Monday, October 30, 2017

Much Stranger Things: Little Spacey

Stranger Things 2 went live on Friday and much to my surprise the Duffer Brothers pulled back from the tale-telling of the first season, seeking safe harbor from the superstorm by immersing themselves in the warm glow of other people's nostalgia.

But they chose the very worst time to do so. 

Stranger Things was almost certainly a limited hangout, but Stranger Things 2 is just a trip to the video store of Generation X's salad days. Nearly every major cinematic tentpole touchstone of the 70s, 80s and 90s is referenced in the sprawling, unfocused plot. 

The first season of Stranger Things was about the Eighties, including its pop culture but also its politics and culture. This new season is about Eighties movies and nothing much else at all.

Well, maybe a few Eighties comic books and TV shows too.

Off the top of my head I spotted The Exorcist, Raiders of the Lost Ark (David Harbour has fully morphed into the Millennial's Harrison Ford), ET: The Extraterrestrial, The Goonies, Gremlins, Stand by Me, The Lost Boys, Jurassic Park, Aliens, Nightmare on Elm Street, Ghostbusters, John Carpenter's The Thing, Pet Cemetery, The Outsiders, The Watcher in the Woods, Cujo, Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Firestarter and on and on.

And it also seems to be very much of a piece with Stephen King's IT, counting the novel, the miniseries and this year's blockbuster hit. Stranger Things even lifts the giant interdimensional spider creature.

But it all could not have come at a worse time.

Today, the big news is Star Trek: Discovery star Anthony Rapp accusing House of Cards star Kevin Spacey of sexually assaulting him in 1986, when Rapp was 14 years old. Spacey's House of Cards is on Netflix, and it and Stranger Things are arguably the streaming service's crown jewels. 

Which doesn't exactly bode well for Stranger Things.

Like Harvey Weinstein-- whose fortunes were linked in many ways to Spacey's in that both were potent symbols of the 90s arthouse boom-- Spacey's predations were a long-held open secret in Hollywood, earning a punchline on Family Guy several years ago.

But do note that Rapp and Seth MacFarlane are starring in this double-pronged Space Command conditioning program with their concurrent Starfleet programs. 


But it gets worse. 

Tony Podesta, long a prime target of the Pizzagate contingent, was forced to resign his post at the immeasurably-powerful lobbying group he established with his brother today, in much the same way Weinstein was forced to resign from the company he and his brother build into a Hollywood power.

It's all being blamed on Special Prosecutor Mueller's probe but I don't think that's the end of it. And neither do you.

There's something else going on here. There are subterranean rumblings, like the echoes of a secret war being fought deep underground. The stakes could not possibly be higher. Tony Podesta didn't just resign a lobbying firm, he surrendered the very basis for his power, his reason for being. It's like castrating a porn star.

Maybe that's a telling analogy.

Podesta has been the target of scrutiny for his questionable tastes in art, much of which seems to focus on the victimization of children. The John Podesta email scandal- which morphed into Pizzagate- ripped the lid of a world few are familiar with, a world in which provocative art, occultism and an alarming cavalierness towards the safety and well-being of very young children all cohere and metastasize into a toxic cultural carcinoma.

It's not a rabbit hole most people want to fall into. A lot of people in the alternative research community obsess on this stuff but for me it's like wading into a sewer. I don't usually need to do so to realize it's a toxic environment that smells like shit. 

But these are the times we live in. 

Stranger Things can't divorce itself from the nesting place where it incubated and hatched. And you can't ignore the obvious mingling of the streams here when it makes such major headlines. If I didn't know better I'd almost say all of this was being coordinated in some way, and that Stranger Things is going to be be the worst off for it.

But then again I'm not sure I do know better.

Man-Thing. Really?

What makes all of this even worse timing for Stranger Things is that former child actor Corey Feldman-- who starred in a lot of the films Stranger Things openly references and pays tribute to -- is on the warpath against Hollywood pedophilia. 

He's taken a lot of flak for this- more recently for his attempts to crowdfund a major documentary on the topic as well as an arrest on a minor drug offense- but has raised the profile of child predation in Hollywood to an all-time high. I'm seeing a lot of people take shots at him but what exactly are they doing to fight the problem?

What we're seeing here is a hat trick-- Feldman, Spacey and Podesta-- which may be enough to catalyze a critical mass on the topic, though I have my doubts that the dam will well and truly burst. The fallout could Fukushima the atmosphere for the entertainment industry for many years to come and there is way, way, way too much money at stake for such a thing to happen. It's why the checkbooks come out whenever the issue is raised.

