Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Templar Victory Update (UPDATED)

There are so many details swirling around us, so much data, so much symbolism that it gets to be overwhelming. We previously looked at the Templar-Vatican symbolism in the Super Bowl, but I overlooked the fact Kurt Warner's (the losing QB) jersey number is 13. What's more, he's a devout Christian (read "For Warner, Jersey No. 13 Is Emblem of Spirituality").

So the Pittsburgh Templars defeat the Arid-Zone Cardinals, who were led by #13. Does it get any better?

Remember that Plaxico Burress (of the New York Nephilim) wore the magic 17 in last year's Super 17 Bowl. And this year, a pass from #7 to #10 won the day for the Templars over those who betrayed the Phoenix. Giants beat Patriots, Templars beat Cardinals through the power of 17.

I swear, I can't keep up with it all.

UPDATE: A reader in another thread pointed us to this story. Here's the Beeb:

A fire has swept through Chicago's Holy Name Cathedral - a city landmark and the seat of Roman Catholic Cardinal Francis George.

US firefighters said the blaze broke out at about 0529 (1129 GMT) in an attic area and took crews several hours to put out.

Some priests and nuns were inside the church at the time but no-one was hurt.

US officials believe repair work being carried out at the site may have caused the fire at the 134-year-old cathedral.
Bizarre coincidence department: The fire broke out at 1129 GMT and the Knights Templar were recognized by the Pope in 1129 as an official order of the Church.