Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Heaven Upside Down or Las Vegas: It Takes Two

Since the Route 91 Harvest shootings on 10/01 we've been bombarded with a flood of stories calling the official account into question at the same time we're seeing a whole spate of seemingly-unrelated news items that seem to have a recurring theme.

We're seeing all kinds of major announcements coming from NASA and Jet Propulsion Laboratory and so on that keep hitting this "twin" thing. Some do it obviously, others less so. But I think we may want to get a handle on what this is all about.

I've been pointing to Las Vegas since May and warning that we were going to be seeing major events running along certain themes, which many of you are probably quite sick of hearing by now. 

But after going through all of this Sickle symbolism let's look at all the twinning we're seeing.

Because there's one hell of a lot of it here.

We heard this story about a "twin" of the Great Sphinx, which was first announced a day before Las Vegas.

Which in turn twins with the Great Sphinx's twin at Luxor Las Vegas.

Which in turn twins the Luxor Massacre, twenty years ago.

Luxor Las Vegas features a "Heavenly Beam," which twins the twin Heavenly Beams that were installed at Ground Zero after 9/11.

Incidentally, 2001 was 1717 in the Coptic Egyptian calendar and 2017 is 1733.

September 11 is New Year's day in the Coptic Calendar.

There were several news reports and photos of twin rainbows over Las Vegas during the Great American Eclipse.

Which in turn twins the binary star of Regulus during the event.

Incidentally, this post went up on St. Regulus Day.

Which in turn twins this story about stellar collisions and gold and Jesus Christ this is such a fake story.

We also saw this story pop up six days before the Las Vegas Shootings- twin universes colliding.

That in turn twins this story about twin stars named after Chronos and Crius (the least significant of all the Titans).

But of course Chronos -or Kronos, aka Saturn- seems to be extremely important to the entire narrative we're unpacking here. So of course this story had to be released October 13.

We've seen the superabundance of Saturn symbolism attached to the Las Vegas Shootings so it's no surprise we also see the twinning as well.

We're also hearing that Paddock spent two weeks in Las Vegas before the shootings and we continue to hear reports that there were two- or twin- shooters.

And we also have Jesus Campos, who was last seen on 10/10 and hasn't been seen since.

And we also the 58 and 59 numbers reported from the incident (58 victims, 58 victims plus Paddock=59).

Which twin NASA's 59th birthday, having been born on 10/01/58.

Three days after the shooting JPL announced that there is a Planet 9, a twin of Earth (but more super). 

10/01=1001, which is binary code for Nine.

We also saw another(?) Steve Paddock listed on a JPL press release from 1993, giving us some Twilight Language twinning.

Stephen Paddock was linked to NASA, having worked for NASA contractor Morton-Thiokol in 1986 during the Challenger disaster era.

Paddock allegedly shot several rounds into the back lot of Janet Air, Area 51s private air terminal.

And of course the Challenger explosion was during mission 51L, twinning the 51 or 3/17, the date of the Lamentations of Isis and her twin sister Nephthys.

Paddock himself was twinned by his younger brother, who had some very strange things to say.

Paddock was also twinned by the machine gun-toting Las Vegas accountant in Twin Peaks (who gunned down redneck assassins Hutch and Chantal).

Paddock had twin residences in Mesquite TX and Mesquite NV. 

Mesquite TX is in the general area where the Space Shuttle Columbia began to disintegrate before exploding, twinning the Challenger.

Paddock moved to the twin Mesquites from Viera, Florida, just a short drive from the Saturn Causeway which launched the doomed Space Shuttle Challenger.

Another mass shooter was from Mesquite, Micah Johnson, who went on the rampage on the 58th anniversary of the Occulting of the twin or binary star Regulus. The shootings began at 8:58 (or 2058) CT. The event ended at 2:30 AM.

Mesquite, Nevada- Paddock's primary residence- lies at the end of Route 91.

Which twins the Route 91 Harvest.

Thomas ("twin") Tryon is the author of Harvest Home, about blood sacrifices taking place during Harvest festivals.


His breakthrough hit novel was The Other, about an evil twin.

He's also known for his novel, Crowned Heads, twinning semiotically with Regulus ("king or prince star").
Jason Aldean was the headliner of Route 91 Harvest, and makes ample use of Black Sun- or Saturn- symbolism.

Aldean uses twin flaming hexagons in his stage show, suggesting there may be some symbolic connection between Saturn and Regulus or perhaps some conjunction (twinning) of the two heavenly bodies.

As I was working on this post this story went up about the stellar collision that allegedly created all the gold in the universe. Or something.

Saturn, the Black Sun, was the "King of the Golden Age."

The Black Hole fake story twins us to Chris Cornell ("Horned Christ") and his death at MGM Grand Casino in Detroit. All of the sites involved in the Las Vegas Massacre are owned by MGM, whose symbol is the Lion.

Chris Cornell is twinned with his close friend Scott "Jeff" Buckley ("Shepherd"), who died almost exactly twenty years before Cornell. Both deaths include rivers and both death sites are south-southwest of a Fraser or Frayser.

Both Chris Cornell and Elizabeth Fraser were shattered by Buckley's death. Cornell went into an opioid tailspin and Fraser went into a deep depression and the true magnificence of her gift was never really heard again. Together they were three of the greatest singers of their generation but two are now dead and one is a virtual recluse.

Through Buckley, Cornell is twinned to a giant fake pyramid, like the one at MGM's Luxor Las Vegas.

