Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Heaven Upside Down or Las Vegas: It Takes Two

Since the Route 91 Harvest shootings on 10/01 we've been bombarded with a flood of stories calling the official account into question at the same time we're seeing a whole spate of seemingly-unrelated news items that seem to have a recurring theme.

We're seeing all kinds of major announcements coming from NASA and Jet Propulsion Laboratory and so on that keep hitting this "twin" thing. Some do it obviously, others less so. But I think we may want to get a handle on what this is all about.

I've been pointing to Las Vegas since May and warning that we were going to be seeing major events running along certain themes, which many of you are probably quite sick of hearing by now. 

But after going through all of this Sickle symbolism let's look at all the twinning we're seeing.

Because there's one hell of a lot of it here.

We heard this story about a "twin" of the Great Sphinx, which was first announced a day before Las Vegas.

Which in turn twins with the Great Sphinx's twin at Luxor Las Vegas.

Which in turn twins the Luxor Massacre, twenty years ago.

Luxor Las Vegas features a "Heavenly Beam," which twins the twin Heavenly Beams that were installed at Ground Zero after 9/11.

Incidentally, 2001 was 1717 in the Coptic Egyptian calendar and 2017 is 1733.

September 11 is New Year's day in the Coptic Calendar.

There were several news reports and photos of twin rainbows over Las Vegas during the Great American Eclipse.

Which in turn twins the binary star of Regulus during the event.

Incidentally, this post went up on St. Regulus Day.

Which in turn Twins this story about stellar collisions and gold and Jesus Christ this is such a fake story.

We also saw this story pop up six days before the Las Vegas Shootings- Twin universes colliding.

That in turn twins this story about twin stars named after Chronos and Crius (the least significant of all the Titans).

But of course Chronos -or Kronos, aka Saturn- seems to be extremely important to the entire narrative we're unpacking here. So of course this story had to be released October 13.

We've seen the superabundance of Saturn symbolism attached to the Las Vegas Shootings so it's no surprise we also see the twinning as well.

We're also hearing that Paddock spent two weeks in Las Vegas before the shootings and we continue to hear reports that there were two- or twin- shooters.

And we also have Jesus Campos, who was last seen on 10/10 and hasn't been seen since.

And we also the 58 and 59 numbers reported from the incident (58 victims, 58 victims plus Paddock=59).

Which twin NASA's 59th birthday, having been born on 10/01/58.

Three days after the shooting JPL announced that there is a Planet 9, a twin of Earth (but more super). 

10/01=1001, which is binary code for Nine.

We also saw another(?) Steve Paddock listed on a JPL press release from 1993, giving us some Twilight Language twinning.

Stephen Paddock was linked to NASA, having worked for NASA contractor Morton-Thiokol in 1986 during the Challenger disaster era.

Paddock allegedly shot several rounds into the back lot of Janet Air, Area 51s private air terminal.

And of course the Challenger explosion was during mission 51L, twinning the 51 or 3/17, the date of the Lamentations of Isis and her twin sister Nephthys.

Paddock himself was twinned by his younger brother, who had some very strange things to say.

Paddock was also twinned by the machine gun-toting Las Vegas accountant in Twin Peaks (who gunned down redneck assassins Hutch and Chantal).

Paddock had twin residences in Mesquite TX and Mesquite NV. 

Mesquite TX is in the general area where the Space Shuttle Columbia began to disintegrate before exploding, twinning the Challenger.

Paddock moved to the twin Mesquites from Viera, Florida, just a short drive from the Saturn Causeway which launched the doomed Space Shuttle Challenger.

Another mass shooter was from Mesquite, Micah Johnson, who went on the rampage on the 58th anniversary of the Occulting of the twin or binary star Regulus. The shootings began at 8:58 (or 2058) CT. The event ended at 2:30 AM.

Mesquite, Nevada- Paddock's primary residence- lies at the end of Route 91.

Which twins the Route 91 Harvest.

Thomas ("twin") Tryon is the author of Harvest Home, about blood sacrifices taking place during Harvest festivals.


His breakthrough hit novel was The Other, about an evil twin.

He's also known for his novel, Crowned Heads, twinning semiotically with Regulus ("king or prince star").
Jason Aldean was the headliner of Route 91 Harvest, and makes ample use of Black Sun- or Saturn- symbolism.

Aldean uses twin flaming hexagons in his stage show, suggesting there may be some symbolic connection between Saturn and Regulus or perhaps some conjunction (twinning) of the two heavenly bodies.

As I was working on this post this story went up about the stellar collision that allegedly created all the gold in the universe. Or something.

Saturn, the Black Sun, was the "King of the Golden Age."

The Black Hole fake story twins us to Chris Cornell ("Horned Christ") and his death at MGM Grand Casino in Detroit. All of the sites involved in the Las Vegas Massacre are owned by MGM, whose symbol is the Lion.

Chris Cornell is twinned with his close friend Scott "Jeff" Buckley ("Shepherd"), who died almost exactly twenty years before Cornell. Both deaths include rivers and both death sites are south-southwest of a Fraser or Frayser.