And it raises an even more troubling prospect; was that hazy warm glow of nostalgia all based on the cloaked fantasies of sexual predators? Looking back on the "good old days" of Eighties pop culture you really don't have to dig very deep until you hit the gas main of pedophilia, implied or explicit.

It being case in point. A controversy erupted over the bizarre and entirely egregious orgy scene in the novel, which inspired a very odd and rather troubling reaction from author Stephen King. 

But it leads you to wonder about other plotlines in King's work; the weird relationship between Bobby Garfield and Ted Brautigan in Hearts in Atlantis, for one instance. And the more explicit implications of the relationship in Apt Pupil, which was echoed in the real world when Bryan Singer was accused of impropriety in a lawsuit related to the film adaptation.

But I couldn't help but wonder why no one was questioning the fact that the It movie seems to spend an awful lot of time focusing on prepubescent children in their underwear during the quarry scene. 

It was not only entirely unnecessary it didn't even make sense. Why?

First of all, it's extremely unlikely that they'd be jumping off such a high drop at that age and they certainly wouldn't be stripped down to their tighty whitey's. They'd almost certainly swim in something along the lines of cutoff jean shorts. 

Quarry reservoirs are very dangerous places to swim and there's all kinds of shit floating in the water. Believe me, you want some denim barbed wire between the vitals and whatever's in there. 

This is the kind of issue that goes back a very long way in our culture. But this focus on the Eighties-- and the horror stories that we heard with child actors from that period-- may not be what Stranger Things -- or Netflix-- wants to be tapped into, especially right now.

One example: The boatload of Goonies connections in Stranger Things- and It- can't help but call but call to mind the very weird symbolism at work in that film, or the ultimate fate of the Coreys, as Feldman and Haim came to be known. 

And once you start pulling on that thread, it won't stop there. 

You can pull down the whole damn Oz curtain that cloaks a world most people are not going to want to fall into, I guarantee you that. I'm not saying it won't and I'm certainly not saying it shouldn't, I'm just telling it like it is. 

This is why we saw such a visceral reaction to Pizzagate outside the Voat-Reddit-4Chan-YouTube quadrangle.  It most certainly is a kill-the-messenger kind of thing but that's what happens when you have a message people really don't want to hear.

Because once people start looking at this problem, they won't be able to turn away from it. From looking more closely what's become of America's child stars. And has for a very long time. 

Take 90s superstars Macaulay Culkin....

...and the Olsen Twins.

I hate this shit, personally. I hate reading about it, I hate writing about it. I have an issue with people who wallow in it. 

But at the same time, it really has to stop. The real question is strategy and tactics. Because the bad guys are masters of strategy, if nothing else. And the last thing you want to do is numb people or normalize the issue. 

The thing with both pedophilia and the child star system is that they are both about the fetishization of a very temporary situation. Both entirely judge a person's value on something that person cannot possibly sustain. This is why both pedophilia and the child star system are so immeasurably destructive. 

Little Spacey- Whales' Tails

But there's another layer here and that's the fact that all of this ties directly into the weird symbolic spiderweb that seems to be emerging here. And like the rest of it, it's front and center if you only take the time to look.

None of this is accidental, spontaneous, or meaningless. This all plays into the new reality we are entering into, believe it.

Take the fact that Spacey is from South Orange, New Jersey. 

Part of the same township that split up and gave us West Orange, home of NASA's Kelly twins.

And there's the 58-59 dichotomy we saw with NASA and the Grammy's vis a vis Las Vegas.

So Space. Fall. Orange. 58. Leo.

Yet again.

And since Elizabeth Fraser seems to be one of the codebreaking keys in all of this, do note that she warbled "Little Spacey"...

...and that it and Victorialand were released in April 1986...

...smack dab in the middle of the same time period Rapp claims Spacey assaulted him.

Victorialand being the album we looked in conjunction with the death of sexual assault survivor Chester Bennington.

We're going to be looking at the importance of time codes in relation to all of this in the near future so note that "Little Spacey" is 3:28....

... and 3/28 was the release date of film co-starring Kevin Spacey...

...set and filmed in Las Vegas.

Whose poster features the same Jack-Ace sigil we saw in the wake of the October 1st incidents...

...21 also starred Cohasset's own Kate Bosworth...

