Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Seen From Space: Busy Skies, Filled with Portent (MAJOR UPDATES)

The portent hue delivers messages of certain colors
I see into his eyes now, I understand the meaning
I reach up to the sky,
to those unseen, the chosen few
I spread my will between the two
Big Ox laughing, portent hue, the same †

UPDATE 1131 EST: Top Story on CNN: Galaxy may be full of 'Earths,' alien life
As NASA prepares to hunt for Earth-like planets in our corner of the Milky Way galaxy, there's new buzz that "Star Trek's" vision of a universe full of life may not be that far-fetched.
Pointy-eared aliens traveling at light speed are staying firmly in science fiction, but scientists are offering fresh insights into the possible existence of inhabited worlds and intelligent civilizations in space.
There may be 100 billion Earth-like planets in the Milky Way, or one for every sun-type star in the galaxy, said Alan Boss, an astronomer with the Carnegie Institution and author of the new book "The Crowded Universe: The Search for Living Planets."
This is not news. Why is that a headline today?


Well, there has been so much strange activity above our heads lately that the guardians of enlightenment feel the need to pull the old "natural explanation" non-explanations out of mothballs and feed them to credulous clock-punchers in the media.

The latest non-explanation are "sprites", balls of light formed in the upper atmosphere following electrical storms:
Mysterious UFO sightings may go hand in hand with a puzzling natural phenomenon known as sprites — flashes high in the atmosphere triggered by thunderstorms.

Researchers have detected the flashes between 35 and 80 miles (56-129 km) from the ground, far above the 7 to 10 miles (11-16 km) where usual lightning occurs. Sprites can take the form of fast-paced balls of electricity, although previous footage has suggested streaks or tendrils. - Yahoo

All well and good, but wait- here come the psychological control techniques. This time this extremely rare occurrence (the article cites a 20 year-old photograph of this phenomenon) can miraculously explain the tens of thousands of UFO reports every year:

The cause or function of the flashes remains murky, but Price suggested that they could explain some of the UFO reports which have cropped up over the years. That might provide some solace for UFO enthusiasts disappointed by human-caused hoaxes in the past.

Translation: "There there, disillusioned UFO nuts. Curl up with a photo of high-altitude electrical phenomena. You'll feel better, I promise."

If sprites "go hand in hand" with UFO sightings, where is the data showing a correspondence? Where are the photos of sprites taken in areas where UFOs have been reported? Which UFO reports have been proven conclusively to be sprites? Pilots and astronauts don't seem to confuse these things with aircraft, so how is this news?

The burden of proof is never on these people. These questions are never asked by these reporters, who simply put a veneer of objectivity on press releases from extremely unobjective parties. And then they whine that no one trusts the media anymore. The arrogance is stultifying.

There's a link to another article called "Top 10 Alien Encounters Debunked." I'm not sure who the audience is for this puffery, but it reads like a litany of the psychological control techniques that the Amazing One and his pedantic ilk have perfected over the years.

The piece throws in every trick in the book; from ridicule to dismissal to baseless assumption to guilt by association. I can't see the point of it, other than trying to keep wavering young acolytes on their knees at the altar of reductionism.


Sadly, the heavens will be a little less crowded now that the Taurus rocket failed to reach orbit for the NASA Orbiting Carbon Observatory. A grave disappointment to all on this, the first day of the ancient Roman month Mercedonius.

It's strange, thinking about NASA and its Masonic origins, and Masonry and its Roman Mithraic origins got me to thinking about the death of another Taurus, the Tauroctony of Mithraism*:

Interesting coincidence there. But as we will soon see, Mithraism has a lot to do with astronauts, only not the modern variety.

Speaking of NASA, they just released an amazing photo of the Orion Nebula taken by the Hubble telescope the day after the Oscars (and the same day of the reopening of the Baghdad museum). Orion, eh? Fascinating. Check it out here.

