Friday, November 03, 2017

Kevin or Las Vegas

Kevin Spacey in Se7en

Is it just me or do you feel like some malfunctioning AI has taken control of reality and is using current events for a game of symbolic charades?

Or maybe the intelligence that runs the simulation we're trapped in stepped away from his desk for a moment and his idiot kid-- you know, the one that dabbled in symbolist poetry and absurdist theater in college before he developed a really bad Percocet addiction -- took the controls. 

Oh dear- that's unfortunate.

Or maybe one of the hexes from all these penny-candy witches cursing Trump went totally wide of the mark and hit his Netflix wannabe, Frank Underwood. 

Only Frank Underwood doesn't exist so the hex decided to take out Kevin Spacey Fowler, Knight Commander of the British Empire, better known to the world as Kevin Spacey.

Remember, English is a second language in the spirit world and nasty pranks are the national pastime. 

Marty: Denis Eton-Hogg, the president of Polymer Records... 
Ian: Yes.
Marty: ...was recently knighted, what were the circumstances surrounding his knighthood? 
Ian: The specific reason why he was knighted was for the founding of Hoggwood, which is a summer-camp for pale, young boys.

In what is probably the most fecund Synchromystic environment in my memory, Spacey has been exposed as a serial sex harasser and statutory rapist. But this is all going down as he's playing the Regulus, the Little King. 

It's as if a dam burst and the man is getting washed away in the deluge. Or perhaps he's been slated as a sacrificial lamb, meant to take on the sins of an entire industry. Is this the opening salvo on rampant Hollywood pedophilia or is this simply a controlled burn, a way to deflect responsibility by selecting a particularly egregious offender to take all the heat?

And given that our eyes are on the stars these days, I can't shake the whole "Spacey" thing. Especially considering his actual surname of Fowler and the obvious connections it has to the Vegas and to the recent celestial visitor we had enter our solar system, reportedly from Vega itself.

So is all this real or part of a larger ritual cycle? Remember this about ritualism; it's an outgrowth of obsessive-compulsive disorder, so the sky's the limit. And the bigger and badder and wider you go with your rituals the more power they seem to take on.

And so it is that Spacey seems to be unwittingly playing Lucifer in an open-air mystery play of sorts. And you can't help but notice all the highly-charged symbolism swarming over this story like yellowjackets at your cookout. 

But of course highly-charged symbolism is popping up absolutely everywhere so why should this be any different, right?

And given "Space," and "Fowler" and the timing and all I should remind everyone that it was an interview with a Star Trek actor that unleashed the dogs and it's two other Star Trek actors that are keeping the fires white-hot with statements to the media.

We've looked at Spacey here before and touched on his appearance in K-Pax, the Walk-In drama released during the Orionids following 9/11. Spacey also syncs up with the Walk-Ins via his role in The Men Who Stare at Goats in which he plays a character based on Major Ed Dames, the remote viewer whose group informed the world that the Comet Hale-Bopp was dragging a massive UFO in its wake. 

Dames' "viewing" inspired the Heaven's Gate cult- who began to see themselves as Walk-Ins after watching an episode of The X-Files -- that their space-Uber was here and it was time to shed the meatsuits.

And, oh hey- it just so happens that our friend K-Pax was a Vega. 

What a coincidence!

And there are some of the expected signifiers, including a sync-up with Our Lady of Oracles.

And right on schedule we get the expected twinning with the brother, including the evil psychotic father rap that we saw with the Paddock Brothers after Las Vegas.

And just as with Eric Paddock, Spacey's brother-- who seems like he might have a few mental issues of his own-- is milking his brother's infamy for screentime. His manner of dress is rather unique; he's nicknamed "Rod Stewart" by locals in Boise, but of course he dresses a lot more like...

...a certain Cocteau Twins acolyte.

And lo and behold, he namechecks Men in Black too, just like our old friend Eric Paddock.

Surely a coincidence. 

And wouldn't you just know it, by golly; the Spacey shit-train was fired up by this tweet by television news personality Hathor Unruh, on Friday the 10/13, no less.

If that name sounds vaguely familiar you might be confusing it with another H.Unruh, the notorious mass murderer we heard mentioned in several news stories about Las Vegas. 

Unruh means "unrest" in German. Or chaos. Or Chao.

What a zaaaanee coinkydink.

Spacey was also involved in actor training in some of those futuristic oil duchies that seem so central to the New Vega Order....

...including the future dome-icile of the Nommo, Dubai. 

Well, knock me down with a feather.

There was even a mock Spacey for President campaign on social media, centered in Egypt.

And wouldn't you just know it- Assassin's Creed is offering up recreations of Ancient Egypt, rendered in excruciating detail. The Egypt thing was announced just in time for our visitor from Vega.

