Friday, November 03, 2017

Kevin or Las Vegas

Kevin Spacey in Se7en

Is it just me or do you feel like some malfunctioning AI has taken control of reality and is using current events for a game of symbolic charades?

Or maybe the intelligence that runs the simulation we're trapped in stepped away from his desk for a moment and his idiot kid-- you know, the one that dabbled in symbolist poetry and absurdist theater in college before he developed a really bad Percocet addiction -- took the controls. 

Oh dear- that's unfortunate.

Or maybe one of the hexes from all these penny-candy witches cursing Trump went totally wide of the mark and hit his Netflix wannabe, Frank Underwood. 

Only Frank Underwood doesn't exist so the hex decided to take out Kevin Spacey Fowler, Knight Commander of the British Empire, better known to the world as Kevin Spacey.

Remember, English is a second language in the spirit world and nasty pranks are the national pastime. 

Marty: Denis Eton-Hogg, the president of Polymer Records... 
Ian: Yes.
Marty: ... was recently knighted, what were the circumstances surrounding his knighthood? 
Ian: The specific reason why he was knighted was for the founding of Hoggwood, which is a summer-camp for pale, young boys.

In what is probably the most fecund Synchromystic environment in my memory, Spacey has been exposed as a serial sex harasser and statutory rapist. But this is all going down as he's playing the Regulus, the Little King. 

It's as if a dam burst and the man is getting washed away in the deluge. Or perhaps he's been slated as a sacrificial lamb, meant to take on the sins of an entire industry. Is this the opening salvo on rampant Hollywood pedophilia or is this simply a controlled burn, a way to deflect responsibility by selecting a particularly egregious offender to take all the heat?

And given that our eyes are on the stars these days, I can't shake the whole "Spacey" thing. Especially considering his actual surname of Fowler and the obvious connections it has to the Vegas and to the recent celestial visitor we had enter our solar system, reportedly from Vega itself.

So is all this real or part of a larger ritual cycle? Remember this about ritualism; it's an outgrowth of obsessive-compulsive disorder, so the sky's the limit. And the bigger and badder and wider you go with your rituals the more power they seem to take on.

And so it is that Spacey seems to be unwittingly playing Lucifer in an open-air mystery play of sorts. And you can't help but notice all the highly-charged symbolism swarming over this story like yellowjackets at your cookout. 

But of course highly-charged symbolism is popping up absolutely everywhere so why should this be any different, right?

And given "Space," and "Fowler" and the timing and all I should remind everyone that it was an interview with a Star Trek actor that unleashed the dogs and it's two other Star Trek actors that are keeping the fires white-hot with statements to the media.

We've looked at Spacey here before and touched on his appearance in K-Pax, the Walk-In drama released during the Orionids following 9/11. Spacey also syncs up with the Walk-Ins via his role in The Men Who Stare at Goats in which he plays a character based on Major Ed Dames, the remote viewer whose group informed the world that the Comet Hale-Bopp was dragging a massive UFO in its wake. 

Dames' "viewing" inspired the Heaven's Gate cult- who began to see themselves as Walk-Ins after watching an episode of The X-Files -- that their space-Uber was here and it was time to shed the meatsuits.

And, oh hey- it just so happens that our friend K-Pax was a Vega. 

Amazing coincidence!

And there are some of the expected signifiers, including a sync-up with Our Lady of Oracles.

And right on schedule we get the expected twinning with the brother, including the evil psychotic father rap that we saw with the Paddock Brothers after Las Vegas.

And just as with Eric Paddock, Spacey's brother-- who seems like he might have a few mental issues of his own-- is milking his brother's infamy for screentime. His manner of dress is rather unique; he's nicknamed "Rod Stewart" by locals in Boise, but of course he dresses a lot more like...

...a certain Cocteau Twins acolyte.

And lo and behold, he namechecks Men in Black too, just like our old friend Eric Paddock.

Surely a coincidence. 

And wouldn't you just know it, by golly; the Spacey shit-train was fired up by this tweet by television news personality Hathor Unruh, on Friday the 10/13, no less.

If that name sounds vaguely familiar you might be confusing it with another H.Unruh, the notorious mass murderer we heard mentioned in several news stories about Las Vegas. 

Unruh means "unrest" in German. Or chaos. Or Chao.

What a zaaaanee coinkydink.