....who broke into stardom with Blue Crush in which she played a Siren of sorts.

...and played against Spacey in Superman Returns.

Directed by Bryan Singer.

Superman being a Fallen Vega.

I know this all still seems crazy to people but it keeps coming up aces. And in the near future I'll explain exactly why.

But for the time being remember that the entire world you knew is being recreated by code and symbol.


Why exactly would you expect anything else in Meatspace? I'd really like to know.

I am planning on doing a roundtable with Gordon and Raj this week on Stranger Things 2, so do keep an eye out for that.

My apologies but my schedule and the sheer amount of comments is keeping me from responding at the moment. Please forgive me.


  1. What songs we got left? -RD

    1. In Orange County tomorrow night:;-triggers-debate/2585353/

    2. I always wondered about the strangest title on Heaven Or Las Vegas "Fotzepolitic". "Fotze" is the German translation the expletive "c*nt".
      I always found this very out of place on a CT record. Not so much anymore.

  2. For some reason this post stirred a memory about the movie Hook starring Robin Williams. I haven't seen it since it came out (most likely because it is terrible) but I remember getting this horrible pedophila vibe from that film. It was subtle but really affecting. Neverland indeed. Lost boys and all.

  3. For what it's worth
    The other day, like the 3rd or so, I woke with the unprovoked compulsion to re-listen to Tromp Le Monde by the Pixies (1991). Familiar themes and tropes began to come across and then I listened in another context.

    First of all Black Francis has at least a few or the qualifiers as a hypothetical Mk-U alumni, songs about incest and molestation, wildly creative and driven, cryptic lyrics that orbit the darker aspects of North American life for those experienced. I’ll let you suss out the rest if you care to.

    Long story short:

    Troupe Le Monde ’91:

    Letter to MEMPHIS:“and all these SIRENS they make me mad and all this VIOLENCE it brings me down”
    Bird Dream of Olympus Mons: MARS association, I will FALL.
    Motorway to ROSEWELL: on a HOLIDAY he drives to an ARMY BASE (chills every time)
    Trompe Le Monde: “words, said, electrically played, for outer space and those of they who paid, this song is twice occurred” (TWINNED). And HOLIDAY.
    PALACE of the Brine: About SLC and sea monkeys, a PALACE in a sense
    Alec EIFFEL: look back across media and you’ll see that the cognizant have been getting 'gaslighted' with regards to the Eiffel Tower at least back to Ratatouille.

    Bossanova ’90?

    The HAPPENING: “Gotta ranch they call (AREA) 51, they’re gonna put it down right on the LAS VEGAS strip”. during a show and blowing everyones minds and people as far as SLC U-turning south to go say ‘wassup?’. Some good man named BILL.

    Doolittle ’89

    Wave of mutilation: Which might feel like CURRENT YEAR “I’ve kissed MERMAIDS, rode the El Nino”
    There Goes My GUN: There goes our GUh-UNs.
    Monkeys Gone To Heaven: an UNDER WATER guy and a creature in the SKY and
    HEAVEN “then god is 7..7..7”

    Surfa Rosa”88

    River Euphrates: “outa GAS. Lets ride the Tiger down the RIVER EUPHRATES . Make it FLOAT.”
    Wheres My Mind: “Feet on the air Head on the ground (UPSIDE DOWN),…out there in the WATER “

    Come On Pilgrim ’87

    Isla de Encanta: About Puerto Rico
    HOLIDAY song: About a boy who FELL from glory.

    Now I can see how this is all very rationally explained as a part of a pretty predictable style at the time: aliens, alternativeness, celebrating that which makes you broken or a freak. These things were very IN TREND then.


    1. Yes, Black Francis lived here in PR in 1984. He has described the country as a "stinking island" which could be explained by it been a colony for more than 500 years, the last 120, under American rule have been especially brutal. The Americans haveused PR for all kinds of experiments on humans, among them cancer implants, birth control drugs, biological weapons, radiation exposure, HAARP (and other radio weapons), mind control methods etc. And let us not forget decades of cointelpro political repression, including assasinations and torture. Guess those who live on the mainland must feel pretty good about being far away from our stench. But then Black Francis grew up in Massachusetts, where nothing like that ever happens, right? PS According to his biography Black Francis grew up in some christian evangelical cult in the 70s.

  4. I thought you would mention the Crowleyan references in Stranger Things 2. Think about Chorozon, the gate keeper and... Eleven. The number 11.

