Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Madonna NeFiLim 2012 (UPDATED 2/7)

Here's the halftime show if you haven't seen it yet. I've been down this road so many times and all of this imagery is so embedded into the culture, I don't think I can say much I haven't said a million times before.

Our Lady of Sirius

But here again we're seeing ancient ritual motifs taken not from the "Mystery Schools" (sic) as some historical illiterates might have you believe, but from their opposites; the elite cults of state, with their pomp and circumstance and their regimentation and militarism. This is straight out of the Temples of Jupiter and Juno on Vatican Hill, and the meaning, message and desired outcome behind it is exactly the same. "World Peace," indeed. More like "Pax Romana."

Never mind Madonna's runaway narcissism, identifying herself with all of these symbols: is she the "High Goddess of Pop" now?

Conquered people always dance suggestively for their new masters during the high holy days, going back thousands of years. Well, the women do. The conquered men kill each other off in the arenas.

The Black Sun

I've been doing some research on who "Vigilant Citizen™" is-- or rather are-- whose interests they represent and who they in fact work for and I'm nursing this crazy, nutty thought like maybe they were hired on as consultants for this grotesque display. Zany, right? Well, given what I'm learning-- never mind all of the Fortune 500 companies that bankroll their various sites with advertising-- maybe not so zany. Notice their sites have been rather quiet lately.

Winged Sundisk

I've taken some screenshots for when the vid gets yanked.

Notes: This was a replay of the 2008 New York Nefilim- New England Patriarchs game with yet another 17 in the score. The area code of Lucas Oil Stadium? 317. I kid you not.

In case you were puzzled by the admixture of Roman militarism and Egyptian religion, don't be-- that's as old as the seven hills. It just shows whoever designed this display knew all about Roman Egyptomania. Which probably proves it wasn't the Vigilant Citizen™ cabal after all.

UPDATE: Here's a photo gallery on The Daily Mail if you haven't the patience to sit through 15 minutes of woefully inept lipsynching and puzzlingly doubletracked live vocals. Yes, it's exactly what you'd expect it to be.

UPDATE: Knowles' Law has it that whenever a controversy erupts over symbols in the media it's meant to distract from a deeper symbolic narrative. Like, oh, androgynous EgyptoRoman militarism:
Middle finger 'malfunction' mars Super Bowl halftime show

Rapper M.I.A. provided a middle finger salute to network cameras Sunday night during the 12-minute extravaganza, when she joined Madonna during a performance of the latter's new single, "Give Me All Your Luvin'."

The apologies from the NFL and the broadcaster, NBC, came quickly -- they blamed each other.

UPDATE: Ikea and Activision join Time Warner, Visa, McDonald's, Ford, Chrysler, Dunkin' Donuts, Sears, MetLife and many, many others as proud sponsors of the Vigilant Citizen™ family of websites.

UPDATE 2/7: Was the Montreal-based music industry internet viral marketing agency that many have said is the real force behind corporate-sponsored conspiratainment site Vigilant Citizen™ involved in the Madonna halftime special after all? The producers of record are Montreal-based Cirque du Soleil and Moment Factory. I've traced Vigilant Citizen's™ servers to Sherbrooke, Quebec, a suburb of Montreal. That's one hell of a coincidence.

Anyone with information on this, please let me know.


  1. i agree that this was a display of the quasi-masonic/deathcult/militaristic beliefs of the elite

  2. This is pure proto-fascism from the Evolan "Imperialismo Pagano" playbook. Our cultural programmers are becoming more brazen in pushing for a new pagan order, barely concealed beneath a veneer of multicultural hedonism. If I were a Christian, I would probably be as hysterical as most fundamentalists are these days about the fin de siecle state of Western culture. The antics of Madonna and Gaga ring hollow in this age of cultural decline and holy wars, do they not? To me it seems that we are living in the last days of Rome, and things are about to get rather nasty.

  3. Hi i have been reading your blog off and on for a couple of years ,but i sometimes find it too deep and complicated to get the meaning ,i need a kind of secret sun for dummies my reading age in terms of understanding this symbolism is more at the level vigilant cityzen is targeting (if you get what i mean )for example i dont actually understand what you think the madaonna show was saying. whereas i think if vigilant citzen wrote a commentary i might understand what hes saying even if i dont agree with it, this worries me cause i see loads of people actually believing Beyonce and Jay Z are devil worshipers

  4. ...brought to you by:

    Bridge? Stone?

  5. @CK
    Nice work. Just as valid as any other explanation I've read!

    My Take...

    MIA (MAYA's) middle-Finger:
    "Flipping The Bird", as it were...

    She's the only artist that appeared in the show not previously associated with the expletive "F**K".

    Madonna, long known for her overt sexuality and partners - (F***ing)

    Nicki Minaj - Has two song titles containing the word ("F*** da Bullshit" and "F*** U Silly")

    Cee-Lo Green - Song "F*** YOU" is editted for airplay as "Forget You"

    LMFAO - "Laughing My F***ing Ass Off"

    So MIA (MAYA) joins the club during the performance with a BIRD!
    "F*** YOU" is the meaning.

