Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Kirby's Cauldron (Updated w/ Extra Kirby Prophecy)

From Raj Sisodia. Enjoy.

A new group has been excavating the Maoi at Easter Island and it turns out that some of them are not just heads and busts but actually have entire bodies buried beneath the ground. Explaining away the logistics behind this massive undertaking has gotten that much harder for the increasingly tedious orthodox history crowd.

And who was there first? Jack Kirby, of course. In 1959.


  1. When I look at Kirby's art I am often reminded of the Funkadelic album art. The main figure portrayed on their "Cosmic Slop" album cover looks a lot like the female alien in that weird secret[faked?] Apollo footage floating around. If hallucinagenics are any kind of stargate...Funkedelic would definitely be tuned in.Needs more investigation.

  2. Thanks.... just what the Dr.Ordered! For me atleast....

  3. those easter eggs are HUGE, i suppose they could have been carved out of a solid rock hill but that really seems next to impossible, i have yet to see a plausible theory on how all these massive stone structures all over the place were built using conventional tools for the time period

  4. Hi Chris. I wanted to mention here, there was a 1980's "GI Joe" episode that featured full-bodied Moai acting under the influence of psychic powers. I'm pretty sure the Marvel/Sunbow production guys were Kirby admirers, guys like Steve Gerber and Marv Wolfman come to mind.

    Anyhoo, that episode came to mind when i clicked on this article.