    There are also Lovecraftian overtones, gnostic and kabbalistic themes ("El", the female deity, the forest gates, the Abyss...

    1. Cthulhu came to my mind ,I have not thought about H.P. for quite some time,,,

  5. Also see

  6. All this is related to the coming downfall of the film industry as it has existed since the 1910s. Back in June 2013 Lucas and Spielberg warned about the imminent "implosion" of Hollywood This year has been the worst year for American movies in 20 years and things are looking down from now on. The chain reaction of the past few weeks may be only the start.

    1. The Lucas/Spielberg "warning" was about the escalating budgets of films, ie. that too many uber-budget films were getting made, and that eventually, too many would bomb around the same time. It had nothing to do with any sort moral downfall.

      Those numbers that you hear the studios report have always been a bunch of BS. I work for a studio, and let me tell you, we have no idea how much these movies make. And the scary thing is, I don't think it much matters to the people in charge.

      Because behind the scenes, Hollywood is about mind-control. Making a profit at it is just a nice side effect.

  7. a married couple that survived the Vegas shooting were killed in a car crash on Oct 16:

    the ad in the middle of the page, for me, was a blanket for kids that looks like a mermaid tail. I took a screen shot in case the ad changes:

  8. On last night it gave me a frigging _House of Fraser_ ad. Wanted to screencap it but missed my chance. (Accidentally navigated away then returned.)

  9. Every moment the Podesta brothers continue to draw breath is a shame upon every American citizen. Too bad. I Pray for their swift and painful demise daily.

  10. Hey Chris did you get a chance to look at Tom Delonge's presentaion with elite insiders such as Harold Puthoff and James Semivan.

    And his appearance at JRE.


    ps, any updates to the orange storyline...

  11. This whole thread leads to a syncromystic ocean and one we are all swimming in I feel and it is very, very deep.
    But on a personal note...and one that resonates with the siren theme you have been writing about Chris, Spacey played Bobby Darin (a singer my mother liked and once told me why she named me Darren, although she didn't spell it that way for some reason, and even though when I was born in the early 60s that was NOT a common name, believe me) in a movie called 'By the Sea' and Spacey even sings that song in the movie.
    Watch this clip where he sings it to Kate Boshworth, who plays Sandra D -

  12. Just consider the most famous film Spacey has been in, American Beauty. What a cesspool of a movie. It deals mainly with a 40 year old man trying to seduce a 16 year old girl ...

    1. Still a great film in my opinion.
      Here's a tip for you 'Anonymous' and a spoiler alert, don't read the Bible, because that book's subject matter makes 'American Beauty' look like a Disney film.

    2. I'm obviously not in favour of pedophilia, but I do wonder why some people have been so conditioned to be disgusted by it, that they are upset about a relationship in a movie that would have been perfectly legal, especially since, if I remember the movie correctly, no sex between them actually happened.

      I just mention this because, at age 16, I was in a group of girls interested in seducing older men. I failed, but some of my friends succeeded. And I still fail to see that there was anything wrong with that.

    3. Oh yeah, "the bible". Have heard about that one but never read it and don't think i ever will. But years ago I read something called The Home Recording Bible. Does that count?

    4. Where did you buy that from?
      Home Depot?-)
      Or did you rent it out?

  13. PS.

    "But for the time being remember that the entire world you knew is being recreated by code and symbol.


    Why exactly would you expect anything else in Meatspace? I'd really like to know."

    You don't KNOW that??


    Plus, I really and deeply take issue with that derogatory term 'meatspace' and the entire frame-work around it.

    1. Plus, what on earth do 'meaningless' and 'accidental' have to do with 'spontaneous'?? Especially 'meaningless'??

  14. Personally im really tired of 80's nostalgia, we have been in the haze of 80's nostalgia ever since the 90's ended. Why the 80's? Always the 80's. Whats funny is all these people mining the 80's for ideas but no one ever wants to revive hair metal lol.
    There are other decades, no one ever wants to bring back disco or grunge. I grew up as a kid in the late 90's and early 2000's, i worshiped at the alter of saint kurt cobain.

    It looks like the tom delonge psyop/conjob is still going on. I dont know what to make of any of it. I always feel like tom is hiding something. The interview he did with rogan got a million views. Its funny, i grew up when blink where at their peak, and its funny that the guy who wrote all the small things is like a weird alien guy now.

