Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Benjamin Button and the Babylon Gate, pt. I

Oh look, isn't this timely? The Iraqi National Museum has reopened, the day after the Oscars.

The Iraq Museum, which has stood at its present location since 1966, last year completed the renovation of its Islamic and Assyrian halls, thanks to a one-million-euro (1.1 million dollar) donation and technical help from Italy.

It is also displaying artefacts from the Sumerian and Babylonian eras, although only eight of its 26 halls have been opened in the initial phase. "Work in progress" signs stand outside the closed galleries.

The Babylon Gate at the Kodak Theatre - note Ashur, similar poses

More pictures from the grand reopening here. It seems there is a large-scale effort underway to rebuild Babylon (from the Akkadian Babilu, meaning "Gateway of the Gods.") This syncs quite well with the Atlantis Rising memes, as well as the re-emergence of Amun, as well as with last night's Oscar ceremony, which we will get to in a minute.

US soldiers outside the Ishtar Gate reconstruction in Iraq

But there's another the Iraq project with a very interesting name in the works, as reported by News Daily:

"The Future of Babylon" project launched last month seeks to "map the current conditions of Babylon and develop a master plan for its conservation, study and tourism," the WMF says.

Officials say preserving Babylon, a relic of a time and place that gave birth to such milestones of civilization as agriculture, writing, codified law and the wheel, is crucial.

"It's extremely important. When people say this (region) is the cradle of civilization, that's certainly true of Babylon," Lisa Ackerman, WMF vice-president, told Reuters in a telephone interview. "It's a culture that had a profound impact on what we think of as modern civilization."

Oh yes, it surely did. Here is a quick sketch of the significance of the Babylon Gate aka the Ishtar Gate, which itself is a symbol of restoration:

King Nebuchadnezzar II of Babylon dedicated the great Ishtar Gate to the goddess Ishtar. It was the main entrance into Babylon. King Nebuchadnezzar II performed elaborate building projects in Babylon around 604-562 BC. His goal was to beautify his capital. He restored the temple of Marduk, the chief god, and also built himself a magnificent palace with the famous Hanging Gardens, which was reported by the Greek historian Herodotus to have been one of the wonders of the world.- bible-history.com

So what we are seeing now is a restoration of a restoration of a restoration of a restoration. Just as Nebuchadnezzar restored the Gateway of the Gods, so too is Iraq restoring what was lost to them. (Remember that Iraq is presently the beneficiary of countless billions of US tax dollars as well).

The word "restoration" itself offers some clues. From dictionary.com, we have "restoration" defined as:

  • to bring back into existence, use, or the like; reestablish: to restore order.
  • to bring back to a former, original, or normal condition, as a building, statue, or painting.
  • to put back to a former place, or to a former position, rank, etc.: to restore the king to his throne.

In essence, restoration means the reversal of the effects of time.

We saw the themes of restoration in Dark City, with John Murdoch ("Oannes Marduk"), who in effect restored the oceans (identified with Oannes) and the Sun (identified with Marduk) to the abducted humans of the prison planet who were being experimented upon by an alien race. Note that Marduk and Ishtar are the equivalents of Horus and Hathor in the Babylonian religion.

John Murdoch is both Osiris and Horus as he enters the gateway of the gods (which no human was permitted to go through) and meets Jennifer Connelly rising from the surf like Aphrodite. The aliens called her "Emma," but her new name is Anna.

You know, as in "Inanna."

So what does this have to do with anything, you might ask. Well, although Slumdog Millionaire got the lion's share of the awards Sunday night, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button did quite nicely for itself. The two make an interesting pair. Slumdog is about the use of technology to restore a relationship and find one's destiny. Benjamin Button is about the reversal of time.

The two themes are not unrelated here on The Secret Sun.



  1. I was wondering if anyone else thought that the real reason Bush went after Saddam is because he was trying to restore Babylon? I don't think the U.S. wanted him to have that power??

  2. Sex and death. Ties in nice with Violators newest post.



  3. definitely worth the wait chris, really anticipating updates on slumsirius millionaire and that curious case of reversing time. once again secret sun delivers!!!

    -andy christ

  4. damn cuz! you write posts at the speed of light! I'm still tryna digest all this Oscar night craziness (wtf is up with Hugh Jackman, really?). Interesting stuff as always. Twisting timelines to find destiny? sounds familiar... I just finished watching Deja Vu, btw. I'll withhold comment until you connect your dots.

  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vhWPQv2xYh4

  6. Guys, I'll tell you- this came straight out of the blue. I was just doing my news rounds, saw this story and said "oh you have to be frickin' kidding me!"

