking flight. 

Plus. more Orange!

Don't mess with Orange, Superman. Plus, 33.

And another Oranged Apple.

 O-pheli- A----- O-ph-l-A----Original Fallen Angel

Who, of course, drowns (thanks to Reader Stef for reminder).

I have been wondering why Jack "Antichrist" Parsons is in the news of late.


And boy, there's been a ton of Marilyn Manson....

... and related stories in the news lately, too. Huh.

What's that about?

And do we need to be bombarded with this story everywhere you look?

Did this need to be a story at all, for that matter? Maybe Manson needed a fresh coat of Pumpkin Orange.

You have to wonder, maybe someone's trying to get us thinking about a different Guardians of the Galaxy.

You know, there's a reason why we're seeing all these insane rituals like Gotthard Tunnel and all the rest.  It's because they work. They wouldn't keep doing them if they didn't. And it seems the more audacious they become, the more effective they are. 

Buckle up.