Friday, October 20, 2017

"Las Vegas, Which Kept Not Their First Estate in Heaven"

Listen, I don't create the syncs, I just record them. This isn't a rabbit hole anymore, it's the Marianas Trench. It's absolutely bottomless.

I'm not even going to try to preface any of this- it's too huge. This is what I got and I can't even try to pretty it up.

And yes, I realize this is all completely nuts. It's absolutely insane. No question.

But did I mention it's 2017?


All I can say is that I'm not sure I'd be making any long term plans right now.

NOTE: Before we get started I want to address a few points. First Our Darren raises a point some of you might be thinking:

"Everything really is connected it seems,
 no matter how sick we get of hearing that said."

And we're all ultimately related, right? Here's the thing- there are connections, then there are symbolically-hypercharged significant connections. 

There's a major difference.

Here's an example; I'm related to the former US Vice President Henry Wilson. It's a connection, right? Sure. Is it in any way significant? Not even remotely.

I'm sure a lot of you are having trouble seeing the connections here. Don't worry, I will help you see them. This is raw data. I will make the connections as seamless and clear as possible. 

And we'll be moving into looking at how all these contemporary pop stars are being used in this process, especially for the N-F-L-im Super Bowl halftime shows.

And I know a lot of you are having trouble with all the Book of Revelation stuff. Well, why would you ever expect that to not be part of the Synchromystic process? 

The Book of Revelation wasn't written in a megachurch in Flyover Country, it was written in the heart of the ancient world during a time in which a riot of religions were swarming all over the known world. 

Christianity in the ancient world was absolutely nothing like the brands practiced today. It was a Mystery cult, and shares much more in common with the other Mysteries than any Christianity you'd recognize today.

And just to let you know, we're focusing on a very contained set of variables:

  1. The events being symbolically charged
  2. NASA  
  3. Star names
  4. Religions from Greco-Roman Imperial eras
  5. Pop singers and pop singer deaths

April 9- 4/9

 2 (twin) 4/9s-- set in Las Vegas

Vega- "The Falling Eagle"

Revelation 12
4. And his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven, and did cast them to the earth: and the dragon stood before the woman which was ready to be delivered, for to devour her child as soon as it was born.

9. And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.

Not a 49 - a 4 - 9  "For the Nine"

Premiered 33 days after Jeff Buckley's death

Many suggested interpretations are based on the assumption that (Nephilim) is a derivative of Hebrew verbal root n-ph-l (נ-פ-ל) "fall". Robert Baker Girdlestone[4] argued in 1871 the word comes from the Hiphil causative stem, implying that the nephilim are to be perceived as "those that cause others to fall down". Ronald Hendel states that it is a passive form "ones who have fallen", grammatically analogous to paqid "one who is appointed" (i.e., overseer), asir "one who is bound" (i.e., prisoner), etc.

The name Anunnaki is derived from An, the Sumerian god of the sky. The name is variously written "da-nuna", "da-nuna-ke4-ne", or "da-nun-na", meaning "princely offspring" or "offspring of An".  
The Anunnaki were believed to be the offspring of An and his consort, the earth goddess Ki

Lone Wolf---Vega

Music - Apollo

Revelation 9:11 "And they had a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon..." 

Vega is the Harp Star

"But in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon." 

The circumstance of Apollo being the destroyer of the wicked was believed by some of the ancients to have given rise to his name Apollo, which they connected with apollumi, "to destroy." (Aeschyl. Agam. 1081.)

The Greek term Apollyon (Ἀπολλύων, "the destroyer"), is the active participle of apollumi (ἀπόλλυμι, "to destroy")

"The New Nine" 



Two weeks before killings is...


Revelation 9:17 "And this is how I saw the horses in my vision and those who rode them: they wore breastplates the color of fire and of sapphire and of sulfur, and the heads of the horses were like lions’ heads, and fire and smoke and sulfur came out of their mouths." 

"They wore breastplates the color of fire and of sapphire and of sulfur"

"The heads of the horses were like lions’ heads"

"And fire and smoke and sulfur came out of their mouths." 

"December got its name from the Latin word decem (meaning ten) because it was originally the tenth month of the year in the Roman calendar, which began in March." 

Revelation 10:11- Then I was told, “You must prophesy again about many peoples, nations, languages and kings.”

"Heaven or Las Vegas" lyrics in red

Las Vegas, 1990

"Pull him away
So jealous so with me

"Go there for new
For new, things things there"

(Gold Coast is where Jeff Buckley almost drowned with Joan Wasser)

"Singing of a famous street,

I want to love..." 

"...I've all the wrong glory

"But is it Heaven or Las Vegas?"

"But you're much more brighter than the sun is to me"

"He's a hustler,

It's a role he'll never make suit

"Hang on to this,

Stay and stay and fail and fail"

"Reaching this itch in my soul,

Is like any good playing card

"Must be why I'm thinking of Las Vegas"

"Why it's more brighter than the sun is to me"

"Carnivals are bluster loud"

"I'm dizzy, so I go under the 'Big Dipper'"

Regulus- Lion Heart- immediately below Big Dipper

"Come fantasy for a carnival..

(Paddock allegedly planning-- fantasizing-- about Lollapalooza)

"Conceived and created in 1991 by Jane's Addiction singer Perry Farrell as a farewell tour for his band, Lollapalooza ran annually until 1997, and was revived in 2003." 

"...How fitting before a wedding"

"Maybe then you will swear
This is hardly personal"

"I suspect I'm singing to your tune..

Existing patents for sonic mind control weapons

"...And still find that beats singing to you soon"

 Revelation 10:1 "Then I saw another mighty angel coming down from Heaven, wrapped in a cloud, with a rainbow over his head."

"But is it Heaven or Las Vegas?

"And his face was like the sun..."

"But you're much more brighter than the sun is to me

"And his legs like pillars of fire." 

"He had a little scroll open in his hand." 

"And he set his right foot on the sea, 
and his left foot on the land."

"And he gave a loud shout like the roar of a lion." 

"When he shouted, the voices of the seven thunders spoke."

Seven Thunders- Seven Mercury Astronauts- April 9 49=7x7

Revelation 14: 17 "Another angel came out of the temple in heaven, 
and he too had a sharp sickle." 

18: Still another angel, who had charge of the fire, came from the altar and called in a loud voice to him who had the sharp sickle, “Take your sharp sickle and gather the clusters of grapes from the earth’s vine, because its grapes are ripe.”

Revelation 17: 3 Then the angel carried me away in the Spirit into a wilderness. There I saw a woman sitting on a scarlet beast that was covered with blasphemous names and had seven heads and ten horns. 

4 The woman was dressed in purple and scarlet, and was glittering with gold, precious stones and pearls. She held a golden cup in her hand, filled with abominable things and the filth of her adulteries. 5 The name written on her forehead was a mystery:

"Babylon the Great, the Mother of Prostitutes and Abominations of the Earth."

Add caption
51=17 x 3

"But is it Heaven or Las Vegas?"

Etemenanki: name of the large temple tower in Babylon, also known as the Tower of Babel. Its Sumerian name E-temen-an-ki means "House of the foundation of heaven on earth".

The best description of (Etemenanki) can be found in a cuneiform tablet from Uruk, written in 229 BCE. It is a copy of an older text and is now in the Louvre in Paris. It states that the tower was made up of seven terraces and it gives the height of the seven stocks - 91 meters all in all. The ground floor measured 91 x 91 meters 

Millennium Show at the Millennium Dome
"The Millennium Show is steeped in the imagery of William Blake's great epic poem, The Marriage of Heaven and Hell..."
"How fitting before a wedding"
"But is it Heaven or Las Vegas?"
"As well as the trapeze thrills, and mini pedal-propelled Zeppelins, the dramatic moments will be a collapsing "Tower of Babel.."
I looked up at the tallest building.
Felt it falling down.
I could feel my balance shifting.
Everything was moving around.
These streets so fixed and solid.
Ah, shimmering haze.
And everything I relied on disappeared.
Downside up, upside down.
Take my weight from the ground.
Falling deep in the sky.
Slipping in the unknown.

Las Vegas Dome- Adjacent to Mandalay Bay

"Many suggested interpretations are based on the assumption that the word is a derivative of Hebrew verbal root n-ph-l (נ-פ-ל) "fall".

Like 7 World Trade Center, (One World Trade Center) has 3-foot (91 cm) thick reinforced concrete walls in all stairwells, elevator shafts, risers, and sprinkler systems. 

