Sunday, November 26, 2017

Transhuman Follies: Better the Morgue than the Borg

There are so many different apocalypses in the news these days I'm having trouble keeping them all straight. The AI apocalypse, the Robot Apocalypse, the Carbon Apocalypse, the Antibiotic Apocalypse; I guess Immanetizing the Eschaton is a lot harder than it looks.  

Or maybe we're looking at a kind of reality game show scenario where the Four Horsemen are all competing with each other to see whose apocalypse will really bring the house down. 

I can picture it now- the Four Horsemen share a bungalow in Laurel Canyon where they work with a team of expert consultants on their various agendas of misery, plague and war. They then have to pitch their dooms to a celebrity panel of judges, featuring Mark Cuban, Arsenio Hall and Megyn Kelly. 

The winner gets to see his dread wrath poured out on to the face of the Earth like brimstone in boiling pitch and to savor the desperate, dying shrieks of the damned. 

So do the losers.

Speaking of religious fundamentalism, It's gotta be grant-applyin' time since we're hearing all kinds of prophecies of woe pouring out of the faculty lounges of the various universities. 

Climate change is a perennial cashcrop, since there are so many banks that want to suck the economic blood out of developing countries under the rubric of carbon credits and the like. 

Funny how these articles never mention geoengineering, though. 

And by funny, I mean deceptive.

Thousands of fraudsters and shills shill? How is this news? 

Trick question--- it isn't. It's simply more shrieking hysteria that no one but the most credulous New York Times readers takes seriously. 

But it is serious, in that it's all going to be used as justification for crimes against humanity the likes of which this world has never seen.

The Patriarch has a bit deeper a perspective than most, certainly deeper than any 28 year-old shithead plagiarizing Open Society press releases for Slate or Vice may have, so he recognizes that civilization is actually quite fragile and may not be able to cope with all the arbitrary changes being forced down its throat.

You can only bend the paper clip so many times. It eventually snaps.

Did I say Open Society? I mean the Council on Foreign Relations. 

To show you how irredeemably corrupt the mainstream media is, Vice doesn't even hide its alliance with the nerve-center of the Globalist Oligarchy.

This is so sick and depraved I'm tempted to write it off as some Kaufmanesque kind of prank. Since I don't want to automatically assume that Vice is existentially evil, I'll pretend I'm hallucinating it.

But when it comes to truly plausible apocalyptic scenarios, CRISPR takes the cake. The potential here for everything, from nightmare species so invasive they lay waste to their environs to microbial contagions that cause the most horrific pandemics, is so huge-- almost so incalculable--it staggers the imagination.

You thought automatic weapons were dangerous? They're fucking baby-toys compared to what some sicko with an Angel of Death fetish can do with this technology. Or did you not see 12 Monkeys?

Of course, if you express any such concern for those types of scenarios, you're anti-progress and probably a Nazi. 

Now look what you gone and did, Nazi. You hurt Science. 

Say you're sorry, Nazi.

Yeah, this is going to go just swimmingly. No downsides at all. 

Actually, I'll tell you what- let's force everyone to modify DNA. Their's, their sister's, the cat's, whatever. Let's just stop worrying about everything and just fuck with genomes at random. Because life's just a party. Whoop de doo.

And you thought Russian hackers were a problem? Well, two words for you, Buster-- Russian hackers with DNA rewriting tools. 

OK, that's more than two words. Stop being such a math Nazi.

But hey, want to be more buff? Want to get it up and keep it up? Want to squirt a powerful, musky cloud of pheromones that'll drive the ladies in the bridge club wild? Experiment on yourself with CRISPR. It's easier than programming your DVR!

And hey- futz around with your RNA while you're at it! The RNARiter is only $49.95 plus shipping. No, we don't know what the hell RNA does either. I think it's kind of like DNA's retarded kid brother or something.  But hey, you can't beat these savings!

Yeah, the fine print, bla bla bla. Errors, off-target effects, horrible mutations, agonizing death, yadda yadda. Our lawyers made us put that in. But hey; do the words "John Holmes" mean anything to you? 

Yeah, boyee! That's I'm talking about!

This guy got a lot of publicity for injecting himself with a DIY gene therapy. Not only did it not work, it made his condition worse. Surprise, surprise.

Make no mistake- the BBC does not hype this behavior because it wants you to try these untested therapies and get well. It's hyping this stuff because it wants you to try these untested therapies, get sick and die. And hopefully infect other people.

Oh, I wish I were exaggerating.

Oh, this is precious. Forbes-- fucking Forbes-- is having the SJW Khmer Rouge get all Tumblr on GMOs. This is how CRISPR will duck any criticism when the shit starts hitting the fan- by hiding behind identity politics. You know it's coming.

This article is so manipulative and dishonest it makes your head spin. And I don't even have a particular hangup on the GMO issue. 

