Sunday, November 19, 2017

Signs and Portents: Lil Peep Swims to the Siren

Well, here we go again. 

Emo rapper Lil Peep-- a rising talent in a genre I had no idea actually existed-- is dead of an OD. He was found on his tour bus, which was parked in the lot of The Rock nightclub in Tucson, Arizona.

Regular readers can probably guess where this is going already...

Lil Peep's death was a major story in the mainstream news, which is kind of depressing for those of us who had never heard of the guy before.

I was oblivious to Lil Peep until Greg Carlwood clued me in on his death. In true Siren fashion he did so while I was contemplating putting the whole issue to rest and moving on.  

No such luck. The Siren's just getting started. Look upon her works and despair.

And there are messages we still need to discuss that are infinitely more important than a handful of dead rock stars. Which I'm starting to believe is the actual point of all of this death and madness. If not the point then the silver lining.

I checked out some of Lil Peep's videos; Emo rap sounds very 90s. In fact, Lil Peep claimed he wanted to be the Kurt Cobain of the genre. Looks like he got his wish. Just not in the way he probably hoped for, unfortunately.

Peep-- like so many gifted musicians-- struggled with depression and substance abuse but was reportedly was in good spirits at the time of his death. Which is often the way these things seem to go, sadly.

His name is derived from the old nursery rhyme about the unfortunate shepherd girl. 

Yeah, you know exactly where this is all going by now.

There are a number of variations on the rhyme but they all deal with Bo Peep losing her flock and being unable to find them. It's actually a bit dark. All the more so given that the term Bo Peep originally referred to being pilloried, or tied to a post for public humiliation.

But you know me-- my antennae began oscillating when I heard a young man who gave himself the name of a young shepherd died at too young an age.

All the more so when I saw the title of his new album....

... which called this song to mind. And especially when I remembered this was the song playing in the 2002 BBC documentary on Jeff Buckley as Our Lady, Queen of Oracles finally revealed the truth of their love affair.

I got a faint whiff of this ill-starred album as well, which were recordings made in Memphis before Buckley's death.

Smelling Synchromystic blood in the water I started hunting for connections. And this was the first thing that came up-- the resplendent "Ivo," leadoff track on the immortal Treasure.

What's the connection? Well, the first thing that came to mind was the fact that Ivo's original title was "Peep Bo." What was the second thing that came to mind?

That was the second thing.

I got to work on the lyrics for "Ivo," using the online fan stuff for reference. The verses- repeating over and over, of course-- looked pretty accurate. And in true, time-tested Oracular style we get an obtuse view of this week's story.

Peep-Bo, Peach blow, Pandora, Pompadour
Pale leaf, Pea sweet

I remembered that the Spirits don't speak proper English, so the bookending of Peep-Bo and the Queen of the Dead caught my eye.  

I did my own translation of the chorus, remembering that Fraser often hid meaning by stretching pronunciation and switching out consonants. I'm pretty confident- though not entirely certain-- the chorus goes like this:

Nero Ido - Peep Peep Bo Peep Peep
Bit Animal 
He don’t dare, our Ido - Peep Peep Bo Peep Peep  
Part Animal - Peep Peep

So this is yet another example of a Fraser lyric fans think is fluffy and charming but is actually rather salty. And the "part animal" line fits right into the current transgenic theme.

As does Nero. From wiki:
The Sibylline Oracles, Book 5 and 8, written in the 2nd century, speak of Nero returning and bringing destruction. Within Christian communities, these writings, along with others, fueled the belief that Nero would return as the Antichrist.
So we seem to have Pandora (who brought evil into the world), Lady Pompadour (mistress of the last King of France before the Masonic revolution), Persephone (Queen of Hell and curses) and Nero, the Antichrist. 

Not quite as fluffy as it sounds, is it?

The "Ido" might seem a bit random, but considering this is the beginning of what some critics called Fraser's "Esperanto Era"-- when she began using a foreign-language variation on the Burroughs-Bowie "cut-up method"-- I believe the exceptionally-literate singer is referring to this....

Esperanto is/was an attempt to construct a new Global language, which brings us back to Babylon. As it happens English seems to be taking the lead in that race, with the new Babylon, the "Town of the Gods" -- commonly shortened to "London"-- its nerve center.

UPDATE: Then there's the bridge at the 1:56 mark. I'm not entirely sure but it sounds like she's singing, "Three die now/Three go/Through our body."

UPDATE: An eagle-eyed reader informs us that Lil Peep attended Lido (L'Ido?) Beach High School.

And the next song after "Ivo" is "Lorelei," in which the Water Witch of the Rhine beckons her lovers with... 

We're covered by the sacred fire
When you come to me 
You come to me broke 

Without a doubt.

Since I especially like firsts when rounding up signifiers, I'll remind you that "Ivo aka Peep-Bo" is the first song of the first side of an album released on November 1st...

... November 1st being Lil Peep's birthday.

November 1 is also the catalog release date for these two EPs, whose songs are all based on butterfly symbolism, including the Monarch butterfly. We'll be looking at Fraser's butterfly symbolism again shortly. It's kind of unsettling.

