Sunday, April 22, 2012

NASA Gets Sirius on the 17th (UPDATE)

Well, I'm sure most of you noticed this little ritual this past week-- the Shuttle Discovery making a series of passes around the landmarks of Washington, DC astride a NASA 747. It aroused a bit of discussion on the Secret Sun Facebook group, but since I had a podcast and an interview to plug I didn't mention here on The Sun proper. Most regular readers picked up on it right away, especially given the date of the ritual, which was-- of course-- the 17th.

I hadn't given it a second thought until Richard C. Hoagland strongly hinted to my wife that he'd like me to take a look at the ritual here. And since longtime readers realize that Richard's symbology work is such a huge influence on the work I do here-- as well as on the work of people like Goro Adachi and other Synchromystics-- it was a suggestion I couldn't refuse.

But I'd be remiss if I didn't cite the excellent work that Alan Green did on the event on his blog, which you can and should read here. Alan put the ritual in the context of Sirius, and noted the bizarre alignment above on The Drudge Report (we've seen countless examples of the same on HuffPost).

Alan also pointed out the alignment of the Washington Monument, the Capital Dome, and the shuttle and 747 acting as stand-ins for Sirius A&B. There was also a jetfight acting as an escort, playing the role of the controversial (and to some, apocryphal) Sirius C. Be sure to check out Alan's deciphering of Ron Paul's "Serious Plan" as well.

 Do you see the encoded 3/17- the day of Osiris'
death and rebirth - in this mission patch?

But as a "warbird," the jetfighter also acted as Horus to the Isis/Osiris magical coupling, with the dead and resurrected Discovery playing the role of Osiris in this very expensive mystery play. With NASA effectively shut down by the Grissom Cult, maybe these kinds of rituals will be its primary function.

The 17th Trump of the Tarot
signifies the new Age of Aquarius

For those neophytes wondering what all the fuss is about 17 and the rest, you can start at the beginning here. Or you can read up on just a few of the various Obama 17 hits here. 17 is everywhere these days, and this display simply reinforces the importance of this magic number to men of considerable more power and influence than the ridiculous denier types who would claim it's all coincidence.

The date 4/17 is interesting as well, in that the old city of Jerusalem is bordered on the east by Route 417. The ancient necropolis of the Mount of Olives is bordered on the west by 417. The Tomb of Zechariah-- a pastiche of Greco-Egyptian architectural motifs-- lies within the Mount (it's this writer's belief that Zechariah is the Hebrew rendering of Saqqara). Technically, the Tomb of Zechariah is a Monolith, in that it's a solid stone carving.

 The prophet Zechariah was also given the Vision of a "Flying Scroll" that was "twenty cubits long and ten cubits wide" (roughly 33 feet long by 17 feet wide, like a classic UFO sighting). The same chapter (Zechariah 5) had a vision of the two flying women. 4/17 was also the date of the Aurora, TX UFO incident in 1897.

April 17 was also the day Apollo 13 returned safely to Earth, which if you believe theorists like lifelong Naval Intelligence asset Bill Cooper was nothing but an elaborate death-resurrection ritual itself.

Note that Discovery made use of death and resurrection symbolism the mission patch for its final flight- the classic Phoenix symbolism we've looked at so much of here, especially in relation to space.

And now with NAZCA NASA reduced to a orbital version of the Blue Angels, the real (read: for-profit) space race heats up. The latest? James Cameron is involved in a clandestine enterprise to mine asteroids for minerals? Plenty more where that came from. Keep your eyes peeled- Total Recall might be a reality sooner than you know.

UPDATE: Don't think for a minute NASA has a lock on space ritualism. The 4/17 cipher shows up in this story, when Horus (aka the Falcon 9) will reunite with ISiS on Beltane:

Less than four years ago, SpaceX had yet to launch a rocket successfully, and founder Elon Musk doubted the company could survive a fourth consecutive failure
Today, SpaceX is on the verge of an historic attempt to send the first private spacecraft to the International Space Station, after a planned April 30 launch from Cape Canaveral, and has become the face of commercial spaceflight.

Musk’s goals to dramatically lower launch costs and eventually send people to Mars remain extraordinarily ambitious for a company that has reached orbit only four times — the last nearly 17 months ago.
 Thanks to Secret Sun stalwart Adam I for the the reminder.


I got a ton of hits on my Project Blue Beam debunking this week after the Tupac hologram performance at Coachella. Surely I must eat my words now- I mean, there it is- bonafide hologram technology, raising the dead in front of our eyes. Man the turrets! Break out the bullets, beans and Bibles! Eat your words, Knowles!

Sadly, no.