Yes Virginia, there is a major space race going on, and of a scale never before seen despite whatever is happening in the economy. So much so that a new venture capital firm called "eSpace: The Center for Space Entrepreneurship" has been created to help aspiring inventors get their proposals ready for NASA. You can check out their site here.

Strangely enough, they're in Colorado (specifically 1722 Boxelder St, Louisville, CO 80027), the state which was the center of much excitement on the 17th.

The space race is heating up to such an extent that even North Korea is getting in on the act:

North Korea has announced that it is preparing to launch a rocket carrying a communications satellite. It did not give a date for the launch, but said it would mark a great step forward for the communist state.


Well, on Sunday we had the Ausurs Oscars, Monday we had the reopening of the Babylon Gate Iraq museum and Tuesday we had a rare alignment of Saturn's moons:

"On Feb. 24th, there's going to be a quadruple transit of Saturn's moons," says Keith Noll of the Hubble Space Telescope Science Institute. "Titan, Mimas, Dione and Enceladus will pass directly in front of Saturn and we'll see their silhouettes crossing Saturn's cloudtops—all four at the same time."
Transits like these are rare. "They only happen every 14 to 15 years when the orbits of Saturn's moons are nearly edge-on to Earth," says Noll. In 1995-96, the last time the geometry was right, Hubble photographed two (Titan and Tethys) and three (Mimas, Enceladus, Dione) moons transiting Saturn. This will be the first time the great telescope captures four.
Remember that just last week a major program to explore the moons of Jupiter and Saturn was announced. Echoing the florid language in that announcement, Noll tells us that "Hard science can be beautiful."

Oh geez, that's awkward.

UPDATE: Italy: Air Force Head says UFOs possibly ET craft
Italians are increasingly asking the question as to what is going on in their skies. Last year more UFO sightings were recorded in Italy than any year prior and this is catching the attention of the media. The Vatican has recently warmed up to the idea of life on other planets which begs the question as to whether Rome knows more about the topic than they are giving away.
Now an Air Force chief is conceding that aliens might be behind UFO incidents. In the last few weeks a number of high profile media outlets ran stories on UFOs. ‘055 News ‘noted that the Italian Air Force has recorded 38 sightings of UFOs since 2001. In 2008 alone three sightings of interest were seen by the Air Force or picked up on their radars.
UPDATE: Masons on the Warpath: Astronaut-authored report says NASA needs new direction:

NASA's performance since the Apollo programme has been "lacklustre" and the agency needs "serious reform or significant organisational overhaul," Apollo astronaut Buzz Aldrin and colleagues say in a draft paper released on Monday.
The draft paper, posted to the National Space Society blog, outlines a plan to replace George W Bush's 2004 Vision for Space Exploration, which called for returning astronauts to the Moon by 2020, with a plan that focuses on sending astronauts first to new targets, such as asteroids.

UPDATE: Arizona Scientist: We Could All Be Martians

As long as we’re still pondering human origins, we may as well entertain the idea that our ancestor microbes came from Mars. And Jay Melosh, a planetary scientist from the University of Arizona in Tucson, is ready with a geologically plausible explanation.
"Biological exchange between the planets of our solar system seem not only possible, but inevitable," because of meteorite exchanges between the planets, Melosh said. "Life could have originated on the planet Mars and then traveled to Earth."

Cheers to Tom Horn at Raiders for the phat links!

UPDATE: UFO Sightings Soar in Canada
Strange floating objects and eerie bright lights were among the record number of Unidentified Flying Objects that Canadians spotted in the sky in 2008, according to Winnipeg-based Ufology Research.
The volunteer group of a half-dozen researchers said Canadians made a total of 1,004 UFO sightings in 2008 — up more than 25 per cent from the previous year and the highest number in the 20 years Ufology has been keeping track.

"It's astonishing to me that we had such a dramatic increase," spokesman Chris Rutkowski said.
"It could be an indication that there's actually something up there seen in greater numbers than ever before, it could be that there are perhaps more military flights, it could be … that people are more able to access websites where they can report the UFOs."
Link via Red Ice.