November 1 is also the catalog release date for Lullabies, which includes "Alas Dies Laughing," an all-purpose death omen. 

Treasure's cover uses the same image as Lullabies, based on another death omen:
Calla lilies have become a common favorite in wedding ceremonies, but in contrast, lilies are also associated with death. They were often used on the graves of youths who suffered an untimely death. 

When Venus, goddess of love, beauty, and desire, saw the lilies she was jealous of their beauty. She cursed their beauty by placing a large yellow pistil in the middle of the flowers. Because of this story, some associate the calla lily with Venus and thus with lust and sexuality. 

Remember that Treasure --which led to accusations that Fraser was "playing with witchcraft and subverting the nation's airwaves with subliminal sorcery" -- also plays into Heath Ledger's swim to the Siren.

I noticed that Lil Peep did a collaboration with rapper Antwon...

... yeah. There it is.

And just as we saw with Jeff Buckley, Chris Cornell, Chester Bennington, Heath Ledger and Chi Cheng, the Siren seems to have signed her work in the usual manner: with the surname of her favorite channel north of the place of death. N/NW in this case (as with Bennington and Cheng).

It also occurred to me that the Siren has claimed a singer from each of the decades following from which she was first invoked. Starting with Tim Buckley, we have Chris Cornell (who burst onto the scene in the 80s), Jeff Buckley (90s), Chester Bennington (00s) and now Lil Peep of the Twenty-Teens.

Seriously-- stay away from the Siren. Especially if you're a musician. The Siren is a demon

The Cocteau Twins played "Song to the Siren" onstage a few times in late '83 and then dropped it from their set for good (they did do a version on French radio in 1996). Elizabeth Fraser seemed to believe the song caused them a lot of grief and she refused to talk about it when the Guardian and the Financial Times did articles on it a few years back.

Ivo Watts-Russell-- the record company boss for whom this song is named-- chose "Song to the Siren" for Fraser to sing.

I've come to see all the madness we've been trying to sort through as evidence of very sophisticated and powerful star magic, and in that light I am seeing the transformation of the Siren archetype from Sky Goddess to Mermaid as an occult conjoining of Virgo with Hydra's tail. 

This seemed to have some ritual significance to the ancient Syrians, hence the metamorphosis of Atargatis.

Bear all this in mind, because the very same day Lil Peep heard the Siren's call, this story circulated on all the major media outlets:

What's the significance of the timing?

Ross 128 is in the constellation of Virgo.

And as sheer happenstance seems to demand, we also this story that same day on SpaceSex's and Not-Actually-a-Space-Agency's next "Dragon Mission." 

So here we are back in Revelation 12, moving forward from the Virgo-Leo alignment. 

I believe the much-hyped September 23rd alignment of Beauty and the Beast--or the Cocteau Twins, if you prefer-- was in fact a go-signal for the Manufactured Apocalypse. Do note that it seems to have kicked off the ensuing rollout of all the horrors that our technological witch-doctors have been toiling over the past century- AI, Transgenics, bioweaponry and so on and so forth. 

There's much, much more to come.

Such as the Armageddon War that President Jupiter traveled to the Gulf to strategize. He stopped at the new Louvre in Abu Dhabi for a photo-op with the Dragon. Note the Transgenic chimera there which looks uncannily like the original Sirens.

The Dragon and the Siren? Surely an unintentional alignment there.

The Abu Dhabi Louvre is a Dome, which is a nice counterpart to the Paris Louvre Pyramid that Macron posed in front of during his victory speech.

And because the Spirits also have a wicked sense of humor, the Trump Administration lifted a ban on the import of elephant head trophies until a firestorm of protest forced a restoration. I'll let you very smart folks work out the equations on that one.

November 15th also saw the announcement of Mermaid's Tears Vodka (the Siren crying for her latest trophy?) . Just because the Never-Ending Ritual is pervasive and totalizing.

Which is why the City Seal of Lil Peep's hometown features Poseidon and the Siren and an obelisk.

Which reminds me- Starbucks once released a Bo Peep teddy bear for some tenuous reason or another.

And if this isn't a portent, I don't know what is: seahorses --symbolic chimeras-- have been discovered in Thames River-- aka the Isis. Specifically in Greenwich, where time begins. 

And where Our Lady of Oracles, Queen of Sibyls, was hired by the British Government to herald the return of the Sons of God and give ritual birth to the Mighty Men That Were of Old, the Men of Renown. 999 times throughout the entirety of the Year 2000. 

Or should I say Our Lady was hired to herald the return of the Pearly Dew-Drops

Six of one...


  1. In connection with the numerology of 33, the album Treasure was released 33 years ago this month.

    1. Oh yes indeed. That's been on my mind quite a bit.

    2. Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness, which contains the track "33", was released 22 years ago last month.

    3. Lil peep gym class. 130. I'm a priest in the underworld guess who.

  2. The cultist has completely lost the will and ability to truly communicate.
    When talking to a cultist you're never really talking with a human being, but only ever to something behind them.
    Cultists cannot see reality as it is. They only ever look through the ideologisch glasses and incorporate everything into their model.
    Cultists are literally possessed, and their possesssion to them is the only reality, they have eradicated themselves and do the same to everything they encounter.
    To cultists everything really points to something else, is a a mere symbol of that other thing that to them is the only "real" thing, everything has to mean something, something ELSE
    Cultists have changed the meaning of everything, even the very meaning of ' meaning'
    It is impossible for them to truly relate, connect, perceive, experience, feel, think...
    They are the most pityful creatures, but to show them any mercy or even goodwill would be the stupidest mistake one could make.