Speaking of manipulative, the catamite-grooming subprogram of the Transhuman Agenda ran into a few snags. The whole pedo-pity angle that Salon and the Guardian beta-tested was a bust on account of pedos being gross and creepy, so they set the Intersectionalists on it. Success!

Now it's an eight year-old boy's right to be force-fed estrogen and crossdressed by her mother. It's their right to be paraded around in front of random strangers at drag balls. And soon it will be their right to spend their time with whomever they choose, no matter their age. 

What, you think children don't have rights? What are you, some kind of Nazi?

And if their parents want a little remuneration for the privilege of their little darling's company, well, when did you start being so anti-free enterprise already?

Anyone who has a problem with any of this, you best keep your mouth shut. They know where you work.

Speaking of SJWs, the New York Daily News is now shilling for the Transhumanist agenda, which is really the final destination on this Highway to Hell we're all stuck on. And my my my, look at what they're citing as precedent for this brave new transgenic-cybernetic world:

Makes sense. We need to be like the gods. When has that ever gone wrong, right? And it all ends with this little Tsoukalosian gem:


Oh dear-- what's the implication here? We're just squatters and the landlords are coming to reclaim their property? Oh, they've been summering in the Bottomless Pit for a few millennia? Well, I'm sure they're reasonable people. We can share.

And hey look-- Forbes is shilling for the Transhuman Apocalypse too...

This article paints a nightmare scenario that no one born before 1999 would want any part of. It's no accident the artwork there looks more than faintly Borgian; Transhumanism makes the Borg look like the Rainbow People here:

All of which adds up to "not even your thoughts will belong to you."  

No, they'll be programmed by Elon Musk, Facebook and DARPA. Plus, the CIA. Assuming any of this technology is actually workable. A very open question at the moment, I should add. But they'll have plenty of unemployables to beta-test on, right?

What are the safeguards for abuse here?

In other words, "don't oppress me, bro!" 

Sure, that'll work.

Here's a much more sober-minded and realistic take on Transhumanism. 

You really have to be willfully naive not to suss out the reality behind the sales pitch- if and when this technology goes to market it's going to be monopolized by the super-rich, who will have already replaced nearly all of us with robots. 

Hence, headlines like this...

...and this...

...and this. So where is this all going? What does this mean for me and you?

Oh yes, indeed. What should you do with all the superfluous people?

Maybe we're seeing the seeds being planted on dealing with that eventuality already. In other words, the Microbes are Ready. And now we're seeing a raft of scareporn telling us just how vulnerable we all are. 

I'll tell you what; Better the Morgue than the Borg. That's my answer.

And our friends from the CFR chime in again. And conveniently lay it all at the feet of Trump. By which they mean Trump's voters, who top the CFRs "to be culled first" list.   

And don't worry, SJWs, you're not far behind. Submission does not mean survival with the crowd you're sucking up to. Quite the contrary. 

And we also see the insane miracle cure stories that only help to make the victims of the coming cull feel like it's all their fault. 

"You imbecile! Why didn't you look to bats for help! You could have saved your entire family had you only thought of bats!"

Which takes us to the next stop-- our friends at Not Actually a Space Agency, scouring the skies for lethal space germs studying how outer space affects your genes.  Just for the sheer science of it, y'know? 

And then there's some other stuff. You know, just seeing what the best ways to increase antibiotic resistance might be. Because why not? There are too many hours in the damn day.

And funny all this stuff about pandemics and antibiotic resistance really starts heating up in the wake of the Vegas' little flyby. I mean, we even had the future King of the British Empire muse airily on the fact that there are too many people on the planet Earth. 

The same future King whose grandfather once wished upon a star-- probably Vega-- that he be reincarnated as a deadly microbe so the earth could be cleansed of the superfluous once and for all.

And again, do note the actual meaning of Oumuamua:

1. The foremost soldier or the front rank in battle.

2. A scout; one sent forward before a battle to discover the position of the enemy.

From Vega. Comforting, no?

And perhaps not only are the Microbes ready, but perhaps the Space Microbes are Ready, too. Maybe that's why these stories are being circulated. We didn't CRISPR that inert virus into a deadly hemorrhagic-fever hellspawn, it came from Mars. On some space dust or rock or a Vegan Deathbird or some shit. It transported here, I think. 

Hey- go back to your VR cell and stop bothering your betters. 

Some clever NLP here: "they're not cancer-causing space-microbes, they're tiny aliens! Aww, ain't they adorable? Like little ALFs."

Of course, if comets could bring life itself to Earth, then an Epsilon-class Starkiller5 from the Lyra constellation could conceivably have sprayed a few lousy viruses on our heads, right? Those damn microbes are worse than Tribbles. Incorrigible.

And just in case you don't think the media is messing with your head when it comes to this stuff, do check out the endless parade of "Nibiru let us all down again" pieces, which only serve to debunk all the stories they themselves made up in the first place.

So what you do is that you distract the Nibiru rubes with your left hand and you dazzle the I Fucking Love Corporate crowd with Planet Nine teases. Of course, 'Planet Nine' and 'Nibiru' are two ways of describing the same exact thing but hey--- Neil DeGrasse Tyson. 