    That family clip of stewie making fun of spacy, its interesting in the context that mcfarland knew of that and of weinstein. It tells us that hollywood is hiding lots of dark secrets that everyone of them know about but never talk about

    1. To paraphrase what Grace Slick said about all the 60s nostalgia *in* the 80s; I hated the 80s in the 80s. Why would anyone want to relive that?

    2. There always seems to be a 20-30 year nostalgia cycle, as people who grew up in a certain era, age into positions of power in the media, and push their own youth back into the spotlight. When I was a the 80s... we had Happy Days, Grease, Back to the Future, Stand By Me, all steeped in 50s nostalgia. This was the Baby Boomers in decision making postions, saying 'Hey, weren't the 50s awesome!'

      In the 90s we saw a lot of 60s and 70s nostalgia. Think the Brady Bunch, Beverly Hillbillies, Flintstones, and Addams Family movies, as well as the Cape Fear, Fugitive, Thomas Crowne Affair remakes.

      Believe me, 90s nostalgia will have its turn, and will probably start happening in a big way sooner than later.

    3. Yeah, im ready for the nine inch nails and nirvana rip off bands and im tired of all the hipster trash thinking they are duran duran or tears for fears.....ironically
      Maybe in 2020 we will reach the 90's again?

    4. 2020 sounds about right for 90s nostalgia to be in full swing. It's already begun. The sequel show Girl Meets World has already come and gone. Will and Grace, X-Files, DuckTales are back on TV. Twin Peaks as well. Lots of other stuff from the era seems to be in the pipeline.

      I don't follow music closely enough any more to know if there is anything these days as bloated and self-parodying as Hair Metal had become to drive a new aesthetic. Something will emerge as the new influence. Maybe we'll see another wave of ska.

  15. People surely are reviving the 80s because we didn't then have internet and mobile phones. These 2 things would put kibosh on many sub-plots. Also "Man Who Fell To Earth" and Arthur Machen were in Stranger Things 2 and the refs are kinda the point.

  16. I think I'm gonna have to watch Spacey's old movies, as I'm sure there is a goldmine of synchromystic info in them and ironically Chris you did warn us about the years ending in 'Se7en' at the beginning of this year, but next year is shaping up to be a cracker, by the looks of it.
    And I see your old neighbour Marky-Mark is starring along side Spacey in his next film, one about the Getty's no less.
    I wonder if that will get pulled now, too?

  17. The Goonies is one ugly movie, its plot does not make any sense. I saw it upon its release and could not believe how bad it was. It made Scooby Doo, of which it is an obvious rip off, look like Citizen Kane. Also there was a feeling of insanity to it,like if it had been conceived by a mentally ill person, it made me feel like if I was having a bad nightmare. The Goonies was one of the first movies I ever saw that somehow did not feel like a real movie but as an imitation of a movie (the other two were Flashdance and Ghostbusters). After a while such movies kept appearing and now they make up most of Hollywood releases. That there are people who feel nostalgia for The Goonies tells a lot about our times. If Hollywood does goes bust it would be very good for the mental health of the world.

  18. hermetic seals are triple in nature - to undo that which is done - one does what one did in reverse to [re]member the lesson (experience), the plan (potential) and its parable (fruit of potential experience)...we are at the inversion...

  19. It was announced that 80s horror icon Elvira, The Queen of Darkness, is retiring today- Halloween 2017. She is 66 years old. Elvira started her career as a show girl in... Las Vegas.

  20. Spielberg and Michael Jackson were very close friends in the 80s. At that time Jackson was to play Peter Pan in a Spielberg project that was cancelled due to "creative differences". That project eventually became Hook, made in 1990. By 2000 their friendship had seemingly disappeared, in that year Jackson reportedly paid 150,000 dollars to put a voodoo death curse (!) on Spielberg. Hooray for Hollywood!

    1. Always found it creepy that most Spielberg movies are centered around little boys......theres no business like shoah business i guess 😹

  21. I don't know what post to add this to. With all the talk of storms and sirens, "Twin Peaks: The Final Dossier" compared Dr. Lawrence Jacoby to the magician, Prospero. In "The Tempest", Prospero ordered his familiar spirit, Ariel to cause a storm and then later to take the shape of a sea nymph.

  22. Deborah comes to destroy the Teddy Bears was attempt at cake of synchro to show the time loop we live in related to Gehenna and Tophet or sacrifice of children as meat to ideals, to idols, to the Black Iron Prison.