    1. Unfortunately, cultists have not only changed the meaning of meaning, they control everything you see or do. Thy read your email, track your purchases, record your phone calls, watch you as you go to and fro. Do you really think they care if you show them any mercy or goodwill?

      I hate to break the news but the cultists won the zero sum game.

    2. And now the cult is getting ready to become a church. Attendance will not only be mandatory, but inescapable.

    3. Which is why everyone should stop "using their services". Withdraw.

      Talk to the hand is the only proper answer to the cultists.

      So, talk to the hand!

    4. I wish it were that simple, my friend. I truly do. But stop using their services means "becoming silent and voiceless." That's what they want, which is why we see these endlessly-expanding definitions of "hate speech" and "harassment" swarming like bottle flies on shit. I'd say it's Orwellian but it's really all drawn from Goebbels. With a dash of Pol Pot for seasoning.

    5. Yeah "if you leave the cult very bad things will happen to you" hell and damnation
      Uh huh.


    6. The truth is: as long as you are IN the system you are its active agent and part of the agressor. The enemy of everyone else and of all life.
      You didn't have the choice when you were forced to be part of it, but as long as you choose to stay it is YOU who are culpable.


      We are not 'friends'. But enemies.
      There is no friendship in the system. And no friendship between those inside and outside it.

      And none of the problems in the world are a bug of the system, of the 'world'. . They are all a feature of it. The "world" IS the problem. And it is not even real. It is entirely imaginairy, though made 'concrete'. All extremely violent and ugly, and lifeless.

      So really, talk to the hand man.

    7. And yet, here you are posting on the internet. So you are inside it as well.

    8. That's true Gus. I very much include myself in my criticism. And it bothers me a great deal. I cannot put in words how very much.
      Freeing oneself is not easy. It takes a great deal of effort. I have had my mysticism phase too, till 30 something or so. Then i realized that real research and thinking was needed and took some 10 to 15 years doing so.
      So now I have freed my mind (by true ecucation) and have changed many things in my life as well. But to be really free and and integer more drastic steps must be taken. And the system makes that next to impossible as everyone knows, and will always respond with violence. But I am looking for a way.. or ways.. Freeing the body is the hardest but it can only sensibly be done when you've first done the hard work of freeing the mind

      but think about it Gus, the very fact that you question my integrity because I am talking about this on the net... that really proves my point, doesn't it?

      Bye everyone!

  3. Read - The Sea Priestess by Dion Fortune.

    Human sacrifices given to the sea were always tied to a post while the tide took the offering.

    Lil Peep attended Long *Beach* High School in Lido *Beach*, New York.

    When Lil Peep was *17*, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in music.

    Lil Peep died at the start of the 3 day waning Moon period where black magic is cast.


    'Many of those songs were recorded in his bedroom when he was living on Los Angeles’s Skid Row. The months of making that music were... an “absolute blur,” a stretch when he took to the microphone “when I was high enough to hear something and get inspired.” When he toured earlier this year, he recreated that bedroom on stage, using the actual mattress.'

    '“They tell me that it saved their lives,” he said, describing what his fans told him about his music. “They say that I stopped them from committing suicide, which is a beautiful thing.” ... “It’s great for me to hear,” he continued. “It helps. It boosts me, because music saved my life as well.”'

    'Peep' sure looked 'super happy' with his life, the emo-tatted 'soy boy' look is an inverted 'turn that frown upside down' though, maybe choose something else to aspire toward rather than the pop-okullted nihilism of the dead grunger in chief next life if you can - if you can.

    The day before his death 'Little Mix' ((winners of 'The X-Factor' 2011 here on this island) & a little goes a long way, especially that which cankers, corrupts & ruins) singer/dancer/clothes whorse 'Perrie Edwards' debuted '`Mermaid' Pink Hair On Instagram', the accompanying snap included a juggled text of 'MERMAID' in a spectrum of colours above her head & portrays 'Edwards' with that obscene Mix of slapped on 'warpaint' & lighting effect so popular as a sign o' these times, she resembles a pantomime dame/contestant on 'Ru Paul's Drag Race', a truly inhuman parody-splice (celebrated as ideal):

    'In August 2016 she went for a bolder hue - which her caption suggests made her feel like a unicorn... And way back in 2013, she rocked a two tone look.'

    September 23rd:

    'Perrie Edwards taken to hospital'

    'Perrie Edwards was rushed to hospital on Saturday (23.09.17)... The 'Black Magic' singer was forced to miss Little Mix's performance at the Daytime Village 2017 Capital One event in Las Vegas after falling ill with a "gastric problem"' ... 'Meanwhile, Perrie recently insisted she is "really happy" for her boyfriend...'