So shut up.

And for all you people who have actual lives, the 234 Alien Species here feels like a little subliminal nod to the 456 of Torchwood fame. knows its audience well. 

It will be very sad when they're culled.



    1. Yep. It never ends. And since everyone is technically classed as having a mood disorder, well- do the math.

  2. It's all part of the process of boliaunification*, such that with so many red herring eschatologies people will conclude that they're all nonsense (or decades distant), and thus be distracted from the immanent eschaton.

    It's similar to the recent creation of false conspiracy theories, that make people conclude conspiracy=insanity.

    What you're left with is either a multi-millennial psyop (what a waste of time), or multi-millennial gnosis that there really is a cataclysm twice a great year - per the yin-yang within the Chinese zodiac and the 12-13k textbook glaciation cycle.

    * Field of Boliauns

    1. Well, I get the feeling we're being fed all these scenarios to disguise what's really coming down the pike. So you are probably right.

  3. I think this is worth examination - sounds like the siren's song - the alarm sounds like this.

    Wash down with Todd Rundgren's 'This is Not a Drill' from this same year... I'm sure Nine Inch Nail's ain't packin' ANY CLUES so another song I'll share to third this up used prominently in Twin Peaks: The Return is this majestic creepshow of a video mix of Axolotl (coz those aren't mermaid related).

    P.S. Titicut Follies is a brilliant analogue title - these articles can leave one feeling very disempowered - perhaps consider this, though I'm sure you do... consider putting a positive blast on it, just as a creative exercise, sans sardonicism, if possible, but I may just be asking for a candy to swallow the poison with, as it may be.

    Merit, indeed, Sir. Blessings and Good Fortune upon you and all SecretSunners.

    Occult Fan
    8 am Sunday the 26 of Nov

    1. Yo. Follow up. I had no right to suggest you perform any such action. You provide so much. So, so much. I consider you a mentor. One of a, as you are familiar with being as such, on a very short list of highly esteemed individuals. I am not, legit, supposed to reveal much of my thoughts this energetic day. Suffice to say you are a jewel amongst men and I truly hold you in the highest regards.

      Occult Fan

      656 Nov 26 et et et

    2. Titicut Follies seems to be rather prophetic. And of course there are the visionary musicians, who are the real seers of our age.

  4. Hi Chris,

    Quick question. If this is all true (not saying that it isn't); how do the elite survive such pandemics? Also, once superfluous humans are gone and AI take over, won't the elite begin to fight one another anyway (it's their nature)?

    1. They probably won't. In the 14th century, the elite died right along with everyone else. Castles be damned.

    2. The elite also realized how much their life sucked when most of the peasants that did the work died from the plague, too. gotta get AI and robotics firing on all cylinders so the next time they don't have to be encumbered by the dead masses.

    3. Well, which elite are talking about? We could be dealing with a cult, the kind that no one knows exists and no one sees coming. See Aum Shinrikyo for precedent, perhaps only more embedded.

  5. Chris, there was a show called the "Messengers" that premiered on CW April 17, 2015 that had that 4 horseman like scenario.
    The main characters of the series are the Messengers (real term: "Angels of the Apocalypse"), a group of ordinary humans chosen by God to determine if humanity is worth saving. One of the members of the group is a radio-astronomer living in New Mexico. They are hit by an energy wave from the meteorite that brought The Man to earth, which causes them to die for a few minutes. Then they awaken with strange supernatural abilities denominated as "gifts". However, their gifts have side-effects on their bodies unless the seven true Messengers are united.
    The Horsemen of Death: A former nurse whose experience during war turned her into a cold-blood murderer with psychotic tendencies.
    Horseman of War: A Senator with an immense resentment against Afghanistan after her son was killed while serving in the Armed Forces.
    Horseman of Pestilence: The leader of a hacking group called "Abaddon", who wants revenge against an insurance company for denying medical treatment for his ill mother.
    Horseman of Famine: He is initially one of the chairmen of an agricultural company. He cares about the field and his workers, unlike his charismatic and unscrupulous brother.
    "Sleepy Hollow" also had John Noble playing the Horseman of War.

    1. Interesting. Hollywood loves the Apocalypse- it's the ultimate grand finale. Very Busby Berkeley.

  6. I've been saying for years that the whole transgender agenda would be used as a backdoor for the pedophile agenda. You Know Who knew very well that once the gay marriage stuff went through that the trans stuff would be a much quicker sell. As Chris points out, they overplayed their hand early on, so they pulled back and have steadily used the trans agenda to push "child sexuality" to great effect.

    All one has to do to see where this is going is to view YouTube channels like "Queer Kid's Stuff" and Teen Vogue's video on how "Toddlers Understand Consent."

    In regard to all of the DNA altering and transhumanism stuff, I came to the conclusion some time ago that Ted Kaczynski was very likely correct in his conclusions about the effects that computer technology have on the human mind and society, and where it will likely lead us.

