Sunday, November 19, 2017

Lil' Peep Swims to the Siren

Well, here we go again. 

Emo rapper Lil Peep-- a rising talent in a genre I had no idea actually existed-- is dead of an OD. He was found on his tour bus, which was parked in the lot of The Rock nightclub in Tucson, Arizona.

Regular readers can probably guess where this is going already...

Lil Peep's death was a major story in the mainstream news, which is kind of depressing for those of us who had never heard of the guy before.

I was oblivious to Lil Peep until Greg Carlwood clued me in on his death. In true Siren fashion he did so while I was contemplating putting the whole issue to rest and moving on.  

No such luck. The Siren's just getting started. Look upon her works and despair.

And there are messages we still need to discuss that are infinitely more important than a handful of dead rock stars. Which I'm starting to believe is the actual point of all of this death and madness. If not the point then the silver lining.

I checked out some of Lil Peep's videos; Emo rap sounds very 90s. In fact, Lil Peep claimed he wanted to be the Kurt Cobain of the genre. Looks like he got his wish. Just not in the way he probably hoped for, unfortunately.

Peep-- like so many gifted musicians-- struggled with depression and substance abuse but was reportedly was in good spirits at the time of his death. Which is often the way these things seem to go, sadly.

His name is derived from the old nursery rhyme about the unfortunate shepherd girl. 

Yeah, you know exactly where this is all going by now.

There are a number of variations on the rhyme but they all deal with Bo Peep losing her flock and being unable to find them. It's actually a bit dark. All the more so given that the term Bo Peep originally referred to being pilloried, or tied to a post for public humiliation.

But you know me-- my antennae began oscillating when I heard a young man who gave himself the name of a young shepherd died at too young an age.

All the more so when I saw the title of his new album....

... which called this song to mind. And especially when I remembered this was the song playing in the 2002 BBC documentary on Jeff Buckley as Our Lady, Queen of Oracles finally revealed the truth of their love affair.

I got a faint whiff of this ill-starred album as well, which were recordings made in Memphis before Buckley's death.

Smelling Synchromystic blood in the water I started hunting for connections. And this was the first thing that came up-- the resplendent "Ivo," leadoff track on the immortal Treasure.

What's the connection? Well, the first thing that came to mind was the fact that Ivo's original title was "Peep Bo." What was the second thing that came to mind?

That was the second thing.

I got to work on the lyrics for "Ivo," using the online fan stuff for reference. The verses- repeating over and over, of course-- looked pretty accurate. And in true, time-tested Oracular style we get an obtuse view of this week's story.

Peep-Bo, Peach blow, Pandora, Pompadour
Pale leaf, Pea sweet

I remembered that the Spirits don't speak proper English, so the bookending of Peep-Bo and the Queen of the Dead caught my eye.  

I did my own translation of the chorus, remembering that the Sibyl often hid meaning by stretching pronunciation and switching out consonants. I'm pretty confident- though not entirely certain-- the chorus goes like this:

Nero Ido - Peep Peep Bo Peep Peep
Bit Animal 
He don’t dare, our Ido - Peep Peep Bo Peep Peep  
Part Animal - Peep Peep

So this is yet another example of a Sibyl lyric fans think is fluffy and charming but is actually rather salty. And the "part animal" line fits right into the current transgenic theme.

As does Nero. From wiki:

The Sibylline Oracles, Book 5 and 8, written in the 2nd century, speak of Nero returning and bringing destruction. Within Christian communities, these writings, along with others, fueled the belief that Nero would return as the Antichrist.
So we seem to have Pandora (who brought evil into the world), Lady Pompadour (mistress of the last King of France before the Masonic revolution), Persephone (Queen of Hell and curses) and Nero, the Antichrist. 

Not quite as fluffy as it sounds, is it?

The "Ido" might seem a bit random, but considering this is the beginning of what some critics called the Sibyl's  "Esperanto Era"-- when she began using a foreign-language variation on the Burroughs-Bowie "cut-up method"-- I wonder if the exceptionally-literate singer is referring to this....

Esperanto is/was an attempt to construct a new Global language, which brings us back to Babylon. As it happens English seems to be taking the lead in that race, with the new Babylon, the "Town of the Gods" -- commonly shortened to "London"-- its nerve center.

UPDATE: Then there's the bridge at the 1:56 mark. I'm not entirely sure but it sounds like she's singing, "Three die now/Three go/Through our body."

UPDATE: An eagle-eyed reader informs us that Lil Peep attended Lido (L'Ido?) Beach High School.

And the next song after "Ivo" is "Lorelei," in which the Water Witch of the Rhine beckons her lovers with... 

We're covered by the sacred fire
When you come to me 
You come to me broke 

Without a doubt.

Since I especially like firsts when rounding up signifiers, I'll remind you that "Ivo aka Peep-Bo" is the first song of the first side of an album released on November 1st...

