Tuesday, February 07, 2012

The Mother of All Modern Rituals

You can keep your Mandonna EgyptoRoman war is peace rally. Nothing will ever be as over the top -- or as revealing-- as the opening of the Atlantis Hotel in Dubai in 2008.

Take some time to watch these videos. It will change the way you look at the world, and more importantly, look at all of the struggles to control the Persian Gulf. All about oil?

No, I don't think so.

Now remember, the fireworks display was meant to be seen from space. In fact, it made very little sense to anyone on the ground. How about that?


  1. Here's the thing I don't get, and maybe you can help explain it to me.

    My basic intuition, and where I deviate from the overwhelming majority of the seeker community, is that I don't think things are changing. Sure, we're getting nicer gadgets, but I don't think this represents a fundamental change in the human condition. So all this 2012, galactic alignment synchronicity stuff doesn't really resonate with me, because it implies there will be a real change in the human condiiton. How can that happen when we're so clearly the same as we ever were inside?

    So - what's this all building up to? Just the inevitable iPad 5? I know that we're all hoping for something better than that, but to me, it all seems the same as it ever was.

  2. What I see here is what billions of dollars can buy in special effects and little else in the way of a symbolic message. The symbolic elements are canned Egyptian/Atlantean/Disney. Of course I could be missing something, but my reaction is just "Holy shit, look at the pretty effects billions of dollars in oil money can buy." There's no real resonance.

    It does call to mind Neil Postman's "amusing ourselves to death" concept—this is unrivaled mass spectacle. Thanks for posting—I was totally unaware of this.

  3. Keep reading. The Secret Sun isn't Vigilant Citizen™- I expect you guys to do some work here. I would literally rather dig ditches than sell you guys a bunch of bullshit all tied in a tidy little package so even the dumbest people could grasp it so I could sell your eyeballs to the Fortune 500.

    There's a huge backstory here. You're only looking at the tip of the iceberg.

  4. The superbowl halftime show was way creepier to me. Shit made my skin crawl. What Egyptian symbols have to do with football is beyond me. I find the image of a middle aged, fat, chicken fried American male with one mitt holding a hotdog and the other holding a beer watching all that Illuminati shit going on and then cheering at the end. Makes me want to punch myself in the heart.

  5. This may be of interest

    Observation of dates and numbers by the Authorities are not proof of their mastery of globally spellbinding black magic, but evidence of their "routinary minds," as Castaneda noted, concerning the flyers. They repeat these agendas to keep themselves on track as they have no guiding autonomy, having abdicated that aspect of our divine endowment in favor of the Archontic illusion of power, enacted through arcane games of deception and domination.

  6. The team that put this spectacle together was:



  7. Hi, I have been reading ur blog for a a year, but Vigilent's for much longer. But I don't understand your comments about VC - this might seem naive, but I thought you were working in the same direction. VC's website does not seem to promote the order, and in fact appears to denounce the dis-information we are being subjected to - Am I blind? Then I found this link: http://chaukeedaar.wordpress.com/2011/10/28/short-warning-vigilant-citizen-is-a-illuminati-disinfo-agent/

    I am confused. Could you elaborate on this topic? Thanks!

  8. That blog is a pretty good rundown- check the comments section for some very revealing info on who is running that site and why.