    The Simple gematria (a=1, b=2, c=3, etc) of "F*** YOU" is 102

    The Simple gematria of "WORLD PEACE" is 102

    Of course you can always find more at http://twitter.com/strangeye

    Take care,


  6. Personally, I'm far more concerned with the promotion of militarism than cultural "hedonism" since indigenous cultures, which were typically far more democratic than any Christian/secular nations, often diverged from modern notions of family values while still maintaining exemplary standards for social cohesion. For example, the Southwestern Zuni tribes practiced ceremonial dances in which the dancers acted out sexual role play in front of the community as a minor part of a larger story. Did this traumatize the youth, resulting in fractured families, unwanted children, single motherhood and social chaos? Not really. Actually, it was the European colonists who did that when they decided to put an end to the wicked dances by massacring the entire community on account of their divergence from Roman Catholic standards of piety. Before the colonists arrived, Zunis had no concept for orphans or single motherhood because the entire tribe was considered extended family for which every individual was responsible.

    As for mystery schools, there is no denying that elite sectors of society have co-opted their iconography while abandoning their transgressive potential. My question would be, is it "hedonism" behind cultural implosion, or widespread atomization due to bureaucratic centralization, coupled with the corporate takeover of local businesses which are of course necessary in forming autonomous cultures? To focus on "sex in the media" as the main factor in social disintegration, while ignoring neoliberal economic policies, is a huge mistake because this tactic only bolsters fundamentalism, one of the prime culprits behind the modern imperial cult.

  7. The spectacle... the game, the show. What are they selling? What are we buying?

  8. @Chris

    This is the first time I've seen this site. Although cool you can totally tell its financed by the overlords. The first hint is the top comments. You can almost hear the un-sinserity in their voice. So I agree some sort of deflection type action going on here.

  9. Jesus we are a dying culture if all we can come up with for half-time is Madonna shaking her sad droopy old cooze up there.

    Bye, Bye, Miss American Pie....

  10. StrangeEye had the best observation here, which is that MIA is Maya. Madonna is Maria. "Maria is simply Maia with the solar R in her womb" (Crowley). These are universal archetypes at play.

  11. Great point Venus. Couldn't agree with you more. They use sex to sell militarism and dehumanization. Sex itself is not dehumanizing just the opposite. However, when you inject sexuality into a culture that is still (regardless of what the Henry Makows or the Sean the Sorcerers think)extremely puritancal at the core, you can fuck with peoples minds. Let me guess Sean, it's those pesky Jews that are behind the destruction of Western Culture. I know I won't lament this culture when it finally dies out.


  12. Seriously Sean, how are you not a fundamentalist Christian?

  13. I'm an 11 in numerology and I'm kind of into the 11/11 sync and my first post was at 11:11. WOW!!

  14. Hey Chris I hate Vigilant Citizen as much as you do but doesn't he just do the google ads thing? Does that count as corporate sponsorship?


  15. Funny you should mention IKEA as one of the sponsors of this militaristic display.
    Here's an article from
    "Mental-floss" magazine about it's founder's Nazi party involvement,which lasted well after the Second World War

    " While we’ve written about IKEA cloaking itself as a charitable institution, that isn’t the blue and yellow über-store’s only dirty secret. While Kamprad today is known as a frugal billionaire who drives a ’93 Volvo, eats at middle-class restaurants, and outfits his home entirely in affordable IKEA products, his legacy is tainted by his past involvement with pro-Nazi organizations. Between 1942 and 1945, Kamprad joined, fund-raised, and recruited members for a fascist, Nazi-sympathizing group in Sweden. The news only came out in 1994, when his personal correspondence with fascist Per Engdahl was released to the public. Kamprad immediately apologized for his involvement and claimed it was the biggest regret of his young life. He also wrote to every Jewish employee on his staff to issue a personal apology.

    Of course, none of this stopped the information from being a point of controversy when the store first arrived in Israel, but the world seems to have forgiven him. Today IKEA is one of the only international companies to spread to both Israel and Arab countries. In fact, the store is so popular in the Middle East that three people were trampled to death at the store’s 2004 grand opening in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia."


  16. I just noticed on that pic 'winged sundisk' she's mimicking Crowley, yeah that one famous picture with the eye on top. shit,witch! lol man I did have a weird vibe about VC too...they just seem... unapproachable? mainstream? dunno...but ur blogs r gold, i'll just lose myself here for days now. (:


  17. I thought you were paranoid about Vigilant Citizen but you are right--it's all about money. He recently posted an article on Britney Spears only hours after I posted mine then out of nowhere, he posts an article on the film They Live, which I've had on my directory for weeks now. This is not the first time that he's copied other articles as he has also done this with Pseudo Occult Media without giving Ben credit. Thanks for the heads-up!

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