Monday, August 03, 2009

Dream Log: Room 128

Michael Rennie on The Invaders, a sci-fi spin on The Fugitive*

I was watching a black and white movie. It was about one of those people you've always known but who isn't a friend. I wondered if this was one of those movies that's actually an allegory for an alien abduction. I suddenly went from watching it in someone's living room to watching it in outside, lying in the grass outside my old grade school. The movie was now in color. It was about 1 AM, but the playground was well lit.

The movie was over. I went up the hill to turn the TV off, but it was inside the school and the door was ajar but chained. I found the florescent light coming in from the door somewhat nauseating. Then three teachers walked towards me, but I couldn't really see their faces in the shadows.

"You're not supposed to be in there," one of them said.

"The TV was on in Room 128," I replied, "It was on when I came by. I saw the light from the bottom of the hill."

"What were you watching?"

"It was that movie that they just remade. It had David Janssen," I offered, "I think it was The Man Who Fell to Earth."

"The Man Who Fell to Earth?," one asked. Why can't I see their faces?

Written on literal scraps, around 5:30 AM

"No, The Day the Earth Stood Still. Michael Rennie," I said, more confidently.

"What was the name? Was it the name or the film?," another asked.

"I don't know, It had something to do with owls," I said, annoyed. "It was one of those movies that was really about alien abduction, though that wasn't in the actual story."

"Well, you're not supposed to go in there," a woman said, "They're doing tests. It's dangerous."

* From the Fugitive wiki: The series premise was set up in the opening narration, but the full details about the crime were not offered in the pilot episode, which started with Kimble having been on the run for six months. Not until episode 14, "The Girl from Little Egypt," does the viewer finally get the full details of Richard Kimble's plight.

You can blame Mike Clelland at Hidden Experience for filling my head with these memes.


  1. This post is trippin' me out. Nice and surreal.

    From the synopsis : "This is the only time in the series where Kimble is not threatened in any way"


    It's good to see a 14 in there too.


  2. I found this lil' nugget on a search for the Fugitive epidsode

    "The Girl from Little Egypt" was so filled with backstory, that in 1993 when NBC decided to pull out some of these old episodes to air for a week long run to tie in with the publicity of the movie, out of 120 episodes NBC chose this episode to air along with the series finale.

    "The Girl from Little Egypt" was so filled with backstory"....It couldn't of been said any better than that.



  3. So you want to get out there and do some trippin'..well, go for it.

  4. David Janssen's last TV role was as a Treasury Agent. He and his squad intercept a plane loaded with Hashish coming in from Mexico and cause it to crash in the mountains. He squints heroically, saying, "There were A LOT OF DARK DREAMS in that airplane!" Three days after the episode aired he died of a massive heart attack.

  5. I "woke up" in the middle of the night last night to find a large, shorthaired black dog with gold and black eyes at the foot of my bed. Dog says in a cultured deep voice, "How are you doing, Mark?" I greeted him in kind "Oh I'm ok, how about you?" then I proceeded to wake up the rest of the way. Spooked me quite a bit.

  6. Toothy- Don't forget you have the whole AAT link there with H.Ford and the Fugitive remake. That ep also reminded me of my own time in "Egypt."

    Eric- That's tripped out, for sure. I like the green syncery...

    Ned- That tied right into the easter eggs hidden somewhere in this post...

    Mark- Oh don't worry- that's just Anubis!