Friday, December 04, 2009

Secret Sun Picture Parade: Taylor Stardust

Taylor Swift continues to fascinate- we saw her Astral Anointing recently and here we see her wielding stardust in the palm of her hand.

Speaking of Astronaut Theology, this snapshot from the recent Atlantis mission gives us a clear view of the astronaut-as-Vetruvian man patch the NAZCA NASA chaps are so fond of these days.

Yahoo continues to cough up the semiotic booty: here's an inexplicable puffpiece bemoaning the new Sun Maiden on the raisin box. I can't for the life of me grasp why this is headline news.

Speaking of grapes, I love this headline- that Bacchus, always causing a ruckus.

Delta Airlines posted a 7.1 drop in passengers in November 2009. Sensing something semiotic, I mosied over to their site and lo and behold, there's that Ferris Wheel icon we're seeing so much of these days. 

BTW Delta is headquarted on the 33 parallel. Bonus factoid: Obama's West Point speech was 33 minutes long, as opposed to all of the 17 minute speeches in the past.