The mighty ox has colors
More than oneself could conceive of
The great one has become a portent hue
A portent hue†


† Caterwaul, "Big Ox Laughing" (re-released 2/17/09)

*The Tauroctony is now believed to be a symbol of the passing of the Age of Taurus to the Age of Aries somewhere around 1875 BC. This puts lie to the argument put forward by Christian apologists that Mithraism was some late-period Roman invention. There is also mention of the Tauroctony in the Pyramid Texts from around 3000 BC. More on that in the future.


  1. Nice post !

    Taurus XL become a symbolic sacrificial BULL in the year of the OX.

    Utterance 580

    As for Hubble...
    and the Orion Nebula, "apparently" it has been non-func since about September 2008.

    That is the purpose of ATLANTIS STS-125.
    Interesting that there's so many contradictory sites! (and fascinating updates too some in the last week if you check them against!) Some sites say it is working some say it is not.

    So if not that picture would have to be an old one, timed for release on 2/23/2009.
    Which would be fitting.


  2. Year of the Ox? Right on, Strangey- I totally blanked out on that.

  3. robocop did have the creative spray painted OCP cop cars, and the ever-so-amazing 6000 SUX with eye-popping shape-shifting reptilian dinosaurs..

    -andy christ

  4. ahh once again nice one Christopher
    and strangeye

    check out ;)

  5. nealy forgot wounder if ThunderCats
    ties in to this,

    cause if any ones seen that statue of Mithra where he is depicted as a cat or rahter Lion-O Of Thundercat ;)

  6. The "Utterance 580" link goes to a book preview of "The Secret History of the World and How to Get Out Alive" By Laura Knight-Jadczyk of the Cult of Cassiopeia.

    Footnotes indicate that she's quoting "The Ancient Egyptian Pyramid Texts" by R.O. Faulkner.

    LKJ claims it's a sacrifice of a "Red Bull," (it gives you wings!) representing Horus' sacrifice of Seth as revenge for Osiris' murder.

  7. another 17 sync

    then again with the red Bull (as it say in the Tv ad's It does give you wings)

    where do they get all the cash to
    Sponsor all theses sports..

    One good thing they have been apart of The Red Bull Air Race World Championship

  8. I was thinking about the "sprites" which were on the numerous screens during the Ausars.

    These are known as "orbs" to paranormal investigators, and they represent, in modern pop culture, the souls of the dead. The energy of dead souls? Osiris? All these themes are flying at us so quickly and so often that it's near impossible to pick up on all of it.
    I really can't imagine how confusing and disorienting it must be to some people.

    Akarta: Lion-O = O-rion. I was thinking about doing a Thundercats post...

    There was also a bull sacrifice at the end of Apocalypse Now.

    Red Bull (sacrifice) connections are interesting. The liquid itself is yellow, the color of Set. So it's like you (implied by the subliminal/open-faced Red-Horus) drinking the essence (Taurine is from bull testicles) of Set and "gaining his power". Some kind of weird occult spiritual placebo actually triggered by chemicals? Most likely.

  9. Ha! I drink Red Bull every morning to get my tired old bones up and running!

    These Ox synchs are fascinating to me, guys. I totally blanked out on that- more things to research! Poorhouse, here I come!

    The Tauroctony is fascinating and Mithraism is even more fascinating. There's no doubt in my mind that it's Horus worship with an exotic Asian veneer, but may also point to strange interested parties and their machinations on this little old world of ours.

    To the tipster- thank you. Good call.

  10. You and millions of other people. When I did ingest energy drinks (when I was working) it was usually Monster. Now it's just coffee and coca cola...

    That bull-headed winged statue is Shedu. Daniel Tatman talks about it in his latest Red ice interview, a must-listen.

    He says its head is a pillar. Third pillar/Seth?