The media lied to you. (Shock! Horror!) The Tupac "hologram" was no such thing, but a very old technique (from the 19th Century) combined with a blend of a taped performance and CGI which was- get ready for it- projected on a translucent screen. Not onto the sodium layer, not onto a random field of ionized vapor-- a good, old fashioned screen. Read more here:

That Tupac hologram that wowed Coachella crowds Sunday evening and will maybe go on tour wasn't actually a hologram. It was a technology that dates all the way back to 1862 called Pepper's Ghost, said The Wall Street Journal's Ethan Smith on The News Hub. "It’s not a hologram. It’s very, very simple technology, from the Victorians actually," Jim Steinmeyer, illusion designer and author of the book Hiding the Elephant, confirmed to The Atlantic Wire. Considering the (creepy!) life-likeness of the hologram, which one Coachella attendee told us she looked more like an impersonator than an optical illusion, it's pretty impressive that it boils down to a 19th-century theatrical effect.
Anyone who has actually read Serge Monast's Project Blue Beam screed should know it's total bullshit right off the bat, since he argued that it was all to instill that mythical boogeyman of pantpissing Fundmentalidiots, the "One World New Age Religion." Because elitists just love to herd cats.

Monast died before I could remind him that Rupert Murdoch and Communist China are the top publishers of Bibles in the world or that the real Elitists spend billions of US tax dollars funding churches in the developing world and replacing socialist governments with Sharia theocracies in the Arab world. A great, bloody shame.

So many lies, so little bandwidth. If anyone wonders why Monast would have been chosen to disseminate this nonsense to begin with, I would suggest that there seems to have been a definite interest in steering the conspiracy underground away from the UFO topic (which it was quite involved in back in the 80s and 90s) and back into the ultra-Fundamentalist flock. Blue Beam and lifelong Naval Intelligence asset Cooper's disavowals of the topic seemed to do the trick quite well.


  1. What fun , "pant pissing Fundmentalidiots". Yea man!Get it on Chris Knowles! True story about xtian involvement in Africa and the Arab revolts. One does not have to read between the lines anymore,it is in your face. Take the silver or eat the lead. Respectfully, Dennis

  2. You should read or watch some of that Montauk stuff I have been posting. Total Recall is already real, some claim that chair in the movie is the "real thing" from a UFO. I heard that the instant trips to Mars is done via this "elevator" like room. Just research either Preston Nichols or Al Bielek for an hour or two one night Chris.

    I am fresh out of some serious "drama" and ready to soon get into mine and my mothers possible abduction dreams or realities from the 1980's. Never thought about really getting into it but seems the time is right, I GOT NOTHING TO LOOSE! My mom was heavy into Brad Steiger when I was a kid and I got some interesting "Alien" tie ins to all my previous work. Actually want to thank you for bringing some of this to light for me inadvertently.

    Carry On Quarky aka Mercury's Messenger

  3. Christopher this's the first time Serge Monast's popped up on my radar (or at least he's sufficiently engaged my attention - courtesy of you - for me to register his existence).

    [...though I now note from Wikipedia he snuffed it around the time I was only beginning to think of getting a computer never mind hooking myself up to the internet].

    I just wanted to say you might be being a bit harsh on him because if the likes of me're anything to go by then poor sods like him and Adamski probably got 'downloaded' with huge amounts of all kinds of seemingly very convincing data (not necessarily always internally logical [though such 'discrepancies''re always 'explained' and always overridden anyway with supercharged mindblowing revelatory emotions seemingly designed to blow every ego short circuit you've got] so like Darwin when he suddenly realised Wallace'd come up with natural selection too there's this almost irresistible urge to publish or be damned in case someone else gets the prize winning story out before you.

    [I'd be surprised if you haven't encountered you're own equivalent of such things.

    [eg. at one stage I was gettin' all this stuff about Rupert Murdoch supposedly considering bankrolling a new party to be led by Blair or funding a Euro presidency bid for him].

    Making it probably just as well I didn't get anywhere near the net until I'd learned to let most of this stuff just wash over me.

  4. From the trailer to the ABC "special Report," "The Secret Details of Mitt Romney's Wealth:" ( "ABC News' Brian Ross journeyed to the Caribbean and notorious tax haven Grand Cayman and what he found; the hidden story behind this Post Office box... (ready for this???)... 908..."

    Yet another 17...

  5. I happened to be in McLean, VA, that day (very unusual). So I saw the shuttle fly over the “black box” where my hubby worked at the time. Reminded me of the time I was out on Folly Beach, SC, a few years earlier and saw a stealth bomber fly over the beach. You feel like you’re standing outside of yourself watching these things happen. Strange things are definitely afoot at the Circle K.