And shortly after that, an "Isis" attack in the shadow of the Tower of New Babylon One World Center, an event that ended on the corner of Chambers St and West Side Highway (which runs parallel with the Hudson River)...

We have a report today that claims a hidden chamber has been found inside the Great Pyramid, on the west banks of the Nile River.

The team's promotional video makes strong visual correspondence to the shafts pointing at Orion's Belt.

This is all apparently old news but for some unfathomable reason they chose to plant those seeds again now, in the midst of the Synchro-Superstorm.

Can you blame them?

Now, as far as this whole Spacey business synching up with some of the deeper themes at work lately, I'll remind you of "Little Spacey" on the 1986 album Victorialand (which also syncs Spacey and Las Vegas), which is in fact named after a large plot of land in a place we've been hearing a lot about this past year....


You didn't actually think Our Lady of 2017 Oracles would overlook Antarctica, did you?

And it so happens that Big Spacey lent his talents to one of those highly-ritualistic films made for IMAX domed theaters, set in Antarctica. Kind of a strange project for Spacey to be involved in, don't you think?

Shackleton being directly linked to Victorialand. And what was that ship's name?

Ohhhh...the Nimrod. You mean like the Green Day album?

Or maybe the Biblical figure believed to based on Sargon, founder of Babylon?

Like Moses?

Which Moses?

And the first "Empire Builder," you say?

Who is also associated with... Orion.

Huh. Orion again.

So Nimrod, Ziggurats and Antarctica, eh?

And we saw this story pop up in earnest shortly after the 2016 election, when all eyes were pointed towards Antartica for some bizarre Fallen Angel ritual unknown reason.

Increasingly we are seeing stories on the South Pole, a topic you never heard much about in the past. Including highly suggestive headlines like this....

Read: "sleeping Nephilim"

...and this...

 I couldn't help but think of The Arrival-- the Charlie Sheen 90s flick-- when I read that one.

That film dealt with a star called Wolf 336, a crypto-Masonic reimagining of the famous Wolf 359 that likes just beneath....


Ka-ra-zee coincidence.

And look; a TED piece using the 'What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" line in connection to the Upside Down, complete with image of blood-red sea and sky. 

I'm thinking what happens on Vega most certainly will not stay on Vega, which is kind the whole point behind the past five months of blogrants here.

Then there's this and all the other weirdness surround the continent. 

Like I said before, what's going on reminds of the process in which stars are said to form- a bunch of debris and dust and space flotsam spin around randomly for a while before they begin to cohere after a while and take a definitive form.

And then they ignite.

Reading these highly suggestive headlines and stories I can't help but think of The Thing from Another World as well as the Thetans imprisoned inside the Earth by Xenu. Or so L Ron Hubbard told us.  

I thought about that again reading this recent story of how the Church of Scientology has been running interference for That 70s Show actor, Danny Masterson. 

Just a vibe.

Then there's this story, unleashed by the Hurricane Harvey Weinstein bloodbath, which is now sucking Brent Ratner into its event horizon. Natasha Henstridge is best known for her work in the Species films of course.

And of course we see the same basic theme in Species we see in K-Pax -- well, kind of-- of an alien force that is transmitted here through a data transfer. Species is rife with Siren symbolism and as such features Heath Ledger's future wife, Michelle Williams.

We also see SETI, as in The Arrival.

Which also plays a part in the voyage to Vega in Carl Sagan's Contact.

And the iconic fetal position of the film's original poster...

...seems to have inspired OVO, the soundtrack of The Millennium Dome Show.

Which was not-reassuringly based on The Marriage of Heaven and Hell. The mother of the child here-- the child being the offspring of a Son of Heaven and a Daughter of Man-- is voiced by Our Lady of Oracles herself.

An echo of Superman, another Vega fallen to Earth.

Arch-enemy of Lex Luthor, played here by Kevin Spacey....oh, wait.

Played here by Kevin or Las Vegas Little Spacey.


  1. All of this also seems to happening in the periphery of the one and only...Bryan Singer.

    -He directed Spacey in his breakout film Usual Suspects (Spacey won an oscar I think.

    -Also directed Spacey in Superman Returns (barf)

    -Brett Ratner took over the Xmen franchise (thankfully for one movie) when Singer jumped ship for Superman.

    -Singer had to distance himself from press campaigns in the release of Xmen Apocalypse because of sexual assault allegations. This was due to his involvement with a group of child predators revealed in a documentary called "An Open Secret."

    But yeah you right.

    1. Totally coincidental. Ratner, Spacey, Singer.

      No connection whatsoever.

      I mean, what are you, some kind of apophenist?

