Thursday, October 19, 2017

"You Will See Signs in the Heavens. Or Las Vegas."

The Dreadful Orange Sky.

That's the same Millennium Dome in which a yearlong invocation of the Nephilim was held. 

Remember this "gaffe" that surfaced the weekend before Las Vegas? Where Boris Johnson recited verse from Kipling's "The Road to Mandalay?"

That shrine is guarded by giant twinned leogryphs, or winged lions...

Just the Luxor griffins guarding the "road" to Mandalay Bay. Regulus - the lionhearted- is a binary, or twin, star.

The Johnson story went out the last days of September but actually happened in January.  

Speaking of Orange and Red:
SYNC LOG UPDATE: So I get in my car to go to the store. I start it up and "Orange Appled" by the Cocteau Twins is playing on WFMU. I can't even remember the last time I heard them on the radio. That song was released on September 1, 1986.  
Or 9/1, if you prefer. 
I walk into the store and the first thing I see is a newspaper standalone display with this on the front page. Orange Appled-West Orange. Scott Kelly's twin is married to Gabby Giffords, who was shot with a Glock 19.  
At a Safeway on Oracle Road in Tucson. AKA Route 77.

The Twin on Las Vegas. 

Gabby Giffords was shot at 7110 Oracle Road, specifically. September means "seventh month."

ChromeDOME Paddock, resident of Tucson. Pronounced "Two-Sawn."

Orange- Orange. Appled- Red. 

"Orange Appled's" original title was "Sky to Speak."

Released 9/1.

Krypton is the Greek equivalent of the Latin Occult.

In the End Times, you will see signs in the Heavens. Or Las Vegas.

Twin storms.

Or as I like to call it, "Planet the Nine."*

Mars has TWIN Moons.

Twenty-seven years before this story ran the first single off you-know-what album was released.

Released by you know who, who are from the Falkirk Council Area in Scotland.

Incidentally, "Orange Appled" was recorded during the same sessions as "Crushed," which was their sole 1987 release. "Crushed's" video looks quite uncannily like the skies over the UK this week.

"Sea change." "Harvey." More twinning.

New dome to be built in Heaven. Wait: actually in Las Vegas.

Next to Mandalay Bay. 

Is that Dome chrome?

Sensing a pattern here?

Or is that the curve of the Dome? 

UPDATE: Is North Korea's giant pyramid showing signs of reconstruction? 

Of course it is. It's 2017.

UPDATE: Twin dogs star on front page of today's Las Vegas Sun.

POSTCRIPT: 24 years ago today The Cocteau Twins released Four Calendar Cafe, the album they were touring when Elizabeth Fraser and Jeff Buckley began their relationship. It's also the album Fraser sang openly about her childhood history of traumatic sexual abuse. The album and tour were bookended by psychiatric hospitalizations.

"Ophelia" sounds like the title of an outtake from Treasure.

* NASA announced "The New Nine", the second round of astronauts (including Neil Armstrong) on 9/17/62, exactly 28 years before the release of Heaven or Las Vegas.


  1. Some things happening in the entertainment industry have puzzled me this week Horses- the media has been covering a very strange story about some comedians and a gift horse. Weird. Serial killers- after years of neglect by Hollywood ,having being supplanted by zombies as villains, serial killers are back. A new David Fincher TV series and several upcoming movies herald a new era of senseless mayhem.

    1. I thought it was weird that during CNN's coverage of Las Vegas that Monday after they were playing commercials for Netflix's new series "Mindhunter," about the beginnings of the FBI's profiling program for psychopathic killers -JW