    ('Edwards' apparently had surgery as a child: '‘When I was little, my oesophagus was too small, so I had to get it operated on to help me eat properly,’ Perrie has confessed. ‘I had to have lots of operations, so that’s why I don’t want to show it.’', 'Black Magic' was the lead single from the 'Get Weird' album, their debut album was titled 'DNA'.)

    & once she was all recovered from 'Las Vegas':

    ''Slay, Queen' - Little Mix star Perrie Edwards stuns in racy PVC outfit after health scare'

    because nothing says 'I'm all better now' better than more 'slay queen' clothes-whoring (in a two-tone ensemble no less).

    Back in 2016:


    The party she attended in this get-up (including vacant stare) was held opposite the 'Las Vegas' amusement arcade in Soho, London, she was led in & out of the bash by a backup dancer in a two-tone disguise.

    Some Oddity orbits 'Edwards', & in so doing orbits her followers.

    1. She barely looks human. It's astonishing how dehumanization is becoming more and more fashionable. It all looks so cold and joyless. Thank you for the info, K.

  5. Soundcloud rap is fucking terrible. Its all style and no substance. This guy didnt even know what emo or goth is he just appropriated those names to market himself.

    This guy was a dime a dozen, every few weeks a new "lil" guy appears with dyed dreadlocks mumbling under auto tune about lean and xanax

    Im pretty young so i have noticed the shift. Music scene use to be local, you would get grunge in Seattle, or hair metal from the sunset strip, stuff like that.

    In recent times music scene have been starting to form online. Its a weird time. People can just buy music software, a midi keyboard, get a cool look, and gain an online following.

    A few years ago there was this trend called "micro genre" every few months we were inventing new bullshit music genres.
    Vaporwave, witch house, ocean grunge, sea punk, chill wave.
    The olds were saying music was dead. Well, young people dont listen to the radio or watch MTV anymore grandpa.
    The micro genre that lasted the longest was vaporwave, i would say 2011 to 2015 was prime vaporwave years.

    But get this, it was all happening online, not in real life.

    Musically i saw a tweet once describing vaporwave thus

    "vaporwave is a form of worldbuilding, which should always feel like drowning in a mall (fountain or otherwise)"

    The idea of aesthetic is very important to micro genres.

    vaporwave: corporate elevator music, city pop, 80's popmusic, slowed down, mall music, slowed down, cyberpunk, hauntolgy, anime, Japaneses letters, western art sculptures, 90's internet. music made on the internet, bright hazy colors, music that sounds like you are face down in a water fountain at the mall in the 80's

    This was one of the biggest hits at the time, it was obscure, seems to have gotten millions of views since then. It blows my mind that this made up bullshit genre people on the net were just fucking around with has 34 million views. And its basically just slowed down diana ross music.

    1. Right on, Kim. It's amazing how little real interest kids today have in music. Everything is too easy, too available. Value is determined by scarcity, so nothing today has any real value. Things are moving so fast- we went from the curator mentality of the early millennials to the who gives a fuck, mix/match/dispose mentality of the mind-damaged late millennials. Moreover they're all brainwashed by the Plutocrat-dominated and dictated edu-indoctrination system to hate their own culture and pretend to appreciate cultures that they secretly loathe and fear as much as their teachers and professors secretly do. It's a massive mindfuck that has no historical precedent. Is it any wonder so many resemble Eloi dressed as volcano girls for Morlock sacrificial holidays?

    2. When I was a teen I had to take 3 buses, about 2 hours each way, to get to the area with good record stores. I did it every 2-3 months for years. I still have some of those lps 40 years later. Now I can listen to almost any kind of music on youtube for free! Back then must of the records I brought were cut outs, el cheapo... But I treasured them like gold. Things sure have changed.

    3. It's even worse, sometimes it seems like they loathe EVERY culture, that they do not like much of anything outside their self. And to think people called the 70s the Me Decade! Oh boy.

    4. I'm pretty sure a lot of what we're seeing now traces back to the 70s and it's up to us to suss it out. For starters we went from "I am woman, hear me roar" to a neat unnoticed switcharoo to "well, you can be a man now if you want." As in "we don't really care much for woman but you're free to compete with men now on their traditional turf". Which also was a nice way to crash the labor market as one cynical female friend pointed out.

      Liberation became another economic weapon. Lots happened in the 70s yet it's stamped with Nixon and historians overlook everything else, as if the decade was erased like one of his white house tapes.

    5. Sea punk? Lmfao. Is that like sea shanties played at high speed?

    6. Anon i was actually recently reading about something called "the 40 year rule" which means whatever took place 40 years ago gets played out nostalgically in pop culture. And 40 years ago was....the 70's.

      Which would explain a rap genre that is very punk rock in nature, or the killers releasing a disco song, and arcade fire trying to be ABBA.

      Although in my research i also found a 20 year rule and a 30 year rule. So predicting trends seems pretty stupid.

      Also i still look around everywhere and there is 80's nostalgia up the whazzo. stuff like stranger things.

      According to the 40 year rule 80's nostalgia shouldnt start till the 2020's...

      Personally if we were obsessed with the 70's i wish this decade would have had more art house films instead of shitty comic book movies and remakes.