Cornell died on May 18, an important day in NASA history.

Cornell's death was twinned with the death of Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington, who in turn twinned himself with Buckley by singing "Hallelujah" at Cornell's funeral.

Bennington also died on a important day for the Apollo program. Apollo was the twin brother of Phoebe, goddess of the Moon.

Phoebe was also known as Diana. Like Jeff Buckley, this year saw the 20th anniversary of Princess Diana's death.

Bennington died at his home on Via Victoria (V-V) in Palos Verdes Estates.

Paddock twinned Bennington with his twin residence on Via Ventura (V-V) in the Pines of Palos Verdes section of Mesquite.

Bennington also twin residences, one close to Mesquite, AZ.

And like his symbolic twins Chris Cornell and Jeff Buckley he was geographically linked to "Fraser." 

He lived south-southeast of Fraser Fields, AZ. Ask yourself- what exactly are the odds of that?

Jason Aldean, symbolically twinned to Cornell through the Black Sun icon, played Twin Lakes, WI on the night of July 23.

That same night Our Lady Fraser of Oracles made a rare public appearance at Royal Albert Hall to talk about the Cocteau Twins' 1988 album Blue Bell Knoll. Her last public solo appearance was at Royal Festival Hall. 

Royal Albert is domed. Domes were seen as symbolic of the womb and the dome (called "the bread bun") was used in Egyptian hieroglyphs to indicate the feminine.

The album title is a reference to a Scottish death omen but was allegedly inspired by a "Bluebell Knoll" in Utah. 

The town of Osiris, UT is south-southwest of Bluebell Knoll. 

Fraser lent her voice to the soundtrack to the Millennium Dome Show, which is essentially a Cirque De Soleil-style production of Genesis 6:4 and features her character blowing up a tower, which is actually twin towers since there's a tower within the tower she blows up.

The Dome is on the River Thames, also called The Isis in days gone by. 

And just in case you had a sliver of a shred of a doubt that the Dome was meant to symbolize the womb of Isis...

Peter Gabriel- formerly of Genesis- described the story as a "creation myth" and that the offspring of the Daughters of Men and the Sons of Heaven are "representative of the future." Eloah-Isis-Beth Fraser was cast as the mother of the new race.

You can't make this stuff up, folks.

Our Lady Fraser sings the part of Sofia, most notably on the song "Downside Up," a fan favorite for Gabriel fans. 

Of course she is also known for "Heaven or Las Vegas." And a day before the shootings a twin gun prop fell on Marilyn Manson who was promoting his Heaven Upside Down album. 

A reader helpfully reminded of this.

The album soundtrack for the Millennium Dome Show is called OVO, or egg. Twin Os.

By a sheer fluke of utter randomness, the Royal Albert Hall is presenting a different show called OVO beginning early next year. What are the odds?

UPDATE: Readers have mentioned Drake's OVO branding. What is especially interesting about this is that Drake is closely aligned with The Weeknd, who has sampled "Cherry Colored Funk" off Heaven or Las Vegas and borrowed the title for one of his own songs.

A new Drake Equation?

Elizabeth Fraser not only appeared at Royal Albert Hall the first night of Leo (in which Regulus is the heart), it was also the rising of the Y-shaped constellation Scutum, or the Shield.

Twinning with the Y shape of the Challenger explosion...

...and the Y shape of Mandalay Bay....

....the Y shape of the fidget spinner in space...

...the Y shape of NASA/Lockheed's Juno probe (the twin of the doomed Cassini Probe, which crashed into Saturn in September)...

... and the standard Y shape diagram of how identical twins are develop from the mother's egg (or OVO).


UPDATE: And of course the new Pop Ritual Queen and her Gemini twins.

This mind-meltingly blatant Isis ritual was held at the 59th Annual Grammys. Huh- the Grammys were born the same year as NASA.

Go figure. 

SYNC LOG UPDATE: So I get in my car to go to the store. I start it up and "Orange Appled" by the Cocteau Twins is playing on WFMU. I can't even remember the last time I heard them on the radio. That song was released on September 1, 1986. 

Or 9/1, if you prefer.

I walk into the store and the first thing I see is a newspaper standalone display with this on the front page. Orange Appled-West Orange. Scott Kelly's twin is married to Gabby Giffords, who was shot with a Glock 19. 

At a Safeway on Oracle Road in Tucson. AKA Route 77.

I turn the page and there's a story about an Elizabeth man convicted for the Chelsea bombings. And on page 9 (1001) the big story is on the collision between the twin neutron stars with the gold and the black hole and yadda yadda.

UPDATE: It never ever ends.


  1. The bearded guy Dougie Jones first encounters at the casino--the guy who yells HELLLLO--has a passing resemblance to Paddock --JW

  2. "Eric Paddock said his brother was a multimillionaire...etc.

    "He also noted that his brother had collected coins as a child."

    Like the guy at the slot in Twin Peaks. -JW

  3. October has seen a large number of press releases relating to advances in quantum computing. The fundamental nature of quantum computing is 'twinning', two states within one.
    What might this have to do with Vegas?

    The Las Vegas Massacre – Are there lessons to be learned?

    "A distant possibility is the ultimate extension of artificial intelligence called quantum computing which could establish quantum technology that could unravel indecipherable and unshakable communication links."
    ... which continues in the article suggesting quantum AI as a " 'contractor'[which] could make even the most unfathomable measurement decipherable. The possibilities this technology would present to biometric identification and scanning as well as record handling would be extremely important" with the aim of “real time normal operations to identify future problems”.
    Lucifer's Technologies indeed.