  2. Corey Feldman who of course is a major figure in the Hollywood pedophile abuse thing (as victim) has just named his (one) abuser as actor John Grissom. Via the name game, one is reminded of the most famous Grissom of them all, astronaut Gus Grissom (played by Fred Ward in The Right Stuff). Yes the NASA and outer space thing. Grissom died with 2 other astronauts in the pre-launch module test for Apollo 1 back in 1967. He could be seen as a cursed astronaut. There is also a Star Trek connection to Grissom. Wiki informs us: "In the 1984 film Star Trek III: The Search for Spock, the Federation starship USS Grissom is named for Grissom. Another USS Grissom was featured in a 1990 episode of the TV series Star Trek: The Next Generation, and was mentioned in a 1999 episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine."

    But of course.

    1. Yeah, that Grissom thing. Interesting, isn't it? Especially since that Grissom has only two credits on his imdb.

    2. There's also a Grissom/Las Vegas connection if you look at the original CSI:Crime Scene Investigation...

  3. The pic of now 'fallen' actor K. Spacey Fowler as Lex Luthor makes one think he would of done a good job playing 'manical' CEO Jeff Bezos in a tv movie biopic on the rise of Amazon Corp.

    1. Oh, that movie will never get made, believe it.

  4. secureteam10 is a shitty channel that makes a lot of fake videos, the guy who runs the channel is just searching for clicks. He will regualry promote complete bullshit.
    Just throwing that out there.
    Spacys brother must be glad to no longer have to live in his brothers shadow, maybe he will stop dressing like a character from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

    1. SecureTeam are irrelevant. The object in the video is on Google Earth. And it all ties into this Antarctica meme that we're hearing so much about this year.

  5. No it is not just you.

    But actually we are not trapped (yet). Humans could still decide to stop the madness. That they don't is because they are devout believers. Made lazy, indifferent, ugly, apathetic... and turned against each other.

    The cult is everywhere, has changed the face of the earth so dramatically that no one even remembers its real face, and their own...

    That's why I think researching the cult has its uses, but at some point you'll have to find back the real.

    The only thing that would be really and actually life-saving is to stop believing, stop giving them power of any kind, stop being one of their agents in watever capacity and start taking our own lives serious again.

    Look. It's probably not going to happen, but even then, it is always better to be true to oneself, to what's real, to life itself. Also, incredibly painful to see what has become of it... But then, I much prefer the "ugly" truth over any "beautiful" lie. It's the only truly moral thing to do, the only truly natural thing we can do.

    Authenticity really IS important. It's te only thing that really counts when it comes down to it.
    Without it, what are you?

    Perhaps the sun will indeed burst out in a gigantic solar flare which will destroy the large part of the technology that keeps the system together. I sure wouldn't mind, I have to say. But even then, it will all depend on us , ourselves, to really get a grip on ouselves and not fall in the same trap again.

    See, god = government, and vice versa.
    We don't need that.

    What we need is our lives back. It's the only thing we can really 'have'.

    1. Well, the only reason I do what I do is to make people aware of what's going on out there in the hopes they can disengage themselves from its effects.

    2. I think only its 'effects' is not enough.

      And I also feel that 'explaining how bad porn is by watching it and pointing it out and discussing it while watching and referring to every new porn film being made etc etc' is somehow a bit ... well.... you get my drift I'm sure.

    3. But what is porn?

  6. I read Contact a long time ago, but there is one bit that stayed in my memory, because I thought it was such a weird idea. At the end of the novel, after decoding the message from the aliens, the main character figures out, or learns from the aliens, that there are hidden messages within the digits of pi, specifically written in base 11. And I always wondered whether there really is something in pi written in base 11.

    1. I think, in base 11 it might tell you how to 'recognize the stranger' (who, after all, is by definition unknowable, like Pi itself). Knowing the unknowable without losing the mystery. 'Forever'...

      Just a guess....

    2. And it has nothing to do with aliens.

      And it can't be manipulated, or forced. Ever.

    3. Contact is interesting in that it focused on Vega, which seems to be one of the ascendant archetypes this year. Especially after that hoopla about the comet from Vega last week.

  7. You have THE BEST SHOW across the entire spectrum. This is the best show I have EVER seen. If America can endure David Lynch we can handle Christopher Knowles. If only I could Talk to anybody about it with anyone I know.

    Thanks for having fresh ornery lobsters in the trap all the time. Keep up the good work.

  8. One could derive from the Martian 2015 the date 3-18-17, from the number of sols counted as days from the release date, or the extended mission, I think. March 18 is the 77th day of the year.