    7. vaporwave was a manifestation of millennials having nostalgia for a time they never experienced based off of movies, shows, anime, music, and even the internet from that time period.

      seapunk was very short lived, it was more an embrace of 90's raver culture and music, but also the fashion was more important, they mostly dressed like the lost never existed punk raver dregs of Atlantis and posted pic of themselves on tumbler. It died the second a rapper named azealia banks appropriated the look for a performance on Saturday night live

    8. there was also witchouse which combined goth, southern hop hop, industrial, and occult imagery. The unique thing about witchhouse was the bands didnt use letters for their names, they used symbols. so like a band name would just be a picture of crosses lol. The idea was that it would make the band harder to find in search engines and make them more mysterious like in a pre internet age.

      all of this was occurring online in various social media and hip music discussion forums and outlets that allowed music uploading.

      Personally i think people will retroactively look back at the micro genre trend as the only unique thing from this terrible decade.

  6. And Angus Young dies in ELIZABETH BAY...

    1. Sorry Angus, i meant Malcolm 😩

    2. Yeah. It's really upsetting to see so many of the icons of my youth succumb to old age rather than misadventure.

  7. "...Half a dozen of the other". Yesterday also marked the date of death of Malcolm Young, guitarist and founding member of AC/DC. He was 64 years old. So maybe some showbiz twinnig there. "Ido" also means gone in Spanish, a word used when a man is out of his mind. The female form is "Ida". Interesting fact- The second feature film ever made completely in Esperanto is a horror movie titled Incubus (1965) starring... Wiliam Shatner.

    1. Of course- Leslie Stevens. We have to sneak him in somewhere! Esperanto and death curses. Plus, Big Sur. Cheers, Anony.

  8. A picture of the statue monument in Benin Africa called, "The Tree of Forgetfulness" popped up in my Facebook feed today.

    I know that statue is stated to be a specific entity either Yemoya or possibly Mami Wata in African Tradition Religious Cosmology. However, they fact they choosing a mermaid/siren image to mark the horrific enslavement of humans can be read many different ways.

    It's apropos to your ongoing exploration of the siren narrative. Also note the sirens call represented by the horn.

  9. Everyone is listening to taylor swift while you are listening to Japanese city pop from the 80's and you found this guy with face tattoos on youtube who films his music videos with a VHS camcorder. And you found the most amazing music you ever heard and its only got 10 plays and 4 followers on soundcloud.

    A lot has changed.

    Have you heard of king krule, he mixes jazz, punk, rap, trip hop, and he looks like ron weaslyes even more lower class brother that will knock you in the gabber. I think you might like him.

    1. Wow- he reminds me of a young Joe Strummer. Quite a lot actually. 101ers era Strummer. Thanks for that.

    2. Wait. Aren't you going to going to claim that Strummer, etc "hate their own culture and pretend to appreciate cultures that they secretly loathe and fear" rofl. I agree with you that much current music is cold and mechanical sounding but that bit about kids and culture is plain BS. Kids have always sought out what was unfamiliar. Many of them like what they find.

    3. The contrast to the last sentence about kids seeking and finding the unfamiliar is true to a point. Many kids nowadays also have an affection for what their parents played around the house, as music became less of a generational barrier. It's kind of interesting to note the artists who have inter-generational appeal and those who don't. The Beatles, of course, are way up there (and perhaps a clue to their allegedly manufactured origin) and Neil Young earned a new batch of fans with Pearl Jam. Lou Reed and the whole VU scene seems to fascinate over and over, and ska and punk always have revival every decade or so.

      The silly and simple Ramones are loved still by many young people (even those into EDM, from personal experience). Having played in a band with a catalogue going from the 50s to the present, I was amazed at the kids who would get all mushy or hyped at the romantic Motown and other R&B oldies. It's interesting to contemplate who has staying power and why. Talk about the "long tail"...

    4. To add a missing point regarding intergenerational musical connections I should have mentioned sampling, when old rock and other riffs were recycled into new(er) hip-hop, etc. This "fusionist" approach may also be tied to the transhumanism/AI angles. In other words, the "long tail" may be a good or bad thing. Hope won't just become a database of proven riffs for artificial stupidity to manipulate.

    5. As the son of two music lovers and record collectors (one also a musician), our 12-year-old loves electronica from the nineties, most classical and claims his favorite band is the Grateful Dead because of the jams.

      No unattended YouTube watching in our household and a Waldorf education might account for his taste but he's not the only one. His generation is very different and aware of how wrong we've gone. Trust me.


  10. I try to say very little here these days. I just want to say. This is all coming home.

    Read your the ants won / Antwon link there

    in 96 Liz mixed with Faye Wong

    directly after that

    Faye was the flagship (ship) theme song to Final Fantasy VIII

    FF8 has that Lunatic Pandora calling down the moon and Sorceress succession storyline of a world that stopeed using wireless and switched back to wired due to the magical interference of the world post-Sorceress war, if I am describing this properly.