However, because the floor numberings were based on standard measurements, the 94th floor was numbered "floor 100", because the extra space was occupied by the high-ceilinged 91st floor, which was used for mechanical purposes

It literally never, ever ends- now half of Heaven or Las Vegas is accounted for. This story just went up on the wires.


"Smile and face your wife angry
His life don't despise what's in eyes"
"He skips so as the seasons
To come as a breeze has
Again, Again"


SCULLY:  So, you started to tell me about walk-ins but I'm not sure if I grasped the finer points.

MULDER: Well, it, it's kind of a new age religion based on an old idea. That if you lose hope or despair and want to leave this mortal coil, you become open and vulnerable.

SCULLY: To inhabitation by a new spirit.

MULDER: A new enlightened spirit. 

Interview with The Weeknd

Reader notes that Prince was from the Twin Cities

Fraser- Frayser


Fraser (Bennington's twin home)

Chester Bennington's residence at his death

"(Treasure's) song titles, a list of unusual and whimsical names ('Lorelei', 'Pandora''Cicely', 'Amelia') and the seemingly deliberately obscured lyrics, led to bizarre suggestions that the (Cocteau Twins) were playing with witchcraft and subverting the nation's airwaves with subliminal sorcery." - Volume Magazine, 1992

421 Broome was Heath Ledger's apartment building

Reader Jaime notes: "The apartment where Heath Ledger died was actually owned by famous twin, Mary Kate Olsen. She is the older sister of Elizabeth Olsen, the actress portraying the reality manipulation mutant, Scarlet Witch. And at the time of his death, (Ledger) was dating top model Gemma Ward, whom played a mermaid in one of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies."

And it goes on...

Released 32 years ago this month

Released  9/1

Stars and Topsoil

Released 9/1

Re-released '91


  1. The strange light of the brothers of light slavemaster- religion:

    (on a general note, that website consisting of blog +library has a lot of information which might be of interest)

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I'm not certain what you guys are referring to or its connection to this post. Care to elucidate?

  2. I say this with the best intentions.

    I think you need to step away from all of this for a while. You're too close to it. I don't see the lines connecting the way you do with what you posted above. It may be there, but it's not blatantly in a way that people should be expecting Revelation to be fulfilled in the way you hinted at the beginning. Quite frankly that kind of talk is dangerous and isn't any different than the preachers who say the end of the world is right around the corner.

    You've uncovered some great stuff in some of these recent posts, but please for your health and sanity, take a break. Go out in nature, be with your family, read a book unrelated to these topics. Give your brain a rest.

    1. Words of wisdom here. I completely agree. This kind of rabbit hole can consume and destroy you if you let it.

    2. I'm still not seeing it. When you choose what to connect you can connect anything.

      That Katie Perry / Missy Elliot picture - it is 49, because it's from super bowl 49 which was almost 3 years ago. How is that in anyway relevant to any of this? Context is everything.

      I don't have a problem with using Revelation per se, but this is troubling:

      "All I can say is that I'm not sure I'd be making any long term plans right now."

      That isn't even subtle. You're saying the world is coming to an end.

      And just to be clear I'm not saying these types of exercises aren't valid, but you've hit bedrock and aren't going any deeper. Time to go up for some air - for the sake of everyone reading this site that appears to be buying into it. This type of stuff is damaging to the psyche. It's hard to get out of the holes this stuff produces.

    3. How is Katy Perry- whose real name is Katy Hudson- relevant to any of this? Are you serious? The woman comes out as the Whore of Babylon of Revelation 17- wearing flames and riding a hideous chrome lion. Regulus, the Beast.

      She then performs with dancing sharks. Two days later there's the Metro-North disaster at the Gate of Heaven cemetery in Valhalla. Several people die including a woman who is blamed for the accident and who is incinerated alive in her SUV.

      Her name was Ellen Brody. The name of the wife in that famous shark movie Jaws.

      Quite a "sync."

      You don't understand what's going on here. Just stop trying to be so clever for a while and pay attention.

    4. I brought her up because you said the picture was relevant because it was 4, 9. It wasn't, it was 49, so that was blatantly not true. We can't stretch things and have things still be relevant. Also it really has nothing to do with recent events. The shark sync may be (but that is a hell of a stretch, I mean really, come on) but it's really besides the point, it has nothing to do with the recent events.

      I deeply believe in synchronicity - but primarily how it affects my life directly because it's easier to feel the effects of it and see that it's "real". If there are obvious connections in worldly events, fine, but again I think we look at *anything* too closely we can start to find connections.

      Full disclosure though, I listened to your appearance on THC today and it actually helped clarify what your overall thesis is on the Siren stuff. I think part of the issue is you may have this grand picture of what's going on but it's too big to get out in blog posts.

      Hearing you talk about it helped it solidify a little bit. I don't doubt any of what you said. Elizabeth Fraser may have hexed Jeff Buckly or maybe some otherworldly force might have been working through her (as I was listening to it though somone said Fraser on the TV in the waiting room I was in - which is the kind of thing I pay attention to - so maybe I need to reevaluate my stance here).

      But honestly - do these things really have anything to do with what's gone on this year? Believe me, I'm paying attention and I just plain don't see it and I'm not trying to be clever. I'm trying to find my way through the sea of bullshit that is out there and figure out what can be trusted and what is worth my time - I'm not just trying to be a smart ass or something.

      The line that you ran into with Tom Delonge and Janet Air etc. is by far the most convincing line of reasoning I've seen for any of this - and that has *nothing* to do with Jeff Buckley.

      I guess my point is, lets not be alarmist and let's keep our eye on the ball. I'm sure whatever forces that are at work here are very happy to have us running down rabbit holes of investigating 80's pop stars.

    5. Katy Perry/Kate Hudson - the other Kate Hudson starred with Maat McConnaughy in Fools GOLD. Matt obviously just recently made the GOLD movie too, and the gravity LIGO/VIRGO inspired Interstellar. Incidently one of the robots from Interstellar, KIPP, was named after KIPP THORNE, the director of LIGO/VIRGO. Like Chris said, start paying attention!!

    6. Anony359- I've been at this for 20 years and I've been blogging for 10 years about this. After a while you see the same notes hit over and over and over again.

      How do we distinguish we distinguish between a language and random characters? Well, we look for patterns and repetition. You learn a language by learning to recognize the patterns and repetition and what it corresponds to.

      This isn't about Elizabeth Fraser's actions. It's about how she became the focus for very unusual attention and seems to have been a channel for something to speak through. I feel terribly sorry for the woman. I think she is/was a bonafide musical genius. But all this is bigger than any one person.

      I'm sorry you're so frightened by all of this but you're going to have to learn to live with that.

      Anony- 431 - Cheers, I'll look that up.

    7. LOL. I am not frightened by anything. Honestly if the "world ends" so be it. I've seen into the otherside and I'm not afraid of death. This isn't about fear.

  3. MOTN

    I have a feeling that when revelation was written, or at least outlined... it was following observations such as this. John of Patmos was in exile right? Why.. magic and astrology of course. He was seeing this and putting it all together perhaps.

    This whole new religion thing emerging with ancient aliens at its core... man, I was really sure that in 2,000 years time they'd be looking back to NOW and talking about a Water Bearer who was the hero of water wars or something... (aquarius). Maybe it will be a nordic instead, or the nommo..

    1. It's amazing how astrological the Book of Revelation is but it really shouldn't be- that was the magical language of the time. This is part of the reason I did the series on Mythicism- to place this in the context of the ritual magic of the time.

  4. Chris, Prince showed Apollonia his room full of Harlequin masks, Pierrot clown figurines, and horse figures in "Purple Rain."
    The common narrative of the harlequin clown, a 16th Italian ancestor for the likes of Bozo and Krusty, is reflective of the plot of Purple Rain, and of Prince’s character.

    The Harlequin’s role is that of a light-hearted, nimble and astute servant, often acting to thwart the plans of his master, and pursuing his own love interest, Colombina, with wit and resourcefulness, often competing with the sterner and melancholic Pierrot.

    1. Prince also sings about Starfish an Coffee, tangerines comes around and so does Cyntia Rose. He sang it at the Muppet show and that is a little step to Sesame Street.
      In 1001 Arabian night's there are a lot of stories about the djinn,I ask myself how do they fit in?