Spacey was also involved in actor training in some of those futuristic oil duchies that seem so central to the New Vega Order....

...including the future dome-icile of the Nommo, Dubai. Well, knock me down with a feather.

There was even a mock Spacey for President campaign on social media, centered in Egypt.

And wouldn't you just know it- Assassin's Creed is offering up recreations of Ancient Egypt, rendered in excruciating detail. The Egypt thing was announced just in time for our visitor from Vega.

And shortly after that, an "Isis" attack in the shadow of the Tower of New Babylon One World Center, an event that ended on the corner of Chambers St and West Side Highway (which runs parallel with the Hudson River)...

We have a report today that claims a hidden chamber has been found inside the Great Pyramid, on the west banks of the Nile River.

The team's promotional video makes strong visual correspondence to the shafts pointing at Orion's Belt.

This is all apparently old news but for some unfathomable reason they chose to plant those seeds again now, in the midst of the Synchro-Superstorm.

Can you blame them?

Now, as far as this whole Spacey business synching up with some of the deeper themes at work lately, I'll remind you of "Little Spacey" on the 1986 album Victorialand (which also syncs Spacey and Las Vegas), which is in fact named after a large plot of land in a place we've been hearing a lot about this past year....

...Antarctica. You didn't actually think Our Lady of 2017 Oracles would overlook Antarctica, did you?

And it so happens that Big Spacey lent his talents to one of those highly-ritualistic films made for IMAX domed theaters, set in Antarctica. Kind of a strange project for Spacey to be involved in, don't you think?

Shackleton being directly linked to Victorialand. And what was that ship's name?

Ohhhh...the Nimrod. You mean like the Green Day album?

Or maybe the Biblical figure believed to based on Sargon, founder of Babylon?

Like Moses?

Which Moses?

And the first "Empire Builder," you say?

Who is also associated with... Orion.

Huh. Orion again.

So Nimrod, Ziggurats and Antarctica, eh?

And we saw this story pop up in earnest shortly after the 2016 election, when all eyes were pointed towards Antartica for some bizarre Fallen Angel ritual unknown reason.

Increasingly we are seeing stories on the South Pole, a topic you never heard much about in the past. Including highly suggestive headlines like this....

Read: "sleeping Nephilim"

...and this...

 I couldn't help but think of The Arrival-- the Charlie Sheen 90s flick-- when I read that one.

That film dealt with a star called Wolf 336, a crypto-Masonic reimagining of the famous Wolf 359 that likes just beneath....

...Regulus. Ka-ra-zee coincidence.

And look; a TED piece using the 'What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" line in connection to the Upside Down, complete with image of blood-red sea and sky. 

I'm thinking what happens on Vega most certainly will not stay on Vega, which is kind the whole point behind the past five months of blogrants here.

Then there's this and all the other weirdness surround the continent. 

Like I said before, what's going on reminds of the process in which stars are said to form- a bunch of debris and dust and space flotsam spin around randomly for a while before they begin to cohere after a while and take a definitive form.

And then they ignite.

Reading these highly suggestive headlines and stories I can't help but think of The Thing from Another World as well as the Thetans imprisoned inside the Earth by Xenu. Or so L Ron Hubbard told us.  

I thought about that again reading this recent story of how the Church of Scientology has been running interference for That 70s Show actor, Danny Masterson. 

Just a vibe.

Then there's this story, unleashed by the Hurricane Harvey Weinstein bloodbath, which is now sucking Brent Ratner into its event horizon. Natasha Henstridge is best known for her work in the Species films of course.

And of course we see the same basic theme in Species we see in K-Pax -- well, kind of-- of an alien force that is transmitted here through a data transfer. Species is rife with Siren symbolism and as such features Heath Ledger's future wife, Michelle Williams.

We also see SETI, as in The Arrival.

Which also plays a part in the voyage to Vega in Carl Sagan's Contact.

And the iconic fetal position of the film's original poster...

...seems to have inspired OVO, the soundtrack of The Millennium Dome Show.

Which was not-reassuringly based on The Marriage of Heaven and Hell. The mother of the child here-- the child being the offspring of a Son of Heaven and a Daughter of Man-- is voiced by Our Lady of Oracles herself.

An echo of Superman, another Vega fallen to Earth.

Arch-enemy of Lex Luthor, played here by Kevin Spacey....oh, wait.

Played here by Kevin or Las Vegas Little Spacey.