    They even have a deep sea research site which, I now find to be quite CERN ish - of course - this device is used to summon Bahumet (read Baphomet) from the depths of the sea (where surely he lay dead but not dreaming)

    so in conclusion, here is the song, and I'm just saying that I feel strangely part of this, I say with as little 'ego' as possible. I just find these clues adding up, and... 'at the center of it all/at the center of it all'

    I'd say, Chris, that I won't believe this, that I 'don't want to believe'...

    what else can we do? ah... the 'human condition'...

    remember Chris, my honourable friend (and you truly are)

    "The Stars Are Projectors Yeah, Projecting Our Lives Down To The Planet Earth"

    do enjoy this when you may - and the video is enchanting, as well...

    "Eyes On Me" - Faye Wong - Final Fantasy VIII (1999)

    Sing Along, if You Know The Words

    Blessings, as always, and Good Fortune upon you and all the awesome Secret Sun readers.

    11:19 AM EST
    Occult Fan

    1. Hey Occult Fan,

      Another Cocteau-Twins-Final-Fantasy connection:

      -Cocteau Twins were (among the) founders of dream pop;
      -My Bloody Valentine came up in that genre after Cocteau Twins;
      -Reference was made to My Bloody Valentine and their album Loveless in Final Fantasy VII: see the poster in the background at the beginning of the game (

      The Japanese creators of Final Fantasy apparently liked dream pop, perhaps even Cocteau Twins (the band did tour and sell records in Japan).

      I played Final Fantasy VII as a kid and found it rich with symbolic meaning. At times I have found a level of meaning in it that I imagine Chris finds in comics or someone who was religious from birth would find in the Bible. It would be nice to see an analysis of the game from a Secret Sun perspective, but Chris would of course not do this since the game is past his time.

    2. I'm familiar with FF and I believe we've discussed it here in the past. I should look more deeply into it but you know, get in line.

      It is fascinating that Fraserian DNA has been injected into the franchise via Faye Wong. Fascinating and probably inevitable. Our Lady of Oracles blessed the LOTR mythos of course and other franchises through osmosis (or OZ-Moses).

      I think we'll be seeing more of Our Lady's semiotic footprints as meaning continues to break down in the Manufactured Apocalypse.

      Thank you as always, Occult Fan and thank you Anony.

  11. You wrote, "The Spirits don't speak in proper English." Have you ever looked into the concept of: switchwords.

    1. I have indeed, Laurel. Very much in tune with the NLP theme.

      Language is entirely symbolic. As such it is increasingly provisional and site-specific. Unfortunately many of those who understand are dead-set on weaponizing that understanding.

  12. Sophistication upon sophistication, for echelon upon echelon, the field of Boliauns makes the mundane (but terrible) predicament of man amenable only to the cognoscenti, or to the extremely persistent.

    When you know the secret sun, you know the equivalence of the taegeuk to the tricolore.

    Everything else is merely attraction to, or distraction from, the nature of our great filter.

  13. Hi Chris,

    Fantastic work and analysis as always. This siren saga just keeps trucking along doesn't it?

    I was in New Orleans last week and was going to visit the aquarium, but when I got near I noticed there was a strangely long line for admission. That seemed a bit odd. I asked someone in line why there were so many people and they informed me that there was a live mermaid show.
    Great. Thousands of people waiting, shuffling through in single file, to be mesmerized by real women in mermaid outfits swimming with fish in a huge glass tank. No thanks. "Admire her beauty, but back the fuck away." Seemed fitting.

    Speaking of mermania, have you ever looked at Norfolk Virginia? Apparently, some attorney known as "Uncle Pete" pitched a Mermaids on Parade idea to 300 business and civic leaders at Nauticus on Nov 30, 1999. Subsequently, a bronze sculptor named Kevin Gallup mass-produced 130 mermaid castings and distributed them all over the city for artists to decorate. They are literally everywhere. It’s kinda weird.

    Note that Naval Station Norfolk is also there which is the largest naval base in the world. Nothing to that, I'm sure.

    Did a little digging into Nov 30, 1999. Got two hits:

    -British Aerospace and Marconi Electronic Systems merge to form BAE Systems, which is Europe's largest defense contractor and fourth largest aerospace firm in the world.

    -In Seattle, WA, protests against the World Trade Organization summit catch police off-guard and the anti-globalization protestors force the cancellation of the opening ceremonies.

    I will look more and see if there is anything else interesting or more relevant to the saga we're all following here.

    Oh, a couple other things, did anyone else catch the big deal they were making about that newly discovered planet, Ross 128 b, being only 11 light years away from earth? Yep, 11. Also, the tattoo of 11-1 on Peep's chest got me thinking about how it looks like 11 (twin 1's/twin towers) turns into 1 (tower). Wasn't really part of the narrative and is a bit of a reach, but the numbers symbolically reminded me of that. At any rate, the kid sure does look mer-boyish with pink hair and pink clothes.

    Thanks for your dedication and keen insight, Chris. We’ll be standing by for the next notch in the bedpost.


  14. Strike the shepherd, and the sheep will scatter. (quote from Bible) Is all this shepherd stuff a warning that Kali/Venus/Ishtar is trying to rise up again and snuff out all the Yahweh descended religions?

    The Moses and King David narratives completely invert the whole siren/shepherd dynamic. Instead of a female goddess killing her shepherd lover, you have a male God blessing his shepherd friend with long life, wealth, etc.