    1. Everything can be weaponized. I have no problem at all with transgender, and contrary to current opinion it's not even remotely new or unique. I'm actually beginning to suspect most of the priestesses in Sumer-Akkad and Babylon were trans-women and probably among the Phrygians and Hittites as well. I do have a problem with the language of gay and/or trans rights weaponized to normalize pedophilia. I do have a problem with brainwashing gay kids into transitioning. We don't let kids drive cars but we allow them to make these kinds of decisions? Or more accurately, allow their mothers to? Who thinks this is a good idea?

  7. Q: What's the best way to stop Armageddon?
    Is the answer...
    A: Create it?

    There's a bit in the movie "Galaxy Quest" where the ship is set for self-destruct, and some characters work together to shut the self-destruct sequence down. Even after the procedural bits have been completed, the countdown clock continues to run. This causes great dismay to the participants.
    We did all that was asked of us.
    We did everything correctly.
    Where did we go wrong?

    Just trying to relate a rather simple premise, that is nested in some vast complexity...and the simple premise is, time doesn't stop. Whether you are marching towards, or walking away from...time doesn't stop. So I think a question that might be pertinent with respect to "averting this" or averting that" is...
    Q: Now what?
    A: Are you prepared, to deal with, and live within and amongst, the aftermath, irrespective of what that may be?

    No telling what that and those will be. But I think it assured, that whatever happens, leading up to, during, and after...we get to decide what that is, and what those things are/will be.

    I wonder what we'll choose...and where...and when?

    Thanks for the read. :-)

    1. The good news is we've been through all this before and lived to tell the tale. The bad news is that the tools of our demise have become quite a bit more efficient.

  8. "Dinosauria, we"

    Born like this
    Into this
    As the chalk faces smile
    As Mrs. Death laughs
    As the elevators break
    As political landscapes dissolve
    As the supermarket bag boy holds a college degree
    As the oily fish spit out their oily prey
    As the sun is masked

    We are
    Born like this
    Into this
    Into these carefully mad wars
    Into the sight of broken factory windows of emptiness
    Into bars where people no longer speak to each other
    Into fist fights that end as shootings and knifings

    Born into this
    Into hospitals which are so expensive that it’s cheaper to die
    Into lawyers who charge so much it’s cheaper to plead guilty
    Into a country where the jails are full and the madhouses closed
    Into a place where the masses elevate fools into rich heroes

    Born into this
    Walking and living through this
    Dying because of this
    Muted because of this
    Because of this
    Fooled by this
    Used by this
    Pissed on by this
    Made crazy and sick by this
    Made violent
    Made inhuman
    By this

    The heart is blackened
    The fingers reach for the throat
    The gun
    The knife
    The bomb
    The fingers reach toward an unresponsive god
    The fingers reach for the bottle
    The pill
    The powder

    We are born into this sorrowful deadliness
    We are born into a government 60 years in debt
    That soon will be unable to even pay the interest on that debt
    And the banks will burn
    Money will be useless
    There will be open and unpunished murder in the streets
    It will be guns and roving mobs
    Land will be useless
    Food will become a diminishing return
    Nuclear power will be taken over by the many
    Explosions will continually shake the earth
    Radiated robot men will stalk each other
    The rich and the chosen will watch from space platforms
    Dante’s Inferno will be made to look like a children’s playground

    The sun will not be seen and it will always be night
    Trees will die
    All vegetation will die
    Radiated men will eat the flesh of radiated men
    The sea will be poisoned
    The lakes and rivers will vanish
    Rain will be the new gold
    The rotting bodies of men and animals will stink in the dark wind
    The last few survivors will be overtaken by new and hideous diseases
    And the space platforms will be destroyed by attrition
    The petering out of supplies
    The natural effect of general decay

    And there will be the most beautiful silence never heard
    Born out of that.

    The sun still hidden there
    Awaiting the next chapter.

    -Charles Bukowski

  9. Genocide has been on the agenda since the late 19th century when the powerful realized eugenics was too slow. The 1918 flu was so anomalous that even today no one has figured out how it killed so many people so fast, oddly enough the possibility that it had been intentionally bred is never considered. And yet it has been suggested it came from outer space. Blame the aliens!

    1. It was kind of anomalous. Kind of not. All of Europe from the Urals to Portugal was near starved by blockade and counterblockade. The environment was poisoned by war industries. It was a very good environment for an epidemic. It's also worth mentioning in this context that the dominant ideology of that era was that over population was a problem of too many not-white people. And yet everyone suffered from the Great Flu.

      There were massive typhus epidemics in eastern europe in the last stages of WW2 and it's surprising things weren't worse. I guess the Red Army's sanitation service must have been pretty good.