    1. I had been thinking about the application of quantum computing combined with technology like this.... Geospatial and Metagenomic forensics maps. Imagine your own DNA being the thing that identifies where you are and were with your "genetic echo." Completely destroys the need for audio/video surveillance for identifying people in a public area. This vid gets juicy around the 15 min mark.


      This video also discusses Dr. Christopher Mason's lab's work on the NASA twin study and working towards the possible necessity of changing man's DNA for colonizing Mars. Also, his interesting comments about the "waveforms" that genomes can be identified with, what he calls the "song of the genome."

      I've often pondered the thought of the collective unconscious around us and the invisible half of the living world of bacteria around us. The Siren living in the epigenetic. Driving humans to build for the unseen world.

      I've mentioned this before here but I found this work while using syncs from the Vegas incident. Notice their logo.... An all seeing eye made from the strands of DNA.


      The CEO of the company that sponsored the webinar series that lead me to this info is the father in law of the daughter of Steven Paddock's rumored girlfriend, Marilou Danley. (I would like to state that I'm not indicating that these people are up to anything nefarious at all, just that the symbology of the event has them tied within whatever synchromystic journey we may all be on, but if they would come forward with their stories it would certainly ease the talk and rumors of "mind control handlers" that people like to throw around in the "weird news/conspiracy circles") The daughter also has some weird syncs regarding her personal artwork which she states she uses her "unconscious mind" with this years Burning Man festival and the death at the burning of the effigy. She talks about her work on this page


      and mentions she had work displayed at Burning Man ("Into the Fire") on the News and Events page.

      Her father in law, the CEO of Promega is also the founder of the Usona Institute, and according to him, “Our objective is to find new and effective methods to relieve anxiety and suffering, and contribute to the understanding of neuroscience and the relationship of the mind and body. This is a frontier of research that will shape our future in important ways that we are just beginning to appreciate.” They do this through with FDA approval with the use of Psilocybin.

      Again, I'm not demonizing this activity, I actually think this is fantastic, but to see a tangental relationship to esoteric synchs along with the psychedelic research and unclear history of those around the shooter does lead one to wonder about what happened in Vegas. All coincidence? Is someone performing magic? Is something trying to tell us something?

    2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZK5ORqWqnps

      This is an even creepier, view of metagenomics and it's use for a "Smart City. My worst fear conspiracy revolving this scenario (and I admit it's a stretch) would be that a company, say Johnson Controls LLC would want something like this in the future for "security" purposes and they would look to a company they may have tangental relationships, say Erik Prince's and his former Blackwater colleagues to try to push the world towards even closer to "smarter cities." Especially ones where cameras and metal detectors prevented nothing. Mr. Prince, suspected to be a Knight of Malta would be a good ally for this task. A synch between "Knight" activity in Vegas and new things on the horizon for Vegas is the inauguration of their new NHL team, The Golden Knights. There are definitely similarities, though not exact between the new hockey franchise's secondary logo and symbols used by the Knights of Malta. It reminds me of Goro's thoughts on the astrological events of the evening and also the idea of the scythe in Regulus while Knights are pulling of a ritual killing. Then Golden Knights with hockey sticks (scythes) appear in Vegas.

  4. Not to mention Drake with his OVO/ owl logo

  5. I know I keep going on the Blade Runner 2049 connections but... There are also twins in Blade Runner. The child that Rachael had got registered as twins, a boy and a girl, and the girl supposedly died. But then it turns out that the child was actually a girl.

    1. Philip K Dick had a twin sister who died shortly after birth

    2. Elvis, a fellow often associated with Vegas, had a stillborn twin.

    3. Rachael, or rather Sean Young, is twinned in BR2049, & this twinning is itself twinned with the 'absent mother' facet of the pop-okult mise en scene, as a cgi-Simulacra appears of her Flesh World self of thirty-five years ago in the replicant of a movie.

      Regarding the absent parents aspect from the Braintree posts, it never ended, it still goes on, I don't know what's worse - someone not being present at all or someone being present but absent especially when they blithely ignore horrors their kids attempt to raise awareness of. The adult society of our mediated age has entirely seceded itself from all Its responsibilities leaving their children to be shepherded by the industrial complex, hence our Alienated cult-u-are gestating generations of unhappy rainbow warriors with acid* as the humour flowing in their veins.

      *& more & more acid being thrown in their faces.

    4. (& throwing acid in other peoples faces)

      According to io9 Young (spliced/twinned with Loren Peta (the Sean Young replicant vat must not have produced enough of her likeness in other actresses)) did motion-capture for this Simulacra.

      Young's codename 'even amongst the crew' on set was 'Rita', Rita Hayworth's first film was 'Cruz Diablo', her last 'The Wrath of God'.

  6. http://variety.com/2017/tv/news/jon-hamm-archangel-gabriel-amazon-good-omen-1202577637/

    Hamm’s character has a fleeting role in the book, but Gabriel has been worked up for the series. “When ‘Good Omens’ was first published and was snapped up for the first time by Hollywood, Terry and I took joy in introducing our angels into the plot of a movie that was never made,” said Gaiman, who penned the series and is showrunner on the project. “So when, almost 30 years later, I started writing ‘Good Omens’ for TV, one thing I knew was that our angels would have to be in there.” Karin

  7. Is it not also true that the Mandalay Bay itself is TWINNED with the Delano Hotel? Alan Shepherd (the astronaut) is a descendent of the Delano family, and was the commander of the first GEMINI mission! Just started reading up on it, but the Delano twin seems far, far more interesting in this context even than the Mandalay, you should take a look!