      Sign of the times, under the cherry moon.

      I wish you heaven ,the arms of Orion.
      Thieves in the temple.
      New power generation.

      In Holland New Balance sneakers are trendy for the last couple of years. A new balance for a new power generation mind controlled from head to toe.

      All we can do is break our program down and help others breaking theirs.

    2. I have read that New Balance shoes are popular among right wing extremists because the capital N logo on the side of the shoe which they see as a sign signifying "Nazi".

    3. Seriously? That sounds like a new urban legend to me. Or something some other sneaker maker is spreading.

      Prince was a very interesting cat. I'll get around to him eventually.

      The Djinn seem to be the fallen angels of pre-Islamic Arabia. Same basic concept.

    4. NO he's actually correct. New Balance became popular with the alt-right Daily Stormer crowd a couple years ago. I believe it had something to do with them not bowing to the PC police like so many other corporations have been in recent years.

  5. That'll do, Equus. That'll do. No less investigate the savage blinding of six horses with a ... sickle.

    Elton John ending Las Vegas residency in 2018.

    Psychosis prime, just passing through.

    And it's no sacrifice
    Just a simple word
    It's two hearts living
    In two separate worlds
    But it's no sacrifice
    No sacrifice
    It's no sacrifice at all

  6. Prince = Twin Cities

  7. Thanks for putting this all together! With every installment my mind is blown! Here's another for the "harvest". Today, Yahoo reports, 96 y/o former Nazi death camp guard busted. He was involved in the SS "Operation Harvest Festival".

    1. Yeah, that's a very weird story there. Interesting.

  8. (Please delete if double posted)

    The reference to Paddock's Chicago reservations is ominous if that tips the thinking of his handlers/spell-casters. 9/11 supposedly involved plans to attack Chicago (Second City twinning?) and the city has since devolved into a hot violent mess with leaders to match. Chicago may be heating up and certainly seems ripe for more.

    Why? Well look at the tight just off from vertical NNE lines of those "Fraser/Frayser" maps (a similar line is also apparent in some of the star charts posted). Now call up a map of Memphis to Chicago and note virtually the same tight NNE line yet again. Perhaps san area to watch since Chicago seems ready for somethin, as it hardly seems able to continue in its current chaotic state. Plus it makes sense as a natural place to start yet another fear-mongering anti-gun campaign following another mediocre though conveniently timed false flag event. Or it can be tied back nicely to foreigners with its historic 9/11 connection ("See, they never gave up trying to strike Chicago!") The crap-spinners might even use it as a two-fer!

    Finally, the SW to NE angles of the Leo and Virgo sky chart may link Vegas to Chicago as well, though I've not looked into that in any details yet. Still, Chicago may yet be a mystery player in all this, with all the regional second city darkness that may entail.

    1. Chicago is not ripe for anything. Unfortunately, we're used to the violence. Don't believe anything you read about Chicago unless it's written by a Chicagoan.
      I really hate to say this but this is one of the Golden Ages of this city. We used to live in borderline Apartheid conditions and the murder rate was almost double what it is now.
      However, we do have a Gold Coast and Mr. Paddock was trying to stay at the Blackstone Hotel during Lollapalooza.

    2. I would go so far as to say that Chicago is being set up for a major attack because we've been made the symbol of corruption in the minds of a lot of Americans. A lot of people would celebrate if something bad happened here. There's too much financial clout to do something horrible in NYC and too much political clout to do it in Washington DC.
      Personally I believe this is why former Mayor Daley illegally bulldozed the small airport on Lake Michigan.

    3. Bluster you say? Chicago's nick name is The Windy City but it's not because the wind blows a lot (although it does). It got that nick name because they early politicians were such blow hards and were considered to be 'blowing a lot of hot air'.

      This one mentions the wind as being a Hawk wind. I've lived here all my life and have never heard that before. It's noted to be African American slang.

    4. (This may be a double post. Had to log in to Google when I left work.)
      Sorry for all of the posts. I've been at work and a little distracted. (Looong time lurker.)
      Vega is a Pole Star. The four stars on the Chicago flag are the four Pole Stars. You will hear a few other goofy stories about what they are, but they're the Pole Stars. I had a friend who is a Mason confirm this. I asked him "come on, everyone was a Mason back then, what else could it be?". All he could do was blush and nod 'yes'.

    5. One more. I'm getting triggered here! The Chicago neighborhood Lincoln Park borders the Gold Coast neighborhood. They are generally considered separated by North Ave. but that may not be the legal boundary.

      The symbol for the Chicago River is a Y. The river splits into a Y shape and has a North branch and a South branch.

      If bridges pop up, Chicago is supposed to have an unusual number of bridges for a North American city.
      We also have the best claim to being the site of the invention of the modern skyscraper.

      Illinois? The path of the next eclipse will form an X with the path of the recent eclipse in Southern Illinois.

      Apparently, the last time the New Madrid fault popped, church bells rang in Boston. Chicago cannot withstand an earthquake. And, Illinois has a large number of nuclear power plants.

    6. Buckingham Fountain, one of the largest fountains in the world, has beautiful Sea Horses spitting water up in the air. It has connections to Route 66 too but I can't get the link to the Wikipedia page to copy properly on my phone. Its on Columbus Dr. too.

      I feel your pain here. I hate this stuff already. No conspiratainment here!

    7. Julia, sorry for the triggers! I also have close family ties to Chicago, including innocent farmers who gave their name and land to a place in Chicagoland Chris has mentioned here regularly. A century later some relatives were involved in high Masonry and apparently some sort of insurance fraud. I haven't visited in probably two decades so I appreciate your updates and perspective. That bit about the Vega star has me a bit concerned though.

    8. The title given to the first Mayor Daley by one of his biographers is American Pharoah because of his role in building the city.

    9. Insurance fraud used to be Chicago's middle name! White flight in the 60's and 70's spurred a lifestyle of arson for profit. You got the referrals to the 'good' arsonist from your police friends.

      Instead of dealing with the obvious social problems this exposed, the insurance companies just lobbied the state legislature to eliminate the statute of limitations on arson.

    10. I'll put Chicago on my watch list. I have a very strong feeling the Lollapalooza story was just a plant, though. Paddock had his gunrunning setup in Vegas and that's where was patsied. Why would he drag all his guns to Chicago and where was he going to launder the money?

  9. Chris and all who watched Twin Peaks I encourage you to watch this while it's around -

  10. In Pulp Fiction John Travolta plays Vincent Vega a hitman, he and his partner Jules Winnfield are almost killed during the Bonnie situation. 6 bullets are fired at them from close range, all six miraculously missing them.
    Jules is somewhat religious and likes to recite Ezekiel 25:17 before shooting his victim.

    "The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he, who in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brother's keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who would attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know my name is the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon thee."

    In another scene Vincent Vega takes his boss's wife Mia to a dinner named Jackrabbit slims.

    The antelope jackrabbit likes to eat mesquite and runs a zigzag pattern when trying to escape.

    Yesterdays news :Quentin Tarantino opens up about his shame regarding the Harvey Weinstein scandal, admitting that he knew about some of the behaviour that the producer was indulging in, but didn't speak ...

    Greets from the land where we drown our French fries in mayonnaise. We use ketchup when we need some fake blood.

    1. Vega- Ezekiel- Eagles- Seraphim- Angels- UFOs.

      Tarantino didn't speak because he knew if he did he'd back working a the video store.

  11. Every time I read one of your latest posts the phrase "end of history" keeps coming to mind. We're experiencing the concrescence of time - no history - it's all happening at once. Multiple storylines meshed together with myths, ancient history and of course the stars - the ones on earth and in the sky.

    Of course when Terence McKenna mentioned "the end of history" it was 2012. Talk to any astrologer worth their salt and have them show you how many of the transits we experienced over the summer related to that time period.

    It's not just Regulus and Vega - it's all of it. As above, so below. Saturn returns to Capricorn January 2018. A sign it rules which is represented by a goat which in mythology is always represented with a fishes tail.

    If you use the USA chart with the Gemini rising that transit is going to be in the 8th house. Death, re-birth, sex, inheritance, taxes, investments. Be prepared.


    1. End of history = sorry we can't settle on one official story
      End of history = Finneganese resonating in all directions (this rabbit hole literally never ends)

    2. Saturn in Capricorn? The Horned god and the Siren and Chronos?

      Batten down the fucking hatches, people.