    All of these memes that I've been studying for years are popping up all over the place now, it's crazy.

  7. i came across the reopening as well today, the gravy train is rollin atm, pretty amazing. The Babylon gate image in the middle at the Oscars looks awfully like a mushroom.

    I also just happened to posted my Conspiracy Babylon article last night as well. *laughs*

  8. The Ishtar Gates have been discussed in cryptozoology for over 50 years, due to their art is based on encounters with real animals (that are taken as "fantasy creatures," by some, today).

    In 2006, I wrote of their involvement in the future, in a posting I entitled, World War III and Cryptozoology.

    The depiction of the sirrush on the Ishtar Gates is symbolically significant.

    Today, the Sirrush is a creature clearly visible (as you show above) on the reconstructed Ishtar Gate of the city of Babylon. It resembles a scaly dragon with hind legs like an eagle’s talons and feline forelegs. It also has a long neck and tail, a horned head, a snakelike tongue and a crest. While not matching any known creature, the cryptid Sirrush could have been a genuine animal. Cryptozoologists relate it to the mokele-mbembe of the Congo.

    The Sirrush also relates directly to this passage from the Bible:

    Jeremiah 51:37: And Babylon shall become heaps, a dwelling place for dragons, an astonishment, and an hissing, without an inhabitant.

  9. Nah... you're not crazy Chris.
    It's just "the Christening" I wrote to you about.

    Enjoy it!


  10. and, you all know this but i thought i would mention it anyway, iraq is supposedly a stargate site.

    dancing with dragon & phoenix over at hexagram 49...

  11. WHAT?! The Babylonian Sirrush? Related by modern cryptozoologists to the Congolese mokele-mbembe? No offence to Loren, but I had Thoth that that's an allosarus or a brontosaurus, not the (as far as I can see) domesticatably friendly chimeraic Sirrush, immortalised on the Gates of Ishtar, maybe & maybe not an outcome of antediluvian gentech science.

    Yup, I, too, often felt that the decimation of Iraq, as well as its subsequent pillaging by the Plutocracy's privateer minions, was to squelch the seat of power based on the ancient implementation of its Stargates, seen on ancient cylinder seals.

    Another Biblical verse that leaps to mind in all of this tangle. From the Book of Isaiah, reads, "And the wild beasts of the islands shall cry in their desolate houses, and dragons in their pleasant palaces: and her time is near to come, and her days shal not be prolonged." ~ ISAIAH Chap. 13, Verse 22

    As anyone who is knowledgable in observations on the hotly debated Dragon Court, the word dragon may just be a title, or it may be an elusive beast, whose form shifts shape, as the opportunity arises.

    To the tune of "Mesopotamia" by the B-52s,
    Anadæ Quenyan Effro Von Thüringen

  12. Terry- you got a link-I didn't see it on your KJ page? Nice catch on the Obama greenlight- ties in with Strangeys catch on the green laser.

    Loren- That creature has some strange link to DNA as well, the ancient royal bloodlines- I wrote about that here: http://secretsun.blogspot.com/2008/11/oannes-brothers-its-about-first-time.html

    Strangey: A "christening" An ironic yet perfectly apt description!

    Kimrey: Yeah, I'm starting to get a sense what the Iraq War is really about now...

  13. Anadae: Does the Sirrush come from, um, Sirius? Again check the link to the royal bloddline.

  14. Nice post. Eros and Thanatos combined are Chaos. They sustain an "opposite" of the corrupt serpent brotherhood (the "opposite" being indoctrinated blind followers, but in reality an opposite to them would be a group which freely disperses symbolic intelligence... Like us!) in order to take hold of the reigns through the devised and controlled chaos of our union with them. We are getting a vision of what is to come (or really, what has already happened) through our daily observation of the symbols they have hijacked.

    The "Ishtar Gate" is a symbolic representation of the union of opposites forming Chaos (8 rayed star) or the Stargate (octagonal). The Military Men (Marduk resonators?) surrounding the Ishtar Gate resonates the movie Stargate.

  15. Zeerush...PineApple Express!
    and I don't mean the MJ!

    Chris, check the 1st of much more to come 2.24.2009 updates to my
    9x9-It's Oscar Time article.
    I'm covering the deep-esoteric occult background stuff right now..

    Like HUgh Jacques-Man as OZYMANDIAS = Ramses II
    RAM-ISIS !
    There's the Androgyny you found.

    It's worth a peek and I've got HUgh's wonderful intro vid.