  9. The ninth episode of American Horror Story: Cult, “Drink The Kool-Aid,” opens, appropriately enough, with Kai regaling his dude militia with stories of notorious cults and cult leaders: Heaven’s Gate, David Koresh, and Jim Jones — a semi-harbinger of things to come. This week's episode appeared to have real footage mixed in. Chris, that was a really good podcast with Gordon and Raj.

    1. Thank you, Karin. AHS lost me a few series ago but maybe I need to check the new series out.

  10. the breakaways did not leave earth, nor enter space, well they did briefly to enter the 5th dimensional earth and take it over using technology - from there they are controlling this world and this weekend they will have all the digital controls in place to affect their plan - we will stop them with the light and love of this world balanced against the true scales of justice that only the brotherhood of light and dark can accomplish if we all tune into our hearts and let them lead us no matter the friction...

    go watch the movie tomorrowland - but do not buy the happy bullshit - FREE YOUR HEARTSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. You do have to wonder sometimes. And yes- keep your hearts free.

  11. Brett Ratner/Bryan Singer... X
    Assassins Creed: Origins..OA
    Trip Advisor + Eve beds advertisements both push that OVO imagery


    So they find Kevin Spacey visit "no longer desirable". Oh wow. They must be good guys then!

    With "choices" like that, who do you even root for?

    Like, you prefer death or torture? Or any combination thereof? Or variation on the theme? Come on guys, take your pick. Let's take care of all those evil ones, together!


    (and no, other 'justifications' aren't any better, they all are huge failures, and that is because, basically, there's no such thing as 'right' OR 'obligation' in nature)

    1. It's not like Spacey's activities were a secret. It's all about perception.

    2. Of course. They would look bad having him over. That's their only concern.

  13. The Usual Suspects...Bryan Singer, Kevin Spacey aaaand?

    1. Some other interesting although perhaps tangential Bryan Singer/K. Spacey and weird connections with recent topics:

      -- Singer was at times attached to a proposed Star Trek television reboot as well as being set to produce the Battlestar Galactica remake series. His Battlestar reboot fell apart, and was later done by Star Trek TNG/DS9 writer-producer Ronald D. Moore.

      -- Pete Postelwaite portrays the lawyer Mr. Kobayashi in The Usual Suspects. This seems interesting to me in that he also portrayed one of the inmates in Alien 3...

      ... Third installment of the iconic Alien sci-fi/horror franchise, which in this third chapter featured a bald Sinead O' Ripley contending with a group of bald men. The film states this is a cast of convicted murderers, rapists, and molesters who had formed their own strange little monk-like apocalyptic millenarian religious movement on prison planet Fury 161. Later here in 2017, Rose McGowan, head shaven, appears to rally against Hollywood's dirty rapey culture that has been operating in the shadows for many years.

      -- David Fincher directed Alien 3 as well as Spacey career-booster Se7en, and of course House of Cards as well.

      -- Spacey costarred with Gabriel Byrne (interesting name) in The Usual Suspects. A film that of course references the devil and implies that the film's enigmatically sinister figure of Keyser Soze is the devil himself.

      -- Gabriel Byrne would then go on to act in two more "devil movies" in the late 1990s... Stigmata, and then playing the Beast in End of Days.

      Of course this kind of cinema could all be explained by the trends of the time and all the millennium madness that was in the air during the decade.

    2. I was wondering what was the real reason for Byrne trying to pull out of the film at the last moment. The official reason given changes with each telling. Apart from that, according to the IMDb trivia page, Chris Cornell turned down the role of Redfoot the fence.

    3. Byrne's reasons for pulling out of the film keep changing with each telling?

      That almost sounds not far off of how the entire "telling of the tale" of The Usual Suspects pieces together with the Keyser Soze idea.

  14. Something I forgot to mention about Corey Feldman. He has a uh interesting connection to Vegas. He has organized/hosted/orchestrated at least one masked ball type orgy there, if not more. Quite recently. At the pricey hotels. Yes sex parties. Writer Neil Strauss makes mention of it in his book The Truth. Strauss was there for an orgy himself, where he bumped into Corey there. Corey openly boasted to Strauss about all the women he was sleeping with at his Vegas orgies. I read the book. It's how I know. Yes Strauss of the infamous The Game fame. I mention this because that's Vegas, and a Vegas connection, and what happens in Vegas doesn't always stay in Vegas.