  12. OK, I found a bit of software online that would show me what the sky looked like 12000 years ago, when Vega was the Pole Star. Some interesting stuff in that sky. You have to pick a date, of course, and I'd recommend 17th June. Though 17th March is also pretty good.

    1. Yikes... 17th March brings us awfully close to the vernal equinox of 10,500 BC... which Graham Hancock references as the "as above, so below" Giza sky-reflection and also the date commemorated by the star map carvings at Gobekli Tepe.

      In the 2 years since he wrote Magicians of the Gods, his theory that these maps identified a cataclysmic comet impact have suddenly been taken very seriously by mainstream archaeologists:

      Despite the fact that for 25 years, his work has been a bur in the boot of Egyptology.

      He predicts the return of the comet (or comet debris) anytime between 2015 and 2030.

    2. What software were you using, Maria? Can you give us a link?

      Hancock doesn't need Egyptology. No one pays attention to Egyptology except Egyptologists.

  13. Now all we need to make it complete is a mass UFO sighting over Las Vegas. Given what's already happened, maybe we should start taking bets? Oh wait, never mind, it already happened, on 9/9 (natch):

    I don't suppose the Cocteau Twins have any UFO-related songs? Just wondering...

  14. you can skip to 25 minutes in... (although it's all good)

    A love letter from Carl Jung

    1. The video linked is a 10 minute UFO sighting in Vegas. Super interesting and for sharing, but I don't think that is the video you intended to paste, is it?

    2. Interesting, No it is not a vegas ufo sighting video, and when i copy that link and play it on my end I get a video titled "Carl Jung's Synchronicity Explained" (and no, it's not a synch debunking vid)

    3. Check out Steven Barone's channel- he's been filming all the new toys flying around the Las Vegas area for quite some time now.

      ALL of the Cocteau Twins songs are UFO related. ;-)

    4. Ok... I tried the link again and it was to Jung. Strange since I tired it twice and kept coming up with the UFO video. Sorry for the confusion!
      Going to look into the channel Chris' recommend too.

  15. The 'return' of 'Abaddon/Apollyon'?
    Straight up biblical shit here.
    We are in the 'end times'.
    Trump seems to be the 'one' whom will usher in WW3.
    The 'Anti-Christ' will show his(her?) face soon; will be interesting to see if 'it' rises out of the Middle East, or here in 'New Atlantis'.
    Already seeing major climate challenges; are we headed for a pole shift soon?
    Good time to make peace with yourself and others I think!

    1. Well, I guess someone got tired of waiting around for the Apocalypse and decided a more DIY approach.

      These are Coptic Times, my friend.

    2. Anti-christ = A.I. also manifest in human form through dna tech.

    3. Si Senor.
      In my writings I list the 'Demiurge' as 'AI'.
      Transhumanistic bullshit.
      When 'SOPHIA' helped dream the 'Anthropos' into being, her sheer WILL acted upon 'Inorganic' matter; birthing the 'Celestial Error'
      The 'Architect' in the 'Matrix' movie is the 'Demiurge'.

  16. Lions gate release 10/6/17 (or 6/10/17) of my little pony the movie has singing mermaid horses who hidden underwater in “Seaquestria” and in spite of their queen, Novo’s wishes help against the ram horn tattooed bad guys...magonia style airships and creatures of air hippogrifs, flying horse lions, metamorphose into “sea ponies” ...

    1. “Seaquestria”? Like a jury? What a weird name.

      But Lion- Gate- Horse- Mermaid? Jesus.

    2. "Sea-questria" because the land where they usually live is called "Equestria." Like having to do with horses.

  17. The coincidences all seem so stupid. I've been toying with the idea lately that it's occultic residue of some kind, not the actual intention or mechanism of the working at all but that all these syncs are byproducts of the ritual, leftovers. Oh yeah, everyone's favorite Peter Jackson CCG also puts in a surprise appearance.

    Those old Discordian SoCal beach bums am I right?

    1. Interesting slip- it's actually Steve Jackson Games.

      Peter Jackson is the guy who hired Elizabeth Fraser for the Two Towers soundtrack.

      Lament for Haldir. Lament for the Hidden Hero.

  18. Reading this post I find it amusing that Saoirse Ronan does a scene to This Mortal Coil's version of 'Song to the Siren' in 'The Lovely Bones'
    and now I see that Saoirse is starring as Mary Stuart in the movie 'Mary Queen of Scots', which is about Mary Stuart's attempt to overthrow her cousin Elizabeth I, Queen of England, which finds her condemned to years of imprisonment before facing execution.
    And Margot Robbie from Queensland's Gold Coast is playing Queen Elizabeth.
    Saoirse also played the starring role of 'Hanna' along side Cate Blanchett, who has also played Queen Elizabeth I.
    Now where that script for 'Hanna' came from beats me, but it seems to be very familiar to a script I recall a certain synch blogger writing about a while back somewhere;-)
    My advice to you Chris would be synch, but don't swim;-)
    Everything really is connected it seems, no matter how sick we get of hearing that said.
    And I too was born and live in Queensland, and not too far away from the Gold Coast, either.
    And like Buckley I nearly once drowned in those same waters.
    I tend to stay out of deep water since that day.

    1. And Ronan's father is played by my old neighbor.

      Some serious Secret Sun convergence there.

      "Salmon. Like the Fish"

  19. "The end of history" implies that there was a beginning to it, but it makes clear that what we call history is just the history of some measly 10.000 years. Actual history is incredibly longer, even if you would mean only the history of our human species.
    I think, it is only when we began to think of ourselves as humans/gods instead of one kind of all the various animals, the human kind, that we began to think of history the way we still do.
    History is the history of civilization, which is actually the grand manipulation of ... history, real history, the one that could have been. Of all that exists, of the present and future. And involves a lot of distortive rewriting of the past, too.
    I think the Annunaki were nothing other than humans, but they were a small group who settled down first, long before all the other way smarter humans did. They felt far superior to the travelling groups, but left them undisturbed for a while until they got the idea they might as well claim their fellow beings for themselves to be put to use, just as they had already done with the land and its plant and animal inhabitants where they lived. And the rest is history.

    It was humans who first invented the concept of gods, then ascribed to themselves that status, thereby replacing free evolution with their divine design.

    The last step in this process is approaching rapidly, when they will have literally and physically created a new human race, with no turning back, just as their very first creation stories described it. Long before they actually had the technology. The dream has been kept alive. The scripture is the script, just like the jews describe their torah as the blueprint of creation, and just like modern people believe far more in the law than in reality.

    Once you really get to "appreciate" all this and what it really entails, and means, there's such a feeling of loss and mourning that it couldn't be described in all eternity. And also, there's no way back from there. No way one can ever 'unsee' that and go back to being a happy slave again.

    I think that all these 'events', these synchronistic happenings, the news, whatever... it all serves but one goal.To implement whatever it is they are planning on. be it new laws and regulations, new orders, new tech, new anything and everything. And people are falling for it, even begging for it, which is the most terrifying of all.

    1. History is a misnomer. What we are really looking at are histories, plural. Competing histories, competing plans for the future. And there's no future either. We're looking at futures, plural.

      I would have been a lot better off than I am as a happy slave. But as you say there's just too much I can't unsee.

    2. Maybe it doesn't mean 'the end of history' as much as the end/trascending of Time/Chronos? Because that seems to be what the ones orchastrating the symbolism are getting at.

    3. Two of the top trending videos on youtube yesterday:

      'Why Die?'


      'Why Age? Should we end ageing forever?'

      ...'should we end ageing forever'...

      'a man's reach should exceed his grasp, or what's a heaven for?'

      'pride comes before a fall'


      'My fatal flaw. That's what the Sirens showed me. My fatal flaw is hubris.' - 'Annabeth', 'The Sea of Monsters' ('the second novel in the Percy Jackson & the Olympians series and the sequel to The Lightning Thief'), Rick Riordan (author), published Saturday 1st April 2006 by 'Miramax Books' & 'Disney Hyperion', 279 pages.

    4. & on that transcending DeathNote:

      'When you die you know you are dead: Major study shows mind still works after the body shows no signs of life'

      '...there’s evidence to suggest that there’s a burst of brain energy as someone dies... They saw activity patterns which are linked to a “hyper-alerted state” in the brief period after clinical death.'

      The article opens with the line 'Death just became even more scary', death as embodied in the pop okullted imagination by the scythe wielder that would be.