    1. Delano is a different shape. Looks similar but more of a T than a Y.

  8. the old platform gave me your "suggested" links to "the others" ... eye miss it

  9. I keep trying to post without success, so here's my third version....

    This talk of twinning is quite intriguing, yet are we missing another twin? Who is twinning the siren? I think it may be Adrastia, the Goddess of justice and retribution, a "a daughter of Oceanus, the primeval river-ocean that encircles the world" (wiki).


    Continuing on, if the siren/mermaid is based on Ioannes, then WHO TOOK HER LEGS AND FEET? Are we not seeing some element of vengeance or lashing out against her crippled state? (and what are MK victimes like Fraser if not emotionally crippled?) Female archetypes through history have been twisted in many ways and symbolicly laming a women is rather telling. Another angle of approach is to look at the Mithras cult as the reaction to the Lysistrata empowerment of women over war. What happened? Men started playing with each other and decided raping the wives of their enemies was easier. Sound familiar?

    Yet another disempowerment/laming theme that seems to recur is the oddly noted transition between the traumatic 60s and the subdued 70s (another big "secret seven"). Speaking with a friend about this he mentioned the very brief moment of "I am woman, hear me roar"...and then nothing but a flood of cock rock, disco, cocaine, date rate drugs, and norming of gayness, all by some of today's most famous old celebs. Mission accomlished!

    Looking on the bright side, though, this still looks like a bothched job and a botched working, however planned out. For the last 10 years or so I've felt as if a battle were taking place on another plane or level and following these threads has not changed my mind. are these workings starting to work less well? I'm reminded of the XF episode set in a small New England town and school founded on evil The leaders and teachers had grown lax, sparking a return of their evil founding source. Similarly, whoever the secret spell-workers are seem to have lazy shitified brains just like most all the rest of anyone or anything touched by our craptacular culture.

    I'm not buying that we're all doomed because we're not as magically accomplished as our enemies. They seem just as incompetent as the average person, if not more, and somehow Paddock really threw a wrench in their works. Adastria/Nemesis (yes, that's another of her names) may be ready for her close-up.

    1. In another version of Adastria's Nemesis genealogy she is the daughter of Zeus and grand-daughter of Kronos. Oh, and she gave birth to Helen from an egg due to some unfortunate swan-raping incest. Understandably, what with all the shape-shifting, she turns into a fish to flee her persistent father. The birth of a traumatized mermaid, who now considered the water her father?

      From the wiki for Nemesis:

      "While many myths indicate Zeus and Leda to be the parents of Helen of Troy, the author of the compilation of myth called Bibliotheke notes the possibility of Nemesis being the mother of Helen. Nemesis, to avoid Zeus, turns into a goose, but he turns into a swan and mates with her. Nemesis in her bird form lays an egg that is discovered in the marshes by a shepherd, who passes the egg to Leda. It is in this way that Leda comes to be the mother of Helen of Troy, as she kept the egg in a chest until it hatched.[8]"

      "Rich-haired Nemesis gave birth to her [Helene (Helen)] when she had been joined in love with Zeus the king of the gods by harsh violence. For Nemesis tried to escape him and liked not to lie in love with her father Zeus the son of Kronos (Cronus); for shame and indignation vexed her heart: therefore she fled him over the land and fruitless dark sea. But Zeus ever pursued and longed in his heart to catch her. Now she took the form of a fish and sped over the waves of the loud-roaring sea, and now over Okeanos' (Oceanus') stream and the furthest bounds of Earth, and now she sped over the furrowed land, always turning into such dread creatures as the dry land nurtures, that she might escape him."

    2. Very interesting that Oceanus would come up with you. When I searched for info about people associated with Paddock, Marilou Danley's daughter works for a mobile app/marketing company BeyondCurious, as well as being an artist who describes a "channeling" process for creating her illustrations. On a page for one of her client's, Caesar's Entertaiment (https://www.beyondcurious.com/work/caesars-innovation/) the only image that is not of the app they developed for Caesars is of the Trevi fountain at the hotel, featuring Oceanus. It is also a "twin" sculpture, with the original located in Rome.

      It is also interesting that her company is called BeyondCurious while her father in law's company, Promega, who helped with the NASA twin DNA study uses the company slogan, Stay Curious. It makes me feel like Pandora's box has been opened.

  10. Hobbes famously said "fear and i were Born twins together"; his leviathan basically is the parent of political philosophy. In ch 13 however he admits (sort of) that his ' state of nature' is not based on reality at all but is a fiction without which his model loses validity.

    It is known nowadays that precivilization equality reigned supreme and consequently that terror, trauma and perpetual war of every man against every man is how civilization ('the matrix') functions (but not true reality)
    Research also indicates that human sacrifice plays a central role in establishing and maintaining ' social stratification'

    Twinning is a natural phenomonon but everything can be perverted. And if we have to believe them it's just inevitable that perversion will happen, because it can, so it Will. That's the whole of the Law. It's the very idea of it.

    Sexual reproduction and free choice are intimately connected and it's no wonder they are keen on replacing that with all their splitbrained copying and cloning designer magic.