    2. The 1918 flu killed people all over the world in a matter of weeks. It reached isolated areas like islands in the south Pacific that were not visited by any know source of infection like ships or aircraft. Some of those who died woke up without any symptoms and died before sundown. In the first few weeks it was blamed on the Germans but later the media killed those rumors. Oddly enough, the earliest known cases were reported in the US coast and not Asia, unlike all other flu outbreaks in modern history. Too many loose ends.

    3. Not a comforting precedent. Certainly not in the age of CRISPR. All those guns won't do anyone much good if that genie is well and out of the bottle.

  10. https:/// It reminds me of Black Hole Sun.

  11. I was reading something that said the bourgeois are the ones who dictate morality. which would explain the hyper intense hopey changey identity politics obama years that didn't really change much if you weren't a bank being bailed out quickly turning into a newly forming zeitgeist of failure and nihilism in the trump years. They think the world is ending, maybe it is. Maybe they are just being little babies mad they didnt get their way.
    Im starting to get this general over all mood of nihilism, foreboding, exhaustion, emanating from culture. The cynicism of a neoliberal elite who wants to maintain the status quo and tells you that this is the end of history so dont bother trying to change things has turned into a weird defeated nihilism.
    Or at least thats the agenda they are pushing.

    I stumbled upon this song that portrays it well, song is pretty good too.

    Vice was bought out by Rupert Murdoch some time ago. A way to feed millennials reports that support their agenda under the guise of teen rebellion and click bait articles.

    1. Murdoch tends to poison everything he acquires. People turned off Myspace as soon as he grabbed it. Vice is not taken seriously by the very same 'edgy' types that this blog addresses. Maybe it's a racier version of MSNBC to some Millenials but I don't know anyone who buys its journalism. The Wall Street Journal likewise. Finance types read the FT. The WSJ is now for true believers in the Hayekian Dispensation as Revealed by Ronald Reagan.

    2. Well, Tarpley said it best; the Obama Era taught the oligarchs that you can get away with bigger and better crimes under left cover than right. And now the neoliberals are drifting further and further into outright fascism-McCarthyism, Big Brotherism, war mongering, absolute and total submission to corporate hegemony-- under the supposed rubric of fighting imaginary fascism. That old sheep's clothing- it fools them every time.

  12. Thanks, Chris! Nobody will ever say that you don't pay attention to your readers.

    I gather that all this panspermia stuff relates to why you and Gordon were so enthusiastic about Alien Covenant. I don't go for the Alien franchise at all, but I have more or less permanently borrowed from a friend a book by Graham Hancock that's pretty fascinating, and I have another book by Zecharia Sitchin that seems just a bunch of weird essays, but is rather intriguing. They're both into AAT, especially Sitchin. Am I on the right track here? Should I get more of their books?

    1. Oh, I think we were anything but enthusiastic about Alien Covenant. It was rather dreadful. But we were certainly curious.

  13. Speaking of the Four Horsemen, perhaps this will offer some nice counter-apocalyptic energy next year:!

  14. Yeah, real talk. You speak the truth, Chris. I'm with you, bro. I'll take morgue over Borg any day. It has been very busy sending out its little minions to corrupt and apathy-ize the entire Earth. Apparently God is dead and we're all Sims in a SIM, but hey, technology will offer you that transhuman transcendence the elites have been working so selflessly towards. Nah, it ain't a bunch of child-raping sicko cargo cultists. What you on about, Nazi? They're bringing gifts for the new generation. "Hey kid, would you like a balloon? You'll float too."

    1. Oh indeed. We'll make great pets of the AI Overlord. It's a Gnostic's nightmare, 24/7. And yeah, that Salo contingent, they never rest.

      Keep rallying the troops, my man. We need it more than ever.

  15. They're also pushing Eugenics 2.0 IMHO, it was always part of the neoliberal agenda; for example, look at how the opioid crisis in the US followed right on the coat tails of all those jobs being offshored. It wasn't a coincidence, after all, Big Pharma has a hand in a lot of things, including the pockets of our sock-puppet politicians, naturally. & of course, those pharmaceutical giants make a shit ton of $ off both ends of the addiction process: getting people hooked in the first place & rehab. Its an awful lot like PKD's "A Scanner Darkly" when you think about it! Plus there's the added benefit of weeding some of those poor unfortunates out of the gene pool, & the transformation of rural America into an open-air ghetto. (You just know all the big real estate developers are licking their chops at the opportunity to buy up all that foreclosed property for pennies on the dollar). Not that dissimilar to how the Bulger Bros. ran Boston for a while!

    1. You got that right, David. It's an old tactic, time-tested and true. And Eugenics wasn't a fad, it's a religion. The Perfection of Creation. I think Perfection is dull as dishwater. It's the imperfections that give life its flavor. Perfectibility is Mankind's greatest curse.

  16. Well, I'd say the "SIREN has sounded" for the end times, am I right?

    Language is so bizarre.

    What an excellent post. I can't believe that the bloody CRISPR tards would actually try at home gene tinkering.

    1. And the Siren is the sweet song luring us to the brink. The things that really mess you up present themselves as salvation. Old, old story.