      (The remake of 'Flatliners' is currently being seeded in the pop-okullt infested collective conscious via trailers.)

      Linked articles include 'Man destroys anti-abortion argument with one simple question' & 'Blade Runner star accusses Harvey Weinstein of exposing himself to her'.

  20. You've been noticing so many of the cultural impacts that Fraser's otherworldly vocals have had, it is remarkable! How significant do you feel the 'delivery system' is for these sounds/messages. The record label 4AD/Beggar's Banquet is the group that financed and distributed most of this content. Information on Ivo Watts Russel is very sparse. Information on Peter Kent (the other 4AD founder) is almost non-existent. To quote Q-Tip: "record company people are shady". David Lynch has been consistently, maybe even subtly, addressing organized crime in his films. The pornographers in Lost Highway, the espresso-sipping controllers in Mulholland Drive, Belushi and Co. in Twin Peaks the Return. Why such a fixation on combining occult material with organized crime? Dangerous, hidden powers. Record deals/revenue streams/organized crime/ceremonial magick, it all seems woven together in this case.

    1. There´s a whole book about the rise and fall of 4AD records. It´s called Facing The Other Way.
      The most interesting thing about Watts-Russel is his descend into severe depression which began around the time when the label went from small indie operation to a fairly big player in the early 90s. Which is exactly the time when The Cocteau Twins had left the label.
      Next to the remarkable roster of bands, the label became famous for its "corporate identity"-artwork. It´s basically credited to the graphic designer Vaughan Oliver, but I´d say that the main bulk of the visuals are the striking photos of Nigel Grierson who was heavily inspired by the movies of Andrej Tarkovsky.
      The green house on the Song To The Siren single looks totally like a scene out of a David Lynch movie.

    2. Well, Lynch had a similar house set ablaze in the music video for "Song to the Siren" he embedded into Lost Highway, so there you go.

      Watts-Russell comes from the fallen aristocracy- they had the land and the titles but no money, apparently. He chose Song to the Siren for Fraser and apparently it had no small effect on her.

    3. And you know what the burning house in Lost Highway reminded me of? The final scene of the infamous noir movie Kiss Me Deadly. During the last minutes, a woman who totally resembles our dear Ms. Fraser (she is quite the tragic character in the movie, even being tortured on screen) gets her hands on the mysterious box (the Mcguffin of the movie), she opens it and burns to death screaming as everything around her goes up in flames. The house, which sits on the beach burns down in a spectacular blaze.
      The contents of the (pandora)-box is never revealed but many people have been killed for it.
      Here´s a part of the scene (it´s missing the finale), but just look at the actress!

  21. I'm a very optimistic person. While we likely have true malevolent forces trying to steer humanities course and there does seem to be efforts to manipulate synchronicity for said force's benefit. These particular people appear to be those who are muscling for controls of the future monopolies of an interplanetary human race and the resources of this planet and it's neighbors and that they are likely followers of the mystery religions not marketed to the unwashed masses. They benefit from the compartmentalization of humanity by keeping us in the Plato's cave allegory, and tricking us with divide and conquer through simultaneous stimulation of "the fear of the other" in the masculine dimensions of our collective personality and also with "weaponized compassion" that shatters logic within the human feminine dimension. But, I'm not so sure we need to grind our teeth worrying at night about "end times" in the sense of a true planetary disaster, or a literal manifestation of the Book of Revelation to John or even the fearful utterances of those like David Meade and the arrival of Niberu.

    However, I do think that when synchs start mounting to this degree where the spiritual part of human consciousness is just shy of "self-evident" and the physical reality that we participate in does have self-evident polarization of the population en masse, (a natural cycle? or manufactured with weaponized intent?) it seems important, at least to myself that the "Revelation" we are having collectively is one of a "spiritual need" as individuals to participate in the world at large, especially those of us that "feel" this unnatural slide towards a separation of the family of humankind, particularly before we start participating in our accent into the heavens quite literally.

    For those of you whom you'd consider yourself a gnostic, and one like myself who seems like you've had a calling to see the thin connection between the Yin and Yang and stare to one side to see the inevitable stifling cold and frozen nature of pure order and then to the other side and witness it's wild frenzy and torment of total chaos and realize that there is a reason to "balance" and for coming to "the center." Now seems like the time that efforts need to be made to be the positive forces, to help mankind come to this center... spiritually, politically, and with reality. Maybe we are telling ourselves this and it is manifesting itself.

    1. I think some things cannot be 'balanced out'. Some things simply shuld not have been done in the first place, and cannot be made into a good/better version of the same.
      There's things that are essentially and intrinsically so problematic that the only way to deal with them is to NOT do them. And if already having done them, STOP. Full stop.

      I'd say the entirety of civilization falls in that category. Back to life...!
      That's how incredibly optimistic I am.... against all the odds AND the evens....even against my own 'sense of realism'...

    2. Alan Watt (not Alan Watts) had an interesting take on the Book of Revelation once. He said it wasn't a prophecy but in fact a blueprint, a business plan.

      Something to consider, I suppose.

  22. Fraserhead mug :

  23. The end of history isnt the literal end of history. It refers to the post cold war order of absolute global domination of liberal capitalism after all other political ideologies have been vanquished. The term was created by Francis Fukuyama a political philosopher when the people in charge were very celebratory about the death of the soviet union.

    Of course 9/11, bank bail outs, occupy wall street, the alt right, trump and a shit load of time later and even that idea seems kind of fragile

  24. Speaking of targetting via Popped Idol hocus-pocus, as if the victims haven't suffered enough, Miley Cyrus 'Surprises Las Vegas Shooting Victim With Special Message: 'I'm thinking about you all the time'', the fans name? Katrina.

    'Earlier this month, Cyrus sang Dido’s 2013 single “No Freedom” alongside Adam Sandler on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon in honor of the victims of the tragic Las Vegas shooting.'

    So, the Assault continued/s.

    Cyrus' dad, Billy (William) Ray, is on record stating:

    'Were it not for David Lynch... Miley never would have been Hannah Montana.'

    Disney was also in his crosshairs.

    & mk-Handler of the stars 'Ellen Degenerate' scooped an interview with Campos, there's an 'Ellen' slot-machine in the MGM Grand Casino in Las Vegas & MGM Resorts is a sponsor of 'Ellen', according to Mark Dice anyway.

    As Dougie Trumbull said:

    'If you create the right kind of experience, people will wait in line for an hour, and pay $10 for a fifteen-minute experience.'

    The 'Wired' 'TOTAL IMMERSION' article goes on to state:

    '...The right kind of experience" has been an old challenge to Trumbull. His long-standing desire has been to go beyond the photo-realistic grail of today's computer artists and create perceptions that are even more fine- grained than reality. If reality is 50 million polygons per second, as computer graphics wiz Alvy Ray Smith has been quoted as estimating, Trumbull wants 500 million. Trumbull is consciously experimenting at the edge of the envelope of human ability to assimilate media. "... We have 40 SGI workstations from Indigos to Crimsons and three IBM PVS systems working around the clock doing rendering and digital compositing. Major number- crunching."'

    One of the experiences Trumbull conjured at The Luxor was titled 'In Search of The Obelisk'

    + A 9 sync:

    '‘Crimewatch’ Axed By BBC After 33 Years On Air'

    one of the original presenters, Jill Dando (a blonde), was shot once in the back of her head & murdered on her doorstep in 1999, there's musing she was bumped off as she'd caught a whiff of savile goings-on, her co-host, Nick Ross, who would sign-off Crimewatch telling viewers 'Don't have nightmares', is on record as stating:

    '“We’re all inquisitive,” ... “I had never seen, until I started working on Crimewatch, child pornography... “I think if someone came to me and said: 'Would you like to see what all the fuss is about?’, I’m sorry, I probably would say yes.”'

    at The Hay festival (of literature & arts) in 2013, (Bill Clinton called it the 'Woodstock of the mind' in 2001.)

    Hay-on-Wye is twinned with Redu in Belgium, which has the European Space Agency ESTRACK ground-based tracking stations as a neighbour a kilometre away, & Timbuktu ('a 2006 survey of 150 young Britons found 34% did not believe the town existed').

    + 'Superstitious villagers convinced dragons are real after discovering 60ft skeleton of 'mythical creature' ...'Chinese social media said the ribby skeleton appeared to have been placed there intentionally, perhaps as a prop for a movie, but so far no one has come forwards to confirm these claims.'