    Virtually all souls since this event, ie the Bacentur, are as vessels, kelipot, to the current of the Iron Dragon whose end is nigh. The gravity of it cannot hold the millions, nay billions, of souls who are therein, entranced by.

    Can the river of reincarnation of souls be held in Kali Yuga forever? No. The golden age is born of the "small doorway" of our mother Kali Yuga. We have filled our mother Adamah and the maxim of twice born, once by water, once by fire, is unbreakable, inescapable.

  23. In the "Stranger Things" interviews on Netflix, the Duffer brothers mentioned the school wanted to hold them back in kindergarten because they only socialized with each other. I think "Full House" had a similar story line with Jesse's twins.

  24. It was informed today 10/31 that a suspected serial killer has been arrested in Japan. The 27 year old had stashed body parts of up to 9 victims.

  25. Speaking about barbed wire etc...

    By now I am pretty much convinced that I am the last living human being (I hope not!). Either you're surrounded by fucking Sims or they turn out to be some kind of gamemaker with their hands in a million honeypots all at the same time, and even every fruit you eat is affected by their disease. Fuck, even their disease is PLASTIC.

    The good thing (well...) is you do no longer need protection of any kind. They cannot SEE YOU.


  26. I was just watching Stranger Things 2 last night, I believe it was episode 5- did you happen to notice that when Eleven returns to her mother's home and goes up to her bedroom, the bedroom is glowing in orange light? Its very distinct, they obviously meant this effect to stand out in the scene. The girl who embodies the whole child-psychic-dimension-hopping-abilities thing returns home to a glowing orange room... couldn't believe it. Came here to comment and of course you had a new article on Stranger Things

  27. Also, in this orange bedroom scene, notice the painting of the rabbit on the wall when she enters, followed by an owl on the next wall, and then clowns hanging above her crib

  28. Speaking of 80s nostalgia & all things strange, have you heard about this artist from Sweden, Simon Stalenhag? He's famous for his paintings of an "80s that never was", scenes from a 1980s Sweden (& sometimes US) merged with a foreboding surreal sci-fi aesthetic that is best seen rather than described:

    His artwork even became the basis for a roleplaying game called "Tales From the Loop", which has been described as "the Stranger Things RPG":

    No small thing this, it won a lot of awards at GenCon this year:

    But you should see what he's doing now:


    "While dystopian sci-fi painter and conceptual artist Simon StĂ„lenhag’s last two series, Tales From The Loop and Things From The Flood, are part of an alternative Sweden populated by robots, woodland creatures, and ruins, in a new series, The Electric State, StĂ„lenhag offers up a sudden narrative shift. The robots and ruins still dominate the paintings, but StĂ„lenhag tells The Creators Project that this story is set in an altogether different universe.

    “The first two books were a nostalgic daydream of growing up in the Swedish welfare state (albeit a crumbling welfare state on the cusp of reform),” StĂ„lenhag explains. “[Whereas] The Electric State is a horrified nightmare of western society in the digital era, almost a bit satirical in tone.”

    A road trip journey of sorts, The Electric State is set on the highways and streets of an alternate rural California of the late 1990s. There, StĂ„lenhag says, a new type of virtual reality technology — spawned by a second civil war fought with drones — has ventured far off into what he calls a “creepy tangent.”

    The story follows a teenage girl and her toy robot as they move from the ravaged wastelands of western Nevada, through the Sierra Nevada mountains, and out towards the coast north of the Bay Area. A third figure accompanies them on their journey—a character wrapped in blankets, wearing a VR helmet. StĂ„lenhag says that this character is either disabled or lost in a VR-induced coma."

  29. well, if we have to take a ride into the sewer (and I think we do) you've at least made it much more interesting.

    - details matter. I don't defend Kevin Spacey, but think we need to have a better understanding of what he did. I mean, it's all really, really dark and horrible, but seems to me we have to be able to differentiate between immoral/criminal/evil. Pizzagate seems diff than casting couch horrors... different kind of evil maybe.

    - I think Corey Feldman is saying some important stuff that isn't getting much attention (paraphrasing):
    --- "I told all this shit to the police yrs ago and they did nothing... were only interested in Michael Jackson."
    --- "Michael Jackson didn't molest" have heard this from several sources now... including Uri Geller... could it be true?
    --- "why is everyone only looking to me to name names?" he's gotta point.

    BTW... I just posted our interview on thx again.