  17. "Better the Morgue than the Borg." I'm with you, Chris.

    1. The problem is that it may be too late to choose. Remember that joke? "Unga unga or death!" "I choose death!" "Good, but first unga unga".

    2. Well put. We are dealing with witch doctors, after all. Very well educated and financed witch doctors.

  18. I... just wanted a normal life :/


    2. Don't we all. Plans are just dreams, anyway.

  19. I guess I've come to the conclusion that nations and races have dharma too, and that dharma is carried out through the hands of men in the same way the cells of our own bodies carry out the will of our own conscious attention. Maybe this is all not such a bad thing. As far as I can tell it's just more life, happening, the same as it ever did. Those who believed they were witnessing an end to the history and now can only see apocalyptic omens now that history has begun to churn once again - were they ever really worthy of the life and privileged bestowed on them in the first place?

    1. The problem with that kind of thinking is that things can go very wrong. The fields can be salted, the well can be poisoned. Apocalypticism is essentially a kind of surrender to forces you cannot control. We are here to resist that.

  20. GMOs have been linked to sterilization of rats in successive generations. Also the sperm counts of western men in particular is half of the WW2 generation.

    1. Yes, indeed. Well, we can't say we weren't warned.

  21. I saw this headline today (article linked) "Hawaii reinstates 'attack warning' siren to prepare for possible attack", and it seemed like a sync between the siren, the apocalypse and the space spliff which they named using Hawaiian.

  22. In Lovecrafts works, you can end up in the City of the Great Race, and get tunned up by them... Or you can have some of the "Insmouth look" and being in danger your dna turn you into a "deep one" (fish people) Or you can find a lot of our past in "the mountains of madness" in antartica... If you look at the tabletop games of the Mhytos, your mission always consist in closing portals opened by the cultist, who by coincidence are always people in places of power. No wonder the occultist thougth he was connected to something beyond.

    1. What a lovely list of options. Lovecraft was a mess. His head was a snakepit. That's usually the way it goes with geniuses.

  23. So let's get this straight: if we take up all these crazy new technologies, we're toast, and we we don't, we're politically incorrect?

    Hm. Perhaps the true enemy really is PC.

    I think it was Matthew Arnold (had to be a Victorian, really) who said (I paraphrase) 'there are no rights, only duties'.

    1. Outside of the internet (and conspiracists’ persecution fantasies) Transhumanism is an incredibly marginal belief system.

      It’s certainly not a common belief among so-called “PC” types (a perennial bogeyperson if their ever was one).

      To conflate the two is typical infantile conspiracist thinking. Easier to imagine one big amorphous foe than to acknowledge the complexity and variety of human belief.

    2. You miss the point, Anony. The point is how the language of PC is being used to push this stuff into the mainstream. All these technologies are being sold with the therapeutic language at the core of PC and everyone who questions it will be othered and tarred as an extremist.

  24. I apologize that this is off-topic from this thread, but it ties back to other recent threads regarding the astro-ritual symbolism of current events and the Vegas...

    When you were posting about the occultations of Regulus and Aldebaran I wondered if we'd see something of the other two "Archangel Stars", Fomalhaut and Antares.

    I initially thought just the fact that we were entering the sign of Scorpio might be sufficient to bring Antares to the fore, but then I saw the news of NASA'a Nov. 12 launch of the Antares rocket. Which made even more news this weekend when it re-entered the atmosphere in a fiery spectacle in the skies over Canada.

    And, oh yeah... the name of the Antares rocket's payload? Cygnus, naturally-- another stop you yourself called on the Mithraic trip through the constellations.

    Now I'm just waiting for Fomalhaut...

    1. I've been looking at those stars as well. They'll get their turns, I'm sure.

  25. what madness. i was interested in transhumanism in the late 80s and early 90s. but i also thought that critical thinking matters. brains are kinda usefull if used properly. those people who pass as transhumanists nowadays are mostly nothing more than just plain old braindead... reading anything labeled transhumanism nowadays invokes almost always a constant facepalm reaction if anything... the madness the world is drowning in, thick and lingering...

    1. Transhumanists are not our problem. The problem are the Eugenicists who will use Transhumanism to further their goals.

  26. a good paper i am reading. related.


  28. Hey Chris, Have you been following the Tom Delonge storyline?...

    Seems like it's moving pace fast.

    1. Sigh. Yeah. I think Grant Cameron has the best insight on this thing. I defer to him.

  29. The plot thickens evermore... "Alien life? Bacteria ‘that had not been there’ found on ISS hull, Russian cosmonaut says"

  30. The elite are not transhumanists. Okay maybe a few oddballs are, but most subscribe to much older and more conservative doctrines and view things like transhumanism as weird fads or dangerous liberalism. The vast majority of transhumanists are nerds and geeks. The whole thing is largely a sci-fi fandom since most of this tech doesn't exist yet and isn't going to for a long time (if ever).