    + 'Launched in September 2011, China's first space station — Tiangong-1 — will soon burst into a fiery rain of debris over Earth... "Why there's a lot of uncertainty in the predictions is that it depends on what's the sun's doing, to a large measure."'


    Do any of the pieces celebrating Fraser's Higher Powered Vocals elucidate her trauma background?

    1. Context please:

      "David Lynch: Says Billy Ray, "Were it not for David Lynch, Miley would never have been Hannah Montana." This is because Lynch employed Billy Ray in his 2001 masterpiece Mulholland Drive, which might have given Billy Ray the juice he needed to star in the medical drama Doc, where Billy Ray allowed his daughter to take small acting roles for the first time."

      That's not even remotely what is implied above.

      I hate to piss in the punch bowl, but is this an example of so much of the incriminating "evidence" that is thrown around these circles? If so, what are we doing? We need to take a good hard look at ourselves in the mirror ask what we really stand for and what we want out of all this.

      For me that's truth. This kind of stuff isn't helping that cause.

    2. Billy Ray need blame no one but himself. You can't sup at the Devil's table and complain about the dessert.

    3. Context? The quote doesn't give context, but author does. "Were it not for David Lynch, Miley would never have been Hannah Montana." This is because Lynch employed Billy Ray in his 2001 masterpiece Mulholland Drive, which might have given Billy Ray the juice he needed to star in the medical drama Doc, where Billy Ray allowed his daughter to take small acting roles for the first time.
      The quote ends at Hanna Montana. And what difference does it make? Cyrus made the statement. I agree with Chris. It's like bellying up to the bar with the devil and complaining about the piss in the punch he buys you. ;) Cyrus blames his acting success and consequently, his daughters "success" on David Lynch? That's a double edged sword and frankly, awful parenting. I'm not seeing what you are taking issue with the context.

  25. Hi Chris!
    I dont know if anyone brought this one up from last nite wrt NFL KC Chiefs vs. Oakland Raiders in Oakland but the "end " of the game was something I'd never seen b4 --there were 4 plays in "zero

    time" because the game can't end on a penalty --the score was "twinned" at 30 to 30 after these plays with no time left on clock and then the Raiders scored extra point for an end score of 30 to 31. I also brought this up because whoever recently bought the Raiders is going to move them to Las Vegas as soon as the stadium is constructed there -----
    I'm not a big NFL fan at all but I watch with my Mom occasionally- almost-4got a player named Marshawn (Martian?)
    Lynch got ejected from the same game for pushing a referee.
    I love Secret Sun because this is one of the very few places I can talk about stuff like this!
    PS -I might have another few Jeopardy "synchs" soon and maybe even Days of our Lives syncs wrt twinning soon.

    1. Thanks Devin- I'll have a lot more to say about the NFL-im in the near future. Just like the good old days, eh?

    2. Chris, if you are going to look at the Raiders and the NFL, I think the Vegas Golden Knights deserve a look as well. I don’t think I’ve seen any mention in all of this of the new NHL Team in Las Vegas, but this team is bursting at the seams with symbolism:

      The Golden Knights are the first NHL expansion team in 17 years.
      The expansion draft, where these Knights were brought together took place on June 21, 2017

      The Golden Knights played the San Jose Sharks in San Jose on the night of Oct. 1 in their final Pre-season game, the Knights lost. Mandalay Bay has a Shark Reef Aquarium inside:

      They followed up that game with their regular season debut against the Dallas Stars on Oct. 6, a team that began life as the Minnesota Northstars.

      Their head coach is named Gerard Gallant. Gallant Knights...Really?

      Their Goaltender is NHL veteran Marc Andre Fleury, nicknamed ‘The Flower’...The Knight of Flowers: Parsifal...a Grail Knight:

      They even reenacted a Sword in the Stone moment before their 10/13 game against Detroit:

      Their main logo is a knight’s helmet, but their second is two swords crossed behind a red, four pointed star. Vega?

      For those making Chicago connections, as well as wolf symbolism, the Knights’ AHL affiliate team is the Chicago Wolves:

      You’d think if the Golden Knights is your team, then a Knight would be a natural for your mascot, but weirdly the Knights Mascot is a Gila Monster named Chance:

      Check out that jersey: 1 Chance...sounds like a threat.

      Gila monster venom was used to make poison arrows by native people.

      The Vegas Golden Knights are 70 percent owned by William P Foley a West Point Grad who later served in the Air Force and worked for Boeing. Foley owns Black Knight Financial Services:

      Foley has admitted the name of the team is in homage to the Black Knights of the Army US Military Academy. The US Army Parachute team also uses the nickname the Golden Knights...Death from above maybe?

      Plenty of MIC connections at any rate. Not sure what any of it means, but thought the Shark connection the night of the shooting was extremely weird, coupled with the (North)Stars Game as their official NHL debut.

  26. What is remarkable about 4AD records is that the label was the first time (maybe the only time?) a record company was conceived as a work of art in itself, close to the Wagner idea of a "total work of art". So that everything ever released by 4AD is supposed to relate to all the other each other somehow, that includes the music, artwork, videos, promotional materials, etc. Enough to make your head spin, right? So maybe the Twins are just the tip of the iceberg. There was a video on YT awhile ago made in the 80s that had interviews with the key people in the label explaining the philosophy of it, very interesting and puzzling. A good place to start may be Lonely is an Eyesore, the LP/video package album they released in 1986 intended as a showcase for their acts, sort of a gateway drug for new fans. It includes the Twins, of course, in a very simple and yet haunting video.

    1. Yet most of the musicians HATED the corporate design and the appearance that they were all "in it together". The old documentary you mentioned is also full of bands complaining about the design choices, which they found unfitting (Colourbox) and Robin Guthrie of Cocteau Twins ranted against their presentation in almost every interview.

    2. Interesting to note, especially in light of the Carolyn's Fingers video when the director seems to have surreptitiously filmed extreme closeups of Fraser's eyes. Do note that the next single had her shot in profile and shadow. But even then we get a sneak peak at those things.

    3. It - the various band's dislike of the in-house style of 4AD - a peasent's revolt of sorts against the heraldic leanings of the fallen aristocrat?

      4AD was originally known as 'Axis' but the name was changed after the first four singles, the process by which the new name came to be is a typographical exercise in numerological abbreviation.

  27. About 'everything being connected'...

    I think there's a huge problem with the entire concept of the collective mind/universal archetypes. In reality there are only individual minds.
    The human mind can only meaningfully connect to a small group of others in real life (Dunbar's number), eventhough all life can live in harmony with each other. And this is how it has been for millions of years, ecological balance and alignment at large, and intimate meaningful connections face to face.

    Now we have the opposite. And worse. Which in effect is the perversion of the very best things we humans have: true connection and wholeness. Its betrayal of the highest order.

    Civilization is the project whereby humans are forced to cooperate in large numbers, thereby sacrificing their individuality, their life... If you replace your own mind by some abstract groupmind, or its contents, then what are you?
    Plus, since 'collective mind' does not exist properly, it must be that its contents are someone else's. So in actual fact your mind has been taken over and filled by the stories that some other person's mind concocted.

    like this:

    And there's the thing, reality, once captured inside a story ('laws', rules of the game), the storyteller has all the power over it. And when reality doesn't comply he uses force and violence to protect the story, against reality. In his eyes the worst thing anyone can do is not believe him but stay true to themselves, he calls YOU a traitor.

    Of course, those who pull the strings study have to know an awful lot about reality and its principles (which is not the same as laws, nature does not operate according to laws) if you are hellbent on manipulating it...

    Nature operates according to its nature... and precisely that is what the PTB are attacking and seek to pervert, destroy and replace. And you cannot walk away anymore.. it's everywhere..the entire world is occupied... and (almost) everyone is involved in the occupation, working to make it possible, against self and other, protecting the grand plan...

    Sorry if this is not 'on topic' enough. In my mind it my mind it is essential, before anything else...

