Sunday, November 30, 2008

Alien Identity and the Beauty Destruction Industry

What the hell is that disk in the background?

My god, this is fascinating. I had only seen brief bits of Karen Carpenter playing the drums, but I had no idea she was this kind of virtuoso.
Coming from a pretty hardcore musical family (and being a former musician myself), I can tell you that as players the Carpenters were drop-dead pros with impeccable chops. The lyrics to this musical number are very revealing as well, with the androgynous, ectomorphic Richard staying at home playing classical music while the androgynous, ectomorphic Karen was a "tomboy" who took up the traditionally male instrument of the drums (apparently she was big on softball as well).

It also rips my guts out. I confess to a strong Gnostic streak, and often see this miserable world as an abortion that celebrates the talentless, the narcissistic and the mean-spirited, and grinds the truly gifted into the dirt. Or in Karen's case, whittles them away to nothingness.

And in the context of the Secret Sun, it often seems as if people such as Karen (and Elizabeth Fraser with her Siren/Sirian identity and language) are aliens, even somewhat in their appearance. After all, we've heard thousands of reports of androgynous, ectomorphic aliens, haven't we?

Slightly earthier-looking than Bowie actually was in '76

Jimi Hendrix certainly comes to mind, Jeff Buckley and David Bowie as well, though for some reason he survived his death trip by escaping to Berlin in 1977 (Bowie was obviously less conflicted about the gender ambiguity that seems to come with the territory with these genius/alien types). Hendrix and Bowie were obsessed and identified with aliens and UFOs and Jeff Buckley recorded his own invocation to the aliens entitled "Ozark Melody." Which all links us back to the Carpenters' interstellar invocation.


If you want proof that Hollywood is inherently evil, look at it what it does to beautiful women. There's an army of overpaid, coked-up stylists preying on insecure celebrities, convincing them that they need to become botoxed, fish-lipped stick insects if they want to stay "hot." There's a whole host of starlets I lusted over back in the 80s, and
not too many of them have become handsome middle-aged women. They've become freaks of science. I often wonder if these stylists aren't actually out to destroy these women out of some psychotic jealousy fixation.

Although I believe that Karen Carpenter had some personal, identity-based issues she was struggling with (again, par for the course with these alien types) it was some asshole record executive telling her the reason the Carpenters weren't scoring hits in the late 70s was because of her womanly hips which triggered her descent into a horrifying life of anorexia and bulimia that took this preternaturally-talented woman away from us. We see this over and over today with celebrity eating disorders.

Gillian "Alien Isis" Anderson escaped Hollywood and preserved her beauty

The sheer insanity of this is that full hips are one of the top fertility signals to men, as is a pleasing layer of well-toned flesh, particularly in the face. Though never a great beauty, Karen Carpenter looked perfectly handsome when healthy and positively alien when she was skinny. I really wish the message would get through to the beauty-destruction industry in Tinseltown.


  1. Notice that Karen (derived from Karast meaning Anointed, also Christ) bears her name on the back of her shirt along with the "half symbol". The Egyptian hierogram for the goddess Maat was also the symbol they used for the fraction 1/2. This implies that Maat represented balance, symmetry, half-way points and equality.

  2. Keith, Karen is also the diminutive of Katherine, bringing us back to the Ka of Atyhr, the dual-identified goddess of music and destruction.

  3. Karen has the hard "K" sound in both names, which Tsarion associated with Serpent Kult, but in Numerology the KK is 11/11 so she resonates quite a bit!

    Man, I fell in love with Scully the way she was! She is indeed getting more beautiful with time!

    Also noticed in a yahoo story here:

    spectacular sky scene

    how they link a "ufo" bit in their on skepticism of them. Normally, Yahooccult doesn't tend to do this but I found it odd.

    Ditto on the false societal celebration of talentless, narcissistic, and mean-spirited and destroying the truly talented. More like 'sacrificing' them.

    Be well bro.

  4. in a word..."Chops"...