  11. The $278 million Orbiting Carbon Observatory was designed to monitor how CO2 enters and exits the Earth's atmosphere -- hoping to yield a picture of a rhythm that is much like taking a breath. Forests and oceans absorb the greenhouse gas from the atmosphere, while burning fossil fuels and decaying plant and animal life send more back.

    2+7+8= 17

    another 17 for ya

  12. Hi Chris,

    If it isnt already mentioned above. I see the orion nebula pic was posted on the 23rd and is also called M42?

  13. Breaking News: Obamas select First Dog. Markets down

    DOG again

    'Slumdog Millionaire' kids will be slumdogs no more

  14. "Red Bull gives you wings"... lol! nice!

    This year 2009 is the chinese year of the "EARTH OX"

    Ancient Egyptian Pyramid Texts from Raymond O. Faulkner

    Utterance 580.
    1543a. To say: Thou who hast smitten (my) father he who has killed (one) greater than he
    1543b. thou hast smitten (my) father, thou hast killed one greater than thou.
    1544a. Father Osiris N. I have smitten for thee him who smote thee as an ox
    1544b. I have killed for thee him who killed thee as a wild-bull.
    1544c. I have overpowered for thee him who overpowered thee as an ox
    1544d. thou art upon his back as he who is upon the back of an ox.
    1545a. He who stretched thee out as the stretched out ox he who slaughtered thee as the slaughtered ox
    1545b. he who stunned thee as the stunned ox --
    1545c. I have cut off his head I have cut off his tail
    1545d. I have cut off his two hands I have cut off his two feet.
    1546a. His upper fore-legs including (lit. "being to") his lower forelegs belong t[o Atum], father of the gods
    1546b. his two thighs belong to Shu and Tefnut
    1546c. his two sides belong to Geb and Nut
    1547a. his two shoulder blades belong to Isis and Nephthys
    1547b. his two shoulders belong to Mḫnti-’irti and Hrti,--
    1547c. his spinal column belongs to Neit and Śerḳet his heart belongs to Sekhmet, the great
    1548a. that which is in the back part of his body belongs to those four gods, the sons of Horus, his beloved,
    1548b. Ḥȝpi, ’Imś.ti, Dwȝ-mw.t.f, Ḳbḥ-śn.w.f.
    1549a. His head, his tail, his two hands, his two feet
    1549b. belong to Anubis, who is upon his mountain to Osiris who is chief of his department (or, thigh-offering).
    1549c. That which the gods leave belongs to the Souls of Nekhen and the Souls of Buto.
    1550a. Eat, eat the red ox, for the voyage by sea,
    1550b. which Horus did for his father, Osiris N.

    See also Apis for more OX ref.

    Red Bull gives you wings and HAPE Feet !


  15. From the Utterance 580 above
    The count of the parts of the sacrificed Red Bull:

    1 Head
    1 tail
    2 hands
    2 feet
    2 fore-legs
    2 thighs
    2 sides
    2 shoulder blades
    2 shoulders
    1 spinal column


  16. It is all awfully similar to some strange Cattle Mutilation!


  17. A bounty of Synchromystic treats as ever, guys. I just got off the phone with Aelous from Stormy Weather- will respond in full in a bit. I'm wiped out.

    Good work on the Ox meme, especially....

  18. I was also thinking that all this BULL worship might somehow be linked back to "Horned" Nephilim or (something like) "Nibiru" - the horned planet from Sumerian lore. The Bull/Ox (Bullocks!) being a sort of Earthly representation of those.


  19. 17 Strikes again...

    Scores survive Turkish airliner crash in Amsterdam
    By TOBY STERLING – 36 minutes ago

    HAARLEMMERLIEDE, Netherlands (AP) — A Turkish Airlines jetliner plummeted out of the mist and plowed into a muddy field Wednesday near Amsterdam's main airport, but nearly everyone on board — 125 people — survived. The nine dead included both pilots.

    The Boeing 737-800 was en route from Istanbul to Amsterdam carrying 134 people when it suddenly lost speed and fell out of the sky about two miles short of the runway at Schiphol Airport, investigators said.