    1. Yes this is what I have been saying all along; we are looking at the RISE of a 'Being'; 'she' may show herself to be the 'siren', but her resurrection will usher in the end times.
      She builds strength and power thru the sacrifices offered to her; this is as old as 'time'.
      And we would be stupid not to notice the 'MALE' dominated RULE that, as least outwardly has been obvious.
      So the 'divine feminine' seeks the 'throne' once more.
      Unfortunately the 'balance' of yin/yang, or female/male is always in motion.
      Male dominated society has been the norm for a LONG 'time' now.
      I don't like this, and do NOT agree with it, but then again I see all of this shit as "LA LA LAND" anyway; the 'Demiurge/AI' fucking with 'creation' for it's own EXISTENCE.

  15. More very keen-eyed stuff, Chris. I had no idea Lil Peep even existed until this post. I'm probably horribly old fashioned or something but whenever I engage too deeply with modern media I feel like I'm crawling through an open sewer. Like, almost literally. Everything we're seeing feels like some horrific glossy, plastic archon has lacquered the entire western world in some kind of demonic pre-cum. What the hell happened to texture, to the analogue, to unmediated frontiers of possibility? To rational, non-hostile discourse? Oh yeah, they all got eaten by the so-called March of Progress. I feel sorry for satirists these days, I really do. They must feel so obsolete. We live in a world of reality-tv presidents, killer clowns, After-School Satan, machine-gun toting sexy nuns and mermaids that wanna eat people. And that's just the mainstream; a grotesque horror-carnival that has folded literally everything into itself. All Ritual. All the Time. Forever. That seems to be the push now. A world run by rich psychopaths for a small but growing minority of other less rich psychopaths. In the face of all that I just want a cup of tea and a nice sit down. I guess that's what happens when the entire world is experiencing a profound crisis of meaning - political, social, emotional and spiritual. A bit of peace, privacy and breathing room feels like you've been touched by God. 'Cause it's a shitstorm of the highest high-weirdness outside, man. I reckon most perceptive people, if they're honest, couldn't give you complete assurance that this world hasn't somehow literally become the Upside Down. Or Hell styled as Heaven for the post-meaning generation. And we thought 2016 was weird? Feels like the olden days now. Keep up the great work, my man. I suspect it really is helping a lot of people. And we need all the help we can get.

    1. World turned upside down eh?

      Not much to link to for this, but an example is:

      The symbolism of the lord of misrule goes back as long as the feast of Jupiter, and again, ties in to the secret sun with the significance of the 24th night, and the 12th night, and the event we're supposedly never to forget - also signified by the 3 wandering magi (Mercury, Venus, Mars) visiting the Virgo, who then gives birth to...

    2. Hell styled as Heaven. That's it, exactly. Thank you for giving me the words I needed.

  16. Interesting point about the inversion of the siren/shepard dynamic.

    The Bible also takes shots at Dagon, the Philistine god who modern scholars theorize was a merman. See e.g. Judges 16.23 where Samson destroys the temple of Dagon.

    Scholars have also famously theorized that mention of "the spirit of God hovering over the face of the deep" at Genesis 1:2 was a reference to the Israelite god having dominance over the Babylonian sea goddess Tiamat.

  17. "Come over if you are sober" reminds me too much of "Bring your daughter... to the slaughter" by Iron Maiden. An ugly song about an uglier subject. The more things change...
    - Mabuse the Gambler

  18. Hi Chris
    I thought I'd pass this along- I think the Heavens Gate dude (Marshall Applewhite) speaking of cults ---went by Bo and his female opposite number at the time went by Peep---really enjoying your stuff lately along with Goro's--but if this comment is too far out there just disregard!

  19. Fly Me To The Moon, IDO World Gala 2015

    When Divas Howl at the Moon

  20. The atmosphere of despair we are living in is overbearing. It would not be surprising if an epidemic of suicides broke out soon, especially among young people. Maybe it is happening already, with that current opiod overdose wave. Could it be that most overdoses are just suicides?

    1. A generation (M) was created to be weak and to feel despair. They are not equipped. If you are on Opiods then you are already committing suicide. Opiods create holes in the aura which might heal but aren't repaired. Just another genocide.

  21. Not a direct link to Peep, but certainly some familiar thematic background echoes on this Thursday's episode of The Orville. Alara, the youngest(and female) member of the crew, while dealing with a childhood trauma, ends up trapped in the ship's VR simulator (aka the holodeck). She ends up battling a killer clown and a giant spider for the requisite IT references, as well as facing down Isaac (after Asimov) an artificial robotic life-form from the planet Kaylon. The Kaylon see biological life as inherently inferior to themselves.

  22. Warning people away from Her has never worked.

  23. Cinimod_ofCarthach5:42 AM, November 20, 2017

    You’re still ignoring Lilith in all of this.

    She’s the first.

    1. Thank You for pointing this out!!!!

      So much is being lost because of the amateur astrological cherry-picking!

  24. Charles Manson died 11/19/27 he was 83 years old.

  25. Dear Chris,

    One of the heaviest and most unusual floods for Attica's standards took place here in Greece on the very same day (November 15th). Till now, 20 people have been found dead and five are missing.
    (video uploaded the day after.)