    1. Apparently not. Thanks for bringing that to our attention, Lawrence.

  15. When i see news about Antartica, i think about HP Lovecraft and the Mountains of Madness.

    1. Yes indeed. Lovecraft seems to have been a conduit for...something. Don't know what but the evidence is tantalizing.

  16. For what it's worth, every time I hear mention of Wolf 359, I remember 90's Star Trek and the Battle of Wolf 359...

    1. And of course The Outer Limits episode.

    2. A real number's been done on us.

  17. Excerpt = "Saturn is no less certainly represented by the star Kaiwan, adored by the reprobate Israelites in the desert (Amos 5:26). The same word (interpreted to mean "steadfast") frequently designates, in the Babylonian inscriptions, the slowest-moving planet; while Sakkuth, the divinity associated with the star by the prophet, is an alternative appellation for Ninib, who, as a Babylonian planet-god, was merged with Saturn. The ancient Syrians and Arabs, too, called Saturn Kaiwan, the corresponding terms in the Zoroastrian Bundahish being Kevan. The other planets are individualized in the Bible only by implication. The worship of gods connected with them is denounced, but without any manifest intention of refering to the heavenly bodies. Thus, Gad and Meni (Isaias, lxv, 11) are, no doubt, the "greater and the lesser Fortune" typified throughout the East by Jupiter and Venus; Neba, the tutelary deity of Borsippa (Isaias xlvi, 1), shone in the sky as Mercury, and Nergal, transplanted frorn Assyria to Kutha (2 Kings 17:30), as Mars."

    From here

    And here

    Being both "detestable thing" and "idol". And so back to the lesson of ISO and EXO.

    Lord QRST says "In the way that you worship me I answer you" and Lord IHVH says "If you make an idol I will answer you through it".

    The creative power is in each, and it is ONE. E Pluribus Unum. When the divine has become batteries in the Matrix you can expect a Janus/Door/Threshold/birth MOMent. We have made a great Iron Idol in this age of Kali Yuga and it is answering us through it. Us being repetitive reincarantional beings that do not remember/anamnesis our divine spark and so the shell must resist the spark .. and be born again. Once by water, once by fire.

    Being the Feast of Tabernacles which began this year with )ctober 4 to 11. The Vegas shooting was the entering clothes aspect of the feast.

    Kaiwan as Kevan is Saturn.

    Being blessed and cursed with the same. I know it.

    1. Well, we certainly saw plenty of Saturn symbolism attached to it, that's for sure. Thanks for the info.

  18. Nov. 3 1954- Gojira (Godzilla) premiers in Tokio.

  19. I just found this interesting piece:

    It's interesting since it's a perspective that's outside the science-mainstream where we will always be told about the Libet-experiment, which will then be used as 'proof' that we do not have free will. Actually, Libet himself insisted that we DO have free will, and said that we can always VETO the decision already made by the body. We can stop, simply said. We can overrule the body...

    The model-fitting approach from the above article seems a lot more interesting to me, and a much better hypothesis. No matter which way you take it.

    Now, suppose, you have an incredible amount of power and you are somehow so disturbed as to want to fit all of reality to YOUR model.... Suppose you have worked toward this goal for thousands of years, and by now you have changed the outside world so dramatically that a normal human body/being can't possibly keep up with it. And suppose you have done something even more vicious... you have messed with people's SELF_MODELS...

    And they won't even know it.

    But suppose some diehards somehow mysteriously STILL know it. Then you'll have to adjust them bodies themselves. Just like you did with the larger body, the earth, that part that you amputated from all human beings...

    1. Interesting perspective. Thanks for the link.

    2. My pleasure.

      Btw. I think Libet's finding is useful too, when used to overrule/uninstall a program that you want to get rid of.. and return to your natural self

  20. Was surprised you didn't mention "X-Files: Fight the Future" with all those Antarctica references. But what about a Kevin Spacey connection you ask? See:

    Seriously though, K-Pax reminded me so much of PK & Starman, but there is that Jeff Bridges connection!

    1. Yes indeed- plus the Men Who Stare at Goats connection.

      The FTF thing didn't really apply to this little sync-link but I will keep it in mind as things proceed on that front. Thanks David.

    2. 'K-Pax' aka 'Starman 2'

  21. K-Pax is a rip off of film from Argentina, Man Facing Southeast from 1986. Upon K-Pax release the Argentinian film makers informed the American producers and they never received an answer. Someone I knew close to the American production told me the producer just said "Let them sue us, let's see how much they got to spend on lawyers". You gotta love Hollywood.

    1. Oh yes. Don't I know about that. All too well.

      Thanks for raising that connection.

  22. Wanted to add something I just found. Was looking for any connections I could find between Kevin Spacey & possible occult beliefs, & while I have found mention that his father was some kind of sadistic child-beating Nazi supporter, I ran across something rather more telling. Found this article talking from last year talking about the whole Abramovic "spirit cooking" thing, & there was mention in it about the Clinton's pal Jefferey Epstein's "Lolita Express". Guess who else went on those trips?