    2. Chris this is about the 'twin' of our sun; 'Nemesis'.
      It has 7 'moons'(orbiting planets), one, the outermost moon is 'NIBIRU'.
      The 'homeworld' of the 'Anu'(nnaki).
      I believe that the real 'secret sun' is 'Nemesis'.
      The actual 'black sun' also; I know it has been characterized by 'Saturn', but I think that the 'Thule' society, and especially the 'Vril' were in contact with these 'Anunnaki'.
      Sitchin was 'psy-ops', and was leading us astray intentionally.
      I think that these 'Anunnaki' have been here a LONG 'time', and have interbred with 'the daughters of men' to produce 'progeny'; TPTB.
      They wanted a 'slave' race and 'dumbed down' our genetics; DNA manipulation NOT for our 'betterment', but for our 'downfall'.
      Our true inherent 'abilities' would give us easy access to this 'multiverse', and give us direct access to our own 'divine spark'.
      Instead they intentionally poison our 'essence' keeping us 'controlled'.
      My grandfather was a scientist on the Manhattan Project. I KNEW it was about 'time travel/dimensional gateway' work YEARS before anyone wrote about it.
      'They' want us to believe it was about the 'BOMB'; RUBBISH!
      'Hellboy' gives a clue when it shows 'Rasputin' trying to open a 'portal' to the '7 lords of CHAOS'.
      There is your 'twinning' and '7' again.
      Also my Native American 'Heritage' has the '7' pointed 'star' as it's emblem.
      I am not stating this as 'truth'; I am looking for 'truth'.

    3. I love zombies but they are pretty played out at this point. We have reached peak zombie. I blame the walking dead. Its more about the human drama than the zombies now. True crime is always big, its been getting big, people love a good mystery. I think since the other netflix shoe making a murderer.

      Something interesting from the band MGMT (super underrated), they are back and they are goth, new song called "little dark age", the lead looks like robert smith, its all tongue and cheek since they are hipster irony bros. *rolls eyes.
      A lyric caught my ear though.

      giddy with delight
      seeing what’s to come
      the image of the dead
      dead ends in my mind

      policemen swear to god
      love’s seeping from the guns
      I know my friends and I
      would probably turn and run
      if you get out of bed
      come find us heading for the bridge
      bring a stone
      all the rage
      my little dark age

      I like the song very depeche mode.

    4. It's not weird at all Johnny, not for the programmers anyway (well, It IS, but they're so deep in it as to consider the weirdness not only normal but aspirational, holy even), & such compounding (via juxtaposition (more twinning) of news/entertainment) twists the gyre further, It's all part of their command program.

      'Who programs the programmers?'

      & as for zombies Kim, there's much talk the genre allows folk to vicariously 'start over' - freed, albeit relectantly, from the shackles of the consumer industrial complex, odd then, if so, for the pop-okult of TWD (& all the rest zombie fiction or not) has us fascinated whilst our very home approaches ever closer the point at which the merest handful of us will be lucky to have the chance to 'get it right this time'

  2. "California tumbles in to the sea" - Steely Dan

    "Learn to swim" - Tool

    Covfefe may have been a spell to usher in the suicide squad typology, or perhaps the world mind is experiencing acute psychoisis; no matter what, I find it important to navigate with a compass of integrity, compassion, and honestly Permaculture.

    1. 'Covfefe'? A herald of 'The Return'?

    2. 7 minutes into:

      Lynch begins to talk about music and sound, & regarding sound fx in post production, he states:

      '...there are 760 million sounds that are wrong, & there's 34 sounds that are correct, & of the 34, 27 of them are very similar, but 7 of the 34 are completely weird but they still work'

      Earlier he discusses the inspiration for his 'Festival of Disruption' the title of which is inspired by a notion of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, 'the founder of Transcendental Meditation': 'Life is a Festival of Disruption', & that to him 'Life is a Festival of Disruption' ultimately ties to notions of games, play & 'being one' beyond the veil of Maya.

      Lynch also says 'we live in strange times', life is Stranger than Thingtion.

      (Like Lynch, George Lucas also believes sound is 50 percent of a movie:

      “Sound is 50 percent of the movie going experience, and I’ve always believed audiences are moved and excited by what they hear in my movies at least as much as by what they see.”, considering the importance of sound to both was this a factor in Lucas wanting Lynch to direct 'Revenge of The Jedi'?

      Lucas also says:

      'The secret to film is that it's an illusion.')