  11. Just for more synchronicity, Soundgarden's last album of the 90s before they reunited earlier this decade was...Down on the Upside.

    1. Down on the Upside was released on May 21, 1996 and Cornell died almost exactly 21 years later May 18, 2017

  12. Also speaking of the ninth planet/planet X/Niburu

    Genesis 6:4 uses the term Nephelim which is covered in great depth by
    Sitchin in his books who contend that they are essential the Annunaki/Watchers , a race from (Planet X/Niburu) which colonized this planet and manipulated the DNA of the hominids on this planet to engineer a slave race, they also had sex with them and bore hybrid offspring. This concept is also covered in the book of Enoch which refer to these beings as fallen angels. All of which supposedly brought on the great flood.

    The other scripture (Matthew 24:37 reference also warns that in “the last days” it will also be like in the days of Noah. So perhaps the appearance of these beings may signal the end of days per the Judaeo Christian narrative

  13. Watcher of the skies watcher of all
    His is a world alone no world is his own,
    He whom life can no longer surprise,
    Raising his eyes beholds a planet unknown.
    Creatures shaped this planet's soil,
    Now their reign has come to an end,
    Has life again destroyed life,
    Do they play elsewhere, do they know
    More than their childhood games?
    Maybe the lizard's shed its tail,
    This is the end of man's long union with Earth.
    Judge not this race by empty remains
    Do you judge God by his creatures when they are dead?
    For now, the lizard's shed it's tail
    This is the end of man's long union with Earth.
    From life alone to life as one,
    Think not your journey's done
    For though your ship be sturdy, no
    Mercy has the sea,
    Will you survive on the ocean of being?
    Come ancient children hear what I say
    This is my parting council for you on your way.
    Sadly now your thoughts turn to the stars
    Where we have gone you know you never can go.
    Watcher of the skies watcher of all
    This is your fate alone, this fate is your own.

    --peter gabriel

    1. Actually, Mike Rutherford and Tony Banks wrote those lyrics. Good song though.

  14. drake - watcher?

  15. And you presumably noticed that:

    New Hypothesis Suggests That Two Parallel Universes Were Produced by The Big Bang

  16. And you presumably noticed that:

    New Hypothesis Suggests That Two Parallel Universes Were Produced by The Big Bang

  17. Saturn/Shani is overcome by mind control by Rahu/Lunar Dragon node on his way to gaining the eye of justice. Shani as Saturn, the Great Lord of All, does not ascend to be so until after being given this eye. The compare here for westerners would be Horus becoming ascendant only after wrestling with Set for his eye/genitals. The alternate names for Saturn/Shani show comparison to Kronus in Kona and Kroda. The reason for this being the source origin is in Atlantis, the time before the split between the Red/Black and the White happened. Saturn/Shani as black in skin is led by Rahu until he gains vision past his skin. Lots of identification with skin going around. This being because we do not remember ourselves past the River of Lethe. Ourselves being the reincarnational aspect of an ascending soul once it gains its past life memory and also mastery of its present skin. The age of Kali, the Iron Age, is where the most darkness happens as missing light. The true light being remembrance of souls. Surya as the Sun as Shamash is darkly speaking that the Great External King has come. Death in the flesh will shatter one eye open and all will see past the flesh of the containers.

    1. Did you forget that the Caste System was the Divinely sanctioned order? Darker skinned people were thought of as having more negative karma and thus deserved their place at the bottom of society as "Outcastes".

      During the Kali Yuga negative karma rises and so to the "Tamasic" dark skinned peoples just as good karma and the "Sattvic" light skinned peoples decline.

      Think of it like a "Synch" Black/Dark/Evil vs White/Light/Good.

      Not that I agree with such things, but let's not engage in privileged "Orientalism" and white washing of Hindu teachings.

      I do think that Genetics and Karma are linked in some way, but that's a dangerous subject to speak of.

    2. The caste system before it fell into merely "you go here" was based on the Rishis/Bards drawing out the inner aptitude of the soul inside so that the person would fit their calling. Skin only became marker post the fall of Atlantis and the order pre last Ice Age, ie end of Atlantis. The red/black and white were divided because they lost the internal vision of the QRST/Krsna as the template of internals. Once the vision was lost the division of skin took hold. Before this all colors could be QRST/Krsna if they had the spark to remember. Hinduism at its start is 2nd generation Atlantis. After time, ie the drawing closer of Kali Yuga, the riddle was lost. Hinduism fell into its answer of "in the way that you worship me I will answer you". Kali Yuga has made the vision lost, the once divine images not answer, and the world all too real in its nonremembrance.

  18. Speaking of twinning. You and Goro both implementing new web designs at the same time after many years.

  19. From a traditional kabbalistic perspective, twins were symbolic of the desire for the reconciliation of opposites & synergy:



    "Our sages tell us that before G‑d created our world, He created an “earlier” state of existence—the world of Tohu (“Chaos”). But this was a world of “much light and scant vessels.” As a result, the vessels burst and the light escaped. G‑d then created “our” world—the world of Tikkun (“Correction”), constructed with “broad containers and scant light” that allow it to function and endure.

    (“Light” (or) is the Kabbalistic term for an emanation of Divine energy; “containers” (kelim) are the Divine forces that channel, define, and focus the “light.” A soul, for example, is a “light,” while a body is a “vessel.” A world, whether physical or spiritual, consists of lights deriving from the Divine power to reveal and bestow, and vessels deriving from the Divine power to define and delimit.)