  30. That sounds a lot like that Spielberg movie, AI.

  31. Strangely enough, I watched “It” for the first time an hour or two before you made this post. Yeah, the quarry scene was so weird and inappropriate I just fast forwarded through it after the first fifteen seconds or so. Even the camera work was different, with lots of slow, lingering pans - kinda like a creeper/stalker moving through the underbrush to get a better view. Yuck. The entire framing of the Beverly character was really squicky, especially her fathers attentions. My gut reaction is that the actress who plays her is going to be “Jennifer Lawrence”-ed and annointed as Hollywoods new hypersexualized sacrificial virgin. This seems to be happening in synch with Jennifer Lawrence (introduced to the world as a naked blue child by Bryan Singer in XMen) being “Winona Ryder”-ed and shunted off into mediocre “mature” roles (“Mother!”). Similar trajectory as Ms. Ryder, who's gone from starring in “Heather's” (with co-star Christian Slater (Mr Robot/My Own Worst Enemy/Mindhunters/Mind Games)) to being shamelessly exploited in “Stranger Things”. It is indeed a very tangled web.


    On a complete tangent, Vegas continues to be weird. Turns out the geodesic dome you mentioned previously is also the site of a mass attack.

    “Las Vegas Strip shooting was not valley’s first mass killing”


    Just on a personal note, if the conspiratorial rabbit hole starts sucking you in too deep, try a full-volume sing-a-long to Warren Zevons “Lawyers, Guns, and Money”. It makes for a great quicky banishing ritual.

  32. Today 10/31, marks the 500 anniversary of the Christian reformation.

  33. As we're back on 80's memes, a quick question: do you think Ghostbusters was a psyop?

    1. "We're ready to believe you!"

  34. Ah geez. A Home Depot rental truck used in NYC to run over pedestrians. Of course those of us who have the heightened awareness of orange can only further shake and scratch our heads. (Their logo is orange for those who didn't know) What is this subconscious spell going on?

    I'm hoping the Astros don't choose to wear their special orange jerseys tonight as a Halloween treat (it would be unlikely) Tonight doesn't need anymore attention given to the hue of orange than it already receives on All Hallows Eve

  35. And then I look again..... The attack with "Imitation" guns and a "Orange" truck, on Houston street in the Big Apple. Again and again.

  36. Interesting also that the attack occurred in the Tribeca area, it ended just before it got past Chambers street (Goldman Sachs, World Trade One etc etc) but the path of destruction ended just past the stomping grounds Harvey Weinstein's neighborhood and the NY HQ of Miramax)

  37. You nailed Stranger Things 2 right off the bat. Even without being able to name the associations, it gets a bit cloying. Basically they're stretching their story arc to contain more subplots -- more romance and sex, particularly -- and saving the big 'revelations', if any, for later. The series struck me as oddly predictable this time around. I think the Duffers want a minimum of four seasons, optionally five or a spin-off. So they've saved the best main plot developments for late season three and four. Expect 3 to be more adult, less devil dogs, more Hostess Hos because...middle age folks who came of age in the 80's are, um, possibly turned on by high schoolers in their underwear? Or is it that so many high schoolers are watching? At least they are not shown taking Polaroids of each other in their underwear and sharing them with peers. Now that would be really inappropriate and set a bad example for young people.

    When does the Mutant War between teams 9 and 11 begin? Figure, episode 7, season 3. Who is watching Stranger Things, anyway? Gotta wonder about the demographics. When is OA-2 coming out...will be bored until then.

  38. Millie Bobbie Brown (first seen on screen as 'Young Alice' in 'Once Upon a Time in Wonderland', also 'Lizzie' in 'Modern Family', & starring in 'Intruders' about 'A secret society ... devoted to chasing immortality by seeking refuge in the bodies of others.', was born in Malaga (a seaside town), Spain, oranges are so plentiful in the AndalucĂ­an region of spain that birthed her, they're left to rot on the trees.

    As for the nostalgia do-over of ST2, what else do the Duffer's have to spill? The cat was let out the bag first time round, all that's left now is to offer up meatspacer coaxed warm & fuzzy pop-okullt reminisced feels to channel to an Upside-Downer.

    Some drips & pieces festering the veil thinned night away:

    'Sea monster' dating back 150 million years discovered in India'

    'Mr Prasad said ichthyosaurs, or "fish lizards", resembled modern dolphins and whales and lived between 250 and 90 million years ago.'