  3. All the cards are stacked in their (the PTB) favor. But that's easy if you hand out the cards, after designing the deck. Their cards do not describe me at all.

    1. Remember the XF quote from the Ronin episode:

      "The only way to win is not play the game."

    2. "Don't hate the player, hate the game."

      - Will Smith (as Detective Lieutenant Mike Lowrey), Bad Boys II, directed by Michael Bay, released July 18, 2003, $273.3 million box office according to box office mojo in 2011)

      The Warehouse 13 episode titled 'Don't Hate The Player' features an artifact called the 'Eclipse' which 'disables security and alarm systems for forty-two minutes and fifty-nine seconds, the length of time in which a portion of the moon is darkened rotating away from the sun (it's also the length of Pink Floyd's The Dark Side of the Moon).'

  4. The weird Orange sky above London recently was eerie as hell, man. Like walking through one of those apocalyptic movie scenes. Everyone I spoke to was at least a little unnerved by it. It's not any one odd thing that fascinates me but the recent accumulation of so many signs and portents that are all interconnected. As an aside, the Victorian literary scene often referred to London as the "Gates of Heaven", so the apocalyptic Orange sky kinda fits thematically in that sense too. Awesome work as always, Chris.

    1. The bloody lightshow was saved for the London blighted side of The Land, London with it's temple of Mithras to be found in 'the city', 'the square mile' - the financial centre of London, England, Britain, Europe, & some say The World itself.

      A friend described the sight of the skies as like a scene from 'Bladerunner (2049)'.

      The Tuesday 17th edition of 'Metro' (one of the free papers that litter the capital) was emblazened with the text 'RED OCTOBER' over an image of the hell sun, whilst the 'Daily Star' (a periodical dedicated to titilating(/)terrifying prolefeed) dedicated Its Tuesday front page to 'HELL STORM 3 die as sun turns blood red in yellow sky'.

    2. Meteorological Omen's aren't done yet, 'Storm Brian' is due to go off over England this weekend due to a 'weather bomb'.

      & speaking of meteors, tonight & tomorrow night is the peak of the Orionid meteor shower (which 'continues until around November 7th'), the shower is debris from Halley's Comet (Itself visible once every 75 years) & It's named 'Orionid' as the storm seems to appear 'from the Orion region dominated by the bright Rigel and Betelgeuse* stars'

      *'ruddy-hued', so another Hell Sun.

    3. Day of The Hell Sun, 'The Daily Telegraph' published an article 'The tiny Suffolk village that was once the 14th richest place in England' in which the author writes:

      'So here is what I think is going on. I think Lavenham was concocted some time in the 20th century by out-of-work film set designers with a lot of time (and timber) on their hands... They brainwashed a few locals into believing their half-baked backstory... I invite you, then, to join the ranks of the Lavenham Truthers.'

  5. As always, intriguing and compelling. You may have covered this before, but if one "group" is actively pursuing black magic as a means of controlling or manipulating events or even human consciousness, doesn't that imply that there could be competing groups working to do the same but also to undermine the efforts of other, similarly intentioned groups? Certainly, there seem to be a primary "cabal" group centered on the Anglo world, but are there others? I've long suspected that, in geopolitical affairs, there could be non-state players involved (a post-Nazi, non-state group?), whose presence and influence no one wants to publically acknowledge. Could the same be going on in the cabal world of magic and human sacrifice?

    1. Dark 'energy' feeding dark 'Gods'.
      Ritual sacrifice, black majick, 'dark ecstasy'.
      I sat and watched 'Hostel 2' in horror and disbelief until I realized what was really happening, and 'what' was 'feeding' on the energies produced by this 'extreme' torture.
      I would like to think/hope that there are 'groups' out there battling this 'EVIL'.
      But TPTB are certainly trying to desensitize us in regards to 'extreme' pain and suffering.
      They polarize to the extreme LEFT (left hand path)
      It's amazing what some will do to achieve power.