    "So first, there's Jeffry Epstein and his Lolita Express. Epstein was a big financier at Bear Stearns and later in his own company, and was a very close friend of the Clintons and many other big figures in the Establishment Political Elite as well as Hollywood. He was also what you could definitely call a pervert. He was eventually convicted of soliciting an underage girl (14 years old) for prostitution, and sentenced to 13 months in prison.

    He would often meet socially with the Clintons, especially Bill (another secret of the Clintons is that Bill and Hillary appear to spend as little time together as possible). And he also flew his friends (including Bill Clinton and Alan Dershowitz, as well as celebrities including Kevin Spacey and Chris Tucker) on trips to exotic locations (including a five-stop trip through Asia, but also to Epstein's private island) where they would allegedly have sex parties. It's known from Epstein's trial that he had apparently taken videos of some important people having sex with prostitutes (potentially underage) which he apparently planned to use as blackmail material."

    Is it therefore a "coincidence" that the Spacey story came out the same week as Donna Brazile's revelations about Hillary Clinton & the DNC? See:

    The War in Heaven continues to escalate me thinks...

    1. Oh yeah- I saw that item too. And of course there's that weird Babylonian temple on that island as well.

      Don't you feel like some burgher in central Europe, listening to the distant sounds of mortar fire during the First World War? It's bizarre.

      Thanks for bringing that up, David.

  23. Chris, you got me curious about the K-pax fruit. Bananas have dopamine, and apple seeds in the core have cyanide. Jim Jones used cyanide. Applewhite, the leader of Heaven's Gate used phenobarb in apple sauce, but still, it's all in the names.

    1. Yes, I need to rewatch KPax and see where the oranges pop up. Thanks, U.

    2. I didn't find the fruit but I did find the color orange in two syncs with Mars. At 39:59 in the background there is a simplistic picture of an orange sun over three orange mountains along with other orange circles. At 1:40 in the dream sequence, there is a stark desert area with two moons.

  24. This is off topic but this trend with video games recreating areas authentically is really cool, I swear after playing GTA5 I could travel to LA, which I've never been to, and find my way around pretty well. Lol.

    1. We're being initiated into the ultimate revelation of the Sim.

      Well, at least it seems that way.

  25. Penny-candy witches? Nice :-) But I say this as a concerned friend—I'll take candy occultism over pathological pareidolia any day. You've got one of the best minds I've ever known when it comes to dot-connecting, but I worry that you're straying way too close to the fine line between brilliance and delusion.

    I sincerely wish you the best.

    1. Many pitfalls when it comes to 'making' connections...

      Before you know it you've stitched everything together all the wrong way (but it fits?!)

      Anyway, I think that that itself is also what we see in the world, since civilization... no connection where there should be, wrong connections where they shouldn't... and so on and on...and it's not easy to entangle all that and return to a more wholesome reality...(even if that's mostly an inner reality now that the outside world is such an ever increasing drama)

      Meanwhile I think it's good to realize that beyond all the 'human are patternseeking creatures' explanations (and mind you, those explanations aren't wrong in itself!) there is one particular instance when a human naturally begins to see meaning literally EVERYWHERE: When a wo/man is in love, s/he associates everything s/he sees and hears with her/his beloved.

      That goes to show two things. One: that there is in fact a very good kind of crazy. And two: that we are well advised to keep our love for the one who truly deserves it.

    2. A wikipedia article citing serial Michael Shermer as an authority.

      This Michael Shermer:


      Back to the drawing board on that one, Chuckles.

    3. Ah you're angry?

      Who cares who said what?
      Look, the thing is, one can actually learn a great many facts from the most evil people, it's true. That's because they have a great need of factual knowledge... You just gotta always realize that they will err majestically on the side of intentions and applications. And that they will mix in lies in every truth they write, even when they do not mean to. Often by omission, too.

      So, anyway, I am glad that you always and only use completely unquestionable sources! And that the entire subject matter of your writing is so beautifully pure!

      (You can't see my face!)

    4. You miss the point: Shermer is not even on the same planet as an objective source. He's an ideologue and a shill.

    5. You miss an entire page of information. You only see MICHAEL SHERMER!

      Of course he's a dickhead.
      Of course not all the info is as good as can be on that page, as always. That's why you always need to do the work yourself.

      But if you ONLY see MICHAEL SHERMER on that page, then you miss not only the point, but the entire story.

      Ignore him, why don't you?

    6. Sure.

      And while I'm at it, I'll ignore people who don't understand the meaning of apophenia.


    7. Are you sure you want to do that? WHO "doesn't understand"?!

    8. Apophenia is a NAZI term: Klaus Conrad (June 19, 1905 in Reichenberg – 5 May 1961 in Göttingen) was a German neurologist and psychiatrist with important contributions to neuropsychology and psychopathology. He joined the Nazi Party (NSDAP) in 1940.[1] He was best known as a professor of psychiatry and neurology, and director of the University Psychiatric Hospital in Göttingen from 1958 until his death.
      His main work: Die beginnende Schizophrenie. Versuch einer Gestaltanalyse des Wahns (1958), describes the early state of schizophrenia and the typical schizophrenic aspects. From this monograph, terms as "Trema", "Apophänie" (apophany), and "Überstieg" were coined.