    Carl Palmer got nothin' on this alien goddess...

    no...really...I'm SiRiuS


  5. Cheops...yeah man...I once did a gig with Khufu...
    we played a room called 'The spinnin' disc'...down south..
    ...He was one cruel cat...


    Keep shinin' Chris...

  6. Bump for this wonderfully written and insightful post! I grew up in the 70s and 80s and was very familiar with Karen Carpenters work. I was very sad when she passed on. I agree with every thought you expressed in this post.Best to you as always-and once again I am in awe of you synchromystic gentlemen and ladies out there!-Devin

  7. All the aliens wanted a piece of Scully. And so did I, for that matter. And still do, for what it's worth. Chris, you and I am in perfect agreement on this one!

  8. I'll tell you Magnie, it doesn't get hotter than Gal-Alien Anderson circa S4 and S5. Even Chris Carter pointed that out in his director's commentary for Post Modern Promtetheus. I thought she looked awesome in S8 and 9 as well.

  9. All this makes me start to wonder about the significance of "Karen Swenson," the first victim in the Pilot episode of The X-Files.


  10. Gillian is just a girl from Michigan bro! Hollywood.....Hey you know... what about Belushi, Owen Wilson, and so on. They were sufferers of the sad clown happy clown problem. Or how do you make people laugh when youre so down. Tough to do. But you're right, the whole, conform and perform is stress that is not needed on an actor/model(in that order right Fabio!)/musician. In the bonus features of THX 1138 George Lucas called LA a mess. And I know that is the angle you are also taking on it. From a purists standpoint nothing or rarely anything good starts there. It may wind up there for post production but the ideas come far from Sunset Blvd. It tends to over use the things it produces and in the process burns them out creating quite a disposable feel to even the humans that act within it. And that is what it became. Thus you get alan smithee films and public enemy songs about burn hollywood burn right. And now it is burning literally and figuratively. My personal favorite as of late is Becks song,"Hollywood Freaks." Just read the lyrics to that one and have a good laugh. I guess I don't really have a point here but it's not just the woman that suffer. I think everyone gets burned out on it. Some though, by their own doing which has nothing to do with the industry itself. It would be nice to have Karen back in these times when one can home produce and shoot videos with ease. She would've loved the modern day things like Coachella and so on. I always think people like Galileo deserve to see the modern times we live in now more than we do. The great ones see the future and yet are trapped in time so to speak. And the same goes to Karen.

  11. Re androgyne: People were *way* more androgynous in the 1970s. We all know that, but it still comes as a surprise just how much was tolerated even by "mainstream" culture.

  12. Apologies if this is a duplicate post, the comments form is a bit funny-peculiar this day:

    Bowie likely survived because he'd 'already' played Tesla in The Prestige (and perhaps the similarish Howard Hughes character in the Roeg film - what year was that again?); that's what happens when you go to a Freddie Mercury party.

  13. The reason why women like this are made to be slim is because curves do indicate they are fertile. Thin is androgyny not femininity, i know as i am one of those women who aspires to androgyny, i do not have curves as i have already got a square shape, i would not wish to have curves. But from the centre view of gender, which is where i am, i can tell you that most women have been conditioned to think that thin is more attractive then curved. I know that most men who are straight find curves attractive just as long as the woman is not fat and out of shape. The reason for this confusion is because a lot of the fashion industry is dominated by gay men who try to make the female form less revolting to them, they do this by getting rid of the curves and shape to create a gender neutral build. Also many women are programmed to destroy the attractiveness of other women as a means of competition. Women cannot stand other women who are in good shape, they would rather them be over weight or super thin, that way they will not out do them in the fertile sense.

    I also think that there are some people who are aspiring to androgyny with out knowing that is what they are doing. I am just aware of my attempt at it.

  14. The women fashion industry is owned and run by gay men. Their ideal beauty are young men. They hire and support only other gays. They really do not appreciate women.

  15. androge... we all have a little of both in us.
    it's just matter of paternal sex determination and maternal hormone levels during preg.

    it would do one well to acknowledge the 'other' within ;)