    At first, Turkish Airlines said everyone survived Wednesday's crash. But Michel Bezuijen, acting mayor of Haarlemmermeer, later reported the fatalities. He initially said 135 people were on board, but changed that figure to 134.

    125 people = 12 + 5 = 17
    Boeing 737 = 7 + 3 + 7 = 17
    carrying 134 people = 13 + 4 = 17


  20. Strange Eye, you might want to look into the Seirim to find your horned Nephillim. Seirim were horned, goat demons (like Pan and Azazel) who inhabited the area around Mount Seir in Canaan (modern Palestine). The Israelites would have their priests 'lay hands on' a sacrificial goat to transfer the sins of the people to the goat, then the goat would be set free towards Mount Seir for Azazel as a sin offering.

  21. Hey Mr. Knowles. You are getting some good mention on this site: I didn't know if you knew that, just wanted to let you know.

    Really interesting stuff.

  22. ROBOCOP was distributed by orion pictures.

  23. I just made that Orion pic my background and just started staring at it. Swear to god, there are faces and skulls and all sorts of shit in there. Totally creeeepy......

    Speaking of moons around Saturn:

    Also, if you are so inclined, check out:

    Personally, I think life is about to get a little more interesting...

  24. Everything lately but the kitchen SYNCH Chris!

    Check this out
    KARE 11 - The Pigeon, The Falcon and the Snowman


  25. The TAURUS XL

    Taurus XL = Tau Rus 40 = Cross Red 40
    Taurus XL = Bull/Ox 40

    Interesting things happen when we look at names.

    Tau is a Cross
    and Rus is the short form of Russell. tells us

    Gender: Masculine
    Usage: English
    Pronounced: RUS-əl [key]
    From a surname which meant "little red one" in French.

    The Rose(red) Cross / Rosicrucian
    and the Red Bull.


  26. Wednesday 2.25.2009
    is the Roman Catholic / Christian holiday of ASH Wednesday

    In the Western Christian calendar, Ash Wednesday is the first day of Lent and occurs forty-six days (forty days (40) not counting Sundays) before Easter. It falls on a different date each year, because it is dependent on the date of Easter.

    Ash Wednesday to Easter is (40) (XL in the Roman Numeral) days excluding Sundays!

    Easter is the time of the Crucifixion of Jesus (Sacrificed for the Sins of all) as told in the Bible.


  27. Also on Ash Wednesday:

    A cross of black ash is put over the beLIEver's Third Eye. This is essentially blocking that person's chakra. Staaaaay Asleeeeeeeeep!!!

  28. Ever wonder why we have the word AKASHA ?

    ahk ASH a

    From the Wikipedia link:
    Akasha (or Akash, Aakaashá, Ākāśa, आकाश) is the Sanskrit word meaning "aether" in both its elemental and mythological senses.

    The ASH represents (on just one of its many many levels) elemental FIRE and is not a blocker but an OPENER of the third eye.

    Symbolically the ignition of the "Fire in the Middle", the PYR~A~MID, in the pineal gland situated between the two halves/hemispheres of your brain.

    Fear is your only enemy!


  29. Ok, fine... I just disagree.
    If you really think that the church is attempting to OPEN a person's third eye... feel free to do so I guess.

  30. No I don't beLIEve, as you put it.

    KNOWING is what matters not believing. I would never take away your right to believe as you choose.

    This is what I know...

    If you beLIEve that someone is out to do you harm, then there IS someone out to do you harm. The harm comes from within yourself. Thusly, that ritual of the Ash would not benefit you.

    If you KNOW that YOU cannot be harmed, then YOU can not be harmed and the "ritual" of the ASH is to your great benefit.

    I don't want to be all preachy, especially because the concept is far beyond words.
    I just want to say this.
    If you don't consider "every thing" then you are already Closed minded.


  31. Speaking of polar explosions. I stumbled across this while looking for images of the Moon.

    There was an older release which I can't find. Back from 2006.