    There was a reason for this “debacle.” G‑d desired that our “correct” world should be built upon the ruins of Tohu, so that we should delve beneath its surface to unearth the “sparks of holiness” that are the residue of this primordial world, tap their potent potential, and ultimately integrate the two realities, capturing the immense light of Tohu in the broad vessels of Tikkun.

    The Kabbalists see Esau and Jacob as the embodiment of the cosmic twinship of Tohu and Tikkun.

    Esau is the raw, untamed energy of Tohu. He is a destructive force, because he lacks the discipline and control that would channel this energy in a useful, constructive way. But he is also a very powerful force—far more powerful than the constricted and defined energies that animate Jacob’s correct and orderly world. The challenge, as we said, is to bring together the cosmic twins in a way that exploits the best of both worlds: to marry the immense energy of Tohu with the focus and control of Tikkun.

    The struggle to achieve this synergy is the life-history of the biblical twins, and the essence of human history as a whole. Esau and Jacob emerge from the same womb (where they were already fighting), and the rest of their lives is defined by the effort to bring them back together."

  20. I'll just leave this here:

    Las Vegas Billionaire Plans to Build Orbiting Space Station for the Moon.

    (The "Las Vegas Billionaire" is, of course, Bigelow).

  21. People at my place of business have been playing Bowie's "Blackstar" album a lot the past couple of weeks, and I keep thinking about how he was the first of the huge string of celebrity deaths of 2016 that toppled the music and arts world last year. Maybe when he left, he really left things...changed somehow. And his reemergence in Twin Peaks this year...could he be the otherworldly twin to Elizabeth Fraser, the male counterpart to her somehow? The song "Blackstar" just won't leave me alone, it's in my head all the time. "At the center of it all...at the center of it all..."

  22. I noticed earlier that Oct 1st leaves exactly 91 days to the end of the year.
    Just now I find this post: http://debezoeker.tumblr.com/post/124994464036/deep-blue-dreams-666-days-of-stanley-kubrick
    Interesting quote in there: "Extraordinary claims may require extraordinary evidence, but what of extraordinary facts? What do they require?"

    1. More 91:

      "The Maya city of Chichén Itzá contains the Castillo, or Temple of Kukulcan (“feathered serpent,” the Maya equivalent of Quetzalcoatl). Constructed around A.D. 1100, the 180-square-foot Castillo was constructed over another temple-pyramid built 100 years earlier. Its four stairways have 91 steps each, which combined with the single step at the entrance to the temple adds up to 365 stairs..."

  23. Saturn ascends
    choose one or ten
    Hang on or be humbled again

    Clutch it like a cornerstone, otherwise it all comes down
    Justify denials and grip 'em to the lonesome end
    Saturn ascends, comes round again
    Saturn ascends, the one, the ten
    Ignorant to the damage done

    -The Grudge by TOOL
    Damn my eyes
    If they should compromise
    Our fulcrum
    Wants and needs divide me then I might as well be gone.

    Shine on forever.
    Shine on benevolent sun.

    Shine on upon the broken.
    Shine until the two become one.

    Shine on forever.
    Shine on benevolent sun.

    Shine on upon the severed.
    Shine until the two become one.

    Divided I'm withering away.

    Divided I'm withering away.

    Shine on upon the many, light our way
    Benevolent sun.

    -Jambi by TOOL

  24. Chris, I listened to the podcast you were on talking about "Conduit." Joel Palmer was also the little boy in 2 episodes of Poltergeist: The Legacy that both were about drownings and themes you have been covering. http://legacyweb.com/episodeguide/76_stillwaters.htm "Still Waters" Years after he drowns, the restless spirit of a boy seeks to avenge his death. "Sins of the Father" A man, who happens to be an old friend of Derek's, is accused of violently abusing his son. Karin

  25. Hey Chris I'm the one who posted TOOL lyrics . . . the fidget spinners and the Y's made me think of two things becoming one, then the TOOL lyrics about Saturn popped into my mind and TOOL's drummer is obsessed with Crowley who I understand encouraged his students to do things in reverse or backwards.

    It was announced in Sept. that Russia and the US will work together to build a moon base.

  26. I went to make a payment on a credit card after reading this post and saw this image on the website:


  27. Arausio: The name of the French city of Orange and the historical royal House of Orange come from a corruption of the name of this Celtic water god, which was eventually conflated with the word for the citrus fruit, “orange.”

  28. Mermaids, Martians, and Monoliths

    Lisa Marie Smith (she goes by Lisa Marie, just like Elvis's daughter) who played a Martian posing as a human female in Mars Attacks met film director Tim Burton at Starbucks they claimed to have bonded over mutually witnessing two UFO sightings in California. They were engaged from 1993 to 2001.

    Also Jack Nicholson plays two roles in it as President James Dale (reminds me of the name Doug Jones) the President of the United States.Nicholson also portrays Art Land, a developer in Las Vegas.