    2. When horrorwoed releases a film like 'Spectre', presented as conveying such that can only take place 'on screen', It plays Its hand, but such machinating isn't exlusively the agenda of spy-fi-fare for all the movies, all the tv shows, all the music - all the industrial complex output are exercises in Sign, Symbol, Sigil in the service of Seeking (by some faction or other) of the one-eyed-pyramid people.

  6. We are living through the aftermath of the 90s grunge era, a prolonged , never ending hangover , or should I say withdrawal. The cult of despair that was grunge brought about a change - something happened back then , a barrier was crossed into a very dark territory. Back then I remember people reading and getting into some very disturbing subjects that made the garden variety 80s metal occultism look very tame and naive. Things such as serial killer fanzines, snuff films going mainstream and publishing companies devoted to the most hateful side of humanity, an industry of despair. Back then I remember thinking that it could only result in more pain and misery over all , even to those who consumed it and those producing it. What is more disturbing about it is that I am sure most of those involved had no idea what they were dealing with , and
    that many thought that what they were doing served some positive end- but it is not that always the same in such cases?

  7. Discovery of 50km cave raises hopes for human colonisation of moon

    A Las Vegas hotel mogul plans to send an inflatable space hotel into orbit around the moon by 2022:

    Robert Bigelow has an interesting bio... but he's always seemed like a distraction.

    1. Regarding voids, OF the release of the 'Atlas of The Underworld' by Universiteit Utrecht gizmodo quotes one of the scientists compiling the map as saying 'it's a lot like medical imaging' & that It's 'Like a human genome map, this will undoubtedly provide a platform for many future discoveries about our planet'

  8. OK, Chris, this stuff goes over my head, but I am trying to follow you.

    The second chakra is orange, and has six petals. It also has a silver crescent on it, with the points straight up. Much like the moon looks if the sun is on the opposite end of the sky, and like the moon under the feet of just about every Mary Immaculate picture. And much like a sickle, as well.

    It's just above the root chakra, that is red and has four petals. And it has a yellow square on it.

    What I gather from all this is that the next stage of evolution for the human spirit is being mapped out. Great. Just like my luck. It looks like I'll get to the station in time so see the train leave, and by the time the next train arrives, the festival will be halfway through and I'll miss the most fun parts.

  9. Programming is programming, regardless of the era. Esp. when it comes to things of an extraterrestrial nature. Before Sitchin & Nibiru & The Nine & Puharich & MK-ULTRA, there was the Vril Society & Maria Orsic in particular. Note the connections to Aldebaran & Sumeria:

    "Maria Orsic was a medium and the leader of a Nazi secret society, known as the Vril, that existed in the WWII era. The Vril Society was established after Orsic received communication from extraterrestrials who had once lived in what is now Sumeria. These beings eventually departed Earth for the Aldebaran solar system. The Vril named themselves after the ancient Sumerian word “Vri-ll,” meaning “God-like.”

    The Vrill members were attractive young women who grew their hair all the way down past their hips, which was uncharacteristic of the times. The logic for growing their hair to such an extravagant length centered around their belief that human hair acts as an antenna to make contact with extraterrestrials. They believed that they could use their telepathic abilities to communicate with these otherworldly beings and give the Nazis some sort of advantage over their opponents.

    After making contact with the extraterrestrials, Orsic transcribed the information in two different scripts. The first was a secret German Templar language that she did not personally understand. The second was an ancient language that historians commonly link to the German occult group known as the “Thule.” Most of these scholars are in agreement that this language stems from ancient Sumeria, where the extraterrestrials once thrived.

    Once the transcriptions were translated into German, the Vril were shocked. The ancient race had given Orsic extremely detailed instructions for constructing a flying saucer."

    The reason I bring this up is as an illustrative point of the level of manipulation that happens to societies that are ripe for it. Consider the nature of German society during the Weimar years when this channeling & dissemination of memes occurred:

    In Germany in the 1920s, mescaline was legal & widely used in bohemian/artistic & literary circles, as well as by practitioners of the occult, including the Vril crowd. Psychedelic drugs + mediums/channeling + occult practice + political extremism + society in decline + rapid changes in technology = susceptibility towards outside manipulation (British intelligence can't take all the credit for how things panned out). Now flash forward to our place & time. Note any similarities?