    1. Sorry but this is blatantly untrue.
      Your individual 'mind' is your PC connected to 'MIND'; the 'Universal MIND' which is multi-faceted, multi-dimensional, and multi-directional (time/space).
      See ALL of this literally derives from 'thought energy' which acts on the 'energy grid matrix(s)' which lay 'foundational (possibilities) constructs' which then give rise to 'form' when acted upon by 'WILL' and the intention to utilize 'WILL' to 'CREATE'.
      TPTB just do this in a twisted sick manner, seeking NEGATIVE 'constructs' which serve their sick agenda's and 'feed' their 'dark gods' (noncorporeal entities)
      'MAGICK' can be used for good and evil purposes, depending upon the will and intention of the magician, but they BOTH utilize 'symbol/sigil' magick to 'create' a certain outcome, and co-join with 'other intelligences' to carry out specific 'tasks'; IE put a 'HEX' on someone/something for example.
      All of this shit goes back to 'Atlantis' and the 'Warlock/Sorcerers' of that time, the 'priesthood' were major into _ucking with creational energies to generate 'form(s)'; they were playing "GOD".
      When Atlantis sank this 'priesthood' resurfaced; Babylon was the result.
      The 'Reign' of Semiramis continues today.

    2. Why ' blatantly untrue' ? My position is a valid and well-researched one, and can be backed up. Everyone can check it for themselves and see this is so.
      About your position that cannot be said. Of course you can believe whatever you fancy, but i am sure we are much better served by truth and facts and Well reasoned explanations. Sorry if that sounds bad to you...

    3. Listen, the Borgsong is coming- you see the steps towards it being taken every single day.

      But this ties back to the theory of Dulles et al weaponizing Jung. "Hmm, how can we create this collective consciousness? Sounds like the perfect surveillance tool."

    4. Listen bro I did not intend to disrespect you, so I apologize.
      BUT we must come to the understanding that what 'all' of 'this' actually is, is ENERGY; expressed in countless ways.
      Our understanding of the quantum states of 'matter' shows that we are looking at 'particles' here; the actual 'form' is illusory.
      So it is with 'Consciousness'.
      I'll put it like this dude; The 'force' has a 'positive' and a 'negative' side, but BOTH are ever present.
      When Darth Sideous turned Anakin Skywalker it was not his essence that made the transformation it was the 'dark essence' of the force itself.
      In the same manner the Jedi's are utilizing the positive force but IT too is EVERYWHERE, and therefore EVERYTHING!
      See you can't separate this shit regardless of how hard you try.
      So it is with 'MIND' too.
      So everything influences everything because it's all the same thing.
      But we also have individual consciousness, which perhaps is your point; to that I agree.
      But were just 'speaking' here; no harm or insults intended.
      I think the 'archetype' of the 'siren' is VERY real indeed, and very 'dark' indeed.
      Something major is coming; I feel it constantly.


    5. "Bruno’s treatise, De vinculis in genere [On the binding forces in general] (1591), can in terms of its cynicism and directness only be compared with Machialvelli’s The Prince (1513). But his work goes further. Couliano correctly points out that Macchiavelli examines political, Bruno however, psychological manipulation. Then it is less the love of a consort and rather the erotic love of the masses which should — this she claims is Bruno’s intention — serve the manipulator as a “chain”. The former monk from Nola recognized manipulated “love” as a powerful instrument of control for the0 seduction of the masses. His theory thus contributes much to an understanding of the ecstatic attractiveness that dictators and pontiffs exercise over the people who love them. This makes Bruno’s work up to date despite its cynical content."

  28. A sickle sync:

    Whilst looking in to the origins of the Bowen Knot I began reading about the Hungerford (or Hastings) Knot, this (anthropomorphised?) knot holds a sickle in one loop & a sheaf of wheat in another, it is a heraldic knot & in heraldry a wheatsheaf is known as a 'garb'.

    Hungerford is now most famous for the 'random shooting' massacre that took place there Wednesday 19 August 1987, the perp, Michael Robert Ryan, killed 17 people (including himself) & 1 dog.

    (If not for The Battle of Hastings, fought Saturday/Sunday (depending on which calendar used) 14 October 1066, during which 'the Norman-French army of William, the Duke of Normandy' bested The English (lossess estimated around 7,000, 'the battle lasted from about 9AM to dusk') who can say how different things would be here on Earth now?

    1. Pay careful attention to the signaling here, then:

    2. 'A known loner... apparently indulged and spoiled... his mother... apparently gave him a sense of superiority by the love she lavished on him... He is believed to have modelled himself on his older father, a clerk of works and traditionalist who valued authority and would be violent towards Ryan's mother...'

      'He also developed a strange fantastical world, telling members of extended family that he had served in the parachute regiment. He claimed to have befriended a colonel who was giving him a house, and made up a girlfriend. His mother even supported his stories to friends and family, apparently inviting people to the fake wedding.. Ryan also built up a commando identity, and he started to become immersed in a military fantasy world. He started buying survivalist magazines and wearing military fatigues, sneaking up on people picnicking in the park.'

      It's being the thirtieth anniversary of the massacre twins it with the 'Great Storm of 1987' & the Cleveland child abuse scandal in England the report of which was led by Elizabeth Butler-Sloss, who concluded 'that most of the diagnoses were incorrect' & more recently in the space of five weeks in 2014 was appointed to & had to step down from chairing 'the forthcoming large-scale inquiry into cases of child sex abuse in previous decades' due to her brother having been 'the Attorney General at the time of some of the abuses in question'.

      The Kennet (possibly pertaining to hounds/dogs) & Avon canal (with another river 'The Dun' 'alongside'), is a major tributory to a the River Kennet which in turn is a major tributury to The Thames, 'passes through' Hungerford.

      Dunblane, site of a mass shooting in Scotland in 1996 'is built on the banks of the Allan Water (or River Allan), a tributary of the River Forth'. A cover version of Bob Dylan's 'Knocking on Heaven's Door', with altered lyrics sanctioned by Dylan, was released to commemorate the event, it's premiere performance on the pre-christmas edition of 'top of the pops' (one of savile's hunting grounds) was introduced by guest presenter Sean Ryder of 'Black Grape'
      ('It's Great When You're Straight...Yeah', 'Everything You Know Is Wrong' (& formerly 'The Happy Mondays')), as the song fades out to faded in applause Ryder appears on screen wearing a long blonde wig (a clear savile reference) & says: "It's a fond farewell from me junior jimmy... & don't forget a puppies' not just for christmas day you can save some for boxing day" (a reference to the 'A Dog is for Life not just for christmas' campaign).

      On a related note, considering how all the previous abuses have been covered up, & then if admitted only done so to serve expedience, how the weinstein & hollywood child abuse machinations will settle/be settled / prosecuted remains to be seen.

      ('A River Runs Through It' is 'a 1992 American period coming-of-age drama film' twinning horrorwoed golden boys Robert Redford (butter wouldn't melt in his mouth) & Brad Pitt (former squeeze of Gwyneth Paltrow & Angelina Jolie) 'All memeories become one & a river runs through it' according to the trailer.)

    3. RR & BP are, of course, 'The Golden Child*'ren of hollow woe, a twinned power couple of sorts, brewed from a related clone-vat perhaps.

      *'A private detective specializing in missing children is charged with the task of finding a special child who dark forces want to eliminate.'

  29. Woke up this morning, and one of the first songs I heard was Nat King Cole's 'Orange Colored Sky'. Clicked with your recent excellent posts, and the arrival of your most recent THC appearance (which i'm listening to right now). As someone running with the foxes, finding all this very intriguing, and you just mentioned Queen Elizabeth II, so thinking of the Siren, the Faery Queen/Gloriana, Edmund Spencer the vitriolic colonist who composed in Munster, the southern province of Ireland recently struck by Ophelia. Thinking of our friend Gordon's view of 80% likelihood CANZUK gets off the ground, someone in Westminster changing birth places on Wikipedia of prominent Irish revolutionaries back to 'United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland' (, and the BFG movie from the year of Brexit, with its redcoat theme...great work Chris, keep sending dispatches from foxhole to foxhole.

    1. Thank you very much, Duncan. I actually went into the Spenser stuff but I think I left it out of one of the Siren posts. Cheers for the semi's,

  30. Of course. Regulus, the little prince

    And the bizarre story of its spying author, Saint Ex, who "dropped from the sky" and vanished......

    “The Little Prince will shine upon children with a sidewise gleam. It will strike them in some place that is not the mind and glow there until the time comes for them to comprehend it.”


    1. Gee, subtle messaging in that blurb there, eh?

      Interesting the movie was released during Leo.

    2. Yeah..

      And the same Travers... "Travers greeted the book warmly in The New York Herald Tribune. Curiously, she reminded readers that "all fairy tales are portents."