    'Holly Willoughby stuns with incredible Halloween unicorn costume'

    'Not to be left out, Rylan Clark-Neal and Alison Hammond also went all out with their costumes. Rylan looked incredible dressed as Maleficent – the character made famous by Angelina Jolie in the 2014 film of the same name – while Alison took on the role of Ursula from Disney's The Little Mermaid.'


    'Face of ‘witch’ who died in 1704 digitally reconstructed'

    'Her remains were buried on the beach between the low and the high tide marks under a large stone.'

    'Her skull eventually went to the St Andrews University Museum, where it was photographed more than 100 years ago... It then went missing at some point in the 20th century...'

    The night skies of The Land are blighted by the orange glow of sodium-vapour street lights.

    May Your Ancestors Share Their Wisdom with You from Beyond The Grave.

  39. I've been meaning to mention but got sidetracked.... Kevin Spacey's movie K-PAX... a being "light traveller" comes from the Lyra constellation and "possesses" a man who'd experienced trauma and is treated with regression hypnosis. Of course the film ends with the revelation that the universe will repeat it's events over and over, the Eternal Return concept.

    1. Kinda like a 'program' that endlessly repeats itself?
      I mean HOW MANY 'TIMES' do you want to REPEAT the 3rd grade??
      But IF 'you' are a source of ENERGY that allows this repetitive cycle to continue to exist???
      AND 'they' convince you that IT IS IN YOUR BEST INTEREST TO DO THIS!!
      THE ultimate 'mind _uck'.

  40. On Kevin Spacey, his brother has leaked the fact that their father Thomas Fowler was a Nazi, literally. A member of the American Nazi Party, a Holocaust Denier, and a serial rapist of Spacey's brother, when they were growing up. His brother Randall Fowler said Kevin escaped into acting as a way of coping and escaping. If you think you can discount this from Spacey's own sexual assaults, you are kidding yourself. I'm not making excuses for Spacey, I'm just saying you can't ignore his upbringing.

    Corey Haim's tragic life always struck me, hit me hard for some reason. I watched his career as we grew up, he was a little younger than me, and envied him his life (what did I know!!) when we were in the late teens, and nothing was going on in my life and I assumed he was having a ball and about to enter into superstardom. Instead his career rapidly faded. His inevitable death before forty did not surprise me. There are parallels and coincidences between Haim and actor and film editor Joshua Andrew Koenig, who committed suicide in Canada (a hanging death) about 2 weeks before Haim died by overdose. Koenig was the son of famed original Star Trek actor Walter Koenig who played Chekov. Joshua was a relatively successful child actor. He played Boner in the 80's TV series 'Growing Pains'. Like Haim, his career rapidly faded. He did play the Joker in some film short, which was acclaimed. Note his connection to Star Trek via his father.

  41. Stranger Things 2 alternate title was Mary Sue versus the Giant Space Racist. What garbage. That ending prom scene was so bad I had to turn it off. Talk about nails on a chalkboard. I think the Duffer brothers (ha!) are just hacks who accidently stumbled onto an interesting plot idea for the first series probably just by blind luck from cruising conspiracy and sites like yours and trying to get the finger on some sort of alternative zeitgeist. While I enjoyed the first series it was missing that certain something that makes you want to revisit it again and again. I should have known given its immense and almost complete positive fan reaction that it was all a scam.

  42. A hello to the October 31st commenters

    It shouldn't be necessary for "us" (whoever we are) to point out things like:
    (a) attraction to adolescents is NOT paedophilia, it's ephebophilia (natural selection in action, for "survival of the fittest" purposes)
    (b) an adolescent is NOT a child - they're as different as apples and oranges
    (c) a teenager (13+) should not be in school - nor should they be living with their parents. School and the nuclear family retard your development, magnify / create anxieties, crush your self-belief. Teenagers (13+) should be cohabiting and working, or in work-related training that pays a living wage. More importantly they should be voting. And driving. And, yes, ****ing whomsoever they choose, (because that person's age and status are all-but irrelevant to any healthy non-romantic/non-religious mind). They should be free to do all this, in line with biological reality. The adults who repress adolescents
    (and justify themselves by spouting fake-science [we all know, from our own real-life internal experience, that neuroscience is all false, all conjecture])
    do so in order to exert tyrrany over them. Very much like (actual) paedophiles. But arguably worse - yes I did say worse! - in the damage they do.
    Look at the spread amongst the student-age population of perverted pro-censorship / sex-negative / anti-biological-reality [i.e: "feminist"] attitudes. Proof enough?