Both Chris Cornell and Elizabeth Fraser were shattered by Buckley's death. Cornell went into an opioid tailspin and Fraser went into a deep depression and the true magnificence of her gift was never really heard again. Together they were three of the greatest singers of their generation but two are now dead and one is a virtual recluse.

Through Buckley, Cornell is twinned to a giant fake pyramid, like the one at MGM's Luxor Las Vegas.

Cornell died on May 18, an important day in NASA history.

Cornell's death was twinned with the death of Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington, who in turn twinned himself with Buckley by singing "Hallelujah" at Cornell's funeral.

Bennington also died on a important day for the Apollo program. Apollo was the twin brother of Phoebe, goddess of the Moon.

Phoebe was also known as Diana. Like Jeff Buckley, this year saw the 20th anniversary of Princess Diana's death.

Bennington died at his home on Via Victoria (V-V) in Palos Verdes Estates.

Paddock twinned Bennington with his twin residence on Via Ventura (V-V) in the Pines of Palos Verdes section of Mesquite.

Bennington also twin residences, one close to Mesquite, AZ.

And like his symbolic twins Chris Cornell and Jeff Buckley he was geographically linked to "Fraser." 

He lived south-southeast of Fraser Fields, AZ. Ask yourself- what exactly are the odds of that?

Jason Aldean, symbolically twinned to Cornell through the Black Sun icon, played Twin Lakes, WI on the night of July 23.

That same night Our Lady Fraser of Oracles made a rare public appearance at Royal Albert Hall to talk about the Cocteau Twins' 1988 album Blue Bell Knoll. Her last public solo appearance was at Royal Festival Hall. 

Royal Albert is domed. Domes were seen as symbolic of the womb and the dome (called "the bread bun") was used in Egyptian hieroglyphs to indicate the feminine.

The album title is a reference to a Scottish death omen but was allegedly inspired by a "Bluebell Knoll" in Utah. 

The town of Osiris, UT is south-southwest of Bluebell Knoll. 

Fraser lent her voice to the soundtrack to the Millennium Dome Show, which is essentially a Cirque De Soleil-style production of Genesis 6:4 and features her character blowing up a tower, which is actually twin towers since there's a tower within the tower she blows up.

The Dome is on the River Thames, also called The Isis in days gone by. 

And just in case you had a sliver of a shred of a doubt that the Dome was meant to symbolize the womb of Isis...

Peter Gabriel- formerly of Genesis- described the story as a "creation myth" and that the offspring of the Daughters of Men and the Sons of Heaven are "representative of the future." Eloah-Isis-Beth Fraser was cast as the mother of the new race.

You can't make this stuff up, folks.

Our Lady Fraser sings the part of Sofia, most notably on the song "Downside Up," a fan favorite for Gabriel fans. 

Of course she is also known for "Heaven or Las Vegas." And a day before the shootings a twin gun prop fell on Marilyn Manson who was promoting his Heaven Upside Down album. 

A reader helpfully reminded of this.

The album soundtrack for the Millennium Dome Show is called OVO, or egg. Twin Os.

By a sheer fluke of utter randomness, the Royal Albert Hall is presenting a different show called OVO beginning early next year. What are the odds?

UPDATE: Readers have mentioned Drake's OVO branding. What is especially interesting about this is that Drake is closely aligned with The Weeknd, who has sampled "Cherry Colored Funk" off Heaven or Las Vegas and borrowed the title for one of his own songs.

A new Drake Equation?

Elizabeth Fraser not only appeared at Royal Albert Hall the first night of Leo (in which Regulus is the heart), it was also the rising of the Y-shaped constellation Scutum, or the Shield.

Twinning with the Y shape of the Challenger explosion...

...and the Y shape of Mandalay Bay....

....the Y shape of the fidget spinner in space...

...the Y shape of NASA/Lockheed's Juno probe (the twin of the doomed Cassini Probe, which crashed into Saturn in September)...

... and the standard Y shape diagram of how identical twins are develop from the mother's egg (or OVO).


UPDATE: And of course the new Pop Ritual Queen and her Gemini twins.

This mind-meltingly blatant Isis ritual was held at the 59th Annual Grammys. Huh- the Grammys were born the same year as NASA.

Go figure. 

SYNC LOG UPDATE: So I get in my car to go to the store. I start it up and "Orange Appled" is playing on WFMU. I can't even remember the last time I heard them on the radio. That song was released on September 1, 1986. 

Or 9/1, if you prefer.

I walk into the store and the first thing I see is a newspaper standalone display with this on the front page. Orange Appled-West Orange. Scott Kelly's twin is married to Gabby Giffords, who was shot with a Glock 19. 

At a Safeway on Oracle Road in Tucson. AKA Route 77.

I turn the page and there's a story about an Elizabeth man convicted for the Chelsea bombings. And on page 9 (1001) the big story is on the collision between the twin neutron stars with the gold and the black hole and yadda yadda.

UPDATE: It never ever ends.