    3. One of the central themes in the book is that 'love=taming'.... and vice versa.
      Which is totally telling imo.

      On that note, it so happens that there currently is some scandal going on about an artwork depicting bestiality, the work is made by a Dutch architect and brought to France. Many newsmedia cover it.
      Here's what the artist says about it himself:

      On the link (perversely)connecting love with taming, it is also ineresting to look into the crazy mind of Temple Grandin. Here's two links that should be enough clarification if read carefully

  31. All very good, but the Cocteau lyrics are a stretch - they seem to describe just about anyone's potential experience in Vegas.

    1. Oh, I agree. Which is why I never included them in the series.

      Until this suddenly made sense-

      Carnivals are bluster loud
      I'm dizzy so I go under the Big Dipper

      And then I said- Jesus, there it is. There's the tell.

      I have come to believe that every song on that album will have a similar tell to a major event. It will vague and ambiguous until that moment when the key appears.

  32. Just something I noticed in the news yesterday:
    New York City to be bathed in orange light to support it's bid for Amazon's headquarters on October 19th:

  33. I'm surprised there are no Killing Joke references here!! Ha !! it's briefly in the Heath Ledger posts....
    But what about???

    Turn to Red- Seeing Red- Millennium ( from Pandemonium recorded inside) Great Pyramid at Giza

  34. Hi Chris, did you see where another Twin Peaks actor died on Wednesday?

    1. B rent B riscoe. "Yeah, he's dead."

      Huh. This month already....

  35. 'Twin Peaks' star Brent BRIScoe has died aged 56 after suffering a "serious fall".
    The legendary actor, who also starred in 'Mulholland Drive', passed away on Wednesday after a short stay in hospital.
    BRISbane is the capital city of the Australian state of QUEENSland, which is just up the road from the Gold Coast.
    'Thor Ragnarok' was mainly filmed at the Gold Coast and Brisbane was turned into New York for filming the New York scenes in that movie.
    Cate Blanchett (AKA Queen Elizabeth I) plays the baddy in that movie, too.
    Storm a coming?!
    And Naomi Watts to star in Hitchcockian thriller 'The Wolf Hour'set in New York in 1977 during the 'Son of Sam' killings.
    'The WOLF Hour'? all just keeps ticking into the future it seems with these themes.

    1. In Florida there is currently a son of sam copycat on the loose, terrible situation with many deaths already.

    2. Regarding 'Thor: Ragnarok', 'The Telegraph' has this to say:

      'The greatest trick this studio wants to pull, at this point, is to make more of the same feel either exhilaratingly fresh, or sufficiently retro-inflected to qualify as a nostalgia trip.

      As both, Thor: Ragnarok counts as some kind of double peak.'

      & as It's the 100th anniversary year of Kirby's birthday Kevin Feige, back at the end of August, tweeted:

      'MCU wouldn't exist without him. Thor Ragnarok is an unabashed love letter to his vision. Happy Birthday to the King. Eternal'

      Also in cinemas:

      'Geostorm' another cgi-assault on the senses starring Gerard Butler, the poster's for which order: 'Brave The Storm'.

    3. & Ed Harris is the villain of 'Geostorm', twinning him somewhat with his role as 'man' in 'Mother!', the theatrical release poster of which is a butterfly effect mirror image.

      'Mother!' is also the second film this year in which the original score by Jóhann Jóhannsson was not used, the other being '2049'.

    4. 'The Disastrous Geostorm* Is Mostly About People Staring at Computer Monitors'

      A simulacra of a mediation of Art attempting to imitate life once again then, folk go to 'the movies' to escape rality not spend another two/three hours back in the office!

      (*from the producer of 'Stargate')

  36. You may have mentioned this, or another commenter did, but the Weeknd has a song called Heaven or Las Vegas. Thought I'd mention it given the quote from him about cocteau twins' influence on Prince.

  37. Thank you for announcing your insanity to the world. I noticed recently there are two kinds of insane people in the world -- those who knowingly act that way, and those who don't. Amongst those who do, there are those who know if they are really crazy or not, and those who don't know if they are really crazy or not. Among those who know if they are really crazy or not, there are those who are really crazy and those who are not really crazy. Among those who are not, there those who say they are and those who say they are not. Also in that group, are those who say who says they are but really are not. I am one of those and I say you are not, just for the record. That assumes of course that it takes one to know one.

  38. The Sun reported on oct 16th that many sightings of a 'second sun' during ophelia made StarWars fans wonder if they were transported to another planet

    I think some heavy weather engineering is more probable... but that's me


    Twice the tower of babel

  40. "How fitting before a wedding"

    "As a new heaven is begun... the Eternal Hell revives. ... Now is the dominion of Edom" -- William Blake

    Famous twins = Edom/Esau & Israel/Jacob, as a previous commenter last entry mentioned.

    The line from your title... "And the angels which kept not their first estate, but left their own habitation, He hath reserved in everlasting chains under darkness unto the judgment of the great day" (Jude 1:6) is talking about the same entities as 2 Peter 2:4:

    "For if God spared not the angels that sinned, but cast them down to hell, and delivered them into chains of darkness, to be reserved unto judgment".

    "Hell" here is "tartaroō" = the Abyss/bottomless pit out of which the Destroyer and his locust army/angels are released. It seems that those using this symbolism think this is a good thing! These angels are described as looking like horses with lion's teeth (Rev 9).

    Ironically (or perhaps not, given what some high up people seem to broadcasting about transcending/ending Time/Death), these angels also have the ability to prevent death in those they possess (walk-ins?). What a way to achieve immortality.

    The New Testament verse you quoted in Acts about signs in the heavens/blood/fire/smoke is actually a reference to the original Old Testament verse found in, of all places, Joel (2:30).

    I'm coming from a slightly different perspective than most here, and though I'm not sure I've even fully formulated what they are exactly getting at with the 'gold' symbolism, I'll put it out there for consideration... the weird story mentioned in the last post about two stars colliding and flinging out 'huge amounts of gold' seems to be forcasting something specific -- an economic recovery directly related to Babylon's rise. My understanding of the bible is that 'the beast' actually describes 3 different entities: the civilization/culture, the country/kingdom (Babylon), and the individual/leader (the Destroyer/Apollyon, Babylon's king).

    The kingdom/country of Babylon (the harlot) sits on "7 mountains" and weaponized American christianity has ironically but accurately identified what those 7 mountains are -- the seven key spheres or 'shapers' of Western culture (the 7 heads on the beast/the civilization). I think the gold symbolism may very well be getting at the recovery or "healing" of the business/economic head, so I'm quite interested to see how the predicting symbolism plays this out. Just my $0.02. (BTW, the first two people mentioned in the 7 mountain video were incredibly closely connected to The Family/Fellowship).

  41. It's no wonder that secret agent mr. dalai Lama has been promoted so much in the West with all his body-hatred and reality is an illusion is evil crap (but please suck my dick for spiritual purposes)


    Carnival - farewell flesh!

    1. What is a Chinese propaganda bot doing here I wonder?

      Must be the increased traffic of late.

    2. Pardon?
      Did you read what is behind that link? Please do, and then come back with a wellfounded response. It's a long read, take your time.

  42. Is this the siren we're talking about here?

  43. "Christianity in the ancient world was absolutely nothing like the brands practiced today. It was a Mystery cult,"


    " and shares much more in common with the other Mysteries than any Christianity you'd recognize today."


    See "Eastern Orthodox Christianity."

  44. Reposting: I think you're missing the basic astrological significance of the "59". 1958 + 59 = 2017. Have you done an astrological chart for this incident?

  45. It's so crazy to me that I attended a church that taught me the world was coming to an end, yet always preached that everything is cool and we are all doing an awesome job. and that if I paid tithing and attended church I was saved. Well, people like you are doing WAYYYYYY more work on apocalypse type things than they are. They would have had me believing that things are absolutely normal and I have nothing to worry about.
    I am blown away. Thank you for the work that you do!! Finally things in the Bible are making sense. It's a book of magic and prediction, in my opinion, and you are utilizing that in a way I never would have figured out. All the research and connections you have made are so pertinent and important. This opens up so many other questions like "who else is being used to channel entities?", "What music and sounds are we listening to all the time that are subliminally brainwashing us?", "what exact role are the sirens playing in the global disasters that are probably going to take place in the near future (aka, apocalyptic type stuff)".

  46. mirror, mirror, for the nine ...