    The main area of the flooding (Mandra) is located on the outskirts of Eleusis, built around its original namesake. The massive torrent of water gathered on Pateras mountain (west of Mandra), originally named "'Ορος Αγχαιον" translating to "mountain of anxiety/disquiet". It is said that this was because of Demeter's search for Persephone in the area (Eleusis after all) and her anguish set upon that mountain. So literally a flood of Demeter.

    The very same night, a play titled "Mermaids and Rascals/Lads" based on its original film version released in 1968 had its premiere at Athens based "Broadway theatre":

    The play is set in the island of Hydra (!!!) + The actress in the film is named Mary Chronopoulou (surname translates to Child of Cronos) (!!!).

    Almost like a precursor, on November 2nd, in the city of Thessaloniki, a mermaid fountain in the coastal area next to the white tower landmark was filled with soap causing a great amount of foam to be produced.
    That was followed by vandalism of the statue on November 8th. A bra and a pair of sunglasses were fitted on the statue which was now drained of water as well(!) ever since the soap incident.

    The story behind the statue stems from Alexander the Great's half sister, named Thessaloniki, which was transformed into a mermaid/gorgon:

  26. humbly adding my 2 cents regarding the merfolks thrown in2 the mix (in case of redundancy plz d.lete):, and sirius, via the temple

  27. This comment has been removed by the author.

  28. I also forgot to add: North of Mandra, where the most flooding activity occurred, is a small settlement named Pournari. Pournari/ Πουρνάρι translates to Yew which can be connected to the emblem of the Frasiers.
    Here's a picture of the two (Mandra in the south, Pournari in the north).

    Also wanted to correct something about the Mary Chronopoulou connection. To be more precise, it translates to Child of Chronos, not Cronos, but as we've seen they are both strongly linked.

  29. Nice headline:

    "Skeleton of ancient Steller's sea cow found in Russia; Mermaid next?"

  30. Hi Chris - I've been saying this and I will say it again: This looks very much to me like some kind of program that, once all of the variables are in place (timing is everything, also), then the thing runs its course. Everything you have been tracking here is coming up time and time again. Plug in the values (Performer (vocalist); shepherd (Pan); Goddess (Siren-Mermaid); Induction and inhibition of drug metabolism; Mental divergence) and you seem to get these results. Throw in planetary alignments and stellar configurations on top of it and you get a program enhancement.

    Siren Song
    Inspired by the military, the Siren Song uses ear piercing sound (over 130 decibels) to deter bad guys and is quickly becoming one of the most sought after safety devices in America. It will most likely be on every kid’s key chain or backpack by the end of the year, but it should also be carried by every woman in America. With over 100,000 units sold in 2017 alone, this product makes the 2017 viral gadgets list!

  32. I didn't know until recently that the Pyramid in Memphis is now a huge Bass Pro Shop/Hotel/"Thing." I don't know why I find that so bizarre.

  33. could the mermaid be related to the new age of Aquarius? i read somewhere that Aquarius was actually a fish-man, like Dagon of the Sumerians.

  34. Dancing to songs and compositions from Beethoven to Bhangra, the Dubai Fountain has been captivating crowds as much as the Burj Khalifa that towers over it. Now on your next trip to Downtown Dubai you can get closer to the jets of water on a new 272-metre floating platform. Visitors can start from Burj Park or from the fountain promenade and stroll down the boardwalk which gets as close as nine metres to the fountain. That's close enough to make you part of the performance.

  35. adding random ads, popping up justin time:

  36. Chris, with the AI godhead looming, it brings to mind old Crowley's "angel/demong": Aiwass

  37. On the whole "Bo Peep" angle, I'm not sure if anyone else here noticed it, but in "Stranger Things 2," Chief Hopper uses a brand of ammonia to wake up Will Byers when he is under the influence of the Upside Down - the brand? Bo Peep.

    1. I just noticed this last night and was going to mention it as well. Strange indeed.


    2. Aquarius is an "Air Sign"

  38. Chris, you write above about teens today not giving a damn about music. How true. My 14 year old nephew just shrugged and said no when I asked him if he was getting into music. This was the other month. His mother and myself when she was 14 and I was 16 would get into screaming matches over which bands and singers were the best. This was back in the mid-eighties. And of course this was typical. Yet our generation is to blame of course. All those 'gifts' we have given the youth of today.

  39. Great blog Mr Knowles.

    There is a constellation in Indian astrology called "Purva Ashadha" which is symbolized by the mermaid and belongs to a water goddess. Another symbol is the elephant's tusk. PA is ruled by Venus, though it's in sidereal Sagittarius so the sign ruler is Jupiter. It relates to hierophants, war, and love. The influence is like a river rushing to the ocean, it gives inspiration but this can become unpredictably fierce. One of my books says it often gives rock musicians today, though traditionally it was used to declare war and sneak into enemy encampments because it can slip through the cracks like water. There is much more to it that I think relates to the Siren phenomenon you've described here, I can write more if this is useful.

  40. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  41. Dude, you got me hooked on the CT again. If I drown, it's all your fault. ;)

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