  10. Maybe you or somebody already said this, but also the twin meanings of Heaven or Las Vegas. As in, somebody feels Las Vegas is Heaven, or you have a choice between the two. And the choices are Heaven or hell (Las Vegas).

    1. 'heaven or hell' is the "trditional ad model" it seems...

      Halo Top, the sinfree delicacy we all scream for. Yikes.......

  11. CLK, recall the Calligraphy Christmas Card I sent yee - not to say so otherwise than to note - you were the first and maybe only one to be 'twinned' in my series of 3/4 a Sun rotation ago.

    SO anyways

    Felt apropos from one Bostonian to another - also this is the link to your card for readers - I hope you enjoy - acts of love are always in demand, my friends, my SecretSunners, my future winners

    xoxo :3

  12. I'm in the middle of a work crunch right now but I will get to replying to comments as soon as I can. Yeah, there's a lot going on right now. It's pretty overwhelming. Everything seems to be falling together and it's hard to sort out.

    More soon.

  13. The MainMan of Philip K Dick's 'Time Out of Joint' is named 'Ragle Gumm', it's the tale of a man believing he makes a living doing something trivial but coming to understand his actions serve a far more serious purpose all in a world arranged 'Truman Show'-esque to occlude the truth from him.

    'Ragle'... 'Regulas', just a sync for me as I started listening to an audiobook of TOoJ' the past few nights, was Paddock a Truman-esqe too?

    Some other syncs & pieces the past day or three:

    'Amber Room: Priceless Russian treasure stolen by Nazis 'discovered by German researchers'

    '...three treasure hunters say a series of clues has revealed the room to be hidden in a network of tunnels under a cave in the Ore Mountains, eastern Germany... Now, the three men are seeking funding to excavate the site. “We want to go on but it’s all very complicated and we need a sponsor,”'

    ...moon cave, delonge's crowdfunding campaign, bladerunner skies...


    'Uranus will be visible from Earth tonight glowing blue-green in the sky'

    'Uranus, the seventh planet from the sun, will be visible in the Pisces constellation and is expected to make its debut at around midnight. The view of Uranus is just one of the celestial spectacles that can be seen from the ground this month. Saturn will appear in just a few days, sitting above the moon on October 23 and below it on October 24, according to NASA. The Orionid meteor shower will also reach its peak on Friday with roughly 10 to 15 meteors visible in the early hours of the morning.'


    'Lost Egyptian Pharaoh tomb dating back 3,200 years discovered near Cairo'

    'The temple is the only evidence of the presence of Ramses II in the Badrashin area in Giza, south of central Cairo, according to Dr Miroslav Barta, the head of the Czech team... There is also a “pillars hall”, parts of which are painted blue, he added... Analysis of the reliefs confirmed the continued worship of the sun god ‘Ra’ in Abusir, which started in the 5th Dynasty, over 4,500 years ago, according to Dr Barta... Earlier this year, a giant restored statue of Ramses II was unveiled in Luxor. When the 11-meter object was discovered in the 1950s, it was in 57 pieces.'


    'Health warning for millions today over fears weird 'apocalyptic' red sun sky caused by Hurricane Ophelia could return'...

    1. Another Reg:

      'Antimatter Property Beats Regular Matter After Scientists Make Incredible Precision Measurements'

      as reported in Gizmodo, the article gives all kinds of twinning hinting & makes mention of 'align'ing & an 'exact mirror image' (in the days following 'Choose Your Pain' & It's Mirrorverse twinning to the 'Prime Timeline'.)

      What with this & all the other recent highest science boasting it cannot be long before oppenheimer's quoting 'Now I am become Death' is given a final do-over as our Genius makes manifest our ultimate kibosh.

