Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Secret Sun Rises on the Big Easy

Franc Zero, New Orleans Paranormal Examiner, contacted me for an extensive and in-depth interview on a whole host of topics, some of which are familiar to readers, some less so.

We discuss the music industry and the pop-occultism fad, the Mysteries, MK facts and MK fictions, superhumans and the transhuman movement, the ongoing UFOlogy psychodrama, The X-Files, Jack Kirby and the challenges facing the creative individual today, Jacques Vallee and the UT hypothesis, hypnotic regression, and the Apollo moon hoax controversy and much more. 

It's an action-packed interview that you will not want to miss. Read Franc's introduction:
On the blog, Christopher has explored so many strange and fascinating ideas,that it’s rather impossible to tie them down in a short bio. However his work on ancient symbols in the modern world, the mind altering power of Jack Kirby’s page waking creativity, as well as the synchro-mystical maneuvers of man’s secret history have been just some of the theories that have accelerated the thinking patterns of his fans and those in his close circles enough to impact their daily research and their personal lives time and time again. 
So many people from different walks of life and educational backgrounds have found a gold mine of inspiration in his work, which in turn led them to produce great work of their own in countless different fields.

Bonus Information sync: If you convert my birthdate to a zip code, you'll find yourself smack dab in the heart of the Big Easy. I found out exactly where in the aftermath of the Katrina horror show. I was following a weird hunch while researching this odd bit of predictive programming...