Sunday, August 02, 2009

Week in Review: McKinnon, China's Ubermen in Space

ITEM: China has set some pretty tough standards for its astronaut corps:
No scars, no history of serious illness in the last three generations of your family, and no tooth cavities.

These are amongst the 100 health requirements for would-be astronauts vying to be part of China's next space team, the Yangtse Evening Paper reported on Saturday.

The selection process, which the paper said is for the second batch of Chinese astronauts, will disqualify those who have runny noses, ringworm, drug allergies or bad breath.

In case any of this sounds vaguely familiar, it echoes the rules laid out for SS initiates by Himmler:
Himmler insisted that the candidate be racially pure, that is being of good German stock and able to prove his Germanic roots back to 1800 (officers back to 1750). If it was later discovered that the candidate had Jewish ancestry then he would be thrown out of the Waffen SS. This sometimes infuriated Sepp Dietrich who complained that some first class soldiers were being expelled from his ranks. Also the candidate could have no criminal record, have no history of mental illness and be aged between 17 and a half and 22. Also he had to be the correct height (5 ft 11 inches) and build with perfect vision, even as far as no filled teeth! Alcoholism was a definite refusal of entry.
Not a comforting precedent, given China's growing military and economic power.

ITEM: Did Heinlein unwittingly create the Nazi UFO myth? The UFO Iconoclast gets to the bottom of it:
A very disturbing theme recurs from time to time in the UFO literature. Some maintain that Nazi scientists had perfected advanced aerial craft including "flying saucers" - both in Germany during WWII and as captured "Paperclip" scientists in the US. This supposed Nazi technology is seen by these "researchers" as the genesis of early man-made UFOs. Even now it is seen by some as the reason for today's state-of-the-art "Dreamland" flying machines- or even as the true cause of the Roswell crash!

The belief that secret Nazi UFO technologies existed during WWII -and that the US took these technologies to develop further- is as unsettling as it is untrue. "Nazi UFOs" have been proposed by some on numerous websites and in such books as "The Facade," "Pentagon Space Aliens," "The Hunt for Zero Point," "Man-Made UFOs" and "Hitler's Flying Saucers." They elevate Nazi scientific know-how to a level that it does not deserve.
ITEM: Scientists are working on flying saucer technology using plasma lasers. The results aren't terribly impressive so far. At least judging by this video.

ITEM: NAZCA NASA astronaut Gordon Cooper believed that UFOs are visiting the Earth.

ITEM: UFO hacker Gary McKinnon loses his final appeal:

The British computer hacker Gary McKinnon failed today in his latest legal attempt to avoid extradition to the US where he could face a sentence of up to 60 years in a high-security prison.

The high court dismissed two claims for judicial review, dismaying McKinnon's family and supporters. Janis Sharp, his mother, said: "We are heartbroken. If the law says it's fair to destroy someone's life in this way, then it's a bad law."

My guess? The US probably wants to put his skills to work in the Cyberwarfare Department. A good hacker is worth his weight in gold.


  1. "The selection process, which the paper said is for the second batch of Chinese astronauts, will disqualify those who have runny noses, ringworm, drug allergies or bad breath."

    That's oddly specific...

  2. I like Heinlein. I think he time travels. Nonetheless, I dug into my collection of FATE mag archived material that goes back to 1948 but in my collection, 1955. I was looking for a story I recently read that puts meat to the bone of nazi flying saucers very much earlier than Heinlein...But I got distracted and for that you all must pay. The story that got my attention was in the April 1957 ed. and it is a story of Tesla's love for pigeons..but...he had one particular pigeon that meant the world to him. It was a pure white female with slight gray wing tips. To cut to the chase, this pigeon flew into his New York hotel window in dire straits. The bird was dying. At the moment of it's passing a great flash of light departed from the bird's eyes. Tesla believed (according to this story) that his days were numbered.