    2. KTV: check out my FB post from a while back regarding Ragle Gumm.

    3. Thanks Johnny, but I cannot read it as I'm not a facebook cadet.

  14. Hi Chris! Great article as always!
    I wanted to tell you that I left 2 lengthy (for me haha) comments the other day and just wanted to see if you received ? I think you may have because of Tryon books and Braintree/Jeopardy no big deal ---it was while your comment section was messed up.
    The other thing is I tried to donate yesterday and the payment was still pending 2day which had never happened so I cancelled to see if a new donate feature would appear on secret sun --I used aol addy to do try to do it yesterday which may be prob right there.
    And all I had for personal contact was aol emails ---so I thought I'd try this -obviously no reason. To publish this "comment" especially as ill give you my email if you have any spare time to answer about the donate issue--if youbdont do not worry!!! I will just hang on and check out your site as always for changes---your friend Devin at

  15. I've just come across an orange sync that simply freaks me out. It doesn't help that I can't really figure out what it means.

    You are probably aware that there is a strong independence movement in Catalonia, Spain. And things are coming to a head just about now. Well, in the Twitter feed of the leader of Catalonia, he retweeted a cartoon on the Telegraph. On the cartoon you can see a guy wearing a Catalonian flag as a cape, on top of the Sagrada Familia of Barcelona (very famous church, Dan Brown features it in his latest book that just came out). He's holding on to one of the spires, and he's surrounded by nine biplanes that look like they are going to shoot him down.

    Yeah, it's totally normal, if you are a leader of a region that wants to become independent, to retweet a picture that shows a guy with your flag about to be shot down.

    And this is the weird orange sync: the background of the picture is this orange-pinkish color, more like the surface of Mars than any color you'd normally expect a city to have.

    Does this freak out other people, too?

    1. #metoo?

      I think that some have 'invisible bullets'...

      "For the helmet of Pluto,[7] which maketh the politic man go invisible, is secrecy in the counsel and celerity in the execution. For when things are once come to the execution, there is no secrecy comparable to celerity; like the motion of a bullet in the air, which flieth so swift as it outruns the eye." - Francis Bacon, On Delays

    C.Wolfe in Austin w/ Louisiana Purchase performing Song to the Siren etc.

    1. Wolfe's latest album 'Hiss Spun', released Friday 22nd September, features songs titled 'Spun', '16 Psyche', 'Vex', 'Strain', 'The Culling', 'Particle Flux', 'Twin Fawn' (track 7), 'Offering' & 'Two Spirit'.

    2. & the video for This Mortal Coil's cover of 'Song to The Siren' features falling leaves, it's autumn afterall - a stormy one at that, Fraser's Blondied hair's on display too & I do wonder if It's occasional dying so is twinned with specific episodes in her life (such as performing in Las Vegas & other trauma-syncs), Guthrie also appears to have a touch of the blonde but maybe that's the lighting shining down on him.

      Fraser mimes along with the sing-track so cloesly the video could have been shot during the used vocal take but this isn't so is It? The song really channelled Itself through her.

      It's also featured on 'The Lovely Bones' soundtrack, along with a number of brian eno tunes, the film, about a murdered girl navigating her spirit through the afterlife, was directed by Peter Jackson & although I've not seen It seems a companion piece of sorts with his earlier film 'Heavenly Creatures'.

  17. Today the doodle of google was about Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar, who teached us "how the stars die".

  18. It's not true that Orange Appled was originally called Sky To Speak. That's a bootleggers' invention, another case of people writing down what they think they heard in the vocal.
    In fact, Robin Guthrie was asked about this in a Q&A on his website - which reappeared on the official Cocteau site (circa 2006, remember the days when it actually had some content?!).
    Hilariously, the man who stood stock still as Itchy-Glowbo-Blows rained down upon him, concluded [slight paraphrase] "we'd never release a song called Sky To Speak. That's a terrible title, it doesn't make sense!"

  19. CLK...fake news , but none the less: "17" ambulances at Hooters (more orange screwiness )

  20. Pink Orange Red - Cocteau Twins song

  21. Why did you delete my comment, sir?

    1. I don't know that I did- what was your comment? I have no record of it.