Sunday, November 26, 2017

Transhuman Follies: Better the Morgue than the Borg

There are so many different apocalypses in the news these days I'm having trouble keeping them all straight. The AI apocalypse, the Robot Apocalypse, the Carbon Apocalypse, the Antibiotic Apocalypse; I guess Immanetizing the Eschaton is a lot harder than it looks.  

Or maybe we're looking at a kind of reality game show scenario where the Four Horsemen are all competing with each other to see whose apocalypse will really bring the house down. 

I can picture it now- the Four Horsemen share a bungalow in Laurel Canyon where they work with a team of expert consultants on their various agendas of misery, plague and war. They then have to pitch their dooms to a celebrity panel of judges, featuring Mark Cuban, Arsenio Hall and Megyn Kelly. 

The winner gets to see his dread wrath poured out on to the face of the Earth like brimstone in boiling pitch and to savor the desperate, dying shrieks of the damned. 

So do the losers.

Speaking of religious fundamentalism, It's gotta be grant-applyin' time since we're hearing all kinds of prophecies of woe pouring out of the faculty lounges of the various universities. 

Climate change is a perennial cashcrop, since there are so many banks that want to suck the economic blood out of developing countries under the rubric of carbon credits and the like. 

Funny how these articles never mention geoengineering, though. 

And by funny, I mean deceptive.

Thousands of fraudsters and shills shill? How is this news? 

Trick question--- it isn't. It's simply more shrieking hysteria that no one but the most credulous New York Times readers takes seriously. 

But it is serious, in that it's all going to be used as justification for crimes against humanity the likes of which this world has never seen.

The Patriarch has a bit deeper a perspective than most, certainly deeper than any 28 year-old shithead plagiarizing Open Society press releases for Slate or Vice may have, so he recognizes that civilization is actually quite fragile and may not be able to cope with all the arbitrary changes being forced down its throat.

You can only bend the paper clip so many times. It eventually snaps.

Did I say Open Society? I mean the Council on Foreign Relations. 

To show you how irredeemably corrupt the mainstream media is, Vice doesn't even hide its alliance with the nerve-center of the Globalist Oligarchy.

This is so sick and depraved I'm tempted to write it off as some Kaufmanesque kind of prank. Since I don't want to automatically assume that Vice is existentially evil, I'll pretend I'm hallucinating it.

But when it comes to truly plausible apocalyptic scenarios, CRISPR takes the cake. The potential here for everything, from nightmare species so invasive they lay waste to their environs to microbial contagions that cause the most horrific pandemics, is so huge-- almost so incalculable--it staggers the imagination.

You thought automatic weapons were dangerous? They're fucking baby-toys compared to what some sicko with an Angel of Death fetish can do with this technology. Or did you not see 12 Monkeys?

Of course, if you express any such concern for those types of scenarios, you're anti-progress and probably a Nazi. 

Now look what you gone and did, Nazi. You hurt Science. 

Say you're sorry, Nazi.

Yeah, this is going to go just swimmingly. No downsides at all. 

Actually, I'll tell you what- let's force everyone to modify DNA. Their's, their sister's, the cat's, whatever. Let's just stop worrying about everything and just fuck with genomes at random. Because life's just a party. Whoop de doo.

And you thought Russian hackers were a problem? Well, two words for you, Buster-- Russian hackers with DNA rewriting tools. 

OK, that's more than two words. Stop being such a math Nazi.

But hey, want to be more buff? Want to get it up and keep it up? Want to squirt a powerful, musky cloud of pheromones that'll drive the ladies in the bridge club wild? Experiment on yourself with CRISPR. It's easier than programming your DVR!

And hey- futz around with your RNA while you're at it! The RNARiter is only $49.95 plus shipping. No, we don't know what the hell RNA does either. I think it's kind of like DNA's retarded kid brother or something.  But hey, you can't beat these savings!

Yeah, the fine print, bla bla bla. Errors, off-target effects, horrible mutations, agonizing death, yadda yadda. Our lawyers made us put that in. But hey; do the words "John Holmes" mean anything to you? 

Yeah, boyee! That's I'm talking about!

This guy got a lot of publicity for injecting himself with a DIY gene therapy. Not only did it not work, it made his condition worse. Surprise, surprise.

Make no mistake- the BBC does not hype this behavior because it wants you to try these untested therapies and get well. It's hyping this stuff because it wants you to try these untested therapies, get sick and die. And hopefully infect other people.

Oh, I wish I were exaggerating.

Oh, this is precious. Forbes-- fucking Forbes-- is having the SJW Khmer Rouge get all Tumblr on GMOs. This is how CRISPR will duck any criticism when the shit starts hitting the fan- by hiding behind identity politics. You know it's coming.

This article is so manipulative and dishonest it makes your head spin. And I don't even have a particular hangup on the GMO issue. 

Speaking of manipulative, the catamite-grooming subprogram of the Transhuman Agenda ran into a few snags. The whole pedo-pity angle that Salon and the Guardian beta-tested was a bust on account of pedos being gross and creepy, so they set the Intersectionalists on it. Success!