    "Douglas Trumball's big budget VR debuts (where else?) in Las Vegas. The three-theater "Secrets of the Luxor Pyramid" is the biggest thing Douglas
    Trumbull has done since he revolutionized the special effects business in 1968 with 2001: A Space Odyssey. As the wizard credited for special effects in Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Blade Runner, and the Back to the Future
    attraction at Universal Studios, The Las Vegas-based Luxor project represents the first time a client (in this case, Circus Circus Enterprises) has given him enough money to actually design such an attraction - an immersive experience that can transport an audience of 350 to another reality...Trumbull
    regards Luxor as "an experiment in finally going over the edge of a belief barrier through careful control of photography and projection, to the point where a motion picture can be seen to be a real live event." - Total Immersion, Howard Rheingold, 5-1-93, WIRED

    On Sept. 29, the day before the shooting NASA Mars Odyssey (which began orbiting Mars in 2001) began observing Phobos, the moon of Mars with a monolith.

    10-13-17 was a Friday the 13th. Mars Attacks was released on Dec. Friday the 13th in 1996. The Luxor opened on Oct. 13, 1993. The X-Files began September 10, 1993. Which was created by Chris Carter, who was born on October 13th.

    Which brings us around to something I've been wondering about since April: Do You Know That The Series American God's Even Exists? I've not seen any posts.

    The syncs are crazy with Twin Peaks.

    Gillian Anderson plays the new Goddess Media, the public face and "mouthpiece" of the New Gods. She appears in the form of famous personalities, including Marilyn Monroe, David Bowie and Judy Garland.

    "We're not gonna talk about Judy, in fact were gonna leave her out of this."

    They both feature Casinos and aired on almost at the same time.

    And the May 7, 2017 Episode Secret of Spoons prophesied Chris Cornell the
    Spoonman's death 11 days later with an approaching storm on the TV screen were
    Cornell died.

    Media says to Shadow Moon: "Guys like you end up a suicide every time, I'm trying to help you keep your neck out of the belt."

    Anubis the dog-headed god also appears which makes me think of Temple of the

    Did you see there's a Doug Jones running for Senate.

    More syncs: Was Paddock cultivated or manufactured? And did his house at Sun City look a lot like were Dougie switches with Cooper?

    Terrorism analyst Michael S. Smith II who co-founded Kronos Advisory tells Newsweek: “If Islamic State did indeed cultivate Paddock, as it has claimed was the case, the group surely has some evidence of its engagements with him. If it does, it may be the case the group is waiting on FBI and other agencies to dismiss its claim of responsibility for the Las Vegas attack before posting contradictory evidence online for the world to see."

    Did you see the story about the eyewitness Kymberley Suchomel who died after
    publicly claiming there was more than one shooter, was the co-founder of the High Desert Phoenix Foundation a charity that financially assists victims of tragedies.

  29. Trumbull phrase "belief barrier" in 1993 is very pertinent to our current situation. It sums up in two words so much, as if he compressed late 20th century critical thought about media (Mc Luhan, Baudrillard Virilio,etc) into two words. Priceless.

    1. 'TOTAL IMMERSION' is the title of a 'Wired' article about this particular working of Dougie's dated Saturday 1st May 1993, it goes on to state:

      'Douglas Trumball's big budget VR debuts (where else?) in Las Vegas'

      ...'where else'...

  30. Perhaps you could shed some light on this one. Did Lynch and Frost use Stephen King novels as an inspiration for Twin Peaks, like the two that were made into movies in 2017.

    Case in point: "It" is named BOB Gray and feeds on human emotions just like BOB in Twin Peaks.

    There is a dark tower in the Dark Tower series that sounds a lot like the Black Lodge.

    In the Talisman, part of Dark Towers series there is even a Queen Laura, the TWINNER of Jack's mother (a movie actress known as the "Queen of the B Movies").

  31. The Twins are Heaven and Earth. As above so below.

  32. Blackstar released 10/01/2016'. We were born upside-down (I’m a star's star)
    Born the wrong way ‘round (I’m not a white star). The whole Isis / Osiris theme of the video. Bowie of course being Horus himself, the one with an injured eye. His eye getting hit by lollipop! in Oslo, him collapsing in Germany soon after. Song of Norway in the Next. Ormen being a village in Norway. Bowie returning to the closet as Thin White Duke in Lazarus video. Him reaching the age of 69. Space oddity being released in 1969. The twinning sign of cancer. The fat chance that he actually died the day we are told he did. Black Star of Elvis. Mirrors. Relflektors. I'm telling you, it's all there. There is just so much over there! He couldn't give everything away but boy did he try!

  33. I think that if their "magic" really worked that well, they wouldn't need such a staggering amount of violence (in all its various overt and covert forms) all the time to force it on reality. That's what I think.
    But of course, conartists can do an awful lot of damage..

    It is no wonder they're so preoccupied with 'putting nature on the rack' to force it to reveal its secrets, so they can Lord over it. Torture works!!

    1. ..... never mind that torture disfigures reality...(which seems to be their very goal!)
      and that power literally causes braindamage, depriving the powerful from the very knowledge that power is supposed to be...

  34. Within 20 years...




    "Perhaps, in a decade or two, our most horrifying cases of torture (....) will appear as naive children's games."

    "Since we might soon be able to engineer our desires too, perhaps the real questions facing us is not 'What do we want to become?', but "What do we want to want?' Those who are not spooked by this question probably haven't given it enough thought.”

    I'd say, since the bulk of our desires are meticulously designed by the PTB... the real question facing us is always 'what DO we want? like, REALLY?' Or, more dramatically: What WOULD we want, if we still HAD a life, in the true meaning of the word?

  35. The final scene of Star Trek Discovery ep.5 teases a doppleganger (twin) of the science guy after injecting himself with tardigrade dna, which allowed him to 'jump' the ship (navigate). Suggestive of either a perception switch - seeing the future or a mirror universe style scenario. Mythologically speaking, I'm sure there's a one divine, one mortal angle when it comes to twins. Or one in this world, one in the nether world.