    Much more to come of it, so no notepadding 4me today! ;)



  16. Anadæ Effro said...
    "WHAT?! The Babylonian Sirrush? Related by modern cryptozoologists to the Congolese mokele-mbembe? No offence to Loren, but I had Thoth that that's an allosarus or a brontosaurus, not the (as far as I can see) domesticatably friendly chimeraic Sirrush, immortalised on the Gates of Ishtar"

    Well, yes, AE: Sirrush = Mokele-mbembe has been discussed by many cryptozoologists, including Willy Ley, Bernard Heuvelmans, Roy Mackal, Patrick Huyghe, and that guy named Loren Coleman in their cryptozoology books.

  17. Oh, yes, to answer Christopher's question about the origins of sirrush.

    It was the name given to it by the Ishtar Gate's discoverer, German archaeologist Robert Koldewey. Sirrush = dragon, from the word mushrushu or mushhushshu, the commonly-accepted modern form.

    In the Book of Bel and the Dragon, it is written that King Nebuchadnezzar kept a dragon in the temple of the god Bel, which the Babylonians worshipped. Sirrush is sometimes, thus, translated as Bel-dragon. Linguistically Bel is an East Semitic form cognate with Northwest Semitic Ba‘al with the same meaning. Bel became especially used of the Babylonian god Marduk.

    W. H. D. Rouse in 1940 wrote an ironic end note to Book 40 of his edition of Nonnus' Dionysiaca about a very syncretistic hymn sung by Dionysus to Tyrian Heracles, that is, to Ba‘al Melqart whom Dionysus identifies with Belus on the Euphrates (who should be Marduk!) and as a sun god:
    "... the Greeks were as firmly convinced as many modern Bible-readers that the Semites, or the Orientals generally, worshipped a god called Baal or Bel, the truth of course being that ba'al is a Semitic word for lord or master, and so applies to a multitude of gods. This Bel, then, being an important deity, must be the sun, the more so as some of the gods bearing that title may have been really solar." ~ Source

    I thought you would, therefore, appreciate that, in essence, in one view, sirrush links, in roundabout fashion, back to the sun.

    Of course, there's the sticky matter that "in the astro-theology of the Babylonians the star of Bēl was not the sun: it was the planet Jupiter," according to the 1899 edition of the Encyclopædia Biblica article Baal by W. Robertson Smith and George F. Moore, but enough is enough, for now.

  18. hey anyone able to shed some light on this for me, there's a fairly high ranking shriner is the conducter of the Daughters of the Nile Drum Corp..... can anyone point me in the right direction what the daughters of the Nile may mean.

  19. can anyone point me in the right direction what the daughters of the Nile may mean.


    oh direction, sure

    that'd be South and it means "Run the Other Way"

    I had a little woman in Memphis/
    she wanted to be my bride

    "Highway Song"

  20. Professor Coleman, erm, uhm, not to muddy the waters of your & the list of other cryptid researchers's well-received efforts (BTW, I had met Patrick Huyghe, whose surname is pronounced WEEJ for all who didn't Gno that, at a MUFON meeting in Yonkers; amazing knowledge of airplanes he has!) to which you can add Ivan T. Sanderson, Daniel Cohen, and catastrophist Immanuel Velikovsky as well, just that I don't see the Sirrush of the gate of Ishtar bearing a resemblance to the reports of Mokele-mbembe's descriptions. Thank you, though, for all the groundbreaking work that you've done. Thanks, too, for the Baal/Bel/Jupiter connexion, too.

    Here's that Book of Isaiah quote concerning dragons in their pleasant palaces, a direct reference to the Gates of Ishtar itself, no doubt, and the occupants within its walls.

    Great work y'all,
    Anadæ Effro

  21. Oh man, "to be continued," payback for my post? :D Anna/Inanna would be the moon as well, and John as the sun which he creates. I would be excited about all the old artifacts, but combined with all the ominous pyramid buildings going up, this restoration doesn't have a good vibe to it.

  22. Dark City...one of my favs. I read it as a mystery play depicting a move out of the darkness at the end of the piscean age manipulated by dark alienated brotherhoods, into the age of aquarius where you create the "city" anew with the power of your third-eye (Horus). And so we see Murdock as the waterbearer, and the bringer of the new sun...the lightbringer of the age of aquarius. Interestingly enough, the actor who played Murdock (there's also the idea that Mur/Mir/Meer/etc. is associated with bodies of water and the "dock" features saliently in the film) in "real life" is RUFUS SEWELL...a name which portrayed in reverse is LLEWES SUFUR...read it fast...lol...LUCIFER, the "light bringer."

  23. Oh, oh, that re-reminds me! Then there's the Temple of Manannán Mac Lir, too, the ancient sea god of the Irish. Talk about water doors ( :-)}