    9. Glad you bring it up, apophenia is something that is used mostly to dismiss ideas that are opposed to the official version of reality. The word became common only after the 2001 events and it is as over used as Occam's razor was before. Just like Godwin's law, another tool to try to silence bothersome ideas.

  26. 2 points.
    1.Nobody can produce a single sheaf from Admiral Byrd's alleged diary, not even a crappy barely distinguishable 1950's era photo stat, it's just an endlessly recycled bullshit story.
    2. Nazi UFOs are another endlessly recycled bullshit story, it only exists in the minds of real bona fide nut jobs that also believe in the Philadelphia Experiment which itself was a psyop to throw UFOs researchers off the scent.
    I'm not trying to dis your work I really enjoy logging in each day to view your posts, though I'm still confused about who is own our side, or are we just an inconsequential pawns & collateral damage? :/

    1. Dis my work? I debunked Nazi UFOs years ago.

      If you're confused, don't worry- it only means you're still sane and rational.

    2. Thanks for replying, I'm still wading through you entire blog, my eyes are going square :)
      Obviously I haven't as yet come across your Nazi UFO debunking, I found this blog through Goro Adachi's Etemenanki, which I've been a frequent reader of for over a decade, so yeah I got here at the tail end (Vegas) & still stumbling about, perhaps a "Primer" post pinned at the top of your blog briefly describing your work, the forces in play & where you see it ending would really help noobs like me.

    3. 5th Columnist I would try listening to the recent interview Chris did on the Skeptiko podcast. I found the way he summed up the answer to "what is the endgame of all of the patterns?" to be more direct than the blog posts here. The posts here have redundant presentations of patterns, on purpose, but mainly hint at where Chris thinks all of the power struggles and elite rituals and exposure of the masses to emotionally loaded symbols are going.
      Just my two cents.

    4. thanks, I also stumbled across the Oct 17 interview on Highside Chats, which was most excellent.

  27. I have to disagree with Michael here. I don't think the connections and resonances you've uncovered here are delusional, Chris. Far from it. Some might be considered tangential, maybe, but the thing with such resonances and connections is that they're often weird corner-of-the-eye type things. Or corner-of-the-mind. Vibes and vague feelings that are often difficult to pin down or articulate. Personally I think you're doing a great job of noticing the strange, shifting weirdness that seems to underlie all this symbolism.

    1. Cheers, Raj. And we're still in the early stages of this process. I don't mind if people don't see it all yet. I expect it. Hell, I'm still trying to feel this all out.

      There's a really solipsistic belief out there that things just pop up at random. But I'd point everyone to what seems like it might be an odd example: there's a scene in The Devil Wears Prada where the Anne Hathaway character is mocking her bosses' interest in some trivial detail. And the Meryl Streep character turns and points out Hathaway's chainstore sweater and tells her exactly how it went from the runways down to the discount stores and how people like her were making decisions every single step of the way down.

      Raj, you and I know that these themes don't just pop up in the media. Everything you see is wargamed, conferenced, focus-grouped, and all the rest of it from soup to nuts. Orange didn't just make itself ubiquitous- it was handed down from on high in the form of style books and seminars. And so it goes...

    2. I worked many (too many) years editing commercials in a production house. One day they were shooting table top product shots for a liquor commercial and I decided to watch the process, something I usually avoided. They started setting the lights early am, and were still doing it by noon. Around that time an agency guy arrived from NY with a small metal crate thing that contained custom made acrylic ice cubes to use in the shot. How they handled those things, oh boy. It was like some sacred relic. They then spent hours looking at the glasses and the ice cubes, moving them by fractions of an inch, then re setting the lights. This went on for hours, by the time I left around 7pm they had yet to shoot a single foot of film. At the time I thought they were just clumsy or incompetent but eventually realized they knew quite well what they were doing, something evil for sure. Today they most do these things with computer graphics. Progress, they call it.

    3. I'm glad the sports angle is here, too, for it has some hidden powers few realize. Watch some fans viewing a game sometime and notice how their bodies and mouths sync to the plays. Each twists his/her own body a certain way and mouths certain words and EVERY ONE is directly related to the spectacle they are watching. Try 'de-wiring' yourself sometime if you're a sports fan; it will take multiple attempts and lots of zen to not react to your favorite teams realtime success and failure.