  36. Cinimod_ofCarthach11:10 AM, October 18, 2017

    So more harvest syncs.

    Gord Downie passed away, lead singer of tragically hip they have a song "the wheat kings")

    Gordon Hayward, of the Boston Celtics, suffered a serious leg injury (watched live you could hear the break, clean break above the ankle, brutal) He was/is set to be a center piece for the Celtics this upcoming season alongside Kyrie Irving.

    Kyrie "Lord" was traded (rumor is asked for a trade) from the cleveland cavaliers. Many were taken aback by this because he was playing alongside King James, the King of the NBA and best basketball player in the world.


    Now this website is questionable and I am not saying to believe it. Its more to prove a point that James is very much in on this Saturn ride. Now Kyrie came out as a flat earther and enjoys talking about transcending reality etc...

    So saturn loves sacrifice right?

    The players that Kyrie was traded for? Joe Crowder and Isiah Thomas.


    The black sun i think is a portal. Opposite of the golden chariots of fire of God.

  37. Cinimod_ofCarthach11:24 AM, October 18, 2017

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  38. Cinimod_ofCarthach11:29 AM, October 18, 2017

    Don't post my last comment Chris. Use this one for the additional. I provided the wrong link.

    I forgot to add that Gordon, as some may know, means "From the marshes" is scottish.


    Selkie not Kelpie...

    She's everywhere.

  39. https://www.jpl.nasa.gov/news/news.php?feature=6975

    Twin stars give evidence of gravitational waves

  40. And now, Jesus Campos that was supposedly missing, turns out not to be missing at all and appearing on TV. Either the cops in Las Vegas are astoundingly incompetent, or something really weird is going on here. I wonder if there are going to be any questions about his supposed disappearance. And how natural or otherwise his responses are going to be.

    1. Sometimes the doppelgänger artificial womb gestator vats take a week or two to drop a sprog, speaking of drops considering the talk of Melania Trump having been 'replaced' maybe the would-be tptb should have let her replicant cure a little longer, or maybe not - they feed on the confusion, worry, apprehension & fear invoked by the hints they 'oopsie' drop.

  41. Just another little smudge of weirdo symbolism... It looks like Aldebaran Avenue in Las Vegas is being decommissioned and abandoned to make way for the new domed stadium. So the Heart of the Bull is being removed to make way for the Heart of the Lion. This is being done so that ritualized warfare/bloodsport can be conducted by the Raiders in a structure sacred to the feminine. "Paging Mithras, you have a call waiting on the red courtesy phone..."

    1. Aldebaran? Seriously? At the same time I was reading your comment, I was humming the Rolling Stones' "2000 Light Years From Home" from "Their Satanic Majesties Request," which has just been re-released and enhanced 50 years after its initial release. As for "Aldebaran," Jagger sings on the track: "See you on Aldebaran
      Safe on the green desert sand." Green desert sand reminds me of the "Trinitite" created after the July 16, 1945 detonation of the Trinity bomb in New Mexico, which was recreated in Ep 8 of "Twin Peaks: The Return." Yes, there is A LOT to note in this thread, Mr. Knowles.

  42. i was at one of Soundgardens' shown in Memphis TN just a couple weeks before Chris died..Last band to play on the last day of 3..Sunday May 7th at 10:05 Beale Street Music Fest..they have 3 large stages and Chris Cornell and the boys played on the FedEx stage which was at the southern end of the festival facing north directly at the Pyramid and on to Frayser... in line... It was a great show..i went with my twin brother.. no joke

  43. Fascinating stuff, Chris. Crazy days, yo.

  44. To me the long game manipulation of popular culture for occult purposes is evidence of dimensional travel. The whole Bowie thing pointed out in a previous comment did seem to present a riddle to Time.

    The whole twinning thing is in the air. Here in Oregon a friend & I nurtured two pot plants to maturity over the summer and we called them "the twins" (harvest went well btw). Twin dimensions is what I'm thinking.

    The LV event seems to be an appeal to Father Time (Saturn) - a sloppy ritual of prevention. The very real fear "they" have of discovery (of their deeds and the knowledge they're hiding) is projected onto us. Most of us are beyond that now of course as we have "fear fatigue" and most of this shit just makes anyone with open eyes simply angry and wanting to throttle those that insist on messing with us in this way.

    Mortals are doing this not gods.

  45. An Aldean sync:

    'Why did Vikings have 'Allah' embroidered into funeral clothes?'

    'Patterns woven with silk and silver thread have been found to spell the words "Allah" and "Ali"... the tiny geometric designs - no more than 1.5cm (0.6in) high - resembled nothing she had come across in Scandinavia before... To unlock the puzzle, she enlarged the letters and examined them from all angles, including from behind...'


    Twin that with recent news of the reality of Viking 'shield-maidens' (DNA proof! according to Forbes) & Sweden was fated to be Feminazistan all along.

  46. A glaringly obvious connection with Cornell and Vegas. From his title theme song for a little movie starring James Bond, "You Know My Name" from Casino Royale. Video hits you right in the solar plexus.


  47. Do note the subtle but perceptible "Y" logo on the back of the jackets being worn by the Nephilm coaches this autumn, from (who else?) Saturnian Nike ...


  48. mermaids always get you at the end.