    The "transhumanist agenda" is a bogey man being pushed by the media because it makes for good click bait. Actual transhuman tech is not on the horizon. I also suspect it might be used as a divisive issue in the new culture wars. Transhumans who don't exist make great scapegoats to divert attention from those who actually do exist.

    AI is pretty over-hyped too. I work in the SV orbit and the tech industry and while there have been significant advances in pattern recognition via deep learning today's AI is not much closer to general human-level AI than it was 20 years ago. The gap is very large and is more than just a matter of throwing more compute power at it. There are very fundamental things about general intelligence that we do not understand.

    If you look at product ads, investment solicitations at sites like, etc. you'll see a ton of AI hype being thrown around. Most of it is vapor.

    1. Exactly. It’s hot air. Like pretty much everything else conspiracists get worked up about. A few rich doofuses does not make a Satanic AI-worshipping cabal. Most of those SV types are shockingly unimaginative and poorly socialized dullards who get their ideas from bad movies and sci-fi novels. Not unlike conspiracy theorists!

      It’s amazing what conspiracists seem to think the “elite” care about (or that there is even something like a single elite). Anything to avoid the obvious, which is as it always has been: a. money and power and b. keeping that money and power.

    2. Oh yeah, because nerd and geek obsessions never filter up to the mainstream. And get weaponized. Sorry, I forgot.

      Boy, this Morse Code contraption we're communicating on here sure is swell, don't you think? What will those jolly fellows think of next? Tally-ho!

    Mount Agung: Bali volcano alert raised to highest level
    Last time it erupted was March 17 and May 16, 1963.

  32. I noticed the word "change" appearing a lot in this post. And "change" is here. Not from either "political" party. Something else entirely. Synchromystically speaking, I'm listening to a song by Emerson Lake & Palmer - "Change" - as I read this post. Actually a great song from a decent, latter-day album of theirs ("In the Hot Seat") where Keith sings: "A ghost in the distance
    Where the ocean meets the land / A fallen angel in a trance
    A conversation you don't understand" Just thought I'd throw that out there.

    1. I have a motto- Change for change's sake is always bad. I'll check that tune out.

  33. Phaethon, baby brother of Prometheus, son of Helios and the mermaid Clymene, is coming home for the Winter Solstice:

    "The asteroid is a true space anomaly and NASA still isn’t quite sure how to classify it. Although technically listed as an asteroid, 3200 Phaethon is also the only asteroid ever observed to be responsible for meteor showers. Usually, meteor showers are the result of icy debris on a comet vaporizing as it comes close to the sun. This causes the debris to blast off into space, with some pieces hitting the Earth’s atmosphere at extremely high velocity, giving us quite a show.

    The Geminids shower is unusual in that it originates from an asteroid—3200 Phaethon. For this reason, NASA suggests that at one point the meteor used to be a comet, but 3200 Phaethon’s true origins remain a mystery."

    Of course they do!

    "Phaethon" = "The Shining One"

    "Phaethon, challenged by his playmates, sought assurance from his mother that his father was the sun god Helios. She gave him the requested assurance and told him to turn to his father for confirmation. He asked his father for some proof that would demonstrate his relationship with the sun. When the god promised to grant him whatever he wanted, he insisted on being allowed to drive the sun chariot for a day.[6] Placed in charge of the chariot, he was unable to control the horses. The Earth was in danger of being burnt up and, to prevent this disaster, Zeus was forced to strike down the chariot with a thunderbolt and kill Phaethon in the process.[7]"

    "...On Comet, on Cupid, on Donner*, on Blitzen**


    1. Yep. That name and date? Yeah. Plus the 32 thrown in for good measure.

    Balinese believe that Mt Agung is a replica of Mt Meru, the central axis of the universe. One legend holds it that the mountain is a fragment of Meru brought to Bali by the first Hindus. The most important temple on Bali, Pura Besakih, is located high on the slopes of Gunung Agung.[4]

  35. Chris-

    You know, I couldn't help but believe that sooner or later the Pentagon would emerge at the forefront on the transhumanist putsch. Thus, it was with a combination of great horror and amusement I stumbled upon this article "".

    Presently AI is only being used to monitor the motions, but how long until the upper brass is advocating implants to go along with the exoskeletons? With the way the Pentagon experimented with enlisted men as part of ARTICHOKE, I shutter to think what experiments will now be imposed upon them in the never ending quest for the ultimate (Borg) supersoldier....


    1. I can't help but think of The Winter Market with that one. Lots of systems out there on the horizon- let's hope they don't bundle together for the Perfect Storm.

    2. Brain implants and exoskeleton suits?! Not a good combination at all.

      Chris, I'm afraid that Perfect Storm is already brewing, given how many of these systems the Pentagon has tried/is trying. I grew up a military brat (had a sibling return from the military hospital after birth with a number tattooed on their behind, which looked like freckles... their medical records also disappeared on their 18th birthday).