      Zooming out, think of the power amassed in a stadium or in the metro area around it as hundreds or thousands of people all twitch and shout at the same time over the same play. Sports is rigged alright - right into our limbic systems.

  28. Something that is notable about Hollywood since the thirties is how they have kept making monster movies, changing / updating the monsters each decade, even when they keep the old ones around, just adding new ones. In the 30s/40s they made the Universal Victorian monsters, in the 50s giant SF beasts, in the 60s Psycho killers, in the 70s evil children like The Other /The Exorcist / Carrie, in the late 70s and 80s slashers, in the 90s serial killers, and so on. Making so many monster movies may finally rub on the people making them, right? Just look at Tony Perkins life after Psycho, how playing Bates affected him forever. By now maybe the whole town may be affected. Writing this That is the whole point of Bogdanovich's Targets.

    1. Well, I'd say the same holds true for Heath Ledger. So sure- there's always a danger that the role will consume the host. Which is why I always look at RPGs a bit cockeyed...

    2. Two of the biggest RPG series in recent years are put out by a company named Bethesda...

      I wonder what sort of egregore/hyperspace monster they're building with all of the time and attention that's been invested.

    3. Bethesda is interesting in relation to all of this...

      Their main games right now are:

      Skyrim (The Elder Scrolls): medieval fantasy with dragons and all that Tolkien-y and super popular Game of Thrones type stuff.

      Fallout 4: 1950's fetishtic post-nuke war wasteland sci-fi... They had a spin-off game called Fallout: New Vegas back around 2010.

      Wolfenstein - The New Order: an alternate timeline Man In The High Castle meets intense FPS carnage in a post-WW2 Nazi occupied America.

      Doom: the fourth installment of the (in)famous shooter game series set on a near future Mars settlement after an interdimensional gateway has been opened, letting demonic forces spill through into our reality.

      Bethesda is also one of the few major game developers that is diving bigtime into VR.

  29. Sorry for the typo, i meant that that is the point of the film Targets (1968)

  30. Your blog, and reality, have been mind blowing lately. Theres so much going on its difficult to wrap ones head around. Planned ritual, the fabric of reality run amok in some charged fractal...

    And the real forehead smacker in this post was Antarctica being the literal Upside Down, and what that implies. How had this not occurred to me before? Ha.

  31. Those pics of Paddock's brother! There is so much strangeness afoot. That garb reminds me of both Rod Stewart and Prince, but also of Elton John. It struck me today that we haven't seen as much of him lately...except for the "Rocket Man" pejorative stuff linked to a Trump, the current Kim, and nukes. Unless I missed something, which is entirely possible.
    I also appreciate the Home Depot and OA connections: orange life, orange apron, etc. They sell cheap tiki torches for white supremacists AND orange terror trucks. These patterns circle back to Charlottesville and Mr. Jefferson's highly symbolic university.


  32. \\ is this simply a controlled burn, a way to deflect responsibility by selecting a particularly egregious offender to take all the heat?//

    It could function that way. Or social media, backroom communications and a sense of outrage all combined in this year (year 1 A.A.D, anno anti-domini it feels like) could reach critical mass and send another half-dozen prominent heads rolling before year's out. All it means for sure is that the ultra-privileged sex abusers will be barricading their lives behind additional layers of inscrutability and/or preemptive force. Lawyers are going to be very busy. And big production companies are going to quietly shuffle people, or entire careers, in, around and out of the company, as quietly and inexpensively as possible. There will me more and more of these "career shifts", scarcely touched upon by the media. All for one reason, basically. A lot of big payoffs will be made, and some 'promising' young talents will simply disappear into a different, happier life somewhere else, or doing something else. This will all happen so quietly, more quietly than ever, perhaps, because there will be so damn much of it. And business as usual will return, as if it never left.

  33. You raise an interesting point with that last sentence. Surely some business will return, though in what way, etc. remains to be seen. The millenials are supposedly killing the auto industry, golf and fast food so they can easily switch to Netflix type programing and kill the old studios and theaters as well. And low-taste boomers consuming recycled crap are dying off.

    More importantly, and not to be overlooked at all, is that the music industry is getting off way easy right now, though there are a handful attacking their business the way Feldman is his. Still, Hollywood may be the big patsy to keep the sick music industy afloat. Let's remember the awareness of the Secret Sun never leaves music despite all the other connections. Nor should it.

  34. Orange star Occultation

  35. Gene Bowers novel, "K-Pax V: The Coming of the Bullocks", has an orange cover.

  36. I'm way behind on reading your blog, but I just had to share this little personal tidbit.

    The day you posted this blog entry (unread by me until now), I started re-reading Lovecraft's "At the Mountains of Madness". Personal synch there for sure with this post. Thanks Chris (I think).