Now it's an eight year-old boy's right to be force-fed estrogen and crossdressed by her mother. It's their right to be paraded around in front of random strangers at drag balls. And soon it will be their right to spend their time with whomever they choose, no matter their age. 

What, you think children don't have rights? What are you, some kind of Nazi?

And if their parents want a little remuneration for the privilege of their little darling's company, well, when did you start being so anti-free enterprise already?

Anyone who has a problem with any of this, you best keep your mouth shut. They know where you work.

Speaking of SJWs, the New York Daily News is now shilling for the Transhumanist agenda, which is really the final destination on this Highway to Hell we're all stuck on. And my my my, look at what they're citing as precedent for this brave new transgenic-cybernetic world:

Makes sense. We need to be like the gods. When has that ever gone wrong, right? And it all ends with this little Tsoukalosian gem:


Oh dear-- what's the implication here? We're just squatters and the landlords are coming to reclaim their property? Oh, they've been summering in the Bottomless Pit for a few millennia? Well, I'm sure they're reasonable people. We can share.

And hey look-- Forbes is shilling for the Transhuman Apocalypse too...

This article paints a nightmare scenario that no one born before 1999 would want any part of. It's no accident the artwork there looks more than faintly Borgian; Transhumanism makes the Borg look like the Rainbow People here:

All of which adds up to "not even your thoughts will belong to you."  

No, they'll be programmed by Elon Musk, Facebook and DARPA. Plus, the CIA. Assuming any of this technology is actually workable. A very open question at the moment, I should add. But they'll have plenty of unemployables to beta-test on, right?

What are the safeguards for abuse here?

In other words, "don't oppress me, bro!" 

Sure, that'll work.

Here's a much more sober-minded and realistic take on Transhumanism. 

You really have to be willfully naive not to suss out the reality behind the sales pitch- if and when this technology goes to market it's going to be monopolized by the super-rich, who will have already replaced nearly all of us with robots. 

Hence, headlines like this...

...and this...

...and this. So where is this all going? What does this mean for me and you?

Oh yes, indeed. What should you do with all the superfluous people?

Maybe we're seeing the seeds being planted on dealing with that eventuality already. In other words, the Microbes are Ready. And now we're seeing a raft of scareporn telling us just how vulnerable we all are. 

I'll tell you what; Better the Morgue than the Borg. That's my answer.

And our friends from the CFR chime in again. And conveniently lay it all at the feet of Trump. By which they mean Trump's voters, who top the CFRs "to be culled first" list.   

And don't worry, SJWs, you're not far behind. Submission does not mean survival with the crowd you're sucking up to. Quite the contrary. 

And we also see the insane miracle cure stories that only help to make the victims of the coming cull feel like it's all their fault. 

"You imbecile! Why didn't you look to bats for help! You could have saved your entire family had you only thought of bats!"

Which takes us to the next stop-- our friends at Not Actually a Space Agency, scouring the skies for lethal space germs studying how outer space affects your genes.  Just for the sheer science of it, y'know? 

And then there's some other stuff. You know, just seeing what the best ways to increase antibiotic resistance might be. Because why not? There are too many hours in the damn day.

And funny all this stuff about pandemics and antibiotic resistance really starts heating up in the wake of the Vegas' little flyby. I mean, we even had the future King of the British Empire muse airily on the fact that there are too many people on the planet Earth. 

The same future King whose grandfather once wished upon a star-- probably Vega-- that he be reincarnated as a deadly microbe so the earth could be cleansed of the superfluous once and for all.

And again, do note the actual meaning of Oumuamua:

1. The foremost soldier or the front rank in battle.

2. A scout; one sent forward before a battle to discover the position of the enemy.

From Vega. Comforting, no?

And perhaps not only are the Microbes ready, but perhaps the Space Microbes are Ready, too. Maybe that's why these stories are being circulated. We didn't CRISPR that inert virus into a deadly hemorrhagic-fever hellspawn, it came from Mars. On some space dust or rock or a Vegan Deathbird or some shit. It transported here, I think. 

Hey- go back to your VR cell and stop bothering your betters. 

Some clever NLP here: "they're not cancer-causing space-microbes, they're tiny aliens! Aww, ain't they adorable? Like little ALFs."

Of course, if comets could bring life itself to Earth, then an Epsilon-class Starkiller5 from the Lyra constellation could conceivably have sprayed a few lousy viruses on our heads, right? Those damn microbes are worse than Tribbles. Incorrigible.

And just in case you don't think the media is messing with your head when it comes to this stuff, do check out the endless parade of "Nibiru let us all down again" pieces, which only serve to debunk all the stories they themselves made up in the first place.

So what you do is that you distract the Nibiru rubes with your left hand and you dazzle the I Fucking Love Corporate crowd with Planet Nine teases. Of course, 'Planet Nine' and 'Nibiru' are two ways of describing the same exact thing but hey--- Neil DeGrasse Tyson. 

So shut up.

And for all you people who have actual lives, the 234 Alien Species here feels like a little subliminal nod to the 456 of Torchwood fame. knows its audience well. 

It will be very sad when they're culled.