... November 1st being Lil Peep's birthday.

November 1 is also the catalog release date for these two EPs, whose songs are all based on butterfly symbolism, including the Monarch butterfly. We'll be looking at the Sibyl's butterfly symbolism again shortly. It's kind of unsettling.
November 1 is also the catalog release date for Lullabies, which includes "Alas Dies Laughing," an all-purpose death omen. 

Treasure's cover uses the same image as Lullabies, based on another death omen:
Calla lilies have become a common favorite in wedding ceremonies, but in contrast, lilies are also associated with death. They were often used on the graves of youths who suffered an untimely death. 

When Venus, goddess of love, beauty, and desire, saw the lilies she was jealous of their beauty. She cursed their beauty by placing a large yellow pistil in the middle of the flowers. Because of this story, some associate the calla lily with Venus and thus with lust and sexuality. 
Remember that Treasure --which led to accusations that the Sibyl was "playing with witchcraft and subverting the nation's airwaves with subliminal sorcery" -- also plays into Heath Ledger's swim to the Siren.

I noticed that Lil Peep did a collaboration with rapper Antwon...

... yeah. There it is.

And just as we saw with Jeff Buckley, Chris Cornell, Chester Bennington, Heath Ledger and Chi Cheng, the Siren seems to have signed her work in the usual manner: with the surname of her favorite channel north of the place of death. N/NW in this case (as with Bennington and Cheng).

It also occurred to me that the Siren has claimed a singer from each of the decades following from which she was first invoked. Starting with Tim Buckley, we have Chris Cornell (who burst onto the scene in the 80s), Jeff Buckley (90s), Chester Bennington (00s) and now Lil Peep of the Twenty-Teens.

The Cocteau Twins played "Song to the Siren" onstage a few times in late '83 and then dropped it from their set for good (they did do a version on French radio in 1996). The Sibyl seemed to believe the song caused them a lot of grief and she refused to talk about it when the Guardian and the Financial Times did articles on it a few years back.

Ivo Watts-Russell-- the record company boss for whom this song is named-- chose "Song to the Siren" for the Sibyl to sing.

I've come to see all the madness we've been trying to sort through as evidence of very sophisticated and powerful star magic, and in that light I am seeing the transformation of the Siren archetype from Sky Goddess to Mermaid as an occult conjoining of Virgo with Hydra's tail. 

This seemed to have some ritual significance to the ancient Syrians, hence the metamorphosis of Atargatis.

Bear all this in mind, because the very same day Lil Peep heard the Siren's call, this story circulated on all the major media outlets:

What's the significance of the timing?

Ross 128 is in the constellation of Virgo.

And as sheer happenstance seems to demand, we also this story that same day on SpaceSex's and Not-Actually-a-Space-Agency's next "Dragon Mission." 

So here we are back in Revelation 12, moving forward from the Virgo-Leo alignment. 

I believe the much-hyped September 23rd alignment of Beauty and the Beast--or the Cocteau Twins, if you prefer-- was in fact a go-signal for the Manufactured Apocalypse. Do note that it seems to have kicked off the ensuing rollout of all the horrors that our technological witch-doctors have been toiling over the past century- AI, Transgenics, bioweaponry and so on and so forth. 

There's much, much more to come.

Such as the Armageddon War that President Jupiter traveled to the Gulf to strategize. He stopped at the new Louvre in Abu Dhabi for a photo-op with the Dragon. Note the Transgenic chimera there which looks uncannily like the original Sirens.

The Dragon and the Siren? Surely an unintentional alignment there.

The Abu Dhabi Louvre is a Dome, which is a nice counterpart to the Paris Louvre Pyramid that Macron posed in front of during his victory speech.

And because the Spirits also have a wicked sense of humor, the Trump Administration lifted a ban on the import of elephant head trophies until a firestorm of protest forced a restoration. I'll let you very smart folks work out the equations on that one.

November 15th also saw the announcement of Mermaid's Tears Vodka (the Siren crying for her latest trophy?) . Just because the Never-Ending Ritual is pervasive and totalizing.

Which is why the City Seal of Lil Peep's hometown features Poseidon and the Siren and an obelisk.

Which reminds me- Starbucks once released a Bo Peep teddy bear for some tenuous reason or another.

And if this isn't a portent, I don't know what is: seahorses --symbolic chimeras-- have been discovered in Thames River-- aka the Isis. Specifically in Greenwich, where time begins. 

And where Our Lady of Oracles, Queen of Sibyls, was hired by the British Government to herald the return of the Sons of God and give ritual birth to the Mighty Men That Were of Old, the Men of Renown. 999 times throughout the entirety of the Year 2000. 

Or should I say Our Lady was hired to herald the return of the Pearly Dew-Drops

Six of one...