    I had a similar experience. In the fall of 1977, I had a trap line in Northern Ontario. On this particular occasion out in a beautifully crisp winter day, I was checking leg hold traps that had the carcasses of numerous beaver wired to a pole and surrounded by huge leghold traps. This day was my last day of trapping. A young orangy gray beauty of a wolf had a front paw and a back paw caught in a trap. Another trap had an upright frozen stiff raven caught in it like a decoy. There were other traps that had not been set off. The bush around me was alive with the pack moving just out of my sight but within my hearing. This setup was 50 ft from the trapper's cabin. The wolf didn't try to knaw it's leg off in a bid for freedom. The legbone front and back were severely damaged and the wolf severely wolf like. I had never seen a wolf in the wild and still haven't to this day. I talked to her and let her know that I was going to put her down in a few minutes. I sat on the cabin stoop smoked a cigarette, then tried to figure out how to dispatch this wolf. I found a pole stout and solid. The pack was getting antsy. As I approached, my empathy for this wolf just tore me to pieces. I did not hesitate. As I drew closer to this animal with two feet trapped, her eyes flashed orange light, she bowed her head and I cracked her twice between the ears. The pack followed me and my wolf out of the bush. I didn't look back. Within a couple of weeks, I was out of trapping and working as the garbage truck driver at the Banff Springs Hotel.

  3. Chris:

    on the Nazi para-technological theme, have you ever heard of Mt. Untersberg in Austria? Apparently Hitler's "Berghof" home famously framed the mountain with a large viewing window in the Great Room. Lots of unusual stuff associated with that mountain over the years...dwarves, elves, underground tunnels, people going missing and turning up somewhere else without remembering how they got there or with a distorted sense of how long they'd been gone.

    Also, there's a movement to recognize 10,000-12,000 year old pyramids as existing in BOSNIA. Tallest in the world. Everybody thought it was just a funny-shaped mountain. Dr. Zahi Hawass and other archaeological gate-keepers still think it is ;] Anyway, check it out!

    Interesting times, no?

  4. sorry...I shouldn't say "pyramid," I should say "pyramidal complex with alleged underground tunnel system."

  5. The oldest UFO picture is of a cigar shaped craft with a swastika on it. (Circa 1870)

    Mt. Untersberg is a really fascinating story. Apparently Hitler's telescope was pointed right at it.

  6. The Swastika is a very old symbol...

    The Swastika and the Nazis

    The Sacred Symbols of Mu by James Churchward

  7. sorry to use your comments page for this but I couldnt find anyway to contact you. Do you fancy a link exchange? I do fiction that basically amounts to career suicide!

  8. ITEM: UFO hacker Gary McKinnon loses his final appeal:

    "My guess? The US probably wants to put his skills to work in the Cyberwarfare Department. A good hacker is worth his weight in gold."

    I don't think exploiting Non-Password protected Government computers makes him a Good Hacker.

    The Tragedy here is that the info he was originaly looking for is availible, and Tech that everyone could benifit from is being kept for a select few.

  9. "The selection process, which the paper said is for the second batch of Chinese astronauts, will disqualify those who have runny noses, ringworm, drug allergies or bad breath."

    That rules me out then.


  10. I have read and seen many videos discussing Nazi research into advanced science, prehistory, and esoteric spiritualism.... Whether true or not, I find the Vril and Thule societies most intriguing. Their search for the Grail and Atlantis is a bit odd (and at the south pole). As well as the trips to Tibet. My instincts tell me that there is something of value to at least believing there is more to it than disbelieving any of the UFO stories spread throughout the net. Still a question, just more curious now...

  11. With regard to the Nazi UFO story, Viktor Schaulberger under duress, developed and flew a flying saucer towards the end of WWII. It was based on using an implosion engine. All of his research was taken by the Americans and he wasn't allowed access to it again. He died in 1958 after a visit to America to try and regain his material.


  12. Yes, Schauberger was the man. If you want to watch a video on him, see Sacred Living Geometry -Enlightened Environmental Theories of Viktor Schauberger, a very good overview of his work/theories on implosion/vortical power as he derived much of the knowledge from the observations he made in nature. Most notably the flow of water (vortex} and trees which he saw as bio-magnets.

    (I was studying his works for energy research on a project I worked on back in school.)

    You can see how this worked towards application towards a device focusing energy inwards, conversely to explosion based modern cars. I think it has gone somewhere, we just haven't seen it.