Friday, December 04, 2009

The Special Ones

Bruce Rux explained on his epic Binnall of America interview-a-thon that the original Outer Limits series was a clearinghouse for UFO contact narratives, including many that had never been disseminated. I wonder if this episode, "The Special One", was one of the stories Rux was referring to. Here's the spiel from the wiki:
Roy and his wife Aggie are delighted but puzzled when they meet Mr. Zeno, who explains that he is a government educator sent to cultivate the mind of their gifted son, Kenny. Roy becomes worried, however, when he discovers that Kenny is learning things that are not accepted by earthly science. When Roy discovers that the government education department knows nothing about any "Mr. Zeno," he confronts the educator only to discover that he is an alien, re-educating children in a plot to take over the world.
The exact experiment Mr. Zeno is performing with young Kenny is quite fascinating, as US readers will see (non-US readers are advised to check out the ep here on You Tube). The reason I'm especially interested in this episode is that the encounter with Mr. Zeno reminds me quite a bit of a famous story told by Jack Sarfatti (whose work on UFO propulsion we talked about here) in which he received a phone call from an alien in 1952:
Jack Sarfatti is today a prominent quantum physicist. Unknown to many, however, is that he may owe some of his success to a very unusual experience—a phone call from a flying saucer. The whole ordeal began more than 50 years ago.

Says Sarfatti, “In 1952 and 1953, when I was about 12 or 13 years old, I received a phone call…in which a mechanical sounding voice at the other end said it was a computer on board a flying saucer. They wanted to teach me something and would I be willing? This was my free choice. Would I be willing to be taught—to communicate with them? I remember a shiver going up my spine, because I said, ‘Hey, man, this is real.’ Of course, I was a kid…but I said, yes.”
This story didn't emerge until several years after the Outer Limits episode, and isn't quite the same in detail, but the basic parallels are certainly fascinating. And since his own close encounter, Sarfatti has kept extremely interesting company and had his fingers in a lot of interesting pies. Sarfatti has worked with Joe Firmage, who himself believes that ETs appear at critical junctures in time to spur human technological evolution along. Firmage's own revelation came when he was a bit older than Sarfatti when he had his encounter:
Some have called it an alien, an angel, or even a hallucination, but whatever the case, someone or something visited Firmage in his bedroom early one morning in 1997. As he writes, "A remarkable being, clothed in brilliant white light, appeared hovering over my bed. He looked rather annoyed and asked, 'Why have you called me here?' I answered without a moment's pause, 'I want to travel in space.' He chuckled skeptically, paused, and asked, 'Why should you be granted such an opportunity?' I responded without hesitation, 'Because I'm willing to die for it!'
It's fascinating to note that Firmage was raised Mormon, and his revelation sounds remarkably similar to Joseph Smith's encounter with the Angel Moroni.

Firmage and Sarfatti are two individuals with what their colleagues might see as heretical beliefs but yet somehow seem to be able to pull it off thanks to their prodigious talents. Jacques Vallee is another in this same crowd. The head of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences is yet another, more recently. I have a feeling there are lot more like these men, but most have been effectively silenced for fear of their careers being destroyed.

So-was this Outer Limits yarn just pure sci-fi, or is there some actual sci behind the fi? Is this a case of incremental disclosure or a pure synchronicity?

And is there really a difference in the long run?


  1. Excellent article as always Christopher -and I think your end sentence says it all-and I don't think in many cases there is much of a difference at all.
    I find Sarfatti's story so interesting and am glad to see you mention it in relation to this.
    I also think Vallee is one of the best-if not the best ufologist in the business!
    best to you as always my friend!!

  2. Too funny Chris.

    About a year ago I started watching Outer Limits on HULU TV.

    Born in 1952, I was ripe for brainwashing and subliminals on TV during the 60's. I loved this show when I was a kid. I actually remember this Episode from watching it on TV in the 60's. It's not one I watched recently, but I'm watching it now. :)

    Oh, I tried to watch the new Outer Limits Series from the 90's...after trying to watch 6 episodes, I stopped. Sorry, but it's not as good or the Subliminals just don't work in the new one as well.

    Thank you for the great childhood memories Chris. I enjoyed this.


  3. After watching that episode just now, it made me realize a few things.

    A) Note that the program length is about 52 mins with only a little commercial time. I'd say the show is about 50 mins - meaning there was less than 10 mins of commercials when it was on TV. Today a 1 hour TV shows will have at least 15 mins of comercial time.

    B) Take our children and advance them with Aliens as their teachers...hmmm...sounds like the recent movie with Nick Cage, The children were our only salvation.