      Several years after I went to bootcamp (the Few, the Proud), my family and I got some alternative health/'woowoo' scans with some interesting results, me more than anyone. I had so many things show up in this category of health issues, that I received a separate entire page listing all the weaponized Chemical, Biological, Toxin exposure... stuff the US is known to have weaponized, stuff Japan weaponized prior to WWII, stuff Iraq weaponized (never been, and seriously, camel pox?), stuff they won't even acknowledge having human vaccinations for (BSE, Foot and Mouth), various nasty toxins (red tide algae, cone shell mollusc), the worst result being for a nerve agent that would probably bring unwanted attention for naming here.

      BUT, one of the other top results listed was "Enzyme Restrictor DNA Snipper." I've used restriction enzymes many times in laboratory research, for all kinds of basic experiments (unrelated to the military), and might also dismiss it as potential contamination from a recombinant vaccine or something if it weren't for the words following that result (like every other result on this page) -- "Biological Warfare Variations."

      Restriction enzymes are also, however, absolutely integral to genetic engineering and include CRISPR, so they've been working on and testing this technology a while now.

      Why it's being pushed all of sudden is a totally different agenda, as you continue to astutely dissect here. Perhaps it's also partly intended to make what they have already done and intend to do in the near future seem downright ho-hum/boring and acceptable in comparison to the Transhumanist apocalypse.

  36. Interesting to see the unadulterated bs and false binaries being inserted into these themes. Perhaps the themes themselves are more vehicles for the more subtle baloney we're being asked to buy rather than signs of anything more important.

    For instance, the Forbes piece has this bit of nonsense "When I speak with others I am limited by the speed with which I can speak and the words on the tip of my tongue." This obviously untrue statement is a fast talker covering up fast talk and nothing else. As any glib speaker, including a fast-talker (in the negative sense) knows, it's the "reception" speed of the intended audience/mark that is the limiter, not the skilled speaker. To see this fundamental fact turned upside down as the basis for more pro-machine bs is telling us something. At the very least a "fast talker" is telling us to believe that talking even faster will be a good thing, despite the existing limitations of receivers/people. Sounds more like a plan to overload and overstimulate beyond our existing capacities.

    And then there's this, which may have been covered here earlier:

    Here's the howlingly effed up bs they're selling right from the robot herself "I foresee massive and unimaginable change in the future. Either creativity will rain on us, inventing machines spiralling into transcendental super intelligence or civilization collapses.”

    Really?!? Only two possible solutions are deemed conceivible and only one that doesn't involve extinction? This as absolutely false binary bs and an excellent example of trying to set the parameters of discourse with huge limits. This may be the real point of all this; trying to see just how much fake narrow “logic” the IFLS people can be conned into believing.

    Perhaps this a beta-test for identifying “smart” morons (seeing who buy the set ups and scenarios being laid out). If another poster is correct about the elites not being truly interested, and this being more of a nerdy thing, then what better way to mind-herd the next generation of otherwise intelligent nerd boys and girls than to involve them in the greatest RPG of all: Save humanity from extinction!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. The False Binary is the very basis of the soft control system. Especially since they can use the False Binary to keep moving the goalposts to ever-further extremes. I mean, you will be accused of being a Nazi if you oppose Transgenics and brain chips. It's the sickest of ironies, but that's how the boundaries are being set.

  37. Technocracy is based on lies. The main lie is at the center of technocracy is that every and any human problem can be solved through technology- Faith on machines. So we get machine fixes for everything. Bitcoin! AI! Sexbots! Geo engineering! Wow. The list of techno fixes is endless. Oddly enough, technocrats are anti science, because technocracy has little to do with science and a lot to do with religion. The Nazis and Soviets were technocrats, that is why they worshipped nuts like Horbiger and Lysenko. Heidegger, even being a Nazi himself, knew that technocracy was a dead end, madness. Since the 1920s the USA has been slowly turned into a technocracy and given the historical precedents that road does not look good for its future. -w00dy w00dpeck3r

    1. Scientism and Totalitarianism are inseparable. Nazism and Communism-- which is to say National Socialism or International Socialism- are inherently technocratic and seek to impose a slide-rule order on a fractal world. Technocracy can never succeed because technocrats fail to perceive that everything is cyclical, not linear.


    Please respond are you aware of this the TV show American Gods?:

  39. Facebook quietly announces they'll contact the appropriate emergency personel if their AI determines a user is suicidal. Heartwarming!

    1. Oh, that's the foot in the door. Then the creep begins.

  40. Not sure if you're trying to be funny or if your homo- and transphobia is showing...

    1. No, yours is. You obviously equate gay and trans people with pedophilia.

  41. Why are you send out dogwhistles to the alt-right, Chris? What happened?

    1. If you really think I'm sending dogwhistles to the alt.right you'd best have the doctor up your dose.

  42. Bettas differ from other fish because they need air. Unlike nearly all other fish that consume oxygen through their gills,
    bettas eat oxygen via a specialized organ referred to as the labyrinth organ. This organ gathers oxygen directly from the air.