    C) The machine/device the boy used was for weather control. Now, there we were in the "MID SIXTIES" talking about "HAARP Technology"! WTF? And people still think these shows and movies are Science Fiction? Think again! HAARP not only can control the weather, it is used for MIND CONTROL, a well as SDI (Star Wars Defence Init) and much more.

    911 was a LIVE ACTION FILM...

    P.S A post on HAARP if you are interested.

  4. Another one for your '17' Obama connections file..

    "Photographers snap over use of Section 44 by police officers" basically means you can't take pictures anymore due to 'terrorism' - look in the picture and it's got Gate 17 in it..enjoy !


  6. Hi chris, the UFO/ET/Contact theme quite occupies me also at present. David Wilcox recently also (like Goro Adachi) had some utterings about how it would unveil. There's a lot of stuff but the actual creative forum is more interesting than one man's hypothesis (which in the case of Wilcox it is). I read it last year as sometime entirely different - as a kind of direct clue taken from James Cameron's The Abyss. That contact is from a completely other realm - the oceans (!). I might be very off, but its a very intuitive project now for me. Going physically investigating in January.
    Please add comments to the piece I wrote up on Wilcox just now. Im very interested in seeing what peoples opinions reflect. How other people read the Contact phenomena unfolding - links etc.

    Peace and love y'all

  7. Hi Deprogrammingbadvibes. I saw your recent posts on the Blob and left a few comments. I didn't see anything posted on David Wilcock though. Did I miss something?

  8. Anonymous said...
    "Another one for your '17' Obama connections file..

    "Photographers snap over use of Section 44 by police officers" basically means you can't take pictures anymore due to 'terrorism' - look in the picture and it's got Gate 17 in it..enjoy!"

    Keep in mind 8 is the number for TOTALLY control subliminal messages.

    17 1+7 = 8
    44 4+4 = 8

    and the meaning of Police:

    Pollice – Police – Pole Ice – Polar Ice – To Kill

    More symbolic sigil magic markers used by the RCMP include the Red Surge. This is the symbol and colour of blood. The yellow stripe down the side of the trousers is a beam of light.


    Their dress hat has a large round brim with a 4 cornered pyramid, much like the State Trooper hats of American State police forces. When viewed from above, this hat forms a cross in a circle. Similar to the NATO logo, which is a simple Zodiac symbol. However, the most telling symbol is their name. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police is simple suggestive sound and shape association which should really read as Royal Canaanite Mountain Pole Ice. Royal refers to the Egyptian sun goddess Isis, not just the British Royal family. Canadian is symbolic of Canaan and the human sacrifice deity of that time and place. Mounted speaks of the Rock, Mountain or Mount, that has been traced from Mount of the Rock in Jerusalem, to the Rockefeller Plaza in Manhattan, to the Rockie Mountains of the western United States, and now to the Large Upper Room and the Shield Rock in Manitoba.

    However, it’s this word POLICE, that comes from an old Latin word POLLICE. The phrase Pollice Verso means “with the turned thumb”. This comes from the days of the gladiator fights in the Colesseum.


    Buffaloed By The Police
    The Vestal Virgins, and the crowd in general, would indicate to the Emporer if the fallen gladiator should live or die. They would indicate either, ‘thumbs up’, or ‘thumbs down’. The words Pollice Verso, literally means To Kill or To Live. Whatever the final choice of the Emporer was, one thing remained constant. The Emporer and the powers that be, were in total control of the masses. The freedom of humanity, and connection to awareness, was killed with either choice. This is what the RCMP and every Police Force in the world is really all about. Taking total control of the whole of humanity on behalf of the luciferian master hypnotist.


  9. Devin- Yeah, as you know I've hung out with Jacques, but I'd love to pick Sarfatti's brains on a few topics.

    DS888- The new OL is OK- not bad sci-fi. Plus it was shot in Vancouver! But yeah, not remotely the same.

    The thing about commercials- damn. Are shows even 45 mins anymore? I'd say more like 40 at the most. And they wonder why the ratings are always going down.

    Anony 953- Man, the UK is really getting crazy with that stuff. UK readers- what's the vibe over there?

    Deprogrammie- Do you have a link on your piece?

    DS888- Yeah the Roman parallels are germane- we're going down the exact same road they did. Read Durant- we're reliving Rome in every way.

  10. You can contact me on FaceBook
    Jack Sarfatti
    PS Mr Zeno in real life was Walter Breen.
    I never saw that Outer Limits show - was it made in 1957?